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October 30, 2001
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May 8, 1975
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Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Press Release "I^ /39 0 May 1975 TIIZI' ? CO's T:tTT F CO S A 11?1 CC)~T-'> TCfi CG` CLUD%=_ TdO ?I' FOR SI'"S70{r The Third Committee (environment, research and technology) of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea concluded its work for the current sessican today, C} May, a}ter taking, note of a, st~-s, on its work and hearin; concludi. remarks by its Chairman, Alexander. Yankov (Bulgaria) The Chairman remarked that the Committee had made significant progress at Cc_~ev-ry. in ne otiatin and draft in; articles for a law of the sea convention and that t'tiis would have a considerable bearing or, the nture, Work of the Conference o The -orocedlur ,l arrangements made bpi the Committee for the- co iduct of its business had proved co be efficient and J: elnful0 He i>re.ised the devotion and efforts of the two Chairmen of the Committee?s informal meetings, Josd Luis Vallarta ('Io_cico) ru d. Cornel Iletter.nich (1 edera7_ Republic of Germany) During the session, Ur. Ya'nkov noted, the Committee had received a number of new proposals, some of which filled important ;gaps 0 A spirit of understanding had prevailed in the Committee throughout the session, and constructive negotiations had led to agreement on several texts. ('For a summary of the informally agreed to xt a, see Press Release S r,/_',7 of 7 May The Chairman informed the Committee that, as requested by the Conference on 18 April, lie had submitted to the President a single negotiating text in which he had tried to take full account of all formal and informal proposals made in the Cor~m,nittee. In a letter accomp z;.~ ing the text, he had conveyed to the President his concern :.bout the content and the format of the documents and had pointed out the problems and difficulties relating to the presentation of such text,o The Chairman ed.pressed the olDin.ion that a single negotiatin& text should serve only as a 'rocedural device and a basis for negotiations, and should in no case be presented as a compromise. He hoped that the. document would not stimulate the proliferation of alternatives. Mr , Yankov expressed the view that all the documents submitted at the session, and the exchange of ideas at Geneva, should generate progress in the negotiations ~f hich would take place before and during the ,runt session of the Conference0 At the ee_.t session the Committee should strive to coi;.lplete the drafting of articles on all throe agenda items allocated to it - protection of the ma..rine environment, marine scientific research and d 1 C ' r-' hrOU, i1 d.elcj;':,i:cc A~~6or~R~le ~~~~r/1o E'-18206~7fb3~1t1P~bi- to their Governments to refrain from any unilateral ac ion tirlic.~ mfg. crL.,ato=j additional difficulties for the Confere.nceo R,~ [:Ilv,tgt,lio4:l;1 ~?' C1e5 CIoC`l?Itt?`7 i9 isfliC'l2Ia r `f Bess Release SEt /A proved For Release 2001/12/05 :CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 Oa. 0 2 In conclusion? the Chairma a"?'~rC soo the ho-.)e that the next session of the Committee 1-TOUld 1)r. eserve and dovo.lon the s;)irit of connromis e which had characterized the current session, The ~OUr '~a;o ots at the Confercnco? that it should he informal in nature of-i.d- should eot prejjudice? the nosition;n of any dcle ationa It would not be -compromise docu Bent or serve as the basis for VO"+ F;y n1or would it be a no,, otiated. text or a substitute for one. In the negotiations that would follow presentation of the textsy he added7 any State could propose amendments. The idea of ?Jrep r1_ri ' a single teat was advanced after many delegations ha sointed to the difficulties th Conference was enco 111teriil ; because it did-not have one zocurhent to work from in its task of daafting treaty articleso Preparatory work in the Sea-Bed Commit tee? and further refinements at Caracas? had, orod-uced E,,,, number of to_--ts a a or different articles, most of ,heel with several alter?na.t ives, which the Conference LIS been striving to narrow down to generally acceotabale formulas. Approved-For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 TI?e part of inc sin :J o text uresented by the Chairman of the First mmittce, aaul Bane En co (rAPPffy%~ Fqr Relga R01;~~ iC11 _ OR 9~7~ 0 - loos and the subsoil thereof b,Y, nororto the .._z li r r> ~_~:l it ~~ictryr~z 5 articles arc iv1 ;.c(1 Into four `arts: on interpretation, principles, an international ea-bed authority and final provisi.o; s. PoLlowina a single article on interpretation, the second part, on. princi-.les, ontains 15 articles concernin; ; the area dealt with in the convention and its limits: the notion that the area is the common heritage of I anhia.d.; the principle that there shall be no claim or exercise of sovereignty or other ri ;llts; oneral conduct in the area and in relation to the area; activities is the area; the notion that such activities shou.d, u ? ' e_efit mankind as ~ a whole; a 1 res .rv,,aio;1 an? use of the area xclusively for peaceful purposes; general principles regarding activities in the area; cientific research: tranof er- of tech nology .; protection of the marine environment F protection of human .li i ht;, .iCf r (' of coastal States; legal status of the .^u7ul'ja ^C'i:.t waters nd airspace; accommodation of activities in the area and in the marine environment es?70i7.;lbillty to ensure compliance and liability for damage; participation of developing ou_ntr:i_es including land-lochod and other Geographically disadvantaged States, and rchaeoloe;icai and historical objects, The next part, on the international sea-bed authority, contains 44. articles. Ley c cover: establishment of the authority; the nature and d fundamental afundamental principles of c Its f nctioninE ' a.,arc-Lions: orgoans the assembly and its sowers and fu.n.ctions the ouncll and its powers and organs; an economic planning commission o t echoical commission, ribL1Y]...1 {;enter-:rise (ej ecuting body); secretariat; 1 inane;; status and 3 p itir r ilees nd settlement of disputes,. The 12 articles in the final .rovitiion ; deal with: a mcnc'nent of the convention, o . eral review of its provisions; suspension of _pr .l_vJ loges ureter the convention; 1gnaturej ratification: accession.' entry into force; i~lovisional aci:lieation; the pository7and authentic text's ' U There is also a 21--paragraph annex on basic conditions of . eneral survey, }:ploration and exploitation, The part of the single text presented by the Chajrmo:l of the Second Committee 8y1'1ah o Cc l1-_1do Pohl (Ll Salvador), is concurred t-;7jt"u -,2nccts of the law of the a. Its 137 articles are in 11 parts, concerning: the tCrr'1'torial-se yard the t 73 _'t:~ ;'eous One; straits used for international navigation the exclusive economic zone; the mnt i.nental shelf; the high sons; - , lan d--loc.' ~;- cd Statos3 '?lCh1'o, la, 'ooy reglCi1t'. of islands', ielOs Ci and. semi--enclosed seas; territories under fore aD occu_oation or colonial emination, and settlement of disputes. Part I, on the territorial sea and the contiguous zo^.e, has 33 articles divided no four sections: general: limits of the territorial sea; innocent passage in tire: ;rritorial sea, and contiguous zone. On innocent pass go there are subsections on As applicable to all ships, to merchant shins and to government shim;. Part II, on straits used for international navigation, has 11 articles in three _ _i. actions e general transit passage, and, innocent nssar;e, Part ~ III, on the emcluivo -aonorhic zone, has 17 articles, while part IV, on the continental shelf, has 11. Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 Part ~ pc v cl`~ ~-obIcgs1L&~2dmi,12 5a:rclA'RDP82S-0069 ROpD400119 Zly a_l t management an c_ Conservation of living resouxca_, Part UI, on lance-lockedStatcr, has nii-n articles There are l'- articles in pa-r.-j' ?bI1 y _;n ar~c,.!ipcl_r;os? they are divided into two section y covering aJ'Cl'11) la"1C States Oceanic archipelagos helongin- ; to continental States, Part VIII7 the re ime of isla~;ds, has one articl ; part IT,, or: enclosed and semi-enclosed seas, h >,s three. The rem carts, on territories i.r_der foreign occupation or colonial d;nii^ation and settlonieint of clis,utesy have on article each. Ztn annex lists highly migratory s :)ec.ies of fish and marine mammals, The part of the text submitted by the Chairman of the Third Col7rni Ut ee y Alexander 'f'an' ov (Bulgaria), deals with the c nv roX!:1oi_t resi Lrch af1Cl tC eU!ol0i;tr. Its 92 articles are div:L,lcd into three )arts, one for each ofthese >ubje(As".'_.... The first part, or protection and "y)reserw-)Ai-)n of the marine environment, contains 44 articles dealing with: general provisions; global and regional co-o:oeration. technical assistance; l onitori~.g envi.ronmcntal assossme,i.t staindar.ds enforcement responsibility and l_i_abilityr; sovcrci""_7 iimnunit",r-I relationshit) to other ccn.vcrl"ticns or, preservation of the marine environment, and settlement of disputes, The next part, on r,tarine scientific research, has ;7 articles dealing with., general provisions; international and regional co-opera.ti_o conduct and promotion of research; status of scientific ec~ui )me ~.t in the marine einvir.?osjlent ; res:oonsibil_ity and liability, and settlement of disnutesThe final Hart, on clevelo-m :t an(.''_ transfer of -tecl,r.oloz,-ir, contains 11 articles covering: general provisions o international co-ocoraj.tion, a rd regional marine scientific and technolo{.ical- centres, Sea--bed regime -__id machinery In the. 'First Committee, most of the eight Creeks at Geneva 4rE Yl devoted "t U l r O:rl l discussions and ne-o-1111C'tloiis on an issue 1:'cii.tlf ied at Carat%-,s a+,e crucial to the creati of a legal order for the deep) .;ea--?bcd 1%Ti1:3.t con!Ltlon 0)1,101.1-10 govern etiJloratio"^ a-ld exploi tat ioi'1 of resources in the - eO bed area be ;1J yUi11 natioi._.l ~S1SdiGtiUin The [JOr1C. was carried on in normal meeting of a ';fork i^ Groun set uc .last August in Ca -.rr. e ,S a composed of 50 m embers but open to all delogationrm c the Conference, The Group ho been asked last ear to > y U.rsl ( negotiations on 21 aft articles governing a sea-god 1 ujme document 11~COT.l~ o 62/c l~L o 3~Rcv 1 ~ with em ph; s is on the issue of what entities c overnmcnts, or "anizatioas, private firms) would be oilti-tlo .,J to explore and exploit the area. At Caracas four proposals had been submitted on these basic conditio;!,~ - by the United States, eight coun-tries in the 1 ronca1 Economic Com:nunity, Japan and. the 'Group of 77" develo ~lii eoiuntries.. ~~ , r fifth t ~rGnC.~a a ?)i nC:r was si'brlit" Cc?, by the Soviet Union (document A/CO_TTPo6,:I/C,. 1/La1- ). The r)ro")osals differed in the nature of the control to be exercised by the nroposcd sea-god authority over outside entities permitted to exploit the area a/ Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 tress rcc ~easc .1_i/r;.l ae 6 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Christol~h~r 'd, Pinto (Sri Chairri.aan of the Worl i_l , Group, who made tl-!.re ;T'al_ pr o`ross r e?:ort ; to the Come" l.ttoc dur:ir.,: the session, stated in the first of these, n 26 Parch, that- tlic Group, a 'ter at Caracas on who m,~.,,y o r:'?lOJ_t the ca, "had decided to turn to the clo,^cl,,-" ,C, ,a.-t+.'C' questio Of conditions for e} loratio .d ex:nloitat:ion. - t had cho sc- three i 7u is 01 1 ` oe ~.r Lxnedir to discussion1, l ,t 1.i t4; to the 500 )t' of the author i ts; ? ; power the m `hods of entering into r8,n E 1G11t; [Jitl outside enti'iie ((, basic 'irincinles 01 -thase arran-'emerlts, and the bttlelnent of ailtes 4 The Group:) woo tr-r to es of fit ~OlV 2 .' '2 "J e ~ r LJOYIc,l model 7ntru betty e o ~ 1.. ~~" t ;" vi? authority and CCir:,MnJ o or State enterprises )Ssesciiig the tecl'L olo?;c. needed to exploit he area, In his i1 :C`t report , on ~ ..i_ r.l.l, Pr. Prato rovided iU:i th r details of the Ioun S efforts to set alp a model for a COIL f; r`,Ctllcl l joint venture exploitation stem " It was tr tJ `;, he said, to cl rJ ti_ ; rore }cri_t. vent,_res het,'?i en the 1t11ority and an Cxyloiti_;L onl::! ty, as a )osoible legal !.^ame4Tork within which the thoritz~ could offer terms, attractive to those currently possessing e techn010L r, for entering into J t'1i rCl'I].'O with it for x loit t l_Un " PThe cr''O ') )pod that work on such an exploitation system m i g h t rev al 00IIllrto 1 round - without -e judicc to other r_lethod.s, such as direct e ?ploit tiol D the authority, retarded as portant by some States He fat- the following outline of a proposal submitted anonymously on this bject, 'talon account of the major' concerns 0f delegations and !:proposed as a basis for =Scussio : "The paper ... ? seeks to cover tile' basic, conditions of a contractual joint venture rtwcon, on the one hanc?, the authority as exercisint, the eommunit,y~d rights in the sources of the common heritage and sole i:1~t.?1 ?C r of those resources, and all the other, me-tuber State of the a thorny or a State e11.ter'oriso or a - er'son natural or juridical v ich. possesses the nationality of a ccntract:~nc~ -tote or is e.l:fectively concroll_:c~ by nationals, or group of -`hose eu-bitJ_es. Be i11117_n with an afflrmiebion 01 the thorlty''s rights in the resources and the iainoral,s7 derivoc'_ fro_1 them, trle lwasic nd t:i_7^ provide for access t() those resources, the ~Drocedures and criteria for 1'plica ions for ooi tract`,,, ;p:re-cualifiontic i O:i ai;olicaa1ts a)-.. . the selection of rliCantS t'1'_].n into account Ammon--, other t1 n s the principle of rr.? cimizill "tll befits to the authority the basic rights and obligations a the authority n.0- JA s 1ltractillg partner under t1"je joint venture, inclL lLiz. clear s U]'Unce- to the, lattE'.:C I-ard:l-11 security of tenure are- a fair r etL!rn or,,, his invcst!ilent. 'e-E) basic conditions so specify 't1. e rill C at subjects r- arding which rocedlnres, rules and re ulations ]i have to be proscribed by the authority and, 1,1it}1 regard to certain o1-Deratic?.lal bjects, go further to set "out objective criteria that the authority must a )ply in. rre- la't in- s ppecific e-r'OCrC~ur es, rules and regulat ioins , 0 "t}1_C:'] provisions deal with e law applicable to the joint venture contract, which is stipulated to be the law -the contract only, to the exclusion of all n 6tional legal systems,-, liability for 11cL~ o, and the settler;-tent of dis?1C t( S Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 The Morlcinf Group Chairman aid them; were differences of opinion on two fundamental matters, on which ncpoti_atioras were continuing. They reflected the concerns of two im-)ortan.t brou._ns o.' States with different economic systems. "The first maater, :; he went on, r. elated to the concern of one group of State- socialist countries' that while the authority might have a broad discretion as to how to exploit one portion of the area, a specified proportionate area must be subject to a separate refine in which States members of the authority, on the basis of strict equality of treatment, might have a certain autonomy, subject to over-all supervision by the authority. This system is viewed by some as the only guarantee that the entire sca,--'becl will notbecome a prey to selfish cauloitation by Lr:ia-r t corporations, to the detriment of developing countries which currently lack the technology to comp6te . ;; in this field i9The other matter, reflecting the concerns of another group of States /some Western industrialized eouatrie J, arises through a sronosed device whereby r, and s results reported. to the United Nations Environment Pregrm:iie (UNE.P) or other ganivations. The Cuur.i ttoe deferred for later consideration the, question of whether to qualify .e duty of States to cicnito:r by introducing the phrase "as ~miuch as io practicable It regca-rd to survei-Nance, one d legation proposed that States be given the duty to ep under surveillance "the areas in which they exercise jurisdiction." As to the fereneo to IINEP, s0r;io dclogations considered that individual orga:,nizations should not n.meed. - On nVli 011.11'. V ~. sse` .lent the Committee agreed in informal session on a draft ticl o Ste icing that when State have ".r ..u3 ~ or_1~le grC)Ln 7 h b d~; for =;ric,crinc, that ,ha-t- planned rtivitihs under their jurisdiction .1a9.y causesubstantial pollut'ii_on of the marine ~.Virononient, they shr,l.l, as as practicable, as-,-;ass the potential effects of such tiva.tie: on the 1:.1v-arine environment" and report the results in the sane way they are CO'1 inniceto iill;:l'1:1C1t107:1 under the genera provision on i'onltorln{g. The text adds fat States shall assist oth rs, pa;.rticul-arly developing countries, in the preparation such onvironnoetal assoss eitbs. ga c standards of u`;i tie rJ.i~1 f e.-t:- land.-r wed c 1 c. s o _ara ~ir po)_?._ I on, an informally d m +..icle would Ste i,e^ l es tabl1 ,:i noticed l_ laws and regulations, and take her measures, "to p: event, reduce and Control poll_utio:a of the marine environment =Jai land- based so "CGS. ~' S ~~ e arc to estebli vi L ch laws and regulations "talking to account internationally ,graed rul_; s, standards and recommended practices and ;r?cciuru 1. " 1`. i'urther provision would obli~c: ,,tats.: to e1-ide endeavour to harmonize their :lc,li.a-l x~ol.ic, r_:s at the ., ~,.tlp-r. op:riate xe`ir?nt_l. J"c;vel. fp Spccial mention is r2a.c1 Lions the Secretary-Genel^-;..1 f s Special i iZC"^rcol;il"t'Lt:iVe a.;' ~ " t e nsingle for negotiation pre ;'ared by the Chairmen of theLL three main C ~.. ]? to N ? reflect a majority on 1.1'1 cn , consensus or a compromise, but ail,',,t the Chairmen 1 consider =i basis for '1f `CI c tJ.O11e r' 1. e Lom,!ivu 1Clucs sOil ,tr? us a I Irat)ri..1,hn; lls nt eon:. ltuerlt p.-Y dcs decureents ~Yt...Fdl3 For me of irlforrratori rae.'st 3: riot an ou,air;l record Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2/? . . Ps s velease 5T .'1/43 e 2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 He stressed that "recent event2,9Y particularly over the at two ;rears, had pvec1 that it was ;Much better to work tcward^ the solution of problems within United Nations framework than outside. The United Nations, with all its Fficulties, was ..^n. interna i;ional forum of sovereign State.,. In his closing reraar?:ti, rr. ~ Zuletn observed that the Law of the Sea Conference Vt revolutionary conference" because "it is creating new law for the first te. Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 NATIONS UNIES a UNITED NATIONS Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R0003001100n3--2.._-._-._ SERVICE'DE L'INFORMATION OFFICE DES NATIONS UNIES A GENJtVE T NS OFFICE AT GENEVA IO Press Release SL'A/40 9 May 1975 AW SIDEPTT OF SL~i COIaFEFII?CE EtiDS GIITEVA SESSIOT' AFTER APPEAL BY ITS PRE pIl? iJtirItZ T RAL ACTI0`1 THAT MIGHT JDDPARDIZE SEA LAW CODTMTIOPI The Third United Piations Conference on the Law of the concluded this morning, 9 ??oy its eight-week session at Geneva, following an appeal by action that the final 'plenary meeting, that States refrain from any mightjeopardize the conclubion of a law of the sea convention. "I should like to make a fervent appeal to all States to refrain from talon king any action, and also to use'their powers to restrain their nationals sofrom taon of a 5 action or adopting any measures, which would place in jeopardy universally acceptable treaty of a just and. equitable nature," said the President, H. Shirley Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka). Before adjourning, the Conference agreed without objection that its next session he held for eight weeks in Now York beginning 29 March 1976, and that a decision regarding a second session in 1976 be left to the session next spring. The Conference decided to ask the General Assembly, which convened it, to provide facilities for a second session in 1976 "should such a session be necessary." The President announced that the "single negotiating text" of articles for a convention would be distributed to delegates this morning. (It was made available following the adjournment of the session, as document A/CONF.62/Y1P.8, in three parts.) This is the document which the Conference, on 18 April, requested the Chairmen of its three main committees to prepare, covering all the subjects given to each Committee and taking account of the views of delegations. The Chairmen of two committees made brief comments this morning on their parts of the text. In making his appeal to refrain from unilateral action, the President said had been approached some days ago by representatives of the "Group of 77" countries, who had expressed concern over "certain pronouncements" that if the Conference did not conclude a treaty, unilateral action would be taken in regard to exploration and exploitation of the mineral resources of the deep sea-bed. Lea communiques Boni destines d 1'information; ils ne constituent pas des documents officials For use of information media; not an official record Approved for Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Press Release SiA/.jo page 2 In addition to his own appeal on this subject, the President read out an appeal addressed to him from the group of land-locked and ;eographically disadvantaged States at the Conference, that States not take "any unilateral or other measures which would extend the national jurisdiction beyond 12 nautical miles" before the Conference had completed its work. (The text of both app? is appears at the end of this release.) The President also read out a resolution adopted on 24 April at Nairobi by the Governing Council of the United Pations ravironment Prograrne (UISEP), urging the Conference to attach highest priority to including treaty provisions for the protection of the marine environment (see Press Release UNEP/63 of 30 April). Mr. Amerasinghe commented that the UITEP Council was unduly optimistic if it thought that agreement could have been reached at the Geneva sees on of the Conference on articles concerning the marine environment. "In th-zt respect they are far removed from reality," he added. On another matter, the President thanked the Credentials Committee for its report on the credentials of doleGatee to the Geneva session (document A/CONF.62/44 and Co7.'r.l). It indicates that the Committee accepted the credentials of 138 delegations, some of them subject to later validation. It adds: "The Committee further decided that the communications regarding participation in the Conference received from the Permanent Representative of the former 'Khmer Republic' and from the Permanent Observer of the Government of the former 'Republic of Viet-Tam' were invalid." The President noted that credentials had since been received from three other States. This brought the total number of participating delegations at Geneva to 141. In regard to arrangements for future sessions, the Conference, agreeing to a suggestion by the President, recommended to the General Assembly that, having regard to the importance of the Conference, the highest priority should be given to the provision of facilities for it. The Conference also requested the Secretary-General to provide facilities for consultations among delegations prior to the next session of the Conference. The President remarked that a widely felt desire had been voiced in the General Committee that such consultations and negotiations should not be confined to groups but should include inter-group contacts. Before calling on Committee Chairmen to comment on their portions of the negotiating text, the President said it was understood that the text would not be the subject of discussion but only a basis for negotiation. Paul Bamela Ergo (United Republic of Cameroon), Chairman of the First Committee (sea-bed regime and machinery), said a statement by him explaining certain matters concerning the text would be circulated to delegates today. Alexander Yankov (Bulgaria), Ohairman of the Third Committee (environment, research and technology), said the negotiating text was "neither an end nor an achievement" but was an indication that a turning-point had been reached in the negotiating process. He had tried to take account of all proposals and to reflect the views of delegates, but he had had to contend with conflicting views and therefore to make a choice, for which he alone was responsible. The text would not affect the status of existing proposals and was not intended as a compromise. Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697ROO0300110003-2 Press Release SEA/40 page 3 At the end of the meeting Fernando Zegers (Chile) suggested that the Secretariat circulate to governments any comments received from other governments on the text. However, John R: Stevenson (United States) expressed concern that this might lead to a proliferation of amendments, making negotiations more difficult. The President suggested that delegations wishing to have their views known should circulate them directly to other participatns. ,A4 had been envisaged, there were no reports from committees on their activities at the session. (A round-up of the session will be issued as Press Release SEA141.) Preside_t's a heal ~ainst unilateral &ction Following is the prepared text of President Aaerasinghe's statement regarding unilateral action: "A deputation from the Group of 17 led by the Chairman of the Group, Ambassador ioncef Khedadi of Tunisia, who was accompanied by the chairmen of the three constitpsnt groups, viz: the African, Asian and Latin American Groups, met me some days ago and conveyed to me the grave concern felt by the members of the Group of 77 over certain pronouncements that had been made in what they considered to be responsible quarters to the effect that, if a treat was not concluded by the Conference, unilateral action would be taken in regard to the exploration and exploitation of the mineral resources of the deep sea bed. The time limit set for the conclusion of the proposed new law of the sea treaty or convention before resort to such unilateral action as appeared to be in contemplation was not specified but the pronouncements were considered so categorical as to prove disturbing to the members of the Group of 77, none of whoa have the financial or technological capacity to explore and exploit the mineral resources of the deep sea bed. "All participants in this Conference share one common desire and that is to arrive at a consensus over the provisions of the new law as the most certain guarantee of its viability and its durability. I+Iany delegations have repeatedly stressed that the conclusion of a treaty or convention by consensus requires both time and patience. In my opinion it cannot be maintained seriously that the Conference has had all the time it needed and that, therefore, there is justification for unilateral action. In my conc]udig statement in Caracas I myself expressed the opinion that States could not be expected to exercise infinite patience. That was only my way of emphasising the imperative need for commencing the process of real negotiation without which a consensus cannot be achieved. "I should like to make a fervent appeal to all States to refrain from taking any action}, and also to use their powers to restrain their nationals from taking any action or adopting any measures, which would place in jeopardy the conclusion of a universally acceptable treaty of a just and equitable nature. would draw attention to the Declaration of Principles Governing the Sea Pe4 pad the Ocean Floor, and the Subsoil Thereof, beyond the Limits of National Jurisdiction, adopted by the General Assembly as resolution 2749 () without dissent though with some abstentions, and what has come to be Ic!own as the General Assembly's moratorium resolution 2574 (XXIV) of 15 December 1969, which was adopted by a majority. Approved For Release 2001/12/05 CIA-RDP82SO0697ROO0300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Press Release SEA/40 rage 4 Whatever reservations States may have expressed or may entertain in regard to the content of those two resolutions} it would serve as an earnest of good faith a.d a demonstration of goodwill if due regard were paid to the letter and the spirit of those two resolutions, at least until we conclude a treaty or tax the pattience of the - reach agreement. thternational community beyond the limits of endurance by delaying Too much is at stake to be imperilled by unduly precipitate action. "As this is only an appeal by the President of the Conference and is not meant to be a criticism of any State or person, I would hope it will be received in the spirit in which it has been made and that there will be no discussion of the subject. "I am indebted to the Group of 77 for agreeing to this procedure rather than the more formal one of ,resenting a declaration or moving a resolution. It shodebateuld be appreciated as a mark of their desire to avoid a long and perhaps heated Appeal b gso~aphically disadvant ESd States is the text of a statement by the group of land-locked and geographically Following disadvantaged States, which the President read to the Conference at their request: "Apart from an appeal rot to take unilateral action in the internat tional States a the group of land-locked and geographically disadvantaged States appeals nnot to take any unilateral or other measures which would extend the national jurisdiction beyond 12 nautical miles before the Third United 2'ations Conference on the Law of the Sea has completed its work.'-- Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 :. G!..? ail ri 11. kPIT G :' 4 D GC: i C_'iy2 4L\2t i97- ' :i ir' 3.K C 'i'ce :?, 0/?~''ti ? raCLPL T.. Secvyn t.0 e. .t r2 .,;:?ili i-. -A -:1 .3I._ - - r fir., i .;.. ., .. _, ~,~ Cp????Fr' R :"`.?,'o. ""~'~".'.,~J !5 ?'io i GZ 3 .. ti _ " .{ ,. t A a-r r X} S.'3 n.. .f? v3z2'j. .tl '..~ {... ..-.:L 9. _:~ '..:t,. .3,:'3 ?.+.~ f: 4j. .z .. "-: .i - .. {y is ,iYl i'a ?1 e^ . ~. ~3~J , .path 1 ", V J .8p l Y .ice t_tF l .:, ., 8 .`5,51 .:9 2i 1?w ?- ,?t ..tit :l tt., h4ld', f7 7T@078"', 1,1s .rat the 3"L'uT13 :1 s iJ:,L3 i.~.; 511 minu f !' .. ._._ l _.. :J. Th' Cf.IC:':: '3T;E1.1c;23 tju be w."I'3 :A -first, t~ Sc::e topt a ':?.til?. t'Ca T; , ::1 tlc, ndly j : ?St. even tl ?.34 COTiS.~3 t1 :J ?],^:1 ,3 4-ra ?field are --7 { m T t -,W .gated b .?-. u2i t e- a y ~': ? ' 4 c ~i .?x t?31o7~.t ,^0 1i,rr i in _? - e _ ? with :loi`.' ~0) 1 ",.^~r31 ^n i? !~ 3 7 ] 8y a ) >g t 1117.(. ro ;;ii.rd to ? rZ n 2 1a of _.. .., ... A, Tb4s 3'J :.... a^^. 13 ant 1.3 L' 5 nA J1x! -.f f ")r i-Le to oa', cccr. , t tt z ~! a t #ae intc;t aatlon of ?aei-:3 pP1b1i`3h it cnly in 1,r. li:ah end in 'Uiitc>,d q?w-.iti i.e3, ro ne-:I:n 3 +A.1 oZ Approved For Release 2001/12/05 CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 dried For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-F DP82S00697R000300110003-2 1n suz~l, ice.?= these :'g.u1te, I should 1i,:e to rsa the .'asc*:i~4 rci-ta. ?'g . a C;.!..):1 :... _o ;roa033, vJ= i t:;d Lai ...+ h3 fr..c_r..: co-:;J.1:ati.SC:.3 into account- ia-U rC=,': ac:ivitiea c ? :J.J rraOr:aa'ls y cu,s, :.a rcip a: 770 the vi lt..1-i3 .. d :..3 oi.:iar -o* hl c311? 0.'.:5.'73^ jr(' .'3.t'3a, the C?n'.rIIl Stcsr`.'..rt C-'7 f: a :y:'' It will be apparent that the work of the group has r,-3t p--educed adec ia.:e p--actleel results. I an, t.e-;ev'r. !::At % ha lima='..:'i~ted to conel.lering the 7u33ti4cm of traoai t 1^aa aaer. waited, Has da_o .tiona of both trait `atea aid ?a d-ioc;:ed toot a verl :i?.a pa;, in tns diaca~aiona, the E;ro7ap wa.s tibia to conaidar their cr.oair: pointa o? view in gt'eat-2r detaLl than iz the =-t. To caf ^ :a ieaat, t ilia y be u3 a: 1 for the Corferenc4' e f zrthar work. _:rr:,;~s . thz ae nn t; i . - is. C-) yc:02 -_:.ands .'.: enclosed and cGn!L~-^_.sa1 3a The inform ml consultative group on islands hold two _-':3ti::gs- It bee clear that the que.:tion c? t:-^ regime of is-----d3 was c'_as:;-r --cse'iated, ?n the with the 's''- ^_? ??eli '. `~?': i'. ;1. ja, ; .?.e 1.1L~3-T1r~,33?:.c h1p between Cneae iosuae divided *..he =artici ar-~.c in the debate ins:, generally tvn groups, While it did not prove pousib_s to unite these '---oip3,'it was goa3ible 1.7 ~..~p.. ne the r.. in ` ? :1 ,`.Y -~?' 3 ."_`:~ -, Jc: ... $ ^y.~~. __... s.. '.a.. .,.1. -6t to='!z_ : a M'c.. =?]:1 :._., aL._.z?1 .o "71'....'.a =: ;? l ;i1"'.p .:n9v1:3 OZ 1;1 :C"3i:, T:J:..Gli7y` *.J territAt_ `-Ie u1__ec ediLr _.^.l cr _.,'ei '1 ~irn On t.13 3IIi i Ot h2 ~.^ I presented to the group a p`up~aal ccabi, gone of the con on elementa- 2he infernal certsultitive group on banelilsa bold thzes neatings, under the Id - _, -.:a p die'' ,":;-d prc?riai.cas 4 to 20 of docu sent .l/C^,lii 621 jy2/R?,1, On the basis of the dta^sa limn in the !raup and ~hv -rcr'k of a small draft;.a? granpo the Bur--au :)rezs-.teA a cc:?3oli? aced tart on th?1 rc-ovicicns On -o ?e3 rei o _ xt which he heals of RC'..'=n`?e ~L~3y the :::Te311 y7= ~.._ a zonsolida;ed tew received a corsp a to reading by ',.r a gccu3, 1? though the wa not acceptable to a!',. delegati=a, it :'.Li r rslaw a iced ':scis for 'l a a^c -ion :rn base_ines to -,-q single a 3o tia tiag text, :he inf yrrzl con< .it .tine - ,:..-up on ,.: a .csst, :saua z-1-.3 *:121-1 =0 _ -? wing. While it proved ir:^e33iole to arrive ate :c:_3er.317 toxt, there ac_ pea ed to :a agr*OiLont on the ccn tex , of ocn -i,:oua acne ~:r: 3d. cttcr that rich a z, %ould apply a`? ,rant :o' .;:?;sa S4a;a3 nc; .3'cing no (:... Ur the ter..ito:.a; ?Ca, The grasp on enclosed and geed-enclosed wean hold to resting. Diacussicn ' ^.ontred on the dc:ini.ticsn of enclosed and i2er-e aecn3nt that the e-=sting definition vas 'oo vaiun to f.:nu a basis :'cr f-:rtther clisc+133ion. Pw tici:?nta in the disci eian were ?iividcd ,;.nuzal'_y into two t;.o+arss those favouring a repine f?)r such 3ra3 c-d fa^r..uring a ~lohli apprrarh, Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDPa2S00697R000300110003-2 -Apdved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 Ar, w:,i.oh : affected tha Of "P-';ze bowed that furthar i--.3pro-cement of the new :raft definition is desirable-, ;, Chair-san, I should l:Lke to report to you on Vne work of tha :.nao_: al canau tati re gr ups :ocan t ii aag3 ~i l ca straits' six meeting 3, ' The inforral cc i- td'`?iV8 arc p. on i + oeen t L3x33a'^]. +7; j}i`_^^$ _ ., 7?":c' _:1 tb :.L:t?C sf "ri ~.r i_., wt, d --nd oc:a ~3f d ? C._. :cal Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 :p. r p*44e For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300'110003-2 ::ca`Z-=c Order"s?,?:. .,,ar.'.I @-u0j' pct by Spec{. ~: , ?,;' ~z .. ~,,:~-e. _ ibe,t i:' .-'?.,+ ..: ?9:?d:?+7 c ? r^7~7L.C8d aio~'. c ' J;?'.::1 ^Z '?3~ ;O aciaiater the d?eiar "C:o=o, heritatoi or maasini" 'or the be:}gr'it o' t is Ind T. "ails ro- the of :a S'3''r" t' L ^#: S._,~t 1 . _- , ~py?J.~ 3^.; AC:: a fio:. ; ~:.. .13 ~3':{ :~3~ 4) r e:f-nt t3 ::e rr~;''.. 1: 9:'~? ? g-L'ii.n' _ :'Ti~3 ?t IIT~ .".3 '}'... - - LJ'i ?:1 Q:+!t$ is this text .. ....34-^Y.iiA It Li; ..... r ... ?.. ._i ,T ;ttl; in cam +: ?.d: ' ;`.T~ ~. _G! a . C.:T ;:75 _~.?Lr~ vli' .n.{s c - t 1 _._ -' .. r t or v n _n 1f is w_;.:.. ~~ a co2;.r.: . ;~ ? -~ ;2 .e ',r : s? ._ _ ~~f ,._ ... _ ~'!1.-~3 -?~1a ..w~n: ?? ., ? ..11..x- n? `.{~:'? ' I1 to a: .'i:ia~3' :+ +. ~? o'...r? ~. f }?iP LL '3 b? g B-LG Cr: Ito of ^.3 ,~.3r'- 1CVO.'.vs .~... .:P .. - ._:.~:i ,. 'ce' ''? -o+ ?~~'- . `' _:Tr `.~:C 7~_^-.?_? la`:,o :e :..~c :oar=t she t. - .:.} .. x33i~G.^, 32eCtf1c cNIimi:; ..a 1! ....3 a., ea to 'his t^.'1??' a:f^_ _l: n: Oil .~4 I'?3 0 ?> jar -nn3 Pp ..^S!?: .. .1f th ''.tip 1:91:U J1 tb- r aT ~r.7..5. _.-c . 'ate :1 d ta, ~t !1 ^ d:i .~ ` Z:. d r - . Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 r?ved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300:110003-2 T 'acre is 3 : 3. colinti -~a ~._ ?nrt 1 of h *_ ^._> r L :3E1 :o pu =a,: 3.t i:i ti -jr in::imtion .J Pro.-v rS ly `la::,_i :.t i;.aT~:1P_O~~J~;j '~1.':_r; '!:'.2.;'.._ 4T :.1=*" _?''s elthzr j'1' juridical or ..n ;?C:":~i~ C 421'^9o t$'4Ste3 P&Siic$t' !O3` ins c'? ? :-i.7 to i12 ta: t ,,`J Ccn,..._._. ..._'r a. I;,~:z.., ~w ;' 3: ;onr'.. .~o: 3~1?~.-'?3`?'1^. w0 :i i. ...:) ~~"u']V'3 _ ~. y _. _.. _..-.: i _'J. ..~?? _ ,.. , .:! . :]- J i'-151 P.: _'~G'!7~'.}J g'JBe:.,d n,; ..:1 . ?C, r'.,. '.I and. Itn' At thi, Coufo ezi:.,. :.. .._x i?.:!~ -Ind x j!.7 -3 t 0 r : i~ P1~s which :a:f ~ ~ .:1.. '' ....., _.. r. L _.. i:., ire I.a1r .,:1.c:xt: 01' .r?ri ;)~~ ii l.Ji1 C z= -7, it3 ("n 1 la..:'i 'A3 aY)i;:'-o1.i.;] ~3"...:_. ?~3 .. x. ~..`t;..'?+1,.C:'SL+C! ? F,: w:c3 ~. 1. _ -.1 .k ., .1p:,7' vt O-. 1`..:?.._ -.. ..- :!' n;e ~. .{, tit J:a~T :. LL Z 2 i1 .S r.w~t LLl ;~..>, "?r' 7rtor'ifi '.7 a ..'.i '. .. 1+.1~ao ,'t^. ?:t ,.a '3 8_t ., ., -'tr ?e ...:..n ~. .. ... ?ii .:.5 3 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R0.003001:10003-2 pprovE`d For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 of U t stirs, Ym '1`a' to ? n ?~1 ..n,.tt. . ta,;!!+)r;red ' t :i._u;ej '_'icC.:lSHi7Pi;? tc ::1e :":-st Cnr;aartio1s 1r p O7td 3 Ae l.agff ._, to ?::R.- 'ate `_.?s.L CC ii 3a r.... d,?.::-_. 4, . _ __. ~i? t%t~ 1: ? J- 'G .t.?:11' 'tf ti~~ i:I 7 a`j. '?ir' 4(L ~; :~-"w' -?! . _, .: a ..'~ .r?' __ With r.. ?h -,' - ."??!at'_9 ;-';'tig3 ( .i.1 .... ..i i rr*4 t'. 7t1'J"..;'~ ..ys '?a t) 71Lt1 tioril to a brotidor aY a n?. "1 v.-1 ..op+:a 1: sir: ~'ysg-r'iph ..;at oil* Cr mare int: :alion si e' s a^ .4": v:' . ? x'v,: at 1 .x,?' i tea`: r.'a sy-.: rl1l .~+-r.~3~?i 'f .^ . .:.i ..'f '.i-'.. _ .. :3Tt:Z~~y .- ~..J:'[2 :,/.l yQ_..-'y'?-?' TRIal"'n.?,$ to otl '- !V.3 ..'?1_- _C-2 CC"f'?aa ,^. :~llt .^f:~?' ..:'..S';. xI:9:2Ad?, 1 w -AA I ?ad:i~c fr.vitor=,.' ;s 1'1 :t-.. rr~:?_azb1' . ;; 1r: :'~: _r.~ir tt , J. ? +'- _t tea: rh t8 ...:1c:: ~Ptr3dJr3,:1 G' Xl:.. ? .,G as P4 .ttC?7 ..d-:a9 tr 7 _..r-a - que8t' ..._ : r r e31:3a3tt1 71 .;R '.".' ..11 Jy r -,$ 1 . - )-- l(;^.S'!?. ''~ !.i:.1:..A iry r ,y ,.'J._> _L AL.. Ar T.! J_ ,.r f. rS.s r_ Approved For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R0O00b11Q001.2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 11 _18. yns _a',.r :b, _. '' _. ..'. L a .: ~' 3:.'~.d 3.CS , s:'_ .. _ ..r1CCOr~ .?'i??3.:' ._ -1 . t1e area c3 .. . FJ?L ci-+y)P.a'1J1 ...~ ?Ta _r 1:31:1% ec. i4eLC?, '.~e ?'t a..t,L._,A :1 tn.- :.3t! __. H ... . ~':G~- l,:;l~,.a~ I_Mf1MPkt LOA -'If 'd TZ ..d U3! ._1 a taC1n: ta_ tQ :'_q8o:'_ ? ?..2?.. ,;A A=1lItA.ifi d ::ti.S3 %;14:.. the are, -an be co aa;a 7:r.~Iclt7 If LJ'#! 43 Fh a a4 `_ i~.;: ?3 dwR'J,: Approv6d For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 L',t., ..... " ,.),_ -::? ;30'x? 4-. 3:td?:... .. Ci. i,+ E: "c. :...? 7 .J k1 t-":CCe :. '~ ?.9 '33`.. .:). ' -'j' p7'"?. ~." wou.1+.,: ^'J8!ir to t.Sr r'n a~.,.C..~ ;x": l ? A` :> r-vi nh-zl.d ..: 3nm I1.,3 i4 t h* .hZ _. :^ Y:'1Ctl 4311: Pa:.!j?isA to !:.e 3otuewhern betw en i'.i .'.:1? `)J .i.: ::i`iY. 4-74 ! rll Flo Ca r4 r-, to11C~N f?s, . -40 1: m ,.qt t2rmCPw.Yai:i of t.i:Wge f!-, iron ,?Ia a tei .' ri.:4h ?may rr^ij? FA'. `I x? 7 iOFx a~ w ;;ione ime in the futurz? ? and wit'a E? iaawr .. ?. pi] l7" .3:. 8~f!~ 9^ ... ~?_v.n 'r Cr.R . .."s'; 7f; :. ?_.: +i: 5r' i t! :?ticr.a+?r) .`f!r! 'App-o For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R000300'110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 10 - and pioneering both the technology of nodule recovery/treatment. Provided that there is an adequate incentive, development of deepaea mining technology is lise1y to be rapid. The area needed for second generation mines may well be larger than for first generation as the throughput may well be larger (for example, 5 or 10 million tonnes a year). It is more difficult to estimate the likely area of the seabed that is covered with nodules that can be regarded as "workable". There is some reason to believe. that what is known as a Lasky diatribution may apply, that is to say, that the size of the "ore body" will increase rapidly as lower and lower grades become acceptable. A conservative estinate is that at least 300 "mine sites' will be discovered. It vast be added here that these are estimates. The v"~1. Secretariat has been requested by the 7irst Committee to produce a nor* detailed ccmmeat on this eubiect. 4''-sal=y, now to perhaps the crucial question of who will exploit the a.-ea. he faso+is "article 9" of the nay-bed &aya has found its place in article 22 of this text. The conaultatians held this spring in 3eneva and with dale =ationa w. :. a '+lev to ? :..?is tax= leaves Tie in no doubt that a Vast major4_t7 now acce'ts that the Authority suet be given power to exploit directly. Torn" of this ex:2oitettos have bi n Lra30eed to mo'?f, the provisions that it exploita on its own, this fundamental aspect seems to me resolved. In actual practice, do not believe that the Authority will find it expedient in the near future to ass this power. As lcn' so it maintains direct, fill sad effective control. it will be hnpy to promote joint-ventures with States. State entervrisee. Ott. Wit:. tine the 'neon of mining adventurers is bound to increase as technology gets effectively transferred to the developing countries. It wou_1 appear :o ne that those portions which the Authority will reserve for fur har exploi:aticn nay become the object of demand by those to whom tech=l057 is denied today: The training aebemea and participation on t`_:., side o: the A-,.scrtt7 increase their capacitias and capabilities with the ;assage of tine. In an7 1-nee, it se Harm to amrtiiT iar ---SJf.tion Of -this ri:,bt in tc 8 ZaY:zzr,z-d to t:ie consent of tae common heritage and the Authori-y o?iag a:3e t.:se repre:sa+i~acl7a s _`'u~ The Lcs~u:sc.-:..luaiia~ cis~e ;~yrva~i 1~. _ , +ehar-LAT of 4wvoreuaiti%?e tc gartieipate in the activities in the Area. Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 a 11 It is necesaa:7 to read this central Article 22, is the light of the first Annex to thin document, Annex Y, which is entitled "9naie Conditions of Dane: s? Lurvey, Txploration and exploitation" contains vaat is in my vifv a ay'3tt%ti of exploration and exploitation based can the rather concise wording of 'art'--le ~!. It of_?~ra in a single text the elements ~a,:sss~y to enable or cu_-teat negotiations in this important area to be brought to a successful eaneiueion. .hs Annex in di-filed into three parts. ?art .t aata out ce.rtaia h+aeia principles derived 'rem articled .... of the Treaty, viz: the righta of the Authority as manager of the resources of the common heritage in 3itu, its ttt'.! to h' miner-Ala +rc~ ` these resources, and Y:ro7 3ions :n a =_.eaing of az a3 for general. 3u; 7e; , er;ioratioa and exploitation. Paz-: 3 gzvets expression to the viev that the Authority itaeli should conduct activities in :.:1a Area, through a n oerazionsl arm called the nterprise , and sets out tho conditions under Whica such zctivitiea are to be conducted. It is ccr_tpn- p!at?d chat the nternr=3e .C.. It 1Paa'~ 4.3 ~r +af ; w3 exsataace, *)osaese the :`ull compl? .-rt of peg-. onael?, aquinmant, _"+anai-s and ether -T--sources neceasa_-y for the conduct of rich actin+_tiea., nn? ;:taw it y? 17 need to *mploy oats ode assistance for this puz-Dose. 4'Wita a view to ensuring fairness is the recrating,such assistance, the text provide or Anplo,ment on pr?al=, !t . +z'~?par? ar r. , o ^a_*?Z^. 917: + end proeessc n't7A4. +lc ~ ., : nd..c~ S ~p t A xt~,? ruse ~..d PI-r- 's%3 `-a provide snauring preferential treatment :'or the developing Waile a3 specified in sum)--paragraph ;d) of para:;raeh u, exploitation sy the Zntergrise rr ra.senta direct a._pioraet.iua aid ex-,10-1 by tile Alltslor t:7 , i.e. -oI'3 J'1 a ad 9:~;io tat o "*an;l4i i:a 11: ^ :::i 7n and :AAaage- 'yA.!}!7 ") ! ^DVAw~ __a~~!!Cv ~X~yDt iC~ ':7 d?h. c'r u, 3r a sso{`,:. 9.: xU:"'!? .I.O~I ;:`: _~7 _.; ~~. ! e.r.$t tux may within the limits it may detern_ae, enter into :~uca associatia..s for the conduct of actiritiea in the Area, 7rovidod of co z:-CA ,t at rntn..ns iS all caae&, 3irect 9ffacti^e control.-+ ?ar N ? '. = r _::.3 =ae3 nature o! h,! CA.*. ",rscti 37`.x??~^ .-. _;'_{*, '_11 %.1 ~% .l t! _. _ _~. ''., ,:? 1`. =1 ir_ a. ]Ci'1'.~y :1e to Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 ,Appravelr Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2' F+ yv t1C : 3C9 at)'.3: .=?-~~t1: !t~ :'.2'9a _ : :':. of ority far a c?e-naus ~Or-t: sottor that '1a3 }'e- f as :13?uctari .y to zozSra:*. ?c- ons or mrt tir-wr ''.ales jr = +'st.lora _n cases when an :ectsT+! s ~' -sted somas sta;ra _3 !.ot sonteap!a:r3, :t .a;, '-1) ^.)`-4d t=:.a: (:}fai paragraph $ contsapiate$ a Iiaitation on the area covered by contracts for and . ici'at: it .-at may be enta:sd iato -7 t`s! with a slag1. 5:ate ?arty .~. ?'.'~ ;,r-sons fY?os a siayla ?tatts 'raT?7:. `:ia .:oo>trag:-s~h -!Ql Centavlatse that 'is ?.'.or'_ty may decids snrna:..; -sar_q ~nr.::seta may be permtied '.n na=sct o?" each 5tste. In order to gtre effect to subparsg:'aph 'f) ?a:iigra;,~ 9-`- .. ??:.e ce. .e; x i ~a: _ ;at::^a o' :ar'. a -~ .:L'$3 a art-l:ut1_^ra rr the par':-3s. e - s or- n.' t a" s.:d jwartty of tear's for tre ".Gt:tre Ai ;3bparssra-f ;d) ,~:' _ .r; :.a t' -nr.-~rt-..~?-es ', a' 'f--q :.av -9 _,.r1slor.9 :c-ter-A- a y r:a of a :r :''.~: ' ?"".:a '^.?~'~.'?s to raaJ i t ' s '..hiti zurr4n,. , ]C.~:.L,3 ...2 :: 3:^ ... :7.... ... a .:1 e. '-? ~-? 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Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110003-2 Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2 General?_ points of note ?.. ~:3 eE3tioII3 O .CO :O~7 fa "ae 0 ra,;ious Ccmmiaaion idea :cps boez 'nit:ed for reaaone of economy. The f-:awlions prwposed for it can more ecanota csl r be tai en care of b; o`.iirr ors and the next has done tiis. (b) I am of opinion that.further economy may be saved by (a) m&kiag all e~ployyea of the Authority payable by the SacT3 pry-Geazrsl of the Authori.t7. ;:; ,ronld? og too ezpens17e for ea.c'h organ ;a ia7e a xaca:aery for pa7msbt of is t~,et?: kb, Ia:~oaa:ars may also be at of the Secretariat so that there is cantral control. (c) All organs need not be swtablia'sad at ant'. 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Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110003-2