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December 20, 2016
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June 13, 2007
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September 2, 1981
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Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 MAB 080 2 September 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, FBIS THROUGH Chief, Operations Group SUBJECT . Monthly Report--Abidjan Bureau--August 1981 The continuing strength of the dollar has resulted in good fiscal news for the bureau, and for individual Americans residing in the Ivory Coast. The exchange rate reached a high of 309 CFA to one dollar on the 11th, and the average exchange rate for the month was 300. As the exchange rate has improved, the bureau's projected costs have decreased: We currently project expenses in personal services OC's to be some $57,000 less in FY-81 than was projected at the beginning of the fiscal year. For individuals, the improved rate is equally welcome. Though most essentials bought in Abidjan remain considerably more ex- pensive than in the U.S., the gap has narrowed measurably. II. MONITORIAL/EDITORIAL 1. During the month, Bureau Engineer) conducted remedial training sessions with each of the bureau monitors individually. The monitors were instructed in proper use of the bureau's antenna array, better utilization of alternate frequencies, and the need for careful, accurate tuning of receivers. This training program, combined with the shielding of all wiring in the operations area (see Engineering Attach- ment), has resulted in improved reception of many transmitters in the bureau's coverage area. 2. On 10,;August, during routine cruising of radioteletype signals, the bureau monitored News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) transmissions for the first time. NAN's daily transmission is monitorable in Abidjan from 0700 to approximately 1800 GMT, when it fades out. An unusual charac- teristic is that NAN also uses its beam for radio single sideband voice conversations. The agency is proving to be a valuable source of infor- mation on domestic Nigerian affairs as well as on international events throughout Africa. Since assuming coverage, the bureau has filed over 17,000 words of NAN material. 3. On the 25th South Africa launched a major military operation inside Angolan territory. Though the bureau has very limited coverage of primary Angolan sources, we have filed several items from the press agency ANGOP and a considerable amount of reportage on the incursion from AFP. The bureau has been attempting to monitor ANGOP transmissions STAT Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 each day since early in the month. However, the agency is proving to be an elusive target: It frequently strays far from its regular frequencies, and signal strength varies widely. 4. On 10 August AFP reported that Liberian Head of State Doe had announced the previous evening that his vice head of state, Gen. Thomas Weh Syen, had been involved in a plot aimed at Doe's assassination and had been arrested. At noon on the 10th the bureau monitored an announcement from Monrovia Domestic Service that Brig. Gen. J. Nicolas Podier had been named the new vice head of state. An open watch was maintained on Monrovia Domestic Service and Radio ELWA during the ensuing days. Reportage on the trial and eventual execution of the conspirators was filed, as well as comments from various sources alleging that Libya was behind the plot. 1. Bureau teletypist) (gave birth to a boy on 10 August. STAT Chief, Abidjan Bureau will remain on maternity leave until early November. STAT 2. London Bureau Associate Editor) )arrived on STAT 25 August for a month-long TDY. Trevor is filling in while STAT is away on R&R. Ben and his family left for four weeks in Kenya on I the 28th. Attachments 1. Engineering Report 2. Communications Report 3. Monthly Production Report STAT Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 ENGINEERING REPORT - AUGUST 1981 During the period 12-17 August, Bureau Technician and myself installed new send and receive commo lines between the microwave equipment on the second floor and the commo room downstairs. The lines were run in half-inch type LT. This is similar to BX with a weather-proof plastic cover. The LT provides excellent shielding of the lines and is grounded at a point near where it enters the building. A 1:1 isolation transformer was also installed to eliminate the interference from the B-315 high-speed logic switching from feeding back into the tech power lines. This was the same circuit feeding our receivers. These steps proved effective in reducing interference an average of 15 DB. Q Engineer, Abidjan Bureau STAT STAT L STAT Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 ABIDJAN BUREAU FBIS CIRCUIT. OUTAGES FOR AUGUST 1981; HRS MIN HRS MIN DATE GMT TIME. (PLANNED) UNPLANNED) REMARKS Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1 0750-0820 1005-1305. 10 0915-1015 12 1800-2230 20 0700-0800 28 1507-1514 1915-1950 TOTAL : 30 7 35 1+ 30 6 12 Weather problem Weather problem Equipment modification at TCU Unknown General light off. 'Weather 'Total planned and unplanned outage: . 10 hours 42 minutes Approved For Release 2007/06/14: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200010009-1