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December 19, 2016
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January 26, 2006
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January 25, 1949
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COUNTRY Gsrnmrq (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Details of Wasserfall Road, Train; Personalities at Elektrobau AG PLACE ACQUIRED L DATE OF INFO. Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3 t. Ft W ct t tui~ . CENTRAL INTELLUGDICE AGENCY 25X1 REPO ' INFOR AT I(M REPORT CD NO. DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. As of 32.9nptember 1948 only one Wasserfail road train, consisting of eleven trailers, had been completed. The first trailer was sent to Moscow ter rail via Brest-Litovsk in May 1948. The last trailer vas completed for dispatch on 20 August 1948. 2. Becausd of the lower height clearance on the Polish railroad Votes Reiahsbahn flat, oars could not,, be used for this purpose (when loaded on Reichsbehn flat cars, the trailers stood 25 an higher than the parmittea clearance), and ? Polish flat t oars, with the load-carrying eurftoe monk between the bogies, were obtained with eme difficulty. 3. The eleven trailers, originally designed by the firm of ScI" 'sn as circus trailers, are identical in outward appearance, and are painted dark green with white roofs. Their official designation is "Ce' . 4. The trailers contain the following apparatus: Trailer No. I - Saloon and telephones exchange, radio and record playas, Trailer No. II)-. Individual test apparatus for the fallowing pieces of miuIls- and III borne oontrol gears Rudder servos Dssiggmetian 1.04 1.09 Relay plate 1.08 tiizer 1.07 Course-giving motor ? 1.03 Trailer No. Iv - of Waesaatsil control aompeslment (1.00) (n4saw29sat~-srs the Sloktrobau AG) fitted with the following missile-bosh . oaponentss course.-giving actor Gyro !fain distributor Dseigs .t&on 1.03 104 " 1.05 Ap ed For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3 TMID DOCDI1lDT CQ Tel l VO VaT1O 1 AIIECT1MO Ttf MATtO L Df fRR8f OP WR DMTTiD am=$ URM1? =1 IfANU1O OP T116 MMOUGM .CT 80 D. S. C.. 81 AMD U. A$ AASMOZD. lI8 TSAM8018MO1f OD T1D 2ET!LATIOM f1S COPT5Dt8 1M AMY 1lAMMf11 TO AD 0f1A =M P OA f4 q0? DIDTRD NV LAS. DEPMODOO806 OF Veda N0801Y Tl5. To CIA tIRR4AT 25X1 25 January 3,941 Approved For ReleaV~W?&M IA-R$583 011%19QQO 001O-3 25X1 CEASTRAL 1 TWLZ CE AQENCt Tla evitoh . Re1a p3*te Rudder servo motor o Radder poteaticmetor 3.10 1 rotor gemeretor, , .12 33 Qovernor for above 1. 1,33 I terconneotor for grouad test 1.34 Wirtng berm ga 1,15 D97 battery et I*rge aloe y c :vo3 "tors and -ametera in Est for tectL gg ciseoa3te or the ebdV*-Mut3,eoed apparatus. :. Those aampoireaQte were si p2.#sd t4r Teohnie&. Be" 21.- Their tlni sh suggested that their ftimetioa was purely it tdo 1. ) Trailer No. V .i leetr3.oal~!!"t 7 equipped with standard uospeeiauaesd) tom. Trailer No. VI .? This trailer was supplied w thout a * tue, but with suitable elect rlcdl c 0 eat:ions for the plamwtd contents, which v to be ftted by Teohmioa3 EBro 33. According to a. list supplied tv E1.ekt6b u AG to enable them to fit aprroprlMo wiring, planned. contents usms River 'ieuses TrenendtUor !K! Eleotrioal K pp , ePo1" (3'F Polar Kntppoi) Supply watt a Dods ,,q Trailer No]. 912?. .*at ica1 NUM14- : -PLM bawbnvfhfw~ tit.. .a. .,.. 15 and 3.5 KW. i X13 ed .y .? ..i n+ "if separately by the Blokt 'beu AG, for use with the ewito'14 ng an4 distri but{da equip,emt installed in the 't iler'. PZ' Vis3.OU Sias r.*e1e for power ati AD 380 V 0gye1ee AC 220 Q 50 Otc3ba AC.' 36 V 500 W0208 DC 27 V Designation 1.06 1.07 1.08 r, 12 Aft - Meeting the frangi, n brans velvw in the ~~pp y uystem. The motbramm (apeealmsns. of tihioh were available In the Elektrobau AG) were for fittings of 75 mm and 35 zee, diameter. Tw~enty- five mea tePe axe , ton of wh ob read tO 400 atm. There are also feoording manometers rerdin to 40 and A0 atm, p and pumps for testing the manateters. A ecrude test apparata designed ti3r the Soviet enginser Pa1ikin at S rshaueen and , men otured there, is also ind2ndeed. Trai] No. IX - Wq;j n. Wpm t includes: 3 lathes 1 milling mew 3 wises I drill 1 grinder. S 1001;rfROL .. U.S. OFFICIAL" Of1LY Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415ROO1900060010-3 Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3 smAftmwL - u.s. a owz arc OL AL NT Acv 1 relr3gerst (r.quim 3- 004 M tare water per 'bows no Mdo taor 1a-ter *aea abr+mber 1 m dit~ r 2 v 01M MAWS 2 t3 n tabase,, M Lieu amdS&OV - s i . X1.. aar$ c sad} $. A spag% sst of all appardtns supplied by glektroban AG for Trailers IT, III, V a n d V I I I was provided and pa 6? An Aft ftrW irrag believed to be for nee with the "Kahl" trap m tier VU supplied lTo Btlro 31 l+ar painting and vara3 . This aerial was Paebed for . 25X1 Mwo The above IU tdoa e: } 0.2 _ Pmely snstru4 t and that Indicate that in t eking sygte d~ s ...,.. ...,,.,a_~ the optioal 7. Pe'19 #d see $gmnt Soviet to .+~.g gifbaZa a. Aialtty (etvil ), mewl mar resident in Niosoow, deAignar of the Wasserfali road train. b. Aear eh, 1Aaar (civiliaun) t d pub pht Bert resident in -, solely intereoted in the ooaten b, of X40. 1Q, e? Kolemniahenka, General, frc*a SNA TbkaIIqql*, d. N'ieha v, Qol,. Believed -teotmicai. Apparently Inter cted mly in the painting and deooaratian oi' the t mile". e. Vorobyov, Prof. Stated to be In O barge of all Technical Boma in QOVMW Resident in B r1in. D14 tlot epeek to Germsn staff. ? Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3 Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3 Approved For Release 2006/02/06 : CIA-RDP83-00415R001900060010-3