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December 19, 2016
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December 7, 2005
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January 26, 1949
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FORM NO. 5 1 NOV 1948 ? 6 A oitte'" ?:? roved For Release 2.005/12/23 :.'CIA-RDP83-084-15R002000040001-3 CLASSIFICATION SECRET COUNTRY Czechoslovakia 41r, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 REPORT INFORMATION REPORT EVALUATE DATE DISTR. 26 January 1949 SUBJECT Catalog of Factories Belonging to the NO. OF PAGES Nationalized Machine Industry in Czechoslovakia 442E3A PLACE 25X1\ I, OF ENCLS. ACQUIRED . (LISTED BELOW) DATE OF INFO ACQUIRED 25X1 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. TNIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATtON AVERTING TW1 NATIONAL Dirrisit OF T141 UNITID /TAM WITIoN 7141 imgEpsiNO OP TNE liPioNaoi ACT 10 C? 31 AND SE, Al AMIN0113, TI TNAN11411SION ON 7148 EV/ELATION OP 171 CONTENTS IN A147 To AN uNAUTNORIZED 111181014 II Pilo. 141411780 sT LAW. NENE0DUCTION OR TN11 MOE II EllommTED, NOW? 81488. 1141106MATION 00147911410-IN NW OF 911 EDEN MAT II *THAR Al REMO NIMESSANT rf TI18 MINING A9I1407, 1 THIS IS UN VALUATED INFORMATION FOR THE RESEARCH USE OF TRAINED INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS 25X1 25X1 1. 25X1 25X1 25X1 2. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Attached herewith is locations of all the machine industrr c 1 a printed catalog containing the groupings factories lex. es, and mmin echoslovakia be moongin t - nationalize This material, is being sent to you for retention. Return to (IA Library 84. &/O CLASSO,I,CtiTtloiMig sEdRiTrx ed For elease 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 ? Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 25X1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Approved For Release 200g/IFT/WMA-RDP9-?Ti415 25X1 R002000040001-3 List of State Enterprises and Products of Czechoslovak Metal-working and Machinery Factories 3 6. 6 4 6 25X1 I Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CA RDP83 00115R002000010001 3 SE CRET Approved For -1 SECRET lease 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415 25X1 25X1 25X1 .002000040001-3 LIST OF STATE ENTERPRISES AND PRODUCTS Ceskoslovenske Zavody Kovodelne a Strojirenske ffzechoslovak -?001-it t WS) Metallameismi and Machinery Factoriej, State Enterprise Prague II, Jungmannova 29 1. AGROSTROJ, Factories for Agricultural Machinery, State Enterprise Brandys nad Labem Office: Prague II, Jindrisska 29; Telephone: 278-38, 395-89, 399-58 Telegraph address: Agrostroj, Prague Factories: Astur, formerly Mickovsky, Straskov, postoffice Racineves near Roudnice nth Labem Knotek, formerly Knotek and Company, Jicin 4lichar, formerly Melichar-Ukrath, Joint Stock Company, Brandys nad Labem Slavia, formerly Parik Brothers, Napajedla Bacher, formerly Ringhoffer-Tatra Joint Stock Company, Roudnice nad Labem Wilkov, formerly Wichterle and Kovarik, Prostejov Products: Cultivators Fertiliser spreaders Combines Grass mowers Team plows Grain harvesters Adjustable plows 1Fluhy zavesni7 Binders Seeders Rakes SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 1 - Approved For Release 20051/340fra-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Tedders Suspension carts for tractors Threshing machines For non-agricultural clientele UP 20 Balers for straw Machine presses Straw cutters Dumpcarts Harrows Sudni frezi7 Combustion engines 2. ALBA, Western Czech Machine Shops and Foundries, State Enterprise, Horovice Telephone: 207,289; Telegraph address: Alba Horovice Factories: Komarov near Horovice Zelena flora Horovice I/II Dobriv Horovice III Strasice Products: Alba piston rings UP 28 Alba auto wtiron for Alba auto- mobiles Lautolitina A147 Alba cast iron enamelled bathtubs Alba enamelled construction cast iron Sewage cast iron Waste pipes 11 II II ?numbing fittings Metal kitchen utensils UP 32 Enamelled and galvanized machines UP 29 Scales for household use Irons Stoves, ranges, boilers for laundries UP 31 Large-scale cooking equipment Dampers and steaming columns for fodder /paraky a parici kolony na pLei/ Electrical appliances for house- hold use UP 12 (portable stoves, baking ovens, ranges) Vises Cylinders from hardened cast iron for all industrial purposes Approved For Release 2005/1212tSCW1'83-00415R002000040001-3 - - Approved For Release 2005M1eara-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Foundry machines, shaperstiormovacil and machines for the mixing of sand .51E7/1-1prava piskq and mixers for the following industries: Food Candy and chocolate Mill UP 17 Rubber and artificial substances Paints and varnishes Book binding Confectionery and bakery ovens Castings from grayammt- iron Confectionery and baking machinery UP 16 3. AUTOMOBILOVE ZAVODY /Automobile Factories]. State Enterprise Headquarters: Prague Enterprise management pro tem: Mlada Boleslav, Ruda Armada Avenue, Postal Humber 294/11; Telephone: 241-3, 246-7 Telegraph address: Autosavody Mlada Boleslav Factories: Cakovice. formerly ATia, Joint Stock Company for the Aircraft Industry Chocen, formerly Engineer Mras, Aircraft Factory, Chocen, and Engineer Mras, Factory for Refrigerating Machine, Chocen Kunovice, formerly Avia, Joint Stock Company for the Aircraft Industry Mlada Boleslav, formerly Asap, Joint Stock Company for the Automobile Industry Otrokovice, formerly Zlin Aircraft Factories, Zlin-Batiov Vrchlabi, formerly Petera and Sons Products: Automobiles UP 20 Aircraft LP Aircraft engines LP RefrigerOion appliances up to 20,000 calories per hour UP 16 Approved For Release 2005/182EPWRIDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 3 - Approved For Release 2005/athatRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Refrigeration appliances above 20,000 calories per hour Lubricating devices for heavy greases /lithe mazivai Fuel injection pumps and injectors for Diesel engines (through the selling department of PAL fires prod. odd. PAL7) 4. BATIRIA, Factories for Storage Batteries and Batteries, State Enterprise Enterprise management: Alany: Telephone: 47 or 201 Office: Prague VIII, Gregrova 6; Telephone: 807-12 Telegraph address: Bateria, Slany Factories: PALABA, SlanY DAIMON, Podmokly-Decin Products: Storage batteries Small generators for bicycles Electric dry cells Pocket batteries of all kinds Flashlights of all kinds Radio batteries Radio coils fradiocivkyl Reflectors for bicycles Nigh-frequency iron cores Rear lights for bicycles Miniature light bulbs 5. BRANECKE ZELEZARNY tbranka Iron Works], State Enterprise Branka; Post Office: Hradec near Opava: Telephone: Hradec 2, 22 Telegraph address: Branecke zelezarny, Opava Branecke zelezarny, Branka near Opava Products: Approved For Release 2005/12/Mg6WP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 4 - Approved For Release 2005/811M3fSXRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Padlocks and hasps Cylinder locks with insert fiadlabaci samky s vlozkoll7 jihub locks jiadlabaci dosicke zamke iAosicky zamek = patentni zamek Chubbng Ordinary cylinder locks Liadlabaci zamky obycejnq Mouse and bolt locks rzamky mysakove a zavorovt7 Hoists fivedakil Door checks Liavirace dverg Keys of all kinds Safety key inserts Ziojistne klicove vlozke Stoves Baking ovens Gray and tempered iron castings 6. CESKA ZBROJOVKA [Czech Armory], State Enterprise Strakonice: Telephone: 255, 266, 275 Telegraph address: Zbrojovka Strakonice Factories,: UP 26 0 IIII UP 31 Strakonice, formerly Ceske Zbrojovka, Joint Stock Company, Strakonice Uhersky Brod, formerly Ceska Zbrojovka, Joint Stock Company, Uhersky Brod Achilles Factories, Horni Police (confiscated) Assmanovy Factories, Jedlka near Benesov (confiscated) ES-KA Factories, Cheb (confiscated) Premier, Cheb (confiscated) Tripol, Rokycany (confiscated) Velo-Tudor, Rokycany (confiscated) Products: Motorcycles and engines Machine tools Precision chains - bicycle, motorcycle, and multiple UP 20 UP 23 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 5 - - Approved For Release 2005/3EOREMRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Bicycles and their parts Hunting and sporting weapons Six-volt and 12-volt electric horns Precision shop instruments and measuring devices UP 22 up 21 7. CESKOMORAVSKA-KOLBEN-DANEK, State Enterprise Enterprise management: Prague X, Palackeho 38 Telephone: 320-51, Interurban: 259-41; Teletype: No 229 Telegraph address: Cekadocent Prague Factories,: Machine shop in Liben, formerly CKD Liben Machine shop in Karlin, formerly CKD and branch in Liberec, formerly Jung and Rachel, machine shop, Liberec Machine shop in Slany, formerly CKD Slany Machine shop in Modrany-Komorany, formerly F. Panek, rolling mill, Modrany Machine shop in Tynec nad Labem, national administration Perner Brother, Tynec nad Labem (confiscated) Machine shop and foundry in Blansko, formerly CKD Blansko Lodenice in Liben, formerly Lodenice-Praga Liben, also Lodenice in Usti nad LabemQStrekov; formerly Huss-Sedlak and GIt orn, Usti nad Labem, and Lodenice in Valtirov; formerly Lodenice and Thiele and Company Sawmill, Valtirov Marshal Tito Factories in Vysocany, electrical plants and fou4dries) formerly CID Vysocany Electrotechnical factory in Modrany, formerly Srb and Company, Modrany Electrotechnical factory in Podmokly, formerly AEG-Podmokly Electrotechnical factory in Cekka Lipa, formerly Siemens, Ceska Lipa Electrotechnical fattory in Rokytnice nad Jiseroa, formerly Siemens, Rokytaice nad Jizerou Electrotechnical factory in Bratislava, formerly Siemens, Bratislava 8.1110BUOV Approved For Release 2005/12/23: 9A-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Approved For Release 2005/121230f5MDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Products: Tank cars Akumulatorove vosiky plosinove Pneumatic hammers Brickyards and cement plants Sugar refineries, yeast factories, starch factories, dairies Piston, centrifugal, and propeller pumps Crushers Lartice, mills of hard substances Electric power plants and electrification Transportation of coal and coke Electric motors up to 50 kilowatts and accessories Other electrical machines of all kinds Electric and cable railroads Electrical devices up to the highest voltages and outputs Industrial electric ovens Electrical welding machines of all kinds Dr edger s Meteklikl-q Ica/ PiellAtsi govastkals.4 rolling mills gydraulic presses Chemical factories, gas works Cranes, windlasses Dams and water constructions Sewage cast iron Compressors, turbocompressors Bath foundations jiazenske spodke Distilleries, salt works [olivary] Cast iron water-closets Liplachovacel Boats Locomobiles Aokomobile Flour mills billyny a kruparne bridges and iron constructions SECIVAT Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : ClA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 ? 7 ? UP 15 UP 23 UP 30 UP 13 UP 30 It UP 14 UP 15 UP 23 and 30 UP 30 II Up 30 uP 28 UP 30 UP 28 UP 30 UP 28 II UP 17 UP 30 Approved For Release 2005/1SECEIVRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Electrical hand instruments Semiautomatic heating boilers and radiators Motor railroad vehicles Diesel engines Grain storehouses and malt houses Steel mills Turntables, freight car pushers and loaders fotacidla, posunovadla, hrizej Steam and electric locomotives and tenders Steam boilers and grates of all kinds and systems Steam engines Steam turbines of all modern systems Steam, water, and other piping systems Paper mills Sawing machinery 5ilarske strojf7 Automatic gas heaters [plynove automate for bathrooms Control rooms, remote control systems Liozvodny, stavby dalkovych vedeni] Foundries for cast iron and other metals Enamelled sanitary goods Enamelled bathtubs Special vehicles Road machinery and machines for cleaning cities Machine refrigeration and slaughterhouses Water works Water turbines Elevators Dry rectifiers Mercury and high tension rectifiers Central heating and ventilation (installation) Devices for processing of carrion Stage equipment sECRLT Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA=RIgn3-00415R002000040001-3 UP 15 UP 19 UP 30 UP 25 UP 28 UP 30 UP 28 TIP 30 UP 15 UP 30 Approved For Release 2005/1=MAWDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Equipment for ceramic factories UP 30 Dental instruments DP 11 8. ELEKTRO-PRAGA, State Enterprise Prague II, Zlatnicka 12; Telephone: 622-46 -- 9; Interurban 642-33 Telegraph address: Elektropraga Prague Factories: Rynovice, formerly Zeiss, Rynovice near Jablonec nad Nisou Jablonecke Paseky. formerly H. Biillmann, Jabi6necke Paseky near Jablonec nad Nisou Straz nad Nezarkou, formerly Elektromechanika Joint Stock Company, Straz nad Nezarkou near Liberec Prosec nad Nisou Tanwald Lucany National administration: Kontakta, Katerinky near Liberec Oswald, Krizany Products: Electrical equipment for domestic, trade, and industrial use as follows: Electric ranges Water heaters Washing machines Vacuum cleaners Portable stoves Irons Dampers for fodder liparaky pies] Baking ovens Ventilators Electrical installation material Outdoor and workshop lights IIP 12 Approved For Release 2005/12/23SEMBFR33-00415R002000040001-3 - 9 - Approved For Release 2005/161WRIVRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 9. ELEKTRO-SIGNAL PRAGA, Factories for the Production of Safety Devices, State Enterprise Enterprise management: Prague VII, U kralovske obory 17; Telephone: 703-41 Telegraph address: Zavyza Prague Factories: Holesovice, formerly Liberta, Prague VII, Babenska 43; Telephone: 703-41 Vysocany, formerly Ferns, Prague IX, Pod Kolbenkou 28; Telephone: 817-93 Products: Electrical and mechanical signalling and safety devices for railroads and all other kinds of transportation 10; ELEKTROSVIT, State Enterprise Brno, Vaclavska No 4; Telephone: 13009, 13107, 13104 Telegraph address: Elektrosvit Brno Formerly Physical Engineer gy Ind A. De-Witt, Brno, and SEZ, Sluknov Factories: Sluknov Brno (confiscated) Milulovice in Silesia (confiscated) Products: Standard, Edison, and Swann sockets, and sockets for special purposes Ceiling plug sockets and holders for lights Rotary switches and switches for special purposes Plugs, multiple sockets and extensions [iasuvky, vidlice a nastrcke Stong-current pushbuttons Electrical door openers 5tvirace dveri] Buzzer transformers Electric buzzers Automatic step switches Eschodistiove samocinne spinacI7 Safety devices Liisticel Walltba Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : UH-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 10 - Approved For Release 2005/taithatRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Choke coils for cold light Fixtures for conductionffrom metal /iustry v provedeni prevazne z kovq Ceiling, wall, and portable lamps and workshop lights Waterproof, airtight, and non-explosive protected lights Street lighting fixtures and equipment fienkovai svitidla spousteci a poulicni ramenk4 Special lights for theaters, cinemas, halls, etc. ' Lights forYirtutiove, sodikoie vybojky a zarivky3 High-quality; Ensmilitlekne 5redradnt7 variable resistors, Amming rztemnovack7, by remote control Note: All of the above products are sold by Up 12. 11. ELEKTROTFCHNICKE ZAVODY OZZIE [Krizik Electrotechnical Factories], State Enterprise Prague I, 28 Rijna Street No 13; Telephone: 352-41, 390-21, 316461, 351-25, 308-18, 236-69 Telegraph address: Fulgura Prague Factories: Cakovice Smichov, Prague XVI, Plzenska 10 Trutnov, Horska 23 Vinohrady, Prague XII, Stalinova 174 Vysocany, Prague IX, Julius Fucik Street 159 Products: Electric meters (through ELMETRA) Clock switches li.repinaci hodini7 iiveTftwisli?grAierepospows47 Synchronous motors Gas meters Relays Current and voltage transformers Aransformatory proudu a napeti] up to one kilovott A kV Approved For Release 2005/12/RECRIMP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 11 - Approved For -Release 2005/4119WRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Calibration benches rcejchovni stolll Electronic voltage and frequency regulators Electric beill;bk and tackles filadkostrojef Manual switchboards and ? 1215 fVelinyi UP 30 Automobile, controlling, and measuring appliances Phonograph motors 12. FERRUM, State Enterprise Frydlant nad Ostravici; Telephone: 4,69 Telegraph address: Ferrum Frydlant nad Ostravici Factory.: Ferrum, formerly Joint Stock Company for the Iron Industry, Frydlant nad Ostrdvici Products: Dust extractors Air technology Mining machines, brattices brratke, etc. Coal stoves Coal and wood kitchen ranges Small household machines Enamelled construction cast iron Eektro cast iron kitchen utensils Kitchen scales Sewage cast iron Cast iron boilers for laundries Ordinary cast iron enamelled utensils UP 31 II UP 29 UP 28 UP 31 UP 29 UP 28 1231 UP 32 13. EWA, State Enterprise Prague IX, Podebradska [number illegiblq; Telephone: 800-17, 804-34, 810-36, 812465 Telegraph address: Hefapumpy Prague SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 12 - Approved For Release 2005/8703BSEVRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Prague IX, formerly Engineers Hejduk and Faix, Prague Uvaly, formerly Elektronspol Products: Automatic oil filters fautofiltry olejove7 Automatic intake and geared pumps Filters for mineral oils Flow gauges Gasoline stations Domestic water systems Rotary, water circulating, and air pumps tiryvevy rotacni, vodokruzne7 14. CHOTEBORSKE KOVODELINE ZAVODY (Chotebor Metalii4Z;?1 Factories/ Chotebor; Telephone: 39, 67, 94, 96 Telegraph address: Eckhardt Chotebor Office: Prague VIII, Na hrazi 26; Telephone: 802-88 and 807-62 Factories: Chotebor, formerly Eckhardt and Company, Chotebor E. Luft, Decin, Duchcovska Street R. Herald., Chomutov Under national administration: Ceag, Teplice-Sanov, branches at Svatoborice and Ostrava Friemann and Wolf, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary Products: Metal notions UP 26 Wooden toys Air pumps Milk cans Mining lamps Industrial masks and filters Grease cups SECREra Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-F9g83-00415R002000040001-3 Approved For Release 2005/4Einiffillf-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Wooden furniture Metal household needs Oxygen respiration appliances Respirators and protective devices for the breathing organs Products pressed from artificial substances Lubricating equipment Autogenous welding and cutting instruments Oxygen pumps Portable stoves using liquid fuels Metal fittings for furniture Storm lanterns 'UP 32 UP 15 UP 26 15. CHRONOTECHNA, Factories for the Production of Clocks, State Enterprise Sternberk in Moravia Commercial management: Prague II, Na Porici 14/16; Telephone: 205-01,238-97 Factories: Sternberk in Moravia Broumov-Velka Yes Doba, Jablonec nad Nisou (confiscated) Chomutov (confiscated) Products: 90 millimeter diameter alarm clocks, Chrono X type 90 millimeter diameter alarm clocks, Chrono S type Alba standard [Stylovel 60 millimeter diameter alarm clocks 52 millimeter eight-day type kitchen clocks Electric wall clocks Electric table clocks Saving machines [iporici strojky] Timing clocks[Minutove strojle Metal fittings for sprayers Sprayers SECRila Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 14 - Approved For Release 200SNCOMA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Bath fixtures (miscellaneous) [koupelnove soupravy (vyberove)7 Metal fittings for dressing-cases Shaving sets Threaded bolt sleeves Standard parts of precision machinery ftvarove soucasti jemne mechaniky7 Precision threaded screws 16. INSTALACNI ZAvODY /Installation Factories], State Enterprise Pilsen, Benesova Avenue No 7; Telephone: No 21, 40, 42,85 Factories: Ostrak, Prague X, Kralovska 66 J.K. Rudolf, Pilsen, Benesova Avenue No 7 J.K. Rudolf, Marianske Lazne, Benesova 262 Ceske Budejovice, formerly Stegman (confiscated), Ceske Budejovice, ? Wisonovo Lois/ Square 197 Ostrak, Ostrava I, Plynarni 7 Ostrak, Olomouc, J. Wolker Avenue 25 Ostrak, Brno, Vlhka 24 National administration: Wema, Prague-Strasnice, No 1056 Mannesmann - piping constructions rstavby potrubii, Prague XII, Sladkovskeho 2 Usti Pipe Industry, Usti nad Labem Mannesmann - installations tiontaze, Teplice-Sanov Products: All sorts of internal installations: Central heating Air technology Hygienic equipment Preparation of warm water iPt -161-epease.44on irozvod7 of cold water Domestic plumbing SECREM Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-111r83-00415R002000040001-3 -1-6- Approved For Release 2005Figf-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 17. JANKA, Factories for the Production of Technical Pneumatic Equipment State Enterprise, Radotin Office: Prague II, Jan Opletal Avenue 9; Telephone: 242-35, 253-28, 202-76 Telegraph address: Janka Prague Factories: Radotin near Prague Dejvice, formerly Engineer Muller (Auer Company), Prague XIX, Marshal Tito Avenue 30 Thost, Liberec (confiscated) Simon, Liberec (confiscated) Aerotechna, Usti nad Labem (confiscated) Zittwerke, Semily (confiscated) Appelt, Liberec-Ruzodol (confiscated) Products: Pumps, domestic water systems Field harrows jirezy polai7 Raditors for turbogenerators and motors Dust removers todlucovace prachlg Driers of all kinds Central heating and heating with warm air Ventilators Defogging and humidifying equipment Scavenging and pneumatic transportation equipment fmrizeni odssavaci a pneu-transportni7 Forced draft for boilers Air-conditioning equipment ftlimatisacni sarizenil Regulation (uprava7 of air in laundries and other industrial branches Soot blowers for boilers Stokers for furnaces SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - Approved For Release 2001/RNI:qA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Precombustion chambers hpredtopenist] Rotary economizers Liotacni ekonomisery/ Continual pressure ventilators of the "Schicht" system Home washing machines UP 12 Electrical water coolers UP 12 Electrical transformers up to 2.500 kilovolt-amperes LKVA7 UP 30 Radiators fiebrove trubke UP 19 Units for heating with warm air UP 19 16. EABLO, State Enterprise, Bratislava Management: Bratislava, Tovarenska 9; Telephone: 5851-5 Telegraph address: Kablo Bratislava Selling office [predajnq for Bohemia: Prague II, Na Porici 5; Telephone: 624-45, 46, 47, 605-47, 48, 49 Teplice-Sanov, Ceskobratrska 9; Telephone: 4841, 2272 Selling Office for the Moravia-Silesia region: Brno, Leninova 33; Telephone: 140-05 Ostrava, Jureckova 2; Telephone: 2600 Selling office for Slovakia: Bratislava, Tovarenska 9: Telephone: 5851-5 Export selling office: Bratislava, Tovarenska 9; Telephone: 5851-5 Factories: Bratislava Cable Works [Eabelovnal Kladno Cable Works Hostivar Cable Works Podmokly Cable Works Vsetin Cable Works Topolcany Cable Works Gumon, Bratislava SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA1CDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 49- - Approved For Release 200?404M-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 liloubetin Factory Kolin Pipe Works flrubkarna7 Holesovice Factory Mica Processing Plant Atepirna Slidy], Tabor Hyncice Factory near Broumov; Postoffice: M.01szimesti Products: Power cables bilove kabele Transmission cables of all kinds Cable armatures Long distance cables Insulated conductors Isomat Conductors for radiotelephones FLEXO patented cords Dynamo wires and enamelled wires Pipes with leaded iron casing and accessories Isomat Armored pipes with accessories Isomat Pressed products for the electrical industry Synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber cloth liumoid a textgumoicg Oiled linen and oiled silk Oiled paper Hard rubber products Tracing paper and cloth (sliedave vyrobkyl Condensers Fuses fiapallovacei Lacquers Special lights UP 12 19. KOH-I-NOOR, United Metallurgical Factories, State Enterprise Management and central sale; Prague XIII, Kral Jiri Avenue 51; Telephone: 985 -- 55 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-4FDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - -20 - Approved For Release 2005/1109MIZP83-00415R002000040001-3 Regional selling offices and warehouses: Brno, Janska 21 Bratislava, Molotovova 45 Factories: Prague XIII, formerly Waldes and Company Bilovec, formerly Mat. Salcher and Sons Jahlunkov in Silesia, formerly Mat. Saldher and Sons Bynov near Podmokly, formerly Duchrow and Company Under national administration Ad. Grohmann and Son, Vrbno in Silesia J. Dittmayer and Company, Petrovice near Chabarovice C. Kuhnel, Petrovice J. Rauchfuss, Petrovice Augustin Rieke, Tisa Is Prokop Jager, Tisa II Berthold Jager, Tisa C.A. Weidmuller, Tisa Puschner and Company, Libouchec Fr. Paul, Jilove near Podmokly C. Werner, Martineves J. Kunert and Sons, Mikulasovice R. Fischer Junior, Milulasovice Fenix, Zabreh in Moria Is Muller and Fritsche, Mikulasovice Florian Ritschel, Dobrna Ludvik Neumann, Rove Mesto pod Smrkem Products: Patent fastener, sewing, riveting, ornamental filigree, uniform, under- wear, collar, cuff, dress, and crockery buttons. 7 7 7 [idrhovails] Approved For Release 2005/12/23 C 9 - g144 3-00415R002000040001-3 - -21 - BCRET Approved For Release 2005T12123.: CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Ordinary and safety pins Needle goods Trouser hangers Hooks and eyes Metal items for dresses Glove buttons and clasps Knitting needles and crocheting needles Garter, suspender, and corset fittings Metal construction and furniture fittings Metal parts Hair clasps, hairpins, and curling irons Metal par6s for leather goods Lather-working fittings and locks Upholstering metal parts Shoe fasteners Office supplies, pens Labels Adhesive tapes Fillings blombe for teeth Cigarette cases and tips rcigaretove dutinky a papirky7 Cigarette and tobacco containers Equipment and boxed [ioupravy a kasety] Compacts and lipsticks Bottle caps, ordinary and screw type Tin cans Drawn cases rtazene dutink77 Wire screw ware Umbrella fittings Chain goods Harness fittings Ski fittings S.E Cita& Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-BDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - u26 Approved For Release 2005RFALW-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Metal electrotechnical parts Garden tools UP 26 20. KOVOLIS, State Enterprise Enterprise management: Redvikov near Caslav; Telephone: Ronov and Doubravou NOS 8 and 28 Telegraph address: Kovolis Hedvikov near Caslav Central selling office: Prague I, 28 Rijna Street 13; Telephone: 356-07 Telegraph address: Kovolis Prague Factories: Redvikov near Caslav Modrice near Brno Nejdek near Karlovy Vary Products: Castings poured under pressure from all non-ferrous metals Automobile fittings rautokovanii Extruded products from all metals Extruded products from alloys of aluminum, improved by hear Metal flexible tubing thadicel Metal construction fittings Flexible shafts Bowden spirals and armatures for them Railroad pressure brakes for freight and passenger cars Locomotive compressors and stuffing boxes bicpavky] Aluminum utensils for cooking and touring 21. KOVONA, Factories for Metal Furniture, State Enterprise Prague II, Havlickovo Square 31; Telephone: 243-96, 274-84 Telegraph address: Kovona Prague Factories,: Frystat SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIAOP83-00415R002000040001-3 up z6 UP 26 UP 32 Approved For Release 2005/1MCRETIDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Lysa nad Labem Products: Metal furniture: Chromium-plated Lacquered Hospital School Garden All sheet-metal /beloplechove Medical and sanitary Kitchen scales Small wire, sheet-metal, and lacquered goods for hous- hold use 22. LETECKE ZAVODY [Aircraft Factories], State Enterprise Prague VIII - Liben, Ceskomoravska Avenue 346 Telephone: 828-51-5, 811-41 --- 5 Factories: Letnany, production of aircraft Jinonice, production of aircraft engines and propellers Vysocany, automobile works rautomobilka] Karlin, Prague I, Palackeho 38 Liben, Prague VIII, Ceskomoravska 346 UP 29 DP 32 Products: Automobiles, DP 20; aircraft, LP; aircraft engines, LP; replacement parts for vehicles 23. MEOPTA, United Factories for Fine Mechanics and Optics, State Enter- prise, Prerov Commercial management: Prague I, Na prikope 1; Telephone; 285-38, 272-45, 272-46, 245-38 gnilaBOOV Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : Cl DP83-00415R002000040001,3 Approved For Release 2005/1?E3.111WIRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Telegraph address: Meopta Prague Factories: 3 - formerly Optikotechna, Prerov 4 - ETA, Prague XIV, Dr. Magi Avenue 5 Srb and Stys, Prague-Kosire, Xavalirka 208 6 - Somet, Teplice-Trnovany, Husova Avenue 7 - Loschner, Prague -Modrany Products: Prismatic telescopes Astronomical and observation telescopes Sighting telescopes for rifles Field glasses Lenses Physical optical instruments Photographic instruments Enlarging projectors Cameras ifilmove komore Projectors Geodetic instruments Meteorological instruments Shop measuring instruments Precision shop instruments Up 24 24. METRA, Factories for Measuring Instruments, State Enterprise, Blansko Telegraph address: Metra Blansko Selling and technical offices: Prague I, 28 Rijna Street No 5; Telephone: 329-14 Brno, Koliste No 59; Telephone: 163-52 Teplice-Sanov, Kralovska No 11; Telephone 3703 SE CRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CRIORDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - -25 - Approved For Release 2005/121MWAP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Blansko, formerly Sochor firm Nova Paka, formerly Siemens and Halske firm Sumperk Under national administration: Zierold, Usti nad Labem Klinkhoff, Ostrava-Vitkovioe Products: Electrical measuring instruments Switchboard and laboratory instruments Plug-in and decade resisttnce boxesaosuvne a dekadove odpory] Au,tomatic electrical boiler regulation Thermotechnical measuring, registration, and regulation instruments and devices Bimetallic thermometers and thermostats 25. MEVA, Factories for the Production of Sheet-Metal Goods, State Enterprise Prague II, Vaclavske Square 56; Telephone: 332-51-2 Telegraph address: Meva Prague Factory: Roudnice nad Labem Products: Sheet-metal containers (barrels, drums, watering cans ficonven Meva patent ash cans Storm lanterns Portable alcohol stoves Sheet-metal tank carts tioznice plechovel Kitchen supplies UP 32 Metal trays Metal decorative and gift articles Chimney and ventilation flexible pipes tkominove a vetraci hadicel Approved For Release 2005/12/2SROLWM83-00415R002000040001-3 2.5 --26-- Approved For Release 2003BORMA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Aluminum utensils for cooking and touring UP 32 26. MILA, Factories for Sewing Machines, State Enterprise Opava, Dr. E. Benes Square 69 Telegraph address: Mila Opava Factories: Opava, formerly Minerva Joint Stock Company, Rezler and Komarek, Rybarska 44 Sobeslav, formerly Lada Boskovice, formerly Minerva Joint Stock Company Bynov, formerly Factory for Sewing Machines (confiscated) Products: Parts for sewing machines Sewing machines 27. MORAVIA, State Enterprise, Marianske Udoli near Olomouc Telephone: Olomouc 960, 963; Marianske Udoli 1,2,3 Telegraph address: Morovia Marianske Udoli UP 32 It Factories: Moravia, Marianske Udoli Moravia, Rlubocky Moravia, Olomouc G. Meurer, Decin (confiscated) Chr. Garms, Podmokly (confiscated) Oskar Hasse, Dolni Krecany near Rumburk (confiscated) K. Mekisky Sons, Litovel (confiscated) Pilnikow Foundry and Factory for Metal Goods, Pilnikov near Trutnov (confiscated) Products: Ranges UP 31 ' SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIVDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - -27".` Approved For Release 2005/WW-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Slow-burning Litalozarnag stoves using coke and other fuels Gas ranges and portable stoves Slow-burning stoves Hearth inlays fkrbove vlozkx/ Gas stoves Gas radiators Large-scale kitchen equipment Refrigerators Circulating brutokovel gas water heaters Baking ovens Coal wagons and coke wagons fiablaky a koksake Smoke ducts and smoke elbows [courova roury a kourova kolena] Coal shovels UP 31 UP 31 II UP 28 UP 31 II 0 S 11e5NJ Spades Bread slicers Ur 29 Cutting machines Kitchen scales American flatirons Wire and wire gauze Laratenkyl Special nails threbicke for machine and band production of footwear Iron strips Horeseshoes and nails/is/Me timdkuvky a spicke Fittings for stove-setters Cast iron manufactured to order f-zakazkova 28. MQRAVSKE ELEKTROTMOHNICKE ZAVODY /Moravian Electrotechnical Factories, State Enterprise, Olomouc Office: Olomouc, Denisova Avenue 47; Telephone: 507 and 844 Factories: Olomouc, formerly Wagner Factories Kysperk, formerly Wagner Factories SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Martl Approved For Release 2005/1 e : -RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Postrelmov, formerly Wagner Factories Frenstat pod Radhostem, formerly Batia, Zlin Vsetin, formerly J. Sousedik Joint Stock Company Brno-Zidenice, Komenskeho 51, formerly Elektromotor Svet Mohelnice, formerly Siemens-Schuckert Installation Factories: Teplice-Sanov, formerly Siemens-Schuckert Olomouc, formerly Wagner Factories Joint Stock Company Brno, Nadrazni 4, formerly AEG Products: Electrical heating devices Electrical machines and appliances up to 50 kilowatts Electrical machines and appliances above 50 kilowatts Electrical tools, abrasive wheels, compressors, and ventilators Arc welders, auxiliary transformers UP 12 UP 13 UP 30 UP 15 UP 15 29. OKULA, Factories for the Mechanicsand Optics of Eyeglasses, State Enterprise, Chomutov Offices: Prague II, Vladislavova 8 - 10 P.7 Prague 1C, Havlicka 3 Telephone: 212-14; 268-40, 268-50 Telegraph address: Okula Prague Factories: Prague, formerly Zeleny and Company, Prague IT, yladislavova 8-10 Nyrsko, formerly Fremuth and Company, Nyrsko na Sumave Chomutov, formerly 9ptin, Chomutov, Sokolska 2767 (confiscated) Brno, formerly Celloptic, Brno, Kovarska Street 16 (confiscated) Nyrsko II, formerly J. Altmann, Nyrsko na Sumave (confiscated) Dolni Polubny, formerly Joh. Umann, Dant Polubny (confiscated) SECB,jia Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIWDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - Approved For Release 2005=216M-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Budisov, nad Budisovkou, na Morave (confiscated) Products: Eyeglasses of all kinds Pure optics, magnifiers, lenses Eyeglass cases 30. OMNIA, Machine Shops and Automechanics, State Enterprise Bratislava, Paulin Toth Street No 1; Telephone: 3841, 3842 Telegraph address: Omnia Bratislava Factories: OMNIA, Trencianske Biskupice OMNIA, Kubra ORAVA, Bratislava OSTRAI, Bratislava Ringhoffer-Tatra, Bratislava ASAP, B4sra Bystrica ASAP, Bratislava ASAP, Kosice ASAP, Zilina Products: Drilling, grinding, and polishing machines Tinsmith machines Alampiarske stroje] Mark [in] OEKO electrodes for welding Equipment for cleaning Mark MONO steam boilers "LUX" filling and closing automatic devices 51niace a uzavieracie automaty "LUXILT ir Mark KRAUTZ3ER0ER spray guns Agricultural machines Agricultural and fire-fighting sprayers, Mark FLADER Air technology Automobile parts and repairs Approved For Release 2005112123 8B3-00415R002000040001-3 UP 23 II Approved For Release 20050140A1R-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 31. OSTRAVSKA STROJIRNA A SLEVARNA [Ostrava Machine Shop and Foundry], formerly Elbertzhagen and Glassaer, State Enterprise Ostrava I; Telephone: 2420, 2454, 2821 Telegraph address: Ostroj Ostrava Zanssx: Ostrava I Products: Tanks and containers for the chemical industry Castings from carbon and alloy steel up to 5000 kilograms Castings from gray cast iron up to 6000 kilograms Industrial ovens for roasting pyrites Mining machines Transportation equipment for mines Loading equipment for mines [narazeci zarizeni pro doly] Mining brattices vratky7 with pneumatic and electric drive Mine dumping equipment,..4104WW0AWRAmpeaulni vyklapeceg UP 30 UP 30 UP 30 UP 30 II 0 32. PAL, United Factories of the Auxiliary Automobile and Aircraft Industry, State Enterprise Ceske Budejovice, Dr Zenkl Street 501; Telephon 1077 Administrative management: Prague XII, Stalinova 8; Telephone: 251-47-9 Telegraph address: Magnetpal Prague Factories: Jikov, Velesin Magneton, Kromeriz Pantor?Radotin Kbely near rrague Klevin, Modrany near Prague Kraslice at Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA- -00415R002000040001-3 - -3-1- - Approved For Release 2005/12/AVPSWP83-00415R002000040001-3 Joro, Novy Jicin Tabor, formerly Brita Jihlava I Jihlava II Voboril-Frigera, Prague X Holesovice Elka, Pragu+ Valck, formerly Jiskra, Prague Ceske Budejovice Machine Shops, Budejovice (confiscated) Palux, Hodkovice near Liberec (confiscated) Automotif, Trmice - Usti aad Labem (confiscated) Jiretin near Varnsdorf (confiscated) Solex, Prague (confiscated) Products: Accessories for automobiles, aircraft, tractors, and motorcycles Quartz oscillators Agricultural engines Collectors Electrical hand shears for sheet-metal UP 15 Metal construction and furniture fittings UP 26 Piano hinges Automobile fittings Lautokovani7 33. PPUN, Factories for Laundry and Cleaning Machines, State Enterprise Offices: Prague X, Vinehradska 20; Telephone: 626-51*, 640-01 Telegraph address: Perupra Prague Factories: Prague-Karlin, formerly Havelka Joint Stock Company, machine shops 0 Melnik, formerly Gollner, machine shop (confiscated) Zelena Bora near Kraslice, formerly EMO, machine shop mat= Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : VRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Approved For Release 2008/11=MA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Products: Electric washing machines for household use UP 12 Laundry machines: Washing machines Centrifugal wringers Ironing machines Ironing presses Boiling kettles fiyvareci kotliky7 Driers for laundry Cleaning machines:. Cleaning machines for chemical cleaning shops [CistirnY] Ironing presses for clothing 34. PILANA, Factories for Saws and Woodworking Tools, State Enterprise Hulin, Nadrazni 883 Telephone: Hulin 20 and 31; Kromeriz 400 Telegraph address: Pilana Hulin Factories: Pilana, Hulin Pickart H. and Sons, Perstein aad Ohri (confiscated) Factory rtrovarn4 for Sams and Tools, Adolfoviee (confiscated) Legler G., Jablunkov (confiscated) Legler A., Horni Domasov (confiscated) Mertl K., Factory for Tools, Kromeriz (confiscated) Pilana, Slovak Factory for Saws and Tools, Kremnica (confiscated) Products: Saws of all kinds Saws for metal Saws for wood Woodworking tools Drills for wood Cutters for wood /irezy na drevol SE CR. Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIAJEDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 4g- - Approved For Release 2005/1//E9MDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Gluing tools Circular knives Planning knives Files Rinco power chain saws 35. PODMOKELSKA STROJIREA A KOTLARKA [Podmokly Machine Shop and Boiler Factory], State Enterprise, Podmokly Offices: Podmokly, Ustecka 30; Telephone: 4851 Prague I, 28 Rijna Street 13; Telephone: 305-30; 316-61 Telegraph address: Strojkot Podmokly (Prague) factory: Podmokly, formerly W. Schmidding Products: Equipment and machines: For the chemical industry For the food industry For canning factories For dairies For starch factories Equipment for extraction plants Lextraharnyl Equipment for yeast factories Evaporators and vacuum pans rodparky a vaku:t7 Tanks and cisterns Copper working, all kinds of products of copper and aluminum fiedikovna, veskere prace z medi a hlinikil7 Modern equipped pressing machine Butcher and sausage-making supplies UP 16 Iron and aluminum barrels and special vessels for the storage and transportation of liquids UP 27 Electric flatcars felektrovoziky plosinove7 ( (vybehove)J VP 15 SEMI= Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : ClAilp83-00415R002000040001-3 -- Approved For Release 20015-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 36. POVAZSKE STROJARNE Pah Machine Shops], State Enterprise Povazska Bystrica; Telephone: 10, 14, 16 Telegraph address: Vahostroj Povazska Bystrica Factories: Povazska Bystrica, formerly Zbrojovka Brno, Joint Stock Company Metama, Podmokly Haber, Jihlava Zinn-Engels, Varnsdorf Myjava, formerly Taus and Company Semprex, Hejhotice Moravia, Hodolany II Schutzler, Podmokly Weber, Sluknov Herold, Chomutov ZuthWinkler, Chomutov Hunger, Vejprty Seifert, Roma Blatna Kuhn and Hubei, Krasno nad Leaky Stara Tura, formerly Kovotechna, Stara Tura Micher Brothers, Stara Tura Otto Klimpel, Liberec Injekta, Kraslice Prague, formerly Micher Brothers, Prague Elektrotechna-Siemens Products: Semifinished foundry products from non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and other alloys of non-ferrous and light metals Castings under pressure Machine castings from gray eirs* iron Sprayed castingsfodliatky striekanig ColJ avl Lle'4 ,extruded products Alow--r4NANcImmwirkeir-Annb4mrlaft-Pylisky tvarove za SECILba Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : 9k-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 45- - MOE= Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 studena i teplq Metal sheets, strips, discs, and plates iillechy, pasy, kotuce a dosticky] Rods, pipes, and sections rtyce, rury a profily] Wires and wire cables Trollies and trolley wiring, jumpers and terminals ftroleye a vodice, spojky a svorky7 Pressure vessels from copper, brass, and aluminum Cuvettes, basins, and other pressed articles Milk cans from lig#t metals Dairy equipment, reservoirs, transportation tanks, etc. Supplies for the food industry Distillation and evaporation columns Motorcycles 90 corn fmotocykel 90 ccag [capacity of cylinder) UP 20 Electric refrigerators for household use UP 12 2E1.11 and pistol ammunition Military ammunition Instruments and tools UP 24 Office furniture School furniture Hollow threads inity dute7 Threading machines initovacie stroje7 Fittings for trunks 77? [V1novce Steam fittings Gas fittings Toilet fittings Lloaletne armaturyl Plumbing fittings Heating fixtures Armatury vyhrevnig Screws for wood and metal, pressed and threaded Automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle valves Parts for bicycles s? Threaded and pressed f-mtmeng screpqrlAonvs7 parts Approved For Release 2005/12/23'!.P-W8 3-00415R002000040001-3 -L UP 22 Approved For Release 2001NRIFFA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Construction fittings Medical instruments Domestic and industrial water meters Fishing reels Pocket lighters Textile spindles Liretenal Telescopes Opera glasses ? fbuzoly] Sound motion picture projectors Fine mechanisms Measuring instruments UP 26 UP 11 37. PRVNI BRNENSKA A KRALOVOPOLSKA STROJIRNA GOTTWALDOVY ZAVODY [First Brno and Kralovo Pole Machine Shop, Gottwald Factories], State Enterprise Brno, Olomoucka 7/9; Telephone: 123;94 to 99, 12890 Telegraph address: Motor Brno Factories: Brno, Olomoucka, formerly First Brno Machine Shop Company Kralovo Pole, Krizikova, formerly Brno - Kralovo Pole Machine Shop and Car Foundry Brno, Legionarska, formerly Gefia Products: Armatures Centrifugal pumps Diesel engines Bridges and cranes Piston and. rotary compressors Steam turbines Steam engines SECRE'r Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CliSfDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - UP 18 UP 30 it Is ii Approved For Release 2005/12094110683-00415R002000040001-3 Steam boilers and furnaces Pipes and tanks Steam and motor highway rollers Construction of petroleum equipment Sawing machines Veneer and plywood machines Machinery for: Sugar refineries Ice plants and refrigeration plants Slaughterhouses Breweries Skating rinks The entire ceramic industry (brickyards, cement factories, etc.) Railraod cars and motorized cars 38. soma. United Factories for the Production of Silver and Metal Ware, State Enterprise Bratislava, Safarikovo Square 3; Telephone: 64, 81 Office: Prague II, Narodni 36; Telephone: 243-10, 243-16 Telegraph address: Sandrik Bratislava Factories: I. Dolne Eamry, formerly Sandrik II. Moravska Trebova, formerly Sandrik III. Prague-Karlin Under national administration: Rosler I. Sons, Mikulasovice Draschke and Son, Vilemov near Mikulasovice Frenzel, Milulasovice F. J. Frenzel, Velky Senov Pilz and Sons, Mikulasovice Libochovitz Brothers, Ceska Lipa Approved For Release 2005/12/23SEC : uplAN3-00415R002000040001-3 -L UP 30 II UP 25 UP 30 UP 21 Approved For Release 2005/12/MUMP83-00415R002000040001-3 Stegman J. Sons, Ceske Budejovice Lehman W., Karlovy Vary Reichelmann and Company, Teplice near Usti nad Labem Arnoldi Jan, Teplice near Usti nad Labem Lug and Natzag, Moravska Trebova Matzak Brothers, Moravska Trebova Linhart J., Moravska Trebova Ken l and Company, Horni Blatna near Nejdek Stefan Schreiber and Sons, Stos Hugo Komporday, Stos Jos, Wlaszlovitz, Stos Simon Pohm, Nizni Medzev J. Bodenlooz, Nizni Medzev Products: Aluminum electrical utensils relektronadobie7 Notions Metal notions Etching of metals Stainless cooking utensils Folding knives Hunting knives and daggers Garden knives Scissors Scissors for poultry Household metal supplies Aluminum eating utensils Alpaca [Plated German silver] silver-plated eating utensils Stainless eating utensils Silver eating utensils Metal labels Can tops [tisk na kov a sklq/ EllEabWlia Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Zt 8 Approved For Release 2005/19/KaBISZDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Silver goods Kitchen knives 39. SEVEROCESKA ARMATURKA [Northern Czech Armature Works], formerly Schaffer and Budenberg, State Enterprise Usti nad Labem, Prace Street 20; Telephone: 367, 933 Office: Prague II, Havlickovo Square 15; Telephone: 223-41 Telegraph address: Manometr Ustilabe Factory: Usti nad Labem, formerly Schaffer and Budenberg Products: Industrial armatures of all kinds, incltding low-pressure armatures and armatures for highest pressures Water gauges Closing and reversing valves Lientily uzaviraci a zpetne] Spring and weight rzavazove7 safety valves Transit and three-way cocks fkohouty ucpavkove pruchozi a tricestnej Steam blast pumps baroproudni cerpadls" Injectors Noiseless water heaters Condenser outlets rodvadece kondensatig Dirt catchers Liapace kalq Reduction valves Steam and air pressure regulators Water pressure reduction valves Reduction gas stations VOIT system pumps, piston pumps operating on steam or compressed air Lubricating pressure systems Locomotive fittings Baffle plat$ [iozvadeci blavy] UP 18 8agaitia Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIAADP83-00415R002000040001-3 -e- 'I II II II II II Approved For Release 2005f? : CIA-RD P83-00415R002000040001-3 /1ta Safety valves Water gauges Cocks Whistles Injectors, etc. /iozdelovace vstriku atdi Industrial measuring instruments Manometer cocks and valves Manometers, vacuometers, and manovacuometers Recording manometers, vacuometers, and manovacuometers Manometers for refrigerating Liimotvornd machines Heat regulators Direct and recording metal thermometers Thermometers Hygrometers 40. SEVEROCESKE STROJIRNY A SLEVARNY [Northern Czech Machine Shops and Foundries], State Enterprise, Prague Enterprise management: Prague I, Masaryk Embankment 8 Telephone: 335-57 -- 9 Telegraph address: Textilstroj Prague Factories: Zandov Rumburk Chrastava Products: Gray cast iron Tempered cast iron Foundry machines Textile machines SE ?Elia Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : (iillik-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 UP 18 Approved For Release 2005M91W-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 41. SIGMA PUMPY [Sigma Pumps], State Enterprise Central selling office: Olomouc, Jiri Wolker Avenue 6; Telephone: 634 656, 672 Telegraph address: Sigmapumpy Olomouc Representation: Prague II Na Porici 27; Telephone: 607-51. 607-52, 600-oo, 619-67 Factories: Kosmos, Olomouc Kunz, Hranice Sigmund-Chema, Lutin Tatzel, Opava (confiscated) Products: Pumps for household use, agriculture, and business Pedestal hand pumps Piston pumps Windmill pumps humpy kridlovke "Darling" automatic water systems Nautila honome pumps Hydraulic rams Pumps and machines for farmers: Hand and motor pumps for liquied manure Liquid manure spreaders Liocuvkovace ? 1' Avjdovaci zarizenq Irrigation equipment Hand and motor sprayers for fruit-growers, vintners, and hops-growers Sprayers for chemical spraying of fields Watering tanks fnapaieckyl for livestock Pumps for all branches of industry: Compressors and air pumps Portable and mobile fire engines SZORZT Approved For Release 2005/12/23 :0314-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - Are - Approved For Release 20002qW4A-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Rand fire-fighting instruments and all kinds of equipment for fire protection Sprinkler equipment Instruments for pressing and spraying artificial substances UP 24 Instruments for pressing, bending, drawing and perforating metals Precision instruments and measuring devices for the metal industry Constructions of plumbing systems and drainage: Lining for springs Dimani pramenig Well constructions, well-drilling Processing of utility and. drinking water Purification of waste waters Plumbing projects for towns, cities, and industry Drainage projects and constructions Installation of plumbing systems and central heating in buildings Construction of pumping stations Meat cutters UP 29 Electric irons UP 12 Fruit presses for household use UP 29 Poppy mills Kitchen scales Skates Artificial substances Extrusion products from artificial substances Smaller machine tools: lathes and revolvers, milling cutters ftreskii, threaders fiavitovkyl UP 24 Central heating and ventilation 42. SLOVENSKE ZAVODY NA SMALTOVANY A ZELEZNY TOVAR [Slovak Factories for Enamelled and Iron Ware', State Enterprise Bratislava, DostojOskeho No 21; Telephone: 4044-8 Telegraph address: Coburg Bratislava SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : GnaRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - Approved For Release 2009BSCSMIK-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Trnava, formerly Joint Stock Company, formerly Coburg, Mining and Forging Factories, Bratislava Nave Mesto nad Vahom, formerly Joint Stock Company, formerly Coburg, Mining and Forging Factories, Nave Mesto nad Vahom Pohorela, formerly Ocel'ovy Dom, joint stock company, Pohorela Filakovo, formerly Filakovo Industrial Factories for Enamelled Ware, Filakovo Matejovce, formerly A. C. Scholtz, Matejovce Petrzalka, formerly Sphinx, United Enamel Factories, Petrzalka Podmokly, formerly Gerhardt and Rahm, Podmokly Products: Gray cast iron Ovens and ranges using coal, gas, and electricity (UP 14 UP 31 Steel radiators UP 19 Black sheet-metal and galvanized ware UP 32 Galvanized utensils II Wire nails Refrigeration equipment up to 20,000 calories per hour, and control panels .Multyl UP 16 Narrow guage cars UP 21 Vane pumps Stationary pressure and suctton pumps Netting bletivol Wire fabric Wire goods Kitchen utensils from tin-plated or lacquered wire and from white sheet-metal UP 32 Furniture springs Sewage cast iron and rodpadacke UP 28 SEORztx Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : C6RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - .144 - Approved For Release 2000101*FA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Bath foundations [iazenske spodky] Makyle5 NA400,1, for laundry bnandel na pradlol Masons' tools Sprayers for vineyards and orchards Ice cream freezers Hand dough mixers Cutting machines Angle and ordinary irons [iehlicky uholne a obycajne] Poppy mills Machines for meat and fruit Matrix bushings and wire matrices gnatracove vlozky a drotene mAtrace7 UP 29 U Perforated metal sheets 5erforovane pleche Presses Filtering heads rscedzovacie dna] Sorting drums /1riediace bubnY7 UP 30 Cleaning stations for grain [triery a cistiace stanice na UP 17 Pressed and threaded grease cups Metal goods such as pitchforks, rakes, spades, shovels, mattocks; shoemaking articles such as ? jtexej, ? 7[iifiaky7, hobnails, horseshoe nails Lioodmeckyj, welded and forged bits, horseshoes [Podkoval7], cogs [Ozuby] Extruded products o, Light sheet-metal containers Union of Producers [vaz vyrobcui Food containers ikonzervove krabice] Enamelled sheet-metal utensils UP 32 Galvanized utensils Tin-plated sheet-metal goods Kitchen utensils UP 29 Thermos bottles UP 32 Lacquered sheet-metal goods Approved For Release 2005/12/238Eglatfily3-00415R002000040001-3 - 14.4 Approved For Release 200**292f" : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Enamelled coal ranges UP 31 Aluminum utensils UP 32 Milk cans Heavy sheet-metal containers, such as gasoline drums UP 27 Agricultural machines (seeders, straw cutters, 7Liepaky7, scrapers [d.rhliky] for maize) Ordinary scales, decimal and centesimal UP 29 Iron ovens UP 31 Coal ranges Polished galvanized.and aluminum utensils UP 32 Tin-plated ware for cooking and travelling o Products from white sheet-metal Union of Producers ivaz vyrobc4 Dairy utensils Military utensils Curry combs Galvanized otp.soline drums and other heavy containers, such as ploboki7 UP 27 Dampers for fodderfVparaky na krmivci7 UP 31 Drums for asphalt UP 27 43. SPOJENE EHNEN= SLEVARNY A STROLTIRNY /United Brno Foundries and Machine Shops], formerly Ig. Storek Ux Brothers, State Enterprise Enterprise management: Brno, Elazarova 7; Telephone: 129-53 -- 5 Teletype: internal circuit 71, interurban 00371 Telegraph address: Spojene - Brno Prague office: Prague II, Vaclav Square 43; Telephone: 318-04 Factories: Foundry: Castings from steelj Fek c..?.017 1 EDfrkvet-I Si-tic c-t0 ],T) OPP,e. Ux. g Fc?---L-0(7 .14 ) f of-on-et-1y Se fovy &At tofiey, L C i d14-.(141'r Castings from alloyed steel Castings from high-alloy Steel resisting corrosion, acids, and bases Approved For Release 2005/12/23 RISSUP/3-00415R002000040001-3 - 45 - Approved For Release 2005AINPV-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Pyralite 5yralit7 up to 1200 degrees Refractory castings rodlitky zaruvzdornej Special manganese cast steel, improved for the ceramic industry Castings of gray-Issmie iron Castings of Ompered-eme't iron with white refraction Castings of tempered cast iron with black refraction Castings of hardened tost iron, die cast iron (skorepkova litina7 Bolt Livornikovel and Evart chains of all standarized types Strebel system low-pressure cast iron segmented [clankovel boilers Radiators Machine shop: Storek-Kaplan turbines for all water proportions UP 19 UP 30 Mechanical presses and shears UP 23 Hydraulic baling presses Liisy paketovacg 02E21) hammers Transmission casings 5revodove skrineg Pumps Replacement parts for steam plows, printing and textile machines Officially authorized metallurgical (mechanical and chemical) laboratories. 44. SPOJENE SMALTOVNY A tAVODY NA KOVOVE ZBOZI gaited Enamel and Factories for Metal Goods], State Enterprise, Prague Office: Prague II, Prikopy 8; Telephone: 362-51--3 Telegraph address: Esmaltado Prague Factories: Boletice, formerly Sphinx Brno, formerly Sphinx Ceske Budejovice, formerly First Ceske Budejovice Factory for Enamelled Utensils (confiscated) Stare Brno, formerly J. Ottahal and Son (B. G. B.) Approved For Release 2005/12/23MRAM3-00415R002000040001-3 - 46 - it Ea Approved For Release 200?1T223-7CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Trnovany-Teplice, formerly Sphinx 'Colin, formerly Mining and-laseglag Me?-0//i)1,5 Ple-60/1uP,- Vilemov, formerly Mining andfPeameng Company, or Stransky Mining and tile-tot/0-5'y Peogamg,Company Smrzovka, formerly Arnost Mahla and Company (confiscated) Jihoceska, formerly Westeln in Ceske Budejovice (confiscated) Rorni Blatna, formerly Zenker Brothers (confiscated) Sobedruhy, formerly Leinbrock and Company (confiscated) Jablonec, formerly Markovsky and Company (confiscated) Mseno, formerly Gall and Company (confiscated) Products: Aluminum utensils and knives, forks, and spoons UP 32 Yine sheet-metal contdners Union of Producer! liv'az Vyrobgq Sheet-metal and wire kitchen supplies Enamelled goods Sheet-metal utensils Sheet-metal enamelled tubs and children's bathtubs UP 28 Stainless utensils II II jur.L ac Small kitchenware, thaiplim4 coffee and poppy mills, bread cutters, etc. Sheet-metal toys Enamelled signs and letters Aluminu, zinc, and enamelled kitchen sinks Enamelled screens Extrusion products from fine sheet-metals Union of Producers UP 29 45. SPOJENE TOVARNY NA OBRABECI STROJE OUited Factories for Machine Tools7, State Enterprise Prague VII, Pristavni 28; Telephone: 267-45-9, 267-55---9 Telegraph address: Spotos Prague SECKEI: Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 47 - Approved For Release 2005/MeAraRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Kurim near Brno, formerly Zbrojovka Brno Hostivar, formerly J. Kamenicek and Company Hostivar, formerly Engineer Podhajsky Joint Stock Company Hronov nad Metuji, formerly Mach and Fiser Joint Stock Company Varnsdorf, formerly Arno Plauert Prague-Holesovice, formerly J. Polak Holoubkov, formerly Max Hopfengartner and Company Celakovice near Prague, formerly J. Volman Joint Stock Company Olomouc, formerly Wagner Factories Joint Stock Company Lipnik nad Becvou, formerly Fr. Wawerka Rychnov near Jablonec nad Nisou Zebrak, formerly J. Volman Joint Stock Company Klasterec nad Ohri, formerly Klasterec Machine Shops Pardubice, formerly Bestra Svitayy, formerly Reform Suchdol n. 0., formerly Manasek Liberec, formerly Kontakta - Hanychov Teplice, formerly Otnima Products; Equipment for high frequency heating Lathes Turret lathes tievolverove soustruhe Milling cutters /frezkyl Boring machines Screw-cutting machines /Yyvrtavaci strojeg Precision screw-cutting machines Abrasive wheels Arusky na plochi] Planers Thoblovky] Ceramic presses and cutters Measuring instruments for ceramics SECR.1111: Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - - 'UP 23 Is II UP 30 Is 18X011"" Approved For Release 2005/12723 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3. Saws for metal Drawing machines brotahovacke ? 7 7 7 robrazeckg Screw cutters firouboreze Construction machinery Machines tool units robrabeci jednotke Gear making machines Presses Machines for processing sheet metal Machines for casting under pressureII 46. STREDOSLOVENSKE ZELEZIARNE [Central Slovak Iron Works], State Enterprise, Podbrezova, Slovakia Telephone: Podbrezova 17, 20 Telegraph address: Zeleziarne Podbtezova Branch offices: Bratislava, Malinovskeho 30; Telephone: No 2441 Prague XIV, Postoffice Box 145; Telephone: No 743-45 Factories: Podbrezova iron works Podbrezova foundry Ruzomberok iron works, Ruzomberok-Rybarpole Products: Rough metal sheets Liarube plechyl Rods and shaped steel ftycovu a tvarovu ocelq Seamless pipes Gray cast iron Cast steel Bridges and steel construction of all kinds anks, barrels, drums Protective iron baskets Approved For Release 2005/12/23 ftftlig3-00415R002000040001-3 - 49 - TJP 27 Approved For Release 2005/12/9MiP83-00415R002000040001-3 Special utensils UP 27 Bath foundations fiupellne spodke UP 28 Sewage cast iron Plumbing fittings Welded pipes Dump carts, light rails Liyklopne voziky, plone drazkg UP 21 Wheelbarrows UP 15 Windows and window frames fiarubns7 Woodworking machines Metalworking machines UP 23 Small agricultural machines Oxygen of Valveseast steel. UP 18 Safety and float valves Switches and turntables rotacnictg for narrow gauge railroads II UP 25 II 47. SKODOVY ZAVODY [Skoda Factoriee, State Enterprise, Pilsen Office: Prague II, Jungmannova 29; Telephone: 251-51--9,.272-04, 392-61, 393-14, 393-15 Telegraph address: Skodovka Prague Factories: Pilsen, formerly Skoda Factories Joint Stock Company in Pilsen Dubnica nad Vahom, formerly Reprezentacia in Dubnica nad Vahom Hradec Kralove II Kraloveshradecka mostaraa (Hradec Kralove bridge factory], formerly Kribel and Peschl, Hradec Kralove Decin, formerly Agte Limited Liability Company, Decin Smichov Brno Admov near Brno Lime kiln, Zdice Approved For Release 2005/12/23n1Mint3-00415R002000040001-3 - 50 - Approved For Release 2005/12MMONDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Limestone quarry, Srbsko near Mice Shipyard, Komarno Products; Steel castings Forgings brykovky7 Extruiaa products weighing up to 100 tons Smaller serial extruded products Special hard and heat-resistant alloyed steels and steels resistant to chemical influences Castings from gray 411111WIt iron and non-ferrous metals Material for ship construction Railroad material Geared wheels and transmission cases Springs Steam engines and turbines Boilers Diesel and gas engines Superchargers Compressors Pumps Hydraulic machines Generators Motors Metallmagiesa machines Shop instruments and measuring devices ? 4. UP 30 IIII II UP 30 UP 30 and 13 UP 23 UP 24 Transformers VP 30 Converters [mimics] Cable systems II Steam, electric, and Diesel electric locomotives Tractors UP 20 and selves Trolleybuses UP 30 Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : 85Wi - 3-00415R002000040001-3 - 51 - Approved For Release 2005/029WRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Special vehicles River boats UP 30 Crushers Road rollers 11 Excavators Cranes Complete equipment for electric power plants, gas works, sugar refineries, breweries, malt houses, distilleries, Chemical, 11A e tc, I LI- c c-e% j 4emisoimpti and mining factories, cement works, slaughterhouses, dairies, refrigeration plants, etc. UP 30 Automatic cigarette and wrapping machines Pill making machines Estroje tabletovacti7 Canning machines, etc. rstroje konservarske atd.7 Dairy cans Machines for packing sugar Machines for drilling buttons Machines for capping bottles UP 30 48. TATRA, State Enterprise, Koprivnice Office: Prague XVI, Kartouzska 200; Telephone: 413-51, 456-51, 453-29, 433-02, 412-20, 412-77 Factories: Koprivnice, formerly Ringhoffer-Tatra Factories, Joint Stock Company Smichov, formerly Ringhoffer-Tatra Factories, Joint Stock Company Studenka, formerly Moravia-Silesian Car Foundry, Joint Stock Company Kolin, formerly Factory for Cars, Joint Stock Compnay in Kolin Ceska Lipa, formerly Bohemia, Car Foundry and Machine Shop, Limited Beroun, formerly Ringhoffer-TatrYkFactories, Joint Stock Company Products: Passenger automobiles Trucks Approved For Release 2005/12/23?402RW3-00415R002000040001-3 - 52,- 'UP 20 II Approved For Release 200efignariA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Railroad cars of all kinds UP 21 Motor cars Up 21 and 30 Tenders UP 30 Handcars UP 21 Streetcars UP 21 and 30 Trolleybuses UP 30 Automatic electrical refrigerating equipment for businesses and medical institutes UP 16 Insulation for refrigerators and ice machines Construction and industrial insulation 49. TEPLICA STROJIRNA [Teplice Machine Shop], State Enterprise Teplice-Sanov, Hrbitovni 723; Telephone: 2346-7 Factory,: Teplice-Sanov, formerly Tesas Products: Mine equipment Machines for the chemical and glass industries Machines for metal rolling mills Machine for rolling railroad wheel rims EnakolkIV Steel constructions UP 30 II II Mostni sdruzeni iBridge associatio47 50- TESLA, Low-power and Radiotechnical Factories, State Enterprise, Prague Enterprise management: Prague II, Karlovo Square 7; Telephone: 458-55, 437-41 Telegraph address: Tesla Prague Selling office for Bohemia: Prague I, Hradebni 3; Telephone: 632-51 Selling office for Moravia: Brno, Koblizna 2; Telephone: 172-24 Selling office for Slovakia: Bratislava, Titova 5; Telephone: 3066 Central selling office for telecommunication equipment: Prague-Karlin, Kralovska 84-86; Telephone: 376-41 Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : eNUFWS-00415R002000040001-3 - 53 - Approved For Release 2005/1ntlfarDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Hloubetin, Nademlynska 600 Prague X, Xralovska No 80 Hloubetin, Podebradska 186 Prague XIII-Staie Strasnice, Post Office Box SOO Valaseke Mezirici Kolin IV - No 260 Kolin II - No 14 Prelouc Lanskroun Horejsi Vrchlabi Pardubice Jablonne nad Orlici Bratislava, Racistorfska No 610 Prague VII-Holesovice, tr Pruhonu No 3 Prague VII-Holesovice, Okruzni Avenue No 15 Sezemice Products: 4Utomatic telephone equipment Mine telephones Electrical medical appliances Tubes Cardiographs Low-power measuring instruments Microphones Arc welding transformers Pneumatic postal systems Radio receivers Radio sets Radio parts Public address systems Lieproduktoryl Sray machines and accessories Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 WilabLiga - UP 11 UP 11 UP 15 UP 11 Approved For Release 2005/$1701W-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Local radio School radio Signal equipment for hospitals, hotels, fires, etc. Telephone centrals and equipment Telephone equipment Rectifiers [7]r Rectifying dischargers Lvybojky usmernovacil Transmitters Radio amplifying equipment Amplifiers for local radio Light bulbs UP 15 51. TOVARNA MLYNSKYCR STROJU A STAVBA MUM dr. PROKOP ftactory for Mill Machines and Construction of Mills, formerly Prokop7, State Enter- prise Pardubice; Telephone: 2831-2 Telegraph address: Prokopovka Pardubice Factory: Pardubice, Palackeho 263 Products: Winnowing equipment fispiracni zarizenU Automatic mills Cleaning machines for grain (winnowers) faspirateuryl for mills and granaries Transportation equipment for grain and mill products Processing machines for grain ikartacovaci stroje Millet mills, hulling mills Dahelky, krupnike Shelling machines for grain Lioupaci strojt7 Baling machines Llackaci stolicei Mixing machines for flour and bran Rolling and stationary millstones Approved For Release 2005/12/23?8RAM3-00415R002000040001-3 - 55 - UP 17 II II Ii Approved For Release 2005/1ile5q1111HDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Two-and four-cylinder grinders tillynske stolice dvou- a etyrvalcovt7 Washing machines for grain Thracky na ()long Level screens 5.ovinne vysevace] Grinders liozterace Suction and compression dust collectors fisaci a tlakove sberace prachij Fquipment for granaries Crushers rirotovnik0 Fans UP 17 11 11 Water turbines up to 150 horsepower UP 17 and selve 52, TOVARNY STAVEBNIE0 KOVANI illactories for Construction Metal Fitting47, State Enterprise, Boskovice Enterprise management: 'Liberec, Samunkova 7; Telephone: 2946, 2947 Factory; Boskovice, Nadrazni 242 Products; Constructio4Metal fittings Automobile metal fittings Car metal fittings Furniture metal fittings Garden tools Shaels and spades Agricultural machines (dampers, hoes and washers for potatoes, cutters,for beets 5rosekavace repi7) Vises, braces rztuzlialel, and chucks Ferrous metal tools Weights of nonferrous metals narevne zavazil ELECRST Approved For Release 2005/12/23 ...Lys-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 'UP 26 II II II 11 UP 26 ti Approved For Release 2005/01404WRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 53. TRAYSPORTA, Factories for the Production of Transportation Equipment, State Enterprise ehrudim, Caslavska 328; Telephone: 13, 55, 158, Telegraph address: Transporta Chrudim Factories: Chrudim, formerly Wiesner, machine shop Jirkov near Chomutov Roztoky near Krivoklat Pribor near Ostrava Varnsdorf, formerly Neumann and Slavik (confiscated) Kostlany near Teplice-SanovCconfiscated) Product: i!assenger suspended cable railwak Freight suspended cable railws* Sled and ski tows Cable railwelt/for trunks and logs Cable cranes Cable excavators Storage equipment [hrnovaceJ and mechanical shovels Coaling equipment Mechanization of warehouses Collection, assembly and link lines for mass production CoOtinuous transportation equipment for friable substaEes Continuous transportation equipment for unit goods Bucket loaders [koreckove nakladacq7 Rubber conveyor belts 5asy prenosnq UP 15 Excavator grooves for fertilizer tarapakove drazky na mrvig Processing equipment for coal dust Cpripravny uhelneho prasktg Ash disposal equipment rodpopelnovaci zarizeni] UP 30 8E0114U Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 _ _ Approved For Release 26NO4'CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Rubber transport belts Tgumove pasy pojezdnq UP 15 Cloth transmission and transport conveyors iiatIkove dopravniky prenosne a pojezdnei Roller conveyors [;m1eckove trate' Loaders for beets Loaders for straw Commercial and industrial automatic scales UP 22 Locomotive scales Automobile scales Automobile scales for beets and coal Hydraulic and mechanical hoists UP 15 Electrical block and tackles Electrical reels Lelektrobubny7 Shop carts with hydraulic lifting surfaces (skylifts) (driven by electric or gasoline motors) UP 15 11 11 54. ZAVODY NA DRATENA LANA Oactories for Wire Cables]. State Enterprise Prague II, Stepanska 33 Telephone: Central management: 275-79, 263-80; Commercial management: 336-71, 295-32 Telegraph address: Ferrolana Prague Factories: Uhrineves, formerly Engineer B. Hruska Zatec, formerly Gerhardt and Rahm Slany, formerly CD Products; Wire cables Grounding equipment filzemnovaci pramenc17 Rims for rubber tires Flexible shafts Teleflex - mechanical remote control Teleflex 6onveyor - suspended. transportation system Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : Cag_.3-00415R002000040001-3 %%MAT - 58 - Approved For Release 2005agAM-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 55. ZAVODY NA VYROBU CHLADICICH A POTRAVINARSKYCH STROJU ikactories for the Production of Refrigerating Machines and Machines for the Food Industry], State Enterprise Management: Kolin IV, Zengrova 110; Telephone: 503 Telegraph address: Frigovita Kolin Factory; Mefil //WI Kahn IV/110, formerly Banska a Iliutni hpoi.?ining andeastOac ComparlY) Products: Refrigerating machines and equipment of all kinds up to 20,000 calories per hour Machines for the food industry Refrigerating equipment above 20,000 calories per hour UP 16 It UP 30 56. ZAVODY NA VYROBU KERAMICKYCH STROJU iPactories for the Production of Ceramic Machines], State Enterprise Blansko; Telepholie: 1, 55 Telegraph address: Keramstroj Blansko Factories: Blansko, formerly K. & R. Jeaek Raupach, Varnsdorf, Ricni 1812 (confiscated) Products: Machines and conveying equipment for the production of bricks and all kinds of ceramic goods, as well as for the extraction of ceramic raw materials UP 30 57. ZBROJOVKA BRNO ftirno Armory], State Enterprise, Brno Center: Prague XIX, Velflikova itT 4; Telephone: 757-41 Commercial direction: Prague VII, Kral Jiri VI Avenue 28 (formerly Belcredi); Telephone: 764-61 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 59 - sKORST Approved For Release 2005/12123 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factories: Brno Jablunka, formerly Engineer Jaroslav Velinsky Vsetin Brno-Lisen, formerly Flugmotorenwerke Ostmark Bojkovice, formerly V. Kyser -wok-K5 Holysov, formerly Metalliargiessil Factories, Holysov near Pilsen Brno-Cejl Prague-Vrsovice Prague-Strasnice, formerly Ogar Prague-Nusle II, formerly Zbrojovka, Engineer Fr. Janecek BroEce nad Sazavou, formerly Zbrojovka, Engineer Fr. Janecek Tyaec nad Sazavou, formerly Zbrojovka, Engineer Fr. Janecek Kvasiny-Solnice, formerly Engineer F. K. Janecek Vlasim, formerly Sellier & Bellot Rakovnik, formerly St4ion Vrchlabi, formerly Stolzenberg Bobsice near Znojmo Under national administration: Velamos factories, Sobotin near Sumperk FKZ Factories, Fuchs and Company, Cukmantl in Silesia Agon, Factories for Vehicles, Joint Stock Company, Vizmberk near Sumperk Jan Ravel, "KAMM" Factory for Scales, Upice, Bohemia Factory for Weaverst Looms, Joint Stock Company, Krnov Cvikov Apparatus Factory, Limited, Cvikov Max Apelda, machine shop, Krnov Products: Textile machines Printing, book-binding, and packaging machines Scraping and tanning knives Llizdrici a postruhovaci nozq for the leather industry SEC/Alia Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 60 - Approved For Release 2005432/29W-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Milking machines Machines for grinding meat UP 16 Tractors UP 30 and selves Machine tools UP 23 Cutting instruments UP 24 Segmented saws for metal UP 23 Cutters for palloid gearing firezy pro palloidni ozubent7 UP 23 Fasteners fupinace] Measuring instruments UP 24 Micrometers II Extensible rules Electromagnetic sine rulers fsinusova pravitka elektromagnetickq UP 24 Special instruments for serial production Pantographs Polarographs Variators [rariatoryl Loudspeaker and computer magnets Castings from light metals: Silumin, aluminurp, electrum felektroj Hunting and sporting arms and ammunition v514-te-I-flovSe rt4.5?1-ti144-ettit.5 Slaughtering cartridges Pyrotechnical products Slaughterhouse instruments Automatic and industrial scales Cutting machines tharezove strojel Typewriters Sewing machines Bicycles Dishwashing machines tkuclaynsky robot] Mechanical toys Combination padlocks theslove visaci zamk Metal fancy goods Approved For Release 2005/12/23 FefoCKS113-00415R002000040001-3 0 UP 22 UP 12 Approved For Release 2005/050WRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Bottle caps [korunkove lahvove uzavery] Shoe-making supplies 7 7 7 fzdrhovadlai Rockets fprskav1y7 Detonators Lkapsliky] [Note: Document Page 65 is missing] ses.0460.449.4-boOmpl Supplement: The following state enterprises and their production programs were established during the printing ofthis publication, and there- fore could not be included in the foregoing alphabetical listing. 58. DYNAMOCARBON, State Enterprise Sobedruhy near Teplice-Sanov; Telephone: 4433 Factories: Trnovany, Trnovany near Teplice-Sanov, formerly R. Glaser in Trnovany Sobedruhy, Sobefruhy near Teplice-Sanov, formerly Ringsdorff-Werke, K. G. Mehlem Products: Carbon cannisters and holders and other calton electrotechnical material 59. MORAVSKOSLEZSKA ARMATURKA ,Moravia-Silesian Armature Plant], State Enterprise, Dolni Benesov near Hlucin Factory: Dolni Benesov, formerly Holuscha & Co., Dolni Benesov near Hlucin Products: Industrial armatures I'leating radiators SE CL Approved For Release 2005/12/ UP 18 UP 19 Approved For Release 2005/43MW-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 60. STAVOSTROJ, Factories for the Production of Construction Machinery, State Enterprise Prague VI, Kartouzska 4; Telephone: 422-43 Telegraph address: Stavostroj Factory: Radotin, formerly Ferrovia, Joint Stock Company rakc,7 Factories for the Production of Machinery and Railroad Equipment Products: Steam locomotives Diesel engines Diesel-electric engines Cranes Elevators Conveyor belts Field railroads Track-laying equipment Pups for concrete and mortar Crushers Preselectors ftridice7 Mixers Alichacke Saws Pile drivers Bucket dredges and ladle dredges &ypadla koreckova a lzicove] Vibration, tarring, and plastering machines 5troje vibracni, dehtovaci a stroje omitaci7 UP 30 II II UP 15 UP 21 61. ZAVODY LECEBNE MECRANIKY Nctories for Medical Mechanical Equipmeng, State Enterprise Prague II, Na Porici 9; Telephone; 628-02 Telegraph address: Chirana SECREIT Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 63 - Approved For Release 2005/1WWRDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Factory: Chomutov, Cernovicka 32, formerly Kontakt Czech Factories, Joint Stock Company, Chomutov Produots: Surgical and examination instruments Operating chairs Electrical medical appliances Hypodermic syringes, etc. NOTE: UP 11 For individual products, the central selling offices where ti-A( se /10,11 f fr'te Indi.c.o. fee!) they are sold are given. Where there is not-silicaMrsa of--trite-a-eotatekl eei.14ree...emfmtallee, the products are sold through the appropriate state enterprises. The abbreviation LP stands for "letecky prodej" [aircraft sale]. CENTRAL SELLING OFFICES of the Metal;;L:1 and Machine Shop State Enterprise UP 11 Central Selling Office for Medical-technical Appliances, Prague II, Stepanska 63 343-28 UP 12 Central Selling Office for Electrical Appliances, Installation Material, and Lights, Prague II, Zlatnicka 12 622-46--9 UP 13 Central Selling Office for Electric Motors, Prague XVI, Stefanikova 21 435-23 UP 14 Central Selling Office for Industrial Ovens, Prague It, Spalena Street, Dunaj Palace 220-41-5 UP 15 Central Selling Office for Welding and Auxiliary Shop Equipment, Prague I , Klimentska 1 UP 16 Central Selling Office for Refrigerating Machines and Machines for the Food Industry, Prague II, Truhlarska 16 625-15 628-51 - -3 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 64 - Approved For Release 2005/Megli1RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 UP 17 Central Selling Office for Mill Machines, Pardubice, Palackeho 263 2831--2 UP 18 Central Selling Office for Industrial Armatures, Prague II, Hybernska 8 200-51-2 UP 19 Central Selling Office for Products for the Construction of Central Heating, Prague II, Vodickova 41 314-51-2 UP 20 Central Selling Office for Motor Vehicles, Prague XVI, Stefanikova 23 413-51-5 UP 21 Central Selling Office for Rail Cars, Evika, Prague XVI, Kartouzska 200 413-51-5 UP 22 Central Selling Office for Machines for Office, Commerce, and Household Use, Prague VII, Veverkova 16 764-61 -woi-pc1145, UP 23 Central Selling Office for MetalIvsf44.aa Machines, Prague VII, Veletrzni Axpositiod Palace 772-47-9 UP 24 Central Selling Office for Precision Instruments, Prague II, Vodickova 32 314-82 UP 25 Central Selling Office for Woodworking Machines, Bratislava, Dostojeuskeho No 29b 4277 UP 26 Central Selling Office for Metal Fittings and Tools, Prague II, Vaclav Square 66 340-58-9 ' VP 27 Central Selling Office for Heavy Containers, Prague II, Vaclav Square 56 2.95-89 UP 28 Central Selling Office for Canalization and Sanitary Cast Iron, Prague If, Havlickovo Square 3 247-10 UP 29 Central Selling Office for Kitchen Equipment, Prague II, Havlickovo Square 3 210-41-9 UP 30 Central Selling and Planning Office for Machinery and High-power Electrical Technology, Prague II, Jungmannova 29 251-51 UP 31 Central Selling Office for Ovens, Ranges, and Commercial Cast Iron, Prague II, Havlickovo Square 3 41-41-9 UP 32 Central Selling Office for Enamelled Goods and Small Kitchens fiale kunhynky7, Prague II, Washingtonova 11 300-52--3 Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : 8M383-00415R002000040001-3 - 65 - App aRlak-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 Planning and Advisory Office for Construction and Housing, Prague fl, Truhlarska 16 615-73, 625-15 Ferropol, N*44A-1-1.4apOeftl-Ge.wia, Prague II, Vladislavova 4 219-91 Regional Sellidg and Technical Offices Prague It, Prikopy 8; Telephone: 268-88 Ceske Budejovice, Jirovcova 1; Telephone: 386 Pilsen, Halkova, Skoda Factory Railroad Building; Telephone: 496-499 Teplice-Sanov, Masarykova 60; Telephone: 3851-52 Liberec, Chrastavska 6; Telephone: 4430 Hradec Kralove, Ulrychovo Square 733; Telethone: 488 and 330 Brno, Koliste 59; Telephone: 16352 Uherske Hradiste, Palackeho Square 487; Telephone 160 Olomouc, Dobrovskeho 2; Telephonei. 642 -.Ostrava, Hlavni Avenue 46; Telephone: 4417 Malinovskeho Street 30; Telephone: 6466 Banska Bystrica,-Masarykova 6; Telephone: 202 Zilina, Sasinkova 25; Telephone: 2094 Kosice, Jesenskeho 4; Telephone: 256 samba Approved For Release 2005/12/23 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002000040001-3 - 66 - ?Vr, ? C) 6 : - 6 I Jon pro J poticbut 25X1 SEINAM NARODNICH PODNIKO A WiROBKO C111101110111111Sit1 LIVODY 101,0DiUli ? STROM'S/ISO NiiI09101POIONIK -PIANA H,iV114,14A11.10VA tt 25X1 SEZNAM NARODNICH PODNIKCJ A VNifROBKCJ tASEOSLOVENSEI ZAVOOT NOY0011.111 A A TROJIRENSE I NAMODNI PODNIN PlIANA IL JUNGPAANNOVA IIP ? 110 AGROSTROJ Mod ,i hosporiiiski deo* nirotInt podia ilimela lad Saba% hareelit rimed N. IP, tartan 2721-38, 39S49, 399-'511. Wormy: Agroatroi. Praha. Z&vody: Virrobky: AV" W. Mlikovaky, Straanv, p. Raelnevas ii Roudnice niL lashair. W. Knout a spot.. Mtn nalahat. dr. Meticher-Utnrath, a. s., bronchia nit nevi% dr. Brea, Pankow*, depaladla Illichar.dL Ringhottar-Tatra a. I. RoudnIur nfL WIMP% dr. WIdtterte a Koval*. Preardjov phriky obrames vier:1ft mlidlecy pluhy poinhovi Hay re Marna pluhy Avia* iduriky sad stroja piktnl Noy dantatadia Molly Maar* vow ro trakiar tad dr* nava pro nasanaldilakou kilentalu OP 20 tad dr* child straird Or/ aamovtaate phrldopne %reeky poltrabovato villain& many pro zarniditatvi ? 3 25X 1 pprove ALBA :Owlets** alroilmy ? ablivimy, nirodrd podnIk, Ilatavko ToMon W, 2. Telegram: Alba liolowlca 000040001-3 4 Zavody: irradmor ulovIc. MewIda Noisyleo III, - ? Waal Nara, bobOv. 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