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FORM NO. NOV 1948 ~WSVIUFTTO 1~ 1J I CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT 25X1 COUNT Y SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED 25X1 (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION INFORMATION REPORT 25X DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES 25X1 12 April 49 NO. OF ENCLS. 27 THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT 50 U. S. C.. 31 AND 32. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION OF ITS CCNTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- VI'BI D DIY LAW, REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM IS PROHIBITED. HOW- EVER.INFORMATION CONTAINED IN BODY OF THE FORM MAY BE UTILIZED 25X1 The attachments are being forwarded for your information and retention. ATTACHMENTS ARE NOT CLASSIFIED 25X1 a, CC 0- o v N LJ W C7 0 CLASSIFICATION RESTRICTED DISTRIBUTION 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 A `GLO?AMERICAN. PRESS "SUMMARY Warsaw, Poland March 2 L, 1949 VSteveh D.Zagorski, Editor Trarslati_cns appearing herein are made as accurately as possible but are not necessarily literal, DOMES TIC HA MFUL AND DETRIMENTAL ACTIVITIES OF THE U.S,: INFORMATION SERVICE IN. WWbFRSAW,. STATEMENT BY SPOKESMAN CF Ti PrL,I H' Communique FOREIGN DINTSTIIl Verbatirrt The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister ? Plenip ntentiary, 'r Grosz, 13sued the fc.llcwing state _ent at a Press C,-nforenre r,~eld??,: .March - 2:. ''The Polish Gc ve?"nzn.ent has _fcr_ a. lr^?ng time beers watching- disappr-,vingly the acti'vitie' r,f''the Inf:crmatitn'S-Ervice ^.. f, ,he U.S. Embassy .n..Warsa i (TTSIS):, :1 Th.e nu.Irpose . f_ this Bureau is t * keep the PO L? h p p1e, i if med about-the life- of the" American naci:on~ whil e' a similar F: fish, bareau ?in the TTrrited._States.?informs the Amer. scan pEUi e;.exclusivly about Polish national life. "q3 -if 7rtuna.tely the ULS...T-.nfzrmati^r. Service In Pnland regularly goes beyond its bceppe despite fro ;went warnings by .ur official .. agents. " mpletel.y disre;arding then universally accepted p;: ino'iples 4_.Ir fc:rma- of tactful ",bservatce of the laws of 'hospitality, the T ti^n Service turned into, a. normal press agency and 'attempted (and still 5nuggln material before Pclich public &pini=)n, which has nc thing In, cc mmon with .'the life -of the American nation but which exclusively serves the purpose of sidndering our friendly, ne ighb 'ur { ng Stag r . "Recently the USIS bulletin, issued in Poland in the Pc lfi sh language even hcw^_a a seri:nus !ack f- tact Towards the .Polish tQvGr ?,at, to which the Embassy ,issuing this bulletin is accredited. ""Being .unable any-lFanger to tolerate this sort r,f brutality, the Polish Goveyri lent was c,:mpelled to recuest that MrrChester pals a diplomati...empl%yee cf the IT.,S. Embassy in Warsaw, res-oc)n_sible for this bulletin a j--,ild leave P"land,, "Always observing g "rd diplomatic tust4mj, the Pcliph C vernment did nK't ? pi, blish, this inf?,# rmation. wr_j ch -gas communicated only to the U S. Ethbassy. ILwever, the false and slanderous press and.radic, cam- paign in the United States, _whi h refers to the U,.S..Err asst'.. in Warsaw forces the Polish Government to bring t,-~ the public -,c,ti~e the true circumstances E~ f. Mr,Chester pal's fc, derartwrre from I'Ejland" t 34 ~1 g Th { a tement atorears in all principal ycie Wads? ~.wx,~ M s:,i?-Y,J~rrY~ rr~1~e. r fsn ~ir~o44 nnA490nn annncnnnA Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -2- THE APrOTNTM E! T OF DEPUTY CHAIRMEN IN THE SUPREME AUDITING BUREAU Com unique The State Council, on the recemmcr:dat' "n of the Chairman of the Supreme Auditing Burean,, appointed Citizens Leon Cha,jn WZadpZaw Gomu'ka and Dr.Kazimierz Jasitsk , 'Deputy Chairman in the CupreLne Auditing Bureau (IIK). Zycie Wa.rszawy t`iar^h 24, 1949 #82 (5 lines) Verbatim and all .prncippl papers PRCFESSOR OF MARIE_ CURIE-SKLnD!'WSKA UNIVERSITY IN LUBLIN ON RELATION OF STATE TO CHURCH Domestic Despatch Professor Dr.Gabrirl Brzyk, pro-dean et the Agricultraral Faculty f the. Maria Curl ;:-Sklodowska Univ ?sity at Lublin for- warded a letter to the ec?. jc r of PAP concerning the relal-,inn of the State to the Church, The letter reads`, in part, as follows: "As a catholic and a non-party mar, I teclare that(I am completely in agreement with) t'no Pmlish G. ,vernsont' attitude towards the Chtu ch, ap declared by Minister of Public Administration Wrl, ki an March 14, 1949, "The Palish government fully respects .she religious feelings of every citizen, and dce> not curtail reliinud liberties, "Accordingly, actuated by an ardent sLicitude for peace and public weal, I express caxr:plete apprrva L of-the Polish G .;vcrnment's attitude with regard to the , ` ;?;. rch, as or: claimed on March 14, 1949, and a desire that relatl,ans betwe:n the State and the Church be adjusted within the short s t Possible time." Trybuna Ludu ##82 March 24, 1949 (25 lines) !erbatim "WEEK OF FIGHTING GREECE". Domestic Despatch . In connection with the present "Week r ' Fighting Greece", meetin are being organized for the purpose of acquainting the Polish public with the Greek nation? z fight for freetb . A festival organized Jointly by trade , ni +ns, the Women'l League and the Association of Friends of Deoncratic Greece will take place on. March 25, the 128th anniversa.;vy of the libfretion of Greece from the Turkish yoke. Trybuna Ludt #82 March 24, 3949 and ot (14 lines) Verbatim NIGHT EXERCISE Domestic t spatch Within the next few days~ll sections of the Warsaw Fire Brigade will begin night exercises. The met important point of the program is the salvaging of industri l buildings and equipment. Dziennik Ludowy #82 March 3 others .l` lines) . SUMMER-TIME-STARTS ON APRIL 1+ ) rbatim Domestic Despatch The Minister of Public Administration ?-rdered the introduction ummer-time for April 10, 1941, Accordingly, at 2.a,m. on bunday, .Apri`. 10, clocks and watches should be put cn one hour. Toybuna Ludu #_' March 24 and rthers. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -3- THERE IS Nfl SECRET OF THE ATOM BOMB - SAYS PROFS -~SOR BRADLEY New York (TELEPRFSS) .F.-OREIGN Foreign Despatch The prominent American expert on atomic energy, whc participated in the, Bikini experiments, Dr .,Dav dBradley made the foll,:~wing "The rumors elaboratly spread, of American mon.p,N2y in. the prcdh coon of atcm bombs are a. c?angercus deiusior Anybody who can build en atomic pile can s1s!i, if he wishes, produce an atom bomb, Any talk of "s.ecret achievements" in atomic energy research is therE,fore mere war, propaganda." kizeczp^suol ita #,2 March 21;, 194c, and ethers .(35 lines (Excerpts T:r !A L OF T'44E. TWELVE IN THE UNITED ST. TES Foreign Despatch New York (PAP) The trial of the American rcimu-nunist Party- leaders began in fact onjMarch 21, when 'Prosecuting Att, rney* Mac Honey made his official sY eech to the jury,. Next the Si: cretarv--General of the C Nmmi.nist Party Ile x_i> z.p~ e, .who appeared as att. rney for defense in his c)wn case,. "The defendants state -- he said that the false and fantastic interpretation of the Mai?x-Leninist theoly,_by Ma.c Honey 17,-completely false... We shall prove that the communist leader; acted primarily in defense cfthe Yalta agreo lent -- an agreement co'-icer_ ping the creation of the U.1', in def tonse of R,) r;sevelt's plan for asrurin economic security to the American nation after the war, When Deriuis attempted to outline the role of ,the communist party in unmasking the plans of A1.eri^an businessmen and fascists, who instigate a new war, JustIs e, Medina- ordered, him immediately- to '1stcp similar decla- rations ," When the defense attcrnay for defendant Tcmpsonj* mentioned that his client fought .against fascists ire-Spain, Pu ]:Ic Pxosecutor Mac Haney prctosted against -this statema.Jit and Justice Medina I struct.ed he defense not ti mention Spain in its defences, Rzeczp:.sp;olita 82 March 24, 1949 (a'nd- others) (45 linen) Excerpts TERROR IN SPAIN F,ireign Despatch "xder re.sse'.'..rep=rts that fascist terr6r is increasing in Spain. In the Leon province the police have murdered two parti- sans. 'In Kadix and-G.r,~nada the franklst civil guard have shot six p.~asants suspectec' of helping partisans. From other p-'aoes too, reports have been received of the murder of progressive leaders. Dziennik Ludn-wy #82 March 24 only (11 lines) Verbatim ARMISTICE BE ,0fEN ISRAEL AND LEBA'ION Foreign Despatch Verbatim- Reuter reports fr,,m Tel-Aviv that at nrcn n Mar(-,,h 23 an armistice was signrd at Ras el -Nakar between representatives of the State of Israel and representatives of the Lebaiicn, Among mthers the armistice conditions pr ;.vide for an exchange of war prisoners an the withdrawal of troops on both sides, to the frontier line indi- cated by the U .N. resolution, Dziennik Lud-wy #32 March 2'+' and rthe POLITICAL CHRONICLE The Ministry cf Foreign Affairs has rec.conaized Mr,Andre Rolland Piegue as head of the newly opened French Consular Agency in Poznan. ,Zycie Warszawy March 24 #82 t4 lines) Verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 A STEP FORWARD TOWARDS DEMOCRA.TI- ZATIO OF GEhMANY GPOTEWCHL' S SPEECH IN GERMAN PEOPLE'S COUNCIL - For sign Despatch When ? ddrr:ssing 'the VIth session of th.' German People's Council, Cttch Gr otewrhl, Chairman of the Cerstitutic:iai Committee, stated that the broad pet ple's nass'es are g ?ea.t-ly interested In the problem of the political structure of their (-ouniry, and that this is a great step forward trrwar,1s the democratization e^f Germany, "The Conscitutional, Co*nm ttec of ,he Ge ma aPercp o's Council", said Grstewohl, "nntes with stis `^ction that the basic principles of the draft constitution worked out by it. have been 'xnanimiou sly approved by all levels of the C crman nation It can already be said today treat this prt.iject is the key- stone of the future German dcmoCra.:y,"' Proceeding, he emphasized that in West=:rn Germany forces striving to partition Germany and to turn tab r western part into an American protectc-ray t'F , are still doing their oryminal work. He unmasked the p -,liticcians aenferring in 1nn whi., assert that they have recr.r n.ized the partitirn of Germany "tu..der the px'es ure of eireum ta.n>=s"' , 1N1.w?'said Grr tewohl, '"thesi. p:t:liticia.nsr intend to ac(:ept the foeci pati )nal state.?te' which is t:.-.:Et a step to the recogni- tion of the annexetien o.,f Western Ge.rmaz.y",, Dziennil Lt76r w, #'82 March, 21+ and c. them; (40 i_3nes) Verbatim DIFFICULT SITUATION OF SMALL., HOOLDEERS IN FINLAND . Stockaolm, M.-ircn 23 (PAP) F"-reign Despatch Aec~-rdtng to reports of the daily 'Vap-..a", during the, district meeting of the Democratic Union of the Finish Na.tin in Turk stress was put on the exce?tional':y d -.fficult situation of the Ih rural p=opulation. A resolution gas parse-11 at the me Ling demanding a.ll"cation of land to the sma:1l-f, rm pefasantry, which had been confiscated from estate owners and speculators, and an amendm3nt of. the taxation system etc, (12 lines) Verbatim Gazeta Ludowa Marcy 24 , 1949 only. FRENCH GOVERNMENT FEARS DISCUSSIONS ON THE y.TLJ_ TIC PACT. Pay?i s (Pr P) Foreign Des etch . t the Euesda.y sessi n. of the 'French Ntttione. Assembly, Jacques D clL s p: oprsed me tion, on behalf if, prri,gressive republican and Democratic African A sscciati. n membbers, far a two day diseuos. n .-n tn. P:tlw displays arse' the Polish reading room in Belgrade were very popular,. This was, app.:; -ntl'T, a serious don;cr for the Tito regime. In Lelg ? de they nrefcr to conceal the nchievanents of a country building socir 1.Ism from the Public. In the cnd the Vice-Minister or Foreign Affa.R.r.c, Mat ;^ 9 informed the Po- lish mbansy on March 2 of the decision to :lose the Polish Informatlor Bureau. As an excuse for justifying this of n it was scat e that the Polish Government h.os not permitted to open a nim? bur au in Warsaw. In actual fact, in rc?;ly to the Yugoslav note of Vanua-y 26 asking for premises for an information exh b tion "n the centre of Warsaw, the Polish Government sent two notes, 010q. 31 and r ebr 16, and stated that the matter was in comrxe of set lemer_t. .fter a31 it can- not be expoctod tha c it is possible to fin" immediately suitable pre- es in one of the most de:-raStatwP.,cities f Europe. However, BelgradE is wrong in bcli evin ; that by means of brut J and drastic measures it will he able to deceive the rcoples of the. ederal 'eo ltwis Yugoslav Republic. The Yug'slav nation is already a s.e to clearly s e the di- reaction in which Tito is steering, any it f_E:s elear'ly where socialism is r ie Zaklaiv SzklarsKie") Item 166 Jelen a Gora United Glass Works ( ":Jeleriogorskie Z j ednoc zc?n. U . Za.nclady S zklarskie'r Item j67 Piensk United Glass Works ("Pienskie Z.lednoezone Zaklady S zkla.rskie") . Ite,n 68 Kunica United Glass Works f'Kunickie Zjednoezone Zaklady S.zkklaT skie" ) Item 169 United T.nsula.ting Materi!il Works (Z jednc)czo.:e Zaklady Przemyslu.I7o:,laughcut the c: untry, (14 :lines) verbatim Rzeczpr,spolita #80 March 22, 1949 DEPART L"RE OF POLISH DELEGP:TION TO THE AMERICAN PLACE CCM'EREI1CE Foreign Despatch Onthe invitation of the Organisational Committee of the Cultural and Scientific Conference fcr World Peace which begins its Approved;For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 session cn March 25 in New Yrrk, the Polish d- legatinn c.orlr ser ' the t writer If~^-n Kru,-zk, wsk6 7 the w(Il-kn,'wr. so~c r n f e s s o r S i r- '1ssew=ski and' the hief Ed-" for of "huzni.tca Pawel Hofman are leaving for New York, Rzeczposp^l1 to #50 March 22, 1949 and ethers (13 lines) Verbatim STRUGGLE F')R PEACE A DUTY IF PROMOTERS, OF CUUL`a JEE. POLISH PEN-CLUB RESPONDS TO APPEAL LAL~N (',,'VD fE' INTERNAT.IONPL COMMITTEE OF IN.TELIECTTTkLISS Domestic Despatch In connection with the appeal f the Int..-,national ?cnmi.ttee fcr Liaison between Intellectualists,' the mane. i zg bcard of the Pen-Club issued a statement which reads (tn p, rt) ".... Struggle ftr peace is everyhody'?s duty, and particularly a duty of prrmrters of culture, Not a single ,,no of their words must be out of tune with the conscience nf- thy- w rid,', The statement was signed by: Ja.n Paratnd ski, L4ari.a Dabrmwska, Z)fia lialkuwska, Michal Rusinek. Tadeusz 113rezc , Ja.rTs aw Iwaszkiewicz, Irma r rzywic?ca, Jar Nep ;muoen Miller, Marta evhc y -?tuth a, Alk sander That and erzy Zawicyski:, , w, Zyvie tirszs,y ,s , "=arch 22, and all pr ii cx ip. I papers (37 lines) Excez BUTTER ON POINTS Domestic Desp,-tch The Industrial and Cenmercial Sectinn ~,f the Gdansk Provincial 'administration announces that instead of and.. naj.f a kg. E!i. 'butter will be issued to the PR (working people' cat, gory raticen c=urd-- hiw lde s, against N,,),,9 coupons, between . larch r t-'31. Dziennik 3a .tycki March 2 5, 191+9 only #78 (6 lines) Verbatim CONFERENCE OF THE ZMP (P(,LIS_311 YOUTH "CnGIk~TICCN) ACTIVISTS IN MM,:' RITIME SC!'07,U$ Domestic Despatch '. meeting af. 64 delegat's of ZMP ac:t:ivis'` s in maritime schools in the Provinces Uf Gdansk and Szczecin t(Iok recently place in the Gdynia `ar itime Se1Y1onl. A representative of the Ministry of. 14avi:?~atinn, citizen Nidecki, greeted the Assembly on behalf cf the Minta~sr, em-.hasi-zing that this the first c.-,, fererce in the history of t . iti-e educcati,-n wh'l e the youth will express its opini:-,n on the prob em. of learning and ci~ric education. Representatives of all maritime schoi is ' .n k part in the, disc-ussi Lhe topics d -scussed in1jl;ded the probiem of the efficiency the Z'11-71 organ.izati-mr is past fa :lures and ~ chievements were analyzer in detail, The discussion was summed up r y c- -izen Z -rek of the Centre L ; nit of all pr,p )r i{ ns as omp.crea With actual r-rluirements is a h rde-1 to fhr, Atatx Troasnry: (2) Lnplanned uric .-are i nated and uncontt csl.ed ? ork delays the sett- mex,_t rf ,matter handl E'.d by giver: office and is theref ,,re a.e cause r f :rent.l ossE s in pr uduccion, either direct c , indirect, t; e latter being cue t:+ Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -' 5- a lot of time wasted by thni sa. ~r1~ f men and women eor,pei CPC t interrupt their wrr:K., Lo accomplish our tasks we are proclaiming war on speculators, alien classes, panic-mongers and anti-people elements. In this definite and realistic manner we are strengthening Pec'plels Poland, the vitality and strength of our fatherland which is an important link in,the group of people's democratic countries forming, under the leadership of the,'?oviet Union, a strong camp zf Peace and rrcgress contemplating the future with crnfidenee in spite of Angif)?-Saxon :'and'Geiman imperialists. Rzeczpospolita #79 March 2::, 1949 and all principal papers (140 lines) Excerpts LARGE SWEETS FACTORY STARTS WORK ON JULY 22 3,coo WOMEN WILL FIND EMPLOYMENT IN KAMIONEK Domestic Despatch The constructizn of the largest sweet factory at Kamienek a part of Warsaw, is progressing quickly, As recently as a year ago the place now occupied by the building was an empty site, today, the large prrducti(;n hall, measttring?155 metres In length and 22 meters in height, is reaching the top floor, over which a roof is being built (planking),, In addition, seven smaller buildings which are to contain offices, 1-)dgings, a storehouse, a garage, a social center, etc., will snon be finished,... in., view of the fact that a-oproxim tely 95% of the factory personnel'will be composed of women and will prtbably include many mothers,, the architects have devoted special attention. to the factory's social facilities such, as a~day nursery and a kindergarten.... Shortly after its completion, the State ,Confectionary Establish- ment, dedicated to the memory of the Defender's t,~f Warsaw - for' such will be their full name - will be able to start full speed preduc. tion",, Trybuna Ludu #76 March 18, 1949 and others (Excerpts (86lines) NEW AGGRESSION OF.ANGLO-AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. - 'THE PACIFIC PACT." Moscow (PAP) Foreign Despatch The Soviet press draws public attention to British machinations and tc the negotiations between Great Britain and the Deminirns concerning preparatjLns ftr the "Pacific Pact" n the pattern of the Atlantic Pact. "Krasnaya Zwiezda" (Red Star) writes that negotiations are new being carried on concerning participation in this plan, According t.r repirts, the following States will be signatories mf the Pacific Pact; the United States, Great Britain Canada Australia, India; Pakistan, New Zealand and Ceylon,, .According to other sources Iran'. ?Siani, the Cenral ana outh' American countries and eveen the UniPn of S~~uath Africa will also participate in that pact, The paper underlines the fact that the Pacific Fact will supplement the aggre- ssive Atlantic Pact, Kurjer,Codzienny #79 March 21, 1949 and all principal papers (31 lines) Exc e;'nts Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 SELFISH WALL STREET INTERESTS PREVENT AGREEMENT IN THE MATTER OF ATOMIC ENERGY. DECLARATION BY THE SOVIET UNION DELEG ATE TO THE UN. Foreign despatch New York .(PAP) At the last session of the UN Atomic Committee, Soviet delegate Malik summed-up the Soviet Union attitude to the problem of atomic energy: 1) This attitude is expressed by stating that in the interest of all mankind it is necssary to forbid imme- diately the use of atomic energy for war Iurpdnes, to destroy 'the stock of atcrosbombs, to stop the production of atomic weapons, to establish ? strict international control over atomic en=orgy and assure the use of this energy exclusively for peaceful aim and for the-welfare of mankind. 2) The attitude of. the ruling ci:rclea in the UUnited States and ij the countri~:: s depending on it, consist in striving for the creation of a monopolistiL atom trust under the control of the Uni- tcd States, and for the possesion of the worli's stock of uranium and thorium. THE ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE BETWLEN THEE TWO ATTITUDES LIES IN THE-FACT THAT THE aTTITTJDE CF THE SOVI jT UNION CORRESPONDS TO THE INTERESTS OF ALL MANKIND, AND, BASED ON THE FPINCIPLES OF THE UN CHARTER, TENDS TO THE STRENGTHENING F PEACE ;, XD INTERNATIONAL SECU- RITY-. IT EXPRESSES THE SINCERE STRIVING OF THi SOVIET UNION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND STRENGTHENING OF FRIENDSHIP AND COLLABORATION BE- TWEEN NATT ONS , WHILE THE ATTITUDE CF THE 1ZNI L D ,.STATES TENDS TO THE USE OF THE i.TOMIC WEAPON FOR AGGRESSION AND M 43S DESTR' CT10N. United Statesirepresentativos 'persistently imposed their own proposals.based on SELFISH CALCULATIONS OF AMERICAN FINANCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL CIRCLES. Zycie Warszawy, #78, March 2Q, 1949 and o,ther.s, 78 lines - excerpts DEPARTURE OF A DELEGATION OF THE PC' -ISH YOUTH ASSOCIATION (ZMP) FOR THE UNIFICATION CONGRESS OF THE. RUMANIAN YOUTH. Communique A delegation of the Polish Youth Association' left for Bucharest on March; 18. The delegation will attend the Unifichtion Congress of the Rumanian Youth. The delegation is composed CIT citizens Jozef - P,awli- kowski and Jc:rzy Rudzki. Gazeta Ludowa, March 19, 1949, #66 and. others . 7 lines - verbatim 4,100,000,000 ZLOTYS ,FOR WATER-MFLIORiTING WC.K. Domestic despatch The sum of 4,100,000,000 zlotys was allocat_,d for water-meliorating work in 1949. This sum will be spent on drainingmeadows and pastures, the further draining of the Zulawy Elhl4skie ~rea and v f the marshy areas in the Szczecin province. Work will begin in the Nara river basin, where a big fodder base is to be e:3tab..ished. Rzecznospclita, #77, March 19,,1949 and others, 11 lines - verbatim :SECRETARY-GENERAL V US US COMMUNIST PARTY WAIVES COUNSEL FOR DEFENCE. Fersigr despatch Now Yerk (PAP Dennis, Secretary--General ' of the Cominup.i ='t Par vy ? of the U.S.A. declared at a court hearing that he had d ec idol to waive his privi- lege as a defendant if bel'ng defended by cvuzzcel, and . tp conduct his own defense, This stated Dennis, was, in his opinion, the best way to defend the communist party's principles'and activiti s. .(26 1in6s).Excerpt Trybuna Ludu #77 March 19, 1949 and others. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Annex: The Journal of Laws of the Polish Republic, No 012 of f"larch 12, 1949 contains: RDER f)F THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS Item No,73 of February 19, 1949 concerning pnzrveyance, week and services for the State Treasury, for Ll.)cal Ucvernment and for certain categories of legal entitities, 0 Monitor PLlski Nc zA-1.3, Part "A" . of March 11,1949 cr-,ntains 4 Item Noa150 Resolution of the Council &)f Ministers concerning an interim adjustment bonus for jadgos any prosecutors assigned t- Warsaw,, 151 Fiesc).utin of the Council of Ministers concerning an interim adt i stmer,.t bunks fr,r State and Lqca.l Government emplo,Yees and foi. Deputy Mayors In Warsaw, 152 Res' iutions of the Council of Ministers relating tv 1um-, sum remuneraticr. fzr State and L(+ca1 Government empI"gees, 153 Resolution of the Council of Ministers ofneerning an interim adjustment bonus for teachers and instructors in Warsad, " " 154 Resolution elf the Council of Ministers concerning a special bcriis for administrative employees in certain elides, establishments and lab-rator 'es attached tv Medical S.2honls in Universities and to Medical academies, ti it 155 Resolution of the Council !)f Ministers cash rewards for overtime work fc'r certain Local Government employees, it U 156 Resolution of the Council (-)f Ministers concerning special bonuses for maritime experts, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANGLO-AMERICAN PRESS SUMMARY Warsaw, Poland March 2.1, 19+9 Steven D.Zagerski,. Editor b .Translations appearing herein are made as accuratoly as possible.but are not necessarily literal. SECTION A DOMESTIC THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CHCTRCt AND THE STATE DEPENDS ON THE ATTITUDE OF THE CLERGY. THE CHURCH IN POLAND IS ENJOYING COMPLETE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, DECLARATION OF THE POLISH GOVERNTMENT Domestic Despatch On March l4, the Secretary of the Episcccpa.te Committee, Rev,Bishop Zygmunt Chorcma-lski, Palled on the Minister of Public Administration, ;omrada Wladyslaw -wolski, with the object .of discussing problems relating to the adjustment of the relationship between the State and. the Church.. During the course of the conversa- tion Comrade Minister Woiski made a statement on the subject of the general aspect of the relations between the State and the Church. Minister Wolski said inter alia:- "1. It has been noted that for sever4l months this hostile activities of certain sections of the Clergy, directed, against the People's Government and State, have been intensified, A part of the higher Church hierarchy 'is-trying, through pastoral letters and secret institutions,, to provoke anxiety and stir-up the people, because of an alleged threat t3 religion, without having any real foundatinns for such activities.. "2 There are frequent case's cf priests :spoonse ring various criminal and anti-State grrups and even directly cooperating with- these agencies of Anglo-American imperialism, "3. All this is obviously incompatible with the united efforts of the majrrity'of the community which is reconstructing the devas- tated country, which desires order, peace and prosperity and which is all attempts at arresting the development of the country in the field of social achievements., "The Government, guardian of peace and public order, will not tolerate seditious activities. Therefore, only a change of the pre- sent attitude of the Church hierarchy and the disc-;ntinuance oc hostil practices against the People's State by ity may create a basis for the adjustment of the relationship between the State and the Church. "1+. 'he Government most definitely asserts tAa.t it does not intend to rcstrict religious .fr?::edsm. The Clergy in Poland enjoy various,, rights to a greater extent than in many Western-European countries, All rumours about the abolishment of religious teaching in schools are groundless. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 "The Gnvernment will also resolutely rpp -se outrages, in- sulting the religious feeltngw of believers sd vinlating the legal regulations in force. "5. Educational institutions, whether run by monastic cr by secular clergy, will enjoy apprnpr. fate rigrtr , prviacd they conform to the req,irements stipulated in the laws arai regulations in force. "~limilarly, benevolent institutions run. ')y monastic or secular clergy, will be able to operate under an apprc.priate centr^1 and supervision of their activities by the State authorities. "6. The State authnrities do not intend o interfere with the problems of religious cult ter with the interrml problems of Church administration. 'hey will, however, demand that the legal status a,f the Linceses and of their-boundaries show _i be put in n dY.,r in conformance with the now legal :der and the 4ew State frontiers. III,? . The de finite regulation of the ref , 1.ionship between the State and the Chuurch; which will be expr? ssea in the new c"restitution will be shaped, so far as the right;, of the ?:aurch hierarchy are crr.ncerned, on the basis o. the Experiences re. ul'iti:ng from the attitude *f the Clergy and of the 1 ic:rarchy t--n, rds the People's State. "8, The past attitude of the Ucverr.:ment towards the problems of faith and Church shows its genuine intention .:,f regulating he lationship between the c'tate and the Chur.;h in a spirit a f loyalty and Cr honest, care for public welfare", irybuna Ludu March 2(,", 1945 arid, all principal papers) 78 (29 CI lines) F ce.erpts THE STATE AND THE CHURC.i Lead Ed 11for ial In People's Poland there is a freedom of faith and the freedom of religious cult. The Government does r.ot interfere with the : e- ].igicus life if the citizens nor does it int+ .Mere with the internal problems of Church administration. The grin- t.ple ^f religious i.sleration, however, dc6ccs not in the least irr,rly that the i overnment will a4.1ow the freec`oms conferred in the Church tr be abuse by political activities directed against People ` Poland. Yet certain sections of the Catholic ? ?a : rgy, and particularly of the higher Church hierarchy, have for a long dime been adopting a hostile ati;itude against the Pe.op e's Governxient and State. The: Church hierarchy has so far not counteracted these? criminal activities of its subordinate priests and ,hacf not even tried to dissociate itself frr.,'n these criminal activi"t Les* We well remember that, in connection with the problem Cf 4:ur Western frontiers the attitude of the. 'Clh rch ierarchyf was irrecori- cila.ble with the Polish national and State it `crest, And all this happens in spite of the fac that the Catholic Clergy en -ly in Poland, nest only complete fr~ ,dora, but =ils-l Ieges which it does net enjoy in most of the Jestein e-un.trie s, It is obvious that neither the Ucvernmerm nor the )ec3ple can or will tolerate any dis rrders resulting fr-_orr, ti s a.ttitu off' the nigher Church hies archy and of certain lower evols of the Catholic clergy. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 _3_ The Prilish ,wvernznentis declaration forms an.apprpnriate basis for establishing the future r .1aticnship. ho regulati?,n of the relatinn.saip betwenn the Church and the State in Poland, the-ef?,re, depends ors the revision of the present attitude of the Church hierarchy. T'-he attitude zf the Government is clear. -he Government "has, in practice, demonstrated its gfrod will on mar.y eeccasieens , It is time fir the Church to fallow the right path. Mill-_ ins cf cit.ize is cf Penple's Poland have had Enough a:f these seditious activities which are distiirbing their dev,,;ted effnrtcs in bui.l ding a better and peaceful future. Trybuna Lulu March 29, 1.945 #78 (53 lines) excerpts (Siz.ilar editorials appear in ,t1,,er papers). ATLANTIC PACT Editria L 3efcr dealing with the Atlantic pact as a whole wo shall _ dis ass it, today, from the poj.nt; of vier of interr_at nryal l.a *, This hatter jeserves :;pe;;ia.i at'tenti_on in view of the fact that the organizers of the pact SEO to prosent it as an irstrumerxt cnnipatible with the UJN.Charter E, .. . In aatilal faact, this pact. is an institutien apposed to the Security ccuncil, 1.na_;m'ch as it is taking over its functions in regulating international, conflicts. `The Atlantic pact contains a_ clause to the effect that the pact is riot inc-Dmp^tible with any treaties prevTiccusly ocnciuded by states who h have acceded to it. his refer: particularly to the British-h'oviet' and _?renoh_bovi et pacts conc'uded duri-rig, the war.. But since Great Britain_ and,, France are f 4.und~,r-members of a pact which is aimed against the -~viet TJnion, it would naturally tallow that such an attitude ca~_-net but be inooonsistert with previ:us agreements, which precluded prrecisely the passibility of such pacts. Such an of planatisn, inserted in the N' r th=A tlantic pact, is a patent deviation fr `m truths Thus, from the U,N.Charter's clause invoked in the pact it clearly follows that the J atter's f o)rmal tenor, as well as essential purp rt are completc:l.y. at adds with U.N. p:`inciples, Rzeczpubles, iGe, 19 perc nit c:.' th" total state expendi- L.ure, . Military expenditure in the Ooviet Unnzi.-r is calculated in such way as to tnsare the 6cv3et army can -f icaf _ ously defend the c,nuntvy's freedom and irrdeperder:.-.;c, , , . Zycie Warszawy March .10 1)4;. `"7d and Excerpts Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 SLUMPS AND UNEMPLOYMENT UNKNOWN INPEOPLE' S-DE~1OCRi IC COUNTRI 'S, STATES POLISH DELEGATE Tn CONFERENCE TN ROME Foreign Despatch Rome (PAP) A rennference'nf the International ' Labor Organization's building industry committee has been opened in -r-me. the conference is attended by 12?? delegates representing 19 states. The Polish delegation includes Henryk Altman, section chief n .'the Ministry of Labor and Public Welfare and Eug,,M^rkowski, Counsel7r of the tmbassy of the Polish Republic in 'Rome, bath acting as repre- sentatives of? the: government, Walenty :Karmas, egine e, (-)-f he of the Ministry of Reconstruction, and. Mieczyslaw ni9 een >ineer, of of SPB ( Social wilding Enterprise), bnt :a.cttng as p the manufacturing industries, and Marian Baryla, chairman of the Building workers' Trade Union, and Stefan Mine, Secretary of the union both acting as la.b;r's represontativesoa.. Section Uhief Altman stated that in the Snvi~2t Union and people's. demcQ.cratic countries slumps and unemnpl~yment were unkn::wn. Slumps lied only threaten capitalist count 'ies. Also, the scourge of so_o-ca everpreduction thre^.tens r,nli capitalist countries a Growth of pro-- duction in 'the USSR and in people's-d::emocratic countries can only contribute to the bc:tterrnent of the working people's living conditions in those countries. Zycie Warszaw7_ ,-1)178 March 2n~, 1949 (40 lines) Excer THE ATLANTIC PACT AS A TOOL OF AGGRESSIVE POLICY Foreign Despatch Mc:sccw, (P,.P) (161 ' ines) E-certs TASS correspondent in Washington, commenting en the publication of the Atlantic Pact, reports: The general appraisal ofth~fNorth Atla:r.tid Pact, as the chief tool of the aggressive policy ruling circles of the United States and Great. Britain, has already been made in. the declaration by y the Soviet Ministry of. o, eign Affairs published ran January 299, 3i949. The text-published now published ~rrgves that this Pact p completely confirms this appraisal, tom' text has ? cYara tE_r? It provides for a merger o andf military frrces of the participants for joint military the creation of a corresponding military organ. The particularly striking feature of this P^.ct is that it provides f~.)r military moves embracing several States, these moves considerably exceeding the framework of agreements of a regional character. This reveals the fact that the tact is inc'ruGaWible with the UN Oharter. Dr ,,Leming Mosc:~W Radio commentator, says that the many demonstrations which took place in Italy and France against the Atlantic Pact prcve that the Anglo-American warmongoars and their satellites encounter unsurmcur table cbstacle^ among the nations which firmly dLclarc themselves for peace in their attempts to build aggressive pacts. New York (TELEP'X1_, SS) Henry Wallace made a speech in which he said inter ilia: "The l~tlantic Pact is a vinlat' -,=-,f the m s,t I nda- ental grinci l s thE, The Arne ricall people will unanmt.1us1y reject this Pact, providing it has the opportunity cf learning secret clauses,-" Rrme PAP ' Togliatti stated in Parliament that all Italians have a duty to create a great peace-front, which would cooperate with world peace front. We shall find a pe_~aceful and legal way to mobilise millions of citizens against-this Fact by Palm Dutt London (PAP) The "Daily Wo ker publishes an art_cle who writes-tha.t the draft of the Pact was nut submitted to the Securii Council although, according to the U.N. Charter, all mc.oves te8.ding to the safeguarding of peace must be sanctionedab they Security pu oil. F~' 'R aes ~0a4~d'4 t,5 O~4.VR0g3W6 Zawy March 2r, The c ch4 6~#_ of Collective Security guaran ore 1 1 lines - excerpts others. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 WHAT THOUGHT TS ABSORBING MINISTI:R BFV'tN Article So-called lasses in speech or blabbin: out -ire extr'=:iely re:: veal! ng and it is not necessary to be tin as: rerent of Freud's theory to dms t, thG t these lapses betray the thou , _,ts which continuously absorb a man> Minister Bevin must and club tT. 's ly have been deeply ex- eiti-,d when speaking on the Radio.. on the dt4r of tic public Ition of the 114orth Atlantic Pact" he said: "This p :~t is meant to prevent bea:......, excuse me, to areserve pear-e."' -,..his is curzot.s What persistent tho1h irts are absorbin Minister = evin, to the ?poor man to make such an unfortunate ]-arse? Zycie Warszawy, #78, March,` 28, 1049 only, '.9 linos exce-r is PARI' PFACc~ CONGFFSS SCHEDULED FOR .APR1;r 2C PR0k J1S; C)R JCLIOT CHAIRMAN OF ORcANIZTNG COMMIT -h. Foreign despatch Paris (PAP) - A meeting of the organizix g comirittee cf, tthe World Congress of Peace Supporters was held in Paris on Mar,--h 13 Frederic Jollot wes elected Chairman of -the C:jrrmi_tte-, :Arar~,cr , Nenn., Saill.ant, Anderson - 1Tex , Fr lyeye , Fi genia Coiton, it, lBera_~L and. Rogge were elected deputy chairm' n. Also, a ; ec.rotcry ' the organizing committee Zycie Warszawv, tiarch 20, 149 and oth.k rs, 134 lines excerpts **** **** *******~k***** *****''s'k * r ***~ :,zr t kh.*~c *~P ** t?3KyeT:~}, *s;d at dragging them i? an adventure, Western. Europe (in r:her wcrc.s the capita- lists) cannot ignore the c.ommuni:3-+; danger bat at the same time it cannot alter the fact that the; greater part -t-s+ its popu ation sees in that danger the straw at vh__ah the drewnirr, man clutches, Today I the 18th of March, Seventy eight years ago, on March 18, Paris was resounding with the cheer: "Long live the Co r::iune", At that time Jules Favre, a member cf th "patriotic" and republican" government of "national defence" m_;r+_d one of nobert Schumac.uals highly Qualified predecessors at the Miiiistry of Foreign Affairs, said outspokenly.- "If we are to fight against anyone, it is not against B_srr.arck but again'. the Paris m ~t^." Zyo:le Wa rszawy #76 March 18, 1949 (250 lines`) Excerpts (Arts 1 s on this subject appear in other pap: rs) In his speech delivered to the Provincia`v Convention of the Democratic Pa 'ty in Gdansk, University Rector Kulczyf~ski said that national independence, social justice and yo -d peace are the principal slogans of democracy. Ide also addE,1 that these three - gre of German war ~ra_s ;ne_c s as cm alra red. -rh(-r are officially c , Lle:- 'vole ntorv hireppl workers' but in fact they receive a wage wh-ir h is 2 or 3 times lower sic) than that x yid to B---itishers and these: r^luntary hired workers' r living together near Middlesborough in sp cia,l barracks enclosed by bea_rbed wire and closely g'.v rded by armed . lards. In the artificial fertilizer fr to^y of the Imncrial Chemical =.ldustrie-t, German pri- soners i.e. I beg your pardon: ~' eaoluntary hired workers of German nati,enaiity' are working under conditions spc: 2ially do trimental to health end often become noisone9. I .:m. not guided by feelings of special compassion for ex-soldiers of Hitl i s army but I am in:Ii gnant because of the cynicism of Bri- tish 'accusations' and because of the inspire. = art-clcs --)uoiished in the G rman press of the British zone, which writes incredible stories ::bout the persecution of Germans and German jrisoners-:)f-war in Pa- lane . I thought it my duty to 3vi se you nbov t. com lets.: liber=ation of German war--irisoners by British authorities.{ Zycie !,arsaawy, 1/474, March 16, 1949 , only, I.. lines - exccrrts HOW THE'' E GLISH "CIVILIZ-D G" IBA . F:Iitoraal Officially Iraq is an independent country. As such it has been a member of the Leacue of Nations since. 1432, i. r,. 1943 it signer', the U.N. leclaration and in 1946 the U.N. Charter in San Francisco. In spite of this, Great Britain which, by the Jnglo-Iraq Treaty of 1930, rrcogn izad the "fu'_I equality and cemolete independence" 1 Iraq, has been occupying this country inte.rupt?,71y since 1941. in nd-ai.tion, on the basis of an a rcemcnt cor~ lu''cc on Jane ry 15 1;48 in, British trooos are not to i vacuaate Iraq before the last allied soldier leaves the enemy terr`..tories, i.e Germany, Italy aid Japan. It an-ears from this that Iraq is being treated both s encerry terra- tore and as an allied country in the imperi_ei.istii.csense aaaf this wore, which means that Great Britain tos the right to construct sir and an bases in Iraq while Iraq is committed to arme action on her side in the eve=nt of "war danger". In exchange for this the British are " giv:ng praatectloo." Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved for Release 2004/04/15 ; CIA-RDP83-00415RO02600060004-2 ..l - This "protection" does not in the lest differ from Dlund er, speculation and 4.:xploitat-.on and. causes an ever growing shortage of foo'stuffs resulting in a sharp increase in the costs of living and in Increased poverty among the Iraqi population. As there have been no prospects of n increase in wages for a long time, the financial si.tuatio.n of the Iraq . citizens is deteriorating almost every day. The present minimum, cost of living is 18.5 Iraq Pounds compared with an average nay of an office employee. of 6 to 7 Pounds. Each year 700 to 800,000 people in Iraq have malaria, of which .numb.::r 50,000 die. after nc 3.y thirty years of '_'>ritish "civTili za- tion" 94? of the Iraqui population is illiterate. The Iraqui left-wing party recently submitted a report to the United Nations Organization demanding its int=rvention with the Bri- ti sh Government with a view to .persuading the latter to resppcect the riehts of the native population. The report cJ.ain.z, aLlong other .things, thetthe Iraqi nation has the right to lemccrotic f rc edoms and to be the m aster of its coantx'y. The Iraqi nation is l rotesting against oppression and is demanding honest floc tions within the next three months and, the i5?ithdrawal of foreign troops from its territory. Polska Zbro;jna , March I.7, l9 i-9, #75 only 94 lines-excerpts. SMiiL, ' RM-:HOLD o:FS FROTINi THE NI ,'LUN COtTY_'Y WILL SETTLE IN THE WESTERN TERRITORIES. Domestic despatch A special meeting of small farm-holders recently took place in Cizakowice, the MierzycE pp)arish, in the Wielun County, at which the farmers ex?,ressc their intention to. settle in the Western Terr- tories, Thso farmers come from the perishes of: Mierzyce, Dzialoszyn and Ka_n:i cnka wher. c, they had farms on a sandy and. barren soil. Over 4,00 persons (700 families) have registerd for resettlement. A del: 6 atr_on of small farm-holders will shortly leave for th.. Szcoe- - cin Province and the Zicinia Lubuska district, where they will chose suitable farms. The transfer will start immediately after the: reti.'r-n of the:: elcgaticn. Each family will receive a grant of 10,000 zl., and all nossible assistance in the organization of the farm in the territories, Particularly during the Spring-sowing season. Over 54,000 farmers have so far 7-eft for the Western Territories fro:r the Wielun County. All of them have received good farms and Stat; ass stence in thFu; organization of then . Gaz,., t a Ludowa ; March 13, 1949, #65 only, 27 lines - verbatim EFFICIENCY. OF TRL FFIC ROUTS OPER xTI ON aPPR0dCHI N G PRT'WA.R S TLNDhRD. omastic despatch The Treasury, Budget and Economic Plan Com.nittee of the.Sejm discussed the ir.oft of the Ministry of Communication's budge--t for 194;. The draft budget's rapporteur, Deputy Jasink (PIPE) statedthat 89,2 nu;)rcent of the total po,ssengor tr#u'fic and 96.8 percent 1t aD gcvis shipments were handled by the railwa,:rs. Within the planned expendi- ture, the Ministry, will renovate 1,500 kilometers of hi_ghwrways, in additi.^n to maintenance repairs over the while network of st-ote rail- ways, thus exceeding last's quotas by 50 percent. The large sum of 7, 500,000,000 zlotys will be used for they same nurnose under capital investment creiits. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 T" iinistry contemns _atus granting suhsiW-s to the ar.c7qnt of _ ~'5009000 to local governments (in the ass -arn terri.torias) 6r the maintenance of bridges and kcal eovrn nt reds, Flanne e xn_-nditure for-waterways exceeds last y,ar' ; by 79 nerccnt, in .additional sum of 1g4o3;0007000, lc,tys for the urkcen gin' opera tics. of navigrblo rivers has been r ? t p si i e and c r? the Sn- -`cst ont Paan The main effort, in 1949, wil be dircrtoc-1 (devote-3) to lr trove nt and maintenance work on the V` stula Pn its r_,avigahle tri era tr!ri_os an?i the Ara. The budgetrroxrid '' for an -oc er:1 ture -:f ~ 19'~~f+7000 Zlotys for repairs an: m intones e of riv:'r c-7.nft while an nr'.'?i.V-'nt-.1 80C!,000,000 zlotys arc ..aannonr i nted und= r tb C nital Tnv.estr eats Plan. The contemnlaN oxnenditi n: for rya _nt-:r?oace of wotor of water reservoir exceeds list yoart xo 3('i'' ..cure by 25 per- cent. n ?;': litirnal exr,ene=iturE of 343010500 io lz; s f Dr the same nur ;nse is coatc:Yi'ni:ited under the C }ritn_. T_n -; ,mpnt "Ian. F. Ienii- ::ure: planned for motor3_za"t,io i 3.s f ")u-t'r;"I o acts ga "I K A 1948 -x and tture for the some nurnose Recei t;s from th stab Mo . T-t _r~,-rt ([ ) :r t. nactt:'i t rt ach 8,4100,000, 7th 1 tys. rc M '_'}' _s er Ce 1Acki oxnl.ainal inter alia thr t tho M 's r of ,v an cai ,ns has re-- :u.oo tr< nsr=crt chn'" 'es for CzeCh_'.siovak pr Ks shi'p' ?r1 in les than ' :i. nrl ad ' (~~..,anti+i {'.^`. IJif' .:^t.f t' 3?c nr'1?(1' i sl.atdr fhb t the Polish St'1 te Railways w"r =a 0`'nni ng to s e.)la e w n ien rule. -rs -ith coner n ?c ones. The sir TF_r tiro-t,. '? e provides for in i ncre1 of the cor'Im rcial spepc1 `* t:t _ns "ran 0 to 35 ki.lcm ters ' r hrur; r his eq nl the nrewar erc i_ al s n rd -f trains. Director ku rd n s ' tc.d that the pe ,bl eir: of building a Danuho--O'rn canal is t;?Jrw stu'l! ed. Director SkihicCi; in charge -f the PK (State Motor Transucr- tati_ .-n) , xnlaino-ci tth o t the latt :::r would Ent v 5O pow autohusses and . 1.00 tractors with trailers this mr. With r ,. - r t4a nrofits tt _ AS, M Y " that this un .L.rta',in , .;1 yit:'7dc-3 a 12 norcent i '.iit in 194 nn'i thpt this :tepr n rrofit '_.'''.' 16 purcc. at ' ''tc v rol- L _ng -stick an-o't:i zn ti on w=, s anti cina+ t 1 . Dirt t or (See ti:nn eh . ? f,. n- Ii'6'l1Ci"1 ~=~x'"lX1.7 nE-, that, Un'a F?T' contract to .i, c^sf1r.lud toa with the ' rn.c ti nrlal $1F er l ng Car Conn ny, the latter could one1: ,~, t rtes unrl n g west oni s" uthwast, while "Orbis" woi ? d onerat-e routes run- ' ,_nist r :)in-wski exnlaifle that in w.rkin ; out its nrograr^ or .'n waterways, the Ministry was availing itself of thE, ? }ri r..nct: fop; no. by i creien inv: story and, nests culnrly, by to, Sc- rit.7, _Tn'on. In snm-in'-' AM is r -lg o1-sr to. ,'assin the-. in the discussirn, the chairman. Denuty P-ni 1, stated s of f i c i en ,7, the Minis tr~v 7f "'-rm. un wti. on wa> draw- ?w= r achievements am in tarts n r6 srcets even sur- 5, March 17, 1949 and othe Rzeczn `sr, 1jta, ci.:I r X wl T i,T,^,~1 PANT LIT '~ C yni a , The American sty ao s'h.i'' ", u za Ly u' y i a "a March 13 carried on hoar' ,0 tom' wts in t. Mexican Gulf. it r u_jt be en;nha i rtc rs havo alrc'a?'y bought largo consignment us c. , a s, cie W..:. rsznwy, #76, March 18, 109 only, 8 l"i+ likes - excer its D`rE.st1e ld? .-,r:ateh s of -can fiitr r? for e d that >.n E i n n in- -_`f T'c::at ii t 'r on ore- es verbatlri Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANGLO-AMERICAN PRESS SUMMARY Warsaw, Poland March 19, 1.949 Steven D, Zagorski, Editor h?nte: Translations appearing herein are'made'as accurately as possible but are necessarily literal, *******.************************ k*-k************ SEC ION A DC-ME~TIC BOLESLAW RUMINSTCI APPeINTED AS TYE MINISTER OF THE AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD INDUSTRY Cc-mnrrnique "'hq President of the, Polish Republic, on the prop-sal cf.the Council of Ministers, has appointed Boteslaw RuTn1:n ki, `the. present Under- Secretary of State in the Minist~L?y of Industry and Commerce as Minister of the ~gri.:ultural and 'F'ood Industry, The scope of activities of the new Minister includes problems relating, to tnc f 11. wing i0, ,ustrics- sugar, f.ermentati )r., f a t 9 confectionery, substitutes, fofld substitutes, potato, spirit and tobacco, trio new 1~1;_nistry is to carry out eccncmic planning f,and capital Investments in, all these industries, 'T1 Minister of the A ~ricultursl and Focd Industry will direct the activities f State enter prises run by 'he industr'es in his jurisdict.i.^n. These enterprises also include the Tobacco and Spirit Mnnopoiies, in respect if which the Minister of Finance will retain his pr. esent right of fiscal supw:rvis iori and protection of the monopol: privilege? The new Minister will also supervise the industrial activities of the Central Cooperative-i'lgencies, i,e-, of enterprises ruii by the "Spolem" Central Consumers' Cooperative and by the"Peasant Self'?ielp Association" Central Age icu .~aral and Cooperative A encios (in cnn ji?r_3tion with the Central Consumers t Association) , Zycie Warszavyy lVarch 19, 19' 9 #77 and all principal papers (31 Lines) Verbatim INFANTS WILL RECEIVE LAYETTES. C') 'T'UNS HtaS ALR.E DY AR;IVED Domestic Despatch The Warsaw branch Ff UNICEF- (United rations ? International Children Emsgency Fund) will receive 371 tons of cotton. UNICEF will supply Poland with cotton as well as with wool necessary for manufacturing 4f..A50Cci layettes for children Distri- bution will take place. r; the course, of next year and/ during the following six months? During that peri:,d the Government will.may i facture and distribute an -z dditi,rnal 500,000 layettes, Thus every, ch,ld born during the ab. ve period will receive .a fi ll new outfit.- UNICEF is ?_perating with the M_41-.aJ of Health Education and So- ial Welfare: , P(-ws zecnne #71Mar~-,h 18 only Verbatim MILITARY REGISTRATION FROM MARCH 27 Domestic Despatch Several days ago the prpuition of Warsaw was informed T.f th? forthcoming p^rtial registretlc?n for. military service, in, order Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -2-- to draw up a register of members of the m_.lit,.ry reserve. This registo was destroyed during the war.`" With reference to this, notice is given that the activities of the Military Registration Commissions will begin on Arch 21, Excerpts (44 linos) Rzeczpospolita #0 -arch 19, 1949 and princip~i papers THIS YFkR'3 SUMMER VACATION F'tCILITIES TO BE EXTENDED TO =HALF A MILLION WORKERS. Domestic Desp^.tch it a press nonference held at the Central Trade Unions Committee's offices, Comrade Kania, General 3 :onager of the Workers' Vacation Facilit es Fund, summed up the resul v achiev..d by the centralization of vacation facilities and expounded plans for orga- nizing special kinds of rest facilities for working people, Ceatra- alization of the management of vacation rest f .aiiities for workers has made it possible to extend a uniform pla. ;od ecenor~iy aver 65~', rest establishments capable of housing 35900P people. This will make it possible to provide vacations for hak a million manual workers and intellectual workers, (57 l aes) Excerpt Trybuna Ludu 177 March 19, 1949 and others POLISH TECHNICAL DELEGATION HAS LEFT FOR CAIR') TO ATTEND CONGRESS Dome:? tic Despatch aplegatisn of the Chief Technical Orgoaization left Warsaw fir the II International T hnical Congress Y Cairo, The dele- gation consists of: W.Ciarhrwsk1 M, - Ger:er :1 Secretary of the Chief Technical Organisation: Prof Dr.W.G ;etr l_ - Rect r of the Mining Academy in : rakow: Prwf~Dr,L.,Jakubcwsht, Dean of the Section of the Warsaw Polyt.?hnic and W niewski C.E Chairman if the Chief Technical Organisattrn' e= Fcrcign Commission. The Can,ress in Cairn was summoned by t1 World Technical Conference ( onference'Technique Mondiale!,) Lo discuss two essential problems namely: the question if re materials and social aspects of progress and technical dev+.iopmett. The cnn,ress will be in,session from 2G t. 26,March 1949. According to estimates, about 2 to 3 thousann sf engineers from all ver the world will take part, They will wo ? in three pr ofessinnal section, Kurjer Crdzienny March 19, 19+9 #77 (3P lines) Verbatim (and other papers) c******************* ~k k jk sk %k 7k******3K**SK %'k K k#*. * k #* **:*#* * * * **# R E 1 G N GENERALISSIMO STALIN RECEIVED A DELEGATION OF THE KOREAN PEOPLE'S ?)EMOCRaTIC REPUBLIC IN THE KREMLIN Mcsccw March 18, (PAP) Firei n Despatch On March 17. the President of the Soviet Council of Ministers q Stalin, gave a dinner for the Government Delf ration of the Korean People's Lemocragic Republic. The quests included all the members of The Korean delegation headed by the Prime-Minister Kim Ir Sendai and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Pak Enern, The following Soviet off Jo als were present at the reception: Molotow; Nalon?'.ov, Beria, Mart:hal 4 orvihil ov, Nik t'yan, Kaganovitch, Krushtchov, Kosygi_n, Vyshinski,y `4enshikcv, Gremykr, Marshal Vershynin, General of the [Irr,:,y ; hte fianko and Admiral Jumashev Gazeta L ~ ileaa h 6 a. others (1 lines) Verbatim parov or eIa e 2004 "a /15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -3- ITALIAN POLICE SHOOT AT DEMONSTRATERS Foreign Despatch Rome, PAP Throughout the country the Italian people's masses are increa- singly opposed to the Atlantic Pact, Reports are coming in from all parts of Italy about demonstrations and skirmishes with the police. The most serious incident occurred in Terni, one of the largest centers of the metallurgical industry, where the police shot at the crowd taking part it the demonstration and killed a young worker. In its report about this incident the "Units." says: The Atlantio pact -has already been stained with workers' blood," The "Avanti" states. '}Twenty year old Luigi Trastulli, who perished in Terni, was the first victim of the Atlantic Pact." (55 lines) Rzeczpespolita #77'March 19, 19+9 and others (Excerpts) TEXT PF ATLANTIC PACT PUBLISHED Foreign Despatch. Washigton (PAP) Verb,.:itim The text of the Atlantic Pact has been published. In the beginning of April, it is to be signed by the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and the Benelux rruntries, The signatory .gpvernmentp.are subsequently th take the necessary steps for ratifi- cation in their respective countries, Trybuna Ludu #77 March 19,191+9 and all principal papers. (1(9 lines) "DEFENSIVE CLAUSES" OF THE ATLANTIC PACT. ANGLO-SAXONS' PLANS FOR AUSTRIA AND WESTERN GERMANY Vienna March 18, (PAP) Foreign Despatch The local-press carried a report fr;~m London that in the opinion of the initiators of the Atlantic Pact the "defensive clauses" of this tact should automatically a pply to Western Germany and Austria. Giving this information the journal "Der Abend" stated that it has the effect of a bomb-shell on all olasses of the population. Without any warning, writes the journal, the Austrian nation learned that attempts are being made behind its back to involve Austria in the Atlantic Pact. In view of the fact that Austria i`s occupied by four Powers, the carrying but of this plan w~iild mean the division of the country into zones. the Journal asks. whether such a decision is possible without the consent of the Austrian Government which has been recognized by all the prospective signatories to the Atlantic Pact. In conclusion "Der Abend" expressed-the hope that the Austrian nation, which desires Austria to remain a uniform country and which has peaceful iRtentians, will declare its opinion in this problem. Gazeta Ludowa arch 19, 1949 #66 41aly (28 lines) Verbatim MASS D ,SEET.IONS. FROM T ITO' S ARMY Soldiers pass to the Triest Territory. Foreign Despatch Roma (TELEPRESS) (14 lines) Verbatim A Yugoslav Militia detachment of a strength of about 1Of3, attempted t> reach Triest Territory on Tuesday, after having encountered Rankevic's police near Villa del NTvoso in the Carso mountains, It was reported from Triest on Tuesday that gun fire was heard for several hours in.the evening of the same day fr.m the area occupied by Yugoslavia. Apparently, numereus,desertions from the Yug,slav Army were taking place'. Polska Zbrojna March 18 #75 only REPRESSIONS AGAINST THE COMMUNIST PARTY IN MEXICO Foreign Despatch New York, March 18, (PAP) Verbatim As reported by the correspondent of the "New York Times"I the Mexican Ministry of Internal Affairs rejected the protest of the Communist Party against the Government's refusal to recognize it ?ffi cially as a political party, In consequence tFie!Mexiean Communist Par will bGAppi F&ErcRe astjAUp/O4M5izC1A D 4 5Rd.m0? tits . (9 lines) Gazeta Lud;wa March 19 only.. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-004158002600060004-2 CLOS Tl_`,TG OF THE POLISH INFORMATION BITREAU IN BELGRADE AFTER A BRUTAL POLICE RAID. STRONG PROTEST OF THE POLISH GOVERNMENT Foreign Despatch Can March 17 the Polish Ambassador in Bc ..grade, Wende,` handed a Nntc to the Minister for Foreign Affairs cf the Federated Peo'ple's Republic Gff Yugoslavia, Mr.I ardel, dealing v i_th the closing cf the Polish Infcrmatio.~ Bureau fin March 15, the irate Expressed. a very strong pr,i*test of the Pmlish Government agai 1st this new hostile action of the Federated People's Republic of Yugoslavia t--wards People's P-land. The Polish Inf,rmation Bureau, by pcpulri.zing the efforts and the political, economic and cultural achievements of the Palish nation, was. trying to dev ?lop and cultivate ;'` relations between the P 1 sh nation and the nations cf' Yugoslavia These activitie~q of the Polish Information Bureau have been f ally abprc- ciated and looked upor with syrn;3a:thy by the ,^;.ad ma ses c~f the Belgrade population., who used tr visit the l ?tbrary and the exhibitions organized in the Bureau's p emises,, On March 2 of this year the Deputy Mini. ;ter fa?r Foreign Affairs of the Ywa.r rslavian Federated. ?eaple's .Republ ;.e, Mates, ini'ormed the Polish Ambassador, Wende, of the deci.sio i of the Yugoslav Government to have the Polish Information Bureau liq.uid:-ted within three days. Untjj the end rf January 1949 the Yugc,-alav G nvernnynent showed no intention of opening similar inst tut ion in Warsaw. Orily after January 26, 1949 did the Yugoslav Embassy in Warsaw r qae ,t the P- lisp Ministry of Foreign Affairs f #r p~ rmi; sxor is open a permanent informative exhibition and f r sui (able premises in the centre of Warsaw. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs $ in Not as of January 31, 1949 and of February 16, 1949 informed the Yugoslav Embassy in Warsaw that the natter was being dealt with, In. view ~f the above the Pr:lisl., Embassy assertes that the unfriendly decision of the Yug islav G,-;ve--gent to close the premises of the palish Information. Eurea.u' in Belg:ade which. bears the farm of an ultimatum, is a NEW PRO1F OF THE HO~.STI':IE ATTITUDE OP' THE YUGJSLAV GOVERNMENT TO THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S POLAND. The Polish -6mbassy declared th-~t in the ?a circumstances the responsibility for this hostile step against Poland, i.e., the closing of the P -ligh In'(-)rmation Bureau, which is undoubtedly inconsistent with Yugccslav pifblic opinion, rj~ sts entirely and exclusively with the Yugoslav Government, in view,rf 'which the Polish '2overnment will act accordingly, The day after the closing of the Polish I'nfc rmat Ion Bureau its premises were renovated and an American J"mb I ibbr? ry was :pened there. 4ycie Warszawy 'arch 19, 1949 #77 {l1 + lines) Excerpts INDIA WILL WITKDRAW FROM THE BRITISH EMPIRE DECLARE PANDIT NEHRU FeroIgn Desp?.tch New Delhi. The r'remler of India, Pandit Nehru ded1 ared in Parliament that Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 :. CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -5- within a few months India will became an "independent republic " which means in practice, that India will leave the British Commonwealth. of 1` Nations, The Premier stated emphatically that India could examine the matter of her union with the British Commonwealth solely frcm-the angle of "a union of independent natinns.", he said further that India "dyes not desire a close alliance with any nation and that Indian policy consists in keeping away, from blocs, " On tno other hand it is known that India desires to create an Asiatic group in which she would hold a predominant ,role. Rzeczposp-,lita #77 March 19, 1949 (51 lines) only Excerpts DEBATE IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS Foreign Despatch London (PAP) The British Gvernment, fearing criticism of the Atlantic Pact by many MPs who under pressure of public opinion put forward Dbjections to it, has restricted the debates on this Pact. Certain MPs were able-to make short declarations, As was expected, repre- sentatives of Conservatists and :Ca.boi' Party leaders approved the Atlantic Pact, Mr.Warbey, MP, urxdcrlinig the fact that ho .was speaking on behalf of many Labor M?s, delcared that a strong group exists within the Lacer Party firmly condemning the Atlantic Pact. I openly declare said Warbey - that the opponents to the Atlantic Pact within the Labor Party will challenge Minister Bgvin." Rzeczpospclita #77 March 19, 1949126, lines) and others Excerpts THE INDUSTRY OF WESTERN GERMANY WILL PRODUCE 13 MILLION TONS OF STEEL PER ANNUM Paris:.(Telepress) Foreign Despatch The French authorities were informed by the Marshall Plan Administration that Paul Hoffman has discussed with German steel experts the plan to increase steel production In Western Germany to 13,OOO,Of?O tons per annum. The United Sates, Great Britain and France previously fixed steel production in Western Germany fmr 1950 at 10,700,000 per annum., The intended increase of steel production in Germany necessi- tates the complete suspension of dismantling of factories earmarked f, .for reparations. Zyc ie Warszawy March 19, 1949 only #77 (14-lines) Verbatim THE DUTCH PREFER TO STAY IN THEIR COUNTRY AND DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WAR IN INDONESIA. PROTESTS AGAINST GOVERNMENT COLONIAL POLICY. Foreign Despatch ,TheEIague, PAP According to the press, police raids are taking place in many Dutch cities with the object of arresting servicemen who refuse Q go to Indonesia, Deserters have been arrested in the Hague, Hilver- sum and other cities.- At a public meezing in Zaande.m crowds proteste? against the continuation of the colonial war and demanded the release of arrested servicemen. In one army camp mutiny broke out. The soldiers categnrioally refused to take part in the Indonesian war, In the barracks leaf- lets containing slogans supporting peace and condemning war were circulating and were extremely pcpular among the soldiers{, Arrests were made, Dziennik Ludowy #77 March 19 and others (20,li es) verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 J_ dENNI DEN-ANDS DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT'.- ATI " NTIC PACT CONTRARY TO THE WILL OF T?F; NATION. Foreign despatch Rome (PAP) - In view of the fact that in, the matter of the At- lantic Pact the Italian Parliament has taken a stand which is contrary to the will of the Italian nation, Pietro N(nai made a motion -for the dissolution of Parliament and for convokl_ng =- new election. Discus- sions on Italy's accession to the Atlantic Pect began in the Chamber of Deputies in the morning of March 16 arid Lsted, without interval, until the evening of March 18. For two d&ys .m d nights members of the {apposition spoke in turn, explaining why they will vote against this Pact. Their object was to make the echo's of the parliamentary battle re- sound in the farthest conrners' of Italy, and to enlighten a:l those who on April 18, 1948, voted for Chris tian-Dx ii-iocra :,-s, that contrary to their will, they have drawn the co zntr j the imperialist camp. Prior to va-~ting the Secretary of the Comrnuni c Party, Togliatti made speech exnlain~_ .g why- he will vote against the Atlantic Dact and proposing a motion, giving an assurance t,1at;ro foreign country will get strategic bases in Italy. This motion was rejected by 317 votes of the Government majority against 175 votes of the opposition. The rem i.ning members abstained from voting. R.zecznospo! ita, #77, March 19, 191:9, and all principal. papers, 81 line! .L yyy yy yy yy yL..yL yy. W yy y, y,y yy yy {. .y y .y y .,y may. y y eexcertDDi S T .i: T* * 7I`m* T T *~'j **? T**T TT T T* * TT * %i T* y: J ~: *:Y` **); L? -. ;CT ?'{T.'K- 'i T *'~I'?K T'T'T- T T TT"1" C ON OM I C FOUNDRY INDUSTRY IN 1949. Domestic despatch Production results of the foundry industry in 1947 and 1948 give prospects of a considerable excess of produc`-f ion anticipated by the 71 me Year Plan in 1949. It is. expected that ?f he. production of refined steel and of articles of the machinery, chem::l c,al and motorcar in- dustries will increase this year. The production of pig in 1949 will increase by 7 percent in comparison wit.- 1949. Production of open hearth pig iron will increase particularly, while that of foundry and hematite cast iron will remain or, thEe 19?8 levol. The production of raw steel will increase by 4 p+ercerit. Ro?::ing mills will produce 55,000 tons more than in 1948. The production.: of &i eet metal and pipes will remain at last year's level. Two new rml ling mills and foundry furnaces will be built this year. Rzeczpospolita, March 19, 1949, #77, only, 3C, lines -- verbatim NATIONAL SAVINGS CONFERENCE STAhTS P ROCEI DIMCS NI XT SUNDAY Domestic despatch A National Savings Conference will be h* ,,13 in Warsaw on March 27 and 28. The opening of ' the conference wil take place on March 20 'At 10.30 a.m. The following will address the 2onferencc: 1) Comrade I'dwa:.?d Ochah, Chairman Df the Central Trade. Unions' CommitvEe will deliver an address on "Work co oet tion at a new stale". 2) Comrade Vice-Minister Eugeniusz 'z* r` - on "Savings tasks in, state business eattrpr-ises&". Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -7- 3) Comrade Minister Konstantv D browski. on "Savings tasks in budg-t ry policy". 4).Conr?de.Minister Stefan Jcdrychowski - on "Savings in expendi- ture for capital invcstments? under the 1949 plan". The addresses will be fallowed by-a debate. Results of the de- bate will be summed up by Comrade Minister ~Iilary Minc, Chairman of the Economic Comri. ttee . of the Council of Ministers. Trybuna. Ludu,r#7j, March 19, 1949, and -others, 29 lines - excerpts "ZABRZ " FOUNDRY FULFILLED THE THREE YEAR PLAN. Domestic despatch . The "Zabrze" glassworks fulfilled its three year production plan on March 1. 8,126 tons of glass valued at 2,490,000 prewar zlotys were prodecpd. At the celebration held on arch 14 the ,aorkcrs of this plant -undertook an obligation to produce an additional 750 tons of glass by May 1 and 2,600 tons by December 31 in excess of its plan. Rzeczpospol t , Parch 19, 1949 only 11 li os - ve catim THE TFXTTL- F INDUS TRY CkRRI FS OUT THE THREE YEAR PLAN. Domestic despatch The -teextile industry and the coal mining industry are the greatest and most developed-branches of the Polish industry. Already in 1945 the 'production of the textile industry amounted to 16,400. 'tons of c-7ttc>n yarn, 71,500,000 meters of cotton tissue, 6,800,000 meters of woollens, 4,500,000 meters of linen tissue etc. The first year of the three year plan brought a considerable"increase of textile production, as illustrated by the following figures: the' producticn .of cotton yarn in 191+6 was 47,200 tons and in 1947 more than 59,000 tons; the production of cotton tissue increased from 206,600,000 meters in 1947 to 257,300,000 meters in 1948; the productic of' woolen tissue from' 21,700,000 to 32,400,000 meters; of Unen tissue from 21, 700,000 to more than 27, 500,000 meters; of jute tissue from 10 400,.004 to 19,700,000 meters and the production of silk tissue from 6,600,000 to 21,900,000 meters. - There was considerable development in other branchs of the tex- tile.industry as well, 'For -instance, the production of knitted goods increased to I+,800,000 kgs, of haberd^shery goods to 22,600 000 p e- ces.,- of rayon to .5,600,ooo kgs and fibrous e titles to 6,000,000 kgs. In 19)-!-7 291,000 workers wore employed in the textile industry, raising by 24 percent withina year. Production costs were decreased and qua- lity of goods improved.- Due to vocational training, the number of skille workers has increased.. The plan for 1948 imposed big and difficult tasks on the textile industry. These tasks were fulfilled and the plan- ned volume of production was exceeded. The production of cotton tissue amounted to more than 343,100,000 meters (109 percent of the plan), of woollen to 41,E00,000 motors (105 percent of the plan) of linen tissue more than 31,900,000 meters (123 percent), of jute tissue 20,600,000 rmett-rs, `etc. On December 31, '_91+"8, 339.,900 persons were the textile industry, including 316,200 manual and 29,700 office workers. This year the textile industry is faced with equally bi tasks. First of all, the quantitive production must increase. The plan provides for the production of 89,200 tons of cotton yarn, 371,000,000 meters of Cotton tissue, 35,100 :tons of wool yarn, 46,400,000 meters Approved For Release 2004/04/15 :.CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 --8- of woollen tissue, 32,100,000 meters of line and hemp tissue, 36,400,000 meters of 'silk tissue, 6,800 t-)ns of .knitted goods, etc. As regards capital investment the 1949 plan provides for ail allocation of more than 9,200,000,000.zlotys for the textile industry. Rzeczpospolita, # 77, March 19, 1949 and others, 165 lines - excerpts PLANS FOR RAISING PRODUCTION IN STATE FAR.IS. Dom stic despatch On March 16 and 17 a national conferee-e concerning production on St-to Farms was held at which the District State :Farm Directors, administration workers and labor champions, jointly discussed, in indi- vidual cominitees, th following problems.- increase of livestock produc- tion, organizational efficiency, profitable and thrifty farming. The participants in this conference undertook to_ nhance production by in- creasing the number of sows to 30,000, by ire .casing the average milk yield of cows to 2,500-litres per annum and b increasing the stallion herd by 150. As regard sheep breeding, an offal taken to ob- tain 250 kgs of wool from 100 sheep. Big eft c:r,ts will be made to a'ganiz adequate fodder necessary for the increase of livestock. Acs regards production of plants the assembly decided to trivx: f :,r obtaining, through Intensified cultivation, an average winter sown wheat crop of 15 cwt from a hectare, ? a rye crop of 13.5 Owt from a hectare, bar- ley aid oats crop of 14.6 Cwt and a potatoe crap of 135. 9s regards motorization the slogan "every tractor 300 .hectares" of average plou king with a simutaneous lowering of overnned expenses by 10. percent. State Farm workers will strive to 1ovor admir.u.strrt.tion ex- penses, Much attention was devoted to the problems of coorc1 nation of 10-ork in individual estates and establishments. The necess ,t,r .of uni- form planning was emphasised. The assembled passed a resolution underlining the necessity,of continued and closar contact between Government estates and villages through the organization of help to village c!-)operatives, and small and middle sized. landholdings in farming, its mechanization and its working al-ganization. Gazeta Ludowa2, March 18, 194-9, 'and others, 60 lines - verbatim FIRST SHIP ENGINE (PRODUCED IN POLAND). Domestic despatch The first ship engine produced in'Poland arrived at Gdansk by spe- cial train from Upper Silesia on March 17. Th - engine, which is part of the ege.ipuent*.of an ore and coal carrier now under construction, was manufactured by the Machine Industry Assocciation. Gazeta Uudowa, #66,March 19 1949, and others, 7 lines - verbatim PRAININTG OF SiiOEMAKERS ACCORDING TO THE C:=iRZ& 1 METHOD. Domestic d?spathh. Under the program for training artisans a course for young instruc- tors in the shoemaking trade, members of the Tnion of Polish Youth, has been organized by the Establishment for I-1provement of Handicraft. A new method invented by van Chrzan has been ,.dopted at the course which will last six weeks!)During the fist three weeps every artisan attending the coarse will study design; and o-odels and will do pre- limin ;ry work. During the following weeks eat!-.- of them will make three pairs of leather shoes. During the whole p=rig=' of s.x months each pu- pil will make 15 pairs of shoes without essisrfance. Dziennik Ludowy, #77,March 19, 191+9, only, 16 lines verbatim *} Literal translation: s!ould need months Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 a Approved For Release 2004/04/15: IA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 SECTION B FOUR YEP RS Domestic Despatch On March,18, 19?+5 detachments of the Polish Army fighting at the side of the victorious Soviet, Army captured Kolobrzeg and reached =the Baltic. 'During the four years following this histori- cal date Polish maritime economy .bias recorded, the f ollowing major achievements (in round figures): IN PORT TRAFFIC a-) 25,'000 vessels entered the `ports:. b) 1+0,000,000 tons of cargo was shipped;, THE ACTIVITIFS$ OF SHIPYARD a) opening of three powerful shipyard centers in Gdansk, Gdynia and S zc zec iz; b) construction of'ocean-vessels was started: IN OCEAN SHIPPING a) opening, of 12' regular shipping lines; b) increase in tonnage of the Polish merchant marine by 70% c) 3,500 400 tons of cargo shipped; d) 70,00).passengers carried. IN COASTAL S14IRPING a) opening'-of regular coastal lines in Zopot Bay and in Szczecin Bayo b) 378,000 passengers carried. IN OCEAN FISHING a) creation of a trawler, cutter and fishing smack fleet; b) 7,2').,OO''1tons of fish caught valued at 1+9700, 000,000 zl. N MARITRAINING. a) .ope ~g of the State Maritime Sch Dots. in Gdynia and b) cr=a-~'," o-: of a Maritime Educational Oente- c) .or ;an . i n of. 70 supplementary educational courses fo ra .;.~ :.Y.c oc(-upaticns, Kurier Cod :Ii.e ,n 1949 #76 >>l1Ly z:33 lines) Excerpts IMP?RT 3TUli? ,3 NI . D R'? 'ST-,4,RS FOR POULTRY DR1 L i.T\,G D ' mes tib Despatch On board the ? c i_i h `easel "Lublin" the first shipment of imported' bree(~i.t -, po-L.l,y arrived in G(.ynya.from L-on.don, It consists of 170 -'Ns?Iirii :,,:" '` ' ~!r ke rO a,)d 2() "Sussex" roosters, The turkeys will be dist7-ibuz;,~- a:aoii poultry breeding stations in order to improve the dmmes uic breed Ga.zeta Ludowa #61+ March 17, 1949 only (16 lines) Excerpts Approved For Release 2004/04/15': CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -1 COMBATTING GRAIN PESTS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Domestic Despatch A'natirnal,conference of provincial ' cotmr:issioners for com batting grain. `pests was held in Lodz to discuss the tasks and the organisation of a central agency for combatting grain destroying pests. According to a thorough investigation carried out by the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organisation, 33,C-0,000 tons of grain are destroyed annually by pests, of which the most pernicious are: weevil, mill moth and flour..moth, The above quantity of grain annually destroyed would suffice to nourish 1'5,OOO,COr people. The Chief Commissioner's agencies, operating throughout. the country, will carry out a general desinfection in grala elevators and mills, Approximately 7,500 elevators and mills will be desinfected at a cost 35,0"00,000 zlotys, . Thanks to this, approximately 30()9C 0 tons ,f grain with a value of 79500,0009000 zlotys will be saved every year for the natural ecnnomy. A training ccirse for provincial c :,mmissioners and instructors will be arrange: in Lodz from March 21 to 26, at which lectures concerning the fight against grain pests will be given, Similar courses will be held in all provinces next month. Dziennik Eolski.#74 March 16, 199 only (43 lines), Verbatim NEW TASKS OF THE MINISTER OF FINANCE Article by Dr,Adol:f.Atlas (Exe rpts) After having considered, the budgetary estimate of the Ministry .;f Finance for 1949, the Financial-Budgetary -nd Economic Planning Committee of the Seem has passed a r esolutiorn recommending that the Legislative e jm should express Its sincere appreciation to the Minister of ' inance for his purposeful policy for balancing of the budget, and for his thrifty management of sty, to expendtturie. We are entering the present budgetary year, the last year of the three year plan, .,from where we start the grcat six year plan, with immense achievements behind us in the fl.,o-ld of finance, What are.the latest achievements? (1) We have developed the clearance syst:_:m on a remarkably large scale, with the result that clearing trnsactions exceed 94+ of the total volume of transactions and in relation to bank- notes in circulation, have reached the record figure of 108%. (2) Regardless of changes in the system :;f wages the issue of banknotes during the first months of this year not only was-riot increased but, on the contrary, was reduced, which taking into consid,~ratirn the fact that the amount of go::ds is st?:s:dil;i ncreasin, In Poland, is a considerably success. ('3) We have decidedly entered the path cf justified thrift, and this is not an emergency campaign but a permanent system. We are it the same time working out.definite method of s,,-.ving. Owing to a spirit of thrift, which has prevat1cd`rem$ the very `first moment of the birth of our state, we arF. now able to glory in the results of the work of the Ministry of F-.nance. he whole point is to make this spirit predominate in all centers of state work. It will be an in portant task of the future Minis try of Finance to inspire the nation as a whole with a respect for small f igur(~s, for small S avi ^o n~o h- -b g w March 13 ~-~d54lF:s ap ear an o #"4VY7j er (200 11 Approved For Release' 2004104/15 : ,CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -11- GIFT FROM ,POLES IN LMERICA FOR WIDOWS AND ORPHiiNS OF NEWSPAPERMEN. ' Domestic despatch The Relief Se4tion of the Journ'alists' Trade Union of the Po- lish Repunlic has received 4 cases and a carton of new clothes and footwear and a.carton of copybooks and' pencils for children from the Congress of Poles in America. All these items will be distributed. among'the Section's wards. Zycie W.r,szawy, #74, March 16, 1949 and others, 7 lines - in full. CZECHOSLOVAKIA BUILDS A SCHOOL IN WARSAW. Domestic despatch Dr. ' Wacek, Mayor of Prague, a well known friend of Poles and a fervent propagator in Czechoslovakia of the slogan to reconstruct Waa}saw, is continuing the collection campaign initiated by him. Recently Dr,. Wacek a-pealed to Czoochoslova' municipal national councils to make contributions towards.the building of,a school for Warsavr children. 1'4: councils in Trans-Olzan Silesia and nri- marily the mining center in Karwina were the first to, respond ~to his apr,eal and to organize collections. Dziennik Ludowy, ztr;5, March 17, 191+9 only 16, lines - verbatim A 1iU?JGF,T }'n;i PE' C> FLTL c ND CONSTRtT TI v E '~JORY: Article 11 The fifth session of the Supreme Council. of the USSR, which approved the st=" to budget for 1949, ended on March 14. The expenditure on the-armed forces, guarding peace and the con- structivco'wwaork of the. Soviet nation, ex-5resses the peaceful -policy, of.; the Soviet Union which is at the head of all progressive and sin- cerely democratic forces of the work., fighting actively for a just and lasting peace and thwarting the hazardous, aggressive plans. of imperil' lists and. warmongers. Trybuna Luau #75, March 17, 1949 220 lines excerpts ISimilar articles a?~peax in other nar,ers) AL'E;'XAN';fDER POPOV, INVENTOR CF THE RADIO. Article On March 1'6, 1949 90 v-jars have: sssed since the birth of Alexander Popov, the Russian scientist who 'discovered the' radio. On March 24!! 1896, he, demonstrated his radio transmission and receiving sets. id- most two years later Popov's first' experiments were repeated by an enterprising Italian, Marconi. An exhibition was opened recently in the Poly-technic Museum In Moscow showing materials connnectedwith the life and activities of the great Russian., scientist, A.Popov to.. whom mankind i,s indabted for a sr_,lendid invention - the radio. W01-1osc, #59, March 17, 1949, only 236 lines - excerpts NEW POLISH SCO1TT?NG AS tiN ORG.4NIZATICN OF GRAMME SCHOOL YOUTH. Domestic despatch The Chairman of the Polish Scout hssoeiation, Jerzy Perek, in an interview with.a PAP represetative, outlined the new trends of development in Polish Scouting, in connection with the important or- ganizational and ideological changes which have oocured in the Asso- ciation. It Scouting'at present", said the Chairman , "is overcoming the ballast of idaologyy and of working methods of Scouting'' Approved For Release 2004/04/15: C1A-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 T H.1-- NEW SCCUT1. G IS AN ORCThNIZHTION Cr CI ` :LDRI-! i ANID JUVENILES GFt;.,r,. riR SCr OC LSD, LJJTC TaTING THIU 1r II)~' LLK THE SPI :'1T OF S*~J! IS1L:iSM AND ;}tt Y'i:ii"t.: G 11:^-'O~"1 ~ '.C 1L}. _ lviPOR ` IYT 441A TNTH THE POLISH YOUTH S S CCII,- 'TOIL; . Iher-- is a single the struggle 'or tht:> education of nt rc. Poi.ish youth in the spirit of soci. tlism.T i Polish Scout 3sociatj_oa is an organization for youths un? to the age of 15, where- t- c Youth. ssoeiation includes oldk: youths. ;rcie G1 rszat.ry, `I , March 17, 1949, only, 1+a.` lines - excerpts . 3UUSE I7"T C `iE:1,1 C4~L INDUSTRY Domestic d es,_ a tch Minkic:wicz, for er director- 6f the Financ; = 1 Depsrtz ent of the i her. l In ui str,rt s Central x* ' ** * * * ~k xk * ..a ** * t *** kx***$ * x< *s ~k*n* ** EC Or;cr Ir C POLAND' S NATIONAL INCOME GROWS F& TOR THAN TIC.':' OF CAPITj LIST COUNTRIES. ` F1TBERATI': S CF ,SW ECONCMIC PLAN' COMMITTFF. Domestic despatch The work of the SAW Jconomic Plan Committee on the draft of the low conccrning the "ational Economic Plan for 1949 is almost comple- to!. On March 21 a general report op this na tt r will be ' annduhced . At the session on March 16 the Committee chair=. ..:.gin, Sejm Deputy Citizen C eslak (Peasant Party) submitted a report on _ ,e last paragraphs of the draft of the law. Th.,se chanters dqa1 with national income, capital investments and the financial plan. The session was attend. d by Deputy Chairman or th ; Central Planning Burcau, Comrade Dr. J rychowski and by the Vice Minister of Finance, Comrade L'rotni ak De uty C ie6lak Oeclared 'grit the growth of national Income, which is planned in our country, is much higher than in leading canital??sst countries during their intensive industrialization. The entire financ .l plan for 1949 is tim ted to amount to approximately 800,000,0 ,000 zlotys. In con- clusion the rannorteur submitted a motion for s unolement^ry appro- Priations for 1949 amounting to 4,2OO,0OO,000 z totyts. This sum in- eludes a sunnlemt: ntary apnrepiation of 2,500,000,000 ,000 Z1. for the Mini- stry of Industry. of 569,000,000 zl. for the M aistry of Navigation ared of 840101)01000 K. for the : 4i nis try of Recc nstructicn. Tr'rhuna Luau, #76, March 18, 1949 and others, 17 lines - excerpts Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 - 7-GREAT (SSOR'TMENT OF TEXTILES FOE THE SPRING SEASON, Domestic despatch Recent supplies of woollen textiles of all qualities on the War- s!-,,,w market are substantially larger than the supplies in the corres- ponding period of last year. In March 10,48 textiles worth 170,000,000 zlotys wore brought to Warsaw, comnar2d with 600,000,000 zl. worth of woollen materials supplied to socialized shops. The assortment of woollen, ,fabrics _s very rich; it includes about 40 various kinds 'of clotha the patt s have been radaptcd to Spring requirerients. ZycieIWarszawy, March 18, 19+9, #76 only, 38 lines - excerpts MEMP1`RS Or POLISH PEASANT PARTY (PSL) IF KIELCE: PROVINCE ARE SIGNING CONTRACTS FOR PIGS. Domestic despatch Under the general State plans, the Province of Kielce is to sign contracts for 742OGO fattened pigs this year. The -rovincial autho- rities are anticipating that contracts will be signed for 90,000 pigs. Contracts for 12,261 pigs were signed throughout this Province by March 10. Ga.zeta Ludowa, March 18, 1949, #65 only, 31 lines - excerpts FIVE MILLION UNEMPLOYED IN THE' UNITED STATES. Foreign -t-snatch Washington, March 17, (P,P) - The American Association of Elec-tro- technical workers sent.a letter to Pr-:silent Truman asking for imme- diate initiation of extensive public works with a view to solving the problem of incr a.singly acute unemployment. The Union affirms that, despite official statistics, there are now over 5,000,000 unemployed in the Unite:l States. Gazeta Ludowa, March 18, 1949, #65 and others, 18 lines exce-nts MASS DISMISSiL OF RAILROADERS IN USA. Foreign despatch New York (PAP) - The miners' strike commenced three days ago has been used as a pretext by private railway come-anies for mass dismis- sal of railroad employees. According to the latest data, 50,000 rail- roaders have been laid off un to the present moment. Dziennik Ludowy, '76, March 18, 1949 and others, 8 lines - verbatim 60,000 TRADE UNIONISTS BECAME C0OPI',R.:_TIVE MEMBERS BY MARCH 15. fl mestic despatch The drive initiatE.a by the Central Trade Union Committee under the slogan ,Every. trade unionist a eboper tive me_nbe:~" embraced over 3000 V'rrk ?:laces by March 15. Over 60,000 trade a iion~ sts F came cocperativ members. The campaign is particularly Su.~cess?ul in t le "drocZaw, Kato- wicey Pnznan and Olsztyn districts. The poor,ests resu: s a_~,e being obtained in the Bydgoszcz district. The ?.lan, ? which rrovides for pro- paganda campaign in all work ;daces throughout the country, is to be comaleted by the end of Mach. Zycie Warszawy, March 18, 1949, #76, only, 12 lines - verbatim BRITISH PR S SHARPLY CRITICISES GOVERNMENT ECONOMIC PLAN. Foreign despatch London (PAP) - The British nress continues to comment on the re- cently published Government economic clan for- 1949. Many bourgeois periodicals are sounding alarms because of the bad economic prospects for the country. The "Manchester Guard ian"sharply criticises this Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 this plan, calling it the worst of the annuo. statements so far made by the Government. This statement d 'es not g _ve a siini?le analysis of the country's needs. Reriarks and exaoctati.on.a are made in a chaotic wny. The paper sales that the GcvernmFnt it;3elf does tent know on what its planning is based. The 'Financial. Timesk says that the problem of ;production has not been solved and that tL c difficulties in regulating the dollar problem "make a depre%~Ang impression." The pancr writes that the str tc:r, E-ant says noth _ng about practical steps which should be taken in this matter. "The also ex'1r.esses anxiety abcut the dollar nrablem., Trybuxia Li.:du #76 March 18,1949 and others (34 lin(3s) Verbatim PLANS FOR SOAP, Y" RN, TISSUE AND 1IRF? PRODUCTION F.XCF 'DFD ? IN FEBRUARY Dom4 _-tic Desxaatch The production of soap is keeping pace with steadily increasing domestic demand. The 14 factories suhordinat .d to tie Central ?3t Industry Administration will this year y pi- vide the with 28,820 tons of laundry soma containing 62% of fatty acid, with a certain quantity of toilet soap and with tons of soap for the textil Thu delegation was cordially welcomed by Prr.lier Cyr%nkiewicz, enbcrs of.the delegation ro ntcd the impression, they roc ived uring. their sojourn in the Ukrainian Sonic t Soc .list Ropublic. }yci, Wnrsz"wY #74, March 16, 19+9 and others. K linos) Excerpts A CONTRACTS-SIGNED IN 23 DAYS FOR 316,621 hOGS. Domestic Despatch According to official data in possession of the commissioner 7o r operation "H" (the live-stock breeding cempa i) contracts for 316,621 hogs wore signed between February 18, th_c date of the ,ioii encemont of the operation, and March 13. The Wojewodztwo (Province) of Krakow leads is way wltn contracts r.gnnd for 40,813 hogs, i.e. about 70,3 percent c ` the total quota contemplated for that area. Zycie Warszawy #74 birch 16, 1949 and others (1 lines) Verbatim POLAND'S PARTICIPATION IN DUTCH FAIR. t anestic despatch for the first time since the war Polanc is officially participating in the 52nd. Internat `_onal r air in Utrecht, ,which will take place from March 29 to April 7. In the Polish PaviLlic , having an area of 30 square meters, specimens of orxr mineral, CC AI, chemical,ni; tal, "au_ncry, timber, paper, textile and preserve industries will' be exhi- bited. Our leather industry, represented by the "Skorimpex" enter- prise, will exhibit its wares for the first time it an international fair. These gooc:s include a beautiful selection f suitcases, brief= oases, note-cases, gloves and dressing cases. Th mct4l industry ex- bibits are also interesting. Artistically drawn statistical tables, the work of artists, painters and draughtsrien , pupils of the State Architectural Institute in Poznan, will illustra7e our reconstruction. Kurier Codzienny, #14. , March 16, 1949, only, 28 lines - verbati : C ommuni cue The State tearingAnparel EstahlishnentO ca:r?ed but 127% of their i,ebrusrv proluction plan for suits and unifon e ,,v nlacin-7 about 135,000 suits on the marl:et. In i 'ition the wea:? ng apparel i ndustrv produce! over 120,000 workers' overalls, 541,800 pieces of underwear in? 203,600 pieces of bed linen. 1.z'czposr lita., March 16, 1919, #74 only, 32 lire - excerpts Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -9- SECTION B PURG IN U.S. ARM` Y.- INVE.STIGEITI ON . INTO Ti . S . SOLDIERS' "LOYALTY", SERVES THE INTER1 STS OF REACTIONARY CIRCLES. Article At the ,beginihing of March 1946 a representative of the U.S. War Ministry stated officially that his Ministry had changed its previous policy toward's "subversive and unreliable elements", and decider] to remove such pers,,ns from their posts. A special section dealing with "the political attitude of the army" was soon created and attached to the admi?nistrat; on handling civil. matters of the U.S. army. The acti- vity of that section consisted of issuing various instructions, with the objec.t-.of "putting an end to communist -propaganda" in the army and purging it of "disloyal elemE nts" . AS a matter of fact, the dismissal from the American army 'of persons suspected of being "dis- loyal" began much earlier. After Truman''s decree ordering "investigation into the loyalty of Government officials" the American military authorities issued a num- ber of special instructions which they justified by the "absolute necessity of securing the, American armed forces against penetration by disloyal elements". A "purge" in, special branches and in factories producing secret war material and atow,ic energy was hastily made. As a result of "trials" a number of scientists were dismissed. At the beginning of January, 1949 the atomic energy control com- mittee prepared-a questionaire containing 18 points, in accordance with which inquiries are held as to the !'loyalty" of persons working in.atomic energy plants. Warmongers ' entertain the vain hope that, by removing I'dislova1" elements from the American armed forces, they will prevent infor? a tion finding its ?way to the progressive -press about preparations made by imperialists for bringing about a new world conflict, The "loyalty" of American forces stationed outside the U.S. is investigated wit! particular care. The second object of the "purge" (also serving the interests of American reaction) is to prepare the army for,fighting the people's masses. All this makes it clear that the ''loyalty" of soldiers serving in the. TJ.S.armed forces is investi- gated, not only for the -purpose of using these forces in the event of a war. The "-purge" in. the army is necessary to capitalists in or- der to use it as an obedient instrument for oppressing people's masses, Polska Zbrojna, #71, March 13, 19499 only, 310 lines - excerpts WHAT THE BBC PASSES OVER IN SILENCE, LORD VANSITTART'S PASSIONS AND OMISSIONS Article Lord Vansitt^.rt (Sir Robert Gilbert Vansittart, Lord of Denham) violently attacked the diplorratic missions and ;:posts of the Soviet Union and -people's democratic countri s, particularly those of Cze- chosl'ovakia, Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Lord Vansitta.rt heaped ins vectives and -,Taan.?k rs on individual representatives of Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary and bulgeria in Great Britain,?:ccusing them. of every` ,Possible crime-of which his Lordship's imagination. is capable, inter alia of "smuggling ertificia~,l jewellery in order to finance commu- nist -propaganda in Great Britai,.-t". Lord Vansittart demanded various ""retaliation measures"., of which the closing of Huangarian-British Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -10 ?; i,j Rumanian-British friendship ' societies were the least. Moreover J Vansittart demanded sharper BBC breast -intended fm Eastern ope by the increased use of the services of ''politicl emigr'e's". In our opinion Lord Vansittart based his.si_a ech on tangible and r r?uine su ,gestions if not instructions iver, him by certain.Bri- fish and "North-Atlantic" agents. He was careftii not to say -. single ord ab!-;ut Polan.. POSSIBLY THE, THOUGHT OF A CERTAIN BRITISH ?IPLO114AT WHO DISGRACED IMSELF SO FL GRriNTLY AND SOPITIFULLY IN FOLAILp ( Ci??'VENDISH PE TTINCK) I FENCED HIS LORDSHIPS MOUTH ? The reply made by Henderson, Under- ,zf-eretary at the Foreign Office is worth r>menticning. Mr. Henderson rF stricteda himself to commonplace generalities ,n,-the subject of TIC F ERFr1 T CONCEPTIONS OF DIPLONI/ TTC SEPVICE a UNDERSTOOD BY THE -" 'T'pRN POWERS AND THE S IVI}?,T UP I G11 0iD PE.CPLE' > DEMCCRta TIC CCUN'I'RIEr'. [ T THIS WE 1 1`;TIRIILY AGREE WITH!-JIM. THE WESTERN `'ONCET'TION OF DIPLO- `T IC SERVICy , I.E. "INTELLIGENCE SERVICE AS A 13R"? :AL FUNCTION OF 'I l?ICAN AND BRITISH DIPLOMQ ratified and approved an . io premise t at ..lose provisions will be inflexibly fulfilled. In witness thereof we. isnue th.o present Ducume1rt provided with the seal of the Repu lic . (Seal) (Signed) Bolesiaw I:.; Brut (Signed) Jozef Cyrarliewicz, President of t;f. Council of Ministers (Signed) Zygmur.t Mclzelewski. Minister of. Foreign Af'ai Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANGLO-AMERICAN PRESS SUMMARY Warsaw Poland March I4, 1949 Steven D>Zagorski, Editor Note: Translations appearing herein are made-es accurately as possible but are not necessarily literal. SQC' MIA ** * x,~ ;: * D')MESTIC MEETING OF THE PaOv?NCIAL STOCK- BREEDING CAMPAIGN COMMISSARS Domestic Despatch A meeting of commissars of the provincial stock-breeding campaign ("H") was held on March 13 in the Ministry of Agriculture on March 13 in the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Dqb-Kccio:! and under the chairmanship of Engineer Fa jqk, an agricul tur&l production di- rector in this Ministry. The meeting was devoted to discussion of the results of the stock-breeding campaign, of ti..e activities connected with the signing of contracts and to the problem of fodder, Much attention was devoted to the work of agronomy service instructors in the provinces as well as to the cooperation between commissars, stock breeding inspectors and PZPR (Polish United Worker) stock-breeding inspectors. Trybuna Ludu March 1)+, 19'+9 '72 (18 lines) and all principal papers Verbatim NATIONAL SAVINGS CONFERLLNCE TO BE HELD ON MARCH 20-21 IN WARSAW. Domestic Despatch The Praesjd_i_um of the Trade Unions Central Committee decided to convoke a National Savings Conference of Trade Unions ,ceoonom e and Public Administration activists on March 20 and 21. An Organi- sational Committee, composed of 7 members uiidor the chairmanship of Sejm Deputy Ochab, was appointed for the purpose of preparing this conference, Minister Dgbro-vish-i, Deputy Minister Szyr and the Deputy Chairman of the Central Planning bureau, Dr.Stefan Jedrychowski will represent-the Government in the Organisational Committee; The Central Committee of Trade Unions will be represented pr?sented by Seim Deputy Blinowski and by Jozef Kofman Stefan Ignar will represent the Peasant's Self- Help'.`zssociaticn, the Conference will discuss ways and means for out the 1949 production plan ahead of schedule and the in-- troduK k * l= '; * * * * r * `si- y< yr =i' r k ;= sk ~i"-'r r' s * * pry : = yF >( > >t c "~ 'i: jc ~k ik k k TOGLIATTI AND NENNI UNMAKS THE PERFIDIOUS F 0 R E7 I G N GAME-OF THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT. DISCUSSION IN PARLIAMENT ON THE ATLANTIC PACT. Foreign despatch Premier de Gasperi made an announcement in Parliament concerning Italy's accession to the ?tlantic Pact. An action against this plan of aggression is spreading throughout the country. The Italian people are energetically demonstrating their will fog pease. Excerpts Trybuna Ludu #71 =larch 13, 1940 and others (127 lines) UNICEF REDUCES RELIEF TO EUROPEAN CHILDREN New Ynrk (PAP) r -reign Despatch The U'JICEFF Council has rejected the British representative's pro oesal to reduce by half UNICEF relief to Polar!, Czesho--Slovakia, Bul- garia and Rumania in the second half of this y:ar. he Council has approved, against the Soviet and Yugoslav vot& s the American proposal to reduce relief to all European countries by 16%. Verbatim (13 lines) Zycie a:rsz< wy #71 parch 13 only Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 MINISTE,R S ?di ,DTI O1ATQK IN PRAGTTE Foreign Despatch Pragu (PAP) 0~n 'Friday Minister Swiaytkowski visited the schools for judges and public prosecutors recruited from the working class and the prey, santry. In connection with the exchange of Polish and C JEC'fIV? S WE} E Bj ILT P iIOR iNr'DLRING THE W^AR, ABOIJT F'ORCF'T" L :30R Gk?'1FS :GNU WAZTH J;R ii=: THIN.-,.S : GHA NTGE IN SO- ? VIET FOREIGN POIJIC.' POSSIBLE, ill PC After this examination c ubitchev was comes fitted to a Court of Jus- tice AND FRO TH ,RF HIV; WAS TAKEN, HANDC1JFFEI:, TO A S i-,T'F ;RISON ERE HE' IS AT PEF:SENT., With reference to this 1. legal act of the American ai thorities, Soviet Arilbassadcr Pa.niuszkin b: noed a letter to State Secretary Iscaesc i proving the baselessnass :-f the chi rges gai.nst Oubitchev and asking f o.r his immediate :eie?se. The ireumstances ~,f Gubitchev's arrest show olearly the imnu ent methods used by Ameri- can authorities who concoct-, provocations "di:`4ected against the Soviet Union. Rze. c:rnc:sbc lita, #70, March 12, 1949 and oth-:rs, 80 lines - excerpts .C GNOMIC' I NGINE..ER JOZF;F KUTIN .:APPOT NTE..D UNDER-SECRET'L,.RY OF STb TF IN THE MINIS'T'RY FOR .RORE'IC?N TRAP E. Communique t the prb oral of the Minis tar for'For ign Trade and of the President of the Council. of Ministers, the 'olishPresidcwnt has ap- pointed Engineer Jozet' Kutin, former Teohn.. ??al Adviser to the Pslish Embassy in Paris, to be Tinder-Secretary of state in the Ministry for Foreign Trade. Zycie Warszawy, March 12, 1949, #70 and cth,rs, 6 lines verbatim OEGAi~1IZ: TI ON OF THE CH2 MBFR OF FOREIGN ''R.= .11. C cmrnuni que The Mir.ister for Foreign Trade, in conjyznction with the Chairman c,f the Economic Committee attached to the C;.uuncil. of Ministers, en- trusted the former Under-Secretary of St,at?? for- Foreign Trade, Dr. Li'idwik Grosfeld, with the organization of a (Jhamber of Foreign Trade. Zycie Warrszawy, March 12, 1949, #70 and othxrs 8 lines -verbtim FROM THE MINISTttY OF THE. TREASURY TO TEE MI-11STR"JI. OF FIN.iNCF;. THE BUDGET OF THE MINISTRY OF THE TREASURY AT T.iE SEJM COMMITTEE. IMPORTANT Dr.CLA11, TION BY 'INISTFR D iB CWSi . Dcmcstic despatch The Seim Financial-Budgetary and Economic Plan Committee discus- sed on Mar :h 10 the budget p-~elimiary of tl I, Ministry of the Trea sury for the year 1949. Ili' 1949 MORE THAN ) RUE;1V~' OF THE TOTAL NA- TIOWIL REVENUE WILL BE USED FOR CAPITAL Ili' ?STti 11TS Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -7- IT IS PLANNED TO SP F:1'D APPROXIMATELY 280 BILLION ZLOTYS PITL'iL INV17ISTN NTS DURII\'G THIS YEAR. The revenue from noblic tFOR axesA- ' will amount to 349,7 billion zlotys in 1949 and from caoit^1 invest- ments 61..7 billion zlotys. This s,}m includes 30 billion zlotys from the Sovi al Savings Fund, 11. billion zlrtys from Insurance Tnstitu- tions; 1.8.2 billion zlotys from foreign transactions and 2.15 ili zlotys fr^,m enterprises fo the Ministry of Irdustry arid TradebiThean Administrative budget preliminary of the Ministry of the Treasu.'ry expects a r-venue of, 4.5 billion zlotys in 19+9. Expenditure of this Ministry. will amount to 12.8 billion zlotys, i.e. 60.2 percent more than in 1948. This increase is due to the increase of salaries. Seam Deputy Langer (Peasant Party) made a report on the budget preliminary of the"Gencral Financial Administration.. , " ITS TOTAL RE- VENUE F 'MOUNTS TO MORE T 'AN 3 BILLION ZLOTYS, I > . >7 PERCENT MORE TTI~1N .ITT 1943. RciDJ.ying to questions the Minister of Finance, Dabrow- ski stated that f )Ilowing the general economic dev lopmnt mf the country the Ministry of Finance will be reorganized. k:NNBR.A.CI1TG A STEADILY `vdIDER SCOPE OF .ACTTVITi n5 AND COMPETENCEr Til' MINIST:(i`~ I3 NO~t' F0I.~LOWING A P.'?TII W ICTI CCJTLD BE D SCRIBED AS A P/ TI1 F1- 1 (M MI IS TRY OF T F TRIG _8 TRY TO T1:ir MINIS IRa'' OF FlN N(.;E" , The M1 nzster s.a, d next hat in view of the creation of new Ministries the Ministry of the Treasury wi1.l transfer the Monopolies to the Ministry 'of the Food Tn6ustry, to the Ninisti,y of Light Industry and to the Ministry of Mining, while retaining financial control over the Monopol!_i c;'S , Minister Dabrowski said further that tze Ministry of the Trea- sury had from the beginn--ng of its activities gisren much attention to the ex_pans? on of cheque transactions . In the National Polish B, r.,k out of toi;al tra.n actions amounting to 12.6 billion z:?_hht,ys, tr nsaetions by cheque amounted to 11..9 billion z1 ours i . e. to 94.5% of the 19'F6 to'n'al. In the G4ne'ral Savings. bank transactions by cheque represented 85p 5 per cent of toal transactions. The, total ,sum of cheque .,transactions amounted to 108 percent of the total sun, Of money in circulation, In spite of a ohange in the system of wagcs the issue of banknotes in three first month cf this year has not increased but decreased. Consider1ng the steadily increasing volumeof goods the 'decrease in .,thy Lisuo of banknotes undoubtedly ree,presents a :big suc~-ess, Men- tioning the recent increase in the price of vodka the Minister sta- ted, that In Jan-iery l '.8 593639000 liters ofr alcohol were sold while in January last sales to 3,5''39000 liters, i.e. the ccnsu'nPtion:dropped 31 percent. all speakers emphasized the positive results of the Ministry of the Treasury's work. The Sejrrl Committee passed the reso?,utiori pro- posed by Deputy Langer, stating as, follows : "The Constituent Seen; Expresses warm appreciation to the Ministry of Trea sure for its effective policy in balancing the budget and for. its t,zri.t ter administration of State expenditure,u Rzeczpospolita, -#70, March 12, 194.9 and all pr?inci al 172 lines -- excerpts h' papers Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE T INERAL INDUSTRY TOWS. tr'S THE, RECONSTRUCTION OF THE, COUNTRY. INTERVIEW WITH THE, ECONOMIC DIRECTOR IN THL CENTRAL MINERAL INDUSTRY DMINISTIU TION, ENGINEER KX.,fOL OLSZEWSKI. Press interview The pre-Congress pledges of our workers and their enthusiasm `?or work gave excellent results by the end of last year-. The planned pro- duction for 1948 was exceeded by?17 , which, expressed. in value. re- presents about 50,000;000 pre-war zl. Our ir.ustry, grouped in branc":;es, achieved the following results:: Group Planned. value of prpduci ic..n ___. Prcentual exe- in cition of the plan Cement 0,000 1_2 113''4 Glass Fine and technical 58,60314 118%% ceramics Roofing cardboard and 27,12217 118% insulating materials 8,1O6y4 136% Lime 13,483 *1 139%. Minerals 2,0574 118/ Rock 15,269 9 114% Red ceramics 15, 9O 7 142; (Note% two noughts hevc presumably been omtht' ed from the above pre- war zloty figures) Our exports increased by 36%r% compared w~th 1947 and included 22 countries. Last gear for the first time sine the war we sent our prod,,icts to 1_.gvpt, Iran and Australia. It IS planned to increase pro- duction this year to the value of about 281,.00,000 pre-war zl., at the same time increasing employment figu:^es :y no more than 4.7;x. It Is rlsnned to produce this year red ceramics to the value of about 27,000,000 pre-war zl. and some 58,000 tons {,f hydrated (slaked) lime compared with 31,275 tons in.1947. In a?cordanee with the guiding principles of the 6-Year Plan, the aggregate value of the mineral In- dus.ry production in 1955 is to be twice as -igh as as this year's production. Our plans may best be described by th.,, fo.s.lowing figures which relate to articles most needed for reconstm,tion: a) production of cement, owing to the construction of the mos ' modern plants, will be doubled. b) the opening of the rebuilt Rey- Ceramics Establishments, the modernization of old technical equipment and the construction of a certain number of new establishments will '.ncrea8e our brick pro- duction capacity to 3 billion pieces per an,-n. c) in 1955 we shall double our production of high-quality roafin; cardboard. d) our quar- ries working on the requirements of our roadd:a, railwa-s, (:to., will Increase th:air production by six times compa: ed with the present figures. Rzeczpospolita, March 12, 1949; 00;. only, l22 lines-excerpts EGYPTIN TICE. 'Advertisement T'I_.' 1'g~rptian Ministry of Food Supply has at the moment certain quantities of rice stored for export, some q.` which is destined for Poland. D .,te iled information concerning qual -. ty, r ric ee and terms of payment can be obtq_ined at the Egyptian 'omega:ion, Warsaw, Hotel Po- lonia, between 1000 and 1300 hrs. Kurier Codzienny, March 12, 1949, #70 and ot.-ers, 9 lines -- verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For_Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 THE OFFENSIVE OF SCIENCE SECT ON B Article The old. system of social '.:. stice has left a painful legacy to Poland. A backhfard national economy,..a culturr11y neglected community.o-nd millions of illiterates. the Constituent Sejm has voted a resolution of gre.^f; for spots on the sun in wk i h nave, successfully resisted their political anc" economic i_nf_1-jonce, have n different anpronch to this question, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 W0 have never yet heard, and we are under the impression that nobody has heard, of any Polish program broadcast by the British radio, or by the "free" U.S. radio in. which, if only in the form of a brief statement qupported by indisputable facts and figures, the favorable results of Polish financial and, e.onomic pol cy were mentioned. It is curious that the-permanent import of essential foods by the Marshal countries is ;egarded~by Anglo-Faxon propaganda centers. ag something quite natural and understandable while the import of the same a rt'iales into Poland, which is 'in the nature of a temporary emergency measure serves as an argument testifying to alleged economic difficulties in Poland. Blind obstinacy has gone so far in these circlo4 that all principles of 4collomic science h ve been rejected a nothing has been loft but propaganda of the crudest type, Xurjerbodzienny #67 M .rah 9 (19' lines) Excerpts EXCHANGE OF RATIFICATION DOCUMENTS Prague March 10 PAP Foreign Dospn tch The exchange, of ratification documents relating to the Polish,- Czech .Agreement concerning mutual legal relations in civil and penal c-ses, sign3d in Warsaw in January this year, took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague on March 10. The exohangQ of ratification documents was performed by the Czech Minister for Foreign Affairs Clementis And by the Polish Ambassador in Prague Borkowicz in the presence of the two Minist rs of Justice: Cepiczka (Czechoslovakia) and Swiatkowski (Poland). RzecZpospolita riarch 11,19+9 and others #69 (13 lines) Verbatim EDUCATIONAL OIJ`FICIALS AT ZA P (POLISH COLLEGE YOUTH ASSOCIATION) BRIEFING. Domestic Despatch A briefing of educational officials in charge of ZAMP -(Polish' College Youth Association's) district organizations from all over Poland took place at the premises of the Chief Board of the: Assciatiox~., ? Ways and means to raise the /"oral educational level among studeats-were discussed at the briefing, The conferees subsequently passed a resolution to organize and intensify student educational self-help groups, coaching groups for freshmen and students going through the first years of their studies -and special groups for students preparing for Qxaminations* Also, the subject of an Educational Commission was discussed. An ad hoe organizational discourse was delivered by Citizen Zewadzki, Vice-bCh it man of .the hief 11o; rd of the Polish College Youth Association.. Rzeezpospolita #68 March 10,191+9 (21 lines) Verbatim PRISON SENTENCE FOR ECONOMIC SABOTAGE Stefan I`laciejewski, owner of a restaurant and a cattle- dealer at.Ilza, has been sentenced by the Military Court to 7 years Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ape ration 11h" (T imrr -sonmont fo.: s^bot Bing live ;stock_ brooding .mpaign) . On m::rkct days i4aclc jcwski pi3rsua,'rod f;_ rmers not. to s e.11 their pigs to reppresont,,.+ives of Co-oiler Lives. iieny farmers bc:J ieved this false propaganda and took their ni~;s` home ^g^ in. Trybena Robotnicza 1larch 5, l9+9 ator CC Fr Ie2.s 3AVI CS i~LAN IN COAL INDUSTRL TRY.} UNA RO 3OTNICZA had an interview -with copra to 4Yozc f Ozezcsniak, general director of the Coal tndu :try's Central Admi.- r.istr.Ption, discussing the savings-plan for 1`s)+9 which foresees cutting the costs of prrduction, at.. (c,) 1-t is hoped to make better use- n-7- ma .4.-powicr which should b:--sod on the development of work comnetiti:in; for manual worl;rs 'nd office employees, and prop.} gation of the ;ork m thuds used by chamoion--workers, Work on Si7n:iays and ov-ri ir,. should be rut, .,hsenteeisrn der (-,rased. Workers should re:ceiv,,proper training; qualified workers should be given suitable jots., (b) pork organzs-_,tion will be incrc :,cd .l v mechanizing and mod -,rnizinrr work methods. r ) lf~nts 7houl r duce their stiff. 'u11 use should be m dr of all mr, c in< ry an' .o uipm rit. (c) Proper use should be made of raw mnt vials end electric cower, excessively large stocks should b.: red.:.ed, raw materials nd electric oowcr used :a.cco d:'_nf; to norms (d) !.ll inventions and s-111 improvement= should be utilized. If the savings--plan is carried through in all ections of the plants, ...van in the smallest ones, this should and w1", j_ give positive r results. Trybuna Robotnicza PlIzArch 5th 1949 I .. towice Prc cis DYNAMICS OF FOREIGN TTLADE Artier: by Dr"1 calf atlas 1 stc:rdav we > eve in detail tic eh r ctce istics of Pal sh reign trace a fter the w-r" -:nd cm%hasiz-d ita uncommon dyn:amio rt;E . Pro-war Poland's monetary system -;as bas _ on gold and hued r-urrencic:s. In her balance of payments pre-war Poland had no ubstential items- of income, but on th other and had many 1- rge items of oxpcndi tur e and eras comr,olled to be ?.. - r y e re ful in order to maintain h ;r bl once of payments in equilibrium b'' leaving a :,a 'f'i clrnt amount on the credit side of its tr b,. lance. Post-w`ir Poland hes abandoned gold ar.d va - noses to attain an cum is potential corresponding to her resit -~n on the bjirrice and took part in the splitting of Gci:many and Europe into two blocs the capitalistic and the. socialist. But every division and every blockade ryrc a vcry.costly enterprise. The fact that America gains on the division of Germany and of Europe does not altar the'fact that the cost of this gain is borne by Europe, Dziennik Znchodni x;61, March 6, 1949 (98 lines) Excerpts only , ON THE SECOND TNIT52 R.Y Lead Editorial Two years ago, on M-rch 10, 191+7, the -Agreement on Friendship and 'tual. assistance b .twnleen. the Polish :'cpublic and the Czech.o-- slovak Republic was signed in '`-Tarse- i ng the plan. This contention is corrobo-ate~ by prcrluctior7 results in particular branches of Polish. indua trv as r.c h~_c vF d in Ft. bruary- 1949. 'r Tb,zn L7x'.u, #69, March 11, 1949 and others, '65 lines - oxce?rn i;s It.ICR~EASF OF SHIPPING FROMPO-hTS Domestic : c sp.atch 1he economic Pry: ssure c,f the hinterla otd on the port is mean fes- fc dd by the volume of goods which are shipped w:~er kilcniater of the pert wharves. In the chief ports of the pr^es r t Polish coast the vo- 1_ume of g ;o=s per kilcr eter of wherves wa a 53'' . tons in 19 ~8. In. 1945, aue to the bar Caro Fs iestruct=_on l,y the German occupants in the 7ort$, the volume of goods shipped fro~ and tr cal +_s r ports ae ci 4idc r bly ;lecr~ a.sed. But in pronoro on ti`, th oar- r-e- censtructic,n of these ports a snk.=edy .mere a se in the volume of ship- ping proves the inere:asi rig use rt sea roiites- t,v our national economy. i.n 1945- 89.1- tans 1946 3 38. totzs 194n- Ls. j3. 9 tons 19z+- - 796.0 toms Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -7- The figures show that the shipping in 1948 exceeds the volume of shipping in prewar. times. Slowo.Powszechne, #67, March 11, 1949 only 41 lines - verbatim BUDGET _OF- MINISTRY OF FINANCE FOR 1949. Domestic c! espatch At a March lo, presided over by Deputy M.Pcpiel (PZPR), the Financial-Budgetary and Economic Planning Committee considered the budgetary estimate of the Ministry of Finance for 1949. In addi- tion the Committee considered further budgetary estimates: "Public levies", "Capital investment fund" and Treasury Administration." Gazeta Ludowa, #59, March 11, 1949 and others, 19 lines - excerpts THE ACTIVITIES -OF THE CENTRAL TRADING AGENCY FOR T -F PAPER I)NTDITSTRY IN 1948. Domestic despatch Last year the market was, in principle, adequately supplied with paper and paper products. Free market.prices declined around tha second quarter of 1948 owing to the distribution polic of whole- sale cooperativc:s and of the coooerativ s belonging to the Central ,Trading ! ency for the Paper -'Industry. During, that year-there was sometimes a short:age.of newsprint, brown cardboard and lignin. In- requirements were, h-wever, satisfied and a general- im-provement took place towards the end of the year. With regard to lignin, the market demand was met in full due to the bringing into use of a new machine in the Czulow factory. The number of the Agency's wholesale depots rose from 16 in 1947 to 30 in 1948 and the turnover increased from .2.091,177,000 zl. to .3,970,344,000.zl. respectively. The 1948 sales plan was exceeded by 19,725,801 z1. he 1949 sales plan provides for transactions of a volume of 283,000 tons compared with 252,000 tons in the previous year and valued at 7.6.biliion zl. (7.3 billion zl. in 194L). Rzeczpospolita, March 11, 19+9, #69 only (23 lines verbatim) TRIAL FOR CORRUPT PRACTICE; IN FERMENTATION INDUSTRY. On March 11, a trial under. summary procedure will be' com- menced by the District Court in Warsaw against persons indicted for corrupt practices in the fermentation industry, involving millions- uo th of zlotys. he ddefen:?ants are,among others: Henryk Oppenheim, general manager of the Central. Ferment-ntion Industry Associ tion, and Franciszek Stemler, financial manager of the same association. The defendants are charged with obstructing nationalization oaf in- dustrial fermentation plants. They arc also charged with corrupt practices involving millions. of zlotys and effected through illicit distribution of .boer to private dealers in excl.-Lange for bribes. The brief will last several days. Trybuna Ludu, #63, March 11, 191+9 only, 22 lines - verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 COMMERCIAL TATNSACTICNS AT T:9J. INTERNATIONAL :CZNAN FIR. Dones tic d espatch ~,'ith reference to the applications of e xh.ibitors of 22- coun- tri.Fs to the International Poznan. Fair which gill take place from anril. 23 to Day 10, the matter of c.c mcrc?ial transactions wit" foreign exhibitors becomes important. In view of the elan, to restore the cha- racter of an export-import agency to this. Fa < r the Ministry of Indu- strJy anf' Trade has already worked out ?E to l~~ ' instructions for sales of foreign exhibits at t1r Internati ona' f oznan .ccoriing to these instructions, the execution of which will be supervise( o n the PT)ot by a Inter?minister=i a,l Ccmmissicn, every fo- reign exhibitor will have tIlc right to sell I.I.s exhibits up to the amoL nt of 500,000 zlotys . He ray use: tho sum .. thus obtained as bg wishes in Poland but without the right to tr.,sfer any part of it abroad. Sums exceeding 500,000 zlot''s may be lenosited on a blocked banking acco-int of the foreign exhibitor., buthe cannot dispose of them witho-u_it the consent of the: Currency Oom1 i.s :rn. If the exhibitor is a for State, the "inancial matters woull be regulated by separate ag nerments which shy uld b_e concluded prior to irerc}.h 15 by the respect vc e')rjrerbidl secs ion of this State= with the Section of Planning and Coorci nating of ,- ::)reign Trade of the Ministry of industry and Trade. Permission for selling exhibits for zlotys at th a International Poznan j~ it will be includ e,i- in the rwoort 1'I cence issued at the Fair. Im wrt and export licences for transactions c: oncluded at tiic Inter nati,Onal Poznnan fair will bee issued. T'~o importation of foreign exhibits w~_11 b? subject to spedial f aci tlites, for which the pro-forma invo: ces need not be enforced by cnminercial counsellors and the innorters re not ro quireed. to 'sub- alit competitivE offers. Foreign Trade transa-.Ytions will bs regulated by thane Drin.ciples at the x9149 Internat:`onal Poznan {'ai.r, which is primarily for the nurnosE: of foreign trae. 3lowo Ptwsze_chne, #67, r arch 11, 1949, only, 95 lines - verbatim COLONIAL DELICATESSEN ON THE WAY TO POLyND. Domestic despatch shipment of colonial andd citrus com..mod1 ties nurchasE'd in foreign (~nllnrrir s will arrive in Poland this month. t includ s 75C) tons of cocoa grains (a total of 1,.-?5O tons was boug'~?t) , 20 tons of DeDner (we h-vi- alr -,ady rccclivc $ 10 tgns) , `i0 tons r f' papric- from 4-'ulgaria, tons rf v anil.l.a, 10 tons of c;\rnamton, 20 tos of cloves from France, 1.,600 tons f oranges gr pef u t, beugr?t in the Iirael.i State, are als-1 expectti :i in the near future and ale a larg-.- consi, gnment of tea from Holland. Zycie Werszawy, #49, March 11, 1949, only, 1 lines verbatim MOROCCO AT T.IF rOZNAi`N FAIR. Dormestic eoospatch Just ;_-.s in 1947 -and 191?8 Morocco will :ake part in this year' s iri6Ernati. aal Poznan Fair. 't'he Morocco exhib is will inclia is mo- rocco leather articles, footwear and e- otic ; oroccco hoberlashery. Zycie Waaarszawy, #69, Ivi rch 11, 1'949 only, F 7. inns - verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 MINIST' R .CLEMENTIS ON. . POLISH-CZAHOSIOAK ALLIANCE Prague, PAP -I,- S CTION B Foreign Despatch In connection with the second anniversary of the Polish-Czocho- .slovak pact of friendship and mutual assistance Minister Clementis has' issued a statement for the Polish press, as follows, "Political and economic co-operation between Poland and Czecho- slovakia during ' the period between the two wars was not suited to the best i.nterects of the two n0thboring countries. "Poland and, Czechoslovakia are interested primarily in solving the German problem in a precluding the possibility of revival of reactionary and aggressive forces in Germany and making it impossible to use (or abuse) Germany for adventurous imperialistic purposes, "It is therefore natural th t Coccho-Slovakia, like-Poland , is now marching at the silo of the Soviet Union in the present fight against the forces of world, reaction, in the fight for securing peace and loyal .co operation .bo ,ween democratic peace-loving nations.' .Slowo Powszechno #66' Arch 10 and principal papers (80 lines) Excerpts SIGNIFICANT BEHAVIOUR OF THE DEAN OF. CANTERBURY Foreign Dispatch The Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, Hewlett. Johnson delivered an address He the meeting organized by .Anglo-Soviet Friendship 'Society. Ike contrasted tho peaceful policy of the USSR to the bellicose policy of the U,`?, governing circles, The' siaeakor owhasizod that a great majority of the American nation des ros neace, but government 'circles in this country desire war or menace of war, Johnson declared that the 5 year plans of the USSR, were for peaceful reconstruction, whereas: preparations for war tore the basis of the American economy. Concluding his speech he called for international understanding. "The Nations of the world" he said ":'o, peace. We shall take care to safeguard it.." (19 linos) -larch 10 1949 #69 Verbatim Dzienn .k Ludowy 4 INTEAPELL.ATION IN S EJ i e FRENCH COV RNMENT'S. REFIT.SAL.. TO CONCLUDE NEW REPATRIATION AGREEMENT WITH POLM Domestic Dispatch At yesterday's meeting of the Sojm, a joint interpellation on the subject of a repatriation agreement with France submitted to the Marshal of the Sojm by the Polish United Worker Party, the Peasant Party, the Democratic Party, the Polish Pease rat Party, the Labor Party and the Cctholic-Social Deputies' Club. the interpella- tion, which is addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, reads as follows; ."Alatyed by the news about the French Government's refusal Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 to conclude a new repatriation aZ.reenent wit'. Poland and t; the chic ancry to which Polish or ig rents in F pane: are subjected , the and:~rsigned deputies of the Constituent ?3ejrn of the Polish Republic cx-.:' css their apprehension at the influence ' hese events rm.i_ght have upon the further development of good rel -t? ons between Poland and France r "In connection with this natter we ask `he iiinister to be kind enough to explain the actual state of 1a "fairs referreed to above.11 h int: rpellation has en f o ^warded t the President of the Council of 1,11nisters. Rzecznosnolite #68 Ma.-2ch 10 1949 and others (28 lines) Verbatim SECOND, WNI`r ]1LS'1RY OF POLISH CZECHO-SLOVAK AGREEMENT. PREMIER ZAPOTOCKY'S ST;;TEMENT Foreign)cspatch Pra gue 7 PAP In connection with the second ennivcrs,ar of the Po.i ish-C r. echo- slovak pact of friendship end mutual. assistar:ao the Czochesl.ovak r.~mier, Antonin Za _Ctocky has issued throtug:~ t_he Polish P?rsss g,ency a state Font for the Polish press, as f`--l-lows. "the pact of friendship and mutual assis Nance signed two {a =o between Czecho-Slov,)kia and Poland ~>' . years was ar ~ e .s.s~ent:ial turning point in relations between. the two cou:ntries During the period ter, Lwuerilla warfare in the Lublin Tn the san, p--ir he became: 0omroander- :i_n-Cni of of the Pconlel s Guard and m-n her of 'r'te C ntrn?l Committee t the first :rectin of the --R. Central Crrrmit-ee her woos arr;oi_nted r ar~dc in=thief of the Peop e's rr*itr. i ilc t~ :in ; in the fr~,?~t-line ;t he ^?.tt~_c a. tinst the Germans, General Wit 1-d fr- l. is too part in the of V:e PPR Central Committee. r f t :r t' l li_bere ti(-,n he crranized thy: Ci t ,ons' Militia of which he ?~ .s chz. f. He has male .^. erect c.ontributi-r towards tie consoli- tion of nubile order an,1 the country's secur?'_tv. General Jozwiak- it . is a mc!mber of the Political urc au of rhe: PZPR Gent,^a1 "omr~littc o. Il cie 'Alarszawv, iviarch 10, 1;1.99 l 68 ana others 39 lira' - s -verbatim N FOR 7"K? El : G ? TVE BUG. -~~~ ~ '1 tch loon of v6 million zl., has been assienE i to State Waterways 1 . ini s tr-i ti ans. in VYlclawa nd 'ys z? ow for the r(gulo ti. ,n of the river cur-. Of this s-, m 31 :zillion zl., are earr,ark ed for capital in- veatnc.nts in the r(--p-ion of Wy5zkow and Kostrze -a where new regulation fs will be cnstructed. z czrosnoli ta, March 1.0, 1949, #63, 7 lines ver botl o 4"i INI: G CF TTTTTC1TF SCHOLARSHIP RECP;Ia' FLATS,?Oi, f SH SPi CI,:LISI.'S 1N HILDRENIS Dt;SFS . in?-s tic desnatch in connectz~_n with the special scholarshi-'s granted by the Uni- ted Nations Tn's i~mer. envy F- nd, Dr Rita Biel r-zycka of the Knrcl and Maria Hospital in Wars- w went b, air,)lane to :u.ndcn in orc';or to narticirate with 45 other nI- r sicians h:~osnital nurses and social welfare s -.eciolrs is in the f,.. or month's training for the study of chile reii's diseasc.s. iesi-'e Poland, 1~. other countries have sera'. their students to London, Oxford' an;'1 other social welfare: centers. The stn tents of these training; couarsc:s will study the organizatic,n o ' medical service in very social sphere. They will also study the vctivities of ti- British Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -15- -syst.:r1 of social v o1 ere. Bcsi(lles Dr. BieJrzycka from Poland stu- dents from dust:: ia, Czech-)slovaki a,, Belgiur , Bulgaria, Finland , France, Greece, Holland, Y116osiavja, Sy - 1a, Tr nSjordan, Italy and probably from the Israeli State _wjl.:1 'attend these courses. Dr. Anr,ra Gecow from: Warsaw has also receiv:od a tINICTF scholarship. She will attend the co1-rsl of :study of chz7.1ren's'djseases which is organize:'.: by the International Health Organization in Paris. Pro- fesso,c, Hanna Hirszfeld from Wroclaw is one of the instructors on this train _ i~ course. Zycic Warszawy, #68, March 10, 1949 and other 38 lines - verbatim NEW DF'UTY PROVINCE GOVER^TQR OF SIi,1:SIA-D.:.BFiOWA. Domestic despatch As from March 1, 1949 Dr. Pawel d'Y a I1amirski was relieved of his duties as Deputy r rovince Gnvern :r. Hcc~ w-s succeeded by Zygrmunt Ro:balski. Dziennik Za.chodni,,. March 9, 194-9, F6;', 5 lines - verbatim AM RICAN DI 'DC ~."'IS WITH THEIR M S tS (Continuation of excerpts from Annabella B(wca r' s book). tirticle The hook citos facts sh-' that Ore of the ugliest sides of the American Frnbassy's activities in Moscow is the fabrication of anti- Soviet calinnies and sup ~1ri.a.g them for the use by American reactio- narics. This "w.ork" which constitutes a c^nsiderable part of the bulk of the American Embassy's work oonfc"r;s entirely both with the anti- Sovi tl~ttitud-le cf the~Emh:o,ssyns chi fs (inclu,ling Ambassador Smith, De erbrcw and r first ,ccretri(-s Davis and Rc innard.t) and with the US State Department's official 'directives. The authoress states.. "The wmbass7l's leadership does not., tolerate, on the cart of any of its staff even a shade of unbiased attitude to- wards the Soviet Union, .nr any attenmt to bQ,'corne acquainted, with the country and its noan e ,or to -obtain and send to the America nation any trim i_nformatic,n about life in th,.. USSR." The book reveals that the American Fm bassy's intelligence work is pursucd m.ctholieally and according to a carefully devised system. Thus, t.g. the krlb^ss'y.'s economic branch collects .information about the activities f Soviet industry and the quantity and cha:ra,cter of its nroducticnq it keens a subject file relating to-Soviet economy. In this file - it enters data gathcre.l by the imbsssy's employees and drawn .from the Soviet press. A similc:.r system is followed by the Agri cultsural section. It gathers information about the amount of the pre- vious year's crops and expects-d crops in the USSR. Smith liter ,I ly,fnrce?c all the personnel of the Embassy down to the lowest employee and regaxdltss Of which section he or she was employed, to engage in intelligence work. "The ('uties of the :r,bassy's st^fi' include' establishing transient contacts with Soviet citizens, engaging in conversat ons with. them )n miscellaneous aspects of So- viet life n7', subsequently, drawing un extensive reports on all im- portant an,,'d unimpor. tot information received . The way the text for "Voice of xr,.mer.jca" br^ac?casts is -~repare!', is very simple. On the one hap';, these, br-oa,casts are arrangcd in such a way as to propagate mendacious nicturts of American life and to suggest to Soviet listenezs that "paradise on earth" is conceivable uncd,_r' a capitalist regime, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 "Th' c broar casts" - writes nnabUla Bewcar - ",,resent an 11rierica which. in reality has never existed an(l cannot exist under a car italist (page 84). On the other hand, "Vo:Lce f imerica" br oa'casts misronre-sent and irlealize American foreign poa icy and r crtraT the US State Denertmrnt as an angel of peace contnunlly encountering oppo- sition from the "bl-~llicose" Soviet Union. It f.s clear to everyone that the "Voice of , mc.rica" enjoys scant sucee:;s i~: the Soviet Union and that hardly anyone listens to it. Fnorm sums are exa-?erne,' nn the public tion -f the ncriodieal "kmerica". This periodical is edited very ga.u'ilybit highly incom- n tently and crudely. Its articles are su:iteb:za for vclry noo,iv;: neonle. "The periodical presents the people with An .fix-erica wrspr~e` in celo- phano and hermetically sealed with wax, - wityl an fl:neric? wherein farmers never soil their hands and in'ustolal workers send congratu lations to their managers whenever the latter declare r 50 * e;rcent d ivi(1 end , - an America wh re:i.n every=one 1-ivies In a 15 room apartment and receives a 20,000 dollars tax-free yearly bonus for doing nothing". This periodical is just as inca,)able of m:Lsle ling Soviet readers as it is incoo_oable of suiting their Last, s. atiuss ans do not like being told brazen lies." relnosc, ##' 9, March 5, l949, 640 lines - exc. rV is (Note: Other ra,)ers also car:'ie` excerpts ,frc : this bc-::o?k). . CONCRETE WALL TO PROTJCT THE HEL PENINSULA Domestic despatch Work will be s tarte ? this year to paarma:-gently protect the Sea Coast, ?primarily the Hell Peninsula, on th3 stretch from W1a,edyslawow to J:,.sta.rnia. The first nrojcdt consisting of the construction of an autostrry:de wall was not approved and it way Ic?ci,'ed to build a coner.te wall on the most expaosed,3 kilomee3ter cast of Wladyslawow, at a cost of anoroximately 1550 million zl tys,. On the Eel P ninsula at Chaluny, a clam will be bu:i It of fa scincs at: stone in the most en- d'ange~red places at a cost of 10 million ziotyoo. Vrctecting .lams will he erected in other, tarts of the Sea Coast. Zycie Warszawy, 7;1"66, March 10, 1949, 27 lit, s - v`-.rbatim PUNI'S"riMENT FCR ABUSING TOBs CCO MONOPOLY R,~:-GU;L .TIONS. Dome=stic rrecwwc tch Criminal Fiscal Lew of 1947 also r.: `uLat~; matters cone: rnirig, the inf. ingemont of Tobacco Mono,-poly r< gulati'o:ons :inyon .) cultivating to- ha.cco without permission o:c cultiv, tin=; wild tobacco plants, is liable to a fine: offrom 50 to 300 zlotys .f, -r every square meter-of land cultivate without authority. The planta -,ion will bedestroy&d -anrl the tobacco confiscated. Intentional and unauthorized purchase, sto _-Lng, transporting of tobacco l' of or assistance in selling it are :;ubjcct to a fine a- mounting t 1000- to 3000 zl . for ever- ki Logo m begun. Dziennik Ludowy, March 10, 1f949, #63, 50 Line., - excerrnts CZFCROSLOVAK SINGERS GIVE PERFORMANCES ` IN OL ND. DomEstic 'espatch In connection with the Week of Polish--Cze;:::hoslovak Friendship, two prominent Czechoslovak singers, Emilia Za_ ardovo and Marta Kra- soya, have arrived in Warsaw. They will take,eart in concerts, give their' own recitals an' sing at the Poznan Ope.oa, Rzeczpospolita, ##66, ylarch 10, 1949, 7 l:Lnes - verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Annex MONITOR PO=LSKI, Part 11 ," -No. h - 7 of Feb. 179 19+9 contains: Stem 6 Instruction of the Minister of Justice concerning the date for the entry into force of the law on citizens' courts in the rural communes of Golancy, Witkowo and Borowe, and concerning the esta- blishment of single citizens' court,_-;: in the town of Golancz for the urban and rural communes of Golancz, in the town of Wtk::srro for the urban and rural communes of Witkowo, and in the town of Mogielnica for the rural commune of Borowe and for the urban commune of Mogiel- pica: Item 27 Instruction of the Minister of Industry and Commerce con- cerning the issuance of a charter to the Handicraft Center, a Co- Dperative and State Central Agency. Item ,,8 -- Instruction of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in agreement with the Ministry of Finance and with the President of the Central Office, cnncerni~ng the establishment of a state enterprise under the name "Poicargo", Freight Experts and Supervisors, an Autonomous State Enterprise. Item _Z'~ - Instruction of the Minister of Industry and Commerce con- cerning the publication of list No. 2 of articles manufactured by ind,ustxial and handicraft enter;nrises, the prices of which or the permissible gross profits on which are -co be officially fixed. Item 80 - Instruction. of the Minister of Industry and Commerce es- tablishing a compulsory state ad'ministretion for the concern. "R. Alekssndrewicz and Sons, Paper Factory Stores in Krakow" with branch establishments in Katwice and Poznan. Item 81 -- Anno-ncement of the Minister of Industry and Q~,mmerce a- mending an error in the instruction of the Minister of Industry and. Commerce of Octrber 25, 1948 concerning the establishment of a state enterprise under the name. "Coal Industry Mining Plants Building Con- tractors". Item -.Instruction of the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Re- forms issued in agreement with the Ministers of Public Administra- tion,' of Recovered Territories and of Industry and Commerce, con- cerning the. duty of and the manner for reporting and. delivering ani- mal careses to clisposa l plants. . Item 8a - Instruction of the Minister of Navigation establishing a campulsory state, administration for the Polish Coastal Shipping Con- cern- "Gryf", a limited liability company in Szczecin. Item 84 - Instruction of the' Minister of Health issued in agreement with the Minister of-Finance and with the Preesident of the Central Planning Bureau grqnting a charter to. the State Enterprise "Poiskie Uzdrowiska" ("Polish .Health Resorts"). Item 8855 - Instruction of the Minister of Reconstruction issue? in .agreement with. the Minister of Ilrance and. with the President of the Central Planning Bureau, establishing a state enterprise entitled. "State Surveying Enterprise." Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANGLO-AMERICAN PRESS SUMMARY Warsaw Poland March i0, 1949 Steven D.Zagorski, Editor Note: Translations appearing herein are made as accurately a s b LEGTIO T A *~ossl e but are not necessarily literal. UCN}~ ESC EXCHANGE OF MFSStiGES ON THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE SIGNING OF POLIOH-CZECHOSLO.VAjI PACT. Domestic despatch On the'second anni'versarv of the signing of the Polish-Czecho- Slovak Pact the following messages were exchang'-jr between Warsaw and Prague: "His; Excellency Mr. Eoleslaw Bierut, President of the Polish Re- public, Warsaw. On the occasion of the anniversary of signing the Czechoslovak-Pclish Agreement on Friendship and Mutual Assistance, I. convey to you, Mr. President to yoi4: Government and to the entire Polish people my kind and ccrdl.11 greetings. I am deeply convinced .that this Agreement, representing a living link between our countries, will become stronger every year by the deepening of our universal co-operation in the spirit of insepar,-.ble friendship to the advantage of not only our own but of all pace loving countries which like our powerful ally, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics,'ere stri- ving for the assuro:.nce of a. lasting peace in the whole world. (Signed) Klement Gottwald, President of the Czechoslovak Renublic: "His Excellency r sir. Klement Gottwald, President of the Czechoslo- vak Republic, Prague; I beg vou, Mr. President, to accept sincere congratulations on the second anniversary of thy:, signing of the Agree- ment of Fricr.,iiship and Mutual Assistance between Poland and Czecho- slovakia and also cordial wishes for the further stren;thening of our alliance, which is a lasting guarantee of successful development and a happy future of our countries. (Signed) Boleslaw Bierut. Trybuna Ludu, #6,S, March 10, 1949 and all principal napers, ;4 lines- verbatim RESOLUTIONS OF THL SEJM PLENARY SESSION, Domestic Despatch The 5'7th Session of the Constituent Sajnl was held on March 9. The topics discussed includc:,cd a Government bill fcor the abolishment of illiteracy.. The House has also, after the second and third r_,acding, approved the bill concerning, State auditing and the organi- zation of the Supreme Auditing Bureau, Citizen Franciszek Jozwiak-4 Witold was unanimously elected Chairman of the Supreme Auditing Bureau. The Session was opened by Deputy.Marshal Earcikowski in the presence of Government members heeded. by Prime-Minister Cyrankiew cz and, Deputy Prime-Mi.nistc:r Korzycki, i-he first item on the agenda .was the`Gov(r nment bill for the abolishment of illiteracy. Rapporteur was the ice-1iinistcr of Education Ja :)lcnski, .. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 The census curried out in l931 rovcd:led that 23.1% of popu- l ti. on, over ton years of agcy could neither, read or writ`e and that 21lfl of those who went to village school,-:-- were illiterate when conscripted. "J 't is high time", said the speaker. }'tc wage a total war against the remnants of ignorance and backway:-dncss, because People's Poland can no longer tolerate the most di.smceful'heritage of the pro-war regime, namely illiteracy." The Government, therefor..c,.is applying t .o the Sejm to approve the law conc. rning the social obligation of .~ iving free tuition to illiterate and semi-illiterate persons. After discussion the bill for the abolishment of illiteracy was ref erred to the Educational ~'ormmittee, FOll.,owin, this Deputy Jdrosz of the United `~J'erker Party (PAPR) submitted a report of the Law and, Beg?a_lations Committee and of the Treasury and Budget Committee, rciastinfi:? to 'tie draft of a law State auditing proposed by the St-.te Council, Iho speaker om ,hasizod that accord Lng; * o the draft of the law, the Supro ;e Auditing Bureau ( _LxK is an enti:. ply independent organ not subordinated to the Government but to th,- Statc council, -t-he GhC irman of this Bureau is to be ar~poiiite:d b-. the aejm to whom he will be responsible. The Supreme Auditing B'. reau has to submit balance-sheets for State accounts to the Sej:??, The Supreme Auditing Bureau is to investigate the activities of central authorities and of public adm_nisi ration and national economic institutions from the point of view of their conformity with State policy and with economic plans. `he St to Council may entrust the Supreme Auditing, Bureau with the auditi_tig of local Government and other units, The Law concerning State auditing was u.?animously approved after the second and third reading. Marshal Barcikowsk then announced that a letter had been received from the Ch airman of the Supromc Au: i.ting Bureau, Deputy Dr,Kolodzi.ejski9 submitti.rg his resignat:*on wing to bad health. the Sejm accepted the resignation, Thu Sojm 1'jarshai also read out the foil:.--wing letter from the Chairman of the State Council, President Bi. - ut: ,The Stott Council proposes unanimously that the Constituent Sejm may be good enough to supplement the ccrmpositi_on of the State Council by appointing citizen Dr.Henryk Kol.d~. zie jsci a s its member". The proposal of the State Council was u~r:animously approved. The Seim then proceeded with the ele,ct?: n of the new Chairman fox the State Auditing Bureau. Deputy Lange on behalf of the PZPR (Polish United Worker Party), SL (Peasant Party3, SD (the Democratic P{iruy: 9 PSL (Polish. Peasant Party) and SP (the Labor Party) suggested ci izen Franciszok Jozwiak- Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Witold as Chairman of the Supreme Auditing Bureau. The Sejm unanimously approved Fronciszek Jozwiak-Witold's candidature. In continuation of the Scjm deb-to, Deputy Praga (PZPRI on behalf of the Foreign Affairs Committee, reported on the Government bill concerning ratification of the International Tole-Communication Convention signed by 78 countries on October 29 1947 in At1=~nti City. The Sejm approved the ratification law with reservations, Deputy Jarosz (PZPR) then submitted a report of the Law and Regulations Committee, and of the Reconstruction Committee concerning the decree Uof July 28 1948 relating to renting of-premises and the decree of ctobcr 25, 1948 amending the latter decree. The Seim then approved both decrees without discussion, The next item on the Agenda was Deputy Jarosz' (PZPR) :report on behalf of the Law and i-{t gulaations Committoj and of the 'Deconstruction Com.~tiittee concerning the 'ovcrn.nent bill amending the decree of July 28, 1948 rel_:ating. to renting of pf~emiscs. The amendment would give the Council of Ministers broad icope for applying facilities and exemptions, whenever necessary, pis far as the renting of promises is concerned, The Bill was unanimously approved, with the resolutions included in it after the third reading. As the last item on the Agenda Deputy Piwowarska (PZPR) submitted a report of the Labor ena Social Welfare Committee concerning" the PZPR Deputies' draft of a law relating to workers' allotme:its (vegetable gardens),, The House unanimously. approved the draft after second and third reading. This was the end of the Agendas In view of the necessity of settling urgent problems, the next Session is to be held at 6,3o, P.M. report on the 58th Sojm Session will be printed. in to-morrow's issue, Zycie G erszawy lvjarch lO,lhL9 x'68 (358 lines) Excerpts and all principal papers, RECEPTION AT THE CZECHOSLOVAK EMDA,SSY TN ? 1A._ SAW Domestic Despatch In the evening of v~P rch 9 the Ambassador of the Czcch.oslovak Republic in Warsaw, M.Fpanciszek Piszck gave a reception which was attended by members of the Polish Govorr_mcnt headed by Premier Jozef Cyrankiewicz and by representatives of political and cultural circles of the Polish Capital. Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Warsaw were also present at this reception? - Trybuna Ludu ;;'68 March 10, 1949 (15 lines) Verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 CZEC1t0SLO ;Ad, ,'ELEGATI0N IN WARSAW Dog: stic Despatch In connection with the Week of Polish-C _choslovrk Friendship, a Czechoslov=ak -delegation composed of sc:_ent sts, social workers n~? r ~ scntativcs of artisitc circles Firrl-, ed in ' a+?rssw, The del ration comprises Professor Dr.Julian Dol. ns , I2vist, Prof.Dr ,J^n Janaczek, economist; Prof ,,Dr,,Jozi_. f cur, k, j-zrist and his ;?rifc~ Ludmila Tureczek, a lawyer; Ann?. No,;. and via is Syrovatko, activists in women's movement; Rudolf Mrlian Slovak lingu3t and theatrical critic; Konstanty Hudec, musician,, Michal ProvozEn, writer, and. Edits Svr-c. The following artists ce me as well to give r< cit.-al_sa the conductor Karc,iVAncerl, who h ,a been reeontly in Poland with the Czechoslovak Radio ''ymphony Orchestra, opera singers Emilia Zachardowa and Marta Krssova and the violinist Alois Plocek. Anceri and Plocck will take part in the sp oc:" al symphony concert in the W;Warsaw Philharmonic Hall jrY March 10, In connection with the opening of the Czechoslovak Peasant Art Exhi L.L _tion a group of etnogrcphs composed of Dr,Kal,econvi, Dr .S,Kov~:czewi.czowa, the artist Prof.Jen lhiudroch, P0Tuczny and the architect J.Za.k arrived in Warsaw. Trybuna Ludu x=68 14a rch 10, 1949 (40 lines) Vc y?be t rr~ A GIFT OF THE:.13RITIS3 RED.CROSS ; Dc cstic Despatch The British Red Cross, Scottish Branch Y _+s prese ted the Polish Red Croas with, 1 ..ambul.aneesf.. Q ' thi!:f r umber the Polish Red 'Cross has al_r ady received five. Two of those, si?ppli ..i with entis1ry equip- ment, will he a11oc_:,t d to two district many meats. The remaining three, being ordinary ambulances used for erne. gency help hve a.lre.ady' :. cn given to the district mana~.:eent of the Polish- Eed Cross in Bydgoszcz, -Nrakow and 1'~- towice, (12 ines) Verbatim Slowo Powszeehne only #66 ~Viarch 10 GENERAL JOZEF KONk_iR ZEWSYI NEW COIV,4iANDER IN CHIJ:~F OF HE M.O. (CITIZENS' MILITIA). L?;mystic Despat:.c*h On the reco!m'nend Mien of th inister of Public Security, the Council of Ministers decided to anpeint Gen...T~-zef Konarzewski. Comman- dor in Chief of the Citizens' Millta, trig ^eby relieving Ger,Franciszek Jozwiak from this pest? whom the Sejrn elected President of. the Supreme Auditing Bureau on March 9.- erb' ti.m Rzeczt,1ospolita #68 r?i^reh 10, 1949 and principr1 papers (10 lines) POLITICAL CH'-.ONICLE Communique On March 9 the Minister for Foreign Lffa-{ rs , Modzolewski, receivee the Hungarian Minister in Warsaw, Hr. solla Sz=!nto and the ,gy'ptian Charge d'Affaires in .farsaw iwiir.Hassen Mazhar in f rewell audienc(JZycle Warszawy March 10,149 ;,'68 ( lines) Verbatim 1\?oti.ce: The article concerning i'-r.Mikrl.aje, yk, which appeared in the su*nm iry for March 5, 19'-+9, hEs b (_ . n reprinted _f..n the D ziennik olslci" (Pcaish Dpily) XoA6' of Nl~rch 7],949 (in Kral; ;: 7+,.. -.i: a....,. ,: ;:;rat, yF**** :s:****y *..:Kk' * -.'* * < r-,l ,7lovat Friendshir, Society, headed by Vice-biir_''ster Tkaczow and De- outy Kuhicki F arrived in .;Prague, The Silesi_ar. Onera from Bytom arrived to N~ravsja Ostrava whore it will give. perfox.:!ances in the Moravian- ilasian Theater under the nrc, ram for Czech c=-Slov .k-Pc is `a i end- Week. r~ trour; of dancers comprising 13 amen, working in the Lodz textile inrxusti , arrived in Prague and will. ive nerformaa-ces in a _umber of industrial centers in Czechc-S1ova,-aq j~urie r Codzi(-;nn=*, ##b7, March 9, 194-9, onlyY l.. ~ lines - verbatim r3RCADCASTS OT POLAND BY CZECHGSLOV.,K f DIO. Foreign + es latch Th. broaddcasting stations in Prague, Brad.sla\ra, Moravian tern, Koszyce any' Ostrava will bread.cast the wcrksd )f Polish autaors during rienrisrio 1 cek. Lectures by Eref essor Krejci. about the new eta in 4 ,cchoslovak-Polish rrel tions, by Dr. Pilar ca art in now 1'ol,and arri twc series of lectures on contemnorary Pclis.t. n rose an-1, po-:try vi11 also be broadcast. `"'rybuna Ludu, #67, March 9, 1949 and others,: t9 lines verbatim POLISH CRYS'T'AL (CUT GL/ASS) AT U`.l'RFCHHT FAIR. Domestic despatch A re-examination of the exhibits intended f .;n the International Fair in Utr.ccht was na.:>rformed ir Poznan,. The Burs z for Sup.^p'TL3 ion of r Js tlc pr_ uction is exhibitin Saar f sisting of nolished crystal (cut-glass) artic +_es and k lass ware for medical us.. . `Prybi.zna Lu.du, #67, March 9, 19+9 only, 16 la xes - excerpts, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Anne MONITLR POLSKI , Part-"A". No. A 10 of March, 1949 contains , Item 121 - Decision of the Council of Ministers ccnceraing use of existing housing accomodations. Item 122 - Decision of the Minister of Reconstruction concerning enterprises taken over by the State. Item 123 - Decision of the Minister of Reconstruction concerning enterprises taken over by the State. Itmm 124 - Instruction of the Minister of Education issued in agree- ment with the Minister or Finance and the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau amEending the instruction of the Minister of Education date' Dec. 3, 1947 concerning cre- ation of a state enterprise named: "State Establishment for Publishing Text Books." Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/45 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 nnex MONITOR POLSKI (Official Journal of the Polish Herniblic) rte- rrt ~. , ;,r-. Contents:' Item 126 - Resolution of the Council. 'f Ministers concerning the drafting of youth for the general obligation of vocational training in 1949. Item 127 -.Resolution of the Council of Ministers concerning the introduction of planned savings in national economy and savings objectives for 1949. Item 128 - Announcement by the Premier concerning a Charter for an association of great usefulness entitled: "Hostels and. Scholarships Association of the Polish nepublic." Item 129 - Order by the Minister of Industry and Trade, issued in agreement with the Minister of Finance and with the Chair- man of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the creation of a State enterprise entitled: "Central Oil Works". Item 130 - Announcement by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare concerning the applications of candidates for membership in the Provisional: Social Insurance Council in Legnica. Item 131 - Order of the Minister of Health concerning the publication of the first list of enterprises transferred to State owner- ship, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANGLO-AMERICAN PRESS SUMMARY W rsaw, Poland March 9,1949 Steven ,Zagorski Editor Note: Translations appearing herein are made as accurately as possible but are not necessarily literal. DOMESTIC The Minister of Justice, Henryk Swiatkowski, left for- Prague MINISTER SWIATKOWSKI',S DEPARTURE FOR PRAGUE Communique Minister Swiatkowski will attend the meetings of the Civil Section within the Polish--Czech Mixed Legal Committee which is now preparing uniform ideological principles ,for the Polish and Czech marriage and family law. He will also exchange ratificatiAn documents' relating to'the,.Polish-Czech Convention concerning logal aid. The Minister is accompanied by-the Prosecutor of 'the. Supreme Tribunal, Antoni Badkowski. Rzeczpospolita March 9, 1949 #67 and (14 lines) Verbatim others OPENING OF FRENCH INSTITUTE IN POZNAN Domestic Despatch On the basis of the Polish-French Cultural Agreement, a French Institute was opened in Poznan as a branch of the Sorbonne University. Lectures on French culture and the French language are being given in the Institute, which comprises 5 courses. The final * ourse will be concluded by an examination, on the strength of. which graduates will receive diplomas? Lectures take place in evening hours (12 lines) Verbatim Slowo,Powszechne March 9 #65 only COUNCIL OF MINISTER&t RESOLUTIONS Domestic Despatch At its session of March 8 the Council of Ministers, approved drafts of laws which will be submitted to the present session of the Constituent Sejm, among others, the draft of a law to liquidate illiteracy. The Council of Ministers also approved an order con- cerning the scale of premiums for social insurance and the scale of payments'to be made?by social insurance,institutions.. The Oouncil of Ministers also approved an order,.ecean fi- shing aid aid to fishermen. Zycie .Warszawy, #6/ March 9, 1949 ard all (15 lines) Verbatim principal papers POLITICAL CHRONICLE (4 lines) Verbatim Dcmest:'e Despatch Foreign Minister Modzelewski on March 8 received, the Mexican Charge dtAffai.res in.Warsaw, M.Lamberto H.Ohregon-Serrano. Zycie Warsz Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600066b 4 . 9 and other Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -2- SEJM COMMITTEE'S SESSIONSa. Communique Deputy Praga of the Polish United Worker, Party (FZPR) submitted a report to the Sejrn Foreign Affairs Committee concerning the Govern- ment bill relating to ratification of the International Tele-communi- cation convention signed in Atlantic City. The Committee approved the bill with amendments a d appointed Deputy Praga as ranporteur of this bill to the Plenary Session of the oejm. At a Session of the Sejm Labor and Social Welfare Committee Deputy Piwowarska (PZPR) reported on the draft of a law concerning workers' allotments (vegetable gardens). The Committee approved the'draft with a few amendments and instructed Deputy Piwcwarska to study the pro- blem-of school holidays and of kindergart?ra and to submit appropri- ate proposals to the next Committee Session. Deputy Jasiuk (PZPR) submitted a report to the Sejm Communica- tion and Postal Committee concerning the budget bill of the Ministry of Commurication.ThP Committee members discussed the problem of roads, of the Polish State Railway administration personnel, techni- cal problems an( savings-. Rzeczpospolita, March 9., 1949, #67 and others 28 lines - verbatim POLISH PRIMATE IN POZNAN. Domestic despatch His Eminence Rev. Archbishop Wyszynski arrived in Poznan for the first time since his installation. His Eminnce stayed for some time at the Ecclesiastic Seminary. Siowo Powszechne, March 9, 1949, #56 only, 6 lines verbatim PEACE BUDGET OF THE MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DI ENSE. MARSHAL ZYMIFRSKI'S STATEMENT TO THE SEJM COMMITTEE. = Domestic despatch On March 8 the Sejm Financial-Budgetary and Economic Plan Com- mittee, under the ohs rmanship of Deputy KrTgier (PZPR), discussed the preliminary budget of the Ministry of+tional Defense for 1949. The session of this Committee was attended by the Mirister 'of Natio- nal Defense, MaK l- Zymierski and by the Vice-Minister, General Jaroszewic z. The ra,}porteur. Deputy Grubbe ki (Peasant Parxt under- lined the fact that In spite of the war; on ringiof tngl axon im- Aerialists. the military bud;4et of People's Poland is invariaol maintained on a peace le!re1. h oop do of the budget of the Ministry of National Defense (excluding cap'?.tal investment expendi- ture) to the entire State budget in 193=+/35 was 35.6 percent and will be 12.2 percent in 1949. Military training in 1949 will be conducted according rfec ted programs and met ods ased on the rich =xperionce of the-allied Soviet .Ar a n im a ' t F i e 0F h Arm . In Ertl ers' soh ols of 10- R-.2 ils are of war?iinss oriinerant are of poor and-middle class peasant origin and~topercent are of working intelligentsia r_ igin. Expenditures for educational nurpose > will be 147 percent higher than in 1948. The _rapnorteur smarmed tap his rh port by stating that our army is composed of soldiers reared in a civic spirit and democratic patriotism, in an atmosphere of culture and enlightenment, in a spirit of deen attachment to democratic liberties and to the peaceful effort of the wanking masses. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Such an army is always a victor _ iotzs army of peace. The close link between-,the array " and the workin masses results from the c ass eemosition of therc~fessional army cadres. This link is steadily ir-,creasin o that contrary to the conditions prevailing in ore Se t e r , ? er c1919 _Poland.~ there are now no elements which could sepa- rate-the army from the working pea le. In reply to questions addressed-by members of the Committee, 'arshal.Zymierski underlined the.fact,that the proportion of military expenditure's to the entire State budget proves the peaceful policy of the Government. In 1949 theexrenditures on the Army amount to 8 percent of the total State 2udget includin the ca pi tal investmgnt- plan. "In the United States", said Marshal, "the burden borne by every citizen for the military budget will amount to $75 per annum whereas in Poland it amounts to These figures prove the peaceful character of our budget," The Marshal said next that the obj c ive.of registration is to put in order the matter of military reserves.- ph-L3 registration will be carried out 1n 1249 and 1950 in femur sections. 2he assembled. will be classified and will enab? a t r y e ara cion of a plan ir)r army reserves The. Marshal concluded his statement by stating that we are indebted primarily to the correct policy of the people's demo- cratic camp for the ideological, moral and professional strength of our army. Jointly with other peoples democratic countries~ we st and anflexibl at the s _ae of the Soviet Union in its strug la for eac rr. Saa try recliec to bellicose American imperialist T)Lo_vn- callons with 'increased T.:rork on reconstruction. hePolish Arsy will not d'isaDT)oint the hcpe tlaced in _it bvthe-entire nation, concluded ar~shal Zymierski. After the statement by Vice-Minister nation.,, daroczcwicz, the preliminary budget was discussed by Deputies _ M.tura (SL), Lange (SL), Kiernik'(PSL) Dzendzil (SL)' Kluszynski (PZPR) Strzalkowski (SD) and Zurawski (P.:ZR). They said that the present army is an object.of pride, for its aspect has changed completely since pre-war times. The Army and the Officer'Corps are linked with the masses and their strength consists of high morale - -and a deep lose for. peace. The Army budget is a budget of peace and the management by the Ministry of National Defense is highly effective and thrifty. The speakers emphasized the high moral level of the army and its conception of brotherhood in arms with our allies, the Soviet Union and the democratic countries, The Sejm members approved the rapp.orteur's motion to express a preciat7_nn for the achievements of the Minisrv'of NationalDefense. (120 lines) Excerpts Z.ycie Wa.rszawy 677 March 9, 1949 and others PREMIER CYRANKIEWICZ'S SPEECH ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Domestic despatch In connection with International-Women's Day Premier Cyran-- kiewicz deli'tered a speech over the radio and said, in part: "Under the capitalist system. the working masses are oppressed, doomed to vegetation, poverty, lack of opportunity and unemployment. All .social calamities, following -in the wake of the system of, exploi- tation and social.injustice, affect. all working people and, in their final effect, their brunt is thrust on working women, "Everything that tends to overthrow the old order, to eliminate social injustice, everything that is connected with the people's masses taking power into their hands, with the building of a new system.liberatng.all working people, means the liberation of the most oppressed part of the working masses: the working women. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 "Consequently splendid prospects are opened for working women by structural .reforms, by people's demec:racy, by socialism, which is a system of social justice. "For women all over Europe, Hitlerism aid fascism have become a cruel lesson, showing the consequences of {:very kind of imperia- lism7 of aggressive war of invasion, of death traffickers', mono- polists' and warmonr ers? policy." Kurier Cod7ienny #67 March 9,19+9 (130 lines) Excerpts and all principal papers TRP.INING OF MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES Domestic Despatch The Municipal Authorities in Warsaw have. initiated a'large- scale campaign for supplementry tr-ining`rf municipal. employees at special courses, with a view to acquaint thenl with the present political, social and economic situation and to raise the level of their professional efficiency. (1.5 lines Excerpt Slowo Powszechne only Marche 8,#64' POLISH WOMEN MANIFEST THEIR SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEACE CAMP Domestic Despatch On the occasion of International Women's Day numerous metings attended by hundreds of thousands of women tc e)k place thr. ougzout P01Fnd. In the course of the meetings Polisl.?,. women manifest3d their solidarity with the peace camp and deci..led to send tei=grams to President Eierut. Mor.eaver, telegrams were sent to the C'aairman of the World Forleration of Democratic Women, ~rs.Cotton and. to Nina Popov, Chairman of the Anti-Fascist Women's ommitLu-e in the Soviet Union. Kurier Codzienny #67 "larch 9 and all rind pal paper 3 lines) Excerpts ** ~:~:9:~ k z RESUMPTION OF COMMUNISTS' TRIAL F 0 R IY1 ' [. G N ITT THE UNITED STATES Foreign Jespetoh New York On March 7 the trial of 12 loaders of the United States Communist Party was resumed. After the rejection by Justice Medina of the defense request to discontinue the trill, because of impro- per selection of the jury, the defendants put."fished an antic aicement stating that Medina's behaviour is "an act of Saar against co.lstitu- tionsi liberties." The Association for Dafer,3e of Civic Ri.g:its called a meeting in font of the Court Buildir-! in order to _p,otest against this trial. The police surrounded th = Courthouse an,i prevent-d a demonstration. A delegation of the Internation.a:- Association of Democratic Jurists applied to she U.N. and har-ided a letter to Henry Langier, Trygve Lies' Deputwr, stating that the trial of the leaders of the American. Communist Party is a vi )lation of the Declaration on Human Rights, approved by the U.N. The letter demands the placing of this matter on the ege cta of the. next U.N, Assembly. Trybuna Ludu #67 "a rch 9, 1949 only (34 lines) Via: 'ba t im VERDICT FCR IRANIAN JOURNALISTS Paris March 7 (PAP For ign Despatch The France Presse Agency reports from Te:?.eran the announcement of the verdict in the trial of three progress .ve Journalists_ The defendants were sentenced to 1 to 5 years imprisonment. Gazota Ludowa March 8, 1949 #56 only. Vey bat`.m (6 lines) Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -5- AMSTERDAM WILL FOLLOW THE EXF .IITPLE OF THE WORKING MASSES IN PARIS AND IN ROME, DECLARATION OF DUTCH COI'UvFUNIST PARTY'S SECRETARY. Hague March 8 (PAP) Foreign Despatch A meeting of the Dutch Communist Party's Central Committee was held in Amsterdam on March 7. he Party's Secretary-General, Paul de Groot, delivered ,a speech, Emphasizing that the United States is preparing for war, de Groot stated, The Dutch Communist Party fully supports Thorez' and Togliatti's declarations, which stated that people's masses in their countries will give their suppQrt to the Soviet Army should the latter be compelled to cross the frontier while pursuing imperialist aggressors:. The Dutch imperialists know that Amsterdam will follow the example of the working masses in Paris and in. Rome in the event Anglo-American aggressors and their satellites start a war against the Soviet Union." In conclusion de Groot said: "We do not want a war and we shall., therefore, fight with all our strength to prevent imperialists from waging it. Our first duty it to extinguish the fire of war in Indonesia., Rzeczpcspolita March 9, 1949 #67 and others (24 lines) Verbatim DANISH POPWJATIOP.' DEMONSTRATES FOR PEACE Copenthagen'arah 3 (PAP) Foreign Despatch A meeting took place in Odense (Denmark) at which the Chairman of the Danish Communist Party, Larson, delivered an address, The participants passed a resolution stating: "We two thousand participants of the meeting, strongly protest against the Government's plans aiming at Denmark's.. accession to the aggressive Atlantic Pact'', (40 lines) Gazeta Ludowa 1"larch 9, 1949 #57 and others Excerpt SENTENCE IN SOFIA ESPIONAGE TRIAL Foreign Despatch Sofia (PAP) The'sentence imposed in the trial of members of the Evangelical Church Council in Bulgaria was announced on Tuesday, The four chief defendants: Ziapkov, Ivanov, Naumov and Czerniev were sentenced to life imyarisonment, and a fine of a million leva each. The hearing showed that the defendants collected information of a military and economic character, which they subsequently passed on to the.renresent; tivos of foreign powers, The other four defendants were sentences to 15 years in prison. Zycie Warszawy #67 1"larch 9, 1949 and others (17 lines) Verbatim AMERICAN OFFICERS ENGAGED IN SMUGGLING. Foreign despatch London (PAP) - The British Military authc:rities have.liquidated ,a gang. of speculators on the black market. Members of the American air forces stationed 3n.Norfolk were also involved. It was ascertained that officers and air force members have been engaged for some time in smuggling various articles from the USA to England. ,Gazeta Ludowa, March 9, 1949, #57, 11 lines - verbatim, only Approved For Release 2004104/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -6- COMMUNISTS IN WESTERN GERMANY' ARE FIGRTIt G VAINST IMPERIALISM. Foreign despatch The KPD (German Communist Party) conferewe attended 'by 1,000 delegates ended on March 8. Its keynote was the necessity to fight against imperialistic attempts to convert i.onia into a base f:sr new aggression. Reiman as well as Mueller and other speakers strongly criticized American occupation authorities' nolicy, dangerous to European peace and bringing nothing but harm to the German n.a.tian. After the January conference of the SED (SoC:'alist Unity Party) ; which operates in the Soviet occupation zone. this is another sign of further activation of progressive German forces fighting for peace, Trybuna Ludu, #67, March 9, 1949, only, 21 lines- verbatim (Note: The source of the foregoing despatch is not Oven.) NORWEGIAN PROTEST AGAINST ADHERL CE TO THE i TLANTIC PACT. Foreign despatch Stockholm (PAP), March 8. - It is reported from Oslo that the Nor- wegian Section of the World Association of Democratic Women has sub- mitted a letter to the Norwegian Parliament underlining that Norway's accession to the Atlantic Pact will intensify the conflict, between the East and the West and thereby threatan the peace. Rzeczpospolita, March 9, 1949, #67 and others, 30 lines - excerpts A.JEFREMOV - DEPUTY CHAIRMAN OF THE USSR COU:"CIL OF MINISTERS. Foreign despatch Moscow, March 8 (PAP) - The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet has relieved Alexander Jefrerov from the post of Minister for the Machine Tool industry and has appointed him Depu=,y-Chairman :of the Council of Ministers. Anatol Kostousov was appo =nt& Minister for the Ma- chine Tool Industry. Rzeezposnolita, March 9, 19L9, #67 and other:-, 8 lines - verbatim ?k************k#> >=*************#yk.ykypsicAcyk***)c**>i~-', ******yk** *yk#s}:*~kpksicsic**J ** ECONOMIC TADEJSZ GEDE, C.E. APPOINTED MINISTER OF FOR?TGN TRADE. Domestic despatch Upon the proposal of the Premier, the President of the Po- lish Republic. appointed Tadcusz Gede, Ca ., hitherto Director of the Control Section in the Ministry of Industry `rind Trade to the post of Minister of Foreign TThde. The Council of Ministers at its session on March 8 defined' the. scope of activities of the Minister of Foreign Trade. These will consis prim arile of econoric and financial plan- nin conductin~_n2 otiat:ions and draftir~, ree, m ,ts with foreign countries it it me t with th2 M n2ste o reign Affairs. Besides this, the Ministry will regulate the excrsngr. of goods with foreign countries and settle accounts for foreign transactions. Foreign trade enterprises will be subordinated to the Minister of Foreign Trade. He will also organize and supervise Polish foreign trade agencies in foreign countries exhibitions and fairs and foreign trade personnel. Zycie Warszawy, Q, March 9, 1949, 28 lines - verbatim ISRAELI TRADE DELEGATION IN WARSAW TO NEGOTIX 'E AN AGREEMENT. Communique An Israeli Trade delegatton arrived in Warsaw on March 7 to ne- gotiate an economic agreem' nt with Poland. Thn Chairman of the dele- gation is Dr. Neron Gershon, director of the conomic section in the Israeli Foreign Office. Other members of the delegation are: Dr. Isaac Shamir-Grunstein, Commercial Attache to the Israeli Legation Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For 'Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 7- in Warsaw, Dr. Heinz Grunbaum, director of the industrial section in the Israeli Ministry, of .Industry and Commerpe and Dr. Itzah Bezner director of the currency section in the Israeli Ministry of Finance, .An,oni Roman, Treaty :Counselor, will be Chairman of the Polish delegation. Rzecz osnal,ita, March 9, 1949,'.'#6r/ and others, 15 lines verbatim INCREASED COAL aTRACTION. ~.omest.ic de,spateh During the -Z4 working days irr"February the Polish coal industry extraCtod 5,632,134 tons of hard 'coal,,thereby ,exceeding the plan by 0.4%.,, The average.- daily outprnt-' per man-shift in February was 1,237 kg, i.e. 2.5% higher than the average daily out ut in the preceding month. In February hard coal mines shipped 1+,2{3,339 tons' exceeding their shinning. plan by 3.6%. Rzeczpospolita, March 9, 19L-9, #67' 24 lines - excerts LOO-LL GOVERNMENT BUDGETS DISCUSSED BY CHAIRh1EN OF'N.A:TtONAL COUNCILS. Domestic despatch -A conference of Chairmen of Provincial National Councils took place on March 8 under the Chairmanship of Minister Mijal, head of the State Council's Chancery. The subject of.discussion were current - problems connected with changes in budgets within the limits of the Locai Go`~ernment Adjust- ment Fund granted by the State Council. The closing .of -accounts re- lati,ng to adjustment of 1948 Local Goverrunent budgets was also dis- cus s ed . Rzeczpo:spoiIi'ta, March 9, 1949, #67 and others, 12 nines verbatim POLISH 1948 EXPORTS DOUBLED IN COMPARISON WITH 1947 Domestic Despatch Detailed statistica calculations concerning Poland's foreign -trade, completed a few days ago, show that the volume of Poland's transactions with foreign countries' exceeded one billion dollars in 191+8. The value of Polish exports in 1948 amounted to $528,134,00{ A comparison between 1948 and preceding years shows that: 41) when compared with imports in 1947 amounting to $319 135,000 Polish imports in 1948 increased b 607e This amounts to 349k of ,191+6 imports,.which amounts to $ 1 51778,000 (2) when compared with 1947, Polish exports increased more than twice ($248,221 000 in 1947) and more than four times when compared with 1946 (i27, 241,000 in 1946), Attention should be drawn to the advantageous structure of trade; the import of capital go'sds and equipment for our industry .and agriculture is steadily increasing while goods exported by us are of mach greater diversity, Besides coal, we are exporting mainly agricultural products, textiles, irony steel, pig iron, metal industry and metallurgical industry products, zinc, zinc sheets, glass, ware, Coal continuesy of course, to be the principal item Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -8- in our exports. The value of coal and coke xpor ted in 3948 is about ten times ,larger than in 1945. At the same time the geographical scope of our trade is steadily widening. Last year Poland had, trade relations with 33 countries (including 23 with which we have bilateral agreements). The Soviet Union, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and England acupied the first places. In 1948 the share of the Soviet Union and.of people's democratic countries in our trade amounted to 46%, the ?3oviet Union being in first place, It should be emphasized that th-,ir share.: in the total volume of Polish trade is steadily increasing .and when compared with 1-947, shows an increase of 8%. For the sake of comparison it should be added that in 1938 the share in Poland's trade of the USSR and of the gauntries now ruled by people's demopracy was only 7%. On the other hand we observe that trade 'with the United States is shrinking.' A further stenning up of trade and ever broadening economic co-operation with the Soviet Union..tnd with people's demo- cratic countries are the key stones in our post-war trade policy. Kurier Codzienny, #67, March 9, 1949, 120 itaes - excerpts STEADY GROWTH OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN ENGLAND. Fprei'gn despatch London (PAP),?March 8 - Accoring to offi.?;ial reports there were 112 strik5 in England with 54,000 workers participating. In the coal industry '::ere were 63 cases of work stopoag,~. 47 cases under dis- pute betwc n employers and workers demanding increased wages have so -Par not been settled. "The Labour Gazette' states that unemploy- ment in England is growing systematically. C.-,A January 10 the number of'uneapl?yed in the country amounted to 375,000 people, which means an increase of 48,000 in one year. Unemploymm?nt is noticeable in all parts of England, especially in London and i the South-Eastern parts of the country. Gazeta Ludowa, #57, March 9, 1949 and others, 20 lines - verbatim A PRIEST AND SPECULATOR, SENTENCED TO SEVEN"EARS IMPRISONMENT. _)mestic despatch The District Court in Krakow sentenced `ev. Tomasz Slosarczyk, head of the establishment of the Salvatorian Order, to seven yeqrs imprisonment for speculation. A search carrid out in the monastery, where Rev. Slosarczylc was Prior, revealed a 4:ompletely equipped tan- nery with 400 hides being processed. In addi~ion, illegal slaughter was carried out in the establishment of the ',alvatorian Order. After the search, the defendant tried to hush up the matter ancr to bribe a Security officer with 200,000 zl' to drop the case. When the latter rejected the proposal Rev. Slosar-zylc said that he will, nevertheless, deposit 177,000 zl., with the officer's sister and will pay the balance of the 200 000 z1 at a latter date. Rzeczpospolita, March 9-, 1949, 967 and other-:, 18 lines - verbatim U.S. FORBIDS MARSHALL COUNTRIES TO CONCLUDE COMMERCIAL TREATIES WITH EASTERN EUROPE. Foreign despatch Stockholm, March 8 (PAP) - An article from the "New York Herald Tribune" was repr*nted in the local pies:;, s =.ating that the `U.S. de- mands that Marshall countries restrict their trade with the USSR and Eastern European countries. Gazeta Ludowa March 9, 191+9, #57, only, 28 lines- excerpts Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -9- SECTION B DIPLOiJ:CY OF THE SPYING VL RIETY Article (Verbatim) '"Political intelligence service was the normal function of American anc British diplomats ccrcd.itod to Eestcrn European countries after the last war." This is clearly, and frankly stated In one of the recent issues of the, British per_iodical: "The Econo- mist". It is difficult for us to disagree with this opinion of the organ of British. financiers, ale remember from our own exped ri_ence the activities of M~essrs,Cavendish-Bentinck and Bliss Lane, We also recollect the. role played by the workers of Anglo-Saxon missions in Ru a,nia and zlgar ta, We recently heard details of' the activity of Mr,Chapin in Hungary. As, we see, the list- of "normal `unctions" of Western diplomats is extensive. A resume of such facts was made by An .abella Bucar, former official of the American Embassy in Moscow. In the book recently, published by her, she proves, on the. strength of many examples that the staff of American diplomats In countries in the anti-`imperialist camp swarms with many spies. of higher or lesser rank. It is not by accident that in the countries behind the so-called "Iron curtain", impe- rialists sought the support of remnants of the bourgeoisie and landed gentry for their activities. It is also not by accident that, after the tremendous achievements of all these countries ) this natural base of support has srirunk to a minimum, Today the poli- tical activity of imps Jal.ists has greatly. receded and expionagej diversion and attempts at: sabot, ge have assumed foremost importance, Espionage' centers.are at nre$ent being-extended by imperialists in all countries. In Western Europe their task is to foment anti- comi~uiZist baiting and to help warmongers in their "pious work". For example, An Western Berlin the-American "Office for Strategic S@rvices"is operating and controls tremendous sums of. money and hundreds of agents. .Si_milar institutions under various names are being created everywhere within the reach of Anglo-Aaxon diplomacy,. Rightist "socialists" are being dratm,into the Anglo-American intelligence service more and: more openly. The notorious "Eastern Section"- of. Scliumacher's German Socialist Party is a badly masked central espionage ageicy. The `same applies to the "Trade Union Bureau'! of Mr.Irvin?; Drown in Brussels. Certain American press re presentatives it Eastern and Central European countries are also used, for espionage purposes, All these "mori ts" of diplomats of suspicious behaviour caused anxiety even in great capitalistic circles, In,thhe above mentioned article ,The Economist" criticizes the behaviour of Americana diplomats considering their work m thods as too crude and transparent. The' British periodical has, of course l no objections to the objectives of their activities. Appealing to 'the $,Fate Department for "certain moderation" and for maintenance of appearances in the espionage work in foreign countries, "The Economist"suggests that "the lines of political representation of intelligence service and of other functions, such as for in- stance, "aid to.refugees, should not intermingle in too obvious a manner" fort as the paper says, "there is no room for amateurs" in anti-imperialist countries. We may also add that in the count- ries of.the democratic camp there is no room for professional spies not only for amateurs, This is our casual comment, We are grateful to the reactionary Western papers,. which raised such an uproar about the trial of Mindszenty and other traitors, for their admission that this uproar was intended to hush up the truth by the notorious method of the thief who shouts: i'catch the thief", Trybuna Ludu #66 March 8 only (114 lint Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 TIC(J . Ad ;? Wa(' i ,S IN TINE CH ?MI=CPL, GLASS AID P . PFR INDUJSTRY. r'omcstic paper Sosnowiec. As previously reported a National Conference of repre- s?nt-it ves of the Chemical Industry Employee ' i3ni?n has t:.=sk:cn place in Sosiicwiec, at which many basic resollz i,iora were adopted. The re- cent we reform in tha chemical industry a Mowed by a r al increase i ~ wal7es 9 was also widely discussed. In the 'chemical industry 80% of employees received an ir..cease of pay; in res~, ~- ct of adjustments in ?revious ray' remained in for^e and only of 61.pleyees, with `dis- p'oportion1atr-~lv high pay, hr.d their pay slig tly rr dueec. All em- nlov es in the pap r and 51nss `indtustrics hac their pay increased. Dziennik Zachodn?.,, March o, 1949, #6L, nraly,~ 75 lines - exceeipts SPtCCIL COM `ISSICN IS WATCHI'JG. Domestic Jespatch The Special Commission agency in Lodz haI to impose fines on many dishonest merchants, These fines of 510' to 50 ,000 ;lot s were imposed on owners of fruit, grocery, met. t, shoe and ha+irdressers' shops which chart-(-d e ccessive- pr? ces for the r wares or se:r vices. Glos WIell opolski , #64, Ma ch 7, l9 -9, only,, :l 1i es verbatim THE ROLE AND THE T YSKS CF ..OPL E' S T)F C!lAC ~'? Article by ;Stefan Ar ki In Poland and other colintries, which were _iber tern frog~: Hitlerian enslavement by the Soviet Army the re,volutj c .ary regime o peop:i e' s mass s, heeded by7 the worker class, took the 'orm of pcopleee's demo- cracy. In the correct Liar xist-L nini: t interT ,~ tation of this problem, people's dc,-mocr-cy is a tr^ansitir.nal system, i`?ryor capitalismm to socia- lism. It is a system in which, a class struggl is waged between people's masses, headed by t"-.r, worker class, ind the c{ap t ilisti.c ele- ments. The evolution tow.a;^d. soci.alisrl is pass -ble solely on condition that in the process of class struggle the cap t.^listc E lemc nts are systom:_ttjcally eliminated. Poenl(,'s '?r:mo rack thus understood, is a variety of the gener~1 revolutionary path t &,ru -d soci ,list outlined by Ye:;rx, Engles, Lenin and. St ?trw. It has no : ing in common with bourn -o is derr,oerncy and with any so-aalleci- 'rrw:ddle path" or "golden mean".. bv n co-reformists and on )o tun sts. The tasks of people's democracy, outlined in the I.c?eologi~" I Decl. ration of the Polish fnited Worker Party, will be accomnliiyred under the enlightened :Lea'ershL of this Party, wr :h is following t' ^ directives of [ arxisrn Lenin? ryhur;a Ludo, #6L, March b, s Ls - .1949 only, 221i li ::xcerpts THOU SR LT NOT KILL. Lead editorial Rc.c ntly members of bands were trig-,1 by the courts and two priests, t+'E-rtak and Lubinski, were ad udgied gui'_ty. now the ver- is t has been Pronounced in another similar t ? ?1-, .n which the prin- elpal deliquents were again threo Catholic. pr_sts, Both ve; diets, es- pec .ally the latter, have dIsclo'sed to our, parole boundless cynicism having nothing in common with true Christianity. We want to believ(-, that such criminal r,racti s win 1 be condemned wncF ~: or the highest Church dignitaries to eyes ~ themselves on this matter. Kurih towns land surveying is under way in connection with industrialisatior?:9 renonversiu and Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 expansion within the framework of the 6ix Year Plan. All large t-apital investment plans should be based on a speedy and thorough survey of land. The. expansion of Szczecin, the construction of the Eder-Danube canal, the land improvement work in the Bialystok region requii many skillful and experienced surveyors who should use the latest methods for surveying land with the help of aerial photography. Zycie-w,rszawy#64 March 6,, 1949 (28 lines) and others Verbatim REPATRIATION MOVEMENT. Domestic despatch Apart fron, the, large number of settlers expected to arrive in the province of Szczecin from the districts of Pomorze, Lodz, Lublin, 1rakow and Rzeszow after March lst., PUR (The State Pepatria tion Bureau) is looking forward to the arrival of several transports of re-emigrants firm Westphalia and the Soviet zone of occupation. Four shuttle trains have already been prepared for this service; they c%,isists of sleeping-cars, ambT,tlances, medical sections, kitchens and freight cars. About 12o families are also expected to arrive from Czechoslovakia.These will be distributed all over the country.. Kurier Polski, February 28, 1949, nrccis HOUSING IN ,GDYNIA. Domestim despatch During,1948 relatively few new dwellings were placed at the dis- posal of thQ population; 475. were repaired and 287 completely re- built. Hopes are, entertained' of developing such work 2n thel course oaf the present year, since it has been calculated that some 6,000 such dwellings are necessary to house the whole population comfortably. Kurier Polski, February 28, 1949, precis CZECH ARCHITECTS IN POLAND. Domestic despatch A group of Czech architects recently paid a visit to Szczecin. Theta are keenly interested in the plans for the rc cons truction of the town,. A conference was held with representatives of the planning section of the municipality, during which the 'visitthrs became qc- quainted with the procedure in the'long-term ulanning programme. The Czeich visitors left later for' Warsaw. Kurier Pclski, March 1, 1.049, precis PZPR MEETING IN KWIDZYN. Domestic despatch At a district conference of:the PZPR held in Kwidzyn recently a .speaker said. that the development of Polish econou'y would be the best reply to the war-mongers. "Let the Angl.c.Saxons prepare for war! We will tend gigs, and they will come to us for bacon." Glos, Wyb.rzcza, March 1, 1949, precis DIPLOMATS UNMASKED (CONTINUATICA OF EXCERPTS FROM ANNABELLA BEWCAR'S BOCK) Article In addition to characteristic espionage, information and pro- paganda activities of American Embassy's employees (in Moscow), Anna- bella Bewcar also exposes them as speculators, She reveals, on-the basis of elaborate evidence, that"almost every employee in the Ameri+ can Embassy in Moscow is a snPculater on a smaller or a larger scale, either by illegally importing Soviet currency under the protection of diplomatic immunity, or by importing whisky, cigarettes and ether ar- ticles without paying duty on them; These articles are sold with an Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ;r_errnzs pr t(Wage 97) mbassy employe speculating on a large scale, "return home with tens of thousands c* ?doll_ars, often in the form of Valuable objects of art (taken cut c" the country thanks to the im'munity of diplomatic luggage) and soir ,times in the form of che:ciiies" ( _gt~ 97) This r eferes not only tc the rank and file of the embassy. "' ^ s fair as dirty speculation is concerns i", write. Anm:ahell:= Bew car, "Ambassador Smith himself is not witho : guilt. ti':? enTrinitted zgl.y deeds which were bot in the least compa .ibl.e with the high post of an U.S. P.mbassador to the Soviet Uni:on." nnabc1la Bcwr- -..r devoted her book to the memory of her mother, a s-1mr i-e. American w"- risen from the St,. to of Pccnnsylv=-nia. Annabella Bewcar '.s herself. a mother now. On page s 130 and 131 of her book she. writes as follows: '"As a mother I look into the future to see the kir.,' of world in hick my son will have to live. As a nother I realize that the, future belongs to the Soviet Union and that my son will 1os a more. beautiful and fuller life in this country than would be pc sible: anywhere else in the world. I know that in the Soviet Union h will grow up and will rec.zve the best education., for which he wil `. not haven to fight as I had to. He will-ot have to wander endless' y through the streets looking for work when bad times come. becaus there will be no bad times in t.h_c Scviet Union dti s -it" all the era- mies' attempts to pro- vcke them. l~"':re armament kings and the oil mcf.e.cpelists will not turn ray s,-.-n into cannon. fod.c?er. In the sa e way a his Soe-iet compatriots, my son will be a free man and a pr rti cipant ;.n the meat mi nificent progressiz:~e move*ent ever attempted by ma kir_ a,r" Her work in the American Tntelligen^e S vice and then in the American Embassy in Moscow convi.nced ."_nnabel1'.a Bewcar that "'diplomats resacnsible for U.S. foreign policy will do vorythirlF in their power to ,nrnvokc: a world disaster. The sharp edge r' their policy alt vs was and still is directed aj a=' nst the Soviet Union whii ch, as I have found out, frustrates their diversionary act vices against peace and against the trend of nations towards a baatte-:x and pannier life." Wolnosr-, March 6, 19449, #50, 337 lines - exc, rats (Note: Other papers have also carried excerpts) GENFRALS ARE NOT EI\TOUGH. iead editorial At a moment when warmongers have cynicalL! rejected, peaceful So- viet proposals, when the htlantic b oc is being persistently built, the ieade?s of the French and Italian Cozmmun ~t Part:.:- s have mar?4 {xee din Iy important declarations. As a res-.:i.t of this, the: (,rcat?.)rs of the Atlantic Pact are faced with a di_f'fic! _t probl.c Tn. W'1-hat will this Bloc, which is being constructed so elaxorately finally give them ? Will it be worth as mi ch as a scoop o?' paper which bears illu- strioi si.gnatures but is void of any real yr lue ? Experts became convinced long ago that a war cannot be won Ti the atomic bomb alone. Gcn-rals al-one cannot win it -ither. It i s n pessary. to have Infantry as well. The declarations ma'e by Thorez, To 1,-i_ tti and others ? tspel the hopes of warmongers that thw workers and -)easanzs of France, Italy and of any other country would be willing; to 5acri!"icc their o-wn and their families lives for they interests ("f Wa_.?_ Street Thus the an- n.ouncements made by Thorez, Togliatti, P'ol_it r and Lowvlien, which met with the support of the people, strcnetheen t: chances of peace and. `ructratr the plans of warmongers. )zicrinik `aci odni, #63, March 5, 1949, 92. Lines - excerpts (Note: Other pap ,,s also carry Editorials on this s''Abdp"r8Qd For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-004158002600060004-2. PR;`;i1Irr"RTLLT'i CTL ,1 COINTFERS WI J.'I-I GURhAN "POL7rC TCI.PIIcs'7 Borlin_ (PAP) Foreign Dcspetch After spending two days 0, in Berlin, Premier Attlee left for London,, i;tt~_ 6c held a number of conferences with representatives of Anglo-Saxon and French cccup,atton e uthoritl.:s and with Gorr mvn poli.ticz iris. The latter included Kc:;pf, Premier of Lower Saxony, a wa c criminal whose extradition wa,s demanded by Pol,: nr.I some time ago an,d Routort psO.kdo Mayor of` Western Berlin notorious for his prominent participation in the currency cxehanUc affair.. The topics disc'us5ed included the future position of Western Germany in Europe .and the rectification of the Western-Gem plan fron- tiers, Jycie Warszawy #,#66 ivf^rch 8,' 1949 and' others. Verbatim (19 lines) TH'Clj I~IEE4T OF BROT.IERIIOOD AND FI'tI NVD"I IP Lead Editorial The week of Polish-Czech Friendship development starts to-day. During those soven ,thys, both in our country and in the fraternal ncighbeurl.y flepul lie, we shall review all our ctivities aimed -:;.,t dcvelop_ing closer re7_ati.~rzs and cooperation between our countries. .hnd much, is being done in this direction on this and on the other side of the frontier. in order to realize the enormity of progress attained in this . respcct, it is sufficient to eor.,.pare present Polish--ft ch relations with the prc-war si.ti.uatio,_n, 'his situ^tion cannot recur9 ; it has passec?, toy;cthe.. r with the whole nightmare of fascism, This new type of,~ee;h relationship which is possible Qnly between countriees which have freed themselves from the yore of c^ :ita:1_i ,m, Is reflected in continuously increasing economic exchan??e. the latter is followed by intensified cultural exchLange. Thus the two frat.ernel Republics' ore giving an example; to Western'Europoan countries, prostrated under the burden of Fjcrshall l'aid'', of cooperation for the benefit of nations of peace for the broad, masses of people an. example of mutual disinterested assistance and of good neighbourly relations. The basis of 'this important crucial point is the common ideolo- gical_ link and the common opportunity for future dovolopment. Discord and disputes, which Marc char cteris is fonturos of the capitalist e'ra, arc behind us and facing our fretzernal nations is the splendid vision of our' growing coopc.ration and brotherhood, a vision of relationg hct!,Teon socialist countries. To-day, the first day of Po- lish-Czc;ch -D`riondship Dcvolepa: ent Week we wish cur brothers, the Czechoslovaks, the quickest possible re,Oalizatlnn of this vision. Tr r una Ludu M rch 7 l949 #65 (58 lines) Excerpts (Note: Simi? or editorials appear in other papers.) .SHEPHERDS GONE ..STRAY Domestic dispatch On M,-arch 4, the Regional Military Court in Lodz pronounced a verdict in the tri sal 'oil . the uMurat" gang and of the RevLLosos and Rev,Ortotowski, two catholid priests cooperating with the gang. Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 It world be a fundamentally false a pproa?h to seek in the motives of the decree any designs upon rel igi :n. It is the other .,,ate round: ? in meeting out sorvore but well-fourx 1cd sentences on eo alowho shield their crimes with eoclesiest -_cal garb, the admi- nistre:~tors of justice could much rather be doe:od defenders of catho- lic dogma whose main principles are expressed in the ccm.andments; "Thou she. l.t not kill" and "Thou shalt love thy neighbor". It is bad enough for some community to be too abudantly supplied aith "sheep gone astray,", but it is absolutely intolerable for it to contain "shorh ;rds gone nstMay". It was not priests that the Regional Mili `lary' Court` conde ned but citizens Losos and Ortotowski who disrracc- their cal-ling and strayed their country and the lti w. (Note: Similar articles appear in other paper) Oziennikk Ludowy #64 March 6, 1949 (86 lines) ~ cerpts VERDICT IN TTIE? SG_ IA TRI r1L WILL BE 1'NI'TCUNC D ON Iii.,RCH 8 Foreign 0:,:s-patch Solt is March, 7 (P~P) The prosecution Pnd he Defense Counsel fi}vc: finished their speeches in the trial of the espionag -r -up, t-!ambers of thee:: Evan-- gelicc?l Church Council in -Dulga.ria, he Couft also heard the cddres- of the defendants. The defendant Nicola M[ihailoff asked the .curt to give him an opportunity to atone for his crimes by doing h=-:nest work. The defen- {'ants Janko Ivenoff and V.,sil Ziapkoff openly -,dmittod their guilt. The other defendants also-expressed essed repentancc and asked for mercy. `+h,:,, verlict will be announced on arch 8. Rzoezpospolita March 8, 194; #66 and others (:15 lines) Verbatim INC1 EIPSED EXPENDITURE ON E."SST'1j~' BA 1-4 PORTS WILL ;SSFTE THEIR SPEEDY ECO'3STRUC`i'ION Domestic Dcs?potch During a press conference recently hold in the Gdansk Maritime Bureau under the chairmanship of its Managing )ircctor, F.Modrzcwski, Technical Director Turczynowicz, C.E. gave the figures in the budget foi' capital investments of this Bureau for the year 10,49, In compa- rison with the 1948 budget, the 1949, budget ski :--wws a considerable increase in expenditures for the development C; ports o,:-1 the Eastern costs of the Raltic,, In 1948 the sum of 2,lte),000 000 zlE vys: (i.o. 0,9 percent of the total sun of the State captel nvcstnei t plan) was expended by the Gdansk Ma?itime Bureau on `!epita 1 investments. In 1949 the sum of capital investments of the :;idansk 1 eritime bureau (including special appropriations) amounts to 9340,000,000 zlotys, _.e,, 1,08 percent of all State cf pital inv -stn -nts), Thus this ycn:v 1 s budget is %>O percent higher than that c? 1948. l,s regards individual items of expenditure, the largest i mrreaso a :plies to buildings and means of communication (150 perc ^nt) j, to hydrotochni-- coal installations (50 percent) and to plans an surveying (20 percent).. Solely the expenditure on olectromeahani:?el. et-:ipment is reduced in this year's budget by 20 percent but this will be amply compensated by an increased appropriation by the Cantrel P .annin_g Bureau t'or th:,, purch-se of new cranes, (Excerpts) (l _ lints) Dziennik Beltycki #63 March 6, 1949 only Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 ANNEX ''MONITOR POLSYI. Part. "An, No.A--8 sf Febouary '+9 contains the fo11ow .li iterr~s _01=19 No.86 order if the Minister- of Industry and Commerce, issued in-conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central P1ann:!ng Bureau (CUP), concerning the formation of a Central Chemical industry Administration. 't )87' Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued it ?r: '! conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bur-an concerning the formation of an Artificial Fertilizer Indu ry Combine? 88 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce,,,issued in cen?jir ct .or vith the Minister of Finance and with the 'ihe irmai of the Central Planning : survau concerning. the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Chcrzcw Nitrate Industry Establishments." , 89 Order of the Mir. istPr of Industry and Commerce, issued ixl con junction with the Minister of Finance and with the Cha ir-- man Qf the Central Planning Bn eau, concerning the formation of a Stare enterprise under the name of "Moscice Nitrate Indi:istry Establishme.nts.Y ' 3 Order -f the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chair- man +?f the Central Plann'_rig Bureau, conierniig the formation of -a state enterprise under the name of "Kedzierzyn Nitrate Indus'-ry Establ.ishmen_t.s," 51 Crder of the Mnistpr of Industry and Commerce issued in eon,unctlon with the Minister of Finance and with the Chair- man c.f the Central Planning Board, concerning the. formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Torun Phosphorous Industry Establishments". 92, Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in IV conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chair- man of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enterprise under c}:e name of "Silesia-Debrowa Phosphorous industry. Est.ablishventV, 93 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in conjunction witn the I ini.ster of Finance on.d with the Chairman If the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a' State ente_prise under the hams of "Kielce Chemical Industry Est~bli3hments"v .conjunction with the Mini st-r of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the creation of a State enterprise under the same of "Wroclaw Phosphorous Industry Fstablishments" .- Arder of the Minister of Industry and Commerce issued in 95 Order of the P1inistar of Industry and Commerce, issued in Approved for Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Bonarka Phosphorous Industry Establishments,'' Nc.96 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, in conjunction with the Minister of Finan:a and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name cf "Po.,nan Pncsphorous Industry Establishments." No,97 Order of the Minister of Industry and commerce, issued in conjunction with the Minister f Finan=?e and with the Chairman cf the Central Planning Bureau, cnncerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Ep:'uta United Dye-stuff Industry Establishments Ne,98 Crder of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State :enterprise under the name of F okita Organic, Industry Establishments on the Odor.' No.99 Order of the Minister of Industry- sand nmmerce, Issued in conjunction with the Minister of inane and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureas, concerning the formation of a t tate enterprise under the name of "Ur. E.ted Establishments for dry distillation of wand.'' WAOO Order of the Minister of Industry and commerce issued in conjunction with the Minister of Finar :e ane with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enter. prise under the name of "? ?nited Rubber Industry Establishments". " 101 Order of the Minister of Industry and `commerce issuod in conjunction with the Minis ter of Finance wn.d with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau concerning the forma t1o of a State enterprise under the name of "United Inorgani.. Industry Establishments, an autonomous State enterprise", " 1C2 Order of the Minister of Industry and =ommerce, issued in conjunction with the r+inister- of Fin? nce and with the Chairman of the Central Plannin: Bureau, concerning the formatien of a State enterprise under the name of "lhemical Arparatus Construction Enterprise". 103 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce issued in conjunction with the Minister if Finance and with the Chairman rf the Central Plannin Bureau concerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Chemical Establishments". 104 girder of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, issued in con- junction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation A a State enterprise under the name of "United C ~ke and Chemical Establishments". Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -3 - No,1G5 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce issued in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chair- man of the Central Planning Bureau under the name nf."United Paint and Varnish Industry Establishments". " Jc?6 Order of the Minister ' of Industry and Commerce issued in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central, Planning Bureau, concerning the cr^ation of a State enterprise under the name of "United Coke Oven Gas Establishments". " 107 Order of the Minister of Industry .and Commerce iss-ned in conjunction with the mister of 'dance and with the Chairman of the,Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Erg United Chemical Industr; Establishments". 108 Order ,of the Minister cf Industry and Commerce issued in conjunction with the Ministor of Finance and with the Chairman of the Central Planning Bureau, concerning the formation of a State enterprise under the name of "Unitk:,d Technical Gas Industry Establishments,," 109 Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce issued in conjunction with U e Minist,:>(. >: . ':r: St ~c :y'; :: :'~'>F tic 3~C . F O R E I G N REMOVAL OF SPARK GOVERN!-ENT IS A CONDITION FOR REALIZATION OF NATION'S PEACEFUL AIMS, THE BELGIAN COMMUN'-ST PARTY'S CENTRAL COMMITTEE -]SOLUTION Foreign Despatch Brussels March 7 (PAP) The Belgian Communist Party's Central Committee has adopted a resolution in which it emphasized that thee '"Belgian nation considers itself closely bound to all those nations which arc combatting the war campaign waged against the Soviet Union and the people's demo- cracies. The hypothesis of an aggressive war provoked by the Soviet Union is absurd. The Soviet Union is.not an aggressor but is the strongest peaceful powor in the world, "The Belgian Communist Party's Central Committee therefore declares that should the lackeys of American imtomrialism, which are now ruling B=:.,lgium, succeed in involving the country in a war against the Soviet Union, the communists and the predominant majority of the Belgian working class will refuse participation in this.crimc and will combat the enemies of the Belgian nation and of humanity with all available means," R.zoczpospolite ilarch 8, 1949 #66 and others (52 lines) Excerpts -3- Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 LCIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 P LE`L UiL Ii^v ' ii .E Y7JGCSL:iV GOVERNMENT TO THE LONDON CONFLRENCE Foroign Despatch London, March 7 (PAP) A letter addressed by the Yugoslav ice -i4tinis to for Foreign, ebler, -.ias delivered at the Monday Session of the Depn'ty Foreign Mynisters' Conference concerning the treaty with Austria, The letter contains the following .requests:- (1) To prohibit all pan: Germanic or ant.J.-United Nations propa- ganda in Austria: (21) -ill displaced persons, who refuse tnn return to their home- land, should leave Austria within three iiont :s after signature of the treaty; (?) restitution by Austria of all cul tu.:~al property appropria- ted by the Austrian Army in the occupied.cotzit ?i es; (4) demilitarization of a 2O-kilometer ``rontIer Zone; (5) renouncement by a ustria of all prop rty rights in Yugo- S1avia; (60 repayment by Austria of all her out:Y `anding debts; (7) Austria should be prohibited from i. itroductng changes in the navigation system on rivers flowing fron, Austria to Yugoslavia. Rzeczpospolita March 8, 1949 x;`66 and others (21 .lines) Verbatim RECEPTION FCR THE NEW. BE GFIAN ENVOY TO FOLD=) Foreign Despatch Brussels Heron 7 (P1',P) The Polish Minister in Brussels, Aleksarder i ra jewski, gave a reception in the Polish Legation for the r. awly accredited Belgian envoy to Poland, Mr.,EAr+-hur t,.?`autors. The rcc:ption was at ,ended by r. epresentatives of the. Pcigian Ministry of ercien Afrfirs,of the Parliawont, by writ; rs and journalists, (6 Lines) V4 rbeti_m Rzeczposoolita Marna 8, 1949 #66 and others, POLISH AMB'.SSiD0R BORKOWIC1 PRESENTED FI3 C ,L ,'?ITTALS TO P-..ESID NT k.JATID, Foy. ign Despatch P-r_a ue March 7 ( PAP) On Monday the C , ch President, iilem.ent rottwald, received in. official :-audience the newly-appointed Polish Ambassador in Prague, Leonard Ee o~aaez, who pree;sented his crcden : ials Rzeczpospolita March 8, 19L-9 #66 and others (34 lines) Excerpts C0M.'JNIS`:S r OPEN LETTER TO TRUMAN New York iiarch 7(P.irrt grief c: ?itor of" "Daily Wor er" 25 British cc 3.n?ni al war in Malaya 26 5 Labor Party eexcludes Zil_liacus from elections 5 British aircro;ft carrier collides with an ice.')erg 26 6 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-OO415ROO26OOO6OOO4-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -?3 BUDGET DAY PAGE Preliminary budget of the 1 ini.stry of Navigation 4 8 Budget' of_ the Ministry of. Public Security 15 1 , tit it it III 16 1 .Budget of the Mini s try of Health Budget of the Ministry of Education 18 3 It ti It t 19 2 Budge of the Ministry of Forestry 23 7 Budget of the Ministry of Agriculture 25 8 Budget of the Ministry of Culture and in 26 2 BULG t~RI fs USSR reiuced Bulgarian indebtedness 1 4 A book about Poland in Bulgaria 3 5 Espionage trial in Pulgaria 12 6 'Bulgarian Book on Poland B 14 2 ulgarian ;ambassador received by President Bitrut 15 6 Interview with the first Bulgarian Ambassador in Poland 16 4 Cultural collaboration between Poland aad Bulgaria 18 6 15 members of the Evangelical. church council charged with espionage 28 BUS, Hungarian, passc.d technical test 2 6 5 1 BUSINESS hours, establishment of 1 1 9. C CABLE, industry _ 26 12 CAP~1?BILL a pDointe,a chief editor of, "Daily Worker" N 25 4 CA iT Newfoundland a Canadian Province 12- 6 CANNING industry meets the noeds of domestic and fo ei , r gn markets 26 9 CEGI LPL SKI factory, new success. of ' 24 7 CHLVT ~ - Kiu Bi)bg-Ji a guest in Poland 7 5 New alignment of forces in the world (by Steel). 12 10 CiOPIN Year, President bierut inaugurates 2 3 1 i0 ;CHIT RCHILL, Belgian population demonstrates against 28 ~5 CIGE=i_t ~ TFS at theIntornational Fair in Poznan 8 n 1 8 CLERGY, harmful activity of 11 10 CLFRGYlEN are exploiting agricultural laborers - 28 10 : ~? Partc~n's costs :' 9 2 - Who disturbs cooperation ?.(Concordat) h 9 10 T ere will be no sensational changes (New Primate) 16 15 In the interest of the State and the Church 22 17 Priest incited to religious hatred 28 CLOTHING industry clothing items manufactured b 8 , y 1 Over 46 million tons of cool on domestic market Th 3 7 e value of coal . production in 1948 3 15, Coal C 3 16 oal exports T 5 9 wo Januaries in the history of. coal production 8 8 Labor competition in coal industry Th 9 9 .e. Zabrze-Wschod Mine 10 12 Why did the Pawel Mine not reach its target ? 3.6 17 Coal export plan in 1949 o 18 18 C al industry signalizes further increase in efficiency C 21 7 oal mining difficulties D 21 15 rop in coal ext.ction C l e - 26 12 oa xtraction cxargats not achieved. 26 12 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00260006000472 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 DAY PhGE COLIJ CTIVF agreements brought higher wages 16 7 t! at-regiment for commercial workers 9 9 tt " for publishing ccooierative workers 21 9 COMN.IS3TON for promotion of Science and Art l9 11 Cr~J't) TAhTIV.. movement, propaganda campaign l5 16 COOPIiW TI FS, contest to recruit members for 19 7 C OP? 'i'V movement's 'e=conomic plan for 194 21 9 COUNCIL of Ministers will propose new labs 5 11 `- .` IT ,- A P4 i 1 , ul...e . 10 j woo" c._vt roU by 9 3 , lelegaticnof Jews received at 21 2 I$ ti , resolution , savings 21 7 COUN'T'S, Citizens', important role of 21 13 COURT news Punishment for economic sabotage on an estate: 1 7 Officials in the Warsaw Fuel `Establishments fore the court 1 7 Members ' of anti- tate rga iza tion n t ial 1 10 s Q n o . r Warsaw House ,dmi nistretion sentenced to pry ,n terms 1 13 Death sentence for Hitlerian SS man 1 18 Speculator in fats tried in Zyrardo,a 3 7 Meat market saboteurs will be brought to cour'a 7 7 War criminals sentenced in Pfotrko.:y 8 6 Trial of Fcerster's Deaij.ty 8 6 Sentence for railway saboteurs 8 9 Death sentence in trial of speculators in the Warsaw Municin-111a Fuel Tsta.blishments 8 11 Long term sentences for grafters in the coast.=:l district 8 11 Labor cemn for hiding meat 8 14 Who and what is concerned (Lead article about the Viscover v of a d vorsionist-terro?istic group) 9 1 Those guilty of cattle epidemics will be brou:ht to court 9 12 La Roche's associates sentence! to labor cap T 9 14 First day of meat saboteurs' trial 10 7 Textile industry saboteurs tried by sumr^ary court 10 8 Trial in Military Court 10 18 Former Government factory director on trial 11 8 Death sentence for secret Gestapo agent 11 18 Arr er Ge ' aan. Landrat sentence-l 12 2 Economic saboteurs in Bytom sentenced 12 9 Secret Geestaoo agent sentence' to death 12 14 Seven years imr;risonment for damaging machine:~ 14 9 Death sentence in.trial of Lomza robber band 15 1 Three officials tri. '3 for sabotage activities in Warsaw Municincl ; dr inistration 15 1 Priests who gave absolution to bandits on trinl 17 1 15 years imprisonment for school sqbotage 17 12 Conviction in a cea . of E conoml c ;ossi- 17 16 S alvati? n friars conducted subversive activit s - 17 18 NSZ (National. Armed Forces) ring on trial 17 14 t. tt 18 3 tt it 19 1,10 2' 2 15 it 24 , 15 it 26 13,14 Saboteurs sent to compulsory labor camp 19 7 11 Lo-1z Hitlerians sentenced 19 18 Punishment for abuse of party orerogati-v 3 19 18 Trials in coastal area 21- 17 Trial in Tczew 21 17 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15,: CIA-RDP83-00415ROO2600060004-2 C.O JR News DAY-PAGE Dive rsi^nist WIN band on trial 21 18 Severe )enalties for bandits 23 17 Prison for accepting bribcs 24 8 Foreigners on trial in Gl?ansk 2L 17 13 years of orison for econcmic sabotage, 25 3 5 years in prison for storing explosives 26 4 C ? EC ITGS T, OVAKI i Deleg:.ti.on of Czech trade unions leaves for Moscow 3 5 10,000 tons of Czech iron will pass through Gdansk 3. 12 Meeting of Po:1 i. h and Czechoslovak re,r)resentatives of the f ilm. industry Polish teachers leave fir Czechoslovakia 13 l2 Foo-1 without ration cards in Czechoslovakia 7 9 Madam Juc'F e Wasilkotiwski in Prague 8 6 Polish professors 1n Czechoslovakia 8 6 Polish-Czechoslovak. Economic cooncrati on 8 7, Palish and Czech film technicians meet in Nieborow 8 9,10 polish-Czechoslovak convention co.,zcE rning protection of cultivated plants 8 12 Espionage tang tried in Czechoslovakia 10 3 Polish-Czechoslovak coop(-_rattion in mineral industry l4 11 Polish students go to Czechoslovakia 16 2 Czechoslovakia's reply to Yu ,-)slav note 18 6 Czechoslovak viers in Szczecin 18 7 Czechoslovak transit in 1943 21 9 Czechoslovak orchestra coming to Poland 21 .13 Polish-Czechoslovak F riendshinnn week 21 14 Press Conference at the Czechoslo~rak Embassy 22 4 Czechs,elovak Radio orc'hest.ra plays in Warsaw 25 1 No room in the Czechoslovak army for officers with anti- people views .26 4 Polish-Czech cooperation in the field of trade unions 26 7 Horce racing associations of 6 co=tries to meet in' Czechosloakia 26 8 Czech 'accretions for 1 o:`_ishh officers 28. 1 The Fe,Drua_ry victory 28 14 l CY_, P~~NKI~Y?~1IC7Sejm speech of February 4 5 7 5 " telegram to Generalissimo Stalin 23 4 D D!2-KOCTQL'.S r?eclarntion eoncernir g stockbreeding 5 7 DEATH ~oa '"Daily Wc,rkor" editor 4 1 DEM0CR,'~CY for every day use 21 11 DEIi0CR ,TIC Party, meeting of if _ rr rr 7 2 it , resolution of the Chief Council 10 9 2-6 16 L.1C, ?ST:RYRATTO'NNS on behalf of peace -*n European capitals 16 6 for peace throughout Poland 17 2 18 4 22 6 rr rr 25 11 DEMccT TIC Party's (Polish) r,ubli.catio.n concerning the Marshall Plan 21 12 DENM4RKIS attitude towards defense alliance-and Atlantic Pact 10 4 U.S. violat:s Denmark's scvereigntyo 12 6 Danish fishers lay over in Polish ports 16 13 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415ROO2600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 DUITHICH annointed Minister of Domestic Tray .9 - MTa `UY-PACE 21 1 i 5 5 5 5 6 7 4 8 4 8 5 9 5 10 3 12 3 14 2 17 6 i 5 21 5 2+ 15 25 1 ;?6 1 28 1 28 3 18 18 26 16 9 6 7 9 Polish, Swed ish, Belgian Polish Finnish Belgian Soviet, Yu4cslav and Dutch I uI arian, Israeli 3we ish Novi et, Czech, Italian Polish,Rumanian Swedish Rumanian, ?%ulgarian Polish RI 11 II French, Polish Bulgarian economic relations 11 I, DISCI l1'Ia1t TI TI in PLUSKT 0stan, Lecture by { t0 c4IAK, Vice-Minister, in New York Economic Committee of the Council of Minister?a, resolutions of 4 Economic planning to be incEased 15 F ,_-le:I s democracy 18 12 Economic planning - to plan or not to plan 22 10 trs t month of 1949 -- Economic planning 23 Il unre '.e Economic Administration, organiza tioz of 23 12 N UTH - T T CiIT A any cultural plan f car' 1.9 9, fulf W. iment of 18 1 ducaticn for two million citizens 26 16 EGG 1xuor is 23 9 vv' coming to Athens 1? 4 i 1 IC Power . _ 8 ;Tow high tension line 7 Two new hy1ro-piectric plants will be put in operation 8 12 634 million K H pro:?uce by electric power p1 `ruts 9 1Q 1 .ecc astruction of electric rower industry 0 7 1218 vs_llnes r. r?ccived electric current in 1?..?48 18 7 Electric rower industry conference 22 9 Electric current in 1218 villages 23 17 7 yl XCH ?T aN;S, commodity and ?rain, meeting of mrnagers of 14 11 it " sc:ci.allize. th., it activities 15 9 F'XHIBIT1ON, New great, in 195? 9 8 I V Polish qin the Soviet Union 18 5 Polish 'folk art, in Washington 3 7 EXPORT, internal 14 8 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 F FAIR, Polish industry at the Leipz ig Fair FAT industry in January FER F~NITATI ON industry in January FERTILIZE}{ for spring sowing FIGS against fascism and Hitlerite invasion- against the T_ T.$. communists' trial DAY PAGE 18 16 16 FILM 10 2 Documentary Film to be produced r'The Treasure" will be shown in Warsaw " The End of the Road." praised in Brussels 31 new motion picture theaters in Pbl_znd Motion pictures in every village FTi1TT.;^,TIT 8 17 22 18 9 7 9 Finnish Ministers mysterious visits to Scandinavia 15 Paper pule from Finland e - 16 15 3 A curious "wolf hunt" in Finland and Norway 21 6 Finnish Government policy strongly criticized 26 12 FISH preserves " ~ hatcheries. rt _ficial, in Mazury 7 9 FISHING 25 10 FL.tLY r)lanta-tions, levelopment of 3/13 and 21/1718 contract. signing campaign for 10 FLIGHT of Sejm deputies 18 10 FLOTLR transactions, illegal 225 5 10 15 111 FLYI G, -.Popularization of 11 18 tart Exhinition' in Washington FOOD industry exceeded its >lan in January 3 7 11. State, production achievements of 2+ 12 7 FOOT IT ;;_~ q improvement i i the supply of FOR ST} and Ag;riculture'examined by Sejm Committee 19 9 F ANCE 22 8 Polish-French-convention concerning-social insurance 4 French Communist Party sur)-orts?Sov etUnion's policy 9 Persecution of Polish repatriate.; from France 5 18 French conductor arriving in Warsaw 14 5 French democrats in defense of Polish' activist 16 2 Behavior of French authorities toward Polish repatriates 18 6 French intellectuals a~,rneal for defenseofpea18 17 Ban on public demonstrations in. Paris 19 6 French Government sells colonies to if_ 19 6 How would th' French people hah ve if Francenisodrawnsinto' 19 7 a war :o.gainst the Soviet Union French journalist in Krakow 2 6 A truly French noli y 26 6 4 French Government refuses conclusion of new 26 4 agreement with Poland repatriation Polish childr~,n in France will come to Poland 26 FIAD7KOI,,'SKI! S open letter to "The 26 6 v enint; Star" 15 12 2 FROiiTIE , Polish, attempts to cross FRUIT for tnc winter season 17 12 9 GaALET s Krakowsk, the first issue Gf GDtiN~rK budget 21 7 DiP'SK-GDYrrIA 21 17 10,000 tons of Czech iron ner months will nass through 3 Traffic in January 15 l8 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -8- GDANSK-GDYNIA DAY PAGE Vessels load sugar; Cargo of copra and rubber 15 9 We shall receive machinery and technical equ:nment 16 16 GDYNIA mail traffic 10 9 GLASS, broken, 170 tons of, for Sweden 1 7 GREEK fascists, protest against the crime of 28 3 NREENLAND, military bases in 12 6 GERMANY Polish-Berman neighbors (SED conference) 3 10 Germans in American unifo ...s 3 11 The SED economic plan 3 17 The SED conference 11 SED to become Marxist Leninist Party 17 There are changes in the West 12 SED indicates the path to peaceful relations with Poland 5 15 Anglo-Saxons suspend inter-zonal'traffic 7 9 Communist leader Reiman sentenced 7 21 SED at ,a turning point 10 13 Espionage organization in Soviet zone 11 6 Conference of unity and peace began in Berlin 11 13 Attempts to incorporate Western Berlin 12 6 8 years. irnnrisow.rnent for n inching a prisoner (Article by "Die Welt") 12 10 Furor Teutonicus (Nationalist _ feelings among Germans) 12 15. Berlin SED protests against the decision of the Bonn Parliament 14 2 SED - Our ally 16 11 Consequences of a policy of diverion in Germ ny 16 13 Pensions for murderers (fernier German soIdiaxts and officers)16 14 Polish bro^dcast transmitted to Germany 17 5 Hitlcrian generals employed by (merican Intelligence Service 18 12 "Wall Street" according to Br:rlin fashion- In black 18 14 Young German women as .Anglo-Saxons' slaves 19 3 Disseminators of horror (Nazi writers in Wasri-ngton) 19 11 SED - An ally on the other side of the Odra end Nysa 22 14 Bonn an imitation of Weirnar 22 18 Western Berlin Industry paralyzed 24 9 The German Ganger 24 10 Smuggling by airplanes an American snecialit,` 25 18 H The "H" camr.aign (stock-breeding) 1 15 HANDICR~IFT Agency, Central Cooperative, estahh? ished 23 8 H%ALTHCommittees created by national counci:'_s 26 1 HERE plantations 10 8 HIRSCHFELD honorary member of the Now Yo---k A-ademy of Science 17 14 HOG breeding, contractual agreements in 10 8 125,000 hogs to be purchased by Peasant Self Help 12 8 HOLLAND New trade agreerment between Poland and Holland 16 7 Dutch soldi rs`?mutiny 18 6 HORSES, Swedish, for government estates 19 9 Horse racing associations of 6 countries to moot in Czechoslovakia 26 8 HUNGARY Hungarian democratic forces merges on a new basis 3 5 Hungary demands recall of Secretary of Amerio.oan legation 5 6 Reception at the Hungarian :Legation 5 14 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15-: CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -9_ HU \4 G A~~Y Members of U.S. mission in Hungary expelled Hun.t;~,,ri_an Gcve'rn ryrit's nzot st against attempts at c~ o11 4 cs, ormc.r, i a n annc- es 3 J. nation will not fight Soviet Union 28 6 British interference 11 13 Pc~l ch H utgarj,wn public.. meeting in Budapest 14 3 Statement by Foreign Minister Rajk 14 4 Provocative excursions of U.S. diulomats to Hungarian border 15, 4 Hungary accuses Yugoslavia of provocative methods 16 3 Suspicious activivies of American diplomats in Hungary 18 18 Mixed Polish-Hungarian Commission in Budapest 17 7 Alliance with the USSR is a guarantee of Hungary's independence 19 5 Hungarian quartet in Poland 26 3 I IBN SAUD will receive a 9 million :joilar bribe 12 7 INDI'X of items in the Summary of Jarnuairy 9 INDONESIA, who is financing war in .16 4 INDUSTRY, , Sto ;e, plan for 4 8 " " , producti _n plans of, exceeded in January 1LE 8 INTi~LLIGETSIA, working 10 10 IN` T'' 3: s,T `NAT Bureau of the Oreanization of Intellectuals 1 17 Congress of Teachers 5 14 " Press Club in Lodz 18 11 INTI~'RNATTOH:`.uF, G'7r, een, behind the scenes of 12 16 INV}c?'1ii.IVTa capital, exceeded 1.62 billion zlotys in 1948 26 7 Ivli u:vcrnmcnt orurd.ers democratic leaders 1.9 .17 IRiN, Shaky, of, attempt on the life of 7 5 USSR :'im' assaclor's cdemarche with foreign Minister of Iran 15 IKEL: NT , isturbance in 16 6 'f , Northern, free elections in DAY PAGE 17. 6 16 . 17 ITALI41N trade unionist Otto LAzzardi in Poland 19 6 " l -? '`3 - 4- i NI 2 L JARSZFV Z, Na jor-General, interview with JEDRYL ;HHO1r SKT sneaks to representatives of science JpSS Co.ionel, of the U.S. Embassy In Warsaw JESSIJ ap,')ointer.i roving U.S. Ambassador JEWISH Historical Institute, exhibition in the museum of Committees, conference of J ',? 5, Polish, delegation of received by Cyrankiewicz. JOURN J of Laws New laws in No. 5 of Journal of Laws Law pertaining to construction and maintenence of public roads Order. concerning classification and promotion of teachers to higher salary groups International agreements and new orders in No. 6 New laws in No. 7 of Journal of Laws Order concerning Cieszyn hog disease New laws in No. 8 of Journal of Laws JUDG+C a?id k,rosecutors courses in Torun JURISTS' association meeting in Warsaw 12 16 28 2 22 4 1.1 .6 22 11 28 4 21 2 10 11 an(! 22 - 18 23 24 24 14 15 22 11 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 K P L PcLGE ,r completes, ,i it 11 . 17 and judges courses in Torun 14 15 PROT :.S demonstrations against imperialist intrigues 15 17 It meeting of Warsaw students 17 6 PZPR (Polish United Worker-Party) 1 Briefing in PZPR Central Cfimnittee 3 11 Wroclaw conference of PZPR activists PZPR members in the "PAFAJAG" condemn 'U.S. Policy 8 3 1 A meeting of women's sections in the F2PR (:amtnittee' 10 11 Criticism of PZPR 12 2 Press conference in PZPR Central Commit;tee Meeting of PZPR members in the "H.CegiElski." factory 12 5 2 PZPR . county conferences 1 10 Basic PZPR documents Can a party member be religious ? 16 12 Gazeta Krakowska, the press organ of PZPR "Party Life", new periodical of PZPR Ccntrllcwing full length Czech films will be shown in Polish cin?"1as2 "Syrena" (The Siren), "Tchorz" (The Coward), 'rprzeczucie" (Premcni tion) , " Ostatni Mohikanin" (The lart of the Mohicans), "Krakatit", "Sepy" (Vultures) and "Nike, ni: nie wie" (N. one knows anything) Zycie Warszawy, March 5, 1949-163 only 18 linc.,s) Verbatim GERALN CANNON FODDER Editorial by Xr:?zysztof Radziwill Following Thnrez, Togliatti and Pollij. t who,-on behalf if the French, Italian and British working masses clearly declared themselvc against the unteosing Qf a third World War engincerr-d by American imperialism against the Soviet working ma s . es , the German working masses are now raising their voice of warning. The German workers and peasants who, through he fault of the Junkers (and>wnerj) and cariralistic imperialism of the Second Reich aad of National-Socialist fanaticism of the `third Reich, have spread -ill b :ttlef0lds in Europe with their corpses before they retained to their destroyed cities and villages, are sick and tired of all this, In fact, these German masses, held in iron discipline or deluded by degenerated fanaticism of the German upper classes. ha n always teen merely cannon fodder, in the pass? for even if they fought in their Aran army and allegedly Or their own nati orn, it is not they who reaped benefit from eventual victories and now it is they and not "their criminal leaders who have to eat the bitter pill of defeat, It is well that, besides the voice of ?renchien, : ta.Lans and Britishero the vice of that nation, which has in the past suptlied most of the cannon fodder in all imperialist wars is nrw hoaard, The announcement of the German working masses, it a moment when American warmongers are ccntemplatiLg a third war to be waged primarely with German hands and in their country, devastate by the last war, is undoubtedly an important contribution to pi ce and we do not doubt, therefore, that this announcement will als , convince Americans of German descent who are regrettably, the fie rcest inatiga ce rs of a third war. Kurier Codzienny #62 March 4,-1949 only (1.28 lines) Excerpts ******************************************yx ************************ FOREIGN SUSPENSION OF DEPUTIES' IMMUNITY IN FREYCH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Paris, PAP Excerpts Foreige Despatch On Friday the French Notional Assembly considered the propssal to suspend parliamentary immunity with rest.ct to two communist deputies, Machin and R oGaraudv? This pr oosal is quite indepen- dent of the GovK rnment's demand for surrenc =r of these deputies and was submitted av right wing deputies, By 216 votes to 221 (with 517 deputies present at the meeting) the Natior l Aose bly refused to suspend immunity with respect to Deputy and by 363 votes to 202 decided tc suspend Deputy Garaudy's imc enity , Kurier Cedzienny #63 A -ch 5 and others (30 lines' NEW ARRESTS FOR ALLEGED ESPIONAGE ACTIVITY IN FRANCE Paris? PAP Domesti ; despatch (12 lines) Verb-, Minister Moch anncunced at a meeting c the Council of Ministers that the next Grson to be arrested for alit ged "spying" will be Pellaz, an engineer ?orking in the Atomic Energy Commissariat~ Pellat was enga gporoiAd llWWm720o4Ya4MScEUk ED04sk!'RQA,264)006 ,QQ c Energy Commissariat, It is knownthat sevor T!?4' -n hoop 0-v!4- !on, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 THE FPONT FOR PRESERVATION OF PEAC. DEVELOPS AND-EXPANDS. WORLD WORKER MASSES AGAINST WAR ,MONGERS - Copenhagen (Telepress) Foreign Despatch Axel Larson, Chair:an of the Danish Communist. Party, declared at a meeting convoked under the slogan of defense of peace. as follows: "Should reactionary forces succeel in unloosing a' new wqr 9 we shall lead the while nation in the struggle against the aggressor, just as during. the German nceupation". Oslo PS.P A big meeting was held in defense of peace at which the leader of the Norwegian Communist Party, Emil Loevlic:n delivered a speech, He said that at a time when American imreri.aliam is me- nacing peace and preparing an aggressive plot against the Soviet TJnier all nations, including the Norwegian, should unite with the great Soviet" nation and with, progrepsive forces in the entire world in order to `strengthen their struggle for peace, Stockholm PA'?) At a big meeting in defense of peace held in the town of Vennau, the chairman of the Communist group in ?arliement, Hagberg underln^d peaceful ao'rIet policy toward Sweden and stated that, just as during the war, the Soviet Union is new the strongest guarantr of peace and of the independence of Sweden, by combatting all new aggressive pans., Vienna (ielenress) "The Austrian people do not want to lift their ha ,gala against the country of socialism and will not fight for dollars1", states the Austrian Communist Party in the columns -of its central organ, " Die VolhsstimmeF.0 In case Austria is drawn by war mongers-into action against the Scviot Union and the People's Democracies, ."the Austrian people and above all the Austrian worker Kass will side with the Soviet Union against the aggre6scrso" Mexico City, The leader of Mexican Communists, Encina, in solidar1:ty with the announcements published by Thcroz and Tngli atti , aptealed for creation of a form a"ti-impariolist democratic- front. Tr7buna Ludu #63 March 5, 19'+9 and others (139 lines) Excerpts CHANGES ' IN U.S :,S..R . GOVERNMENT Moscow (PAP). Foreign Despatch The Presidium of the U.S.S.R. Supreme Council:has relieved the Deruty Chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers, Molotov, from his post of Minister for Foreign Affairs and has appointed Wyszynski to the office of.: Soviet Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Presidium also relieved the Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers, Mikojan, from his post of Minister for Foreign Trade and has appointed Mierishikov to this office. Zycie Warsaawy #63 (12 lines) Verbatim March 5, 191+9 and ?aii:pTYcipaI pad ors. POLISH LAWYERS' DELEGATION IN PRAGUE Foreign Despatch Prague, March 4 (PAP) A delegation of Polish lawyers, comnr,sPd of Professor Dr.Szer, Prof.DrGWasi kowski and Pr.of,Dr,Gr,izinski, has arrived in Prague. The delegation will cooperate with Czechoslovak lawyers in evolving a now family .and mairiage law, particularly in application of the principles of this law to Polish-Czechoslovak relations, (9 li ties ) Rzeczpespolita #63 March 5, 191+9 only Verbatim Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 SOVI"T PEP`'_ I.:TICN 14SSION 'LS LF'FT 4YIERIC!`..4 OCCUP1 TI^N %.ONi W Foredgn .-es.-)etch Berlin ([i:) - Marshall Sokolovski ha. issue) instructions to the Sovi':t Rena triation Mission to le:a e the ./, marl cap Occupation Zone. r s nr.:::vioi.'.sly resort d, the Soviet ReT,triation Mission became the obJ.ct of brutal persecution by Amerie accUnation authorities which caused Narsla? it Sokolovski to issue a declaration strongly con-?emnin the conduct of the 'meric.ans a r~ .nfliccing with inter- na-;icns2 ac:-reements. Zycic n'arsza. y, March 5, 1949, > 63 and of rs, . 11 lines- - verbatim GE ER AL CLrkY' S J VISFR RECALLED TO THE, 3T[ T DEPL ZTT~ ENT. Foreign :-snatch Washington (P ,P)'or Murnhv , tie 1~rc sin ro .itival ad- viser to General Ciny has been recalled "rc. Germany to Washington wher(., he will be th Head of a n'-w 1)ivisior for Garman and Austrian affairs set ur in the U.S. S c? to De-ar w ncnt persons, arrived in Kiev on February 27. 1tie Council of Ministers of the Soviet Jkraine gave a.,reception f'or the two delegations at which ~:overnment, nd Ukrainian Lommunist Party leaders as.well as representatives of olkhnzes and of intellec- tuals were present. Ukrainian Premier Korotcheuko deliverer a speech in Which he said. inter alia, that during thF it visit to the I > the Polish delegate: will 1')(,c(~-re convinced of tae step, riority- of. the socialist system of agricultural economy. The second sneak :r, the Chairman f;f first Pclish peasant dele- gation, Brzsza, expressed his admiration fog the magnificent successes of socialist construction in Soviet IT LrainiR4rn towrs and villages. He also said that labor in the So~Tir=t Union is not a curse, as it is in capitalist countries, but a matter of ho-or for every Soviet citizen. Another speaker, citizen Kulaga from Wnc-claw Province, also expressed the highest admiration for the, spa endid successes of . Kolkhoz economy, witnessed by him in the U]4-.,-nine. A member of the editorial staff of the Polish paper "Chlopska Dr!-,,,all (Peasant Path), Paw7.ica, emphasized ,hat each Ukrainian Kolkhoz is a model agricutural school.. One of the speakers was Wanda Was ilews, .1a , who said in part:- '"You :,ee with your >wn eyes the Soviet village, the development of culture and pr. csoerity and you. s~-.e that 1.1 paths here are open to tche working pe >ple I am deeply convinc .d that P -,land, by the blooa 4=f S _viet solliers will crest a new vwlla and a new pt,asan-c,, a peasant c.r---;ultr, a p,-esant .tizen, to wi.o_m all, paths are open. I belie re in your rictory >'` Rzc .zpospoi i a arch 4,19L!_9 and all principal papers. #62 (111, lines) Verbatim WORKING MASSES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD CONDE1.1N WARMONGERS' CRIMINAL PLAYS Paris (Pa~ Foreign Despetch ?~ dd g 5O1Ap roveu o ' eiease 2004/15 : C 4-RDP8 00415R002600060004-2of ease of Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 -13- peace, organized at the Velodrome d 'River. Never has such a large audience come to a political meeting, The Secretary General of the French -Comr.:unist Party, 1"laurice Thoroz, took:the :flo-'r greeted by stormy applause and the Marseillatse. "After reading his' declaration. and emphasizing its signific'ince, he sharply- criticized the irit,erview grantod by Queuille to the American "United Press" Agency. The CraIrran of the Communist faction in tyre Parliament, Jacques Duc105, delivered a speech in which he stated that the French nation is definitely opposed to the Government policy of war preparations In conclusaion the assembled adopted-! resolut".on in which they wholly approved Thorez r declaration, Dziennik, LV wy, March 4, 1949 (152 lines) Ee cerpts #62 and tethers TRAINING OF PZPR VILLAGE ACTIVISTS Article by W:Matuszewgka Among the tasks. outJ ined by the !"1erger Congress., which have to be fulfilled in rira1 regions, the matter of ideological training of our Party octiv _; is in villages is of foremost importance, in two consecutive monthly courses in PZPR provincial schools we he,,v'e assembled rural activists, exclusively, or rather their leaders, i.e. secretaries -of Party townM committees an_d. candidates for secretaries App^cximately, 2,300 persons have been or are at present being trained. at the'' second course. More advanced student:; of this course have been trained in inzividual stup:y _" Marxist--Leninist classics and x the history of, tree '1l Union ,ommunlst Party CEolshevii:) . Considerable shoftco'n1_rigs slave becam,. noticeable in these theoretical studies 6 The reason for these shortcomings is obvious: these problems require a long-,, Piod of work and baste.. training The prcb?.em of the worker- peasant alliance was rot studied sufficiently Everywhere For example many pupils of the Lublin school who are well oriented in practical and current rural prcbl ns have ri^nifested insufficient understanding of the probley of cooperation between the Peasant Party anj the Polish Peasant Party a.n vjdagesa and nfthe- leading role of the Polish (J..iited Wor) r Party In ress ti on, to these two parties The. expe:'fences of the first " coarse. 's0w: that great attention mast' be - given: to a metho- dical study of the program at each course while taking into, wun- sideration the political ,enlightenment and the scope of interest of the pupils, Ever;- problem should he explained to pupils from the Party's viewpoint and _frorp..tho,whole nation's viewpoint, from tiie angle of class warfare and of the, great .ffort exerted by u6- in connecticn with buildinb foundations for socialism 'in Poland :> Trybuna bud.u 160 "arch '2 (85 lines") Excerpts only CREATION OK A STATE SURVErYING ENTERPRISE Domes bI Despatch A State Surveying Enterprise was recently formed by an order of the Minister of ReponstV cation issued, fin conjuncti.on with the Minister of F inance' and ,with the ' ha rman cf the Central Planning Bureau (CUP). T? le scope of activities of this enterprise includes the eaga- nizin.g and carrying out cf. all types of surcrey work, of rreparatory work, of studios and of Estimates.` it does not include basic surveying -2f the State, Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 Approved For Release 2004/04/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R002600060004-2 _14_ In accordance with the law concerning pi'veyafce, labor and :,ervice3 carried oat An behalf of the State Treasury, of local GovPrnmerits and of certain categmries of legaL entities, the above 3 i;,ate enterprise should be entrusted with all activities fallirg withrn the scope of surveying. Dziennik I-udr-wy March 4, 1949 #62 only (18 lines) Verbatim. PRPGRAM FOR STRUGGLE Tn LIBFT COLONIAL PEUFLES Foreign Despatch London PAP The British Communist Party has summariz e its pr gram for orints: the fight to liberate colonial peoples in the --ollr'vTing four. 10 The Party demands the abolition of x11 ante-democratic colonial legislation and the granting of fuY. de!ooratic rights to colonial peoples r:(,lonico and to introduce 2. To end British dictatorship in - he unyry rsal suffrage independent democratic Ocvernments elected b-,., of the native, population, 3, Tr) withdraw British troops from Colonial countrie s c: 4, To prepare econcmi c mans for the c ;lonies and to give full assistance in thei2 implementat~lOn. When submitting the above program to a eeting of the Party's Executive Committee, Palme Dutt made an aderess devoted to the struv :le of the democratic fr(nt in the colonies and in tAhe Domi- nions'. Dziennik Ludowya i ch 1+, 1949 and others #62 (22 lines) Verbatim PEACE DFFF NDFRS r VANGUARD Lead Editorial "hat Ilaurice Th, rez stated abrut the F, ench Working ? people 1,s probable course, and Pai_niro Togliatti about the taiian working people's prubable course in the event of aggressors provoking these states into participation in an a ,tac`- upon the Sotriet Union, has now become an obvious -truth to all and ='undey,.. Should even the French or Italian Governments succeed in e launching war upon the oviet Union, enLight ened citizen of France or It: ly , will view their own respec civ~.. re?:ctionar;~ g net the Soviet army as their eneny. Experts pondering upon the mi- litary value of the Western Union frequent-I,' asked themselves whether, under the circvrnstanccs, it, were possible to regard the French army as of any value at all for that Unioil,... futile to try and ;spnvince publi.=o opinion of the pacific tendencicS of "Atlantic pacts" and the like-,, Nor can Th-ire