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Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 NC. 51.61 FAAY 1949 CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATIONI REPORT REPORT NO. CD NO. DATE DISTR. 25X1A COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Pro-Peace Pamphlet of PCCh PLACE 25X1 A ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED 25X1X NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. . Attached in translation for your interest and retention is a copy of a pamphlet sent by the Political Commission of the Communist Party to its Regional Committees concerning the Pro-Peace Movement in Chile. 1) 3 ILLEGIB 25X1A CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R0 (TRANSLATION) The principal problem of our times is to impede the start of a third world war. Why is this the fundamental task for which the Communists and progressive forces in all the countries are fighting for? Why is it that in time of peace the movement of national and social liberation of the peoples is strengthened (in USSR and Soviet controlled countries), whereas in peace tins imperialism loses ground, is threatened by economic arises and nears its end? The facts speak for themselves. In comparison to 1929 and by taking advantage of the intervals of peace the USSR has increased its production nine time while the capitalist countries of Western Europe have marked time and thou they began to disintigrate. In the last 20 years the USSR has enjoyed an annual increase of production of 20% while the United States has averaged only 2% and that as a result of the production of war making materials. In 1949 the Soviet industry was 41% greater than before the war and in the last quarter of the same year production was greater than had been anticipated for 1950, the last year of the post war 5 year plan. PEACE IS DEATH FOR IMPERIALIU While this was being accomplished in the Soviet Union and the indices of production indicated important advances in the popular demoaracils, the capitalist world declined and neared collapse. Production dropped; unem- ployment increased; and the standard of living of the people declined. At the present time the capitalist world has at least 45 million unemployed. Only in January of this year about one million workers lost their jobs in the United States. This goes on while the great capitalists are amassing fab- ulous profits and throwing away thousands of tons of food in order to maintain high prices. The law of Socialism is to improve the well being of the people. What capitalist country could reduce the cost of living and increase the value of its money as the USSR has done? In all the countries in the capitalist obbit, including our own, the money has lost its value while the cost of living has increased daily. And the people's protest is not listened to. Rather war is declared against the people's interests and fascism under the mask of deme- craey is established in the countries under imperialist domination, Imperialism is now convinced that peace is aortal to its well being in the same measure as peace contributes to the bonifit of the people. During peace time the contradictions of capitalism are aggravated to- gether with the rivalries among the imperialist powers. This puts the whole system in danger and the road to war is approached, THE USSR DOES NOT FEAR WAR On 6 November 1949 comrade MALENKOV spoke before the Soviet in Moscow: "We don't want war and will do everything possible to avoid it. But don't think, nevertheless, that we are afraid because the war instigators are wiel- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 -2- sling their arms. It is not we but the ieperiaalist and aggressors who should fear war. ""?that does historical experience tell us? ,,It says that the first }'"orld War, brought about by the imperialists, led to the victory of the great October socialist revolution in our country. "History tells us also that the second World Vier., also caused by the imperialists, led to the establishment of popular democracies in certain countries of south east and central Europe and to the victory of the great Chinese people. "Can there be any doubt that if the imperialist bring about a third 1 orld V ur that that war will be the tomb, not only of certain capitalist states, but also of the entire capitalist world?" The imperialists are fearful of this denouement of their war plans. Nevertheless, they sill not renounce those plans but continue to prepare for war since they blindly see in the latter a possibility of salvation which is impossible during peace time and because no class or social system has ever allowed itself to abandon its positions without a fight. EFFORTS TO AV`)ID Tpr BLS: D51LD OF HU AWI''Y Because the U3'Z does not wat war since, as Comrade MALMOV says, it mill be the tomb of capitalism? For the simple reason that the Soviet Union is confident that during peace time the entire world will become convinced of the superiority of socialism over capitalise and because war would be a high price to pay for the defeat of capitalism. The USSR wishes to avoid hor- rible bloodshed of the people. It wishes to avoid the death of 40 to 50 million people. It is evident that, in this connection, the entire human race is with the USSR. 'Pier ST ttJG..1,tl;. FOR PRACr ACTIVE. C)NCkt:ZZE AND ri4TIONAL CHARACTER While preparing for war the North 'eerican monopolies enjoy their beet business. In 1949 the north American trusts earned 7% more than is 194 (1948?) and funeral Motors, for oxaWle, increased its wealth by 50;x. In France, where in 1958 the capitalists received 29% of the national income, increased this percentage to 50.E in 1949 and the workers share decreased from 24% to 29' '29% to 24%? during the same period, Aar "business" is heir, made as never before in history. 71% of the United States budget goes toward war expenses, and naturally the people suffer. reparing, for a now war the imperialists threaten death and destruction to humanity in the future; and at the present time they threa- ten hunger, poverty, ruin, repression, concentration camps and extra-ordinary posers. The take-home pay of the workers decreases daily, the petty bour- geoisie is reduced to misery, the employees are pauperized, all serious pos- sibilities are closed to tits intellootuals and the situation of the honest Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 businessman and of national industries is made daily more difficult. In this manner the preparation for war is a fact which has reper- cussions in all the homes and has direct relation with and has mostly caused the rapid increased of people who are jailed, people representing vast sectors of our population. This is due to the fact, that is already well known, that the treasonous policy of GON"ALEZ VIDELA has been to place the country at the service of the war plans of its oppressors, the North American imperialists. Realizing that they are unable to solve their drisis, the imperialists resort to the suicidal idea of war. The effects of this preparation for war are felt by all people, particularly these of western Europe, Latin America and the rest of the colonial and semi-colonial world. Therefore, the fight fornpeace can never be an abstract struggle. Rather it must be a definite crusade, of profound nationalistic sentiments, which is based on the workers' struggles for better salaries and to make those who have favored the crisis pay for it. Substantially, it is the struggle for national independence and, in practice, it must be directed against isr. perialism as the imperialists are these who are interested in making war by sacrificing the blood of our people. WAR IS A THREAT FOR CHILE SINCE CHILE IS ALREADY A VICTIM OF THE WAR MAKING POLICIES The principal characteristic of the governments under Wakhington's control is the political, military, economic and psychological prepara- tion of their countries to plunge them actively into the conflict. This preparation began in Chile with the "third world war" which was declared in August 1947 by G.nealisimo GONZALEZ VIDELA. The first battle was the "battle of coal" (this refers to strikes in the coal region of South Chile.) In this way all the previous victories of the workers, both Communist and non-Communist, were lost, and the country was participated into the present economic, political and moral crisis. All the skady dealings which Minister VIAL revealed in his economic report before Congress, in which the theft of more than 10 billion pesos from employees and workers in slaries lost because of the rise in cost of living was denounced, were duo to the poli- cies of GONZALEZ VIDELA. All the scandalous crimes againt the people and the orgy of giving away the nation's riches are due to the President, and his wish to convert this country into a producer of strategic materials and a provider of canon fodder for the extra-continental adventures of Yan- kee imperialism. And doubtlessly during his trip to the United States GONZALEZ VIDELA contracted greater obligations to inlist the aid of our country in the war. Therefore, we are already suffering the effects of war preparations and the cause of peace is of immediate importance to the present destiny of Chile. It is, without a doubt, of great importance to Chile since perhaps no other country in America has suffered greater disasters. We again affirm our decision to never fight against the country of socialism or against the now democracies, which are not the enemies but Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 are the friends of Chile and of all people!! With fervor we subscribe to the historic resolution of the Permanent Committee of the `"'erld Pease Congress which met in March of this year in Stockholm and which declared the first government to make use of the atomic bomb against any country to be a war criminal! Both decisions reveal the sentiments of all the people of good will in all parts of the world, whatever may be their political, philosophical or religious points of view, and whatever may be their race or national- ity. OUR PRO-PEACE MOVEMM The great gathering which took place on 5 April at the Teatro Caupol- ican in Santiago in reply to the call from Stockholm undoubtedly repre- sents this same spirit and opens a now era in the impetuous and expansive development of the Pro-Peace Movement in this country. Among the supporters of this movement the Communists and the workers have a grave responsibility, It is for them a work of honor. All the different aspects of their work must be linked closely to the necessity of strengthening this crusade for peace. Nevertheless, their untiring activity in this endeavor must never make them think that their participation in it is enough. The peace movement is not and cannot be a monopoly of any one party. It must include all the people, all the diversified se*- tions of the population who, although they may differ in maintaining many different points of view, are always in agreement that Chile must be saved in the struggle against son and factors, within and outside the country, which represent the war policy. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome violently the insensibility which mapy of the Party members have for the importance of the fight for peace and of the true, unitarian, combative, and national significance of this struggle. MISTAKES WHICH MUST BE REN IED IWTDIATELY Without a doubt important steps have been made recently in the work of realizing a strong crusade for peace. The participation in that work of many political parties, of intellectual figures, of independent and powerful personalities such as Guillermo DEL PEDREGAL and Manuel Eduardo HUBNER., the adhesion of Senator Eduardo CRUZ COKE, the declarations against, war written by a group of radical deputies, one of whom is ex-Foreign Min- ister JUILI''T and the patronage of this movement by the three highest Chilean intellectuals, Gabriela MISTRAL, Claudio AR:IAU and Fable NTTRUDA give indication of the great magnitude which this movement can reach if its organization responds to the possibilities which faces it and to the actual necessities. One serious fault is that the movement continues to be almost excla-- sively confined to Santiago in spite of the great interest which has been manifested in the provinces to organize it. The immediate task and one which should be done as soon as possible is to give the movement national Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006000050006-3 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415ROO6000050006-3 status. In each city a Committee should be or#anized and properly as- sociated with the national headquarters. It is not necessary to create special organisations designed solely to fight for peace but it is necessary to enlarge the movement by coor- dinating and amplifying the work of existing organizations such as syn- dicates, settler committees, house wife groups, communal organizations, etc., into pro-peace committees to carry ott a work which, as we have said, is present and basic in all the economic improvement problems of all the different sectors of the population and in the deepest desires for liberty, democracy and national independence of the Chileans. The second World Peace Congress is to take place in Italy' in Oc- tober, 1960. This means that we Chileans must begin immediately to pro- pare for a previous congress to take place in August. This congress cannot be an artificial assembly but must represent authentically the movement which extends throughout Chile and throughout all the sectors of the population. From today on and tirelessly it is necessary to cem- plate this historic duty. 'Comment: Recently transfered from Italy to Poland. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415ROO6000050006-3