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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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January 7, 1954
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SECRET Approved For Releas 000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-000368 1100130014-0 7 January 1954 MEMORANDUM FOR: PPC STAFF PERSONNEL, SUBJECT: Outline of PPC Objectives, Internal Responsibilities, and Related Considerations 1. Pur ose: This memorandum is a general charter for internal PPC activities, listing the major things to be done,.. the responsibilities for doing them, and the procedures, attitudesk or special considerations which will guide their performance. A table attached summarizes what PPG element takes what action on what kinds of documents. 2. Tasks. The Chief and Deputy Chief of this Staff are not assigned specific tasks except that C/PPC, because of wide military acquaintance, has the highly personal function of liaison on ad hoc matters with the Department of Defense. On the basis of the administrative reakdown of this Staff into the Policy and Strategy Group, the Program Coordination Group, and the Reports and Review Group, continuing tasks are assigned as follows: a. Policy and Strategy Group: The general function of this group is to identify and codify the objectives required of the Clandestine Services by established policy, to assure formulation of strategy for this accomplish- ment, and to assure generally that program action is consistent with such policy and strategy. The detailed, continuing tasks of this group are: 25X1& (1) To administer the Clandestine Services Policy Book, provided in (2) To identify, clarifand record policy relating to Clandestine Services activities, including: (a) Continuing analysis of all policy forming documents, including Presidential Directives, NSC papers, JCS Plans, PSB-OCB papers, inter-agency memoranda, internal memo- randa, cables, dispatches, etc. , and summary of the clan- destine activities policy, and operational objectives, and limitations involved. (b) Preparation of special summaries and interpretations of policy affecting the Clandestine Services and, in absence of basic policy on specific questions, appropriate action to secure policy guidance, (c) Coordination and. preparation of comment on behalf of DD/P on NSC papers and other polic pa ers affecting Approved For R4 '2t /(t/O*cGIA-RDP83-00036R001100130014-d SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 (3 ,f'o prepare and coordinate the !Wsic Plan and Annex A of the annual CIA Strategic Plan for 10 Series activities; and generally to monitor the content of the similar sections of sub- ordinate operational plans prepared by areas or staffs. (4) With respect to plans in preparation for general war: (a) To review for consistency with policy. (b) To analyze for balance with cold war operations and for effects on cold war strategic planning. (This applies especially to actions that must be taken currently in prepara- tion to meet CIA responsibilities in time of general war.) (5) To be generally familiar with undeveloped strategic opportunities, technical developments which may affect strategy, and contingency situations which may require anticipatory preparations, and to recommend the coverage required in current planning for such developments and possibilities, (6) Generally to review Clandestine Services policy, strategic planning, and programming: (a) For continuing comparison of existing policy objectives with plans, programs, and budgets. (b) For consistency of plans, programs, and budgets with existing policy, or for need for new policy. (c) To assure that plans, programs, and budgets are fully reviewed by appropriate staff elements for essentiality of purpose and for validity of the priorities reflected, as related to basic policy. (7) On the basis of intelligence procedures, documents, and estimates, to recommend concerning: (a) Development of operational intelligence support to covert operations and integration of covert operations intelligence requirements into the intelligence priorities system, (b) Improvement of the by-product of covert operations to the intelligence channels. (c) Establishment of the intelligence foundations and assumptions for cold and general war strategic planning. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 (.d) Identification of the strategy opportunities and requirements for operational action to be reflected in cold and general war strategic planning. (8) In conjunction with RQM/OIS Generally to analyze current Clandestine Services research requirements, programs, and facilities; and to formulate long-range research concepts, objectives, and programs. b. The Program Coordination Group The general function of this Group is to initiate and generally administer Clandestine Services Instructions establishing a planning and programming system. The more detailed tasks oft MAGroup are; (I) To initiate and administer. (2) series - To recommend to the extent necessary to assure Mency of FI planning procedures with other planning. (3) - To initiate and administer, including: (a) The general format of the annual CIA Strategic Plan for NSC 10 series activities in the cold war, its annexes, and the operational plans subordinate thereto. (b) The establishment of the form and procedures for,, and the monitoring of the preparation of Annexes B and C to the CIA Strategic Plan and of the similar sections of subor- dinate operational plans. (c) Cooperation with DD/P ADMIN in the preparation of Annex D to the CIA Strategic Plan to the extent necessary to iri?s` AIkonsistency with other planning documents, (4) - Generally to review PM war planning, with special attention to: (a) The establishment of basic war planning relationships between Defense and CIA. (b) The definition of CIA-Defense and CIA war planning documents and procedures. (c) The establishment of internal Clandestine Services responsibilities and procedures for war planning. (d) The adequacy of coverage of war planning matters, (e) Consistency and balance between CIA cold and hot war planning documents and procedures, Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : C1k-RDP83-00036R001100130014-0 CRET. , 25X1A SECRET Approved For Relepq DPT8u3AOa 0r* 0t~1 DO~P4-0 DMIN in administrative an ogistic planning, and to recommend as necessary to assure consistency with strategic and operational plans. 25X1 A (6) - To participate with DD/P ADMIN and Staffs in development of procedures for the proposal and approval of programs and projects to execute planned objectives. (7) To maintain records for: (a) The continuing comparison between tentatively planned objectives and firmly programmed and budgeted objectives. (b) The maintenance of a continuing summary control record showing the assignment of programmed objectives to projects for execution. (8) To render assistance to Areas and Staffs in determining priorities for the selection of firm program objectives from the tentatively planned objectives. (9) To collaborate with F'l, PM, PP and TSS in the develop- ment of target classification, identification, selection and recording systems. (10) To maintain general familiarity with all phases of the planning-programming system in order to take ad hoc action on matters involving this system. (11) To participate in overseas logistical support base planning. c. Review and Reports Group: The general function of this Group is to initiate and generally administer Clandestine Services Instructions establishing a system of periodic reports on CS activities, and to monitor the evaluation of effort on the basis of such reports. The more detailed tasks of this Group are: 25X1A (1) To initiate and generally administer the Sub - series, including: (a) Establishment of form and content of periodic reports on CS status and progress. (b) Definition of responsibilities and procedures for their preparation, and over-all staff supervision of performance. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : G4A-RDP83-00036R001100130014-0 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036R001100130014-0 (c) Continuing review of reeuf'!*ng reports for adequacy of content, form, and utility, with initiation of corrective action as required. (d) Preparation or assembly of CS reports of general coverage for submission to higher levels, (2) To initiate and administer instructions and procedures for the evaluation of reported information, such evaluation to cover: (a) an collaboration with other staff and line elements, the comparison of policy objectives, planned objectives, programmed objectives, and completeness of project assignment, (b) The adequacy of the project and support machinery to accomplish the objectives. (c) The adequacy of project performance of assigned objectives, (d) The initiation of corrective action by report and recommendation to DD/P, by suggestion to other Staff and line elements, or by reference to the I&R Staff for special action. (3) To keep generally informed on recurring and special reports and reporting activities, and make recommendations for reducing the reports burden and for increasing the effectiveness of report preparation, presentation, and use for the CS area. (4) To keep generally informed of higher level CIA reports which may incorporate or be based on information provided from CS, and take required action to assure adequacy and accuracy of the CS contribution and the CIA use. (5) To make a continuing effort to tie all reporting and evaluation directly to the base of Plans, Budgets and Programs, and Projects. d. Special Subjects and Assinments: (1) (2) C/PPC). (3) Control of NSC document review (Exec. Asst. ). Planning and conduct of briefings (Exec. Asst. and Action as assigned concerning POWs (ad hoc). Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036R001100130014-0 SECRET SECRET Approved For Ropa gQ/cP1-I3L~ I-Agen8 n0g9 6 tF sug~ec3t00(t j~PC), (5) Representation with DD/I on CS interest in NSC matters (C/PPC). (6) Liaison for CS, through designated CIA point, to OCB (ad hoc). (7) Other items as assigned (ad hoc). 3. General Guidance for PPC Action: Certain general considerations will guide the performance of the above tasks; a. The task breakdowns above are the general alignment of the continuing responsibilities. However, whatever the formal assignment, all PPC Staff members may expect to be deployed against any part of the total staff job in accordance with special abilities or situations. b. One fundamental principle of action by this Staff will be the general assumption that a staff paper is worth the time of production only if, when signed by appropriate authority, it constitutes a directive to a specified action element to do something. There will be minor exceptions, of course, such as comments on papers of external origin and summaries prepared strictly for informational purposes. In general, our papers will take the directive form from the initial draft, and we will avoid the type of incomplete staff study which requires later trans- mutation into action documents. c. A further principle of PPC action will be to avoid local performance to the fullest extent possible, by reserving our own position to that of monitor, with detailed action located at some other proper point. d. We will make every effort to encourage FI, PP, and. PM to assume to the fullest degree their General Staff responsibilities, rather than to try to take over such responsibility ourselves. This consideration requires special attention in relation to PM, whose war planning respon- sibility especially is comprehensive and is intended to be truly of a General Staff character in relation to other Staff elements as well as to the line organization. While FI activities are not excluded from the responsibilities of this Staff, at the point where FI and over-all interests interact, as a matter of the practical dynamics this Staff will be less involved in FI matters than in those of PP and PM. Since the PP-PM policy base is largely mutual and that of FI is separate and single, a larger part of FI business is properly handled by and from the FI Staff with no interpolation of PPC as a channel. PPC interest in FI affairs will be the minimum involving inter-staff and CS-wide problems. -6- Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 SECRET SECRET Approved &.o riRel $@ Q9/RIIQ'bf 9&-~Offc -PogQrJm itlw?il bOOtheO principle of this Staff that the basic responsibility for recommendation of content rests with the operator, and that the responsibility for decision on content rests with the executive levels above this Staff. Our function is primarily to provide the mechanical framework of form and procedure into which the operator will put the substantive content. Our intrusion into the content, and to the extent of our influence the intrusion of other Staff elements into content, will be limited to, (1) The clarification and recording of higher level policies and purposes so that the operator may know what is expected of him. (2) The posing of problems of policy and purpose, as raised from the operator, to higher levels for their clarification and decision. (3) The final formulation of the operator's proposals con- cerning his policy and action in the best form to obtain favorable authoritative decision. (4) The review of operational proposals for consistency with higher level policies and purposes, and recommendation to eliminate inconsistency. (5) Coordination of multi-operator interests, to the minimum necessary to preserve the over-all interest. (6) (As a special Staff function of FI, PP, PM, and TSS more than of PPC) the provision of advice to the operator concern- ing the technical tools available to accomplish his assigned objectives. (7) Special action assistance in other substantive matters only when there is a clear desire from those normally responsible that PPC do the job, and even then, only if PPC has the capability to undertake it. f. Problems of administration and logistics will be left to DD/P ADMIN, and PPC will become involved only to the extent of helping in the separation of tightly interwoven operational-logistic problems into their components for normal action by others. g. PPC will consistently meet its obligation to make recommenda- tion to DD/P on controversial or complex matters within PPC responsi- bility for action, On matters of substantial complexity or involving Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/W&I#-jRDP83-00036 R001100130014-0 difficult choices among possibilities, PPC's analysis will make its own recommendations clear, but will include careful statement of the reasons why different possibilit Xt11ght be chosen. Chief, Planning and Program Coordination Staff attachment: PPC Document Action Table Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130014-0 cx~ r- T3 sn"