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Approved Forilease 2004/05/12: CIA-RDP83-00156010000 L.,11 MEMORANDUM FOR: OTR 79-1091 Executive Assistant to the DCI IILREESTEY SUBJECT: External Training Opportunities for Agency Employees 1. This is in response to your request for information concerning .external training opportunities for Agency employees. The criteria for sponsorship of training at non-CIA facilities are established by regulation I 1. Training may be full- or .part-time and may be obtainedat interagency training facilities, military bases, universities and colleges, commer- cial firms, or by enrollment in the Agency's Off-Campus Program or correspondence courses. The opportunities are limitless. 2. During Fiscal Year 1979, the Agency approved 4461 requests for Agency employees from all Directorates to receive various types of external training. The duration of these programs varies from one day to an academic year. The number of facilities is vast, and the course offerings are extensive. It is literally impossible to list all the opportunities available, but I hope the attached samplings will indicate the scope of their possibilities. Attachments: As Stated cc: DDA, Watts. Donald E. Smith Director of Training Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 25 25 25 4 Approv.or Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83A156R001000060014-6 6 SENIOR MANAGEMENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS SCHOOL A. Senior Officer Schools Air War College Army War College Naval War College (College of Naval Command and Staff) ? Naval War College (College of Naval Warfare) National War College Industrial College of the Armed Forces Executive Seminar in National & International Affairs ?(State Department) B. Senior Management Programs Brookings Educational Programs for Government Executives Conference for Senior Executives on Public Policy Issues Conference on Business in Contemporary Society Conference for Science Executives Executive Leadership Forums on Critical Public Policy Issues OPM Federal Executive Institute Programs Senior Executive Education Program Executive Leadership and Management Program Workshops (MBO, team-building, etc.) OPM Education for Public Management OPM Executive Seminars DURATION STUDENT GRADE' 10 months GS-14 to GS-15 10 months GS-14 and above 10 months GS-11 to GS-13 10 months 10 months 10 months 10 months 2 weeks 1 week 1 week 4 days 7 weeks 3 weeks 1. week GS-13 to GS-15 GS-15 and above GS-15 and above GS-16 and GS-17 GS-16 to GS-18 GS-16 and up Academic year GS-12 to GS-14 2 weeks GS-14 and GS-15 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 Approved For/please 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015.01000060014-6 a SCHOOL DURATION STUDENT GRADE B. Senior Management Programs (Continued) Management Program for Executives, 6 weeks GS-14 and up University of Pittsburgh Executive Management Program, 4 weeks GS-14 and up Penn State Executive Development Program, 5 weeks GS-14 and up Cornell University Program for Senior Managers in 3 weeks GS-17 and GS-18 Government, Harvard University Executive Program in National 2 weeks GS-18 Security, JFK School of Govern- ment, Harvard University C. Fellowships and Interchange Programs OPM Fellowships in Congressional 12 months GS-13 to GS-I6 Operations D. Other Full-time Programs National Senior Intelligence Course, DIS E. Part-time Program National Academy of Public Administration 26 weeks GS-11 and up 14 weeks GS-13 and up 6 one-day sessions GS-13 to GS-15 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 Approved For/Neese 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-001511101000060014-6 6 ?I1V FULL-TIME ACADEMIC TRAINING To illustrate the kinds of full-time academic training approved each year for Agency employees, set forth below is training under- taken by GS-07 to GS-14 employees during Fiscal Year 1979. Facility Program Georgetown University George Mason University Johns Hopkins University Montgomery College Indiana University Strayer College Benjamin Franklin University Harvard University Towson State University Vanderbilt University Prince Georges Community College George Washington University Economics Business Administra- tion Economics World Geography Students 1 5 1 1 2 1 Economics Visual Communications Management Program Accounting Accounting Midcareer Program International Relations Geography Economics General Studies Geodetic & Carto- graphic Research Fellow (Soviet Studies) Engineering Political Science China/Asian Studies Economics 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 Approved Fo lease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015001000060014-6 A INTERAGENCY TRAINING Agency employees participate in interagency training on a regular basis. Examples of facilities used and courses attended during Fiscal Year 1979 are indicated below. All grade levels are acceptable. FACILITY AND PROGRAM DURATION Office of Personnel Management ADP and Computer Specialist Government Affairs Financial Management and Budgeting Management Analysis Personnel Management Equal Employment Opportunity Employee Development Department of Energy Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Technical Aspects of Nuclear Weapons General Services Administration Records Management Procurement and Requisitioning Contracting Inventory Control Department of Agriculture Executive Development, Management and Supervision Interpersonal Communications Secretarial, typing, shorthand Foreign Service Institute Area Studies Language Economic and Commercial Training Political Training Department of Defense Computer Institute Computer Systems E Management National Security Agency Cryptology Language 1 day - 2 weeks 9 days 1 day - 2 weeks 1 day - 2 weeks 1-54 weeks 1-2 weeks 1-44 weeks Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ? Approved Foreease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015a01000060014-6 6 Wr DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE TRAINING Agency employees participate in Department of Defense training on a regular basis. Examples of facilities used and courses attended during Fiscal Year 1979 are indicated below. FACILITY AND PROGRAM -Army Military Packaging Training Armor Orientation Field Artillery Judge Advocate General DURATION STUDENT GRADE 1-2 weeks Defense Logistics Agency Defense Petroleum 1 week Air Force Nuclear Weapons Ballistic Missile Staff Course Tactical Fighter and Tactics Terrorism Systems and Logistics Engineering Navy Defense Contracting Missile Orientation ASW Operations Alcohol Orientation Defense Intelligence School Intelligence Indications and Warnings Operation DIALOGUE 1 week 1-2 weeks 1 day-2 weeks GS-7 to GS-10 GS-9 to GS-14 GS-9 to GS-14 GS-12 to GS-15 GS-9 to GS-15 GS-12 and above GS-7 and above GS-8 and above GS-7 to GS-14- GS-9 to GS-14 GS-10 to GS-14 GS-9 to GS-13 GS-9Jc) GS-13 GS-9 to_GS-13 GS-9 to GS-13 GS-9 to GS-13 GS-13 and above Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 Approved Fog"lease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015111101000060014-6 W NON-GOVERNMENT EXTERNAL TRAINING Agency employees participate in non-Government external train- ing on a regular basis. Examples of facilities used and courses attended during Fiscal Year 1979 are indicated below. FACILITY AND PROGRAM Technology Service Corporation Antenna Design Missile Guidance IBM Mag Card Training Project Management Capitol Institute of Technology Basic Electricity and Lab Introduction to Digital Computers Calculus American Management Association Strategic Planning Fundamentals of Management for Warehouse Supervisors Action Tools for the Middle Manager Rand Corporation Work Study Program University of Wisconsin Effective Supervision for DURATION STUDENT GRADE 1-2 weeks GS-7 to GS-I5 2 days 2 weeks 1-2 weeks GS-2 to GS-7 GS-12 to GS-I8 GS-7 to GS-15 1 week GS-13 to GS-18 1 year 1 week GS-12 to GS-15 GS-13 to GS-16 Professional & Technical Personnel Conference on Indonesia Gallaudet College 3 weeks GS-4 to GS-18 Beginning Sign Language Basic Manual Communications Rochester Institute of Technology 1-2 weeks GS-9 to GS-I4 Photographic Science Motorola 1 week GS-9 to GS-I3 - Motorola Technical Training Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ' Approved For. lease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0019111101000060014-6 6 FACILITY AND PROGRAM M.I.T. Current Issues in Information Systems: Perspective for 80's Naval Surface Ship Design International Marketing Institute Market Management Federally Employed Women, Inc Tenth Annual National Training Program DURATION STUDENT GRADE 1-3 weeks GS-12 to GS-18 1 week GS-12 to GS-15 3 days GS-7 to GS-14 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ? Approved, Foreease 2004/05/12 : C1A-RDP83-00156.01000060014-6 MISCELLANEOUS Presidential Executive Interchange Program This program is open to GS-13-GS-15 employees. During 1978-1979, two GS-15 NFAC officers participated; one served STATith Both officers were in an LWOP status tor tne aura-Lion of the program, and their salaries were paid by the host organizations. Sabbaticals During 1978-1979, NFAC employees received sabbaticals as follows: a. One GS-16 officer attended the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London; b. One GS-15 was a Teaching Fellow at George- town University. Other Approaches Agency employees could request approval to attend pro- grams at various independent research institutes (see attached listing) or at universities such as the following: London Graduate School of Business Studies (The London-Sloan Fellowship Programme) School of Advanced International Studies (Special Fellowships) at Johns Hopkins University (in Washington, D.C., or Bologna, Italy) Educational Program for Federal Officials at Midcareer at the Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 1..._22Layecj,t211112E1,3204/05/12 : CIA,R i.r.ARNED SOCIETIES, RESEARCH INSTITUTES i.ditute of Food Technologists: 221 North I.a Salle St., I.:icago, Ill. ho6oi ;- 1. 19c,o; 15,1)013 !limns.; Pres. Dr. .11 "E. BAUMAN; LxeC. CAtVERT L. 'WILLEY; k Food Techno logy (montIdy), Journal of Food I ? ? Hie (In-monthly). irdrument Society of America: 400 Stanwix St., Pitts- burgh, Pa. 15222; f. 1945; 20,000 incins.; Exec. Dir. U. A. Si:nu:GEL; Pres. HULA! S. WILtioN; conferences 5101 symposia, exhibits, short courses, special interest divisions, :films, _audio and visual cassettes; pubis. Instrumentation Technology (monthly), ISA Trans- whims (quarterly)., ISA Instrumentation Index'. (iln4r- tetly)?. proceedings. at monographs, references, .viatipentlia, study giii(les. .4ef4rnational .:Communication?Association:. formerly Na- ? tional Society for the Study of Communications; 1. -10 bring -together academics ,and -;professionals concerned with research and application of human conitunnication; 2,100 mems.; Exec. Sec. RonEur L. Cox, Balcoims Research Center, !moo Ilurnet Austin, Tex. 78758; pubis. The Journal of Comm:mica- -Iron. Human Communication Research, Membership Directory, I'14 )grain (antituil), "The ICA Newsletter, The t'orrunrinication Yearbook. timing and Metallurgical Society of America: 230 Park Ave., New Viirk, N.Y. .10017; Pres. iENNoill J. TarIZ. Vttlenal Association el Power E.ngineers, Inc.-: 176 West Adams'St.,-Suite 1411, Chicago 3, Ill.; f. 12,000 -moms.; ?NA'zi.u.mit S. CODY.; Sec. RAYMOND. F. A Know; pub). Nalional Engineer (monthly). nitentration ter Social and Technical Innovation: iocio Wii,consin Aye., N.\1'., \Vashitigton, D.C. 20007; Pres. . Dr. Posm.o A. Scilou. - ? I UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Society for the History of Technology: Dept. of History. ? tiCSB, Santa Bar gira, Calif. 93106; concerned with history of technological devices and processes, relations of technology with science, politics, social change, the arts and humanities, and economies; affiliated to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Council of l.earned Societies and the Engineers Joint Council; z,imo mews.: Pres.. EuciENE . S. FERGUSON; See. 1)r. CARROLL W. PURSELL, Technology and Culture (quarterly), Monograph Series. Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.: koe Commonwealth Drive. Warrendale, Pa: 13096; f. 1905; 30,000 rnerns.; Sec. and Gen. Man. JOSEI'll GILBEIZT; pubis. SAE _Transactions, SA E Handbook (annuals)? ,1 Wan:olive Engineering (monthly). Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers: One 'World Tra4le Center, Suite t309, New York, N. V. IONS; f. t893; approx. (1,500 mems.; Sec. Rotwar G. 31 EN! Society of Rheology: f. 1929: Pres. J. R. KNox; Sec. R. A. MENDELSON, 335 East .15th St., New York, N.Y. '0017; pubis. lei/J.01,w It u 1 lel n (quartorly), Transactions of , the Sociely of kheology (quarterly). . United Engineering Trustees, inc.: 3.15 East 47th St., New York, N.Y. 10017; f. (904 as a joint corporate agency of the major national engineering societies, to administer substantial trust funds for the advancement of the engineering arts and sciences, including owner- ship and administration of Engineering Societies Library. Engineering Foundation. United Engineering Center., and several awards; library of over 200,000 1.'01S.; Pres. R. If. TATLow flf; Sec. and Gen. Man. JOHN A. ZECCA. RESEARCH INSTITUTES . fe!, than 90 per CCPif Of research in America is conducted by the universities and private industry. Most of the organizations listed below arc independent, non-profit-malting institutions. ? . A ritomatic New Structure Alert (A NSA) and Current ACIRICIII.TORIS AND VETFRINARY .SCIFNC11 Apiculture: Research Institute: 2 100 Pen0Rylvallia Ave.. N W? Nt'ashington. 11.(7. 20037: 1. 11)51; 150 111c1111;.; hc%. RALVII J. ..11CCI,..1,;IF.N; puNs. NeieNielter I,111.D.Icily). Pro:en/rugs (annn.t1). wincil for Agrictillural and Chemurgic Research: 350 riftli Ave.. New York i; 1. tu35; to further the Main:- tit:0 use of agricultural produce iii&l to devise and pro- mote the raising .tif new clops for industry; 2,51(0 moms.; Chair. li105ii llOi.it See. DI. 1 1 AKRY J. Per 111.1' II; 1)111,1, C he mu (gie Digest (8 a year). qgittt Products Ilexcarch Sockity: :Sot Marshall Court, MatIlsott.? Wis, $37?5: I. fi2.47; 4,50o.n1ent1I. front (12 e,,utitries; PreS1 llowAtin E. th.soN; Exec. Vice-Pres. Asir1101113. It NRR; 1111115. J,.;? ma (111011Ilily),. ipood (quarterly). 1111111.10CIRA1?11Y AND 1.1 DIZARY SCIIINCK 4#tlitote for Scientific Information: ,125 Chnstunit'St:, rillledclphia. I. lune.; periodieals library of Imo. titles; Pres. Dr. Voulist.: llatirturO; Vicc?PreN. 1\ I Avs ms Selittounr0; i..:411144 tee/Yr is, Science e4 1411M11 ho/in. Si1/4441 i(14.Y.t Cita:solo I 11.14. v, Pet nudes III Subitut I frite.r. Ift.leo to Siientihr ? Reviews, ..littomalie Subiect t:11.4tiort :flea .4ksti acts of 4,4 c..; ixct v std 1 #1,1e.% Pacyctotitedos 1 71111) fIll ? ?OirN.11, f ;011.0 i ,VirMiett: !INN? I ft/ I lit,' 1 11,1e% 1 1141e V lit1C11$ Reg: Sit .1. SySte I51.$ II 'ho is Publishing in ,?teasec, IS! .1tooretic Tates, Seisearell, Social Scisearch, 1515 uontents in the following editions; ...fi?uiciature, Biology and Enchonmental Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Physical ,?nd Cheinkal Sciences; Engineering, Technology ,lnd A ',plied sciences; Life Sciences; Clinical " Practice. ? Netionat Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services: liniversit v Science Center., 3.1oi Market St., Philadelphia, l'a. 191o.1 ; f. 14)53; 30-40 mems.; Pres. USsELI. J. 16 011.1,. TT, Jr.; ENve. Dir. TONI CA 10:0 BEA1z M AN; 110 1?111. X F.-I S Newsletter, Repos 1 Sri OS, Stale-of-the-4 t I Publteathnt.. ? , li:cpsomics, LAW AND POLITICS Brookings Institution: ins Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington. D.C. 2003o;1. 1927; 1 -20 professional Iii rary of 50.000 vols.: resvarcb. caucationi and ; publishing in the fields of economics. government, and . foreign policy: Pres. Itut,cr K. Mvci.vviiv; pubis. Br Ol ili ngs Bulletin (10.11-kitty). 111o,14 tugs Papers on Economic ...letivity (3 a year), Nip, ti1 So ;es (irtvgula r). Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions: Kix 4068. Saul a I 1.1111A IA, Calif. 93103; I. 1959; S5,000 tnems'.; Chair. Moguls I.. I .tA?1 Nsiis ; Pres. Kongn r 31. liti rottxs; See. anil Treas. PH rcu. TAtairn; pubis. The Center .1!cea:ine. IF oil,/ /ssaes (every 2 Months). International Besmirch Institute: American Institutes for UeseArch. 33in New Mexico Ave., N.W., Washington, =0.0 (Ii; I. to4o; research on human resources in developing countries, role of attitudes and values in CPYRG Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R00100006001476 ? u Nir Ap.13TriNua F1 1 C CPYR 4 th..k. 1111.1 Of flt a ant ? 1.T?1?????1, I- Itic. IN PAtit. Sn1zt-rOlt. Marketing Science Institute: t 1 Story St., Cambridge. Mass.. o,: O.I. I 35; 1, to to nut ramie to 'unproved "%rho hug pertormance by developing object ivt?, factual in forma. tbthinabout marketing practices and their ellects by devising and testing new methods for an those (ac hi, anti by appraking soeial anti economic. issues related to marketing; Pres. l'utsm M as 11. cCA tot, Jr.; Exec. D II ir. Srlit?EN A. Gauvsittt, . National Bureau of Economic Research: :Alt Mattison AVe., NeW York, N.Y. !twit,: C. to2i1; 5o Dirs.; Pres. Nlattitx . S. Ft.:Los-Ems; Vice-Pre.s, Vic rot; R. Fmk; Exec, Sec. Doom..ss II. Ft.oittlic.f:: pubis...ft/oafs II Economic and Social Measurement (quarterly), Pap/ma/6ms in Economic Research (quarterly), etc. Scripps Foundation for Research in Population Problems ? and Gerontology Center: Iiiiiiii Une ivrsit y, '2 t 8 Ifarrisim !Lill, Oxford, Ohio 45056; 1. 1922; 8 menus.; library of 4,000 vols.; Dir. Rottuticr C. Acetiotv. or re1ase?i004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015 10000800114* " 1-FARNIT? ?,?? ? IV %I . American Association tor Cancer Research, On: 'flit tor Cancer IZese.tieli, o I IliiiiiitIme Avento., Vox Chase, Philadelphia, Pa. tot ii; C. 3...?, 111,411,.; M., lir. C. Set..-Tre.t. 11, S. PHILIPS; oil Cauca (monthly). American Federation for Clinical Research; (1900 01," it.. "rhinotate. N. J. 08,180; C. 19 to; 8,;?ois menus.; 1`1,? Sam WU.: 1111111. Cii/lit al Research (sit yeai). Association for Research In Nervous and Mental 01404111,, Inc.: tooth Si., at :stli Ave., New Yolk, N.Y. 1002,1; 1. 1020; t,5ott EDUCATION American Educational Research Association: t 126 t6th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036; 1. 1915; 13.000 menus.; Exec. Officer WiLoam J. Rossmd.; A merican Educational Research journal, Review of diteat WWI I RC Educati,mal Researcher, Review Resear ch in Education , journal of Educational Statistics. Educational Research Corporation: to Craigie St., Cant. bridge, Mass. 02:38; f. 1933; Pres. J. E. ALMAN. HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY AND ARCHAEOLOGY Center for Reformation Research: 6477 San Bonita Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 63105; I. 1957; microfilm library of original MSS. and printed materials of the 15th and 16th centuries; reference library; Exec. Dir. Ronitur KoLn: pubis. Newsletter, Sixteenth-Century Bibliography (occasionally), -..r.cen..1--cmury Journal (2 a year). c; rt Leo Baeck Institute, Inc.: 129 East 73rd St., New York, N.Y. I002I; C. 1954; research and publication about the history of Cerman-speaking Jews; library of 40,000 vols.. archives; Pres. Dr. M. GRLMINEWALD: Sec. F. GRUBEL; pubis., /...B/ Yearbook, Bulletin in German), 1.111 News, Library and Archives News. Mississippi Geological, Economic and Topographical Survey: P.0.13. 4915, ? Jackson, Mississippi 39216; C. 1850; research into the resources of the State; library of 6o,000 vols.; Dir. W. H. MOORE; pub!. Mississippi Geological Survey Bulletin, map series. .National Oceanographic Data Center: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington, D.C. 20235; 1. 1961; accessioning, processing and dissemin- ation of marine data, referrals; 113 menus.; 40,0cm technical reports; Dir. Ronmcr V. OCHINERO; pubis. User's Guide for NODC's Data Processing Systemst manualst,. catalogues, etc. Paleontological Research Institution: 1259 Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca, N.Y. 14850; f. 1932; 350 menus.; library of 15,000 vols.; Dir. Dr. KATHERINE PALMER; pubis. Bulletins of American Paleontology, Palarontographica A mericana, etc. School of American Research: Box 2/88, Santa Fd, New Mexico 87501; f. 1907; conducts research in archaeology; grants to three resident scholars. annually; advanced seminars in anthropology; ant hropological publications; extensive collections in archaeology and art; 1,ofas mons.; library of 6,000 ?4)1s.; Pres. Pomo. L. SCHULTZ; Dir. Dr. DOUGLAS W. SCHWARTZ; Vice-Pres. JASON W. KELLAHIN. 15 16 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc.: v Hospital and Nledical Centei, t; East :loth St., Minix, NA'. 10167: I. 192S; lona menus,; Chair. Louni:s ini.o., Sec.-Treas. Pm". 11FNiiisii, hirestipitiee key aiiil l'imiat Science, Cleveland Psychiatric Institute: 170S Aiken Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44 too; C. t 9 to; library of 7,400 vols.; Surf, RarsioNo J. lim.Esrmf. Eyo Research Institute. of the Retina Foundation: Stant. ford St., Boston, Mass, 0211.1; 1. 195(1; 1r,0 inems.; CHARLES I:. SCHEPENS, M.D.; Vice-Pres..1r. mAcKfoulti FREEMAN, MD.; pubis. Biennial Report, Monographs and Conferences. Fels Research Institute: Livermore St., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387; 1. t020; studies in all areas of 1111111;111 deVeloDIllent and additional research projects in 1)11). chemistry, genetics, psychology, psycho-physiology, neurophysiology; Dir. PRANK FALKNER, The institute for Cancer Research: 771)1 Hurholme Ave., Fox Chase. Philadelphia, Pa. 19111; f. 1926; libraiy of -20,001) vols. including 661 reference books and 49/ scientific and medical journals; Pres. and Dir. Asaqtkit J. Rxt?osoN, M.D.; Sec.-Treas. E. J. Mc:K.av; pub!. A n nnal Scientific Report. . The Institutes of Medical Sciences: 23.10 Clay St., San Fran. cisco, Calif. 91115: I. iii5i); private research organita- lion conducting patient-oriented research in hem! disease, visual sciences, health research and neutology, F. L. A. GrAttlonE, m.1). The Jackson Laboratory: Bar Harbor. Maine 04609; 1, 11929; research in mammalian genetics; 37 stall mpt111.: library of 17,000 books; Dir. Dr. RicilsioND T. PREIIN; pubis. Annual Rep? If, Training for Research (anini? ally), J A. (quarterly). Lovelace Foundation for Medical Education and Research: 5200 Gibson Blvd., S.E., Albuquerque. New Mexico 87'0; 1. 1947 to aid, engage in, conduct and foster medical, surgical and scientific research and investiga- tion; 207 menus.; library of 26,477 books and bound journals, with 481 current periodicals; Chief Exec, Officer 1)0Nm..0 E. Kii.Gottit, Jr.; Dir. of Research Administration RoGER 0. Mcam.I.AN; pubis. Annual Report. research and educational reports. Mayo Foundation: Rochester, AT; ?1111. 55901; C. 1919: clinical medicine, medical research and education; library of 200,000 vols. and 3,000 periodicals; Chair,. S. F. KEATING; Sec. R. C. 120Est_mt; publ. Mayo Clinic Proceedings (monthly). The Menninger Foundation: Box 829, Topeka, Kansas 666oz; f. 1925 as a non-profit centre for treatment and prevention research and professional education in psychiatry; medical library of 35,000 vols.; Pres. ROY - MENNINGER, M.D.; Vice-1'MS. IRVING SHEFFEL; 011111. 71' PR, Menninger Perspective, Bulletin of the illenninger Clinic. ? Approved For Release 20\04105112 : CIA-RDP83-00158R001000060014-6 \, ? IRGHT H . ? Approved For ease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00151101000060014-6 RESEARC INSTITUTES UNITED ATES OF AMERICA Nationaj Institutes of Health: I .5. Department 01 Health. itICation :laid Welfare, Public Ilealth Service, Bethesda. Marylatid 2(10 1.1: principal agency ,of 1.11.E.W. for biomedical research, research training, and biomedical communications; appropriations ..52,000 million; Dir. DoNnt.o S. Remilitcxsox, National Institute of Child Ilealth and !Inman Develop- ment: t. 1963; supports, fosters and co-ordinates research and training in areas of maternal health, child health and lot man development, focusing on the continuing process of growth ;.i.nd development, biological and behavioural; I hr. NouMAN K RETCH- MElt. PII.0. iV(1tional Institute of A rthrilis, Aletabolism antl Digestive Diseases: f. 1101); conducts and supports research into diseases comprising the most crippling afflic- tions, including arthritis, diabetes :Ind other hereditary errors of metabolism, digestive diseases, .endocrine gland disorders, diseases of the blood and -bone; also orthopaedics. ilerinatology and nutrition; I >ir. G. Dox.?ro NN'illoios, M.o. Natio/tat //cart, Iii ti,' a of Wood In st 1de : 1. 1918 as National I kart I list it iite, redesignated olio and 1071.; performs and supports research in diseases of the heart blood vessek, lungs (exclusive of pulmo- nary malignancies) and blood; Dir. lantrata I. 111,11. ? Niaionol Cancer Institute: f. 1,37; supports !woad re- search programmes into the causes, detection and diagnosis, and treatment of cancer; cti-ofierates with State and local health agencies and voluntary bodies; Dir. Guy It Nravr:i.t., Jr., m.o. (acting). National 1?stitute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: f. 1955; conducts ;111d supports research ill micro- biology aimed at solving new problems in ;illergic diseases and unresolved problems in bacterial diseases, and at developing a useful liody of know- ledge in the viral diseases; Dir, liteuxizo It, KeA.usr:, National Institute of Dental Ileseatch: f. lotS; rt?search concerned with problems of dental caries aml perio- dontal disease, with special emphasis on treatment, control and pi ',volition; I )ir. l).sict B. Stole It. Ii,';. Nafienaf Institute of A'enrolosgical and Communirailet- nis,.,,lers and stroke: 1, 1050: conducts, rosters, and co-ordina to esea rch oil t causes, prevent ion, diagnosis and treatnieut ol the neurological. sensory, and communicative ilism WA's; DoNAmi B. Troveiz, e11.11, National institute of Genet at ill cglical Sciences: 1. 1063: siipports a programme of research and training in t he Imalt It sciences; Dir. Nu tit I.. itist'iistt:is. Nat). Notional Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: t, to69: conducts, fosters and co-ordinates research 011 flits biological etlects of chemical, physical, and biological 101111111111C05 present ill or introducer' into the environment; Dir. DAvio I'. 1:At.i? 11101. Notional Eye Institute: 1, toti; conduct S 111111 supports research and traiinng relating to 11 titt 0 ig eye diseases and visual disorders, including research and training in the special health problems and requirements of the blind; condlicts ;old supports investigations into the basic sciences relating to the mechanisms of sight and visual functions; Dir. CARL EITI'Vrli, M.D. National IttNiiitite on .?iging: 1. eontInetS 1111tI SIII11(11IS t/i0111t,tliCal, social ami behavioural re. search intl t101iltIlc related to the ageing process and diseases and other special problems aila neva,: of the 4tRekl; Nonr:ur N. BO 11,01, N1,11. Natioi1,1/ lilt,ary ,ltedicine: (see National Libraries). I:112 Naval Aerospace Medicl Institute: IN..nsaeola. Floritla 325"s: I. ioto: tiaining in aviation and aerospace medicine; library of 20,0o0 vols.; Commanding I/nicer Capt. II. S. 'rims ri.E. Pasadena Foundation for Medical Research: oo North ,E1 Mullin), Pasadena, Calif. ot 1. 19.52; oncology, cell biology, ilinerentiated cell culture, prostatic cancer, educational and documentary films in biology; Dir.Dr. GLoat:E S. Staato.; I.EIANI OVEL; 1011/1. nnual Repo; if Radiation Research Society: .47.20 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, Mil. zoot.f; f. fo5z; 1,51(4) litems.; Pres. It If. Sciitii.r.E; Exec. Dir. It J. limo:, Jr.; pubis. Radiation Reseal ch (monthly), News/flier (biononthly). Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research: 410 East titith St.. New York, N.Y. 10021;f. 1945; research in physical and biological sciences relating to cancer; postdoctoral research training in laboratory investiga- tions with scientific staff; graduate instruction through Cornell thtiversity; research unit of Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center; Dir. Dr. E. A. Goon; pubis. Bt/tort, Progyi?ss port Society for Pediatric Research: f. rozo: Sec.-Treas. Dr. Botimer E. GREENnion... Dept. of Pediatrics. Charles 11. Drew Postgraduate Ntedical School, 12012 Compton Ave., far; Angeles. Calif. 94i4(50; pub! The S.,eiety fop Pediatric Ilesea,ch Thogram and Abstiact, (annually). Southwest Foundation for Research and Education: l'.0.H. 281.17. San Antonio. Tex. 7828.1: f. 104 1: basic researdi in biomedical sciences; Pres. NIAIITIN (OLAND: SCC.- TruaS. E. F. FEET11; 1)01,15. l'iopess in Biomedical Research (quarterly), A nuital Repot F. NATURAL SCIENCES General Battelle Memorial Institute: 5o5 King Ave., Columbus, CAM) .1311)); 1. 1923 as a non-protit, public-purpose organization to engage ill research, assist education, and to develop. license and dispose of technology; conducts iesearcli and development on a contract basis for industry. Government and individuals in the physical, life and social/behavioural sciences; o,000 sf?ft mews.; fihrary of more Mot 15i,00 vol-c; major laboratories in Columbus .inil Seattle (Washingto)i). Franlifurt ani-Nfain and Geneva, offices in London, Park, Nfailrid, Milan, \Voshington (D.C.); Pres. S. I.. E.\ werIrr. Midwest Research Institute: 4.t5 Volker Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 0.1tio; f. roil; specialization in pure and applied science, industrial techniques and economic analyses; PECS. j Oils NfeKio.vev; Sec. MAETIN N. SCIlul.rw..ptibls. A 0(11(g)! Repot I, .11 le 1 Qum icily. New England Institute: 5' ;i?e 5t, Pa iii,.ioS. oo,s;;-, I. inlet-dist-whom) icsearch and education in natural sciences, medicine, physics. r`6011(.1.S, etc.: library of 5.000 rots,: Chair. 01 Board jotix II I lyt tall, Pres. FNMA,. iiNAK0v: Sty. 16 T, TATE. Jr. Rand Corporation, The: r7oo Nlain St., Santa Monica, Calif, iioloo: I, tilfS; br. \V,Nhittgtott. lilt 111.111(1s dttectiug flit' public 111101rst III 11111 dovvityinclit lw,11(11. 11011,(0!..., euero-, military strategy, etc.; funds Inuit the Air Force, govrtmuctit agencies and private foundations; Pres. I/V. Ill N A L11 B. Elea; Chair. J. PAVE AusEIN; pubis. research reports,' quarterly ana annual indexes with absttacts of all bililio);raphies of pu1 'is. in selected subject areas. Southern Research Institute: z000 Ninth .\ ve.. South. .3020.s; t.. 10 (I; I1(111lied 011 ClIC11101 11c1.1 1)011 IC .4,',011IS Alla techniques, calcitio- Ariproved For Release 2004/05/12.: CIA-RDP83-00166R001000060014=6--- ^ ' . ? Approved For ease 2004/05/12 : ClA:1113P8robiteent0060014-6 ? CPY-RG UNtitlr :s 1- &i. 0L ERICA genesis. pollution control, instrumentation, analytical Mk and b.,,iruginvet poly- -Inoric111:11cIA.11....."11b1 1,A1.1 ..1 lubcs, 11,?i? 1,?, lim.,?,%1 111,1 NI ??111,111 01, ; I 1,1 \V f.:11 F \ye, icg? 1). t hitilhi St,C? .\ W ?vv run. Jr.; .1:.1 Soothe, it liesearrh I nstztute Virginia Institute for Scientific Research: 106 Not lb Conti, etsit 01 Va. t173; I. 1919: Ihit, Dr. SANium. - Jr.; l?cc. - 1r.At 101 ?iVlIIct.Eth, III. hi,,.1??;;:ical tieirttros Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc.: to8n North -Broadway, Yonkers, N.V. ro7o1; I. .19:4; .researcli on .plants, .biochemist rya plant physiology, plant parbOlogy, entomology, air and water Pollution. reA iciaes; -library of 33.000 %Ids.; Chair. Wit.t.iam T. Smitti; Man, Dir. Nictiaun II. WEi It Sec. I Av NE C. 'I on,.:Esiix; pub!. f /mud/ Repoilst. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: P.o.B. too, Cold Sptiti;1 I !arbor, New York ii 72.1; I. i Soo, chartcred under present title 1,162; binary Of 25,000 VolS.; !III'. Dr J. D. WaTsoN; Admin. w. f. poky; publA. symposia ou Omodative 1:i01,,,!:y (annually), G.S.H. 3/,o,..c.?,/thx . 1 b.+11,./CfS of l'ati/S, /Who/ t -Moss Landing 'Marine Laboratories: P.O.B. 23, Moss Landing. Calif. o5o30; f. 1906; research, education and ,crvice in the mai ine Dit. 11r. uuuN II, NI NI: FIN. ? Mote Marine Laboratory. Inc.: 95ot Blind Pass ltd., Sarasota, Fla. .1158t; 1. zo55: onlepend011t, non profit organization with educational affiliation to Cornell University; marine research, bioacoustics. biomedical and elasmobranch bUdogy, estuarine ecology. neuro- biology and behaviour of sharks; 21 moms.; library of Goo vols., t.5.0,4i to On inarino biology; l'res. WILLIAM it MOTIII. Dir. PERRY W. GilutEci'; pubis. Cha//offe i I arbor Est:rapine St miles f : Contributions ,from the Mote :11 aline Laboratoryt.Quai icily Newsletter t. New England Aquarium: Central Wharf, Boston, mass. 02 I to: 1. los;: I ..I.000 library of I,50o vols.; Pit'. WILLIAM IINEWSTEK; EXeC. Dir. JOHN If. PRES- COTT; pubis. ..lquasphcie (3 a year), A qualog (6 a year). The New York Botanical Garden: Bronx, New York 10458; f. 1891; -6.400 mems.; 237 acres of gardens, plant collections and wild areas, including a-National Land- mark comervatory; 11111Se11111 building includes exhibit. hall, 3.S million specimen herbarium; library of .95,000 n5.000 other items: Pres. Dr. IlowAtm S. InwiN; pubis. Gaiden keonomie Adana,. 1/ veobwier, Bo/an/au /?ei-zrzo, North American Flora. Memoirs, Brittonia, The Native Orchids of Florida, and News- letter. Salk Institute for Biological Studies: P.O.B. 1809, San Diego. Calif. 92.1i2; f. zo6o; advanced biological re- search in cancer, Henn behavioural neurobiology, developtiwiltal biology and Iangli,,ige studies; library: Pres. Dr. FREDERIC DE HOFFMANN; I.-minding Dir. Dr. JoxAs E. SALK. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine: 630 \Vest iGtith St., New York, N.Y. 4,032; f. -1903; 3,500 mems., 3,500 subscribers; Sec. and Man. Editor .111. R. NocEsTi; publ. Proceedings (II issues a year). World Life Research Institute: 23000 Grand Terrace ltd., colton, tosu; researe-li into marine biotoxicology, terrrestrial phytoehemistry and water pollution; Buorn NV. lim.sTEAo. . 1518 WOIII.1) OF IXA12N1NG Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology: ba4 NI.11'10 " !'t I I. "41: calf v -out i; it ill, miedical seienee.e, VOSC.1101111 te!;111.11?11V hi,11,1`,V. Ill 1).11 I iculAr lull It.,,..001 In 11011t1.11 ;Ohl h1101 OWI II .111,1 ilnVelopwitt clulOcl Inv I eproduICI IV,' Iui,uluugv, and 1111110111ologv stag .01 0?, ilIchldIng 42 141'1111y lit, SCIt'lltiq.,C, ht.`, 1111, 1.EV111,0N it, 11,1%,,, LANit, l's,','. I tit.. auud \'ice-Pres. 1.11.11, Physical SCIIIIIeni Arecibo National Radio Observatory: (see ('.4,rocli Argonne National Laboratory; 97oo South Vass At 2, Mile. III. (ui .1> I. OHO; reSc.urCII in all phases 01 :science and engineering fol.:1611g to IlitClnar iuuul nou. IIIICloar (Melo', wit II broad pi ?,.1ritilitiirs research in physical, .Iiioniedical and sciences; libialyut 1,s0,1)011 vols. :MIA 75?)0100 11.'0111k Ai 11.11011!.. NI, l. (i. PILO.; 1104 lie/'. o t (annually), Arthur J. Dyer Observatory: \'anderbilt University, Nash. till,-, Tenn.; 1. to5 2; speciali2es in research oil local structure of the )1ilky 'Way, photo-electric photometi of eclipsing binaries and variable stars, extettial galaxies and galactic nebulae, and astroimmical lush ui mentation; equipped with combination Go-cm. retied, ill; and Italie'. Schmidt telescope and 3o-cm. Cassegrant rcilecting lelcsco11e; 01`:41va lot Library yok. I \ \l 111.:isyi,:, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.: p?x 20732, Tucson, Ariz. 857-2o; 1. 1957; operates Om I'ilt l'eAk National I tbscrvaiory, Ali/mita, the Sacia- l'eakI )1,s?srvatiii-v, New .Nfcsicii, and the Cello l'ololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile; library ill 10,000 vols.: Pres. (s.- 1-. Jr.; Observatory Dir, Dr. I,. Goroulim;; Sec. C. NI. BrAcic (acting); pull limn the Kitt peak Nati,nral Observatory and the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. Franklin Institute Research Laboratories, The: The Franklin Institute, Benjamin Fiariltlin Parkway at 11 St. 11111.1.1(1111lia, Pa. 101 o3; research, develop. inciit and engineering in the fields of science informit? lion services, systems science, physical :old life sciences and engineering; Pres. Dr. \\'. It. laioi-rT. Goddard Institute for Space Studies: 288o Broadway, New York. N.Y. ino25; astronomy, astrophysics. inctoolo- logy. planetary atmospheres; library of 15,000 vols.; I Ur. I /r. UoisEnr s Fumy, Hale Observatories: see Carnegie Institution of Washing- ton. High Altitude Observatory: P.0.11. 3000, Boulder, Colo.; f. 19.47; a Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research; 59 menus.; Dir. ConooN A. NEWKIRK, Jr.; pubis scientific articles. Institute of Polar Studies: >hi? Stile University, ColumblIm. tido .432 to; oino: geology, glaciology, iltnosjuhu'i IC SCielleeti, 11(41011U...1,, IIISlory; 35 ?items.; library of 7,1)111* vols.; I >ir. D. II. Erriirr; puld. lerpoitt (irregular). Lick Observatory: Mount Hamilton, California; attached to the University of California. Santa Cruz Canipini; f. ISMS; Dir. 1). E. OsTEaltuocK, Lowell Observatory: Box 1269, Flagstaff. Ariz. 8600z: I. 1 sol ; IlIuruir oi I 2,00. vols.; 25 stall; Dir. A. A. Bonn; pub]. Bulletin. Lunar Science Institute: 33o3 NASA Rd. 1, Houston, Texas 77058; f. to68 to promote and support research in lunar and planetary studies; library of 6,5oo vols., 125 9 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 CP G T , ? Approved For Re pretARCII INSTITVTES ? ase 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 UNIT ? 'TATES OF AMERICA periodicals;' bibliography of lunar literature; photo- map library containing all extra-terrestrial lunar photography and lunar eartoetaphy; !hr. T. U. ? McGETCIIIN; Lunar Science Infid?Milfi011 Ic'tcl6Iiii Maria Mitchell Observatory: The. Nantucket Maria Mitchell Asscn., Vestal St., Nantucket, Mass. o2554; f. 1902; research, research training, public lectures and view- ings; library of 3,001) vols.; Dir. Dr. Dolour 1.10Eme1t; 'pad.. Annual Report t. National Center for Atmospheric Research (HOAR): P.0.13. 3000, Boulder, Colo. 8o307; f. r000; sponsored by National Science Foundation: I yerated by the Univer- sity Corporation for Atmospheric. Research; research ? in weather prediction, chinatic trends, solar processes, convective storms, and atmosphere air quality; 65o staff mems.; library of 53,00o? items, boo journals received regularly; Exec. Dir. J. W. Foare; Dir. le P. BR El II ; publs. Atmospheric "reek no/c gy (2 a p.ao. NCA I? Newsletter (monthly), A mom/ Repot t, AVel Technical Notes (in cgairly). National Radio Astronomy Observatory: P.0.13. 2, Green Bank, West Virginia, and Edgemont Rd., Charlottes- ville, Virginia, and SuiteII,)), 21)10 North Forbes Blvd., Tucson, Ariz., and. P.O.B. 0, Socorro, New Mexico; I. 1956; research in radio astronomy, using a variety of radio telescopes which include a 3oo-ft. transit radio telescope, a t4o-It. equatorial radio- telescope, a 4-element interferometer and is 36-ft. millimetre-wave radio telescope; the 27 Vtly Large Array is under construction near Socorro, New Mexico; operated by Associated Universities, Inc., under contract with the National Science Foundation of Washington, 1).C.; 329 employees, of which 53 are scientists and engineers; library of iti,000 vols.; Dir. .1). S. IleEsenex. flare-Earth Information Center (RIC): Fnergy and Mineral Resources Research Institute, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 5oo1 1; 1. 6-.)66; emphasis on metallurgy mut solid state physics; 20,00o vols., including reports, conference ProcceatnIts and i"rtials1 I )ir? Rt to- A. Gscus ElDN ER, Jr.; pit IdS. JIm e-/::(1)1Vi 1 oforwaiion Center Newst (quarterly), orc asioual bihhograpItiest comPitationst anti critical reviews. .Sacramento Peak Observatory: Sunspot, New Mexico 5S34o; f. 1052; condects solar reSe.tleii. 5o employees, inchnling to astrophysicists; library of 4,500 vols.; Dir U. Ii. lioNsi; pubis. research papers. Smith Observatory: Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y. 14.156, Satithsonian Astrophysical Observatory: 6o Garden St., Cambridge, Mass. o.; I 38: admiaistered by the Smith- sonian Instil ut ion (see under 1.carned Soeiet les); mem. of the Code' for Astrophysics; research in radio astronomy, theoretieal astrophysics, planetaty and lunar - seience, atomic and molecular physics, geoastronotny, high-energy. astrophysics, optical and Infra .net astronomy, solar and stellar physics; I )ir, G. II. Foft.o, en.o. Sproul Observatory: Swarthmore, rooSi: 1. 1911: attached to Sw.athmore Collece: 61-ein, Long Focus Rt,f,??tor: tosr.?101: y ccl (,.000 yok; SAKAII LEE I.D.VINCOTr: pubis. ...Spout Obsercatoty Rept in/s (irtvpthit.), United States Naval Observatory: 34th and Massachusetts Ave,. wa.ronoon, lir", 203.m; f. iS3o; positiocial astronomy. in:tome:try. prectse time me.tsurcuteut: 111,1?,,Iy ccl (,,,?000 \ SUpCilitttrnaCt1( ci1111, 1O511`11 C. SNII St'ICO itiO Itir.111-. A. American f-.7.1ionio is and Natitica/ Aletimae, Nautical :Bina eac, i; .1 f eat., ononticat Phenomena, C s, Astioneewal Patel s, 11ute Service Warner and Svvasey Oi bserv ry: 1975 Taylor Rd.. East llt Cleveland, t Miu .012; 1. too; astronomical research and education (observational facility of the department of astronomy at Case Western Resiirve University); library of 15,1)00 vols.; Dir. Pierrii Phscie Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: ?Voods Hole, Mass. 02543; 1. 1930; research in physical, chemical and biological oceanography, marine geology and marine geophysics, acoustics and. ocean engineering; conducts joint m.o. programme with Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, postdoctoral fellowship programme and summer student fellowship programme; joint library with Marine Biological Laboratory of 150,001) vols. and 4.5oo periodical titles; l'res. Paul. M. EyE; Dir. infix II. STEEL L; littlils. Colleded Reprinti (annually). Oceanus (ipiarterlyl, 11',,,,r/8 /Life 'Notes (hi-monthly). Yale Observatory: Vale University-, Box 2023. Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. 06520. . Yerkes Observatory: Williams Bay, Wis.. 5319 t ; Depart- meat of Astronomy and 'Astrophysics of the Univ. of Chicago; f. 1597; Dir. Dr. I.. M. I boos. PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.: 5 West 73rd St., New York, N.Y. 10023; f. 1885; 2,600 niems.; library of 6,5tio vols.; Chester Carlson Research Fellow Dr. KARLIS. Osis; Exec_ Sec. LAURA F. KNIPE; pubis. Journal. Newsletter (quarterly). Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute: Henry Ave. and Aiihoishird liii.. Philadelphia, Pa. 19-129: f. 1956; library of 27,5))o vols. relating to the behavioural sciences; Die 1.11a10,ES Sliat:ASS, cI Ic. (actingi. Institute for Philosophical Research: 201 East Erie St., Chicago., Ill. 60611; f. 1952; for the study of philosophy from ancient Greek times to the present day; library of 10,3100 vols.; Pres. and Dir. MrieTtmee J. ADLER; Sec.- Ti THERESA PANEK.; pit Id. Concepts in Western Thought. R SOCIOLOGY AND Aserititoeotoor American Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences: 135 North Bellimeld Ave.; Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213; f. 19.10: I or, Dr. Metvix II. Reoov; Pres. and Chief EXCC. Officer Dr. S. RAINs ?Vm.i..Nee.; Sec. Dr. EneorazieE15. DAvIs: pubis. Behavioral Sciences Newslever (fort- nightly), itch: 1':' Talent Awards (annual monograph). Office iii Palo Alto. 17111 Arastradero Rd.; Dir. and Chair. Dr. Jour.; C. FLAN.4GAN. Office in Bangkok, Thailand: P.0.11. 11-15; Dir. Di.. PAtii. A. SCIIWARL. Oflices in Maryland: 11i605 Concord St., Rensington, 'Mile, Dir. Dr, PifEsTos: S. Antiorr; and S5s5 16th St., Silver Spring, Md.; Dir. Die Fowl:. A. FLEISH- MAN. American Schools of Oriental Research: 116 Inman St., idge. Mass etzt.nr. I. woo; approx. 2,001) merits.; Pres. Poo ,), It INt:: sil1c1c..t I ailiV11 arChaeologiCal illst 1ii ions abro,,,b Tti,. Albright insti- bat, of Arcii,ologicat and the Aim.riean Centie of Oriental Research in Amman. Jordan; pub's. nitdied .4 rellarologist (quarterly). Bulletin Aquartiely), jam nal of Cuneiform Studies (quarterly). Thr Annual. Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences: 102 S""htitci.,Stal,(Ord. (.1430; I. 1o54., pit% Or. r;Aeom..e. Itlitltlle American Research Institute: 'Isulane University. New lealei, I 7011S; I. %OZ.!: IVtie.11.01. :11111 ttl Mk.'s {01 itictt Cent I al A111Q1le,t tillypovt-ti 1ctticl tea D011. ttralaeOtOgICal Approved For Release 2094/05112 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ?-? ? wade ekee,11.00,:s0 ? Approved For/pease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-001501000060014-6 sT.v1'1z.3 OP AMITIMA excavation and reSeareh in humanities and social sciences; small musetim gallery; anthropological col. lections; oil,. wvux, Aumvws V. Middle East Institute: i -,?Ot N St., N. \V., Washington, D.C. z0o3o; 1. to 10; to develop and maintain facilities for research, publication and dissemination of intormat WI th a view to develiping in the United States it noire thoDnigh understanding of the countries of the Middle East; holds an annual conference on Middle East ;Ulan's; 1.000 mems.; Pres. I Ion, L. DEAN ItRowN; publ. Middle rast journal (quarterly). Social Science Research Council: 605 Third Ave., New York. N.Y. boom; f. 1023; Pres, FLEANoR StinamN; . pub!. SOeiiii Sefriler liese?Hek(*ouncil Ikons (quarterly). Wenner-Gron Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc. (formerly The Viking Fund, Inc.): 14 East 71st St., New York, N.Y. ioo I; inc. 1941; promot es and supports research in anthropology and related sciences; Dir. of Research 1.ITA OSMUNDSUN. TycnNoLoGY Brookhaven National Laboratory: Upton, Long Island. N.Y? I Io73: f. '047; basic and applied i.esearch by stall and visiting scientists in the fields of particle accelerators, physics, medicine, biology. chemistry, applied sciences, mathematics, energy and the environ- ment, including the design, development, acquisition. and operation of large. scale facilities too costly or? complex for an individual university; training of scientists :ind engineers; dissemination of scientific and tt?clittical knowledge; library of too,000 vols.; Dir. Dr, GEour;F. 11. VINEYARD. Building Research Advisory Board: to Constitution Ave.. NAV., Wa,liington, 1).C. 2n4 f. tom :LS a Wilt of the Nat. Academy of Sciences--Nat. Nese:Irk-It Council, undertakes activities concerned with the development and application of technology to serve society's needs for housing, building :old related community anti en- vironmental design and development. Combustion Institute: oso Union Tiust Building, Pitts- burgh, Pa. 15219: f. 195.1; 2,5oo [items.; Pres. H. S. I.EviNF: Exec. Set-. \lam& C. SAI.AmoNy; publs. Com- bustion and Flamc (In-monthly), Proreettings of Sym- posium (In(ernational) on Combustion (biennially). Herty Foundation: P.O.B. 1963, Savannah, Ga. 31402; 1. 1938; research and development of all fibrous materials, particularly forest ? and agricultural products and synthetic fibres; Dir. W. 1.. 13ELV1N, Industrial Research Institute, Inc.: too Park Ave., New York. N.Y. tool;: I. 193S: 2.10 mcm. companies; Exec. Di! . 1.altsoN; ReSearat Mantigentrni (bi-inonthly). Institute of Textile Technology: P.O.B. 391, Charlottes- viiie, Va. 2 24)0 2 ; f. .19.1.1; researci t. graduate education and information programmes for the textile industry; library of 5o,000 vols.; l'res. C. G. TEwKsiiirRy; Dean R. A. BARNHARDT; publ. Te.xtile Technology Digestf . (monthly). National Aeronautics and Space Administration--NASA: 27 official addresses, of which the Main research centres are: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center: 1 1 ..ousson, Texas 77o58; f. toot; the Johnson Space Center is. responsible for the design, development and testing of manned spacecraft and associated systems: for the selection and training of astronauts and for the operation of manned space flights; Johnson Space Center Technical Library of 40,000 VON., 550,000 technical reports, 1,00 periodicals; Dir. C. C. KRAFT, Jr.; 1)in of Engineering and Development M. A. PAGRT; Dir. of Data Systems and Analysis H. W. TINDALL; I.VOR1.11 ?LIZARNflu I )ir of Sp.we and Stionves RIt'llAOIN S. SION; 11tt- ol Flight Operations Grimed; \\? Auttliv: Dir. of Administration 11,lil Program Sup poit I'. II. Wm um?cii: liii of Center tThetatt.," Assinancv linNtant Opelatoitt. 1,11.ANit: 114, ttt Sajety% and Qualti, ()Ince lioNatal 1), AttaittAN; attached laboratoik, Earth Resent ers tabotatory: The Mississippi Test Facility, Bay St. Louis, Miss.; 1. 107o; responsible for conducting investigations in the Mississtpo Lousiana-Gulf area in the application of rellnitely SellSed data. While Sands Test Facility: LAS CrileeS, New Nlexicel; eoltdocrs developmental and operatioum tests 0 spacecraft engilleS and :tssociated proptilsion systems, conducts tests in such areas as materials technologY, contamination control, precision clean- ing, conducts environmental evaluations of special components and systeins, cr sir! it NASA teAt proje,-ts oo white Sands Missile Rauge, Goddard Space Flight Cantor: Croenbclt, Md. O7 b; Io5o; spaco 3,S00 moms.; library ot 45,000 rotS.. 35,000 per Dir. Dr. JouN CLARK, Amos Research Center: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Monett Field, Calif. 94o3); Dir. Dr. 11ANS M.1%1ARK. John F. Kennedy Space Center: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Fla. 32Soo; f. tool; previously lannich Operations Center; space veliirlo launch Mcility: library of 3o,00o vols., 115,ona documents and reports, 600 periodicals; tZio.000 specificatious .tnit standards; Lra,.I, Settrintai, Langley Research Center: National Aeronautics- and Space :\thninistualion. Hampton, Va, 2305; I). P. lir:at:Tit. Lewis Research Center: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, ti000 Brook park Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135; Dir. 13. T. LuNDIN, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Alabama ;Si 2: 1. Dir.; Dir. Dr. \V. R. LucAs. National Bureau of Standards, The: Washington, D.C. 20234; f. t9ot by Act of Congress to provide assistance - to industry, Government and educational institutes; 170trr;/ o ir:s:iii? NliAl:/:?1;r7(ciif hue LN, (:rtcti g);" /iIIT)rtio))ra itsli l 1ePir8iti r1":1ti: of Standards. Organized into five sub-divisions: Institute for Basic Standards: to provide the central basis for a complete system of physical measure- ment; co-ordinates that system with measurement systems of other nations; furnishes essential services leading to accurate and uniform physical measure- ments in science, industry and commerce.- Institute for Materials Research: conducts materials research; produces standard reference materials; ? advisory and research services to other Government agencies: ? Institute for Applied Technology: technical services to - facilitate technological innovation in industry and Government; advisory and research services. Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology: pro? motes development of standards for Al)!' equip- ment, techniques and computer languages; provides technical assistance and consultation for the use of computers in the Federal Government. Office for Information Programs: provides information services and disseminates the scientific and tech, nical data generated by the Bureau; co-ordinates the National Standard Reference- Data System produces and distributes NBS Dublications. :,,,,444,44.514,444-S44.44444444,s. 1520 ? Approved Foreease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015 1000060014-6 ARCH INSTITUTES. LIBRARIES UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Stanford Research Institute: 333 Ravenswood AVC111/C, Menlo Park, California 9.1025; f. 19.16; centre for diversified research into industry and pure and applied science; over 3,000 staff nwms. and over to,000 cons- - pleted projects; dirs. in Washington, D.C.. Huntsville, Ala.. New York, Chicago, Houston, 1.os Angeles; overseas offices in London, Storkluilin, Zurich, Tokyo; reps. in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Teheran, Silo It:11110: Pres. CHARLES A. Astir:I:sox; Exec. Vice-Pres. WELooN II. GrnsoN; publ. Investincids ill tomorrowt (quarterly). System Development Corporation: 2500 Colorado Ave:, Santa Monica, Calif. 90.106; f. 1957; design and develop- ment of information systems; library of roo.000 vols.; Pres. Dr. GEoRGE E. AluELLER. Textile Research institute: Princeton, N. J. o85,10; f. 1930; basic?research and graduate education in the physical and engineering sciences relating to fibrous materials; 8o rorporate moms , too individual mems.; library of 5.000 vols.; Pres. L. IEiiENlELi ,; pubis. Notes on Research, Textile Research journal. LIBRARIES There are many thousands of libraries in the United States, ranging from the small town library of a few hundred volumes to the library in the large city where the number may be reckoned in millions. As limitation of space makes it impossible to list all these, toe give a selection classified as follows: National Libraries. Special Libraries. Government Libraries. State Libraries (over 400,000 vols.) Public Libraries (over 500,000 vols.). University Libraries. NATIONAL LIBRARIES Library of Congress, The: \Vasliington, 1).C. 205.10; 1. 1500; contains over 73 million items, including 18,2.40.295 boolts and pamphlets; the operations, activities and personnel of the library are divided into seven depart- ments?Administrative, .1:eader Services, I?.esearch, Congressional lesearch Service, I'rocessing, I .aw Library and Copyright I Mice. I.ibrarian: Dr. DANtEi. J. lloonsTIN. Collections include: Books for the blind and physically handicapped: 13,000 1i0tik.: ill braille, on recorded discs, nil .1 tapes, available in more than 15o ro.operating regional and stili ,regional libraries in the United States and its territoi Ws. Cartography: 3.583,762 maps. atlases, globes, etc. I.aw: over 1.7 million items, including material on American, British, II ispanie, European, Far Eastern, Near Eastern and African Law. 111anusetitts: .11..s7 7 .4 It. manuscripts relat ing to Amerii?an history and civilization, including the papers of American i'reSidellts front George WashiMIton to Calvin Coolidge, other statesmen mut diplomats. and men and women of letters ilfirrofetm: .8itS.21? 3 iiiirrohirms. Music: .0.390,73 items of music and music literatiire; te,-0....oh sound recordings on discs, tapes. and ?vii es. Oliriitatia: more than ;Ili vols. . (1-3.03,1 ill Chinese and Koleatl, otf..SSS Iii I iettleW, jap.OleSe. roHl Near 111)111 Southein !Ha PhititiglarihS: 17, 111141011 iiichirvs and N..191 ,11S0 1,11010143.11,11S, :1111011g 111C111 eauiv tlaguer- reotrpes, lklat hew thady photographs, and the WOli iii 1:01111.1111,0r,lly 1,11010r,I.11,1101.S. Rd/C OVelt 3511,000 1110 1,11TXS1 C0111%1411114 illlt1111311111:1 III Oil' Ilt`1111S1,1111.0. refildiCatS: includes newspapers, Covet11111dlit tunis tutu Whet serial 11111114.,11i0iisi, Tho Library's priority tvinaitis 5t,15-ico to the Colo.:rosy of the tinit.,%1Statt.s. lint it *low (11-i lotus. iii itsroto 11.4 the HM1010 hilrArY. SerAteeS to other libraries which include; development of sciimt die schemes of v of CoM:y1-55 zottl Dower Flecimall, subject headings, and cataloguing em- bracing the 5(111.11' field ot pt fill-it mat ter: a cent ral? ired Mitt IgOgratitMoIII Pia Itteitt 10115 are aettlitret Wet ittWitte mist catalopting kl,t1.1, distributed to other libiaries liy Means of minted caids, machine-reailable tapes, and printed l,c,ok catalogues; editing for publication it A'ati,mt/ (null Cat,' 1,,:;ne, I e-19.;t; I niPrillls? ?vill have I I 111115 Ii 'lItics for significant II oldings of majiir American libraries: publication sit tin- Nciiionet/ / ta Ire , a record' of acquisitions by American libraries since 195ii; an v loan system: the l'XCiiSlliZl 1 t1111)1i- C;111?S With tit !UT .111i1 the provisit)tt of advice on technical itia I ter,: relating to tin' preserva- tion :it'd restoration II library collections. Services to the pulilW inclmle: registration of creative svorl: for copyright; use of 2 gem-cal ;ind 13 special reading rooms; reference and bibliographic services; research and referral services in science and tech- nology; photoduplication for a fee of items in the collections nit subject to copyright or other restrictions; chamber music concerts and literary programmes; lectures anil symposia. such as the series in observance of the Bicentennial of American Independence; publication of guides, catalogues, proceedings. facsimiles (d rare items in t he collect ions, etc.; sale of recordings of poetry and foil: music; exhibits in Library buildings; guided tours. Pulds. I,l!lliI I 1 C,?Ipesr; Pnblications in l's ill! (annual), Calendar of Events (nwntlily), Injounation .lor Readels, .Spec ii! Facilities for Reseal .li (availahlo upon request). National .Agricultural Library: IS. 1)ept. of Agriculture. Beltsville, Id. 2,1705; 1,500,000 vols.; agricultore and tIto related sciences; especially collection of botany. zoology, chemistry. veterinary medicine, forestry, plant pathology. geneial agrieult We; UICIL?RO A. National Archives and Records Service: National :Archives 111dg., Pennsylvania .\ \Va,Iiiiigton, 1).C. 2010S; the National Atchives, createil as :in independent :tgettey III 11131. \vas transferred in I') I'' to the newly established General Services .\ dininist ration. in which it became the National Audit lIecords Service; it 11o5c consists of the Mice of the Nal joil,k1 Archjytis? Olt' Office of the E. \ec. Dir., the (Mire of leeortts Nfattagemetit the I Mice of Ethwational Programs. the of ?1:,,,Icral lecord.: Centers, the Odic,. of the Federal legister, suit the I title,. of Presidential labral its, all headed the Arkin\ 1st i?t Statt'S, N. I\ .1 Vt.kll.t.11 .11.0115(' SVSIC111 itt tliSlitilti(.11S. It riselqt1S CetitCtS Illq.111t, It SVIVCtS, :11111141%1StVIS 1\11.0111,, trnallring Mid .111,1 Method% t?if 111.111.1g1'111C111 011;11111'111 ICCOltli: ill 1111' FetIVE.11 GOVelll* 1ttn Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 pprove-dro ease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015 1000060014-6 1177SARCH INSTITUTES t., RESEARCH INSTITUTES . stt also under Universities) GENERAL ? Alberta Research Council: 11315 87tli Ave., Edmonton, Alberta Tot; 2C2; f. 1921; scientific and technological research with the aim of assisting and (h?veloping industry in the province of Alberta; library of 7,000 volS.. 12,000 reports...100 periodicals, geological maps; Dir. -01 Research Dr. E. J. \\ric.oiNs. -British Columbia Research Council: 3650 \V4.S11TOOk Nlall, Vancouver. 11.C. V?)-; 21.2; 1. i94.1; indepen- dent, non-prolit orgairization;---technical service and , -research in all branches IA imbistry, ecology, economics. biology. 'etc.; library of 9,518 v,ols.. 400 periodicals -and 15.000 separates; Dir. P. C. Tuussni.1.; pnlilS. - Annual Ileportt, Guidelines to industrial Progresst, ProductivityCasclinrst. ? Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corporation: too Fenwick St., .P.(.11. 790, 1)6411nimit 11.. Nova Scotia It2Y 3/7; f? 1917: (15 mcms.; library of 11,000 vols.; assists '. economic development of Nova Scotia by promoting i; effective Ilse Of SCielICe and technology by government and industry; undertakes research and development to that end; Pres. Dr. J. F. Iti.ANcitaito; Sec.-Treas. "I'. it. i NicKERSON; wall. Annual Jetport. r? OtlintiO Research Foundation: Sheridan Park, !Mississauga, f, ...111.1.: 1. 192S; Chair. II.- Si. GRIFFITH; Pres. - -11*. R. S1AIW.1..h1AN: S...*C. J. N. NIArrii-EWS; -library. of 21.00" v"Is.; - Pubis- :144041,41 ReP"ril ? Newsleitcrt (monthly). Seakatchowan Research Council: 3o Campus Drive. Saskatoon. Sask. 57N ((XI: 1, 1917 to advance the development (if the l'rovince through research in I hemi)try, engineering, geology, physics. indust vial services ;old management consulting; C. 15(1 staff; library (Saskatchewan Intormation Retrieval ('entre) 01 4i.0041 VOIS. 411111 .100 periiii.liCalS:d.:SCC. 1)6% Dr. TOM l'El?I'EV. LI Acutc113.-rtiaLE Canadian Forestry Set-vice: Ottawa, Out, NIA 0113; f. 11'.19. three 10.1111 areas of activity: forest resource teseareli and services (development and improvement el techniques for managing, protecting .0141 harvesting 1.n('sts); forest products research and services (developing improved wood products and processing ti'dttl).1001:. support ot university research; budget of dl'IWON. S.15 idoo personnel; OE-ten. Dr, 1`.-)? not' taltIVIt; p111615. Canadian Porestry.Service-ili- Mon:HY Research :Voles, Research News Ihi-monthly), .toports, departmental pubis., etc. Research establislitienits: Pectilc Forest Research Centre: :-,01-) \Vest Burnside Rd., . . Nietoria, Dir. M. It. Inosaoy - Northern Forest Research Centre: 5320 ? 12211(1 St.. l'Altnonton 70, Alberta; Dir, Dr. G. 1. sti,vmt. . Meat Lakes Forest Research Centre: Pox .190, 118Q Owen St-, E. 541(111 Ste. Alarie, Old.; Dir. J. II. c?ay" laurentlan Forest Research Centro: Pox 3800, 1080 liontedu Vallon, Ste. Foy. Dir, 14. J. S, kleittlines Forest Research Centre: 11,1x 1000, C011egt. lilt. FledeliCItill. N.D.; Dir. Dr. K? 51? ltE1-v11A- 4owtoundland Forest Research Centre: Isox 5.13o, Bldg, 3.14, Pleasant vide, St. John's, Newfound- laud; 1111'. pr. K. 1. cAtthoiLL. tyres( Fire Research Institute: Nicol hlItIg., 331 Cooper ottaw,t; Dir. I), L. \Vit.t.tales. Eastern Forest Products laboratory: Montreal Ottawa; Dir. (vacant). Forest Management Institute: Majestic Bldg., 396 Cooper St.,Ottawa ; 1 hr. Dr.L.SAvN-Wirrou:ssrF.IN. Forest Pest Management Institute: 1219 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie, ont.; Itir. Dr. G. VC:. GREEN. Western Forest Products Laboratory: 6620 N.W. Atarilte Drive. Vancouver 8, 11.C.: Dir? Dr? K. W. KENNEDV. Petawawa Forest Experiment Station: -Chalk Myer, out.; Dir. R. F. AcKF.astAN. -11ISTOIZY, 'GEOGRAPHY A-NII-ARCHAF.OLOGY Interuniversity Centre for European Studies: 1193-Phillips ? Square, Pavilion philippe 8250. C. P. 8888. NIontreal II3C 31'S: f. 1972 to promote contact between those working on European subjects in an historical frame- work, to augment the scholarly and teaching resources available to them, and to encourage individual and group research; 5o0 mems.; documentation centre of C. 20 periodicals and 20 bulletins. etc.; Dir. Prof. CliAlti.Es L. BERTRAND; pad. News/et/ed. (2.a month during academic year). 1111,..otctsn Canadian Dental Research Foundation: 1815 Alta Vista ? Drive, Ottawa, tint. NIG 3Yo; I. 19:0; Sec. Dr. W. G. Melsrosit. Medical Research Council: Ottawa. NiA oW9: 1. 1960; function is to promote, assist and undertake basic. applied and clinical research ill Canada bi the health sciences; Pres. (vacant): Sec. Miss D. J. WRicavr; pubis. MPG Newsiettert (quarterly). itYpto of the Presidenp (annually), .11PC: Grants anti Awards Guidet (annually). National Cancer Institute of Canada: 77' Illoor St. West, Suite aot, Toronto, Ont. .5f5S :V7; Pres. Dr. I.. G. Isi(AFt s; Exec. Dir. 1)1, K.? NIci114T11._ Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation: 7 Overlea Blvd.. Toronto N1.111 t A8; 1. 19.13; treatment, diagnosis and research in cancer: Chair. J. K. KIREvArioc.N. os.c.; Medical Dir. K. J. R. Wic.itntA.N. See.-Treas. , II. 111:01ii.arros. c.A.,;..1111145. Cancer in Onla)int, Proceedings Of the Cli nical Conf el incest. ? ,NATOliAl. SCIENCES Arctic Institute of North - America: cniversitv Library Tower, 20=0 2.1111 Ave., N.\\'., Calgary, Albert:v*1'2N tN.I; 1. 1915; multi-disciplinary research on physical. sCieilCeS; 300 fellowS, 1,5,00 'items.; :library of 3(1,000 VOIR.; Exec Dir. Dr. Jolts S. TENER; pubis. Special publications, Technical publicatious, Arelict (quarterly). International Development Research Centre: P.0.11. 850o, It Ont., K It: 3119 I. 1970 by Act (11 the Canadian Parliament; to support :old conduct research in the developing regions of the world in the fields of agri- cult ore, food and Milli( i011 sciences; information scivneLt.s; poimlat ion and health seirlICVS: SOCial r1 tit;i1,1te:?:';'t:ISmetti It ... (A111t11,1:snet.es1 itcytetZ:t ; ii?111(dsiis.1);(11;11\41\.'1.1 ii> tiV Reports (quarterly). I '41 Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ii : VT. . Approved Foriplease 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015 I, it it t 11: ? Ir! a 1 , CP-ARG 1000060014-6 CA NA D A National Research Council of Canada: Ottawa K A 010; I. 101 I. laboratory divisions ot bioscielices, ii research, chemistry, Ilitrzberg Inst. of Astrophysics, mechanical engineer Me, National .\itionautical Estab- lishment, physics, electrical engineering; Pt an ie 1:egional Laboratory, Sash:Warn and Atlantic Laboratory, Halifax; Pres. \V. G. Stalsmorar, 1`11.0., DSC.. 1.1.11., .S.C., E. II.S. ; 11111115.(s:,i10$fl 1011/1/a1/.1 of Bioihrmistiy, of Botany, of Chemistty, of Coil Engineeiin,g, of Earth Sciences, of Geoteelmologv, of llicroltiology, of l'hysies, of l'hysiology and l'harma- (ology. of jorlog.v, Forest Research. Annual Report. NRC Science 1)inutnsion (bi-morithly), brochures, Biological Sciences , Huntsman Marino Laboratory: Brandy Coyo, St. Andrews, N.11.; 1 too() with the co-operation of riniversities, two Int. FoundatitIns, Fishitries Research Board of Canada anal the Province of New Brimswick Dept. of Fisheries; research and teaching in marine sciences; Pres. Dr. J M. As ; Exec. 1 hr. Dr. \V. It. SCOTT. l'hysical Sciences Algonquin Radio Observatory: Lake Traverse, Out.; operated by the National Research Council; includes t5o ft.-diameter radiotelescope completed in 1960. Astronomical Observatory: Quebec; f. 1115.1. reorganized 1941: operated by the c2neltec Centre of the 'Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, with the co-operation of the Provincial Govt.; Dir. VvoN Duvoria, Atmospheric Environment Service: .loo 5 Duffel-in St, Downsview, Oat. M311 51'1; f. 83o; a service of tho Federal Dept. Of Fisheries Environment ; Canadian Aletet,rological Centre at Montreal; offices at Vancouver, Whitehorse, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, I lalifax and Gander; 6o civil Weather Offices and all lce Forecast Central; Asst. Deputy Minister Dr, W. 1.. GoosoN; Dir.-Gen. Central Services M. K. Tnomas; Dir.-Gem Field Services L. T. CAMP- BELL; Atmospheric Research Dr. J. CLOD- M : pu1 its. Monthly Record of ,11,1e,,r,d,,,,,ical obscrea, lions in Canada, Canadian Weather Review, 3 touthly Radiation Summary, Snow-Covei Data Canada (annu- ally). suppienwatary Precipitation Data a year), 11/cteoro/ogica/ .tiummorics (monthly and amorally). -itIcteorobwica/ Touter Butictin, 0:,' to' Data for the World, Annual Record of Operations. Canadian 220 MHz NMR Centre: Department of Medical Genetics, University of Toronto Medical Sciences Building, Toronto, Ont. MS Ari; f. Iwo; a national centre for high lield NMR spectroscopy; administered by the representatives of industry, universities and the Government; Dir. Dr. A. A. GREY. David Dunlap Observatory of the University of Toronto: Richmond Hill, out.; 1. 1935; 50 mews.; library of 25,01)0 vols.; Dir. D. A. MAcRAE. Dominion Astrophysical Observatory: 1:147, Victoria, B.C. VriX 3\3; f. 191 8; 40 mems.; 8,300 vols.; Dir. SIDNEY VAN DEN 11111:11, Alt,, M.SC., DR. RER.N AT.(AST RON.), Sec. D. CnowE; publs. Pub/it/diens of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatoryt, Contributions of the Dominion A strophysical Ohservatoryt. Earth Physics Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources: u Observatory Crescent, Ottawa, (bd. Kr A 01'3; f. r oo5 as Irominion Observatory, re- organized lo7o; global awl Canadian solid earth geo- physics; 172 staff meals.; library of 52,000 vols.; Dir.- Gen. Dr. K. WIIITH AM ; pubIs. /511b/iCallo//S of the Earth Physics Branch, Contributions from the Earth Physics, Branch, Seismological, Geothermal, Gravity Map, Geo' dynamics, Geomagnetic. series. - WORLD Or LItABNINo, Geological Survey of Canada: hot Booth St., Ottawa, otlt; Kt A olt:8; I. 18i2i geologic ?d lescarch anti ittve,liga? hurts throughout Canada; branch Institute of Seth- meritary and Petroleum Geology ill catgAry. 2014.1.1,. Centre tor Research on Geology of the Westeiii Cot. ddleta ill Vancouver and Atlautie Geoscience ('cut to for Net:emelt in Matilie (*otology and Geophysics in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; library of 1.50,000 varbr, and maps; Dir. Dr. II. J. Mcl..?uv.N; pulils, memoirs, lud. let ins, economic geology reports :tail papers, open 232 RELIGION, SOC101.0tlY AND AN T111101`01.01.1Y Humanities Research Coun61 of Canada: t 5r Sitter St., tit tawa, t htt. Ku' 5113; I. 10 LI to promote research ht the humanities and to tellicM.11I the humanities com. IItIiIIiI V III Canada; Chair. J AN PANNE etv -CoLt with; Acaavouc Iii r. Itmlo w, Sr I: Elm AN pubbi. .4 no tia/ Report. Institute for Christian Studies: 22,) Collego St., Toronto. (lilt ? Nt:i.r I R.1; I. 1,)07; somsotea by the Assco. for the Aavancomout or Christian Scholarship: interdisciplin- ary teaching and research; Exec. Iii r. Rouv.ur E. ? VAN OF RVEN NEN. International Center for Research on Bilingualism?Centre International do recherche sur le _bilinguismo: Cittl Universitaire, Saintc-It)', Quebec GI 7P4; f, toh7, basic research on bilingualism, hicultmalism, mid related phenomena; Exec. Dir. J. C. SAvAttu. Social Science Federation of Canada: t5t Slater St., Ottawa, Out. tP 5113; Pres. J. DmocKA; J. J, 1.00 nsE ; A roma/ Repott, Social Sciences in Canada (quarterly). ThCarsiot.otrv Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.: .175 Slater St., Ottawa Et A DS.1. Ont.: I. 1052;;decelopment of comornic nuclear over systems, research in nuclear science, exploitation of radiation sources and radio isotopes, nuclear power station marketing; Pres. J. S. FOSTER. Establishments; Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories: Chalk River, Out.; 1. 10.1.1; nuclear reactors (N RU, N RX, Pool Test Reactor rr IR and ZED-i), tandem Van it Grantl accelerator, equipment for nuclear research and engineering development; Vice-Pres. A. J. Moons- PIAN. Commercial Products Division: South March, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa, Oat.; f. 19.16; Radio isotopes and radiation resources; Vice-Pres. J. M. Br.orious. Power Projects Division: Sheridan Park, Out.; f. Design, development, construction of nuclear power stations; consulting services; Vice-Pres. G. A. PoN. Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment: Pinawa, Man.; f. ro6o; one nuclear reactor, equipment for nuclear research and engineering development; Vice-Pres. R. G. ILtat. Canada Centre for Inland Waters: P.O.B. 5050, Burliagton, Ontario, I,7R 4A6; f. 107; one of the principal research laboratories and survey centres of the Dept. of the Environment; undertakes physical, chemical, Itiological :old social research for the 'purpose of MI- proved fresh water management; also serves as a base for the conduct of surveys into water quality and quantity, and for hydrographic charting; library of 30,1)0o vols.; Dir. A. R. FEuvan; pubis. annual report and various papers. Institute for Aerospace Studies: 4925 Dufferin St., Downs. view, Ont. 51311 5M; f. lo.p); an interdisciplinary institute of the University of Toronto; research in applied and basic fields; serves industrial research and. Approved For Release 2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-00156R001000060014-6 ,..hk.,!??*4?10/ Approved ForaNease.2004/05/12 : CIA-RDP83-0015.1000060014-6 LIIiRARIES AND -ARCHIVES CANADA developmZnt needs in government and industry; facilities include one of the best-equipped laboratories in Canada; 13 academic staff; library of 68,000 vols.; Dir. Prof. J. It. DE LEEuw, pubis. Progress Reportt (annually), etc. Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada: 570 St. John's Blvd., Pointe Claire, Que. 119k 319; f. 1925; pulp and paper research, contract research and tech- nical services; postgraduate training programme in co- operation with McGill University; staff of over 250; library of 14,000 vols.; Pres. Dr. P. R. GENDRON; SLC. LIBRARIES ALBERTA. Calgary Public Library: 562,180 vols.; 13 branches; special section on petroleum; Librarian E. LES EOWLIE. City of Edmonton Archives: 10105 1 12U1 Ave., Edmonton T5G oil ; f. 197 t ; reference library of 2,500 vols., also MSS.. photographs and maps of the city; Man. 11ELEN LAROSE. Edmonton Public Library: 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton; f. 1913; 700,000 vols., I Sam() andio-vistial items; Librarian ViNcrNT IticitARDs. Clenbow-Alberta Institute Library and Archives: 9th Ave. and ist St sr r 2a.gary T2t; ol'3; 35,00o vols., I 25,o00 photographs and a large collection of manuscript materials, chiefly on Western and Northern Canada; Librarian L. J. G)rrsEuu; Archivist :Miss S. S. JAMESON. Legislature Library: 2.in la?gislature Bldg., Edmonton, Alberta '15K 2136; 1. 1906; parlia meat ar.,? library of 100,000 vols. and documents; Librarian D. B. MCDoli- C.ALL: pubis. Annual Report, Directory of Albenta Government Libraries (irregular). Provincial Archives of Alberta: 1021111 Ave., Edmon- ton; f. 1963; collections of non-current govt. records, private papers, municipal records, photos, taped inter- views and maps pertaining to the history of Alberta; special collection of Western Canadian in Historical Resources Library (r oanici yids.); circulating and recent accession exhibit ions; Provincial Archivist ALAN I). R 1111 it pubis. InPrmatio? Leaflets, Publica- tion Series. University of Alberta Library: Edmonton: f. 1901.); 1,781,763 VOIS.; Librarian BRUCK BRADEN POOL, M.A., 11.1..S. University of Calgary Library: f. 1966; 829,0110 vols.; Librarian NENNItTll NI. GLAzimt, ltitiiistt Coi.usintA rraser Valley Regional Library:Ileac quarters: 2.169 Montrose Ave., Abbotsford, B.C. \'2S 312; f. to30; hranches. thliv1:11lIbbilvs: .128.0ou vols,; 1,30o films; maps; musi0 scores; pamphlets; .photographS, W. It, Oyu:tun:No, Provincial Archives: Victoria; I. ISO,t: 50.000 Ptovincial AleiliVist ALLAN K, TURNER. ? Legislative Library: Victoria: 1. 1893; 500.000 vols.; Librarian J. (;, Mn ri?itia.t., inlversity of British Columbia Library: \'inicotiver 1W;i; 11/12: 1,650.000 vols.; I.Ibrariall It. STuART- S161111S, 11.1-5. ioncouver Island Regional Library: Headquarters: to Strickland St., Nanaiiiiii, f, it)36; 25 branch libTro irn and IsiokinotUlo service; 2tio,000 vols.; labrilthut, Front, T. NVitIllt, M.A., ILLS. . , . K. E. VROOM; pubis. Annual Report, TREND Maga- zine (1-2 a year). Research and Productivity Council: P.0.13. 6000, Frederic- ton, NM. E311 3E11; 1. 1962; independent organization providing scientific, engineering, technical and manage- ment services to governments and companies in primary, manufacturing and service industries; staff of 61; library of 4,500 reference vols., 300 periodicals; Exec. Dir. Dr. CLAUDE BURSILL, M.A.. M.SC., PH.D.; pubis. Records, Research Notes (both irregular), Annual Reports. AND ARCHIVES V33 Vancouver Public Library: Vancouver; r. iss7; 700,000 ? vols.; x80.000 pamphlets; T2 hrs., one bookmobile; Librarian MORTON P. JORDAN. Vancouver School of Theology Library: 6050 Chancellor Blvd.. Vancouver, 13.C. Vol' t X3; f. 1971; 55,000 vols.; Librarian Dr. GUENTER STROTHUTTE. MANITOBA Law Society of Manitoba Library: Law Courts, Winnipeg t; f. 1877; 4o,000 vols.; Librarian Mrs. DEIRDRE h. HARVEY. University of Manitoba Libraries: 1\ ..'.nn.peg R3T 2112; ,080.000 vols.; f. I877; collections supporting 13 faculties and 7 schools, inc. arts, science, education, engineering, agriculture, medicine, dentistry, architec- ture, music, law and Icelandic studies; Dir. W. ROYCE BUTLER, M.L.S., M.A. NOW BRUNSWICK Bibliotheguo Champlain: Ilniversib5. de Moncton. Moncton; f. 1965; 200,000 %.01s.; Librarian ALBERT LEvEsQuE. B.A., B.Buti... Harriet Irving Library: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton; I. 1800; 7oo.000 vols. and 082,110 micro- forms; Librarian GEnrizttoE GUNN. Legislative Library: Fredericton; 1. i841; 50,000 vols.; Librarian J 1u(Ll.YN It LEBEL.. It. P. Bell Library: Mount Allison University, Sackville, ? N.11. EoA Co;3 2?10.000 vols.; librarian . ELEANOR MAGEE, B.A., II.SC., M.L.S. NEWFOUNDLAND Memorial Univorsity of Newfoundland Library: St.. John's; 710,000 vol., I.3 itrillion micro-units; Librarian Timotlimo. Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador: Colonial ItIdg., St. John's; Provincial Archivist F. ItonNit.mo NOVA SCOTIA Acadia University Library: WOUVilits: t$ ,i; 3 o,000 vols.; l,ilirarn.rtt Isotivi. 110n nix, Angus L. Macdonald Library: St. Francis Xavier Univer- sity. A ntigonish ? 2 .4.0110 'VON.: I .ibrarian Bev. CI1ARLICS BREWER; DI114. The A ntigonish Rovietu (quarterly), Dalhousie University Library System: llrtlilax, N.S. 13311 41I5; I. 'Nos: .15.1,10 VOIS.. N,00..) periodicals; thtivetsity Librarian NUN. Doitoriir 1.. CooKK, W. K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library: Dalhousie University, I iS0S, ietirg.titited 1015 and to5,0 Li vols.; I .ilitali.111 ALAN il. rtrAC- PkVNAI.Iw.'