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December 14, 2016
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January 11, 2002
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December 26, 1951
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FORM NC. MAY V-1 9 Approved For Releas# Alt4lttI IA-R J;M3 ]6 1 0003-9 CLASSIFICATIONi , SWURITY INFQRMATIOMI CENTRAL; INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) C 47 DATE DISTR. SUBJECT Eastbound sail Freight E I,ZZpt~'tt NO. OF PAGES Traffic via Guben 25X1 A C1.0s~P, _,.~c~,S HAS -`SCE ACQUIRED DATE OF II FQ 25X1X 25X1A 26 December 195]. NO. OF ENCLS. 2 (S Pages) (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1A The attached reports concerning eastbound rail freight traffic via the Guben crossing point are sent to you on loan. Kindly return. them at your convenience. 25X1A ILLEGIB CLASSIFICATION SECRET/Cff!'iOL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2 '08%14 CIA-RDP83-0041i5k010100060003-9 . 1 95 1X Ra - y to s t 1951 included: 6augu Date 1951 Number of Railroad Cars Load 22 Jujy 58 boxcars 24 July 25 boxcars 25X1 A nitrogen frog: Piesteritz gasoline and machine parts (1) 13 gondola cars 15 tank cars 60 boxcars undetermined 58 flatcars with . side racks and machine parts gondola cars 32 flatcars and gondola cars wheel sets (2) Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415RO10100060003-9 25X1A IR COPT Approved For Release 2010$/15. CJA-i D1 8 -OO 15R01 28 July 12 refrigerator cars 4 flatcars with side racks 10 gondola cars 29 July 6 boxcar's 2 gondola cars 16 tank cars 54,flatcars and gondola cars 30 July flatcars with Bide racks and gondola cars 12 refrigerator cars 4 flatcars 31 July 24 refrigerator cars 8 flatcars with side racks 3)4 tank cars 8 boxcars 2 flatcars with side racks 8 boxcars 3 tank cars 9 boxcars 40 gondola cars 1 August 18 boxcars 28 gondola cars 2 August 24 refrigerator cars 8 flatcars with side racks 3 August 20 boxcars 4 flatcars with side racks 30 flatcars and gondola cars 25X1A new refrigerator cars, Soviet-gauge axles and machine parts (3) machine parts and electric cars gasoline (1) machine parts including lathes for China wheel sets (2) new refrigerator cars and Soviet-gauge axles new refrigerator cars and Soviet-gauge wheel sets (3) gasoline (1) (3) new special freight cars and wheel sets. (3) undetermined boxes guarded by VP machine parts new refrigerator cars and Soviet-gauge axles from Leipzig (3) new special freight cars and Soviet-gauge wheel sets (3) Approved For Release 2Yd~b81fI!q1X ~PAY00415R010100060003-9 Approved For Release 202/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0101 U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 4 August 26 boxcaru 18 tank cars 25X1A gasoline, guarded (1) 43 gondola cars 12 boxcars 3 heavy-type flatcars gravel and coal cement pipes and factory equipment for Poland,. guarded by VP 5 August 30 tank cars- gasoline (1) 25 boxcars and gondola cars load undetermined, guarded six-axle railroad crane (3) with accessory and wheel sets loaded on a heavy- type flatcars 6 boxcars new special freight cars 1 flatcar with side racks and wheel sets (3) 6 tank cars export goods 26 gondola cars, briquettes 52 flatcars with side racks and wheel sets (2) gondola cars 6 August 60 boxcars and gondola cars reparations deliveries 40 gondola cars, flatcars with 12 mine cars, 1 grab side racks and heavy-type crane, reparations flatcars deliveries and boxes 7 August 40 gondola cars and flatcars *eel sets (2) with side racks 8 August 3 converted boxcars 46 boxcars and gondola cars military goods,, guarded. AW 24 Source learned of the extent of these reparations deliveries 25X1X 25X1X ccording to which a total of 90 refrigerator ears were accepted by the Soviets during the period from 1 January to 15 May 1951. Beside these cars which were delivered on reparations account, 398 four-axle all-metal refrigerator cars with a gauge of 1,524 mm were ordered in the Soviet Zone of Germany on 15 May 1951 by the Soviet Machine Import Company at 21 ul.Kuibyshven in Moscow at a price of 40,000 Approved For ReleasW80 1'6A f$q 183-00415R010100060003-9 Approved For Release 20d21U8/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0~ S. OFF4CtA1.S ONL'f l rutt]s per car. Of this total, 298 refrigerator cars will be delivered by the railroad car factory in Dessau and 100 by the, railroad car factory in Weimar. Dates of delivery have been fixed as follows: 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 160 cars in October 1951 160 cars in November 1951 78 cars by 15 December 1951. (4) 25X1A Comments. (1) De iveri a Soviet e drogenation plants to the U.S.S.R. and Poland. *Which of these shipments went to the U.S. 3.H. an which to o an could not be determined. (2) Standard-gauge wheel sets sent to Soviet border crossing points for use by the 20,000 German freight cars returned from the U.S.S.R. F ir.~.d ? (3) Reparations deliveries by Soviet Zone railroad car factories to the U.S.S.R. (44) Directorate General, Railroads1in Berlin indicates that source of the present report observed on a fraction of the eastbound traffic passing through Guben. 25X1 A Accords gh Poland, which came into effect on 20 May 19 1 u_ to 9 Soviet trains in each direction may pass through Guben daily. [~ I 25X1A U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R 10 1 MOM - 2 s - Approved For Release 20r4 :iii- $83-00415R0 U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Type of Cars Number and 9 August 21 tank cars gasoline 12 Soviet express train coaches 5 four-axle tipping cars 6 flatcar with s d ac-s 26 tank cars 10 August 57 boxcars 11 August 58 boxcars 50 boxcars 10 boxcars 48 :cars 32 flatcars 12 special freight cars 2 flatcars with s1deacks (2) 25X1A Soviet-gauge wheel seta (3) gasoline, guarded (2) loaded, guarded reparations goods tt export goods for i'oland prefabricated houses machine parts, reparations goods Soviet-gauge wheel sets 12 August 5 four-axle self- tipping cars 2 flatcars with sideeacks 18 boxcars 13 August 42 flatcars 14 August Soviet-gauge wheel sets (3) (3) export goods wheel sets (4) 32 flatcars with machine parts, guarded by sid asks and Volkspolizei SS-ttTpe flatcars 20 flatcars machine parts for Brest "itovsk 15 August 20 boxcars loaded, guarded 20 tank cars gasoline, guarded (2), 17 August 12 special freight new cars 2 flatcars with soviet-gauge wheel sets Approved For Release Zti'0'Z''S - P33-o0415R010100060003-9 -1 ic U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY (3) slowing crane i'ew Brest ''itovsk 3 rr ~~~ 11 1; ijL Approved For Release 2002/0 YT5 :'CIA- 15R010 S. OFFKun -` 1 six-axle railroad 5 automatic tipp- ing cars 2 flatcars with sid acks 1 SS-t e flatcar 21 August 1 six-axle railroad slewing crane Am 1 SS-t}rpe flatcar 12 boxcars 33 gondola cars ~CCF;r i ~'a, l U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY new 25X1A Soviet-gauge wheel sets and accessories (3) loaded, guarded Brest Litovsk Soviet- &uge wheel sets with accessories machine,.-parts and other reparations goods Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RIDP83-00415R010100060003-9 $/15~Vk4kDpg3t5 010100060003-9 S1 OFFICALS. ONL r 25X1A vvauuvs,a,,"o (1 report continues previous information. See- ?c (2) Fuel. deliveries Soviet Zone hydrogenation plants to the U.S.S.R. 25X1 A See (3) Probab y reparations deliveries by Soviet Zone car factories to the U.S.S.R. The Soviet-gauge wheel sets will be used in the U.S.S.R. and the standard-gauge wheel sets will be returned to the Soviet Zone of Germany, (14) Standard-gauge wheel sets en route to the Soviet Zone of Germany where they will be mounted on 20,000 former German freight cars returned from the U.S.S.R. 25X1A V. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415RO10100060003-9 25X1X Appr ve or a ease - - AffigutHA- rder near Guben during the period from 9 to 21 August 1951 included: (1) U. S. OFFKJALS ONLY 25X1A Approved For Release 200 /Go-RDP83-00415RO10100060003-9