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December 9, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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February 14, 1946
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Approved For Releapw2`000/09/01 : CIA-RDP82S0052Zp00100110007-8 ~i r a e ret Ultra TOP SECRET - ULTI A ANNEX LETTER OF lL FEBRUARY 1946 FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE FEDERAL DUREiiU OF INVESTIGATION TO ASS' T. CHIEF OF ;STAFF', G-2, U. 3. ARMY John Edgar Hoover Director FEDERi'1IJ HURF LU OF INVESTIGATION UNITED ST.T1^'S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 'v ASHIINIGTON, D. C. February l) , 1946 PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL BY SPECIAL MESSENGER 25X1 D Lieutenant General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Assistant Chief of .Staff, G-2 "Jar Department, Washington, D. C. Dear General Vandenberg: I am returning herewith the documents which you left with iile on Tuesday afternoon. I have carefully reviewed the same, and while it is noted that the agreement bears no date, it is obviously designed as a wartime agreement, and I assume will need to be extended if it is to operate in peacetime. Its extension will no doubt include certain modifications and revisions in order to apply to peacetime operations. This Bureau does have an intense interest in "Communication Intelligence" in connection with the. discharge of its responsibilities in intelligence matters, both domestic and foreign, in the Western Hemisphere. It has been demonstrated that the intelligence obtained vitally affect our responsibilities in internal security fields and in our foreign intelligence operations. As I outlined to you in our oral discussion, there have been quite a few instances in which this Bureau has been materially handicapped by reason of not having been supplied with i.nformativa that has been in the possession of the armed services. This Bureau has not to date been on the distribution list of the "ultra" secret traffic, and has consequently not had the benefit of the in- formation obtained. Such information would have been of, inestimable value to the proper functionin-; of this Bureau. -1- Approve rlReIr DOOM19M : 01IFHOP82S00527R000100110007-8 Approved For Releaql,-0000 09/01 : CIA-RDP82S00527 00100110007-8 y pl TOP SECRET - ULTRA. K ANNEX 44 (Cony d. Lt. General Hoyt 3. Vanderberg Page Two If the.agreement set forth in the document which you left with me-is continued, it does seem most desirable that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be represented on the United States Board in view of our vital interests in the traffic with which it deals. The mere placing of the Bureau on the distribution list at this time would not adequately solve the problem. I consequently very strongly urge that a representative of this Bureau be named as a member of the United .States Communication Intelligence Board. It would seem, therefore, that any a ;reeraent which might be contemplated should certainly include on 3TANCIB, the United States Comxeinication Intelligence Board, representatives of the Central In- telligence Group; Mate, -J'iar, and Navy Departments, and the FBI.. I believe that only by this Bureau being a member of the Board can we insure that information of value and importance to the Bureau's res- ponsibilities in internal security and in the icstcrn iemisphere in- telligence will be furnished to the Bureau from the results of the decoding of messages and other sources. There are so many ramifica- tions involved, both domestic and foreign, that I think such an arrange- ment as I have sug;ested would insure against any so-called "blind spot" developing. T can only assure you that. any participation as I have suggested'. by this bureau in the project proposed would be safeguarded with all necessary measures to insure the desirable security that mast attach to such participation. I do want to thank you so much for your understanding interest in the problem. Witt, ex 3ressions of my very best regards, I am Sincerely yours, J. EDGAR HOOVER Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP82S00527R000100110007-8