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January 16, 2004
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November 7, 1950
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.FORS NO. 5~.9A MAY 949 Appro a For Release 24Q4/Q2L1 a C I__ -R~PS~-nn41 8006500130005-0 CLASS IFICATION SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X'FCEPOR INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY CzeoLslovakia 25X1 DATE DISTR. 7 November 1950 SUBJECT Coryt of Documents fro:,: State Planning Office NO. OF PAGES 25X1 P CF**- ACQj+RED E4`'OF I `ACQUIRED THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT SO U. S C.. 31 AND 32 AS AMENDED, ITS TR AN5AISSION OR THE REVELATION 1OF ITS CONTENTS IN RHO MANNER TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PFR50w IS PTtO? "S'if ITIF O 0y LAW REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM IF PROHIDITCU 25X1 a . T ::S' ' LU TED 1 V ? 01 aIATT011 1 (216 pages) The attached translated copies of instructions and forms for drafting industrial production plans f o-r 1950, as well as a list of planning groups for various industries, are foi~vardec-f or your information. Please return at your convenience. 25X1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. CLASSIFICATION SECiRET, Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Branch ............. 25X1 Plant (full name) : Location: 25X1 District: Province: 25X1 -ross value of production in 1000 Pc Index of tht Branch and ctual Planned fanned or 1950 production subbranch 1948 1949 annual in the quarter 1948 = 100 I I III I 4 6 8 Branch to- ;al ? Sub- branch ? ..... - 25X1 Approv 25X1 IA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Provincial planning Date: ........... ???????? ? ??'????? r?? ??? Plan of special cadres ....... 25X1 1. Trained up apprentices for cadres of skilled workers in the ---handicraft-production. ------------------------------------ Apprenticeship Number of apprentices who will finish subbranches them apprenticeship (ac. to the apprenticeship contract) in the year i222 ---------------------------- Boys Girls Total Total ------------------------------------------------------------------- riereof ................... b;) .................. (onward all those-apprenticeship subbranches will be quoted, in which apprentices will be trained up in the year 1950, and that ace. to the handicraft branches). Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 ? 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP8 25X1 3-004L 25X1 III.. Wording of the draft for: Instructions for working out drafts of operational plans of industrial and handicraft production for p the year 1950 Intier necessary for fulfilment of the Planned tasks 'on the assumption of the planned raising of the labour-productivity. Plans of work are also basis for procurement of budgetary estimates of wags and salaries. SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas4 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00650p130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : C p~`~ f~1.tOp415ROO6500130005-0 -13 II 25X1 25X1 131'81) plan of raisins the la lates the rate of raising the labour produ62vit y inj the planning period, and contains all measures neces ary for aehievrnent of this target; 1) productive-tech rlical treasures 2) organizational,control measures 3) social political measures. ey 13282) The plan f man-power forms the basis of :'.he plan of measures necessary for procurement of the. planned nu7.11ber? of workers of requisite skill, for special training, retraining, distribution of cadres, billeting, transNor- tation facilities etc., and ei braces: 1) the plan of working time 2) the plan of requisite an-power 3) the plan of special ee-s cao(res The plan of wor t g time indicates the number of actual working hours to be planned in the average for one worker for I'ulfi Io,ent of the normed productive tasks. The plan of the requisite man-power stipulates total N J staffs and the necessary.,= increase or decrease in man-power. The plan of special cadres contains the number of trained up a,porentiaes who will mass into the cadres of skilled labourers, and fixes the necessar number of schodl-youth who will completed respectively extend the cadres of AW?(ff techn[.cal and admimtstrative employees within the 1i-its of the plan of work, 1329) Plan of worktng_t'me The )Ian of working time of one labourer stipulates the number of actual workino hours which an iFdustrial plant can plan in the average for one worker//, for fulfi l-ent of production tasks. When calculating the working time the number of Sundays and approved holidays is subtracted from the number of caledar days in the year, in Vchich way we obtain the number of working days. .Prot-: the total number of working days obtained in this manner it is necessary to subtract working days falling out on the one hand be- cause of annual leave* and on the other hand because o1 extraordinary leaver, sick-leave# etc., which will be fixed as an im %roved average of the years 1948 and 1949. The nu--ber of days thus obtained is to be the number of actual working days in the year 1950. In multiplying this number of days by the average length of a working day ex- pressed in hours th time of actual work of one labourer will. be fix: d in hours. Ca culat'or, of the plan of working .1 A11L_ SECRET Approved For Releajse 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-0041P 25X1 & 1 - 0 Y~1 ft[cf1 Approved For Release1200 33[[((~~ ~~,, tt 25X1 time in combined and sea adapted. appropriately The drawn up plan of working time 4'one labourer serves for fix ng the requisite number of man-power and normed Pro- duction tasks which can be transferred into total -roduct ive time in hours by means of output norms and the average of )ereents of their fulfil,-ent. 25X1 133o) plan of requisite man-power The plan of requisite man-power stipulates the total number of man-powerK necessary for ful, Iment of the production plan of an industrial plant , enterprise, central organ and ;e production branch, and the increase and decrease in the number of man-power in the year 1950 id comparison to the year 1949 arising from it 13301) To to 1 re qu i re naen t o man-oowe r. The total req,uire7ent of man-power is evident from the number of persons employed on Dec. 31st 1950 XY KK Y by & kinds.Under 'he number of persons employed we understand the fundamental staff, i.e. the number of persons being in employment-relation with the works(i.e. without apprentices, volunteers and home-workers) just as the number of active proprietors and national administrators;this number must be adapted as follows: a) the number of following perso.ns is to be subtracted: 1) in active military service (reserve - nahradni zaloha) and military training. 2) sent for long-time brigades outside the plant. 3) assigned outside the works on duty 4) sent to courses and training 5) released for performance of an official function 6) absent because of maternity 7) sick for a longer time than 4 weeks. b) the number of following persond is to be added: 1) assigned from other works on duty 2) working in the works on a brigade 3) number of prisoners, respectively captives, Approved For Rele 25X1 25X1 00130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02 /19~'1FT 8 wit 05-025X1 25X1 The distribution of man-power in various production branches is regulated according to the monthly statistics o the State Statistical Office (SUS) concerning the staffs. tatistiky o osazenstvu). AssembLy workers (mondazni delntci) are included in the number of persons employed by the works carrying out the assembly works outside the plant for their own account. (on their behalf). 133o2) Finds of labourers. Skilled workmen are craftsmen and workers trained up (zauceni) Kinds of technical and admzinistrative LXXXX officers are stated in the salary regulations in force, Home-workers are quoted according to the industrial statistics of the State Statistical Office on ,f)(M 'X' staffs of industrial plants. 13303) Probable _num)er of persons emcl.oked on Lece??ber 31st 1949, Probable number of per?so s employed on eeernber31st 1949 or the annual average in the year 1950 will be stipulated on the basis of the total production plan which will be probably realized in the year 1949 in considering at the same time alterations against the plan and the scheduled increase in the labour productivity, o as to fix as exact as possible the actual number of man-power which will be achieved to December 31st 1949 or as annual average in the year 1949. The scheduled labour productivity in the second half year 1949 must be higher than that in the first hal fyear, and the total labour productivity; in the year 1949 must be higher than in the year 1948. t t1,~ In this connexion it is necessary to emphasige f persons employed o December 31st 1949 (or the :lanne annual average) is decisive for planning of man-power in the year 1950. 13304) Flan o special cadres. The plan of special cadres from a:prentices and school youth states the number of apprentices in the works, enterprise, central organ, No according to the apprentice- ship-contract finish their apprenticeship in 1950 and pass among skilled-1ab'ourers, and furthe ,/6 the number of new technical and administrative personnel necessary in 1950 from among the graduates of special lower and higher schools and colleges broken down by the corresponding branches of study 25X1 Approved For Relea a 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00640013&O. -10 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA- - - SECRET 1331) Financial plans. The financial .plan....., financial funds, planning of costs incl. ?fie and planning of prices. W ggee 1332 Aanagement according to budget. (upon budget). (llos odareni podle rogpoc to . For an efficient struggle for rationalization of the running of the plant and enterprise, and consequently for the reduction of costs it is necessary to apply to the highest possible degree the top-method of the socialist management of the enterprise - management upon budget. In this manage- ment-method the interests of every employee, their working groups in the working center (department, workshop, resp. working place) in the :slant and in the ente r?prise are as appropriately as possible united with collective Jff;fXlX F ~It',~r"d2ti1~? interests a,pearing in the requirement of successful fulfill-sent of the Five Year Plan. In management upon budget such ax manner of planned mana- gement of the works and the entepise is being brought into being that is to secure efficiently the principles of ratio- nalization and timely control in short periods and lowest subdivisions (centers ), planned tas7ts, ing concurrently fulfilled according to their kind, sige and quality of output. Descending of the plan projected into the budgets _drawn up as a binding directive upon the basis of she tl aij$s Ianned down to the working center mattes the employees think econo,r,t" jdj =,~?ically if their activities, and that cor..tributes to the best possible utilization of all mateial resources and funds. Participating in the drafting of budgets, in their every- days fulfil.-;ent and control/ all employees become real economists in their center, and their initiative being preserved all their activity is directed by collective XXX MMl interests. ' anagement of the factory rind en erprise upon the budget is Tarticularly significant,XMXAIMXlsX in the pe- riod of the construction of the socialism, because under coopera ti -n of all groups of employees it enables the improvement of the relation of costs and output, contri- butes to the increase in the labour productivity, and at last it ensures not only the achievment of planned profit and consequently the necessary accumulation, but efien stimulates the effort of raising the -profit. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/ 02/sE G 25X1 25X1 Management on budget namely becomes basis for objective fixing of material incentives stimulating personal interests of every employee and of their collective in the most appropriate and consequently also most economical fulfil?r,:ent of penned tasks, At the same time application of this socialist method of industrial management in the development of the socialist com- petition also must be emphasized. Through includin,i all activity in the budget and expressing it in monetary sums budgets at the works and enterprises become fun$ mental and indispensable bases for the control of ttV:e Crown, Expansion of planning in the year 1950// must be XKkK f1L consequently accompanied by most extensive possible application of the principle of manage? ent on budget in all u--orks and enter- prcdses. Budgetary accountance (roypocetnictoi) in works and enterpri.: es must be based upon the planning already in the phAffif e t~; sf '%_V ' ';t~f Zx #_Ydr t ffr, $;rr r t h''~x.K, ~Yr~tfi x phase of working out the drafts of ope ational plans. In the phase of-the specification of the approved o erational plans the budgetary accountance represents the toplegree of the planning works in all works and enterprises. As for budgetary accountance, enterprises must follow the ; Fundamental rules as follows: Government's Ordinance No 203/1948 Sb.n. and regulations of the GiNeral Secretariat of the Economic Council No. 2485/1948 U.1.I, The circle of enterprises obliged to follow these rules fixed in the regulation (vyhlaska) of the General Secretariat a, the Economic Council No. 2677/1948 U.1.17, Further on the enterprises have to follow the correspongiing rules concerning the budget of incomes and expenditures, respectively further provisions concerning budgetary accountance issued by the State Planning Office accr to para 13 of the Government's Ordinance No. ?02/1948 Sb. 1,33 Investment Plans. For investment plans particular instructions will be issued. r ti - son* 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-R P83-00415R006500130005-0 -I'SECRET 25X1 14 Central and Provincial Planning 141 ___Explanation 1+'nr planning purposes enterprises are -,under into two groups : a) Enterprises which are planned and administer=ed centrally by central organs. It is the duty of the Provinces to consider their acttmities as preferential. b) r;;nterprises planned and administered by 'rovincial ?!rational Gom'rittees which, within the limits of the plan, fix their output and requisites from th.e p.;int of wiev of the needs of the province. e~=ntrallu and those planned pravtncta 142) Divisionk of enterprises into enterprises planned ' Il 1421) The following enterprises are included in the centrally planned. enterprises: a ) all national enterprises and their works including national admit.istra-~Long (narodni s,;ravy) attached to them. b) all State enterprises and their works c) From among the remaining communal, cooperative C.Y ,'X, private and handicraft enterprises those which have been included in enterprises administered centrally by the State Planning office according to the sug- gestions of the Ministry of Industry, Food or Infor- mation and Culture. The selected handicraft enter- prdses are considered onward as industrial enterprises.. This inclusion was announced to the respective enterpri- ses, organs and 7rovinees by the "tnistries. 1422) All remaining i; dustrial and handcraft enterprises which have not been included in enterprises planned a rfKL centrally belong to enterprises planned provincially. 143) Principles for distribution of productive and invest- rnent tasks. 25X1 25X1 r"then, distributinq_the p i is necessary Approvedl ; f Yns iQp 1 inves tm.ent tasks principle that the @Q1 QQQtion of the K Approved For Release 20041021W FI83-00415R006500130005-0 -19- economic standard of t?1 (lanced deve- lopment of the living standard in all regions of the ::-:"tate. Further on it is necessary to take into account the require- ments of the Defence of the State, The balanced development of regions is tooachieved particularly through appropriate regional distribution of productive and investment tasks, 25X1 25X1 '.hen doing this it is necessary: 1431) to place productive and investment tasks v'ith preference to economically weak if regions so far as such a placement does not endanger the fulfilment of the Five Year an. From the pint of wiev of this principle districts are di- vided ( ace. to the industrial intensity, aacording to the amount and composition of the national income, respectively ace. to other wievpoints) into 3 groups ( A (Tab.-6), B (Tab.) and C (Tab.10). Districts of the group C are considered as econou:ically weak, The flow of productive tasks will be directed with preference to these districts in order to achieve here full utilization of the capacity of industrial enterprises in the sense of the principles mentioned below in para 1432. In these places productive and investment tasks will be placed preferentially in the year 1950 so far as that does not endanger the fulfilment of the 1-11ive Year Plan. The question of the plan being endangered is to be judged not from the narrow enterprise-economical rpodniko-hospodarsky) poir-t of wtev, but from the standpoiftla of the whole national economy, not from the wievpoint of agouen moment, but from the point of wiev of the long-term development. If a task cannot be placed in a C-group-district ace. to the principles mentioned,its placement in a B-district comes ~Vxi into consideration. When doing this it is necessary to take into account the degree of industrial trtensityfof the dis- tticts of this grow nd the suitability of pla ernent of the tasks from the wievoint of the respective branch. In districts of the C- and B-groups industry will be expanded or newly built usually only in the so called " i dustrialization centers", i.e. in the circuit of district towns, and only in some districts also in the circuits of other localities r Y i drt X de igned forXV6X1XX-`)Yf industrialization (see Tab. 9 and 10)0 SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas `2 b2/ 9 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 in othera -tic ul:trl,? run %l toowns, Indust n wl' placed, ulAe .=;3 __ ,.acial3 mportr nt #ceno or reasons of the fl-fens' of the 3tate would tel t h rn g rd to the consti'luction (s tructur", -) Five ve .r /'Flan , it is nece s='r , =a hen a ~1oc tiro alwa.,c to take into occount slslI the pl~.s.: d. pr"0 ;r of t-e .Y n 71 t 'E'{ d Ito mech -ini , tior o1: in th ; 1,_ E,.~ive r-gion. 14432) Purbrter is is n~>c ar t1c : fa'_I? utili'? tnc praductivw equi ,rl-n.t i> ` l-l place new equipment in regions in which it is possibl ~. . utilize local rosourcew of mi._n. power, rcww mat-ri transport etc. When exploiting, _the pro the. produc Dive capacit?' throng comes into con--id ratior_. Bs?f=o power will be utili -ed, which nomicallv weak regions (C-di t- be taken to utili e so fax as the recordsof which are ke t in. the re -pective. region and When Placing new equip man-power, partical ;lt' in C- ration. When utilizinv re>oar date not exploit=?d a I , jU.c,t as Upon teclLnic~ l- coiiouJ c !i horn:, he. l.-nt. T._ ,..e dir-4ctive figure L ,,re not to Le 25X1 Approved For Releasel2004/02/19 : 065001;Qp J?5-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-004152006500130005-0 I 25X1 -3C'- SECRET 25X1 G ( be 'UOt =I tCls' -'Or evex'y rOUp Oi re, 1_1 i ds l ' t~l;_; 1` t ~n of L C G ''icz n;" 1G Works t is"t t:l" it C CtiZ'CiTlEntS or ~ S_'rply OTC and 2 FICC. to the c;:,! .C1tiOnE UOt Cd. on + ~ f x:n ?o. _ \,,,,ill be 'i11e u (ut s ~: x:ase tely for ~~~: same, Tl~e.. T every balance tiaorki g giO:Ij), an!_~. that so -Li- r yLiYrTent will 4- b ) b, lanced cy inc #ool ,' G y C)YLC x Gt: t %S tolga.l. e basis ~ of f tr~E ~ t1 le r. lens of production plan a: on tlr.. -f sapara~t;c, branches (pattern 2110), wo Lar as they occltr in tilc plant. joss vale o jr~ t uc tion is states (in line 1) ccc. to TIv ,fem. c t~lE; pY'OdU-C t7.0Y1 pian (lIl CC)1tti:Y1S a/ b- ,/j -tor columns c/ and d./ --'t will be a certa12ed th s ll, Gf th First Ia i - ~ ea 1949 a!~ d by estint.a.t ; for the whole yu .)r 19419), t .u.t al''lays Ltp011 the S . :,e basic us L,,, .GY St ant l ~_ .? lY l_r'-t Y lcoc. ) s JV ~Gn i 1i`_ ci,ing f e g 0s: value O roeuct ion in C;0 G~ is c - sss::y to } ake into am- ount cola. ins b/ nd c/, trends of development (L:w:;Yi ~r., _loy:.em etc. ) T, e c"I (second. __ine) IS comiuireC as -t c'Iitir'et a(' ave1ego of Of T)er"sons 1 1s t ILarch 31st , June 30th, ue1 ember oth l o~ E> G 1 Y NYC T: c:.:~ "!' 31st . 1 a Vk on 25X1 Approved For Releas 6500123'005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : Cl A-Rl -31- 25X1 25X1 .... the data on the number of persons employed in se- parate periods and the data on the average number must correspond with the plan of number of workers (form 2112). The number of persons employed is defined acc to Para 13291. For the year 1948 data on the actual number of persons employed, and for the year 1949 data on the actual num- ber for the first halfyear and on the probable number for the second halfyear will be applied for the compu- tation. The labour productivity will be computed (in line 3) through dividing the items of the line I by the respective items of the line 2. The planned increase in the labour productivity will be computed in percent through comparison with 'the year 1948 (the initial time-point of he Five fear Flan), with the .?chedule for the year 1949 and with the estimate for 1949 ????? (rate of the planned increase). An example of the computation is given in form 2109. When stipulating the planned increase in the,labour pro- ductivity for the year 1950 the rate of the labour pro- ductivity accomplished in the first halfyear 1949 and the estimated annual bate of labour productivity in the year 1949 has to be taken into account. The plan of raising the labour productivity contains as 'a special enclosure a sug- gestion of measures ,which the works will take in order to fulfil this plan in 1950. This suggestion is diviced into measures as follows: Productive-technical measures, e.g.'buying of new machines, improvement of the productive equipment. Organizationally-controlling measures,. e.g. simplification of the production programme, improvement of the work orga- nization, improvement of works-planning. Socially-political measures, e.g. socialist emulation, set- ting up of Stakhanov working squads (udr.ek), decrease in absenteeism, introduction. of the sy,ctem of wages acc. to acomplishments (rr~zdy podle zasluh), special training etc. b) The plan for production branches of the plant (form 2110) will be drafted for each production branch on a separate sheet. Directives mentioned in Para c) will. be applied for the value of production, the average number of persons employed' and for the planned increa3e in the labour productivity. Approved For Release 25X1 5001950 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 -32- IA-F W1 25X1 2142 The 121an of labou ers' wor plant ace. to form 2111 and ace. to the principles mentioned sub 1328. The average length of workers' working day in the plant will be computed in the part I of form 2111 on the basis of the existing composition of man-power at the time of the computation, and with regard to the estimated compo- sition of man-power ace. to the length of working time in 1950. For computation of the number of hours in column c) part II, the average length of the work day is used com- puted in part I, item e6. The amount of absence paid ;and unpaid (items a4 and a5) will be made uue of from the plan of indexes, where the absence is planned for the plant for the year 1950. 214 The plan of requirement of man-power. The directive figures of productibn, increase in the labour productivity and number of rnan-power are the initial base for fixing the total requirem-nt of man-power, if the plant received these figures from the superior or-,;an. 'Shen fixing the total requirement of man-power for the year 1950 it is of course necessary to go out from the planned production tasks, outputs and other norms in force and the average percentage of their fulfilment, from the plan of working time and from the, increase in the labour productivity of the works. At the .ame time the extent of in- vestments allocated and the degree of improvement of the organization of operating in the second year of the rive fear Plan has to be taken into account. Further on it is ne- ces=,ary to~apply properly the principle of rational occupation of labourers, to take into consideration all possibilities of transfers of surplas and dispensable workers inside the plant, the desirable level of some general indexes as ab- sence, fluctuation and the extent of piece rate wages jobs. The requirement of mar-power in normed production to ks which have to be transformed into pr:-duction time by means of summary production norms, will be fixed on the bau.uis of the computation of working time of one labourer (see re- gulation in para 1328). .As it is impossible to stipulate norms for all jobs in the plant, it is necessary to employ other means for stipulating the requirement of man-pow r, and that above all through fixing of working places. ,then applying this method 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2604fO2/T,9:"CIA-RDP83-00415ROO6500130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02119 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 -36- SECRET ...t drawn up separately traffic, and that both pubic (i.e. C31D and licensed) and works traffic, and it will include only shirments from the works; sugar- factories and refineries of mineral oils state be:-ides that their requirements for su-)ply of sugar-beet resp. naphta. Not only own shipments of the works but even shipments pro- vided for by the works for trading companies will be inclu- ded. in the plan of trancpor'.:ation requirements . 25X1 25X1 Railway transport. Besides the quantity of productc> shipped in tons), annual, halfyearly and quarterly requirement of closed (Z), o1 .pen (0) and special(s) railroad cars will be stated. The act_al number of railroad cars will be reported, not only that one computed by means of the coefficient 10 tons = 1 car etc. simultaneously the number of private railroad cars of the works will be stated, from among them the number of cistern cars and other special cars. Road transport. The total -,uantitychipped in tons will be broken down into quantity delivered in vehicles of public traffic (V) and works traffic (Z). Simultaneously the number of private trucks and their total tonnage, and the average amount of repairs in of the whole number will be shown. Norks sidings. 6'o far as new constructions and ren_o-ratione of sidings are concerned, corresnonding provisions are contained in the investment instructions, 218) Ba::es for financial planning. The plant is obliged to present to the enterprise budgets and calculations acc, to the corresponding regulations in course of the planning work up to the extent required by the enterprise. 22) ENTE;:'RIS _ PT INNS . Enterprises, resp. or rans performing the planning function of the onterpri.ces, sum up the plans received from separate works subordinate to them in planning into the enterprise plan. It is the aim of the enterprise plan to facilitate further planning work of central organs. If an enterprise has one plant only and is identical with it, combined re- gulations of ? 21 and 22 will be applied for the same. Approved For Rele 25X1 6500 0105-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIQ`RDP SECRET 3 220) -The manner of working out the plan. 2201) Who is obliged to work out the enterprise plan, 25X1 25X1 Besides all industrial national enterprises even those organs which perform the planning function of enterprises are obliged to work out the drafts of the enterprise operational plans. They are e.g. the corresponding ministries _?o far as Mate works are concerned, groups of the respective industrial branch of the Central Union of Industry if Central Directorates of the nationalized industry, the centrally planned communal, coope- rative, private and handicraft enterprises areSin question. There are the following exceptions from this rule: Branch: Plant: Planning function discharged by: 22 saw-mills o State forests llini.atry of . g;riculture 31 Plants extracting table State Spas end Springs and medical mineral waters and producing other springs- products 32 State weries (formerly) Land Bre- 35 Public slaughter-houses 35 Poultry farms 35 Industrial folders if -not included elsewhere National Corporations in the respective province Central Agency for cultural 1 roduce __-_ -"- The director of the enterprise is responsible for correct and timely elaboration of the draft of the enterprise operational .plan. The enterprise planner is responsible to the enterprise director. 2202) Procedure of working out the plan . I en working out tine dram of the enterprise plan the enter- prise director (the responsible leader of the organ) and the enterprise (re:sponsibla) planner muse closely cooperate both with udorks directors and with representatives of the Enterprise (Employees) Council and the /dorks or.;anization of cJC. Already during the elaboration of the works plans the enter- prise (the organ) helps eliminate all confusions and difzi- culties. It mu _t be common effort of all participants to eli- minate shortcomings of works plans and to discover new resources in the works in order to acrlieve best possible results not only in working out the plan but even in its fulfilment. 25X1 Approved For Release 20 0013QOT,X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : Cl As soon as the works operational planscome co hand the enter- prise (responsible) planner brings into action the respective departments of the enterprise directorate organ). These in their turn work the separate parts of works plans into the enterprise plan. Shen doing so they correct all faults and shortcomings in cooperation with the/works. The enterprise (responsible) planner coordinates this activity of sena.rate departments of the enterprise directorate (the organ) and from the results of their works he works put the definitive summary, draft of the enterprise plan. 2203) To whom is the draft of the ,lan submitted. ;nterprises respectively organs submit the el-iborated drafts to the corresponding central (regional) organs in two copies. In Slovakia National Corporations submit one copy each to their regional directorate too. To each of the above copies one copy, of works plans from all the works will be enclosed for which the enterprise plan is drafted. One copy of the enterprise plan with the respective set of works plans will be kept by the enterprise for oNn use. 2204) The form of working out the -plan. The separate parts of the Plan aredrawnup exactly according to the enclosed patterns on sheets size A4 and put into acommon cover thoroughly atttached to one'another. The face sheet of the plan (form 2201) contains some fundamental data on the enterprise-(the organ), enumeration of the works for which the operational plan is being submitted, enumeration of the separate parts of thy:: plan giving the number of pages and confirmation of correctness of the data contained in fiche plan by the enterprise director (the responsible leader of the organ), enterprise (responsible) planner and representatives of the Enterprise (Employees) Council and the political orga- nization of KSC. The text should be typed legibly on one side of the sheet only. The separate sheets will be numerated consecutively in the right-hand top corner. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-00415R00650013 0055X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415 -.39- CRFT 2202)__ Additional chap es in the introduced plans. -fifie en erprise (the organ) can effect additional changes in plans already presented only with consent of the higher planning organ and 1 - r agreement with the respective works. The alteration will be submitted to all organs, to which aec. to para 2203 the draft of the plan was submitted. These organs effect the change through tav."ing out of the plan the sheets to be changed and replacing them by new sheets. W~ ihen so doing care has to be taken to effect the change actually in all parts of the plan affected by the change, e.g. if the number of employees is changed, it is necessary to alter not only the plan of man-power, but even the plan of indices where gross value of production per employee is dependent upon the number of employees etc. 2206)_ Content;, of the plan. The of the the annual operational plan, divided, o far as such a cash occurs, into Czech Lands and Slovakia, con- tains the following parts: 1) Production plan 2) Plan of indtKes (ukazatelu) , 3) Plan of work 4) Plan of material .supply 5) Investment plan ? 6 Transport plan 7 Financial plan 8) Re ..earch plan 221) The production lan. The annual production plan contain; the following parts: 2211) The summary production flan (form 2202) containing summary data on the prouuc ion of t whole enterprise broken down by separate production branches; consequently it contains the resultant data from the individual tables 2203. This summary is not constituted, if the production of the enter- prise falls under one branch only. 2212) The plan of pry oduction by subbranches (form 2203) contains the production su divided into separate production subbranches on separate sheets for individual branches. (ko Approved For Release 2004/02/19F~PDP 3-00415R006500130 05-0 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : Cl 10 25X1 4 IPEGR 2213) -The detaild -production plan orm containing separate _in 0f products acc. to the instructions of the central organ. The products must be arranged by subbranches. 25X1 2214 The production plan of nominal tasks (form 2205) on a separate sheet for every branch. A list of nominal tasks is in table 5. As for works power plants and gas generating plants,the enter- prise directorate shows in figures in its plan of nominal tasks of production of electricity and gas in remark on form 2205 also the -juantity of electricity and gas produced which from the total planned production will be delivered into public net- work on the base of an agreement with the Energetical National Corporation, just as it is done in the works plans (see form 211y) The gross value of production Is stated in all parts of the production plan. in constant planning prices acc. to the price list (i.e. in Pc, see para 1318 -1325 of the Instructions); the calculation of the gross value of production for the year 1948 and the estimate for the year 1949 must be carried out in the sense of these Instructions. Only in the draft of the detailed production plan current prices are quoted besides constant planning prices too; with current prices selling prices from production, retail trade and wholesale trade are meant (in case of doubt the central organ will decide). The plan of indfrtdes: form 2206. First of all it contains general nd Xes prescribed for all industrial works, and then special inddzes prescribed for certain branches, sub- branches and nominal tasks only. The enterprise index will be computed through summing up the absolute values introduced into the formulas (dosazenych do vzorcu) of works indices. The ,:,alts will be introduced into the same formula, and the quotient is the respective enterprise index. The plan of material surply. The enterprises review the drafts of works plans or material supply and coordinate, resp. clari- fy with-the works discrepancies in the norms of consumption for identical kinds of products, and draw up the enterprise plan of material supply acc. to the principles to be applied for works plans of material supply, and on identical forms No. I and 2, where in the heading the word "works" will be replaced by the v)ord "enterprise". The plan of work: The draft of the annual plan of work con- tain_s the fol owing parts : a) the plan of raising the labour productivity b) the plan of requirement of man-power c) the plan of skilled cadres from among the apprentice and Approve F r Release 2004/(%FRRJ4- DP83-00415R00 500 -0 1 1 tt~ Approved For Release 2004/ ? : Cl nun-TI 415R006500130005-0 -4 25X1 The above parts of the ent p p-Lan o worr are drafted summarily for the vrhole enterprise and separately for pro- duction branches, if the production of the enterprise em- braces more than one production branch, with the exception of para c). 2241 The plan of raising the labour productivity. a) The plan for the enter-prise (form 2109) contains summary data on the value of production and employment necessary for drafting the plan of total raising of the labour productivity for the whole enterprise, and the suggestion of measures requisite for achievment of the planned increase. It will be worked out as total plan on the base of the plans of separate works and separate production branches (form 2110) if these occur within the enterprise. Nhen doing so absolute numbers shown in the works plans will be summed up and from them the labour pro- ductivity and its increase computed. Above all,, increases must be reconsidered so as to correspond both in the works and in the enterprise to the directive figures, the requirement-3 of the Five Year flan., and to -how the correctly fixed and con- stantly raising increase. As-pattern form 2109 will be made use of, in the heading of which the word "t-lorks" will be replaced by the word "enterprise". The plan of raising the labour pro- ductivity for the enterprise contains as special enclosure the suggestion of measures which the enterprise will take in order to fulfil this plan in the year 1950. 't'his draft; will be dra;gin up on the base of evaluation of the respective drafts of separate works. b) The plan for production branches of the enterprise (form 2110) will bedrafted for each branch on a separate sheet. For the value of production, the average number of persons employed and the planned raising of the labour productivity directives mentioned in para a) will be applied. As pattern form 2110 will be made use of, in the heading of which the word "T,;'orks" will be replaced by the word "enterprise". 2242) The plan of requirement of man-power. ProvisionsarO 2143 will be applied for stipulating the requirement of man-power in the enterprise or=ran and for re- yision of the requirement of man-power in the individual works plans. Instructions for the elaboration of the draft of the whole plan of the enterprise are to be applied for the procedure of drafting the enterprise plan of work. Faults and shortcomings of the works plans of work must be eliminated, works plans must be critically judged, coordinated, and particularly pro- ductive reserves within the limits of the enterprise must be discovered and mobilized b r.iate measures. Approved For Release 2 5001300 t~1 25X1 Approved For Release 20024/19: CIA-RE E R 1 i 006500130005-0 -42- The plan for the enterprise (form 2113) contains summary data on number and planned increase or decrease in the number of workers in the enterprise. It will be worked out as a total plan of requirement of man-power on the base of the plans of separate works and production branches (farm 2114). The enterprise plan em- braces even requirement of man-power of the enterprise organ itself (the directorate). As pattern form 2115 will be employed, in the heading of which the word "works" will be replaced by the word "enterprise". In an enterprise producing building materials and ceramics only form 2115 is made use of for drafting the plan for the enterprise; the form 2115 contains the average numbers (quar- terly arithmetical average) in columns c/ and d/. As pattern form 2115 will be used, in the heading of which the word "works" will be replaced by the word "enterprise". The plan of req;iirement of man-power contain.- furthermore a suggestion of measures planned by the enterprise for the year 1950 for acquiring the planned number of workers of requisite skill in separate works and in the enterprise- or,--.-an itself. It is drawn up acc. to-their partial drafts which have been properly evaluated from the -coint of view of the enterprise. The figures of base-plans (podkladove plant') are summed up in abstlute values. b)- The -plan for the -production branches of the =nterprise (form 2114) is drafted. on a separate shee Tor each pro- duction branch in the 'enterprise, and that ace. to the directives in column a/. For the branch of building ma- terials and ceramics in an enterprise oper_at4ng in this branch only the form 2115 will be used with the remark in its heading that only that branch is concerned. rLs patterns forms 2114 and 2115 will be employed, in the heading of which the ,ford "works" will be replaced by the word "enterprise". 2243) The plan of skilled cadres (form 2116) is dr-1.f_ted for the whole enterprise ace. to the plans of oo,eparate works and ace.. to the plan of the enterprise organ; these plans will be first properly evaluated and coordinated as base-plans. In the plan of special cadres also requirement of skilled labourers for research and social (welfare) services must be taken into account. As pattern form 2116 will be made use of, in the heading of which the word "works" -411 h? "? j aced by the word "enterprise". Approved For Release 2004/ 25X1 30005-0 X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83- I9hfl006500130005-0 -43- 25X1 SECRET 225) Bases..f_or financial planning. 2251) Base-statements (podklady) which are drawn up. For the annual financial planning the enterprise presents the following bases (podklady): the budgetary balance divided into quarters /clenenou na ctvrtleti./ (22511) the budgetary operating statement (profit and loss state- ment = vysledovka) divided into quarters (22512) the annual budn-et of incomes and expenditures divided into quarters (22513) the calculation of some important products (22514) the v:vages,budget (22515) the commentary (22516) 22511) The budgetary balance will be drafted ace. to the form 2207 a, b. In the budgetary balance an estimate of property and capital items for the quarters acc. to the probable amount is to be effected. 22512) The budgetary operating statement will be drafted acc. to the form 2208 a, b. In the budgetary operating statement the annual costs and yields, just as the economic resttit will be stipulated. These will be divided for, quarters ace. to the plan of outputs and requirements. 22515) The annual budget of incomes and expenditures will be drawn up Ace. to the form 2209 a,b, c. The uarterly budgetary pre- liminaries will be stipulated similarily to the budgetary operating statement and to the budgetary balance. The budgetary balance, the budgetary operating statement and the annual budget of incomes and expenditures will be elaborated acc. to the unified budgetary rinciples (dovern- ment's order of July 26th 1948 No. 202 Sb) and ace. to the corresponding budgetary directives (regulation of the Ge- neral Secretariat of the Economic Council) re -spectively of the State !='lanning Office). 22514) The calculations will be set up always fora kind of pro- ducts determined by the central directorate. The average resultant calculation for the first h~alfyear 1949 and the preliminar,r calculation for the year '1950 drafted ace. to the regulation of the General Secretariat of the Economic Council No. 2608 from the year 1948 - Official Gazette) will be presented. SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 200l/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0065' 013Qr q0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA2 -083 0415R006500130005-0 SECRET 25X1 225'15) The budget of wages contains a specification of costs budgeted for wages and salaries mentioned in the bud- getary operating statement (form 2210). 22516) The co;nmentary serves for giving reasons for, completing and clarifying the items of the bases for financial planning; in the commentary norms of working means (pro- vozni proetredky) (supplies and cash) stipulated for the enterprise by the central directorate should be con- tained too. 22) General directives for making u the bases. The budgets must be coordinated with one^another and with the other plans of outputs and requirements. The budgets comprise the entire operating of the enterprise regard- less of which production branch or subbranch they con- cern. When making up the budget and the calculations current prices or accounting prices derived from them have to be applied. Expected changes arr taken into consideration only if new prices are already fixed at the time of drafting the budget. The budget must be made up so as to comply with the principle of as complete as possible r-obilization of own means. No idle machinery or labour must be kept uselessly in the works or in the enterprise that can be dispensed with for proper` operating and that is wanted elsewhere. That concerns both supplies and scrapped in- vestments and other parts of the assets. 223) Special directives to some bases. 2,2131) The calculation of some important products. From calculbions presented by the plants the enterprise makes up a preliminary average calculation and an ave- rage final calculation for the production of all plants. These calculat*.ons will be adapted acc. to the quantity produced (vazena vyra'oen.ym mnozstvim). The enterprise encloses to each calculation technical description of the product with exact determination of quality, wtatement on quantity produced in the year 1948, in the 1st half- year 1949, and planned for the year 1950, as well as a nominal rd'll of plants in which the product is manufactured. The selling price, respectively the adapted average (vazeny prumer) of the selling prices in force on the day of drafting the calculation will his -?nted +n., 25X1 Approved For Release ;004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130105-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83 0415R006500130005-0 45SECRE 25X1 22532) The budget of wages is made up in accordance with bud- geted costs for wages and salaries in the budgetary operating statement. 0Vhen stipulating the same, working norms are the initial base. More detailed data must be contained in the bases for stipulating the budgetary estimates and in the plans of requirement of labourers. Direct wages and salaries' must be in accordance with the preliminary calculations. The budget of wages is drafted summarily for the enterprise'acc. to the budgetary e-timates of separate works. In enterprises where the estate catalogue of jobs has been adopted, the budgetary estimates of wages for items Al, A2 of the form 2214 (except for salaries) will be stipulated acc. to the computation of working time and wages in regard to separate wages-classes. 2254)_ S ecial remark. Communal enterprises submit their bases prescribed for financial planning (except for calculation) uniformly worked out to the correspondieeg Provincial National Com- mittee too. 226) The re,,;earch_-rlanv Enterprises, respectively organs performing the planning function of enter c:-ises, su-n?,marize the research plans re- ceived from separate plants subordinate to them in ,planning into the enterprise-research-plan. The entcn sub- mitted. The alteration will be carried out through taking out of the plan the sheets to be changed and repl..eing"them by new ones. "then so doing care hay- to be taken to effect the change actually in all parts of the plan which are affected by the change. 25X1 App%xq SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : G1~ 415R006500130005-0 -65F I 3206) Contents of the flan. The Eaf_ o the proper plan of provincial it sustry contains the following parts: 1 The Production plan 2) The plan of requirement of man-power 3~ The plan of material supply 4 The investment plan 5) The financial plan (only at communal enterprises). 321 The production ;plan. The annual production plan of the provincial industry has the following parts (in forms 2302 - 2>054 the words "of the central or`;an" in the heading will be replaced by the words "of the provincial industry" and under the heading typed words "central or-an" by the word "province") : 3211) The summary production plan (form 2302) contains the sum- mary data on the industrial provincially planned production broken down by separate production branches; it ij eludes consequently the resultant data. from the separate tables 2303. 3212) The plan of production by subbranches (form 2303) contains on separate sheets for :_~eparate branches the production divided into individual production branches. 3213) The production -plan of nominal tasks (form 2,'~04) for each production branch on a separate she,-t. The value of production is quoted in constant planning price., acc. to the price list (i.e. in Pc, see para 1319 - 1321 of the Instructions) in all parts of the production plan. 'L22) The plan of material supply. The corre ing special department coordinates the plane of material supply received -rom separate provincial works, and. after the coordination, during which differing con- sumption norms are clarified and discussed pith the works, the works plans of material supply are suuma sized into the summary for the whole province. %I 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas4 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00i5001 $-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/96wC1tmtr 25X1 ana zn`3.z on corms i o. 'i ana L. ana suomiztea to zne . planning group for, material su7,-.)ply attached to th% planning department of the lrovircial 1ational Committee. e draft of the plan of work for the provincially planned industry, which is. made up by therrovinci?:l National com- mittee from plans received from the-, separate works (enter- prises) ' contains the. following parts : a) the plan of raising the labour productivity b) the plan of requirement of man-power c) the plan of special cadres from among the apprFeentiee and school. youth. From among the above parts of this plan of ~%ork the plans sub a) and c) are worked out summarily for the entire in- dustrial production branches which are planrt d provintially, the plan sub b) for the entire industry planned provincially, and in addition separately for the whole produce Inn branches of industry planned provincially. The procedure of drafting the plan of work for the provincially planned industry is regulated by the instructions applicable to the'elaboration of the draft of the entire plan of the provincially planned industry. It is necessary to eliminate defects and shortcomings of the works (enterprise) plans of work, to judge them critically, to carry out their coordi- nation within the province and especially to discover and by appropriate means mobilize labour reserves in the provincially planned works (enterprises) of the industry. 231) The plan of raising the labour productivity. he plan for the production branches of the provincially planned industry (form 2110) is drafted for each production branch on a separate shhet. It contains summary data on the gross value of production and employment, neces-5ary for drawing up the plan of the total raising of labour productivity for separate production biasanches of the provincially planned industry and a sug,estion of measures necessary for accomplishment of the planned increase. It _s3 worked -out on.the basis of plans of separate works (enterprises). When so doing ab:lute values shown in the corks (eenterprise) plans are summed up, and from them the labour productivity -and its increase computed. As pattern form 2110 will be applied, in the heading of which the designation "provincial planning" will be quoted, an it will be 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RD.P83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 ~ ? Approved For Release 2004/02/169 R006500130005-0 25X1 replaced by the word "Provtnctal National Committee. 3232) The plan of requirement of man power. Provisions rntioned in par 214 will be a,pli,d by the Provincial National dommittee also for stipulating the requirement of man-power for the provincially plannred i? u,try and for revision of the requirement of man-po- wer in the works (enterprise)plans. dtihen so doing the provincial planning organs avail themselves of auxiliary institutions in the province. a The plan for the entire provincially planne ; industr. Z orm X202 contains sunma.rT data on the number and the planned increase or decrease in the number of persons employed in this industry. It is worked out as total plan of requirement of man-power on the basis of the plans of separate works (enterprises) and separate production branches (form 3202). The plan for the entire provincially planned production of building materials and ceramics is drafted on a separate sheet acc. to the form 3202, the columns c) and d) of which contain, however, average num- berl of labourers (quarterly arithmetic average.). The figures of the basis-plans are summed up in absolute va- lues.. The plan of work for the whole provincially planned industry in individual Districts is drafted auxiliarily in a similar way By the District National Committees acc. to the form 3202. The plan of requirement of man-power for the entire pro- vincially planned industry in the province and in the district contains also a suggestion of measures which the works (the enterprise)will take in the year 1950 for acquiring the scheduled number of labourers of re- quisite skill. It is drafted acc. to the works (enterprise) drafts which have been properly evaluated from the view- point of the province (the district). The plan for the provincially planned production branches form 3202 is drafted for each production branch on a separate sheet, and that according to the directives mentioned in para a), 25X1 SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release CIA-RD - 4151RUU6c500130005-0 Approved For Relea2sg_2Q04/02/ 25X1 19 : &LA DP83 __ 411IFT The credit limits/ will be fixed by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the suggestions of the Provincial National Committees, based upon the bases of banks. The Ministry of Finances issues more particular instructions for planning of the credit limits. 325) The investment flan,. See Para 11 . 33) The summary production p'an of industry. from the-proper provincial plan of industry (NNio.3'I) the Industrial working group drafts the"Summary Provincial Plan of Industry" which applies to the entire industry (incl. food-industry) in the province. This plan is submitted to ther,planning department of the Provincial National Committee for discussion in the Pro- vincial Planning Commission and in the Council of the Pro- vincial National Committee and for including in the Summary plan of the province (see instructions for drafting the summary plan of the province). 34) Proper (vlastni) provincial plan of handicraft. he plan of handicraft is Okafted summarily for sums total of all handicraft cooperatives, for communal handicraft enterprises and for private enterprises, so far as the be- long to the sector of industrial production (see tab.3) and are not planned centrally. This summary plan is darofted for separate provinces so that the Provincial National Committee i_- the fundamental planning unit. 340) The manner of working out the plan. 401) Who is. ob1i_ged to work out the_ plan e officer in charge o the economic department, resp. of the department of home trade and food of that parti- cular Provincial National Committee is responsible for correct and timely elaboration of the draft of the proper provincial plan of handicraft, 25X1 SECRET Approvec?Poilel Approved For Release 2004/0/19 CI A- ARGUEL 6500130005-0 -70- 25X1 3402) Procedure of working; out the pan. Handicraft is ordinarilly planned globallyithin the li- mits of the directive figures, which the Provincial Na- tional Committee receives from corresponding central organs of industry, and to the results of stati;'3tical investi- gations performed by the State Statistical Office. Detailed drafts of plans of large handicraft cooperatives and of those handicraft enterprises, to which some nominal task has been assigned., can serve as another basis for/ working out the plans. When working out this draft of the plan the departments of the Provincial National Committee avail themselves of the service of the 41Ind.u=,trial working group" mentioned in pare 3202. In each part of the proper plan the handicraft ijF provincially divided into 3 groups as follows: into communal, cooperative and private handi- craft. At the same time drafts of the plans ace. to the attachment to the individual ministries is drawn up (to the Ministry of Industry, Food, Information and Culture). 3403)' To whom is the draft of the plan submitted. The corresponding special departments submit the elaborated. drafts through the channels of the planning department to the State Planning Office. (regional section) in 10 copies, in Slovakia in 5 copies to the Slovak Planning Office in Bratislava too. The State Planning Office submits 5 copies to the corresponding ministry for further elaboration. 3404) The form of working out the plan. Separate parts of the plan are drafted exactly ace. to the enclosed patterns on sheets size A4 and fastened in a cardboard cover by means of a 8cm-fastener. The face sheet of the plan form 3301) contains some fundamental data on the Provincial ~form , Committee, data on the number of handicraft enter- prises, enumeration of separate parts of the plan indicating the number of pages, and confirmation of correctness of the data contained in the plan by the corresponding responsible officers, 25X1 SECRET Approved For Release 2pO4/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00650013 ) 0oWW1 25X1 Approved For Release 20119 : _71_ The text should. be typed legibly on one side of the sheet only. Separate she-ts will be numerated consecutively in the right hand upper corner. 3405) Additional changes in the introduced plans. The correr.ponding department can make additional changes in plans already presented only with the consent of the 3ta_te Planning Office and the ministry, and. after a discussion with the representatives of the enterprises affected by these alterations. The approved alteration will then be sent to organs, to which acc. to pares 3303 the respective department submitted the draft of the plan. The change will be made through taking out of the plan. the sheets to be changed and replacing them by new ones. When so doing care has to be taken to effect the ,i1 teration actually in all parts of the plan affected by the change (e. g. if the plan of r .w materials is altered, the production plan, re sp . the plan of man- power must be altered too). 3406) Contents of the plan. The draft of the provincial plan of handicraft contains the following parts; 1) The production p1zn 2) The plan of man-power 3) The plan of material supply 4) The investment plan 341) The production plan. The annual,production plan of handicraft production con- tains the followiL-g parts: 3411) The =ummry production plan (form 3302) broken down by se- parate production branches. 3412) The production plan by handicraft es (form 3303) containing on separate sheets for individual' branches the pro- duction subdivided into separate handicraft subbranches (see tab. 3). 3413) The plan of handicraft production of nominal tasks (form 3304) y separate branches. Under gross value of production we understand at handicraft enterprises accomplished or scheduled sales (income from sales = trzby) in current prices K(,-n. SECKL I I 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/ - 0415R006500130005-p 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02 9 : C 25X1 I productive cooperatives an o at nose handicraft works (enterprises) to which some nominal t3.:k has been as:~igned. As to the remaining works of handicraft production the eco- nomical department of the Provincial National Committee, resp. of the District ational Committee stipulates the re- quirement of man-power"globally on the basi-_ of the data of the last statistical investigation and representative ascertaining of the number and the requirement of labourers in cooperation. with subsidiary planning institutions in the province. When so doing particularly two circuistances are important: the amount of the accomplished or planned turnover (income from sales) acc to the plan of the handi- craft production and the development trend which is esti- mated for the handicraft production in the year 1950. 34322) The drafting of the plan of work of the rovin.cia:l planned andicraft. in carried out for the entire hsnd.icraft in the province, and. that for its zeparate handicraft subbranches and separate handicraft branches. This plan consists of the following parts: The -plan of requirement of man-power for the entire handi- craft -production inn province (form 3305 contains summary data on the number and the punned increase or decrease in the number of laabourers in the handicraft. It is worked out as total plan of requirement of man-power on the basis of the plans of separate production branches (acc. to the form 3306) occuring in the province. Instructions from the industrial production (See form 2113) apply to the total number of persons employed, planned as of December 31st 1949, to the increases and d-creases, as well as to the number of apprentices mentioned in form 3306. The plan of requirement of man-power for the entire handi- craft production planned provincially contains also a sug- gestion of measures necessary in the year 1950 for acquiring the planned number of labourers of requisite skill, reopectively for releasing of surplus labourers. The su:,}:estion of the measures is stated in a special enclosure where the carrying out of the suggested measures will be summ_rily and concisely described acc. to handicraft branchen>. 25X1 SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2004M/TT: C A-RDP83'-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 20 A19 : CIA-RD 30005-0 -74- Ecirrf065001 25X1 Th e plan of requirement of man- power for h=4.ndicra.ft branches in the province form 3306 contains summary data on the number and the planned increase or decrease in the number of labourers in each production branch. Is is worked out as plan of requirement of man-power on the basis of the plans of separate handicraft subbranches (acc. to form 3307). This plan contains also a suggestion of measures mentioned in pars 33322, and that eventually by pro- duction subbranches. The plan of require. ent of man- ower for handicraft subbranches provincially pl ginned (form 330`7 contains data on the number and the planned increase or de- crease in the number of labourers in each production subbranch. 34323) The plan of s ecial cadres of the provincia_llj_ planned handi- cra t form' 5 .~) is drafted for the entire handicraft pro- ducion planned in the province, and that vcc. to handicraft branches -..d handicraft subbranches. The requirement of new labourers for cadres of technical and administrative personnel from among schooled youth is shown particularly by large co- operative handicraft enterprises; it will be stipulated by the economical department, resp. by the department of food and home trade of the Provinci-l National Committe, resp. of the District National Committee. 344) The investment plan. See para 1-333. The financial plan. The financial plan of the provincial handicraft contains only the credit limits, i.e, the upper limitation up to which banks are authorized to grant credit. It is divided into cooperative section and small-size-section (ma.liobchod). The credit limits will be stipulated separatcly for the in- vestment credit and separately for the working credit. The limits for the investment credit will be fixed so as to enable the fulfilment of the investment plan. The credit will be granted tnly in case where it can be proved that own means of the investor are insufficient. The credit limits will be fixed by the Mini.3try of Finances on the basis of a sug- gestion of Provincial National Committeess with reference to the base. of banks, The I',i`inietry of Finances will issue more detailed instructions for planning of the credit limits. 25X1 Approved For Relea 0013 X510 25X1 SECRET Approved For Release 2/;C - - 06500130005-0 346 Some directives concernen 4kkt+on&l Committees can procure bases for drafting their draft of the plans of handicraft from lower-rank organs. The instructions for working out the provincial plan of handi- craft contain binding prescriptions for Provincial National Committees] only but not for organs of lower rank participating in the elaboration of the plan, or for handicraft cooperatives, communal handicraft works and private handicraft enterprises. It is reserved for separate National Committees to determine the working procedure with reference to det.i_1_ed local know- ledge and to carry out the delimitation of the agenda for further auxiliary planning or?ans, and to determine the way of how the marks prescribed in the forms are to be compiled. So far as elaboration of proper provincial ir_>tructions for separate handicraft cooperatives and selected handicraft enter- prises is concerned, it is recommended that Provincial National Committees avail themselves of the instructions for working out the op-~ rational plan of industrial and handi- craft production for 19)0 as pattern. In this way uniform procedure of working out the plan, unified. form of elaboration, time-limit of Dresentation, prescriptions for additional alterations and contents of the plan will be achieved. These provincial instructions will be obligatory for: 1) district planning organs 2) auxi -iary planning organs 3) all handicraft cooperatives and selected handicraft enter- prices. 3461) The direct planning organs are the corres:ond5_ng departments of District, reap. Local ""ationa.l Committees. Elaboration of a part of the provincial operational pl?_-kn can be conferred upon them. The corresponding of.'icer in charge in the Distric reap. Local ational Commi :;tee is responsible for correct contents, form and abiding by the time limits. 3462) Auxiliary planning organs can be as follows: a Provincial Councils of Cooperatives b) provincial secretariats of the Union of Czechoslovak Tradesmen .c) District Councils of Cooperatives, district ecretar_iats of the Union/ of Czechoslovak Tradesmen. The auxiliary planning or-Jams participate in the planning work acc to the directives of Provincial (District, Local) N::ational Committees as for instance in statistical investigations of the State Statistical Office, schooling and informing of member- enterprises, but above all through their counselling activity and experts opinions. EC RE 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02419 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130 5-025X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2(M)0V 3463) Those produtive cooperatives are to be considered as handi- craft cooperative which are not planned within the industry, They are particularly coo_eratives which Trrerc members of the former Central Union of Trade, reap. of the Union of Slovak Trade, or which have been newly created from, separate handi- craft enterprises. The chairman of the Board of the cooperative icy responsible for correct and timely elaboration of the draft of the plan of the cooperative. 3464) The private handicraft enterprises are members of the Union of Tradesmen, and have been included in the Five fear Plan on the basis of their membership in the fore,). The subbranches in the branch are to be stated in the same seC uence as they are arranged in table 2 r- o--P, 3. 42 The production -plan of nominal task.. (4004). Eac[4 nominal task is to be quoted on a separate sheet. As to central organs the specification will be carried out up to their enterprises (the main ones nominally, the other summarily), whereas at enterprises of provincial importance only the summary will be quoted. In the plan of nominal tasks of production of electricity and gas for the energetical branch even th t; quantity of production of electricity and gas will be quoted in the t,ble acc. to pattern 4004 in part B (specification of the production) besides the total annual : production in quantity-unite, which the individual central organs deliver into public networks on thg'~ basis of an agreement with the Czechosloaak Energetical v `Irks. 43) The plan of work. The draft oche annual operational plan of man-power for the entire production branch of industry contains the following parts: a) The plan of raising the labour productivity b) The plan of requirement of labourers The above parts of the summary plan of labourers by separate branches is drafted summarily for the whole production branch of the industry planned centrally and provincially. 431) The dummar plan of raising of labour productivity for the production branches o the industry (form 2109) contains summary data on the gross value production and employment necessary for drafting the total increase in the labour pro- ductivity for the entire production of the branch,and a sug- gestion of measures necessary for accomplishment of the planned increase. Mt is worked out as total plan of total increase in the labour productivity on the basis of central and provincial plans of the production branch. Then so doing the absolute values shown in the above plans are -wadded and from them the total increase is computed. Above all the rate of increase must be weighed so as to correspond in the entire production branch to the directive figures, to the requirements SECRET Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R00P 25X1 500123'005-0 Approved For Release 2004119 : C 25X1 A-R~ E1 1I5 R006500130005-0 of the Five Year plan aid to indicate correctly stipulated and constant increase. As pattern ford 2109 will be applied in the heading of which thy: word "works" will be replaced. by the words "production branch". The plan of increase in the labour productivity for the production branch contains as a. special enclosure a. sug- gestion of measures which will be taken within the branch in order to fulfil this plan in the year 1950. The draft is drawn up on the basis of the elaboration of the respective drafts of centx"&l and provincial organs. 432) The total plan. of labourers for the production branches of industry Tform 2113). When stipulating the requirement of labourers for the whole branch of industry and when revising the requirements of labourers presented by the separate central organs, pa.ra.2141 and the directive figures of the Central planning service will be taken into account so as to ensure optimal working out of the plan and to stipulate conditions for its ful- filment. The total plan contains summary data on the number and the' planned increase or decrease in the number of labourers for the entire production of the branch. It will be worked out as to- tal plan of requirement of main-power on tb: basis of the plans of production branches, central and provincial or- gans. As pkttorn form 2113 will be made use of, in the heading of which the word "works" will be replaced by the words "production branch". As to the production branch of building materials and cera- mics form 2115 is used for drafting the total plan which contains average numbers (quarterly arithmetical average) in columns c) and d). As pattern form 2115 will be applied in the heading of which the word "works" will be reTi aced by the word "production branch". The total plan of requirement of min-power for the entire production branch contains also a suggestion of measures. which this branch schedules for the year 1950 for procu- ring the planned number of labourers of requisite skill. The suggestion of those measures will be mad, up summarily on the basis of partial central and provircial suggestions, which have bean properly evaluated from the viewpoint of the production branch and from the All-3t.te point pf views 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2 4/02/1 - -Uff4_1 5RUU65U0130005-0 pprovcadrIR~lease 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 ec.L ication of roczucUsve and otxer t.a 3ks o tae operatio6* p al.. , The specificatiot will be ca.rri?sd out to t'h.s or!a :lizatioaal divisiox of iidustrT. Mi-eistrie5, c etr .l or_; t~., terpria & ad on tAeir level, proviacen, *;,Id. pla_ata specify the ta=sks sti pulat+-d is the plait e;radualiy to tl subordinates orraaes. Tie co ster its of the _specificat; oa is a7, follow, . 1) th-o gross value of production is Pc 2) 'tae sane broken down into braicraes and sub-bra micaes 3) qu>a.a3tities of products ae.tsirAad to ao> i_m l ta..,ks it Tv-,terial measuria; u=nits 4) size of tk. tad>x s of productivity, r atadbiIi_ty aid quality. T.11e specific:otio s are carried out always for r,O-riods of a. qu,ai,uer ia? *uv .ace; as i,o xoxiaal tasY8 for o-at,-cLiT pn=.iiods too. +'-fteA specifyiis i Ae first quarter of -i,xw year aavsi tx !r sole year's task will be -,t;:t_bed. RAea car yiAS out, tike ,7;?cific 1tioa th.e priacipie of be =t possible utilizatiioA of equip.6e3u, 2a+.tet'ial5 &*1 IJOO.' iu3t 00 UaKa:a .Lnt,o account. For fulfilxo,~ t &Ad ixprovexeet of tai. pi&A parzicipatioA a.nci cre tive iA.iu.-ev_LvS of tae _;roLae:st aa.s es of ':worceers xust bi graRix_ d. Therefore spascilic :tiol for sepI CJ} U r~ 01 Fi01 r 1 CJ U-11 U r 1 Cal 22_~-! E In col.8 quote separate sections and branches arranged wcc. to th, col, 9 U??.! orn scheme. In each section, reap. branch quote separately- requirement zcc. to the score of use in separate groups pf material requisites; besides quote separately- deliveries for export, in stock, and losses. -14: quote data on deliveries performed through. channels oft Central Distribution Agencies of the rodu ti p c ve organs , l5--20:quote data on deliveries realized through channels of Na- tional Distribution Enterprises. 21-26:quote sum total of deliveries., Approved F 25X1 25X1 00415R006500130005-0 T Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIAM3-00415R006500130005-0 X Central Organ X Ministry 25X1 losure No. 3 SumlnaryT of import requirements for 1950 To be filed with the To be filed with the Ministry of Foreign Trade ....... a/ ..,. Monopolistic Trade Company ....... b/ .,.., Designation No.of Unit Import planned Import requirements ason of commodity plan. of for 1950 in 195 0 the group qua.nt. In mat, value . In mat. Value Value import units in 1000 units 1000 1000 re :qu ire Kcs in Kcs Kcs ments constant in in planning cur_ . prices plan. Prices y price 3 4- 6 7 8 k,. x) crow; out not applying! Fx itana;tions ; a)-applies to import requirements of non-constructional investment goods, electricity and gas b) here quote the name of the Monopolistic Trade Company to which the import requirements of other commodities acc to the sphere of its activity are sent in. Coll: here quote the designation acc,. to the list of commodities for/the plan of material supply. Col.2; here quote the number of the planning group of the commodity acc. to the list of commoditi,e~s for the plan of material supply. Col.3: here quote the unit of quantity acc. to the list of commodities for the plan of material supply Col.4t here quote the import in quantity acc. to the approved import plin for the year 1949 Col.5-7: here quote the value in constant planning prices, in which they plan of foreign trade for the year 1949 is drawn. up. Col.8: here quote the value in prices at which the Monopolistic Trade Company deliverer the goods from import to production and distribution. Col.9: here quote the reason of the import requirement of the goods required or of requirement for import from certain country. 25X1 ECR[T 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 LIST OF BALANCE Balaaee Norking'Group: 'I) for solid fuels 2) Energetical 3) Mining 4) Metallurgical IORKING GROUPS Central Distribution Agency for Coal Praha II., Fugnerovo nam.5 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Energetical Works, Praha II., Dittrichova 21 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Mines, Praha II., Lazarska 7 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Me- tallurgical Works (Ironworks), Praha II., U1. politickych veznu 11 5) for :Iron and Metals State Planning Office, Praha II., Lazarska 4 6) for J-ieavy Machine Building Central Directorate of Heavy Machine Buil- ding, Praha II., Jungmannova 29 ?)for Vehicles and Airplanes Central Directorate of Motor-Car and Air- craft Industry, Praha-Liben, Ceskomoravska 346 8) for Precision Machinery Central Directorate of Precision Machinery Works, Praha VII., Veiflikova 4 9) for Hardware Central Directorate of Hardware Industry Works, Praha II., Prikopy 14 10) Chemical Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Chemi- cal Works, Praha. II., Stepanska 30 11) for Fuels and Lubricating entral Distributing Agency for Mineral Oils Oils and Fuels, Praha II., Hybernska 42 12) Ceramic 1Y) Glass Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Ceramic "works, Praha II., Vaclavske nam. 56 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Glass Works, Praha II., -Levolucni 2 14) for Wood and Semifinished Central Agency for Rorestry and Wood Economy, Products of Wood Praha II., Vaclavske nam. 57 15) for Woodproduction Central Directorate of. Czechoslovak Wood- lea / 16) Paper 17 for Information 25X1 Norking Works, Praha II., Truhlarska 9 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Works for Paper and Cellulose, Praha I., Kon- viktska 5 Ministry a n, I Ike nam . 3 Prai Approved For R.Ie 2004/F -,F P83-00415R0065 0130005-0 P.T.O Approved For Rel 18) Textile and Clothing 19) Leathergoods, Tanning and Rubber 20) Agricultural 21) for Food 22) for Collecting Scrap Materials 25X1 Central Director ~e of Czechoslovak Textile Works, P ha II., Na Porici 24 Central Directorate of Czechoslovak Leathergoods, Tanning and Rubber Works, Praha II., Washingtonova 21 Ministry of Agriculture 1- Praha II., Tesnov Ministry of Food, Praha II., Tesnov Scrap- and Waste Materials, National Corporation, Praha I., V kolkovne 7 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 Approved For Release 200 Balance Working Group for 'on_ sec., o. 38 39 43 45 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54. 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Cold rolled strip sheet steel for razor blades Cold rolled strip sheet steel for dynamos and transformers Cold rolled strip sheet steel leadcoated Cold rolled strip coated with other Seamless threaded to 2" incl. Seamless threaded to 6" incl. Seamless smooth pipe outside dia. incl. Seamless smooth pipe from 57 to 159 outside dia. incl. Seamless smooth pipe over 159 mm outside dia. Seamless flange-pipe to 159 mm outside dia. incl. Seamless flange-pipe over 159 mm outside dia. Seamless hub-pipe Js (inside dia.) 40 - 125 mm incl. Seamless hub-pipe over 125 inside dia. Fittings for hub-pipe ittings for flange-pipe and seamless smooth pipe Seamless precision pipe to 60 mm outside dia. incl. Seamless precision pipe over 60 mm outside dia. Seamless oil pipe (well- casing) Seamless oil pipe (drill pipe) incl. Craelius Seamless oil transmitting pipe (line pipe) Seamless oil pipe (tubing, pipe and well casing) type it II, III Welded threaded pipe Welded precision pipe Welded. structural and tion pipe 1044 1045 10461 10460,2-9 10500 10501-2 10510 10511-2 10513-4 10515-7 .10518-9 10520 105201 10522 10523 10530-1 10532 10540 10541 10542 drill 10543-6 10560 105'? 0 irriga- 10572 25X1 5) nit o . o _ Mono- 7 of poly Trading quint. Company 3 3-4 Re- mark D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. I D. D. D. D. ~i E,^ 25X1 Approved For Release 2004 ~`` RDP83-004158006 00130 105-Q5X1 Approved For Release 200 Balance Working Group for on- ffiblEGRELS-00415RO065001 sec. Designation of commodity No 62 Slotted pipe 63 Arc-welded pipe and fittings and water-gas lap-welded pipe and fittings inside dia. 25X1 6) Planning ni o . o Mono- of poly Trading oup quant. Company '10574 325 mm and more 11058 64 Seamless square thick-walled pipe and special-shaped-section pipe for shaft-timbering props 1059 3 65 Bright finish steel (incl. scaled and polished steel) 1067 3-4 66 Cold-rolled profiles (species shaped-section steel) so called Jakl's 1068 67 Drawn steel wires 1069/ r1P 10490 1 3-4 82 83 84 85 86 all kinds 10810 3 Cast iron pressure pipe 108120 3 ~,ressure fittings 108125 3 ast iron waste pipe (sewe- rage) ? 108130 3 Waste-pipe fittings 168135 3 House-sewerage cast iron goods 108140 3 Outdoors sewerage cast iron goods 108145 3 Cast iron radiators 10850 sq.m. 3 Ribbed pipe 108152 3 struction of machinery, vehi Iles and ships 1080 Ingot-molds and cylinders of Cast iron kettles (boilers) end their parts 108155 ast iron stoves and parts of stoves and fire-places 10816 Cast iron enamelled bath tubs 108170 Other enamelled cast iron (grey) articles (sanitary and other) 108179 3 Other grey iron castings 10819 3 Castings from malleable cast iron for construction of machinery, vehicles and ships 1082 3 Fittings and plugs 10830 3 ships 11084 1 1 3 Other castings from malleable cast iron 1083 Steel castings for construction of machinery, vehicles and 3 25X1 Re- mark D. D. D. D. D. 1 5X1 Approved For Release 209E $lA-RDP83-004i5R0$650 i30005 5X1 balance Working Group for Conse cutive Designation of number the commodity 87 Iron and Metals Tanning nit o- group quanti- Ingot-molds and cy- linders of all kinds Other steel castings except for Poldi steel castings Approved For Re 10850/1 i085 part. SECRET Tons tons 25X1 25X1 30005-0 7 Number of Yono- poly Trading CompaLly 25X1 0068 10005-0 mark D. D. Approy ~Fi or ReI ESEN" Balance Working Gr for Iron and Metal Pur- Designation of the7 commodity Event No. b041N15001 State Planning Office Praha I., Platnerska 4 P1. ~nning- group Unit of n ua nt. No. of M6 nopoly Tr. S 25X1 Re- mark Al leg 300 151/53-59 all Aluminium-alloys containing Magnesium, Silicon, Copper, Manganese, Zinc etc., except for the class of metals 302 Ug Al and 320 Al Si Comp. T (moulded semifinished products) L (cast semifinished products) S (raw material) 0 (waste) Al 301 112-7 118 110/1 501-3 D. J. D. D. Aluminium not in alloys remelted T L S , pure and 112-7 118 110/1 M D. J. D. 0 Ng Al 302 emelted Aluminium-alloys which are 501+ made of D. remelted metal for the production of moulded 0 or cast material, or fo r special aims e.g. for deoxidizing of steel, for produ of carbonless metals etc. ction 112-7 D. 118 J. 110/1 D. 0 D. Al Si 320 52 Aluminium-alloys containing more th 7 % Silicon an T 112-7 D. L 118 J. S 110/1 D. 0 D. Mg 330 Magnesium, n ot in alloy s 60 T 112-7 B. L 118 J. S 110/1 D. 0 D. SECRET Approved For Relea$e 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415RO06p00 25X 30 - Approved Fog"lga Lk=R@f%& 66 Balance Working 25X1 25X1 ur- rent No. Designation of the commodity Planning grou p nit of uant. 140.0 ono- poly Trading Company He- mark 6 Mg , leg 331 61 All agnesium-alloys (e.g. Electron) T 112-7 3 D. L 118 3 J. S 110/1 2 D. 0 2 D. 7 Solder 343 39 Tin-solders, Aluminium-solders, Zinc-solders, (copper-zinc sol- ders) granulated solders etc. S 1110/1 2 D. 8 Cu 350, copper not in alloys, and the so called cast copper containing other metals to I J, if these sorts of copper are not designed to be added to other alloys T 112-7 0 3 D. L 118 3 J. S 110/1 '-' 2 D. 0 'j 2 D. 9 Cu Sn Zn.352 07 alloys of copper with Tin and Zinc T 112-? 3 D. L 118 3 J. S 110/1 2 D. 0 2 D. 10 Ms 355 02 Brass and ged-brass alloys, special brasses containing Nickel to 4 % and Silver to 8 % T 112-7 3 D. L 118 3 J. S 110/1 2 D. 0 2 D. 11 Sn Bz 360 05 Alloys of Copper with Tin T 112-? 3 D. L 118 3 J. S 110/1 2 D. 0 2 D. 12 Cu Ni 362 03/04 25X alloys of Copper with Nickel GPTmqn S ilver alloys Approved For Release 2001 RDP83-00415RO 650Q130 05-0 3 D. 1111 !! Z5X J. S 2- D. SECRET A pr ved F Releas 20 BalanceorQkingroup or rent No. 13 15 -7 Designation of the commodity Planning group of quant. Cu leg 364 109 other Copper-alloys not belonging to the following metal-classes: 3 T 50, 352, 355, 360, 362, 365 112-7 L 118 S 110/1 0 Cu P 365 08 Copper-alloys used for other alloys, e.g.Phosphor-tronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminium bronze, Arsenic Bronze T Ferro-Copper etc. S 110/1 Pb 370 20 pure metallurgical Lead, refined, from blast-furnace with addition to I % of.Calcium, Sodium, Antimony etc. T 112-7 L 118 S 110/1 0 Pb leg 372 21 Lead-alloys except for metal-classes: 373, 343, 383 (e.g. type-metals, hard lead, leading containing more than I % of Antimony T 112-7 L 1118 10/1 S 0 Pb Lk 373, Lead metals for bearings ' containing Tin to 10 %, e.g. Thermit etc. S 1110/1 0 4 J.Zn 374, fine electrolytical or refined Zinc 101 T 112-7 L 118 S 110/1 0 Approved For Releao EGRET 25X1 e 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-00415R0 6,Q&1 3005-0 -Jof Monopo- ly Trading Company 2 2 25X1 25X1 Re- mark E. F. D. D. D. D. J. D. D. D. J. D. D. D. D. D. J. D. D. SECRET Approved For Release 2004/04/19: CIA-RDP8 - balance Working Group for Iron a Cur- rent No. 19 23 Designation of the commodity Zn 375 metallurgical Zinc, alloy-Zin (melted fine and metallurgica Zinc) T L S 0 Planning group remit of uant. No-.-o ` Monopo- ly Trading Company 2541 25X1 Re- mark 102 112-7 D. 1-18 J. 110/1 D. D. Zn leg 376 11/12/18/1j9 Zinc-alloys containg Copper, Aluminium, Lead, anganese etc. T 112-7 L 118 S 110/1 0 Zn P 377 105 remelted Zinc in blocks, hard Zinc in. blocks and. Zinc-powder of metallurgical provenance a 0 Sn 380 pure Tin T L S 0 E D. J. D. D. 0 110/1 30/31 112-7 D. 118 J. 110/1 D. D. Lk 383 33 metals for bearings on Tin and Lead base containing more tha 10 % of Tin (bearing metal) 0 24 ;gin leg 385 32/38/39 other Tin-alloys containing mo e than 50 % of Tin, alloy-Tin, j Phosphor-Tin etc. 25 112-7 118 110/1 Sb 386 170 S 010/1 1 1 2 Antimony, not in alloys D. D. D. J. D. D. P. ((!! 25gX~ 1 Approved For Release 2004/02 1EC 1 P83-00415RO06500 3000 5X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/ 19 : SE3- 25X1 25X1 Balance Working Group for Iron an Cur- rent No. 29 30 131 132 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Jesignation of the commodity (-d 387 4admium and Cadmium-alloys Co 358 Cobalt and Cobalt-alloys iJ Ni 389 Nickel and Nickel-alloys T :L F) 0 ]g 390 Mercury Cr 392 Chromium Mo 394 Molybdenum r W 396 Tungsten .1~lln 397 'angane s e Be 398 erylium Bi 399 Bismuth I ;3ilicon Cerium Other non-ferrous metals Planning it group of quant. 74 110/1 77 110/1 33 112-7 11.8 110/1 81 110/1 76 110/1 78 110/1 79 110/1 75 110/1 80 110/1 71 110/1 72 No.of Monopo- 1'y Trading Company ;dire nickelcoated, cop_percoated, coated with copper alloys aluminium-coated or polished ,1069 part. 5 coated with gold or silvo~l pC 5 Approved For Release - HN-0 sheet-metal and plates Re- mark D. D. D, J. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. Approved For"s Balance :"Dorking Group Iron and Metals on. sec. 1o. Designation of the commodity only as quality 1) ra a a ners a Planning' Unit- No.o Monopo- group of ly Trading cant. Com an POLDI-Steel Semifinished articles and steel- Us rolled and orged 020/1024a round dia. 5 - 13.5 mm triangular 6 - 19 mm square 5 - 18.5 mm hexagon 7 - 18 mm octagon 8 - 18 mm halfround 9 x 2.7 - 26 x 8 mm flat 8 - 60 mm of width uality 0: carbon and low-carbon tool and structural steels (all brands not mentioned in.subsequent groups belong to this group) (further on quoted only as quality 0) ,Quality 1: steels for ball and roller bearings: CKL, CKL 1, CKL 2, CRK 3, CRK 37, KLZ, KS 4, KS 8 (further on quoted duality 2: physical and AKMFI AKM F 3 AKM F 0 AKVN AKVNP AKVZ AKVS AKVB AKV AKVNF AKL AKS AKS 2 AK 2 NI AK3 S AK 4 AK 5 AK Spec. AK5M AK 7 AK H AK X'12 AK X 12 Spec. anticoro (stainless) steels AK AKM AK 1 AK 1 BC AK I B AK1 BS AK 1 B Spec. AK I B Extra AK 1 MO AK II U AK 1 W AK 2 AK 2 S AK X 20 AK X 9 AK X 8 AKX 7 AKX 6 TERMAL 9 702 D 702 D SIM 702 702 M P 25X1 to 25X1 Re- mark AK Appproved For Rele2(V04 005-0 AK XE 715 OAK X Spec. AK X 22 AKL 1 (further on quoted only as quality 1) Balance Conse- cutive number Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-q .forking Group for 1'esignation of the commodity ualit . 3: ~ig grade KNO KNO Extra 301 HPS 212 H Extra 212 Extra Spec. 212 L 212 D2 Extra Spec. 425 0 Diamant 0 Extra alloy steel AKCN AKCF AKCR AKRV AKR AKRD 2 AKVSB AKVP AKVD AKVD 2 AKM 3 AKTM KAPTOR 2002 W Spec. AKV Extra D 2002 Spec. AKV Extra DS HERKULES Spec. AKV Extra S 2002 AKV Extra D HERKJLES AKV Extra CFO AKX12M CFE 1446 546 NI 42 0 DIAMANT D NI 38 0 Extra D NI 36 00 K NI 25 ANTOXYD 2 BI 2536 AKCM Extra AM ANTOX1 AMS AKCM AIVID AKCM I AMK (further on only quality 3) ual ity 4: igh-speed. steels: MK Spec. Radeco E MK MKA Radeco D Iron ark 000 Extra 6 MAX.Spec.55 G Maximum P MAX. Spe c . 30 000 Extra MAX.Spec,30 G MAX.Spec.MO MAX.Spec. Radeco MAX.Spec. H MAX.Spec.G.Ex Maximun MAX.Spec.G MAX.Spec.55 MA:YIf.;UM G Maximum Spec.P MAX.Spec.W (further on quality 4 only) Approved For Release 2004/02 ty 25X 25X1 It 25X1 Approved For Release 200 - - - Balance Working group for Iroi. ""yj Designation of the cumber umber commodity round dia. 30- 60 mm 1020/1024c square 71-110 mm hexagon 47-115 mm octagon 45-115 mm leaf-spring steel from 70 x 10 mm upwards round dia. 14-29 mm 1020/1024-h triangular 20-43 mm square 19-70 mm. hexagon 19-46 mm octagon 19-30 mrm, 32, 35, 38, 44 and 45 mm halfround 28 x 12 mm and more quality:0 quality:1 quality : 2 quality :3 quality:4 flat over 60 mm width quality-.0 quality :1 quality:2 quality:3 quality:4 round dia. over 60 mm square over 110 mm quality :0 quality:1 quality:2 quality:3 quality:4 2XC1 25X1 nit o Number of Mo- Manning Re- group quanti- .no1;oly Tra- mark ty ding Company Ca 1020/1024d r- 0 sheet metal in all thicknesses 1039 quality :0 quality:2 gtaiity :3 quality : 4 welded pipe quality:2 seamless pipe (precise and smooth) quality:0 quality :1 quality:2 Di sS 1&4/02/19 pro ile orgings 105? 1051/3 GURR 61 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas(2WQ4/02/l((~~SES ~ 83-00415R006500130005-0 Re- mark 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4: 43 44 45 46 47 48 drawn and polished steel 1067a (from drawn steel) in bars ? and rings incl. annealed wire (incl. heating, fusing and soldering wire) round dia. to 4 mm quality:0 quality:1 quality:2 quality:3 quality:4 drawn and polished steel 1067b (from. drawn steel) in bars and rings incl. annealed wire (incl. heating, fusing and soldering wire) round dia. over 4 mm to 60 mm quality :0 quality:1 quality:2 quality :3 quality:4 drawn and polished steel 1067c (from drawn steel) in bars and rings incl. annealed wire (incl. heating, fusing and soldering wire) special-shaped section steel (square, hexagon, octagon, triangular, flat and other sections) quality:0 quality -. I quality : 2 quality:3 quality:4 Approved For Release 2 81 19 T 4IA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 iy 25X1 25X1 balance Vorkin conse- cutive number 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Uroup for 'Iron allu _. -U L, ME 0 Designation of the commodity Planning group polished and scaled steel I1067d (from black-rolled steel) round dia. from 4 mm to 60 mm quality : 0 quality: quality : 2 quality :3 quality:4 polished and scaled steel 1067e (from black-rolled steel) round dia. over 60 mm quality :0 quality:1 quality:2 quality : 3 quality:4 polished and scaled steel 1067f (from black-rolled steel) special-shaped section quality:0 quality :1 quality.-2 quality:3 quality :4 hard drawn steel in reels 1069a (spring, piano, bandage and AK- wire) to 1 mm quality : 0 quality:2 quality : 3 hard drawn steel in reels 1069b (spring, piano, bandage and AK- wire) over 1 mm to 3.5 mm quality :0 quality:2 quality : 3 hard drawn steel in reels 1069c (spring, piano, bandage and AK- wire) over 3.5 mm. quality :0 quality:2 quAgarOyI For Rele SECRET, Una of quanti- Number o If " Mo- nopoly Tra- din Company 25X1 00650( 1300&5-0 Re- mark Approved For Release 20 04/02/1a 2'SX1 25X1 Balance 'Dorking group for Iron and Conse- Designation of the cutive commodity number Planning group Unit of quanti umber of Mo- nopoly Tra- ding Comp Re- mark drawn steel for turbine paddles 110678 73 quality:O 74 quality:2 conical steel for knife- blades 1024e 75 quality:0 76 quality : 2 77 quality:3 cold-rolled strip sheet steel 1042 78 quality:0 ro Q) 79 quality:2 80 quality:3 o a cast steel 1085 4 81 quality:0 82 quality : 2 83 quality:3 25X1 SERE 25X1 Approved For Rdleme 2004702719: - - 5R006500130005-0 6 Approved For Release 20041"10 ET1RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 I1 25X1 25X1 Balance VVoEking Group of .L lrec ora e o the the Heavy lachinery Build 'achinery Building _rraria _ ___ 1. ungpannova, 21 Steel bridges Heavy ground steel con structions and industr structures .Other steel structures Steel boilers for cen- tral heating 1121.06 Steam boilers producing more than 20 tons steam per hour 11210 Other boilers, tanks and. pipelines Cranes with capacity over 5 tons Hoists Carbonizing and. ashes removing devices Other hoists, cranes and conveyors Dipper dredgerswith ca acity 0.5 cub.m. Otner excavators Locomotives Freight-cars Passenger-coaches Railroad motor Tram-cars Tram-trailers Tenders Cars for field railroads Ships Mining machines cutters) 122 ket 1~?re 124 1250 1251 1252 12530 12531 1254 126 1255 (coal- Briquetting presses Equipment for steel rolling mills Stationary fuel gene- 127 00 12708 rators over dia. 2 m '12715 Other equipment of mines ironworks, rolling mills foundries and blast furnaces Pneumatical devices Steam turbines with output over 5000 kW Diesel engines over 5 HP output 4kpprov(AEorRdledLsxj and compressors nit of Number of quanti= Monopoly tv Trad.Co. Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 P onse- utive umber Designation of the commodity Water turbines High pressure power pumps over 25 kw and over 25 atmospheres pressure Planning group nit of Number of Re- quanti- VZonopoly t `I' ad.Co, mark 31 32 13300 13011 kW/p c s kW/pcs Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 410 S i41283-004158006500130005-0 Approved For Release 200 Balance Working group of V e Conse- cutive number 27-'- 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 5 50 1 Designation of the commodity CZ 150 motorcycle Java 250 Ogar 350 Spare-parts and extra- equipment for motorcycles groups balanced together from overgroup 164 Planning group 1640 16404 16403 1642 1641 1643 1649 kite-shaped gliders 1650 kite-shaped airplanes 1652 remaining groups balanced 1651 together from overgroup 1653 165 1656 1657 1658 1659 piston engines 1660 groups balanced together from overgroup 166 1661 1662 1663 1669 injection pumps 1670 injection nozzles '1671 groups balanced together 1672 from overgroup 167 1673 1678 1679 bicycles 1680 groups balanced together 1681 from overgroup 168 1682 1683 1684 1685 1686 1687 1689 other parts and equipment of bicycles dynamos starters dynamos for bicycles undergroups together ba- lanced from group 1970 ignition equipment lighting of motor-cars, airplanes and bicycles and instrument boards leA$p&~@c'9 eR~44 2# 62/19: alkaline storage batteries 1688 19700 19701 19702 19703 19708 19709 1971 1972 fil SEC 25~*1 25X1 nit-of Number of Mo- Re- quanti- nopoly Tra- mark t - dingy Camyan~_ pcs 5 D. pcs 5 D.J. pcs 5 Kc s PCs PCs B. Z. Z. Kcs 5 and 4 B. Pcs 5 Z. Kcs 5 and 4 P. PCs 5 pcs 5 J. Kcs .5 and 4 J. PCs 5 J. B. t PCs PCs PCs Kcs Kcs r K 5 and 4 5 5 B. J. J. Z. B. B. P. 25X1 5 P. D. B. CIA-RDP83-00415R00650013000-4 25X1 15 Approved For Release 200 &R1 -Balance Workig Group of the Light etallur- gical Industry Conse- cutive number 13 14 15 `L 6 17 Designation of the commodity Planning group Tools for woodworking machines 11459 Fodder-cutters Tractor ploughing 1518 ak works of the Light Me- urgical Industry r.: gue II. - Priko y 14 Unit of Number of Re- quanti- M. Trading mark Compar_ kg tons devices 15501 pcs Tractor sowing mach. 15513 pcs Tractor spreaders of stable manure 15521 PCs Tractor spreaders of fertilizers. 15525 pcs Grass mowing machinesl5530 pcs Grain reapers 15531 pcs Self-binding harvesters 15532 pcs Potato-diggers 11553.6 pcs Power threshers Boilers for fodder 15540 1 pcs and potatoes 15555 pcs Boiler-batteries 15556 . pcs Melking devices 15580 pcs Gutters for distri- bution of fodder and manure 115589 tons 'Other agricultural (farm) implements 155 1 Kcs Farm-waggons on pneu- matical tyres X15600 1 pcs Farm-carts. Other communal devices and purifying devices '1560/61 1 Kcs Fire-engines, fire- ladders and fire-hose 20 21 22 23 reels 1562/63 Kcs Drum-washers 15700 pcs Machinery "for laundries and ironing shops 1570 Kcs Household washers 1571 Kcs Machinery for restaurants (inns) and large kitchens 11572 Kcs Mincers and other butchery devices 11573 Kcs 5 + 4 5+4 5+4 25X1 Approved For Release 200 25X1 30005-0 Approved For Release 2004/0 25X1 25X1 0. no. 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Designation of the commodity Planning group 25X1 nif- quantti- t Machinery and equipment for bakeries 1574 Kcs Machines for doughware 1575 pcs Machinery and equipment for chocolate factories and for candy-production 1576/77 Kea Cooling equipment to 20,000 cal. for trade 1578 Kcs Household refrigerators 15785 PCs Small fittings 1580 tons Fittings for compressed gases and cooling devices 1582 tons Fire-hose and other fittings 1583 tons Autogenous torches 1584 Kcs Corr,-mercial spareparts for farm machinery 1704 tons Mounting for building ind. 1705 tons Other mounting, pressed and punched articles 1707 tons Spanners and screw-drivers 17100 tons Vices and jigs 17105 tons Tongs, pipe-tongs etc. 17107 tons Other craftsmen's and com- mercial tools, gauges and requisites 1710/11/12 tons Other implements and requisites for farmers 1715 tons Knives, forks and spoons 1`?160 tons Razor-blades 17166 tons Lubricating devices 1717 tons Other cutlery 1716 tons Spray guns 1718 tons Perforated metal-sheets 1720 tons Hand carts 1725 tons Sheet-metal and pipe radiators 17236 tons Windows, portals, light sheet-metal and steel structures and other con- structional parts 1722/23 Kcs F~U-m,Tr3r of Trading Re- mark Company 5+4 5+4 5 5+4 5 5+4+6 5+20 5+6 5 5+6 5 5+6 5 5 5 5+4 25X1 25X Approved For Re ease - - R006500 30005-0 1 25X1 La Approved For Release 2004/02/1 lqhrrP 25X1 C. No. 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 besignation of the commodity Planning group nD itoer' quant i- ty tans um er o M. Trading Company Drums 172.40 Other coarse sheet-metal con- tainers 1724 Cans for meat, fish, milk, dairy products, fruit and vegetable 17250 Other fine sheet-metal con- tainers 1725 Fire-extinguishers 1726 Zinc-coated, tin-coated, lac- quered and otherwise refined sheet-metal articles 1727 Stove-pipe and fitting(elbows)1728 Wire-ropes, strands and wire- tyre-cords 1730 Elastic cushions, spring-mat- trasses and tile-clams 1731 Chains 1732 Elastic shafts,bowdens and elastic hoses 1735 Foundry-requisites 1736 Other wire articles 1739 Stoves for solid fuels 1740 Kitchen-ranges for solid fuels1741 Boiling kettles 17420 Other equipment for large kitchens 1742 Gas-appliances 1743 Cookers for liquid and gas- developing fuels 1744/45 Metal-furniture 1750 Perambulators 1753 Other articles of the internal room equipment etc. and similar products, metal-coating to order 175 Enamelled sheet-metal kitchen utensils 17600 Enamelled sheet-metal bath-tubs 17601 Sheet-metal goods and other enamelled. articles 1700 Table scales 17650 Other utensils and requisites for household and kitchen 175 Approved For Relea 5+4 tons tons tons 5+6 tons 5 5 tons 5 tons 5+6 tons 5 tons 5 tons 5+6 tons 5 tons tons 5 tons 5+4 tons 5 tons 5 tons 11 Kcs 5+6 5+6 tons 5 tons 5 tons 5 pcs 5 5+6 25X1 b6013c 1(5 -Re- mark 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : S!ct 1 0415R006500130005-0 25X1 C. No. 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 9 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 Designation of the commodity Iron and metal building mounting incl. locks Furniture mounting and locks Motor-car mounting r ailroad car mounting and special mounting Other mounting and locks Crown and tear-off stoppers Aluminium, lead and tin collapsible tubes Other office appliances, sporting requisites and small metal articles Hand-sewing needles Machine-sewing needles Textile, hosiery and cotton needles ,Textile knitting needles extile awls (text.hroty) Gramophone and glass-en- graving needles Other. needles, metal fancy goods, jewellery, articles from rare metals (precious metals) and products of gem-cutting workshops Switches and push-buttons Small plugs Plug-fuses to 100 A Other installation, wiring and connecting material Electric cookers Other electrical appliances for household, trade and farms Safety (mine, coalpit) lamp Other electrical lighting devices alvanic (primary) cells and dry batteries (cells) SECRET Planning Unit of Number of Re- group quanti- M.Trading mark ty Company 1770 - tons 1771 tons 5+6 1772 tons 5 1773/4 tons 177 Kcs 5+6 17840/41 tons 11 17844/5/6 tons 178 Kcs 5+6 17910 tons 6 17911 tons 6 17912 tons 17913 tons 5 17911+ tons 5+15 17915 tons 19 179 Kcs 5,4,10,6 1870 Kcs 5 1871 Kcs 5 1873 Kcs 5 187 Kcs 18810 pcs 189 Kcs 19685 pcs 195 Kcs 193 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : N 53 54 55 56 57 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 i's Approved For ReleasO~M/02/19 : UCMF~.00415RO06500130005-0 25X1 F Designation of the Planning commodity group Glycol - mono -buthylethe (buthylglycol) 050320 Glycol - mono - pro yl- ether (propylglycol) 050321 Ethylene glycol (glycol) 050322 Propylene glycol, butylene glycol 050323 Diethylene glycol, dipropylene glycol 050325 Glycol acetates 050326 Ether and ester derivatives of polyvalent alcohols not quoted here (Carbitol and others) 050329 Methyl-formate 050400 Ethyl-formate 050401 Methyl-acetate 050402 Ethyl-acetate 050403 Esters of propionic and butyric acid 050404 Acetates - mixture of esters provening from wood-distillation & others 050409 Amyl-formate 050410 Propyl-acetate 050411 Butyl-acetate (n-butyl- acetate, butanolacetate) 050412 Isobutyl-acetate 050413 Amyl-acetate 050414 Cyklohexanol-acetate and Methylcyklohexanol-acetate 050421 Cyklohexanol-formate and Methylcyklohexanol-formate 050420 Methyl-lactate 050422 Ethyl-lactate 050423 Esters of lactic acid 050424 (others) Esters of acryl acid: 050426 Ethylene chiorhydrin, ,dichlorhydrin, epichlor- hydrin SEC 050428 RtT nit of quanti- ty kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg Number of M.Trading Company 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release Re- mark 22 C. No. 78 79 80 82 83 84 85 86 87 100.- 101 102 103 9.5 * 8 -00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 "S 25X1 Designation of the commodity Plan ing group n~ It ?1 quantti- 25X1 tum er o M. Trading Compa y Acetone 050500 kg 7 Acetone oils 050501 kg 7 Cyklopentanon, ketols, ketone-mixtures and other ketones Ethylether (Ether-sul- 050502 kg phite) 050600 kg Propylether 050601 kg Butylether 050602 kg Acetals and methylals 050609 kg Turpentine oil (turpen- tine) 050720 kg Pine oil 050721 kg Oils (by-products) from the production of cam hot (dipentene and others) 050722 kg Turpentine oils modified 05073 kg Other turpentine sol- vents (terpene) Concentrated acetic acid (synthetic) 052001 kg 052110 kg Citric acid Formaldehyde 100% 05220 kg Urea 052340 kg hexanethylene tetramin (urotropic) 052390 kg Pure benzoic acid 053300 kg Anhydride of phtalic acid 053340 kg Fural (furfural) 0534OO kg Coaltar dyes 054 kg Active (adsorbent) carbon type Carborafin 05531 kg Active carbon black 05540 kg Semiactive carbon black 05541 kg Inactive carbon black 05542 kg 'tetraethyl lead 055940 Other anti-knock com- 7 7,14,15,16 7 7,116 7,16 N.G. U.R.M.O. pounds 055945 see balance Para-flow (for mineral 055946 oils) Other products of heavy organic chemistry 051 - 055 Kcs Pure chemicals for laboratory in original packing 056 Kcs Approved For Release 2004 25X1 0005-025X1 Re- mark z3 ' SECRET Approved For Release 200 25X1 -5- No. 105 106 107 108 109 110 112 113 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 Designation of the Panning commodity group Pharmaceutical products except for springs 1 057 Engine fuels, mineral oils and other products from Lubricants, industrial an petroleum 1 058 technical oils and fats 1 059 Oils and fats for techni- cal purposes 060 Polyamides 061014 Polyvinylchloride 061022 Nitrocellulose 061050 Medicinal resins 0611 Phenolformaldehyde pressing powders 061200 Phenolkresolformaldehyde pressing powders 061202 Carbamir pressing powders 061204 Pressing powders on another base 061209 Grampphone records pressing masses 06122 semifinished products from noble resins (casting re- sins) 06130 Qynthetic leather 06140 Viscose yarn (fleece) 06150 Rayon (Viscose synthetic silk) 06151 Cupra-ammonium silk 06152 Other synthetic fibres 06153-9 Transparent viscose mem- branes (celophane) 06161 Transparent acetyl-cellu- lose membranes 06`160 Gelatin foils 061831 Other plastics 061 Chinese white (zinc oxide) 062000 Titanium white (titanium oxide) 062002 Lithopnn 30% 062006 Ferric paints (oxides) black, red and ure yello 06204 Bronzes (paints 06206 Unit of quanti- ty- 25X1 25X1 No-, '6-f Mono- poly Tra- ding Co. Re- mark see balance group U.R.M.O. Z-/ see B.A. G. of food industry kg 7 kg 7 kg 7 z kg 7 d kg 7,16 z kg 7,16 z kg 7,16 z kg 7,16 z see B.W.G. at Min.of Inf. kg kg kg kg kg 16 7 Kg 7 z see B.W.G. with Min.of Inf. Kcs d kg 7 z kg 7 j kg 7 d kg kg 25X1 Approved For Release 2904/02/19 : CIA- - 000%X1 Approved For Relea Oi t 25X1 C. No. 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 Designation of the commodity Other paints and lacquers Explosives, detonators and pyrotechnical products Crude high-temperature tar Crude low-temperature tar Crude benzene (benzol) :Pure benzene (benzol) Engine benzene(benzol) Solvent benzol I and II (solventnaphta) 5R02Q9130005-0 25X1 Planning Unit of group quanti- 062 and 063 Kcs 064 06500 06501 06502 065.101 065102 065104 Heavy benzol 065106 Toluene 06511 Xylene 06512 Cumarone resin 06515 Coaltar oils from the distil- lation of high-temperature and low-temperature coaltars 0652 Phenols 06530 Kresols 06531 Phenol-kresol mixtures 06532 Xylenols 06533 Naphtalene 06541 Pitch 0655 Distilled or adapted coaltars 0656 Special tarboards 06574 Floor-coverings 06576 Other roof and insulating tarboards 0657 Road tar and asphalt masses 0658 Other products from the di- stillation of benzene and tar coal 065 Auxiliary preparations for civil engineering Auxiliary preparations for agriculture 067 Bone-glue 068000 Hide-glue 068002 Chromium-glue 068003 SEW 9: CIA-RDP83-004 Number of M.Trading Co. _ _ Re- mark see B. W. G of the Central Distributing agency. for Fuel kg see B.i'.G.of C.D.A.f.F. kg kg 7 1d kg 7 d kg 7 d kg 7 d see B.W.G. of C.D.A.f.F. sq.m. 14 z sq.m. 14 z sq.m. 1.4 z see B.: G. of C.A.f.F. Kc s kg kg _kg 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release - - 500130005-0 C. No. 144 145 146 147 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 163 Approved For Release 20041.(24] 91 'esignation of the commodity -Planning group Gelatine " 06802 Utilization of bones, glue-hides, blood and other animal wastes) 068 Casein-glue 069120 Synthetic adhesives and adhesives made from urea 069180 Dextrin and other technical adhesives 069 Pencils 0700 I3lacklead (for crayons) 0701 Chalks '; 0702 Office requisites of chemical provenance 0703 Phototype paper 10705 Photographic plates 07100 Ordinary flat photographic films 07101 Photographic X-ray films 07102 Photographic roll-films, movie-films and 8mm & 16mm films 07104-5 Photographic papers 07107 :Photographic requisites 0711 Auxiliary preparations for shoemakers, household, food- :industry etc. 072 Wax raw materials 074 Cosmetic and perfumery pro- duct s .Natural tans Synthetic tans Other auxiliary preparations 0750, 52 07650 076539 07655 for tanning, leathergoods and textile industry 076 Graphite (carbon) electrodes 0772 Other auxiliary preparations for the metallurgical ind. 077 Asbestos and asbestos-rubber articles 078 Unproductive (not manufacturing) branches and servicds of the chemical industry 1 079 S V. 02k -71 25X1 OA&5 25X1 nnit of quanti- ty - -- kg Kcs kg kg N`utuber of MTlrad ing Co. 7,20 7 Re- mark 7 I z 7,20(dextria) d see woodworking B.G. sq.m. sq.m. see B.W.G. of Min. o Inf. sq.m. r 7 d z Kc s Kcs 7,20 d 53 see B.V.G. of Food-Ind. kg 07655 Kc s kg 7,16 7,16 591506 5,7 25X1 Approved For Release 200 0005-0 Approved For Release 2004102/19 U-onsecutive number 164 165 1 66 167 1 68 169 170 ,17,1 172 173 esignation or the commodity Chromium ores Minerals for the pro duction of titanium (ilmenite) F, rites Sulphur Raw phosphates Monasite sand Crude natural resins and balms Other saps (latex) Crude vegetable waxes Other crude natural saps : CIA-RDP83-004 5R00M130005-0 25X1 25X1 ._ tinning nib of. -Number`-off Re"- - .rou quantity M.Trad.Co mark 011453 tons 7 d. 01 463 0'1480 0175 20598 20599 550 554 556 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 559 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 z-7 A xi Approved For Release 25X1 ceramic ''alance Work uonsec.. No. 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Designation of the commodity irect,orate of the vak Oeramic Works Prague II . ,rt Vaclavske nam. 56 Planning group High-grade cement 20000 Portland cement 20001 Ferro-Portland cement 20002 uBlast-furnace cement 20004 ement pipe 20100 Pipe from reinforced con- crete tlVianini" Other pipe from reinforced concrete Members for mounted con- 201001 2.01002 structions (parts) '20106 Unbaked bricks and fittings2012 Wood-cement products 2013 Asbestos-cement roofing 20140 Large asbestos-cement pla- tes 20141 Corrugated asbestos-cement plates 20142 Asbestos-cement sewerage hub-;ipe Asbestos-cement pressure water-transmitting pipe and fittings 20145-7 y1o1ith 2015 Terazzo-floors and floor tiles Products from terazzo and other artificial stone 2017 Artificial plasters and plasters from artificial stone 2018 Other cement products 201 Bricks and chimney-bricks 2020-2 Roof-tiles 2023-4 Drainage-tubes(tiles) 2025 Floor-tiles and wall-tiles 2026 Ceiling-tiles 2027 Other brickworks products 2029 quarried stone 20300 Gravel and ordinary crushed stone 20302-4 Granulated crushed stone 120305 Paving stone (large small cubes) and 203060 Mosaik, quarried border-stone and road-curb-stones 203061 and mile-stones curbA @cVFoMIda.- 20Q49 : GfA Blocks, stairs, side-walk Unit of quantity tons tons tons tons Kcs Kcs Number of Monopoly Trad.Co. 8 8 8 8 8 Kcs 8 1000 units 8 sq.m./25 cm 8 sq.m./0.48 cm 8 sq.m. sq.m. Kcs tons 8 Kcs 8 1000 units 8 1000 pcs 8 1000 pcs 8 sq.m. 8 sq.m. 8 tons 8 tons 8 tons tons e- mark d 25X1 25X1 d Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Ponsec. umber esign,7t o commodes of 33 Tomb-stones and mo- numents 1 34 Cut plates 55 appliances from natu- _^al stone (incl. whet, 36 stones and 'Decorative millstones articles 40 L1 c_2 1.3 .From natural stone Other stonemason's ,pro ducts Saturation limestone in pieces (for clare- yaiiig sugar-solutions -Limestone for other ,purposes incl. gravel and crushed stone) Microground limestone All quicklime Building sand Mould sand 20315 20316 203170 203171 203 cub. m. sq.m. 20403-6 1 tons 20407 tons 2041 tons 2050 cub.m. 20510 tons Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 3 E"ECKET Approved For ~9I"se _~, =Wrr~~ Balance Working Group of ' Consec. Designation of the Planning number commodity grow 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 55 56 57 58 59 60 61y 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 Unit of quantity Number of M. Trading _C o . - Glass sand for melting 205150 tons 8 Grinding sand 205151 tons 8 Ceramic,float kaolin 20525 tons 8 Float kaolin for paper industry 20525 tons 8 Other float kaolin 20521,2,6,8 tons 8 Loams for porous articles 20530 tons 8 Binding loams 20531 tons 8 Fire-resistant loams 20532 tons B Color burning loam.s 20533 tons 8 Burned loams 205340 tons 8 Baked clay from Ventral 2ohemia (lupky palene)2053410 tons 8 aked clay from Mo- ravian deposits(lupky)2053411 tons 8 .baked clay from Western Bohemia 2053412 tons 8 Paint-clays and earthen paints 1120535 tons 8 Other loams 20539 tons 8 Asbestos 20580 tons 8 Chalk 20581 tons 8 Talc 20582 tons 8 Pumice 20583 tons 8 atural alundum 20584 tons 8 Apatite 20591 tons 8 quartz 20592 tons 8 Amorphous orthoclas (kremenec) 205930 tons 8 Crystalline orthoclas 205931 tons 8 Silex stones 205932 tons 8 Flint 205933 tons 8 Mica 20594 tons 5 Raw magnesite 205950 tons 9 Caustic magnesite 205951 tons 9 Dolomite 205955-6 tons 8 Gypstm 205961 tons 8 Molding gypsum 205962 tons 8 Stucco gypsum 205963 tons 8 Medical gypsum 205964 tons 8 Nhite (alabaster)gypsum 205965 tons 8 Silica clay (kremelina) 20597 tons 8 Other non-metallic mi- nerals 20599 tons 8 Other ceramic raw-materials 205 tons 8 Restaurant porcelain dates not decorated, 25X1 dee.p y- ? 8 Porcelain dish A dt eIea 004/02/19: CIA- - 30005-025X1 rated 8 P.T.O Re- mark 29 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Consec? number 84 85 86 87 89 Designation of the- commodity Porcelain cups not deco- rated, contents to 0.25 Other not decorated porcelain articles Porcelain plates, deap, thin-walled, decorated Porcelain cups, decorate over 0.25 1 China clay dining sets decorated Coffee and tea porcelain gets, decorated Planning group 206002 206003 206020 d 7h-It --- &T~ quantity kg kg kg 206021 )kg 206022 kg 206023 kg Number o M. Trad.Co. Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Re- mark Approved For Release 9DROPQ -- -~ -~ - Ceramic Balance Grou cont onset. resignation of the commo l y 90 Other decorated China ware 91 Low-tension porcelain insula- tors 92 High tension porcelain insu- lators to 35 kV rg ouA 20624-6 nit of quantity kg 206100 206101 93 Porcelain insulators for very high tensions over 35 V 206102 94 Textile porcelain 206110 95 Pharmaceutical and cosmetic porcelain 206112 96 Laboratory porcelain 206111 97 Other technical porcelain and pottery 98 Steatite insulates for low tension 206119 206120 99 I Steatite insulators for high tension 206121 100 Other steatite products 206129 101 Pyrostat 20616 102 Other special masses 20619 103 Wash-basins 20621 104 W.C.-basins 20622 105 Other products of sanitary ceramics 20629 106 Wall-tiles and special-shape tiled from porous porcelain 20630 107 Glazed wall-tiles and spe- cial shaped tiles 20631 108 Porcelain wall-tiles and special-shaped tiles 20632 109 Low-grade porcelain (faiance) tiles (floor-tiles) 20635 110 Road blocks (silnicni spaliky)20637 111 Other building ceramics 20639 112 Sewerage ceramics 20640 113 Agricultural ceramics 20641 114 Chemical pottery 20648 115 Special constructional mortars, masses and bonds (binders) 20644 116 Pottery bricks and strips 20645 117 Other constructional and technical pottery 20649 118 Fire-bricks over 330"K, normal 2065010 119 Fire-bricks over 53SK, spe- cial-shaped 2065020 120 Fire bricks to 33SK, normal 2065011 121, Fire-bricks to 33Sk, special shaped 2065021 122 Fire-clay mortars and stamping masses (for ovens) 206503 Approved For Release kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg/pcs kg/pcs kg/pcs sq.m sq.m. sq.m. sq.m. sq.m. sq.m. tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons CIA-RDP83-00415ROOrj500130~ )O5- 5X1 I 25X1 30 25X1 25X1 Re- mark Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Consec., number Designation of the commodity Planning rou nJ it --of uantit Number of lM.Trad.Co I Re- l mark '123 Glass melting pots 206504 tons 124 Silica bricks, normal 206511 tons 125 Silica bricks, special shaped 206512 tons 126 Silica mortars and stamping- masses 206513 tons 127 Fused magnesite (cinter) 206520 tons 128 Magnesite bricks, normal 206521 tons -129 Magnesite bricks, special shaped. 206522 tons 130 Miagnesite mortars and stamping masses 206523 tons 131 Basifrite 20653 tons G_caphite products 20654 tons 1;3 S:ilimonite and mulite products20655 tons `34 i-roducts from other fire-re- s_i.stent masses 20658 206505 -5 Mortars, stamping masses and binders from other fire- re-s---sting materials 20659 tons 8 136 Dutch tiles 2066 tile units 8 138 Stoves of Dutch tiles 20670 pcs 8 1>9 K-Ltchen-range s 20671 pcs 8 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Releas~Q9/ Ceramic onsec. number glance kiroup continue Designation of the commodity Planning Lroup Unit quantity 139 Pottery 2068 kg 140 Ceramic deep plates and meal dishes: 206900 k 141 Flat and desert ceramic plates 206901 g kg 142 Ceramic dishes with partition 206902 kg 143 Cylindrical ceramic dishes and salad-dishes 206903 kg 144 Ceramic tea and. coffee sets 206904 k 145 Otraer applied ceramics 206905 g kg 146 Decorative ceramics 20695 kg 147 Insulating articles 2070 sq m 148 Insulating masses 2071 . . tons 149 Abrasive grains and powders 20720 kg 150 Grinding and cutting wheels 20721 kg 151 Other synthetic abrasives 1 20722-9 kg 152 Abrasive cloths and papers 2073 sq m 153 Artificial ceramic teeth and . . teeth from plastics 2074 pcs 154 Mica-products 2090 k g 155 Pumice-products 2095 kg 156 ceramic products not quoted elsewhere 2099 kg Approved For Release 2004 Number o M. Trading Co. 25X1 25X1 30005-0 341. 25X1 e- 25X1 Approved For Release 20501/191'N Affi 3-00415R006500130005-0 Balance Working Group at the Distributing Agency for Miner 32. Con se. Designation of the dit Pl anning Unit of Number of Re- comm o y r ou quantity M. Trad Co mark I 2 Natural asphalt Ozokerite 01 700 tons . . 7 d 01 701 tons 7 d 3 Petroleum (naphtha) 01 703 tons 7 d 4 Crude Montan wax 01 71 tons 7 d 5 Tetraethyl lead 05 5940 kg 7 d 6 Anti-knock additions fo r fuels (other) 05 5945 kg 7 d 7 Para-flow 05 5946 kg 7 d 8 Fuel oil 05 801 kg 7 z 9 Aircraft gaso line 05 81.01 kg 7 z 10 Motor car gas oline 05 8102 kg 7 z 11 1 Technical gas oline 05 811 kg 7 z 2 13 Kerosene Ga il 05 812 kg 7 z s o 65 81.3 kg 7 z 14 Mineral oil for heating (firing in oil-ovens) 05 8135 kg 7 z 15 Fuel mixture 058 2 kg 7 z cylinder oils for moist steam 05 U 8301 kg 7 z 17 ylinder oils for super- heated steam 058 302 kg 7 z 18 19 Bright-stock En ine oils 058 303 kg 7 z g 058 304 kg, 7 z 20 21 Transmission oils Ai ft 058 305 kg 7 z rcra oils 058 306 kg 7 z 22 Compressor oils (f r i o a r compressors) 058307 kg 7 z 23 Turbine oils 058308 kg 7 z 24 Technical vaseline oils 0583101 kg 7 z 25 Medicinal vaseline oils 0583102 kg 7 z 26 Insulating oils 058311 kg 7 z 27 Bearing oils (machine-bearings) 058312 kg 7 z 28 Dark Vulcanoils 058316 kg 7 z 29 Other mineral oils 1058319 Ikg 7 z 30 eresine from naphtha 058331 kg 7 z 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIAO-RDP83-004115R006500130 )05-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 :4NjP 3- 00 - 25X1 _F I Consec. number esi nation of the commodit g y Plan grou ning p 31 Paraffin? from petroleim 0583 32 32 Petrolatum 0583 33 33 Paraffin product (gac ??) 0583 34 Primary asphalt 0583 41 35 Propane asphalt 0583 42 36 Oxidized. asphalt 0583 43 37 Fluxed asphalt 0583 44 38 Extract 0583 51 39 Petroleim coke .0583 52 40 Naphtenic soap 0583 61 41 Naphtenic acids 0583 62 42 Waste clays 0583 7 43 Acidic resin 0583 92 44 Crude gasoline 0584 01 45 Petroleim distillate 0584 02 46 Oil distillates 0584 04 47 Y,Iazouts 0584 07 48 echnical vaseline 0590 331 49 Medicinal external vaseline 0590 332 50 Medicinal eye vaseline 0590 333 Used mineral oils 0590 51 52 Other lubricants and oil products 0590 53 Crude high-temperature coal tar 0650 0 54 Crude low-temperature coal r t 0650 1 a 55 Crude benzol 0650 2 56 Pure benzol 0651 01 57 Engine benzol 0651 03 58 Solvent naphtha I.,II 0651 04 59 Heavy benzol 0651 06 60 Toluene 0651 1 61 Xylene 0651 2 62 Anthracene oil I. and II 0652 01 ECKE Unit of quantity kg kg kg k kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg k; tons tons tons tons kg kg kg kg kg tons kg kg kg j kg kg kg kg kg Number of He- M. Trad Co mark 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-FDP83-00415R00650013000~-0 Consec. number 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 Approved For Release 2004/02 25X1 19 :,13 Designation of the commodity 25X1 3y 05-0 25X1 Planning (Unit of Number of jgroup quantity M.Trad.Co. Cleansing oils Flotation oil Impregnation oil Carbolineum Creosote oil Washing oil Oil for gascontainers (for tightening) Iydrogenation oil Hheating oil Coal tar oils and other oils Pitch Tars for roofing-board impregnation Impregnation mass Other distilled or prepared coal tars Wastes from. hydrogenation of low-temperature tars Tar and asphalt surfacing of roads Tank wood(for generators) `lyres for bicycles and race-bicycles (incl. inner tubes) Tyres for motorcycles incl. inner tubes Tyres for passenger cars (incl. inner tubes) Tyres for motor-trucks and motor-buses incl.inner tubes Tyres for tractors incl. inner tubers lyres for horse-waggons ,Incl. inner tubes yres for agricultural ma- chines, carts, barrows ,incl. inner tubes) yres for airplanes incl. inner tubes 065202 kg 065203 kg 065204 kg 065205 jkg 065206 kg 065207 Ikg 065208 06521 06522 06529 0655 06560 065605 06561 06562 0658 2296 kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg kg tons tons 2800'20010 pcs 28001/28011 pcs 28002/28012 pcs 28003/28013 pcs 28004/28014 pcs 28005/28015 pcs 28006/28016 pcs 28007/28017 pcs 16 16 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : ~IA-RDP83-00415R0065001 Re- mark z z z z z z Consec. number 8 9 10 11 13 14 . 15 16 17 18 19 20 21. 22 23 24 25 Approved For Release 2004/02M&. ICp Lesignation of the commodity Flint glass (raw) Sodium-potassium-carbonate 3-00415 R0065001 J00055X1 25X1 f Number of Re- ou uant it bl. Trad . Co mark 2100 glass (raw) 2101 Bottles 21100 Large glass articles 21101 Jam-bottles 2111 Bottles for pickled cucum- bers Small-size glass containers (battles, phials, ampoules) for pharmaceutical and che- kg kg pcs/kg pcs/kg pcs/kg pcs/kg mical industry 21133/4 kg Other glass containers 21130/1 kg Pharmaceutical glass 2114 kg Flaconerie 2115 kg Chemical technical glass (for boiling) 21160 kg Thick and heavy laboratory glass 21161 kg Glass-gauges 21162 kg Glass for electro-illumi- nation 21170 kg Vessels for electric bulbs and electronic tubes 211710 pcs/kg Television tubes 211711 pcs Glass for kerosene and gas illumination. (lighting) 21172 Applied blown glass 211800 Baby feeding bottles 211801 Vessels for thermos flasks 21181 Pressed glassware for re- staurants 211900 Other pressed applied glass 211909 Constructional glass stones (bricks) 211910 Storage-batteries jars 211911 Other technical pressed(moulded) kg kg pcs/kg pcs/kg kg kg kg kg glass 211912/13/19 kg 10 10 10 1$ 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25X1 25X1 d d z z Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-F DP83-00415R00650013000?-0 25X1 3G Consec. number _, 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Approved For Releal4t02/19 : CIA-RD - 0130005-0 Designation of the commodity Planning I Unit of lNumber of l Re- y I group cam, uuanti M. Trad . C o mark Photographic glass to 1.8 mm thickness Flat window-panes 1.8-3.2 mm Other drawn flat glass to 4.2 mm Drawn flat glass over 4.2 mm Flat cast glass without wire-gauze Cast flat color-glass, not transparent, without wire- gauze Cast flat glass with wire gauze Cast flat cut and polished mirror glass Raw optical glass Raw Jablonec glass Small glass articles of ironworks provenance Small articles of technical glass Glass fibers and wool Refined flint glass Refined sodium-potassium carbonate glass Lustre glass draperies Crystal lustres incl. combined with other materials than crystal Glass decorations for X-mas trees Mirrors and pocket looking- glasses Plate furniture glass incl. window-panes for shop-win- dows and opaque glass 2120000 sq.m.4/4 10 2120001 sq.m.4/4 10 21200 sq.m.4/4 10 21201 sq.m.4/4 10 21210 sq.m. 10 212105 sq.m. 21211 sq.m. 10 21212 sq.m. 10 2125 kg 10 21300-9 kg 10 21310/1, kg 21320-9 kg 10 21330-3 kg 10 21401 Kcs 10 21402 Kcs 10 21403 Kcs 10 21404/5 Kcs 21406 Kcs 10 21411 Kcs 21412-5/ Kcs 10 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : Cl -RDP83-0041 8006500130105-0 jj6hbA Approved For Release 2004/ 25X1 onsec.. D ? +- I -P 4-11 es h 30005-p 25X1 ion o e commodity rou quantity umber 47 1 Hardened safety glass 314160 Kcs 48 Safety glass (in layers) 314161 Kcs 49 Other flat refined glass thermolux 214190 Kcs 50 Mirrors with assembly 314191 Kcs 51 Small refined glass articles 31420-6/8,9 Kcs 52 Reflecting gl_ sses and lenses 21427 Kcs 53 Laboratory glass apparatusds with exactly olisyed sur- fices (facet: 3) 21431 Kcs 54 Special apparatuses for dairy manufacture 21432 Kcs 55 Surgical instruments 21433 Kcs 56 Medical thermometers 21434 Kcs 57 Other thermometers, hydrometers and barometers 21435 Kcs 58 Ampoules 21436 Kcs 59 Tubes for pills 21437 Kcs 60 Porous walled instruments and instruments from fused glass, 21=+38 Kcs 61 Other glass apparatuses 21439 Kcs Number of Re- M. Trad . Co. mark 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25X1 25X1 Planning Unit of Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For R 415R006500130005 0 Balance Working Group ral Agency for Forrestry and Wood Semifinished ood Economy, Consec. number_ esignation of the commodity Prague II., _Vaclavske n.5? r Planning Unit of Number of 11 11 11 quant ity I M.Trad . Co mark 21 22 23 24 felled trees (conifers) topped and trimmed (logs) 5300 Felled trees (leaf-wood) topped and trimmed (logs) 5301 Pit-timbering (conifers) 53003 Pit-timbering (leaf-wood) 53014 Fibrous to s for cellulose factories (coniferous) 53020 Fibrous to s for cellulose factories (leaf-wood) 153025 Poles (conifers) 53030 Poles (leaf-wood) !53035 Lumber in piles (conifers) 153060 Lumber in piles (leaf-wood) 153065 Generator wood (coniferous) 53070 Generator wood (leaf-wood) 53075 Firewood (coniferous) 53040 Firewood (leafwood) 153045 Osiers 15305 Exotic woods 531 Timber for saw-mills(con.) 2200 Timber for saw-mills (leaf.) 12201 Sleepers and measured timber (coniferous) 2202a Sleepers and measured timber (leaf-wood) 2202b Cuttings (con.) 22940 Cuttings (leaf-wood) 22945 Shavings and waste 2291 Saw-dust 2290 full m:bbk 11 full m. ck q (100 kg) tons cub .m cub .m. cub. m full m.b.k. tons tons 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-FfDP83-00415800650013000 I~e- 11 d 11 d It=lm3 11 j 11 I j Approved For 4F rile 2 Designation of the commodity 2221 222 2230-1 2232 30 Balance Working Group foil eae=ax'Directorate of Czecho- Products of the v ioodworking Industry Slovak Works of th-e Woodworking Consec. number 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 22 23 Indust Praha II., Truhlarska Planning Unit of Number of Re- ou quantity MM. Trad . Co mark Raw panels and square poles 22030 'cub.m, Finished panels and parquettes 2204,23031 sq.m Raw telegraph poles 2205 cubm. Planks for manufacture of pencils 2209 cub.m. Other products of saw-mills 220 Kcs Wood constructions, their parts and carpentry products; 22 cubm. of Impreganted telegraph poles Other impregnated wood "food-sheets and planks Veneer Artificial boards and wood- masses Other products of veneers and woodboard factories Furniture for kitchens Furniture for bedrooms Furniture for drawingrooms Other furniture Carpentry-products for buildings and construction Other carpentry products Matches Stationery and office re- quisites Products-from synthetic materials Wood-powder Cases, their parts, various wood-containers and wrappers 2235-7 223 2240-1 2240-1 2240-1 2240-45 2246 224 225 2260,070 25X1 50013511 used cub m. cub. m. sq.m. cub.m. Kcs set ft it PCs Kcs I 11 Kcs 11 1000 boxes 11 Kcs 12 2262-2269 Kcs 5,6,12,16 2270 tons 11 11 11 11 11 1 7 2270,1,2,9 cubm. used material 11 25X1 25X Approved For Release - 01300 5-0 EC Approved For Rft)(sle 4004/02/19: CIA- - 25X1 yo Products of the woodworking industry continued onsec. umber Designation of the commodity Staves for barrels Planning 22713-4 Light barrels and tubs 22715 Heavy barrels and vats 22716-7 Wood-shavings for packing 22716 Brushmaker's products 2276 Shoemakers' requisites 2278 Products from cork 22?3 Other wood products 227 Music instruments 228 Raw cork 5350 Spanish rush 59100 Bamboo 59101 Tonking poles (tonkinove t ce) 59102 French cane (franc. trtina) 59103 Rush (pond-rush) 59104 Pedig 59110 Cirok straw 59120 Tube-straw 59121 Alfa (esparto) 59130 Pis.sava 59131 African grass 59132 Bast 59190 Rice-roots 59191 Basina 59192 2) Unit of Number of _ uantit 111.Trad.Co cub.m. of material con,umed l 11 11 I I1 11 tons 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 16 kg 11 j Kcs 5,6,10,11 Kcs 11 kg 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 tons 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 Kcs 11 25X1 25X1 25X1 Re- mark Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-I DP83-004151 t00650013000P-0 25X1 ~ CRET Approved For I e 2T04,02, 19 . G 1- - 30005-0 Paper Balance Working Group en ra irec orate of Czechoslovak 'orks for Paper and Cellulose Praha I.. Konviktska 5_____.._^ Consec. number 9 10 11 12. 13 15 16 t7 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 Designation of the commodity Unbleached white wood-pulp Brown wood-pulp Unbleached sulphite-cellulose from conifers and leaftrees Unbleached sulphate cellulose Unbleached rags-pulp Other not refined fibrous ma- terials Bleached sulphite cellulose from conifers and leaftrees Viscose sulphite cellulose from conifers Particularly refined sulphite cellulose from conifers Bleached sulphate cellulose Bleached rags-pulp Paper for newspaper. stock Graphical special and fine papers Graphical woodless bleached papers Graphical middling fine papers "food-papers for printing Other graphical wood-papers Graphical thin papers Graphical papers for painting Wood-papers for envelopes Cardboards Substitute cardboards manu- factured by chrome-process Sulphate wrapping papers Sulphite wrapping papers Parchment substitute Pergumine Albums Caramel paper Habana Thin wrapping papers Planning Unit of Number of rou ?.__..___ u;antit Puy. T'rad.Co 23000 tons 13 23001 tons '13 23020-1 tons 13 2303 tons 13 2305 tons 13 2309 (tons 13 Re- mark z z z 23120-1 Mons 13 1 z 23122. 1 tons 113 1 z 23124 tons 13 z 23130 tons 13 d 23150 tons 13 z 23120 tons 14 z 23220 23221 23222 23223 23224 23225 23226 2.3227 23228 23229 23230 23231 2323201-2 2323205-7 2323301 2323305 2323510,2 23234 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons Ordinary wrapping papers 123235 tons Paper for textile bobbins and 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 '14 14 14 14 14 14 14 '14 cigarette-cases (wraptpers) (dutinky) 2323601-3 tonsl4 Tube insulating papers 12323605-6 tons , 14 Sulphate paper for paper-bags Sack (bag) paper (mixture) Sulphite paper for bags Sulphate (soda) paper for spinning and coating 3uA ; 4d r-w1 2(mA_ 232701 tons 2323702 tons 2323703 tons 14 14 14 14 25X1 -o 25X1 14 z z z z z Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 or_scc. Jesicnaa_tion of the commodity i inber Planning Unit of quantity Number of M.Trad.Co. Re- mark _,aaper for paper-jars 1 23238 tons 14 z L O Cigarette papers ) 23240 tons 14 zl Condenser paper 23241101 tons ,i4 Condenser electrolytic paper 2324105- tons `14 Tissue copying paper 2324201 tons 14 -4 Tissue wrapoin paper 2324202 tons 14 4 t: Tissue naer free of acids and chlorine !25242O5 Tissue parer for artificial f ? ewers 2324204 tons 14 T _ssue ;aver for insertions 2324205 Tissue paper for carbonizing tons 14 and -indigo-dyeing 2324210-1 49 Tissue pa`Ler for porcelain Pint 2324220 tons 14 Other special thin papers 25243 tons 14 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-~DP83-00415 006500130b05-0 Approved For Release 2004/02A.itR~P83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 Ponsec, Plann ing Unit of Number of? Re- umber r r u L quantity 14. Trad..Co mark 51 Cable and gumon paper 23245 01,45 tons 14 52 Paper for gumming 23245 10 tons 14 d 53 ~6and paper 23245 15 tons 14 54 .raper for sausage casing 23245 20 tons 14 d 55 Paper for cartridges and stoppers 23245 25 tons 14 56 Paper for sticking tapes 23245 30 1 tons 14 57 .Paper for bitumining 23245 35 tons 14 58 .Paper for synthetic matters 23245 40 tons 14 59 :Raw-material for parchment 23246 01 tons 14 60 Raw-material for pogamoid 23246 02 tons 14 61 Raw material for vulcanized ~ z fibre 23246 03 tons .Raw material for synthetic :leathers 23246 04 tons 63 Raw material for synthetic boards 232460 5 tons 14 64 Raw-material for impregnation 232 460 tons 14 aj 65 ::absorbent, blotting and fil- tering papers and masses 23247 tons 13,14 z 66 Cellulose cottonwool 23248 tons 15 z 67 Raw phototype and diazotype paper 2324901-1 tons 14 d 68 Tracing paper 2324904 tons 14 d 69 Cardboard for Hollerith-cards 2324905 tons 14 z 70 Paper for wrapping needles 23249 10 tons 14 z 71 Wrapping photopaper 23249 11 tons 14 z 72 Black-red duplex 23249 12 tons 14 z 73 paper for postage-stamps and steel-print 23249 20 tons 14 74 taper for artificial flowers 23249 25 tons 14 75 Recordin r 2 2 g pape 3 49 30t tons 14 76 tzag-paper for calender cylin- ders 23249 35 tons 14 z d 77 --fag-paper for linoleum 23249 36 tons 14 j d 78 Asbestos paper for calender cylinders 2324940 tons 14 z 79 Jacquard and verd.ol cardboard2324950 tons 14 z 80 Marble paper 23249 55 tons 14 z 81 Cobweb tissue paper 1 23249 56 tons 14 82 Other special papers 23249 57 tons 14 d 83 Handmade white wood-cardboard23300 tons 14 d 84 Handmade brown .wood-cardboard23301 tons 14 d 85 Handmade grey cardboard 23302 tons 14 d 86 Raw cardboard for suitcase cardboard 23303 tons 14 Approved For Release 200 C L i -RDP83-00415R0065Qd 25X1 130i 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/1.91-, t l J P83-00415R006500 30005-0 25X1 i iec.~ T'ianning 4 i] ) r i -n it,i 'i1 of th.e cotrmtodit,T ,,, ?rou 87 88 3 9 r) 9 r 9a Unit of Number of ;uantity NL.Trad.Co G...rdboard for shoemakers 123304 Mons l Raw cardboard for -Jacquard -rnd Blazed cardboard 123305 'tons a',,T cardboard for matrix- dbnrc1 12 -')306 tons 'a.3t handmade cardboard 123308 (tons Hard cardboard and other i 'idmade cardboard i23509 tons Machine-made brown cardboard (wood-cardboard) 23311 tons "chine-made grey cardboard 123312 tons Du-,)lex-cardboard for con- tanc_^s 12331305 tons Other duplex cardboard J2j31301-4 tons 'rip1ex cardboard 123314 tons L.achine-made straw-cardboard 125;15 tons Haw rag-cardboard for roofing 23316 tons Ce-?_lulose cardboard 23317 tons ,3pecial machine-made cardboard 23319 tons 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 25X1 25X1 Re- mark d) Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : Cl -RDP83-0041~R006500130005-0 Consec? number. 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 Approved For Release 200 .Li . LI esignation of the commodity Photographic papers and pho- tographic cartoons (raw) Photographic, printing and copying papers Peking papers (for washers) Parchment papers Other refined papers Glazed Jacquard cardboard Ordinary glazed cardboard Glazed cardboard for electro technical purposes Impregnated chemically pre- pared cardboard Container cardboard made layers stuck together Other refined cardboards Coarse heavy cardboard articles Coarse light articles cardboard of Coated cardboard articles Collapsible cardboard cases (skladacky) Wrappers from corrugated cardboard Other cardboard articles Grocers' paper-bags Sacks Textile tubes and bobbins Other wrapping material School note-books Other bookbinders' products Ctmmercial envelopes Toilet paper Napkins Reels and telegraph tapes Other articles of common use made of paper and cardboard Sulphite lyes Sulphate lyes Waste lyes Concentrated (condensed) sulphite licquor Sulphite licquor in powder ;EGRET 25X1 13001 t,3 Planning Unit of Number of Re- RrouD auantit M.Trad.Co mark 2340361-90 kg 14 2340521,31,32 kg 14 2340541 kg 14 2340561 kg 14 234 kg 14 2350001 kg 14 2350011 kg 14 2350012 kg 23505 kg 23507 kg 14 235 kg 14 23600 kg 23601 kg 14 23502-3 kg 14 23606 kg 23607 kg 14 2360 kg 14,16 23610 kg 14 23612 kg 14 23614 kg 14 2361 kg 14 23620 kg 14 2562 kg 1204917 23630 kg 14 2363201-13 kg 14 236325'-'69 kg 14 23634 kg 14 2363 kg 14 2390 tons of abs. dry matter - 2391 tons of abs. dry matter - 239900 cub.m. I 2390001 tons 1 3 2399002 tons 1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releasez004I02r"r . ^'" RE)P8 ^^'"~^ 06500130 05-0 25X1 Approved For Release JI41~G t Balance Working Group of t Pinistry of Information an A130005-0 y of Information , Prague III., .aldr sken-Pam. 5 Consec. number 25X Designation of the commodity Planning group__ Pocket-books (Date-books) 23621 Binding of other books 23625 Periodicals 2370 Instruction books 23722 Music books 23724 Other publications (books and pamphlets) 2372 Official forms 2373 Valuables and forms to be ac- counted for (zuctovatelne) 2374 Mercantile forms 2375 23762 services(exc. copies) 23769 Ceramic copies (print) 23769 Other miscellaneous forms 2377 semifinished products, auxiliary and attached products of the graphical industry 2379 Long movies 2380 Short movies 2381 Film cartoons 2382 Puppet movies 2385 News reels 2384 Other movies 2389 Roll-film and 8mm & '16mm film 07104 Transparent acetylcel.lulose membranes 06160 Gelatin and other foils (gelatin filters for color-film.) 061831 asses for gramo-records 06122 Records 06189 Recording waxes 07439 Recording foils 063020 Pressing (moulding) matrixes 1199 Mechanical gramophones 15030 Electrical gramophones 19332 and story-almanacs) Other special products and productions and picture post- cards 23761 Almanacs (except for pocket Geographical maps 23760 Multicolor-picture, picture re- ECR? 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 1004/02/19 m - - 01 30005-0 Unit of uant ity Number of M.Trad.Co pcs 14 pcs kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 kg 14 kg 17 kg 17 kg 17 m 18 m 18 18 18 18 18 18 pcs 18 k 1 g 1000 pcs 19 kg 1 pcs 1 9 pcs 19 pcs 19 pcs 19 25X1 Re- mark Approved For Release 2 Balance Working Group of t Textile Industry Consec. number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 L '0 21 22 23 24 25 27 2.8 29 30 31 32 33. 34 35 36 3? 38 39 40 Cotton Flax-stalks not retted Flax-stalks, netted. Hemp-stalks Jute Sisal and other vegetable fibers Grease wool Scoured wool harvested spinning material Soft flax Linen tow L? s 25X1 ectorate of the Czecho- ile Works, Praha II. , 5653-5,9 tons 513O/a-31 /a tons 513O/b-31 /b tons 2400 tons 24O1O/a 2401 5/a Soft hemp and tow 24015/c Hackled flax (vochlovany 1.) 24010/c hackled linen tow (vochl.koud.24015b Industrial cotton wool and tons tons tons tons tons polishing cotton 24020-4 tons Polishing disks 24029 tons Bandage- cotton wool 2403 tons Pressed felt 2404 tons Noils 2405 tons Wool combings tons Wool waste tons Cotton and wool waste incl. noils Spun horsehair and sjj.nthetic horsehair Combed cotton yarns Other yarns from cotton and 2407 24100 tons tons artificial wool (fleece) 24101 tons Vicuna cotton yarn (vigonova prize bavlnarska) 24102 tons Coarse cotton yarns 24103 tons Combed wool yarns 24110 tons Carded wool yarns 24111-2 tons Linen yarns 2412 tons Jute yarn 2413 tons Hemp, sisal, paper and hard fiber yarn Natural silk Cotton, synthetic silk, natu 2414-5 2417 tons tons ral silk and linen threads 2420-3 Mons Hemp-threads, twisted strings and strings, ropes and other ro- pers' products 2478 ;tons Nool yarn for hand-knitting 2425 !tons Hair-fabrics 2430 Diaper-mull (tetra), Be ctinkinps Fabr4lf"o F(triRqlx2109"T/19: CIA-RDP83-00415R006500I13 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 005-0 1 5 Re- mark 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/0 ~Consec. Desi Planning Unit of Number of Ti ati f th dit gn on o e commo y Crk 41 Other cotton fabrics 243 42 Cotton and silk cord fabrics 24399 43 rxtificial silk and semi-silk fabrics for linings 12443 44 Other silk and semisilk fabrics 15 15 15 15 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 SECRET Balance SAW! f eleba!e 004/02/19 : CIP,-RDP83-004155006500130005-0 number ' G 1~11dtj LO1i of L1. e commoai ty '~~ _ group quantity 45 Cigarette tapes 46 Other linen, semilinen and 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 7'7 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Lyon fabric (spinning mat.) 2476 tons Glued ribbons 2477 !tons Miscellaneous products 2476 Mons Flushes and "krymr"(creamers? 24837 m Woven felts 2486 tons Fabrics for blankets and rugs 2488 !m Other wool fabrics 248 m Jute carpets 24802 sq.m, Other carpets 249 sq,m. Knitted ware for babies 2500 pcs r3 hemp fabrics Jute fabrics Braces (popruhy) Hoses Ribbons and galloons Tulles, laces, net-works, machine embroidery abies dresses kittdbid ne comne. with stockings 25015 Other knitted outer garments and mittens 2561,3 Knitted v::teline 2502 tandard stockings and socks 2504 Cotton stockings 2505 Hosiery fabrics for underwear 2506-8 Hosiery caps and Turkish caps 2509 Uniforms 2520 ,Vorkcl othe s 2521 in pair pair tons pcs PCs Gentlemen' and boys outer garments PCs 2522 Ladies' and girls' outer garments PCs 2523 Clothes from rubber fabrics. and synthetic materials 2524 pcs Children, clothes 2525 pcs Other not mentioned articles of the clothing industry PCs Woven gentlemen's and boys' underwear 2530/a PCs Woven ladies' and girls' under- wear 2531/a pcs 'Woven children's underwear 2532 PCs Gentlemen's, boys' ladies' girls' and children's hosiery underwear 2552/b pcs Domestics 2533 pcs Light clothing articles Fashion articles (fan Miscellaneous articles i1L I! Impermeable articl ~aS~ovl~rl a 004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-00415 R0065 P.T.O. 1'245691 1pcs 1 245,2460m 12451 m ton,. 24620 IM 24621 2470-3 in. 2474-5 m ~,%C1 25X1 Number of Pe- ILl Trail. Co mark 15 z 15 15 15 '15 15 z 15 z 15 z 15 z 15 z 15 z 15 d 15 d 15 d 15 d 15 j 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 ?15. 15 15 15 16 15 15 '15 15 15 15 3 15 z 15 z 25X1 15 z 15 z 25X1 0130 005-)5 s s Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0Q6a9D1 0005-0 i4nati on of the commodity i andag?e articles Ad dusted cellulose wadding fomen'S monthly sanitary rc i e r t i on it perS i _rndkercniefs I-lanni ng' Unit of Number of ,roup___ uant_ity M. Trad . 0 o 2539 Kcs +5 2363501 tons 15 23633ii1 tons i5 X363321 tons 363331 tons "5 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 Re- marks Approved For Release 200 Balance corking Group_ of th Consec. umber_ 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 107 108 109 110 ----- -- ---- ------------- Cuttings from stamped cellulose wadding Dentists' wadding-pads 2363351 Toilet cellulose wadding 2363361 ;tons Special sizes for export 2363371 (tons Other products from cellulose wadding (cotton-wool) 23633 Hair fibres for hatmakers Hatmakers'semifinished pro- ducts head-gear Non-met&llic buttons Non-metallic zip-fasteners Umbrellas Net-work articles Artificial flowers Treated rabbit-skins Dyed and otherwise treated hides Ready-made clothing-parts from furs Cocoa and arak nuts etc. Nacre Other overseas materials for turners and carvers Natural d es of foreign (overseas provenance Decorative feathers Human hair 2406 2546 2546 2550 2551 2552 2554 2555 25600 25605 2561 25X1 25X1 tons torid pcs pcs gross m pcs Kcs Kcs PCs 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 6 6 6 15 15 16 pcs 16 pcs/pairs 15,16 tons 16 tons 16 Kcs tons tons 6 15 fly 25X1 Re- mark Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/1`:: 25X1 Tanning. Leather goods and rub ~ lectora e of zecho- BalancE; corking roue 25X1 ing, Leathergoods onset. umber 2 3 4 5 6 12 13 11 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 w':ashin. tonova 21 _ Desigcation of the commndi tv -Planning Unit of Number of, 4- Leathers for shoemakers Leathers for shoemakers rou want _y %,Trad .Co ' mark 260/261/ 26212 262 e1 u-leazners 263 ethnical and special leat,hers'264/268 makers (saddlers) Leathers for gloves and Technical and special leathersl264/268 Leathers for leatherworkers I and. harness makers 265 Leathers for leathermakers (luggage makers) and harness 265 clothing 266/267 Other wastes, glue-hide 2695 Work footwear with leather-sole27?OO Work leather footwear with rubber-sole Sporting footwear Gentlemen's leather 2700 2701 dm. sq. kg kg kg kg kg pairs pairs pairs leather sole gentlemen's leather 27020/21/26 pairs rubber sole 27023/24 pairs Ladies leather shoes with leather sole 27023/24 pairs Ladies' leather shoes rubber sole 27023/24 pairs Childrens' leather (size 5 - 8 1/2) 27029 (pairs Children's leather (size 9 - 11 1/2) 27028 pairs Sandals 2702/16/17 46/47/66/67/ Light footwear 96/97 2703 pairs pairs Slippers 2704 pairs Pumps for gymnastics g 2704 pairs Clogs (raby ) 2704 pairs 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 25X1 25X1 Approved For Releas 5001 0005-0 j z Approved For Release 2004/02/19 :(1.300415R00650013 25X1 25X1 Ponsec. umber esignation of the commodity Plannin rou g Unit of uuantity Number of 1.Trad Co 24 Light rubber footwear 2710 pairs . 16 25 Rubber shoes 27111 pairs 16 26 Rubber work footwear 2712 pairs 16 27 Shoe repairs 2708/18 pairs 16 28 Luggage maker's articles 2720/21 Kcs 16 29 Saddlemaker's articles 2722 Kcs 16 30 Driving belts 27230 kg 16 31 Other technical articles 2723 Kcs 16 32 Work gloves 2731 pairs 16 6 Other gloves 2730/32/39/ pairs 16 3 28000/0lOpcs 16 35 28001/011pcs 16 36 28002/O12pcs 16 37 28003/013pcs 16 38 W See B G f C . . . o the entral 28004/01!ipcs 16 39 Distributing Agency for 28005/015pcs 16 40 41 Motor Vehicles X) 28006/01(pcs 16 28007/017pcs 16 42 Flat driving belts 2839 sq m 16 43 V-belts and round driving . . belts 2840 m 16 44 Conveyors 2841 sq m 16 45 Rubber flooring 2842 . . sq m 16 46 Rubber-coated textiles 287 . . sq m 16 47 Producs from synthetic and . . plastic materials 289 Kc S 16 48 Other rubber goods 280-286 Kcs 16 49 Natural rubber (caoutchouc 552 tons 16 50 Synthetic Rubber (Buna) 06104 tons 16 51 Reclaimed rubber 2880 kg 16 x) Production balances are made up by the Czechoslovak Leathergoods and Rubber 'vuorks and submitted to the Central Distributing Ageny for Motor vehicles. E CHET Re- mark zi z J z z z z 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 200 Agricultural Balance Working Consec. number. y of Agriculture, T.~-Tesnov _ Designation of the commodity Horned cattle Pigs Sheep Goats Horses ;Other domestic (farm) animals Poultry !'Bees Planning Unit of Number of group quantity M.Trading Co 5000 5001 5002 5003 5004 5009 5051 50590 pcs/t PC s/t pcs/t pcs/t pcs Pcs pcs swarms 5206 tons 5400 tons 5401 tons 5402 tons 5403 tons 5404 tons 5405 tons 5409 tons 5410/11, 2 tons 5419 tons 54305 tons 5443 tons 5499 5650 5651 5900 5901 59070 59071 59072 5909 5924 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons Horticultural and forest cul- tural produce (young plants) Flowers (cut) Medicinal and aromatic plants 5992 Ot:.,-er plants and parts of plants not quoted elsewehere 1599 Capsicum Hops Seeds except cereals and oilseed plants Flax Hemp Sugar-beet Chicory -gayly potatoes Other potatoes Industrial potatoes Other.bulbous plants used fodder Tobacco Fodder-plants and litter- plants Honey Wheat Rye Barley Oats Corn Buckwheat Other cereals Edible legumes Fodder legumes and mixtures EGRETS tons tons tons 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 23 20 20 20 21 20 20 20 20. 20 26 20 20 20 25X1 ,ro 25X1 25X1 Re- mark 25X1 Approved For Releas 50013 005-0 25X1 ;c6KLT I I s~ 25X1 25X1 Balance uVc plpia d t_ele $e 004/02/19:CIA-RDP83-00415RqRT~010630 TIM agues T esno25X1 Consec.l t,,#A ? 4, 'L number ;Designation of the commo z y Crude sugar 2 Refined sugar 3 !Edible sugar syrup and cou- leur 4 Molasses 5 Fresh sliced sugar-beet 6 Dried sliced sugar-beet 7 Liquor from sugar-juice con- taining coagulated impuri- ties 8 Crude alcohol from potatoes farm-made 9 Crude alcohol from beet farm-made 10 Crude alcohol from molasses produced by distilleries 11 Crude alcohol from molasses produced by yeast-factories 12 Crude industrial alcohol from beet 13 Crude sulphite alcohol 14 Refined alcohol 15 dehydrated alcohol 16 Predistillates and post- Sistillates (Ukapy a dokapy) 17 enatured alcohol 18 Distillation aromatic im- purities (priboudlina) 19 Liquors (cold process) 20 Fruit-distillates 21 Wine (grape)-distillates 22 Other distillates 23 Ordinary yeast 24 Fodder-yeast 25 Dried yeast 26 Waste-potatoes after distil- lation 27 Waste-grain after distil- lation (obilne vypalky) 28 Waste-molasses after distil- lation (melasove vypalky) 29 Waste-beet slices after distillation 30 Proteins 31 Fodder proteins 32 Potato-flakes 33 Potato starch 34 Potato powder 35 Potato starch 36 Corn starch ET 37 Wheat stare AGR 38 Rice starch 39 Other stare A r ved For Lse 9004109119 - 40 St&rc . sugar nit of Number of Re- group quantity .Trad.Co mark 3000 tons 21 z 3005 tons 21 j 3007 tons 21 z 3050 tons 21 j 30520 tons 20 d 30525 tons 20 d 3054 tons - d 310001 hl - z 310002 hl - z 310020 hl - z 310021 hl - z j 310022 hl - z 31005 hl - z 31010 hl 25 z 31012 hl - z 31014 hl - d 31016 hl - z 3102 hl 7 d 31030 hl 25 z 31033 hl 25 z 31036 hl 25 z 31038 hl 25 z 31100 tons 25 j 31101 tons 25 z 31105 tons 25 z 31200 tons 20 d 31200 tong 20 d 31205 tons 20 d 31206 tons 20 d 31250 tons 25 d. 31251 tons 25 d 31300 tons 20 z 31303 tons - z 310 6 tons 20 z 0 tons. 20 z 2 tons 20 z t 2 4 ons 0 z j 6 tons 20 z ~0 z 0415 U001300 )5- tons 20 z P.T n onsec. umber 41 46 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 57 Approved For Release 20 Designation of the commodity Planning .Unit of I group uanti~ M.Tr Jtarch syrup -3t arch pudding Other products from starch Fresh crushed potatoes Dried crushed potatoes Corn fodder (mlato) Corn-ste3p Others Malt 31455 31457 31459 31460 31461 31464 31465 31469 3200 Ba_ley for sp routing (zadni j.)32020 (germination) Malt (barley) sprouts 32029 Other malt wastes 32029 tons 20 tons 20,25 tons 20,25,7 tons tons tons tons 25 tons -- tons I 22 tons tons tons 20 20 20 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 Number of ad.Co Re- mark 25X1 25X1 onsec. number 53 54 55 56 57 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 79 80 81 82 83 7 Approved For Release 8 - 05-0 25X1 Designation of the commodity Planning group Light beer 32100 ask beer 321105 12 beer 32108 Fermentation yeast (nasadove kvasnice) 32160 Pressed waste yeast 32165 Dried waste yeast 321656 Bruised malt, moist (mlato) 32200 Dried bruised malt (mlato) 32204 Coarse wheat flour 330001 Fine wheat flour 330002 v'heat grits 33005 Edible rye flour 33010 Edible barley flour 33020 Barley flakes (papery) 33021 Silopan (???) 33022 Coarse and fine peeled bar- ley 33025 Oatmeal-porridge 33030 Oat-flakes 33031 Corn-flakes 33090 Burizon (??) 330909 Pea-powder 330920 Peeled peas 330921 Peeled buckwheat 33094 Rice products 35096 Fodder-flours 33500 Bruised wheat(otruby) 335030 Bruised rye 335031 Bruised barley 335032 Bruised oats 335033 Bruised grain. 33506 Bread and other rye-flour- products Common wheat flour bake?'s ware Fine wheat flour baker's Cast and cut non-cho Biscuits SECRET 3400 34030 Unit of Number of uantit M. Trad . Co hi 25 hl 25 hl 25 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 25,20 20 2p'20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 0 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tond tons tons tons tons tons tons ware 34030 .Common dough ware 34060 Egg containing dough ware 34061 Cocoa mass 34100 Soaking mass 34101 Cocoa butter 34102 Soybeans ;.ass 34105 Cocoa powder 3411 Tablet-chocolate 3412 Chocolate candy 3413 Candites and comprimates 13414 WafApprovdd For Release 2 : tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 15 tons 25 16 83-00 1 tons 2 Qg5001 000 25X1 Re- mark z z j z ID. Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 L u0n, C. umber Signation of the commodity Unit of Planning want ity Number of M. Trad . Co Re- mark t 99 Children's cirboh:Tdrate nutrition 34167 tons 25 100 Confectioner's products 3418 tons 25 101 Juc:usses (juices) 342000 ; tons 25 10 .. Other semi-liquid fruit semi- finished articles 342009 tons 25 X03 Pulps 342010 tons 25 104 Fruit-mass (drene) 342011 tons 25 Fruit-pastes 342012 tons 25 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 Approved For Release 25X1 3onsec. number Designation of the commodity Planning rou 1 06 Pressed apple 342015 107 Concentrates 342016 108 Consumable syrups 3420500 109 Industrial syrups 3420501 110 Non-fermented juices 342055 111 Fruit-wines not prepared 342060 112 Sweetened and seasoned fruit- wine s 542 065 113 Fruit-preserves 342070 114 Jams 342071 115 Plum-preserves 342072 1'16 Compotes 342074 117 candied fruits 342076 118 Dried apples 342 0770 119 Dried pears 3420771 120 Dried plums 3420772 121 Dried apricots 3420773 122 Dried rose-fruit (sipky) 3420774 123 Other dried frui is 3420779 124 Other condensed and solid fruit- 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 13 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 1.44 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 products 342079 Frozen fruits 3420780 Dried forest fruits 3420781 Liquid pectine 342080 Powder-poctine 342081 grape-wines 3423 banned vegetables 3425000 Sauerkraut 342501 Pickled cucumbers 342502 Pickled tomatoes 342503 Tomato-juice 342 504 Ketchup and other sauces 342505 Other pickled vegetables 342 509 Dried vegetables 34251 Dried mushrooms 34250 Pickled mushrooms 34262 Mushroom-extract 34263 Other mushroom products 34269 Frozen vegetables 34252 fried chicory 34300 Dried sugar-beet 34305 Grain-coffee 34350 Coffee 34351 Coffee substitute (addition) 34352 Coffee blend 34355 Crude oils not hydrpgenated 0600 3440 Linseed pil 060010 Perilla oil Hempseed oil 011 Chine wood 25 e , ..o Approvedor 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-004 Food Unit of Number of Re- quantity M.Trad:Co mark to ns tons tons tons 1000 1 1000 1 25 25 25 25 25 25 1000 1 tons I tons tons tons tons tons bons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 1000 1 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 2'1 25 25 25 24 24 24 z G.4 24 5 b@500130b05-O24 z z z z z j z z z z z z Z Approved For Release 2004/02/19;: RDP$3-00415R0065001$000,S5X1 #Co sec. DE,signation of the co !nur!~~Qr '~ "1551 6Ltica oil 1a6 T~-' it o--i-i 157 Other desiccative oils t;,ysee;:i oil 060015 060016 060019 344020 25X1 xe_ mark 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 2` ~ ~ 2'5X1 I A roved For Release 4j, ZQO J pp 0 RDP83-00415R0 50 0 0 6 911 O~ uonsec. Designation of the of Number of T C number lt~~ LUYP LL M. r-ad . o - _ 159 Sunflowerseed oil 060021 344021 !tons 24 160 Sesame oil 060022 344022 :tons 24 161 Rape-oil 060023 344023 ;tons 24 162 Corn oil 060024 tons 24 163 Soybean oil 060025 344025 164 Cottonseed oil 060026 344026 tons 24 165 Mustard seed oil 060027 tons 24 166 Tall oil 060029 (tons 24 167 Other semi-desiccative vege- table oils 344029 tons 168 Olive oil 060030 544030 tons 169 060031 344031 tons 170 Castor oil 060032 344032 tons 24 171 Culfur oil 060033 tons 24 172 Almond oil 060034 -tons 24 173 Other non-desiccative vegetable oils (060039, 344039 174 060040 344040 175 060041 344041 tons 24 176 Palm-oil 060042 tons 24 177 Japanese wax 060043 tons 24 1'8 Other solid vegetable oils 060049 344049 tons 179 Crude marine animal oils not hydrogenated 06005 Animal fats without further 34405 specification 06006 tons 24 181 Hard animal fats 06007 tons 24 182 Soft animal fats 06008 tons 24 183 diiste oils and fats 06009 tons 2' 4 184 Crude hydrogenated oils 0601 3441 tons 24 185 Refined oils not hydrogenatedO602 3442 tons 241225 Hydrogenated refined oils 0603 3443 tons 24 187 25 1 24 188. Premier jus 25 189 u B t 190 ee s e Th e 1 p r %voe R 0055 01o~ Re 25X1 mark z }j z z z z j z 11 Approved For Release 2004/02/19: CIA-RDP83-00415R0 rlanning l Unit of route quantit I Table margarine 34451 tons Tea marE.arine 34452 tons 100% oleomargarine 34455 tons "J'd:i_ble consumable oils 54458 tons "Fodder from pressed oil-plant s 34450 tons p Ixt;racted bruised grains 34455 tons 25X1 Re- mark z z j z z d d Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 E onsec. umber 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 -21 222 223 224 225 226 227 22 229 2;0 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 C-4 Approved _VgKRelea Designation of the commodity ErouP_ Soap (ordinary) 073000 Toilet soap 073001 Shaving soap 073002 Medicinal soap 073003 Soap flakes 073005 Semi finished soap products 07301 Soft industrial soap containing 40% fatty acids 073020 Hard industrial soap 073021 Soap-powder 073022 Soap washing powder containing 10 1% fatty acids 073030 Soap washing powder containing 25X1 of quantity tons tons tons tons tons tons D130 Food Number of M.Trad.Co 7 7 7 7 7 7 tons tons tons more than 15% fatty acids 073036 tons 7 Deinfectant soap 073004 ! tons 7 Soap shampoo powders 073040 !tons 7 Liquid soap shampoos 073041 tons 7 Sulphonate powder shampoos 073042 tons 7 Liquid sulphonate shampoos X073043 tons 7 Other soap products 107305 tons 7 Stearin 07310 tons 24 Olein 07311. (tons 24 Other fatty acids for refi- nement 107312 tons 24 Other saponification fatty acids 07313 tons 24 Other distilled fatty acids 07314 tons 24 Crude glycerine 073200 tons 7 t{efined glycerine 073201 tons 7 Distilled glycerine 073202 tons 7 Wastes at the distillation of fatty acids 0732.1/2 tons 7 Soapstock 107323 tons 7 Oand.lemaker's products 107330 tons 7 Cosmetics 0750 Mons 7 Tooth-pastes 075070 tons 7 synthetic fragrant essences 0752 tons 25,7 dhole milk 345011 1000 1 lvlilk with 2% _fat coat !nt 545012 1000 1 Skimmed milk 345013 11000 1 Buttermilk 34502 1000 1 Cream 12% 345051 1000 1 Cocoa milk 34507 1000 1 Dried whole milk 3451110 tons 20 Industrial dried whole milk 3451111 tons 20 Dried skimmed milk 345112 tons 20 Dried butter-milk -Eledon 345119 tons 20 Condensed sweetened milk 345151 tons 20 Condensed unsweetened milk 345152 tons 20 Milk from dairies 34521 tons 20 Farm butter 34 remelted butter 2j5 Cur~pproved For Rele 004It rr 25X1 Re- mark z z z z z z z z z Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RpP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 _I dup tri al curd o ft t cheese IT rc^i cheese .:old-cheese eese in pieces (hrudkovy) 'lelted cheese Olomouc cheese (tvaruzkv) Flannin 1 34532 345411 34543 34544 34545 34545 34547 34548 Unit of I Number of ~ Re- qi antity M.Tr id.Co mark tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 20 20 20 CO 220 220 20 = Jhee cheese 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 'onsec. umber 252 253 254 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 2'76 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 298 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : 25X1 _,ui'iL Designation of t Skimmed fodder milk 34581 Fodder butter-milk 34582 poured skimmed milk (syrovatka) 34583 fogurth 134591 Dry casein 34595 i Lactose 34597 Substitutes for eggs and milk 34598 Other milk products 134599 Smoked meat products 34600 Cooked meat products (boiled)34601 Smoked meat 34602 Meat cans 34604 Frozen beef 346060 Frozen pork 346061 Frozen veal 346062 Meat extract 34608 Other products from meat 34609 Canned poultry stomachs 346100 Poultry pies 346101 Frozen poultry 34611 Canned game 34615 Frozen game 34616 Smoked fish 34620 Brawned fish 34621 Pickled fish 34622 Anchovy 34624 Matje (zavinace) 34625 Fish-cans 34626 Roasted and baked fish 34627 Fish pastes and other pro- ducts from fish 34629 Eggs from coolrooms 34640 Eggs from lime-solutions 34641 Frozen egg-melange 34642 Frozen liquid yolk 34643 Frozen liquid whites 34644 Whole dried eggs 34645 Dried yolk 34646 Dried white 34647 Other egg-products 34649 Fodder meat powder 346600 Fodder blood powder 346601 Fodder meat and bone powder 346603 Fish powder 346604 Liquid soup seasoning 347000 Soup cubes 347001 Ready-made soups 347005 Soup-powder (jiska) 347007 Approved For "1se ~t of antity 1000 1 1000 1 1000 1 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 1000 pcs 1000 pcs tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons Number of M. Trail . Co 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 25 20 20 20 20 0 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 I 20 25 25 25 k-~ ! 25X1 Re- mark 1-6 A d F R l 2004/02/19 CIA RDP83 0041 pprove or e ease : - - 25X1 25X1 )ti Gar. -Jesignation of the rlannin g Unit of Number of Re- commodity r.oU tat ntiit:T M. Trad.Co mark bl !-mustard 347010 tons 25 7 ~`rem -mu stard 34701'1 tons 25 z round ca7,si.ccum 347020 tons 25 other rotund sr,i.ces 347025 tons . 25 z z4?0300 tons 25 z .., ..nnjmor susar `34770301 tons 25 z 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 Consec. umber 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 352 333 334 335 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 34 346 347 348 349 350 351 Approved For Release 2004/q9119 ? rte. 6083_OO415ROO65OO130005-0 Designation of the commodity) Pudding and cream powders Other preparations used. in dough-making Jelly and jam preparations Malt exuracts Essential oils Flar~ning 9;rouP 345352 347038 34704 34706 3470%0 Concentrated essences (tresti) 347091 Invert sugar Edible salt Industrial salt Cattle-salt Molasses fodders Leguminous mixtures for 34708 34720 34721 34722 34790 feeding 34795 Various auxiliary substances for the food industry 34799 Vinegar 3480 Malt-wines 3483 Soda waters 34850 Flavored lemonades and artificial mineral waters Natural lemonades Mineral waters Spring salts Spring products Fermented tobacco Cigars Cigarettes Pipe tobacco cigarette tobacco Chewing tobacco Snuff By-products of the tobacco production Wastes of the tob.productioi Furred game Feathered game Sweat-water fish Sea-fish Beef Veal Pork Mutton Horse-meat 34861 34862 34863 34864 34865 3490 3491 3492 3495 3493 3496 3497 3498 3499 5053 5054 50550 50552 51000 51005 51001 51002 51003 Unit of uantit tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons hl 1000 1 1000 1 1000 1 1000 1 1000 1 tons tons tons 1000 pcs mill.pcs tons tons tons tons tons tons pcs/t pcs/t tons tons tons tons tons tons tons Other,meats 51009 'tons Meat crumbles (droby) 5101 tons Indocrinal glands and other parts used. for 1110. S1U 11+11 V' J. V V1 111E U..L.% L7 ~/ , VCr Bowels and bladders 15103 1tons/ Blood Other parts of anima aniA roVffIt&sReIT5s~ Grease Lard Li 25 5001 Number of M.T'rad.Co 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 7 7 7 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 1 20 000 20 20 25X1 Re mark Consec. number 352 353 354 355 356 357 38 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 1 381 382 383 384 385 387 388 389 390 391 392 P83-00415R00650n130005-0 Approved For Release 2004/02 IiJ Designation of the commodity Crude beef-suet Crude fish oils Other crude animal fats Rice Poppyseed Rape-seed Soybeans sunflower seed Olives Peanuts Coconuts Palm-kernels Cottonseed, linseed and hempseed Other oil-fruit and seed (mustardseed, niRer, sesame etc.) salad cucumbers Cucumbers for pickling Tomatoes I Melons Pumpkins (??Dyne?) Capsicum. Other fruit-vegetables Green peas Green beans apples Years Lemons Oranges Other fruits with cores Fruits for cider Rose-fruit (sipky) Plums Cherries iuiahaleb-cherries Apricots Peaches fellow plums (ringle) Juicy plums (slivy) Dat e s Figs Other stone-fruits Planning group 5112 5114 5119 5407 5421 5423 5424 5422 5425 5426 5427 5428 5420 5429 543000 543001 54301 54302 54303 54304 54305 54309 54306 54307 54320 54321 54325 54326 (pips) 54529 54327 54328 54330 543310 543311 54332 54333 54334 54335 54337 54338 54;539 I I Food 8) Unit of Number of Re- quantity M.Trad.Co mark 25X1 25X1 tons 24 z tons 24 d tons 24 !tons 25 d tons 20924 d tons 20,24 ,tons 20,24 d Mons 20,24 d tons 25,24 d tons 25,24 d tons 25,24 d tons 24,25 d tons 24,25 d tons 0 24 25 tons 0 9 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 -tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 tons 20 tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 tons 20 d tons 20 tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 20 d tons 25 d tons 25 d tons 20 d 25X1 Approved 12 2I Approved For Release 20 25X1 good 9) ____ Consec _r s .tinning nit of Number of Dtf the commodity lesignaion o unit LTrr_~c .Co mark umber ------- 393 395 396 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 4'11 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424- 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 43 434 435 Table wine-grapes (rai Industrial wine-grapes Other wine-grapes Currant Gooseberries Strawberries Raspberries Blackberries Bilberries Red whortleberries Cranberries Other berry-fruits Green wallnuts Dry wqllnuts Hazel-nuts, unpeele Peeled hazelnuts Almonds Other sorts Other sorts Cocoa beans Raw coffee Roasted coffee Other edible fruits Beet root Celery Parsley Horse-raddish Early carrot Late carrot Radish Kohlrabi (early) (Sw.turnip) !;sinter kohlrabi (Svf.turnip) Other root-vegetables Onion Garlic (n=or) Garlic-like vegetable. 543400 543401 i543402 54341 ,54342 54343 54344 54345 54346 54347 54348 54349 543600 543601 543610 543611 54362 543690 543691 5440 54410 54411 5449 59001 59020 590211 59022 59023 59024 59025 59026 59027 59029 5908 59090 59091 Chives 59200 Early cauliflower 59201 e}yinter caulif_l'bwer .59202 Rose cabbage (kapusta ruzic)59203 Early cabbage 59204 tdinter cabbage 59205 Early white cabbage 159206 tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons, tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 25 2 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25,20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Consec. number 436 437 438 439 ?1-40 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 Approved For Release 25X1 Designation of the commodity Winter white cabbage Red cabbage Cabbage-like vegetables Asparagus Rhubarb .Lettuce pinach Other leaf-vegetables Tea Fresh mushrooms 03pices not quoted elsewhere Other items not quoted else- where 25X1 60 25X1 Hood 10) Planning Unit of Number of 3e- ggrou . uantit Y1.'Tr-id.Co mark 59207 tons 59208 tons 59209 tons 59250 tons 59251 tons 59252 tons 59253 tons 59259 tons 5923 tons 5990 tons 5993 tons 5999 25X1 25X1 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 2D 25 20 25 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2p Balance Working Group for 3-Efift Metallurgical Products 25X1 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 0 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 Grey pig iron (for Vhite pig iron(for Ferro-alloys Raw roldi-steel Other raw steels foundries) steelworks) Castings for steam-rollers Steel sleepers Small rail-products ready-made Railroad switches and material for switches Material for mining struction roles and masts Cross-beams (rahna) Telerbone Poles Pipe arches Pipe-coils Superheater joints Bent tubes and Ribbed tubes Planning group? 100'l0 10011 10013-15 101 a 101 b 10614 1062 1063 1 064 1065 106600 106601 106602 10661 10662 reverse- compensators Bottles and containers Other pipe products Barbed wire Nails Furniture-springs Vire-gaue s and textiles Wire mattresses Springs uuelding electrodes Forged and welded chains Black screw articles Rail-fixtures for railroad- tracks Rivets Other screw-articles 10663 10664 10665 10666 10667/9 10700 10701 10702 10703 10704 1071 1072 1073 10740 61 5R006500130005-0 ntral Directorate of Cze- oslovak Metallurgical Works ronworks) lraha II.Trida liti ck ch ye znu 11 tons tons tons tons t ons tons tons t ons tons tons tons tons tons tons 10741 'tons 10742 tons 10743/4/5/9 tons Semifinished artcles from anticoro (stainless) sheets and bars 1075 Adjustment of raw-materials 11090 Manufacture and products from steel-powder 1091 Blast-furnace slag 1092 Steelworks-slag 1093 Scales and puddling slag 1094 Other slags 1095 Other waste 1099 Soldering fluxes Powder metallurgy Non-cApptrosreiRdr Mid pressings 3 3 3 3 3+4 3 3+6 3 3 3 3+4 3+4 3 3 3 3+6 3+4 Approved For Relea se 2 L 25X1 Consec umber 45 46 47 'Designation of the commodity Coppersmith's semifinished articles Graphical tables Products from foils ,,crews, nuts, nails, rivets, clips Plann ing r?up___ 1194 '1195 1-196 1'197 -lau R001130005-0 *t of I Number of antic M.Trad.Co: kg kg kg kg SEC E .e- mark 25X1 25X1 6C ~ II 33/8 Approved For Release 2004/02/19 : CIA-RDP83-00415R006500130005-0