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December 14, 2016
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February 15, 2002
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March 14, 1952
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SECRET Approved For Release 2002 O tg-trl 15R010500250003-4 25X1A Miscellaneous Railroad Information (1-page photostat, Polish, prior to mid-October 1951) 25X1X 2X1 A Enclosure to .information. 25X1X Polskie Koleje Panstwowe Warsztaty Mechaniczne Nr. 7 (No 7 Machine Shop of the Polish State Railroads), Rejtana Street, Opole, is approximately 500 meters long, and employs 1,000 workers. 5X1 X I I earned 350 zlotys per month plus premi'uY. X The premium depended upon the amount of work completed. For the repair of X1 railroad car, he received mostly a norm of 8 hours--depending upon the damage condition of 5X1 If he repaired I Iwithin 6 hours, then he had 2 hours over norm. If during the month he had more than 360 hours over norm, he received a premium amounting to approximately 100 zlotys; but if he had only 200 or less hours over norm, then he did not receive a premium. The Rada Zakladowa (Plant Council) at the factory was made up of a chairman, vice- chairman, secretary, treasurer, and 4 members. The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and the treasurer were paid members, but did not do any physical labor. Their wages were, more or less, the same as the wages of a worker, depending, however, upon the degree of their activities. Under the jurisdiction of the Plant Council were the Rady Oddzialowe (Division Councils), which were organized in each factory division. The worst people in the shop were the ORMO'ers (members of the Ochotnicza Rezerwa Milicji Obywatelskiej, Volunteer Reserve of the Citizenst Militia). The duty of the ORMOTers--an OR140Ter is placed in each brigade-- was to spy upon and to report ev.:ry sign of workers' dissatisfaction and tardiness. ORMO'ers did not have to meet any norms, or arrive punctually at work. They received the same wages as other workers. Roland Kobiela, commander of the ORMO at the factory in Opole-Zakrzow, was one of the greatest informers. 25X1 X paid 200 zlotys per month for his room and board. ere is a military airport in Nowa Wies near Opole, which is also used by jet planes. He heard rumors that in Murow partisans blew up a railroad bridge this year while a freight train was passing. It has been noticed that many young men who are about to enter the army just seem to vanish. The opinion is that they join the partisans. Some kind of experiments are being carried out at the cement works in Groszowice. One of the furnaces is completely walled off so that the work cannot be seen from he street or factory. Only politically-proven workers, who must take a special oath,'before they are accepted, are employed here. Special guards are posted in this area. /Complete translation of foreign material? /Foreign language document or microfilm thereof is available from CIA Library, 25X1A is a photostat of a Polish report covering miscellaneous Return to (IA tbIarY 14 March 1952 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415RO10500250003-4