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December 12, 2016
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December 18, 2001
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May 6, 1975
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Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82S00697R000400050022-7 UNITED NATIONS THIRD CONFERENCE ON THE LAW OF THE SEA Distr. LDIITID x/COU P. 62/'C. 3//L? 33 6 May 197'j Original: ENGLISH ST~'fCUIPT 011 TITS IJU Ii Of '1'Iu, THIRD COrUlITTEE I1-1?. 1NIaxiano Os'oina Hernandez. - Colombia 1?r-. Max I. Kohden - Germany, Federal Republic of Rappor. teur2 11r. Charles Manyang -- Sudan Tc. ILIHDs'.Ti T OF THE COMP?NIT`lEE pre Barad .aJ cile Rapporteur of the Committee 1. INTRRODUCTI0IT 1. At its 2nd meeting on 7 December 1973, the Conference decided to establish the Third Committee as one of its three main CoirunZittees. 2. The officers of the Con littee during the third session of the Conference, held in Geneva from 17 March to :'.G May, were as follows: Chairman: I: r. Alexander Yankov - Bulgaria Vice-Chairmen, 3. The mandate of the Committee consists of examining the subjects and issues lj . allocated to it 'ay the :'onf e::ence, at itr 15th meeting on 21. June 1974 :i:l:: ORGYdTIZATIOIT 01? WORK 4. During the third of the Conference in Geneva from 17 March to 10 Nay 10752 the Third Committee wowhed through formal and informal meetings. It held .... formal meetings and .... informal meotings. 5. At its 18th meet ~_ng hlelc', on 19 March 1975 /, the Committee accepted a rroDosal by the Chairman that the Committee should continue working under the established inlorri~,._ (preservation a '.oc,uss ions alternately on item 12 of practice of holding cJ the marine environment d item-- 13 (scien-tiTc research) and 14 (development and transfer of technology; . The Cora iittee would have formal meetings, when necessary, to enable delegations to ir_troduce formal proposals. Those proposals introduced by delegations during. -.Ile current session and. other formal documents pe:oesented to tlrc Committee are listed in wine: 1 of this Statement. Official Records, o the 'Third United Nations Conference on the Laws of the Sea., para. Vol.. 7:II A COPTIP. F,2jL.u cv.:L, ia nex III7 JEW li d Fbi1 R61b~ ie k6 N0R120' UX-'*6 fflPb% 000400050022-7 GE. 75--65251. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400050022-7 A/CORl1.62/C.3/L.33 page 2 6. As at the previous session in Caracas, the informal meetings of the Committee when discussing item 12 wcrc under the Chairmanship of Mr. Josh Luis Vallarta of Mexico, and when discussing items 13 and 14 were under the Chairmanship of Mr. Cornel Metternich of Germany, Federal Republic of. IV. WORK OF TIDE THIRD C01E41TT.E;F AT ITS I1tFOR.MA.L [STINGS 7. The work und,.:rtaken at informal meetings during the current session is reflected in the following documents; (i) for item 12, document A/COITF.62%C.3/L.:L3/Add.l which contains informally agreed common cc::ts, and document A/CO:ur.62/C.3/L.30; (ii) for items 13 and 14, document A/CONF.62%C.3/L.3l. 8. All the documents referred to in paragraph (- of Annex III of document A/CONF'.62/L.8/Rev.l ji -uero before the current session of the Committee. In addition all documents emanating; iron the Caracas session and relating to the. Third Committee were also before the Corullittee. 9. The Third Committee made progress at this session of the Conference towards completion of the mandate assigned to it by the Conference. It therefore recommends that the opportunity should be urovided for it to continue this work at a further session or sessions with a vicar to completing the drafting of articles dealing with the preservation of the ;Marine environment, scientific research and the development and transfer of technology. . J Official Records of the Third United T?ations Conference on the Law of __ the Sea., Vol. III (A/C NF. C2,, L u~ ev,1, Anne; 111, para. 6)` Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400050022-7 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 CIA-RDP82S00697R0004G.Q'7/C.3/L. 33 Annex I page 1 ANNEX I List of documents_,c en Ld_ to the Committee A/CONF.62/C.3/L.12/Rev.l Iraq: draft articles on transfer of technology- Lpresented by Iraq on behalf of the Group of 77 of the Third Committee]. A/CONF.62/C.3/L,,i3/Rev.2 Iraq: draft articles on scientific research. [The delegate of Iraq as the Chairman of the Group of 77 of the Third Committee while presenting this document, would like to point out that it has been agreed upon by consensus by the Group of 77 of the Third Committee without committing the final position of members of the Group]. A/CONF.62/C.3/L.22 Description of some types of marine technology and possible methods for their transfer: report prepared by the Secretary-General, A/CONF.62/C.3/L.23 and Corr.l The global environmental monitoring system of United Nations Environment Programme (submitted by the United Nations Environment Programme at the request of the Third Committee) A/CONF.62/C.3/L.24 Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, German Democratic Republic, Germany, Federal Republic of, Greece, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom: draft articles on the prevention, reduction and control of marine pollution. A/CONF.62/C.3/L.25 and Corr.l Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: additional draft articles on prevention of pol.lution of the marine environment. A/CONF.62/C.3/L.26 Bulgaria, Byelorussian SSR, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, S Iongolia, Poland Ukranian SSR and USSR: draft articles on marine scientific research. A/CONP.62/C.3/L.27 Greece: draft article on the prevention of pollution from dumping at sea. A/CONF.62/C.3/L.28 Netherlands: draft amendments to the draft articles on marine scientific research contained in document A/CONF.62/C.3/L.l9 [submitted by the delegation of the Netherlands in his capacity as-Chairman of the Working Group on Marine Scientific Research of the Group of Land--locked and other Geographically Disadvantaged States, at the request of the Group]. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400050022-7 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400050022-7 A/CONF.62/C.3/L.33 Annex I page 2 A/COITF.62/C.3/L.29 A/COi,TF. 62/C . 3/L. 1 5/Add.1 A/CONP.62/C.3/L.30 A/coIITF. 6 2/C . 3/L. 31 A/coi ~.62/C.3/L.33 Colombia, El Salvador, I'Ie,:ico, Ldig;eria; Draft articles on marine scientific research. Results of consideration of nrorrosals and amendments relating to the preservation of the marine environment. Proposals or amendments informally introduced as Conference room papers but not agreed upon by the Informal Sessions on Item 12 (Preservation of the Iarine Environment) during the Third session of the Conference. Texts on items 13 (scien'6ific research) and 1-4 (development and transfer of technolo r). Draft resolution presented by Chile. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP82SO0697R000400050022-7