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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For Relea9 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-000368 1100130015-9 PP_C I?OCUMEN,T_ACTIQN TALE Review and Reports Documents Reviewable fo n#orrnation or for I gli,gAtjon?,,, to be Reflected bxix caber Documents Approved Presidential directives, NSC and OCB papers, and JCS war plans. CS Policy Book (FI and NSC 10 Series Sections). CS Policy Book (FI and NSC 10 Series Sections). Approved inter-agency agreements. Approved DCI .DDCI-DD/P directives. Approved cables and dispatches. Approved intelligence estimates, digests, and analy a e s. Approved NSC, OCB, and JCS papers (ad_h~c). Approved inter-agency war planning agree- ments. Approved CIA planning and Programming instructions. DD/P directives CIA cold war strategic and operational plans and programs (all levels and functions). CIA, Defense, and joint CIA-Defense hot war plans. Approved CIA and DD/P instructions on reporting and evaluation. Documents Reviewable for PPG Recommendation Unapproved drafts of all of the above. C'S Policy Book (FI Section). CIA, Defense, and Joint CIA-Defense war plans. FI plans. Annual CIA strategic plan for NSC 10 Series activities in cold war; Annexes B and C. Approved For Release 20 Drafts of the above prior to issuance. Drafts of the above prior to approval. CIA, Defense, and joint Defense-CIA war plans. CIA Strategic Plan for NSC 10 Series activities in cold war; basic Plan and Annexes A and D. Country and staff element cold war operational plans and programs. 0/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036 CIA level or external reports and evaluations. CS programs and projects ad hoc as required for evaluation purposes. ip is from CS Staff ine elements Series and sub-series thereunder and relation to report structure. 001100130015-9 Approved For Reba ___N We . Policy and Strategy Documents `s14able for PPC Recommendation - Cont, 25X1A Country and Staff element cold war operational plans and programs. SECRET Program Coordination Series n d sub-series thereunder. Review and Reports CS research require - ments and proposals. Documents to be Producepp,Maintained by PPC 25X1A CS Policy Book (NSC 10 Series Section). CIA Strategic Plan for N$C 10 Series activities in cold ware basic Plan and Annex A. Ad hoc recommendations re inter-action of intelli- gence and covert opera. tions, sub- sub-series (in collaboration with DO/P ADMIN), and re- lated manuals, including the detailed forms and procedures for the use of standard check lists of operational objectives and for the classification and identification of targets. The over-all CS Monthly Report, Ad hoc special reports as required. Recurring monthly evaluation analyses and recommendations. Ad hoc evaluation analyses and recommendations. Long-range research plans. -2- Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130015-9 SECRET SECRET -Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00036RO01100130015-9 P1%.,;DOCUMENT ACTION TABLE ` Continued Policy and Stxategy Program Coordination Review and Reports 1 I 25X1A Documents to be Produced and Maintained ~y PPC -- Continued Comparisons of policy with planned and programmed objectives. Sections of CS Planning, Programming, and Reporting handbook, CIA Strategic Plan for NSC 10 Series activities in cold war: Annexes B Reporting Sections of and C (this is primarily CS Planning, Program a monitoring and final xning, and Reporting assembly task, with Handbook. areas producing the content of Annex B and with PP, PM, and TSS producing the content of Annex C). Comparisons of planned objectives, programmed objectives, and assign- ment of programmed objectives to projects for execution. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : C fZp ~,3-00036R001100130015-9