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December 14, 2016
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January 31, 2002
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September 4, 1951
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Approved For Release 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP83-00415R008700160005-3 SECRET German Democratic Republic FDD Abstract of 25X1A MILITARY, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL INFORMATION ON EAST GERMANY (1 p; German; 25X1X I 25X1X This document contains the following in formation: 25X1A Military and Transportation 1, According to confirmed reports from Bautzen, Leipzig, and Weimar, heavy movements of It oviet occupation troops are being noticed in Sachsen and Thueringen at present. is especially noticeable that more weapons and war materiel are arriving from the east than are moving east. An increase in the number of occupa- tion troops is definitely noticeable. 2. A railroad employee from Angermuende reports increasing intervention by the Control Commission in dispositions made by the railroad administration. 3. The Aue - Erlabrunn railroad line has been in operation as a double-track line for a time. There are several shunting stations on this short railroad line (shipment of uranium ore). 4. A group of 80,000 - 90,000 chosen FDT (Free German Youth) members will start special training with the People's Police in mid-July. They will receive two months of basic training at first. 5. S. 5i_1 reports that the People's Police will be brought up to a strength of 185,000 men in July. This number does not include the men already trained. 6. A reduction in the number of occupation troops has been noticeable in Meck- lenburg, It is not known where the troops have moved to. 7. It is reported that the Soviet Control Commission is considering a move from i horst to Dresden. The same is reported of the SED (Socialist Unity Party) Central"office, Berlin, Lothringerstrasse. Economic 1. There are reports that because of material shortages Five Year Plan quotas cannot be met. Shipyards have been releasing employees, and the Riesa Steel Mill has given notice to 500 employees. 2. To lower production costs in East Germany, it has been suggested that workers be paid on the basis of workers' brigades. Special courts are being set up to deal with laggards. established. RETURN TO (IA LIBRAKY /Foreign language document or a microfilm of it is available from CIA Library, Political A general housecleaning is taking place in the WN (league of Victims of National-Socialism) in Western Berlin and West Germany. All members showing Western tendencies are to be expelled. Many arrests took place in Parchim and other places in Mecklenburg recently. No reasons for the arrests were given. The chairman of the NDP (National Democratic Party) was reelected during the Leipzig Congress. Bolz She chairman is known to have close contacts with the MVD (Soviet security agency), A public show trial of Alex Stark, former assistant chairman of the FDGB (League of Free German Trade Unions), is expected to take place in July. Stark will be accused of collaboration with the West, The head of the Zittau FDGB has vanished, taking with him 100,000 Deutsche marks. Schneider Lsame man kmlt had a bad reputation and was an MVD informer. Numerous vacation homes of the FDCB are empty, Responsible fun 5X1A tionaries are charged with sabotage. The reason why they are empty could not be 25X1 A 2002/08/14: CIA-RDP83-00415ROO87001660 lember 1951 SECRET