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December 12, 2016
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October 30, 2001
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May 7, 1975
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oved For Release 8001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110015-9 '- UNITED NATIONS THIRD CONFERENCE ON THE LAW OF THE SEA CREDENTI._LS Of REIRESENT;TIVES TO TIE CuI,!I'RRENCis Distr. GENET LL ;./COI-TP. 62/44 7 iioy 1975 Original, ENGLISH I , j t of -21c, CroLlenti als Committee Chair lar.; i,J IDING i2 (;L ust;ria) 1. On 5 May 1975, the Credenti:i, Bhutan, 3u.rrta' Burundi, Byolorussien Soviet S cirlistnbte :' 1.. C nr_" ('h; i r., Col~ribi Congo, Costa Pico., Cube:, Cyprus, D,.iic rev, j. t ,cpieblic of I Cron, !]enecrr:tic Yeac.e, ) lli;arlt. Der ; ;_ 1 ublir , ,E , lor, Rg pt El Srlva.dor Ethiopia, Fiji, iro..ner, Grbc)2J, Ga::.bic, Cerrian Derwcretic itepublic, Gormnr j, Federal Republic cf , Gr, _ -o , heat _::,'.lr Gui... _ Guinea, Guyon,:, Haiti, Hol Sees Ilondurc.c, Irdi:=Indone f , Jla, IT,.fJ. Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000300110015-9 ",Q prb ed For Release 2001/12/05: CIA-RDP82S00697R000300110015-9 Ircl.-nd, Ivor?r C-::t, J-..: i?.r, Jap r., Jt;rdrn, r:uv-it, IKcbrron, Lesotho, Liberia, Wy: n ..rr b ilopublic, Lieehtonctt, n, iu::o^bourC, .,',ctag;jccr, 1t-lrysin, !:.-li, it_1itc, 1teaico,, nGol'.a, 14orocuo, Nnatru, Nepal, N.:-therlards, Net; Za.:l^n0l, Nicar u-., NiGcr, lr',:~na;y, Orkn, Pokist:.n, Ibncna, :hilippiner, Yo1'J , :xtug_l, Qatar, lepubliz of Korea, RAscnir,, Saudi .rrbir., Soncgel, Si_rr:. Lconc, Soanlia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, a ritzerland, Thrilrrd, Togo, Tongr., Uganda, Ukr&.nirn Soviet Socialist Ropubli?-, TJrior. A Soviet Socialist Republics, UnitoJ...r:.o irrt''e, United KinCdnn of ;,rc-t Britain and Northern. Iroland, UuiteI Republic of T:tin:anin, Upper Voltr., Uruaucy, '1oaterr. Elmer., Yonon gad Zrnbia. "5. Fcrix+l ered..:ntirls in duo form which would be offective for the third *aosict of the Conference had boon received during a previouo session frog t'te -oUavtrc 8 Strt,:c: ,.lgorir., Chile, Czochoelov.*ir., Irrn, Mraxritrl1a, United Republic of Crneroon, United Steve of ;.rorica, Zaire. "6. The lists of representrtivea of the following 17 States were communicated to the Ecccutivc Sccretrry by notoc vcrbrlo3 or letters: { ) from the 1 crtarent :topres ntativoe ?:r Obeerver3 to the '^ United Nations: ;3rd : tin ., Ghana, Italy, Kcrlye, Kt:nor ilopubli.: , Parr, Uey, Peru, liopublic of Vi..?t-Nar_, Sirq;apore, 3yrirn -epublic, ."rinds -nd Tobo&:&, Tunicir., Turkey :.rcr Yu.,:.3lavia; (b) frori the r,)roi n Ministry: lk'.uritius; (c) from tae i1+L_-ssy in Dorn: Central 1.fricrn iepublic; O fro.: the ^_lc,;ation: Israel. '"7. The crudentirls cf the rcproeJnt;.tives of Voitezuel-. wore connunicatec? to thr: lbcceutive Secret:ry in the fcrn of c. cable by the ForoiCri Mini3tor. "8. The G:.v: rn ertc of the follewii:;; Stater, i;ifornod the )ycecutive Sccict::ry that the would not :.ttond the third ecoaion of the Ccnfcrcuce: Zou;.torial Guirce., Aal