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December 22, 2016
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December 26, 2001
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December 9, 1949
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"' Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP83-00415R003900080009-1 CLASS! FiCA,TiON Tr... CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1 C a? cg Gold lhiorts, October Macao/Hong Kong/China allry)se of F,-),l DATE DISTR. 9 Dec. 1949 NO. OF PAGES .NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED C-GLOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1A STATOTHR 2. she '.ar East gold., rarket, on which Macao's nroflnority denends, has virtually collanser, and. Macao gold prices are now lower than in So'xtheast Asia and the Fear East. Chinese have sto-yoed buying because they fear the, )ossi1)ils_ ty of strict Communist regulations prohibiting, gold hoarding, and large gold stocks now exist in Hong Iton,; eirl Macao. 3. The Tai Fung Canbisto.:-`'F, which believes that the Coivunists will have strict regu1ati,?as but also feels that they will Vern-it Chinese to hold ;-Ln:l sell jewelry, is :eking large gwzntities of gold jewelry which conform to e.-.act weights. r'or instance, it nt%i ufactures necklaces weigh- ng exactly 5 ttaels and. starr)e(i 1199 guaranteed r-.rity by Tai lAxng." -13 China m r1-_et nlobably will not revive for at least six months, ^'il, controls are very strict, ray not revive for a year or more. GoldEstimtes Honk Co-1 and Macao 'stiratc;j, -zrounts of ol1. now held in Hong Kong and. Ji ,cao are as fol loc ^. Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP83-00415R003900080009-1 Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP83-00415R003900080009-1 SECnE'i'/CO1 OL - U. S. OFFICIALS (TLY CENTRAL INPPELLIGF.:ICE AGE'1GY HL . Z coo Gold for t radinp, etc. 450,000 troy ounce ,.s 500,000 troy ounces Roarde . gold 00 00 n tf Oft go n U 'fK1TAL 750,000 troy ounces 600,000 troy ounces C~lct S in ding Rothods. &ei2 6. Methods for snuggling gold out of Macao were as follows: a. Yndiviaual Chinese bought golrl in Macao in small a nounts nrc4 e g cad i `j into Hong Kong or China as private venture. b. Professioual couriers were sent fron Macao with gold bars, each weighir ; as much as five taels, on a string around their era;ete. c. i"Yehing and, oargn junks %rere hirec1 by Macao smugglers to carry gold. to Canton or Wuchou when other methods became too dangerous or ton ero n- sive. Nay junk owners smug, ed for their own profit. STATOTHR d. large organizations arraggled. 1ar(.,e 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A quantities of god into Hong Zong and Ohi.na by airplane and fast motor 25X1A boat, which required the heavy bribbing of Chinese officials. 7. Gold was usually 5M;g3.ed. from Macao to Hong Kong In two stages: it was shivped in launches to a rendenvoua near Lantao Island, where it, was trane-- ferred to a fishing Jun registered in Hong; Kong -0h3ch could enter Haag; Ko craters without being aearcred. P1 Com-an . stated that 113,000 ounces of Id nrri, V.ed ao curing the weplcs of October. See eor~. 25X1A oerning the September gold Imrobrt. SHCRF..T/C01T3'ROL - U.S. 02' XCIALS Ow1Y Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP83-00415R003900080009-1