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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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July 12, 1951
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SECRET Approved Forplease 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP83`G0036R000500160025-2 OPC BULLETIN No, 85 12 July 1951 SPAR 1 1 Priority of Disposal Program 1, CIA Disposal Committee Directive No, 1 assigns the responsibility for CIA rehabilitation and resettlement action for dis-,-)osal cases outside the United States to OPC and OSO o _, ;ly J 2, A 1 e_.zorandum from DD/P dated 29 June 51 is quoted in gar hew ewit`:~~o desire ''6` Lat the Offices of CIA charged 'ri :h a,,-" or d this grogram a priority consistent with its c: , a _ :~s,v Lance. 3, - t is requested that all OPC activities concerned with dis- ~usa= take careful note of the above. .Lunge in Correspondence Procedure Pending revision of vrC Regulation 110-2, the following ocedur e is effective immediately. 2. A' correspondence for the signature of ADPC will be _?anged w:-%--1 the green file copy immediately under the corer beet. This ,-seen copy must show the initials of the drafting officer as wes: as all coordination. Symbol for We stern OP /OSO 'he symbol for the Wes-era semis >:=crc Division, Ol'C/OSO, 25X1A pounced as W H. will serve as - in e of ~ corn ned Division and will have the symbol CWH. = pr`avea i-or F elease 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP83-00036R000500160025-2 SE CRE T OSO plans Approved For l &ease 2000Th I :'t A-RDP83- 36R000500160025-2 Also have the prospect .ign a, "Special Annex" a" ac iec to the Memorandum of P,g eement covering tine ro se ct s under standing that employment commitment . .ias been nade0 Witness th "Special Annex" m to indicate that be a, ci i- c ssed wee on= t c~' 'rob. for with. the prospect v Cii;.:ibasizeC? its zgnifical'S:;,e. br, Submij 7e completed forFis to CPD together with :_ view report On the prospect, "Memorandum of A,greeinent" forms and "Spe orms c e av'L e through i 'e dminis$.ravive Offic , Gi~C DivisXc . Emp oyees a e responsible for obt izs be ore cor a~ ping a pros-)ect. The forms c side,. _e b. ing except to b~, taken to and fr :views cit.. Annex" s in each ring these iay not be taken S. 't'hese procedures wisi be inco"rpated into a revision of Regulation No. 20-1 OPC BULLETIN NO. 103 7 September 1951 Assign-_ent of Labor Functions to OPC been- -he auctions of the Labor Division, Office of DD/P, have Approved For Release 2000/6ff/f7 elA-RDP83-00036R000500160025-2 to OPC and assigned to the Psychological Division.