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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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October 23, 1952
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Approved roved For Release 200Q~%01 : CIA-RD 0011001300QW SECURITY INFORMATION 23 October 1952 MEMORANDUM FOR: DEPUTY DIRECTOR (PLANS) SUBJECT: PPC Staffing Requirements (as requested by COP) 1. Attached are detailed statements of the PPC Staffing Requirements both in terms of minimum requirements and of the tentative ceiling allocations recently established by your office. Complete statements of justification accompany these. 2. Since the discussions to date on this matter have raised some question in my mind as to the fundamental philosophy behind such an element as a PPC Staff in the office of DD/P, I think it appropriate that I should set forth my understanding of the problem so that I can be advised if my views are in error. They follow: a. I have discussed the background of the present organization of the covert offices at great length with 25X1A prior to my arrival on board. I understand that these two individuals were continuously and heavily involved in the staff work and conferences which led to DCI's memorandum of 15 July 1952. As a result of this, it is my understanding that among the key elements of the new arrangement of the DD/P Staff were (1) a planning and program coordination element., and (2) a review and inspection element, to assist DD/P in the accomplishment of his overall management responsibility. These elements were of particular importance because-the nature of the day-to-day events in this Agency require that DD/P as well as COP spend a great deal of time on current matters, and because it is impracticable to decentralize operating responsibility to the field until there is a well-integrated program and a control machinery. 25X1A b. Prior to my arrival, prepared a statement of functions and sta fing requirements for the PPC 25X1A element of DD/P's office. The first estimate of people 25X1A 25X1A required totalled ` By reducing the list of functions to be performed and cutting personnel requirements accordingly, reduced the staffing requirements to a total of 1W Thus a 30% reduction of our personnel estimates took place just prior to the establishment of the overall ceiling. 25X1A C. The functional statement and staffing requirements upon which the total of wrested were submitted 12 September 25X1A 1952, and were subsequently examined in detail by Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIar -p0036R001100130007-8 RDP>kQ Approved For Release 200Q,&9/01 : CIA- 036R0011001306i1k-8 SECURITY 19ORMATION ,25X1A of my staff, and of the Task Force representing CAO. Mr. wised no question or objection to any statement of responsibility or numbers submitted, but rather left the impression that the T/O was entirely satis- factory in its reduced scope. d. The position, as I see it then, is that an honest effort was made to set forth a minimum statement of the new and undeveloped functions which this staff should perform and an estimate of the minimum number of personnel required to commence these duties. e. It may be appropriate at this time to set forth my concept of how these duties should be carried out. I think it vital to the successful accomplishment of these functions that they not be performed under the pressures which unfor- tunately typifies much of the staff work carried out in Washington. It is unfortunately true that so great is the press of day-to-day business, unexpected crises, and the problems of cutting red tape to get things done, that few members of DD/P's Staff have the time to deliver themselves of well and completely thought-out, long-range, views in his behalf. One place where DD/P should be able to look for this 25X1A type of support is in the and, unless this Staff is adequately manned to give us his type of support, the work might as well be accomplished in other locations since the quality will be no higher here than elsewhere. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A f. There has been much discussion about the ceiling of =laid down by General Smith. I have no argument with this ceiling and am inclined to agree with General Smith that even - is luxurious. However, on the basis of the previously submitted requirement of M represents something slightly in excess of of the total staff resources available to DD/P. I canna feel that this is an exorbitant number of people to coordinate the planning and programming efforts of 5 functional staff elements and 7 area divisions in this headquarters as well as to develop and furnish guidance on matters of strategy and policy on behalf of DD/P. g. Therefore, I regret to find the planning and program coordination element in a position of having to reclama against this second reduction in the staffing requirements. I feel that a comprehensive analysis of the function be performed will not support this additional reduction of -- one of the largest reductions of which I am aware in any o e covert staff elements. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-~R 36RO01100130007-8 Approved For Release ZWO/09/01: GTi4=RDP8-_44 6R0011001 07-8 SECURITY INFORMA~IW h. Since the statement of functions as set forth does not appear to have been challenged and, since the staffing requirements as presented have been cut rather substantially, one is hard-put to escape the conclusion that had ~ submitted the original estimate of= and this estimate been cut in a manner similar to the later estimate of S we would now have an authorization fairly close to our minimum re uirement carry out these functions. The fact that attempted to reduce these requirements to a are minimum appears to have back-fired in view of the subsequent cut. 25X1A 25X1A i. I also note with concern the fact that no provision appears to have been made for the review and evaluation function at the DD/P level. Yet the adequate establishment of such a staff element in DD/P's office was one of the key concepts in the organization adopted last summer. 3. After reconsideration and restudy of the T/0 as submitted on 12 September 1952, I will for the time being dispense with the require- ment of two individuals listed under the Strategic Intelligence Group and look to CFI for staff support in this field. The principal reason for setting up this group was to give CFI an opportunity to place a key individual in a key position within this staff. I feel that such a move is inevitable in the long run and essential toward the adequate coordination of the often dissimilar and at times conflicting interests of the NSCID 5 mission and the 10/2 mission. All other staffing requirements I feel are valid and essential as presented, except for a clerk typist listed under the Office of the Chief which might not be required at present. The imposition of a ceiling of 10 would require that I dispense with the services of a Deputy and at least one other key officer, which would tend to cripple either the Strategy and Policy Group or the Program Coordination Group. I would prefer not to make a specific decision as to which positions should be eliminated prior to action by DD/P on the recommendation in paragraph 4 below. 4. Therefore, unless there is something faulty in my thinking about this problem, I strongly request that the PPC T/O as submitted herewith be approved. Chief, Planning and Program Coordination Att: A - Functional Statement B - Table of Organization C - Justification Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : 4M100036R001100130007-8