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December 20, 2016
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May 8, 2007
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Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002-3 ? COMMUNICATIONS REPORT 1. Total wirefiled FBIS wordage during December 1981 was 233,600, an increase of 9,340 compared with, November 1981. The highest daily total was 14,170 ori''"16 December 1981, while the lowest was 2,910 on 26 December.: The daily aver- age was 7,535 compared with 7,475 in November 1981. 2. All wordage was filed over the Embassy SKYMUX circuit. 3. The following is a breakdown of total wordage, figures include reruns: outgoing/incoming OUTGOING WORDAGE FBIS 233,600 1,031 DAO/MAP 32,100 250 Svc Msgs 7,260 726 TOTALS ,272,960 .2,007 INCOMING WORDAGE FBIS 506,100 2,181 DAO/MAP 278,400 835 STATE 606,300 2,177 Svc Msgs 7,560 756 TOTALS 1,398,360 5,949 Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002-3 A.- Monitorial/Editorial 1. Effective 1 December ,,the Bureau took back from Nicosia responsibility for primary coverage of the Voice of Palestine daily English-language transmission, which was ex- tended on that date to one-half hour from 1500 to 1530 GMT. 2: Despite almost daily cruising checks, the Bureau was unable to locate the clandestine radio station Voice of Egyptian People, last heard at Jordan Bureau on 14 November and at Gulf Bureau on 22 November. B. Communications Bureau was notified that greed to a 10-day trial period for transmitting traffic to the Bureau during its 2200-0500 GMT closured lso provided basic in- structions for implemented the unattended service each day. The service was to begin on 31 December but last minute pro- cedural/technical problems a end have delayed it temporarily. III. ADMINISTRATION A. Personnel December. 2. Part-time contract secretary resigned 26 December. resigned 26 STAT STAT STAT STAT STAT STAT ATTACHMENTS: A. B. C. Chief, Jordan Bureau (PUBLISHABLE POPS PER MONTH) BAHRAIN MANAMA WRKH IN ARRBIC RtJRAIPAIN ENGLISH CLANDESTINE t!:`.R34 AND !R O' ?(LP iESTINE VOICE OF IRANIAN iCPDESTOM IN BPHBI P I KURDISH 12@ (CLANDESTINE) VOICE OF IRANIAN k:OPDESTPN IN SURRNI KURDISH i20 (CLANDESTINE) J0ICE OF IPPC I KURDISTAN IN j( ARABIC ?_ ~,( '390 L i RNIE iTINE.i VOICE OF IRA I KURDISTAN IN R BRHDINRNI KURDISH 21@ (CLANDESTINE) NIKE OF IPA ! KURDISTAN I SURR I KURDISH 590 (CL RNBESTI E) VOICE OF IRAQ:':! REVOLUTION IN ARABIC (CLANDESTINE) UCICE OF IRAQI REVOLUTION IN SURA I KURDISH 360 (CLANDESTINE) VOICE OF IRAQ! REVOLUTION IN BAHDINRNI KURDISH CLANDESTINE (L EURNT ) - (CLANDESTINE) VOICE OF PALESTINE IN ARABIC 16450 (CLANDESTINE VOICE OF PRLES! I?E IN ENGLISH 40. (CLANDESTINE) VOICE OF EGYPTIAN PEOPLE IN 0 40 JORDON BUREAU PRODUCTION REPORT FOR DECEMBER 1 98i I. TOTALS FROM ALL SOURCES: Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002-3 TOTAL PUBLISHABLE WORDAGE FILED DURING MONTH: i82;750 TOTAL N O r ?? tF HRE E . WORDAGE FILED DURING MONTH: O 180 TOTAL NUMBER OF PUBLISHABLE ITEMS FILED DURING MONTH: 645 - BROAD- PRESS PURL I- i I= INPUT OF REGULAR COVERAGE: COSTS AGENCIES CATIONS (MINUTES OR ISSUES PER WEEK? 6,471 z 2i,975 5B.84 . I ! _ OUTPUT FROM ALL SOURCES: __ ~ ee_, ~. Q r_~nrnucel nr 10;3}11 e Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002'3 AMMAN DOMESTIC TELEVISION SERVICE IN ARABIC R , iRN DOMESTIC IE E? ?I i E il_E 'i JLaw- AMMAN PETRR-jNA IN ARABIC ?948 A R 141 B I C 2052 66=82 ARABIC 9320 =z :: ::a T tiaps{ iff 314 IN ARai K ENGLISH 2648 SY9119 DAMASCUS DOMESTIC SERVICE S .11 NIP RRHIC DAMASCUS DOMESTIC TELEUTn -AN SERVICE IN ICOF RUBS EGYPT IN Ti`' M13 C r i T ARABIC 0 DAMASCUS VOICE OF i RR I N AMMAN RD-D STUB I N AR4 1 I i= AMMAN R K H B R R AL-USBU' IN ARABIC A MAN AR-RR' `a IN PRAPIC AMMAN JORDAN TIMES IN ENGLISH MONACO INTE i_ARLi1 RADIO MONTE CARLO IN ARABIC SUDAN KHARTOUM S NA IN AR A BIC Z t ~ t 4 DSSANA IN ARABIC UNITED KINGDOM LONDON REUTEP IN E. UL I 1 YEMEN VAR) SAN'A' DflMFRTTC SERVICE 13610 ?3210 6050 1830 L. U f : ' Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002-3 u filR i ME NA IN ARABIC 1t FRANCE PARIS RL-NUS A..BAL IN ARABIC PARIS R -i1RTF' AL-' PR3I IN ARABIC R AQQ BAGHDAD VOICE OF THE MASSES IN ARABIC BAGHDAD DOMESTIC SERVICE IN ARABIC BAGHDAD DOMESTIC SERVICE IN BRHDiI A I KURDISH BAGHDAD DOMESTIC SERVICE IN =URA I KURDISH Sti BAGHDAD VOICE OF EGYPT OF ARRBISM IN ARABIC BAGHDAD VOICE OF ARAB SYRIA IN -I _ BAGHDAD VOICE OF PALESTINE IN ARABIC BAGHDAD INiA IN ARABIC BAGHDAD I N IN ENGLISH BAGHDAD RL-jUMHURIYflH IN ARABIC BAGHDAD RTHTHRWRRH IN ARABIC ISRAEL JEWLbttLE IN ARABIC TO THE ARAB WORLD 3590 JERUSALEM AL-FAIR IN ARABIC JERUSALEM AL-MIT AQ IN ARABIC JEI USAEL RL-@UDS IN ARABIC JERUSALEM R i R I B ARABIC r t"it S:. 'i R:__ t - i ti Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200060002-3 ATTAC?NT C 1. Received A. One ITT CREED main board, one 27-pair cable, six blank panels and one switch. assembly from Nicosia. B. Two knobs for Sony VO-2630 video recorder P/N 3- 642-298-00 from Headquarters. Nothing sent this month.