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December 15, 2016
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December 17, 2001
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May 4, 1951
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- 40' Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R00700025R0,04-12?6 CLASSWICATION al.:REX/0 ONTli 01, - b. S. OFF IC IAL5 OLT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATI it4 COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone)/Poland SUBJECT Regulatione for Soviet Trains Operating through Poland PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 25X1A EPORT CD NO. 25X1A DATE DISTR. 4 May 1951 NO. OF PAGES :3 NO. OF ENCLS. 1 series of25X1 (LISTED DELOW) photostats* SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1X REPORT NO. The following are excerpts of the most essential elements of the "Regulations for Soviet Trains Operating through Poland*, dated l September 1950 (1)s a. In addition to trains operating in accordance with the agreement on direct Soviet-Polish railroad traffic, German trains carrying goods to the USSR and Soviet trains bound for Germany may operate on Polish railroad lines within the framework of transit traffic. This traffic Is conducted by forming entire trains, made up in accordance with Soviet regulations with German locomotives and operated by locomotive and trains crews of the Soviet and German railroads. The Soviet and German railroad systems are fully responsible for the trains operated by them. (2) b. The time schedules for transit trains, drawn up by the railroad adminie trations of Poland and the USSR, are definitely fixed by the represen- tative of the Ninistry of Railroads of the USSR attached to the Polish railroad ministry. Soviet trains may not exceed 120 axles. c. The Polish railroad administration will supply the German personnel operating on Soviet traasit trains with the required number of timetables printed in Polish, Russian, and German. These timetables will also be Issued to the representatives for military shipments and the repreeentative of the Soviet rallroed administration attached to the railroad ministry of the Polish Republic. (3) If required, and on request by locomotive engineers the Polish railroadadministration will furnish Soviet trains with experienced pilots who know both Russian and German. These pilots must be familiar with the routes assigned to Soviet trains, they must stay on the locomotives, and they are responsible for the recognition of signals and the exemtion of all the other duties laid down in the instructions for pilots. (4) et. The Polish railroads will take over not less than 25 trains daily from the railroads of the German Democratic Republic and will turn over the same number to them daily. These trains will operate through the following border-crossing points8 CLASSIFICATION SECREVOODITROL - U.S. OFFICIALS OMLY STATC NAVY DISREI ARMY * FRI DISTRIIIUTION Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 " Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 SECRET/00NTR0L U.S. OFFIC/ALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY .2- Szczecin (Stettin)eGumienice (P 52/0 59) Kestreyn (Nueetrin) FeankfurtiOder Ouben (0 52/& 79) 25X1A 1 train in both directione 6 trains in both directions 10 trains in both directions 8 trains in both directions. (5) f. The follouing numbers of transit trains will be }d1 ed daily at the following transfer points on the Soviet-Polieh border: Bagrachonowsk Shelesmodoroshee Lesosna Brsostowica Beest Litovsk (via Czereneha) Brest Litovsk (via Terespol) Jagodin Rewa/Reska Mosciska (Wisankowice) 2 trains in both directions 4 trains in both directions 1 train in both directions 3 trains in both directions 5 trains in both directions 7 trains in both directions 3 trains in both directions 3 trains in both directions 4 truing in both directions. (6) g. The number of eastbound trains must be taken over, at the r lroad border crossing points of the Soviet railroad system. If the daily quota of east- bound trains to be taken over at the border crossing points used by the Soviet railroads is not fulfilled resulting in a backlog on Polish rail- road lines of transit trains amounting to three times the daily vote of German trains, the Polish railroad administration will be antenatically entitled to limit the further reception of German eastbound traine. 7 this WOO the railroad ministry of the USSR will be informed immediately. The Polish railroads will automatically raise the number of train e to be taken over by them if the Soviet railroad administretien increases the number of trains that it.oan accept. If this should be necessary, tho 25 trains laid down in this agreement will be increased by two dailyatFeankferti Oder and by one daily at the Other border crossing points mentioned. A ferther increase of Soviet transit trains operating through Poland will have to be negotiated between Soviet and Polish railroad administrations. The number of transit trains running within ten-day periods and nenthly periods between Germany end the USSR will be fixed by the representative of VI Soviet railroad ministry and the Soviet military traffic officer with the Polish railways, within the framework of quotas agreed upon by both perties. (7) h. The Soviet transit trains will operate on the following routes: Szcrecin-GusdeniceeStargardeErsye-PilaeBydgoesca-Torun-31awaeCasztene, Korsse- gradjonowsk (524 km) Kostrzyn-Bydgoezcz-ToruneOlsztye-Sholesnodorosheye (546 km) or Bagradjenovak (524 L=) FrenkfurtiOder-PoznaneWarszawa-Brzoetowicae (724 ba) or Brest Litovsk- ( 715 km) or ilyeoko Litovsk (690 ) SECRET/cONTROL . U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 SIERET/CONTROL - U. S. OFFICIALS OILY CENTRAL niTELLIGENCE AGENCY -3- 25X1A I nrankfurt/Oder-Poentua4strow4odz-Tomaezowlfesomiecki-Radom4ejowlec- Oytdna-Rawa Rusks- (870 km) or Jagodin (771 km) Guben-OstrowZodz=Tomassow Mazowlecki-Rejowlec-Cytdn&Aawa Ruske,- (871 ka) or Jagodin (772 km) Guben-OstroveLodz-Skarzysko Eamienna-Przeworsk-Nizankowice- (730 km) or Mosciska (732 km). The routes and border crossing points my be changed by mutual agreent. (8) 1. A period of 72 hours is set as a standard operating time required for transit trains, from the time of arrival in Poland until the time when they are turned over to German or Soviet railroad authorities at the Soviet-Polish border. (9) . Travelers and luggage will be carried by the following transit trains operating through Poland: One train from Brest Litovsk to Berlin via Tdaraawaandtwo trains operating between Brest-Litavsk and Frankfurt,/ Oder. These trains will be made up of German equipment but operated by Soviet personnel in addition to a Polish brigade of chief conductors. (10) k. Goods and baggage in transit trains will not be inspected by Polish customs officials and can be carried free of duty. Polish customs official may board the trains on presentation of official authorization' This does not apply to military trains. Locomotives and cabooses occupied by German train personnel are subject to customs inspection. (ii) The locomotives used for Soviet transit traffic through Poland will be ade- quately supplied with fuel, lubricants, and other materials required. The amounts of fuel, lubricents and other materials taken over at the coaling stations and other supply points will be recorded by the locomotive engineer. (12) 2. The agreement was signed on 1 September 1950 in the presence ofa ra Director General of the Soviet Zone Railroads. 25X1A =Comments. 25X1A The document supplements previous information. This transit traffic is presently handled by six,191Mtive columns and one Soviet column. A photostat of this timetable was transmitted previously. The employment of Polish pilots was reported previously. Twenty-rive transit trains, and their assignment to the boraer crossing point:: mentioned, is confirmed by local observations. Usually the number of trains 25X1A operating via these border crossing points is below the fixed Aaximumo See (6) meso cviettranglow pointe are known. Since the quota of trains (32) exceeds by sen the number of trains laid down for the Soviet Zone border crossing points (subparagraph e.), it may be assumed that the additional seven trains are for Polish.Soviet traffic. (7) The right of refusing to accept transit trains was frequently claimed by the Polish railread administration. Thie refusal led to a backlog of Soviet transit trains in Germany. p) These routes are confirmed the official timetable for transit trains. 9) The average trains require five days for a round trip in Poland. (10) Soviet passenger traffic through Poland is vcomotive column 42 equipped with German 01.type locomotives. 25X1A (11) The German locomotive personnel are subject to custom regulations. (12) The coaling and mater stations on the routes used by Soviet transit trains were reported previously. 25X1A SECREMGONTROL ? u.s. ornans:ONLY 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 adatiaismika Dura b di. titembalmots der 8eejetemies4 wertreten *wen des !Aecabelustiasterium (Ululate/1m der Vertindengseep) end die polnisehe Republik, vestreten aureh das lisenbabnednisterese (Ministerium der Terbindungesrege) folgende Regan aim den DureblaB eveletiseber =go Uber die pelnisdhen Elsetbabnen outgo- etellt. Vivito]. 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Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 Approved For Release 2002/01/241 81X-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 ?miens mak den Mobs gootattato it. in irfloordoolangrambk=on" dee direkten senjetlieboyeiniellb421 Y411c4bxe. /444014019?t sixml? verner 1st Mom oof dos IshoWtori#20 $00Otiaft der Lionot- end ufentbatareumaIn tiolober Wein vie dem Persomml dor polnioeben Amenbehmaft,gootattoti mit Aminobmo Yea 2bernmehtungerikatone die mar in Fallon belerster NotwomdigMeit mogilasoon aim& LieNonenollotsafOr dos Porsomal dor oompotioahou =go warden in 4 Zmomplarso amogefortists yea *mon 3 boomPlare dor 40mman1ant deo Immo orbUt umA Tem Oman or Jo 1 ImemOlar an ingange-und Anugungebnlinhat der polmisokom neenbaimen ilbergibto Thrend des letsto Essoplar so der lingorgostation der neenbelinen drtz Seeletunien oder der Mt alogogobon viz& S # Leitmilt dar togasaft olotolgt math dos Palma= mkt don fletriibaregain dor polatoobos Timobobson *ado (lurch term Per- away au doroa Palatal die LOstoodo VatterholtAtog der etAndigen asibrooloson In voile? 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Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 - 6 Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP83-00415R007900250004-3 angefiihrten Itiohtungen mad birgabebebzihife ktinnen naoh :-,Iorpretahon dor 'bidden Solt= goliniert wort*. 10 Fir den Lurchleaf dor itige dor Sowjetunion a renoit tiler jj palsiaohen Bahasa wordier& 3 ma 24 Stundonitgoroohnot vorA der Amebae dos Doges von den EisenWines der ;carjotttaion biastal nest dor Uborgabe an di. Bahasa dor DM oder in umgokehrter Fish- tang footnolegt. In Amato:tontilea kit= oins ;Warms dor Laufriohturz der Transitailge der Scejetunian aye eohriftliehei Artful derung des airrollatiohtigten doe Einonbahminiaterina der SoSjottanion beim poinioehon Zinenb,lhtministerius oder at sehriftlioher Anfordorurc doe Tertretare dike ittlit5rtranaportes beim Eieonhehnidnietorium der Pantomime lloyublik durohgettart wardens Lie nobriftliohe Asfordorung ither di. Inderung der Laufriohtung nufi den regenlistan mar Abroohnung nit deo fantralbitro beigefUgt Jordon ? die 'Pm, Deaohlung bein.Tarifivare (ZW%) ftir din 1Auf der Zug* der Sowjetnnion diimim. in dies= 7$11en ~den die ibroohnun- Eon flax die tatonohlioll du:Manures+) Entre:waft durohgoftIhrt? Trenatillge der Serjetnnien gallon auf der gonna Transit- streaks dor panioebon Bahasa night gatrennt warden mit Auntatimo der 71111.6 dio in dos Si 19,20,2/4 sand 33 vorgooehen eind? 5 11 Die rizektionen der polnioohen 7iienbolonne geben tffiglioh utoht slater WA 22 Uhr drtlioher fait den Vertrotern dor Milk- tirtnumporto der rcrejotunisa lialdungon ilber di. Dowegung der Traohten- und LehrsUge dor 7owjetunion nada den Stead von 18 Okr last Forshiett in Lulea* 3. 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Der Zug wird von LokosotiT- und Zugbegl-Itional er sowjetunion bedient, semis Ton einer ZugfUhrerbrigad,J l*r poi- nisch= Eisenbahnsm. bor aefOrderung Ton Person= nit Ausnahm militarisohor, die in Gliterstigen dor Sowjstunion Torgensamon words% wird des :isenbahn- ministerium der Yolanda= Republik 2 Tee verher benaahriohtigt. 5 13 Die polnisohen risenbohnon Last= sadisinisdho RUN dem Personal und den Wound= dor 2Ugs dor Sowjitunion be plUtali- ohen "licrankungon# Terlotnungon und Torwundungen auf der Boise in gloiobsr Woo wig den Personal und don Bolsondon der ZUgo der polnisohon Bahaism, t 14 Bei dor Boseitiong Ton UnfMtion und ZasammenstdBonl it, ZUge dor Sasjotunion ad don pOlnisohen Bohn= erleident findet die Ordnung enwendung, die in dem Rftwjetisobrpolnisoben Amen? bahngrenselkommen fUr den direkten Verkehe niedergelegt find. - ide polnisahen Eisenbahnen geben dem Kommandanten odor Zug? filhrier der sowlotisabon ZUgs die MOglichkeit koetenlos Telegxmf oder Telefon Nr die dienstliohe Verbindung mit den Usenbahnen .crajotunionn und den Saha= der DDR, die an die selbe Streaks .::?-,aileng sown mit dem BevollsOobtigten des Verkehreministerilas arjetunion und dem Verkehrsministerium dim Poland= Rom- Rosie dem BevollmHohtigten dos Milit4rtraturports beim pa- ellen Verkehraminis,erium# ? 15 ,u2sre Sohuts der Mae &or Sevjotunion onf don Gotiot ,er polnisehen Baba= wird duroh ;minima= Bob Zed= wahr goner men. 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