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May 15, 1975
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Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 UNITED NATIONS THIRD CONFERENCE ON THE LAW OF THE SEA FIRST COMMITTEE Distr. LIMITED A/CONF.62/C.l/L.15 15 May 1975 Original: ENGLISH STATEI?1TJ2 ON TIDE WORK OF THE FIRST COMMITTEE Prepared by the Rappporteur I. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COM,IITT3 1. The First Committee was one of the. three committees of the whole established at the first session of the Conference to deal with the subjects covered by the three Sub-Committees of the Committee.on the Peaceful Uses of the Sea-bed and the Ocean Floor beyond the Limits of National Jurisdiction (the Sea-bed. Committee)... Chairman Mr. P.B. Ingo -- United ,Republic of Cameroon Vice-Chairmen Brazil Mr. S.M. Thompson Flores Germain Democratic Republic Mr. H. Wiinsche Japan. - 11r. T. Iguchi Rapporteur Mr. J.S. Bailey -- Australia.] II. MANDATE OF TEE COMMITTEE 2. The mandate of the Committee consists of examining the subjects and issues allocated to it by the Conference at its fifteenth meeting on 21 June 1974. The-list.'-of items allocated to the Committee is contained. in..,paraggraph 2 of. the Statement of Activities of the First Committee at the second. session of the Conference (A/CON1F.62/L.8/Rev.l, Annex i) . l/ See paragraph 8 below. GE.75-65216 Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 A/CONF.62/C.1/L.15 page 2 III. DOCUMENTS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE 3. The First Committee had before it all the documentation from Sub-Committee 1 of the Sea-bed Committee l/ including in particular the texts illustrating the areas of agreement and disagreement in items 1 and 2 of the Sub-Committee's programme of work./ 4.. The First Committee also had before it the documents submitted to it during the second session of the Conference and all other documents that were relevant to the mandate of the Com::"'ee. / Tr.e document;; submitted to the Committee during the third session of the Conference are listed in Appendix I. 5. During the third session of the Conference in Geneva'from 17 March 1975 to 9 May 1975 the First Committee worked through formal meetings and through its Working Group. 6. At its 18th meeting on 19 March 1975 the Committee accepted a proposal of the Chairman that the Working Group set up at Caracas to pursue negotiations on Articles 1-21 relating to principles of the international regime J, particularly on Article 9 thereof, and on the subject of conditions of exploration and exploitation, should begin work as soon as possible. 7'. At its 19th meeting on 26 March 1975, the Chairman made a statement proposing that at the current session there should be no further general statements of principle or of national positions and that, as the time?had come for negotiations, the work of the Committee and its Working Group should be reduced in favour of work in small iixr,forraalin- negotiating groups. 8. At the same meeting, the Chairman informed the Committee that on account of Government duties at home its Rapporteur Mr. H.C. Mott was unable to continue his functions as Rapporteur and. that the Western European and Others Group had put forward the candidacy of Mr. J.S. Bailey to replace him. The Committee approved that Group's recommendation. All other officers.. of the Committee remained unchanged. V By paragraph.6 of resolution 3067 (XXVIII), the General Assembly referred to the Conference the reports of the Sea-bed Committee and all other relevant documentation of the General Assembly and that Committee. Official Records of the General Assembly, Twwrenty-sixth Session, Supplement No. 21 (A/8421, p.8). J Documents presented in the Committee during the second session of the Conference are listed in Appendix 1 of Document Aj/CONF 62/L.8/Rev. 1, Annex 1. J Contained in document A/CONF 62/C.1/L.3/Rev. 1. Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82S00697R000400010009-6 A/CONP.62/C.l/L.15 page 3 9. At its 20th meeting on 25 April 1975 and its 21st and 22nd meetings on 28 April 1975, the Committee discussed the structure, powers and functions of the international machinery. Twenty-nine-statements were made by representatives during these meetings. 10. At its 23rd meeting on 7 May 1975 the Chairman of the Committee made a O Matt statement. Also during this meeting the Special Representative of the Secretary-General replied. to a request made to the Secretariat by the representative of Singapore at the 20th meeting for certain technical information on nodule mining. 11. An index to the summary records of the Committee including a list of those who spoke in the discussions is contained in Appendix II. V. WORK OF. P1 WORKING GROUP 12. The Working Group under the chairmanship of Mr. C.V. Pinto of Sri Lanka, pursued its. negotiations on the basic conditions of exploration and exploitation with the aid of an anonymous paper submitted to the Working Group. 13. At the 19th and 20th meetings of the Committee respectively the Chairman of the Working Group gave a progress report on the work done relating to its mandate. At the 23rd meeting he presented a final report. Each report contained personal views and was not binding on any delegation. All statements appear in the records of the meetings. 14. Following a request by the Conference at its 54th meeting on 18 April 1.975, the Chairman of the Committee prepared a single-negotiating text covering the main issues within the mandate of the First Committee. On ... May 1975 he submitted that text to the Conference under the Symbol A/CONF.62/....... VII. FUTURE WORK OF THE COMMITTEE 15. The First Committee made useful progress at this session of the Conference towards completion of the mandate assigned to it by the Conference. The process of future negotiation in the Committee will be facilitated. by the single negotiating text presented to the Conference by the Chairman of the Committee. 16. The Rapporteur, at the 23rd meeting on 7 May 1975 presented this statement to the Committee. Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 Approved For, Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R0004000100 9-6 A CONF'.62/C.l/L.15 Annex I Annex I List of documents submitted to the First Committee Draft articles considered by the Committee at its informal meetings (Articles 1-21) Explanatory note [dated 18 March 1975] Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: working document on the basic provisions of the rules and. conditions governing the evaluation and exploitation of the mineral resources of the Sea-bed beyond the limits of the continental shelf - provisions which should form an integral part of the Law of the Sea Convention [dated 21 March 1975] Czechoslovakia - System of revenue distribution [dated 28 April 19751 Czechoslovakia - Representation in the Council and other organs of the International Sea-bed Authority [dated 30 April 1975] Statement on the work of the First Committee prepared by the Rapporteur [dated 7 May 1975] A/CONF.62/C.l/L.3/Rev.l A/COPlF.62/C.1/L.12 and Corr.1 (E/A/C/F/R) / Carr. 2 (_ only) Corr-.3 A/C F S) Corr.4. A/CONF.62/C.l/L.13 and Corr.1 (A/ Corr.2 (F only) A/CONF.62/0.1/L. 14 A/CONF.62/C.l/L.15 Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 9P9Ig2/C.7/L.15 Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82S00697R000400 page 1 Annex II held Index to the summary records of the First Committee Meetin 18th meeting: May 1975 (A/C01TF.62/C.l/SR.18-2 Organization.. o1 work. Statements by the Acting Chairman and the Chairman of the Working Group. 19th meetLnE: 1. Tribute to the memory of His Late Majesty, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia:. statements by the Chairman and Saudi Arabia. 2. Officers of the Committee: Mr. Charles Mott (Australia), Rapporteur informed the Committee of his Withdrawal from the post of Rapporteur and of the agreement of the Group of Western European and Other States to replace him by Mr. John Bailey (Australia). Following a statement by the Chairman the Committee decided to elect Mr. Bailey as Rapporteur. 3. Document A/CONF.62/C.1/L.12: Statement by the USSR introducing the above document: 4. Interim Report by the Chairman of the Working Group: The Chairman of the Working Group made an interim report. 5. Sea-bed exploitation: Statements by Peru, Australia, Cuba and..the United States. 20th meeting: 1. Interim report by the Chairman. of the Working Group: The Chairman of the Working Group made an interim report. Statements by Peru and the United States. Statements by Liberia and Poland. 2. Request for information on development of sea-bed resources: Singapore requested the Secretariat to give information of an economic and technical nature concerning sea-bed resources development. 3. International machinery; structure, functions and powers: The Chairman made an introductory statement. Statements by Peru, Zambia, Liberia, Chile, Guatemala and Morocco. The representative of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development made a statement. 21st meeting,': International machinery; structure, functions and powers: Statements by Argentina, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, the United. States, Kenya, Switzerland., Zaire, Mauritania, Mongolia, Greece, Poland,, Israel, Yugoslavia, the German:.Domocrati.o Republic, France, Malta and Romania. Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6 .Approved for Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82S00697R000400010009-6* A/CONF.62/C.1/L.15 Annex II page 2 22nd meeting: 1. International machineryrstructure, functions._and.powers: Statements by Afghanistan, -Egypt, Germany, Fe'deral Republic of, Bulgaria, China, Madagascar and Australia. 2. Document A/CONF.62/C.1/L.13: Czechoslovakia, on behalf of Land-locked and Geographically Disar jantaged States, introdi..ced the above doculent. 3. Request for information-on development'of sea-bed resources: Peru raised a question to which the Committee Secretary replied. 23rd meetin?:.: Approved For.Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400010009-6