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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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r SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : RITY IffiR B3-00036 R001100130008-7 SECU FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT of the PLANNING AND PROGRAM COORDINATION STAFF GENERAL The Chief, Planning and Program Coordination Staff (CPPC/DDP) is responsible for insuring on behalf of DDP that the plans and program of the clandestine services are responsive to CIA's clandestine mis- sions under national policy. He will generally monitor the planning and programming activities of the CIA Clandestine Services to insure that they are based upon proper authorization and sound premises; adequately coordinated internally and externally; and are realistic and balanced as to objective, phasing, operational capability, and demand for resources. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES 1. To develop and monitor the planning and programming system for the activities of the covert organizations of CIA. 2. To obtain or develop, and to disseminate, the major policy and strategy guidance for the NSC 10/2 activities of CIA. 3. To exercise general supervision over the preparation of stra- tegic and operational plans and programs for NSC 10/2 activities, and to insure coordination of such plans and programs with the needs and contributions of CIA intelligence activities. This supervision will be exercised to the fullest extent possible through the planning staffs of CFI, CPP, CPO, CAO, and OTS. 4. To coordinate the final analysis of strategic and opera- tional plans and programs against support capabilities and to in- sure balance between mission and means. 5. To consult with the Chief of Operations and other DDP staff elements, as requested, on the detailed implementation and accomplish- ment of approved programs. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130008-7 Approved For` Release 00/09/01 : CC-083-00036R09+100130008-7 SECURITY INFORMATION 6. To make appropriate recommendations to DDP concerning organi- zational design of the clandestine apparatus. ORGANIZATION The Planning and Program Coordination Staff will consist of the Office of the Chief, the Strategy and Policy Group, and the Program Coordination Group. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130008-7 SECRET Approved For Release SNO/09/01 : &FICRDIF83-00036R0Q4100130008-7 SECURITY INFORMATION STRATEGY AND POLICY GROUP 1. To collate in systematic form the policy guidance on NSC 10/2 activities as received from authorized sources within or outside CIA, or to develop reasonable assumptions and hypotheses in the absence of such policy, and to coordinate the development of the primary strategy derived therefrom. 2. To coordinate proposals of policy and grand strategy for NSC 10/2 activities for consideration by DDP and for his submission for higher level action. 3. To define as necessary channels for continuing CIA liaison with participating government agencies on the policy and strategy of NSC 10/2 activities, to assign responsibility for such liaison, and to monitor its accomplishment. 4. To disseminate approved policy. and strategy, or assumptions and hypotheses, to DDP staff and operating elements as framework and guidance for the accomplishment of strategic plans and programs. 5. To monitor the preparation and consideration of the strate- gic plans of DDP staff and operating elements. 6. To prepare, issue, and maintain current the DDP policy book(s). 7. To participate as necessary in representatives' meetings and equivalent conferences. 8. After approval of operational programs for implementation, to assist the Chief of Operations and the Chiefs of DDP staffs in the interpretation and refinement of program objectives for purposes of execution. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130008-7 SECRET SECRET Approved For ReleaseV000/O=QRMW44WM-00036R061100130008-7 PROGRAtd COORDINATION GROUP 1. To devise and initiate directives to insure that strategic plans, operational plans and programs, and support plans and programs (administrative, logistic, and technical) constitute a complete and integrated planning system. 2. To establish standard patterns and formats for planning and programming documents to insure uniformity, to establish responsibili- ties for their preparation, and to prescribe schedules, priorities, and deadlines for their completion. 3. To monitor generally the preparation of proposed operational programs. I+. To maintain a record of the policy guidance from and policy agreements with external agencies on the provision of support to CIA clandestine operations; to monitor liaison with such agencies on inter- agency planning and programming of such support; and to disseminate such guidance to interested CIA elements. 5. In the absence of firm policy for support planning, to initiate action to establish such policy, or to establish planning assumptions in lieu thereof. 6. To assure the availability of strategic and operational plans and programs to CAO/DDP.. OTS, and CIA central administrative offices, as a basis for their support planning and programming. 7. To review and, in broad terms, monitor through the appropriate elements of the DD/P Staff the support planning of the Agency for clandestine operations as necessary to insure consistency between strategic-operational programming and support capabilities, and to advise C/PPC, CAO, DDP, and DCI of action necessary to achieve such consistency. 8. In collaboration with the other elements of the DD/P Staff, to keep generally informed on the status and progress of supporting action and to advise concerning related adjustments which may be required in strategic planning and operational programming. 9. To make certain that all proposed operational programs receive adequate staff review for consistency with established policy and stra- tegic plans, for operational feasibility, and for assurance of support capability. (This is primarily a coordinating function, with the inten- tion that the actual review for these considerations will be performed by other DD/P and DD/A staff elements. It is assumed that the Chief of Operations has primary staff responsibility on behalf of DD/P for monitor- ing the detailed implementation and accomplishment of approved operational programs.) SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130008-7