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December 20, 2016
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May 8, 2007
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April 4, 1981
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Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200120018-9 4 May 1981 MPY-0019 Memorandum for: Director, FBIS Through Chief, Operations Group Subject : Paraguay Bureau Monthly Report--April 1981 Paraguay's cost of living increased 10.2 percent in January/February 1981. The post was approved for a 5 percent cost of living allowance effective 22 March. II. OPERATIONS A. Monitorial/Editorial 1. A brief dissident seizure of a Santiago, Chile mediumwave radio station, Radio Portales, prompted extensive bureau efforts to intercept the transmission, but the brevity of the incident and poor middday reception frustrated the attempts. 2. Tension along the Chilean-Argentine border, including an Argentine closure of the border, drew mach attention and generated considerable copy starting 29 April. There were fears of a recurrence of the 1979 military confrontation between the two countries. 3. A confrontation between former Bolivian President Hugo Banzer and the incumbent government at mid-ninth prompted fears that yet another coup was in the making. But President this Garcia Meza was able to assert his authority and place Banzer under house arrest. Here the situation stands at month's end. 4. An extensive new. economic program by the Argentine government generated a number of complex economic items during April. B. Conntti,%ca.tions 1. sunspot activity disrupted reception of most high frequencies on April 9, 10 and 24 for an outage time of 6 and 1/2 hours. 2/... Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP83-00385R000200120018-9 2. Buenos Aires LATIN experienced a 2 -hour 15-minutes outage on 21 April due to unknown causes, and a 1/2 hour outage on 22 April due to problems with the New York relay. 3. Paraguay's primary communications circuit was out for 2 hours on 11 April when a power switch to the dish antenna was tripped during emergency generator testing. 4, hangeover of satellites on 29 April caused a planne comrnmications outage of 3 hours. III. ADMDTISTRA= A. 'Personnel 1. Editor arrived at post 2 April to replace 1 -1 who departed PCS in March. ST 2. The bureau chief departed Asuncion on 19 April for private leave in the United States and to attend the bureau chiefs conference at headquarters. B. ' -Visitors 'ef, FBIS Paraguay Bureau 1 area head of comnmications, accompanied by I Ivisited the bureau on 27 April for orientation and i, ing 2. Maj Jerry Dunbar, foreign area officer from Brasilia, was given a tour of the bureau on 30 April. He was accompanied by CW3 Burns Back of the Defense Attache's Office. CC.: Panama Bureau Attd: Eng, Report Operations Attachment Monitor Production Report Monthly Production Report ST ST