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December 14, 2016
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January 25, 2002
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May 31, 1950
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ApProVetl-Eor!Releas.21102/08/1_5::: NTrEty,ofAx, Z.t? . . , 3 in 3-1011- EVA1 ? CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000700 _.,1 LACE OBTPINEEL DATE OF CON::: \IL 25X1C 25X1A )7-6 25X1A 25X1A '31 WI's/ 1950 - DATE ()BIM . REFERENCES dit;..,o REMARKS-?,_ 25X1X Flt-nt 301 25X1A a?: i,cnation: In the western -bon :6r of ?Mcf;cow-Khitaki air- b, Plant the Lant had a branch ol.ant in rbink. before he. ar SaLral fig?Aters were built, met 1,-.1ow.-Aaethe..i. this production w,17,..s continued, c , Me plans was snanaged by a% soviet general.. d . ..".:'.Ork force: 500 in each ok the three shifts and eziplo._:ed in the ziornint?-? shift only,: aate of oroduction: No details? available, 6everal air- craft shiments left the..LanL every wek by. rail. Tilt'. ehglnea -we' delivered. i'rem. Aybisk. II.e'c:fi.Jan of the. a*rcrait tye produced in Plant lo 301: obab1y a lignter trainer, fitted with a radial entitle, ibur- ded pro.(a1ier, 1ov-wir monco'iae wdth struight wini?.;s Lhd. r:cunded win.L. tips, 6:32,K e- rudder .assembiy mounted at rear fuselno, abost 2,0. cm niji. itdevater assambly formed as L-;:kd ci fuselaj,e, sP,ef...Lurat'A on as wihs. One-axle lald- iTz gear 'retracting 1..ear,'ard, tail wheel; front sect: of fL.seiatze considerably shorter than section aft -,of wings,; dock plt beLinhin at leading edge ol wings fairing into iusele; ? CLAKIFiCATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 5,, Plant Di? 456: Fro.iuction of V-2 prop.aleit charges. i'lant No 293; LocAted, between lant No 456 and the launching tower, experiments with booster propulsion units tttched to the undersides of single-and twin-engine conventional aircraft; 25X1A =ckgrirne,lit : The fa-Aual 2?eport confimed previous infonna- tion on the Ahimki plants? In previous reports it. WE,. S -otated that besides 11-1 fuseles also Yak-7 aircraft ,;:ere ein produced. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A c. The data on Plant 456 are confirmed. Tn.:, schematic location sketch is also in avrement with previous information. Conment: tne old Ger- man V-2 Was being built in the plant, but that itxperiments for a new compo,tition of the propellent charges were being zeds at the laboratory. CONFIDENTIAL- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 _C0NFIDENTIAL- 1/Annex ke4end to Annex: 1 Lorkshop a Administration, two stories b 'Llaeazine c eene dividing the installation into two sections ? workshop in which about 30 new Uenean machine tools weee installed about the Suer of 1946 (lathes, milling and boring machines). laboratory bureau g Room with apparatus, no details available ? ':;orkshop with about 20 Lathes and presses. Gylindri- cal aluminum bodies were manufactured. No details available. Instructim room furnished witn six T-2s which arrived frac Germany in late .947. German and Soviet engineers daily exnerimented with the V-28. 2 Boiler house Fropellent charges .laboratory 4 1,auncLing tower extending 3 meters below ground and 9 meters above. Tne tower wlab meters square and of .rein- forced cencrete. A winding ir led to a point two thirds up the tower from where eaneways led to tne two compart- ments furnished with a larse number of measuring instru- ments. ebove these compartments were two rooms furnisned with one aluminum container each 4 meters high and 1,1 me- ters in diameter The container, the contents of wnich were unknown, weee connected to tne compartments below, The V-2 propellent unit was cylinder snaed and tapered to one end. The unit was of aluminum and had many alu- minum tubes and other devices attached to it. 5 A bunker with a :surface area 10 x 6 meters filled with steel b ttles and measuring instruments was beside the launching toeer, CONFIDENTIAL- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RD183-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A ? Ale Approved For Releasli2902/9?8/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 0icTii 0 1:X3D )I S'Yki I BUT ION . Annex to t payort Site t c:n of , the 1/".:4 Jaa 41Splibe, ar.u.sa.m. y.toczatrowtr-zgr?aporea,car,..4. daievi: mvons....m.,caosa.v.aor nuni?-* -r....sweervritIramnway.-,.?????^= Streets Spur tracks Lathes Boring machines mixg) killing machines 1=3 Small lathes 1")4.140....,... Legend: See report 1.0.see,01,,,931,....-acoran,,aermowrzu Rileg..x, LENTIA:, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000700p7-6 winirt?.7 REPORT NO.. Ay PlaPt Wo 23 "11 'T5raviy-PELT ??????????.?.??????04, ,o.anwamormn EVALUATION__ 25X1A .....res.......Pentnitra,mumetwom.xisestundremirmsamml.ftwoow.um*malmommOrilem00..1 OX1A PLACE OB. TAINED_I DATE OF CONTENT___I 25X1C -25X1A DATE OBTAINEC_ I_25X1C DATE PREPARED 2n 1-A ndianbar 1 cldg REFERENCES? PAGES ENCLOSURES REMARKS OWNIUMMIWP9RPON (NO. i..tt TYPE) NAMM?41..001.0???01.1?14gANOWIMMON-3,110..........????????1.M44 0...1,1?????? Lecation: ee references. 2. Conatructio 'ork: Only repair work on damaged buildines vas obseeved. 3. Equ'epaent Withre.aceinery: In early 1946 the machinery was returned from the Ural Mts. It was supplemented by dismantl- ed Germse machinery and .13: equipment. -4. Tork force; Civilian Workers and uniformed engineers and Lir force officers in equal nuMbers. Production: * t. Three twin-oneine aircraft per day. Description: flidwing Monoplane, radial engine, double rud- ..tier asscabri, elazed nose turret fitted with a machtne gun pointing rearward,- turret about the length of the wing-Chord, i? seep fitted with a machine gun was visible between the witpm_ and the roar of fuselage. Main landing pear with dual wheels, tail wheel. b, Assembly of radial enelnes, production Of tail units in this workshop. An officers' school was established in this workshop early in 1948. Aircraft models vero taken into the workshop for this purpose. 6. Yarioes aircraft observed t. Two helicopters, which .seldom flew. 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A P. 'llaJAous experimental aircraft (designated as such by the 6oViets); including a jet fiehter. c. A four-engine boalber, which was said to be produced as t p?ototype in the plant 25X1X 25X1A . ? CLASSIFICATION SECT E'21 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For RP PARP 7nn7inm5 ? CIA-RnP83-004.15710900070007-6 SECRET 25X1A 2. 25X1A a, The capacity of theplant was not exhausted by the pro- ductIon of three aircraft per .day The presenCe.of the many engineers and officers and of the experimental cesaft either indicated the converlion of the plant -to a developmental plant or the eatablishment of a-technical school. .b, rhe output in the assembly hail was so -small that possibly only repair work was perfOrmed there. - c, 3tandard work quotas were not prescribed. At special workers' meetings the necessityfor high quality work was stressed. This would support the assumption of an experimen- tal pla)t. a, The productiOn at the .',OSCOW-17ILI aircraft lant No 23 or TIJ2 aircraft or of :a modified version, (further develop- ment of this type) s confirmed for early 1948. The produc- tion of three aircraft dday Is considered correct for that date. 1) rhe conspicuous step mounted on the lower side of the feislage was mentioned in other reports as a ventral turret for machine gun. This would indicate a modificatioe in the dssign of the fuselae, Since this step, or turret, was not doserved with the first aircraft of this type. c. SP far the production of experimental aircraft 1-44s riot ren reported although such a production is possible'. d. The 'most probably interpretation of the data of this report ssems to be that the pertinent aircraft were models required for the technical school apparently established there. Flying with four-engine aircraft or jet fisfhters is hardly possibl3 considering - the 3,300-foot runway of the airfield which is not adaptable? to expansion. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A toPIc ApprockWoMifilite-240111015:CIA-RDP83-00415R010900040007-6 4,, ,enameeleormAk ?-?nne Unirin Dz-a,r2hinski Locomotive Aesair Plant in 1/6:(611 25X1A EVALUATION 25X1A I L.___..PLACE OBTAINED 25X1A 25X1C .,,E PREPARED IE JAnuarkr DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES 25X1A PAGES I ENCLOSURES REMARKS ?2 bluenrints 25X1X 1. Low.tioh: On the northern side of the freiht, stati-n of VO4UNLZh (39?1;.;''/51?40,) Voronezh Oblast (see Ahne l). 2. PlEnt insiallations: The plant covers a site of 2,700 x destmted durinE tne war, "Pome o. tion as early as September 1945. tion stnce 1947, an administration not yet equipped (for. plant lvout 25X1A 900 feet. The insteilations v.ere parLly -tile plant departments had restimed produc- A power station ns been under construe? buildinE since 1949. The lacter is see A,nex 2) orc IcE2.9.1 Aboet :000 Seviet -Abrkers, including 40 percent -men in addition to 150 P's e:loyed for eonstructi n purposes. Liseion: General overhaulirm of loco:otives,, I Comment: a. ae.,3rt .nu thu attached sKetches represent tne latest st;tus of the previoegAnown lecocotive repair plant in VOW.,,ZH. The location .>f t ie plant is correctly stated. On aerial )notograph te plant i3 entered und ,r iigure b. The attached sketch (Annex 4 end its iecond 2resumabl:: present P cor- rect eieture of the location, size and type of construction of 1Ldi- vidual plant Installations. The sketch, idtn rezare to all essential plant ;.orkshops, is in agreement ':.1th one attacncd Lo a Irevio)s report. 2 ftri exes: 1, Location of _h. Tzerhinski .ocotive epair tient in voao:.1?:Al Insiallatiomof the "Dzerzhinski? L0000tive epair ilant, CLASSIRCATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 1'.e e.. 1 Ti-,ree7story aordrI1str!-Aion x feet 1.1th\* 150-foot 4 ;;LAant, 6,(j feet; I orerrlti.-)n. I or t..;,.0 25X1A not ye.L la 25X1X 1-1-,171tW L L.. ..=re:Aien Te 'pe s :Ad diter of alxiut 3 L.at?,x: x LU feet foundry, it.0 .x 9C feL, five sd i cster section .J.L. 5 :-.. 96 eet, e ujoJ .11-1 t: LLerO 21rt: Liirk?1,,c ; rej s ri L.T d c inferre:, or s?,r,i,ion i,ouueu In the :) 6 'Tea .er O ret, v:11,11 ?_ r 7 vreFsiai .1.UO x 10 1c,L al,n. ioc;o:.lotive3 "ere ;,resce:J .etAl iv-110 'tite ci nIt oL'ic , 75 re--,t. er for%-:e ;cine tools ::.Laced (;...u11:',Inzr..9 riu 1j: x 75 .;:e- 21 00,.3. titrn:-1 14 Sorvp du 13 IrDn durrr. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A CONTROLLED DI STE I BUTI Ame x 1 Approved i-or Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Location or the Mzerzhinski" Locomotive Repair Plant 1D-jrAigIENa -1A-EMSL: ;. Waggon repair plant 2 LOCOMOtiVe repair plant 3 and 4 PW camps Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 corrRoLur) DISTRIBUTI Annex 2 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Instaliaticns of the er hi. n3 t1 Leovct.ve VaiONEZ.Ii 9 XI \'T CI 7 6 2 L ?-,mmilm? ? ??????? Ammo= .memmo ??=miK ????= p,pst,,o,iev7 (fref..01*.awfion) ,frvt Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1 N ifc Approved 1?41434616494a11002La8 ._loyi at, 7I.Lion. : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 :..)uerzhinsk Locomotive ftaa.ir Tient in VO EVALUATIM .1?101?01,69?1.161111???01-1?M.1.????uummy _PLACE OBTAINED ILLEGIB ?????????MMIE?254K1A419 Ysteam. Es,???*.-.1.0 25X1A 25X1 DATE ,OF CONTENTI AlseZEL 1**?104?????,61.s..*NrOldraruae*Masif _ DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES_ b ENCLOSURES REMARKS DATE PREPARED ;-.18 ov crib er 1,.;49 (140, &. TYPE) I Blue nrint 25X1X 1, Location At the morthrlest edge T,LAnt :Lrea ''bout 500 acres, Traffic Facj.1ities, '.)a.Ale spur tracks leading to the main line (r/ide-gauge line) divided the plant in half. Only the part to the oat -as covered ,"ith buildings. 20 of VO:MN127.1-7 (55020'N/28?28 E 4, Plant Installations (the follo,ing enumeration corresponds to . the numbers of the sketch).. Departments recorded: (1) ,,ssemblz.aap, Completed in the all of 1C)46. 650x260 feet., instal- heavy crane ,./ith an estimated 8-ton load capacity for dismounting ard. mounting of locomotive pars.. 3one vertical turninr and boring machines (of German and Eritish mt.ke ) and .other machines had the inscription "RB- ..Lusbesseruncs-lerk rii=" (I?eichsbahn epsir ,'lant in PALLE 52/J '92, CLASSIFICATION MCLIT2' 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 2 Four ,ide-cauge tracks led into the -orkshop. Tnder these tracks ,-ere the assenbly pits-,eith dran pipes to the se-nce system at the northern side of the -orkshop. ?he pits, 5 to E, feet deep, extended over one third of the eiorkshop. (-) clisaalsahsza Used for supplementary -ork such as -,elding, drillinel and turning, (3) construction It -as completed in rourh brick-ork and said to be equipped.- eloto machines (lethes,- etc.) fran the 74LLE leichsbahn epolr Tenders -ere scheduied to be repaired here, (4) :2ItEe7asin TOJsel also for the supply of the. pcs-er plant. -basurements: (Yi0c650 feet at the top and 8 feet deep; (5) nimsmstem 2hree iron pipes about 32 inches in diameter led from the wat(3r basin to the 'o'er plant. The pipes -ere su-norted on nbove-cround frames about 16 feet hirh. (6) :'-o-Ter Plant Dete,ils re not available. 'Ioureh br icketork smoke steel:: , ab-ot lee: feet hieh, Completed early in 1'47. (y) construction Thie ens not completed and covered an area about 26 x130 feet. It. allegedly serve to house the ras -7orks. (8a) tOrouch (Cc) orkshop It 'etas the first -Orkshop in operation (in n4L4). -o details are available, 5. .ieorce and orkine Time obot Ohre? hundred ':oviet emrl,tmere. ork 9fl5 done in three eir.e.at-hoer shifte. 6: irol2stion a. L000notives el:d. tenders - 0eAera11y desicnated Lizenz havIn( -I eel sets feet in of 3:eeller dimensions. 2hey -ere renaired., The locomotives locomotives) had 10 axles, 4 diameter, 6 .axles had -tee' sets -ere o4OrIzed "Y 20". .he tenders of ttn locomotives had four (peoheps six or even eicht) axles and snell -heels. he tenders -ere nodern and seiosable for lonr runs. Ale.coal sueplied to the loco- motive by a sniral conveyor0 he loconotivee and tenders -eee IlLu:.ted on unAlurcriuces built for traeks0 this desirn reeeires a hirher coal consumption then 'i at or the fieroan eXeress train locomotives. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 b. :Ohree to four loconotives -ere repaired simultaneously orkshop b. 1 in three or four days, if no other repair -orX as dOflOe epair -ork normally consisted of ?leonine! aAd de-rustinr boilers rnd pipes, e-f pipe- parts -fere in- stalled and loconotives repainted, if. reired. The repaired locouotives?left the -orkshop and the plant unde: toir orm *Jo-er. 7. Lwation - Mew. 110.... ? 0pposite the tO1101.1EZ,11 (55020v128?38tE) passenr'er railrocd station. 6.. Plant ,Tea_ :'pout 1,500 x 650 feet. Traffic facilities ;Iir tracks to the rain line. 10. j.afit :Astray_ he Plant existed bcfore-orld-ar I as indicated by British rforksop const..uctions of 111. 1!he soviets destroyed the plant he tey zfetreatod in end Thr II. ',:econstruction artod in 144 and -Todtction resuned at the end of 19,1-6 lrnt Installations (the folio-inr enuneration corrosnonds? to the nunl3ers of the sketch) Only. one sketch as aUo Departments recorded: 25X1A (1) Assenbly shoo .-3-teel frame structure rfith t.7o track. installations, 300x150 feet. ? Installation: Assenbly pits -.ere under the tracks. '.here r.ere trfo cei1in travelinr crabs. Thchine tools -ere on betL sides of the -orkshop. (2) 1-orks22_for A steel frame structure, 300x115 feet. T-o ceilinr travellinr crabs. (3) Thrksban Carpentry denot for instruments and nunchinr sbon. (4) Cooliy!,7ater 12ppin C Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 '3ECRTIT. (6) ItTla_plant A feur-stOY-Y stone buildinr; e0x50 feet. mi.! turbine Tias Lastslied in the (Ilummer of 1947. (s) "-ater pipeline to _____ 3-A1l under construction. (7) 0as rTorks T-itl,eok2_product1gn (8) :.24.1A122-.1011ildiriG. a. echanical -Torl:shop. Installation: attomatic machines, turret lathes, horizontal and vertical drilling riachinos, millinr machines end planers. 4 b. Repairshop for tenders. Installation! r14-o ceiling cranes. Destroyed -orkshop section. 12. "Ork Force and :orkin r2 Mel Abou 250 Ir's omploye.d in one day shift mainly for reconstruc- tfon riork. 3ovicts -Torked in the production depart-lents in. three 8-hour shifts. . 25X1A Prpductioil a. eir T-ork (including boiler re-'airs) on freir,ht train - locomotives of tie types leD-20, F1-21 and Fia=r22 (,lith one - set of small rt. mnine -heels, five sets of large driving e els m d 0nf-3 x-axle ten der) b. on: on Pour to six locomotives -as done simultaneously. ,Iter 'Tnna?I.r, tabol't five locomotives -ere colinled and to-ed oLt of to -orkshop by ono onrine. Jecer.ber to .J econber 1949 L4. Ottryut for uct.obor 1C47: 27 heavy locomotives. ez....12511 L5. Lcconotive repnirs, turning of -heels and mountinr of tires. I also mentioned a forre, a lathe shoo and a harden - r Cff3-71 Julz. 1946 t9 1948 LG. ':"enthly outout in 1948: 18 to 25 locomotives. 3tne 1945 to 1-arch 1949 17. :cnthly output: ?; locomotives,. mainly istance loco- rletives ' Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ? 25X1A ? F?Lyorne nt : The reports confirm and suealement each other in all essen- tal points. 1 'Plant Layout of the Dzerzhinsk Locomotive 1Zepa1r "lant in 701i.0777}T Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ;OONTROLLED 14,STRIVION pproved For Release 2002/08/15ea! 413P83-01-46J5FR9i639 Ik ILltEGIB LI Legend: 10 ?). 1 1 New locomotive repair shop 2 Old locomotive repair shop 3 New tender repair shop 4 Square-shaped ,cater bastn 5 pipe system (triple pip# set) aboveground and underground 6 Power plant with new smokestack 7 Building under construction, gas 'works 8 Old workshop 9 Guardhouse 10 Sentry-box K Kitchen for PWa not to sccrie Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Cc, ,Rtne, ?,14 -owns. . .facaermilv... ApproveageNteNbcpno2ing/i5,4x14,RD REPORT NO.. ,:?.-..Inintern 'edger Ilant in Voronezh P83-00415R010900070007-6 E.VALUATICN__ DATE OF CON TEN I_ DATE OBTAINED....... REFERENCES' PAGES ENCLOSURES REMARKS 25X1A 25X1A _PLACE OBTAINED 21Q .DATE PREPARED 33- 1950 (NO. & TYPE)_._ sketches on ditto -ocation: In the. northwestern town section of Voronezh (390l2/ 51040' , VOrorezh -Oblast , north of the ':A.ectro- Uant and west of an arterial road to the north-northwestl ? 2, .lant installations: The reconstruction of the plant , destroyed by the re Ling -oviets, started in 1945. -2he plant de- signation -1/c.s to te changed in 1948 but it was again called r,oni atern in 1949 ,)ome plant bui ldin,fls were still under construction in pri1 1949, ..ost of the plant buil inrs were iron frame structures with L:-ickworR or concrete and roofs of concrete slabs. The 1OdE)A achinery was of .,merionn? Czech and Oar - man origin. The builrin,. of the factory-owned r,o,,,er 1-lant wts colliploted in .;arch 1949 and one of the two nrojectea turt Ines was fitted. The steel foundry had t'qo manually Tired open-hearth furnaces. 1 or n lant layout see nne Z. -7ork force: o details available, CLASSIFICATION.; 0111:J.TLII, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A I Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 . OkirID NT 14 - 2 - C Production: Jess production of caterpillar power shovels and all component parts except forelectric motors0 hovel capacity 1 cbm. The annual out- put in 1940 was 50 power phovels.** The plant also produced caterpillar chassis, rotating rings, chain links and co wheels0 or sketch of power shovel see Annex Lo.2. Co pleyt : -fhe report confirls and samlements previous information on the plant, the location of which is sufficientl:if determinea fro q war-time and post-war records. 6omplent:,. linnex 2 is a valuable sketlh of the power shovel produced at the NArto The attached sketch essentially agrees with a previous sketch but gives more detaias. 2 annexes, sketches on ditto. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CON ituend_,to.e.ennex 1: 1'Plant kitchen 'Tool department, solidly constructed sbne buildinF with iron-steeecture-roof,.60x15x6 meters - a eemieestratfion and management office anneX ?Thre-etory laboratory tuader construction, 45x14 meters a :ejected garage and gasoline filling, station for 15 trucks . :3teel foundry, 160x45 meters with two' open-hearth 0 furnaces, 4x8x10 meters e Oast iron foundry, 140x50 meters, first half com7 sieted in elarch 1949, second half to be completed in early 1950. Equipped with two cupola furnaces, aetransformer for two planned electric furnaces, elolding shop with two dies 9 two electric cranes of . ? 20-ton. capacity and railroad trac.s: the length of' 7Orkshop, 1.00x30 meters with model -making carpenter shop and apartments,'completed in 1947. Instellations were often chanOed;waS.planned to be assembly shop. -6 Asse?lbly shop., steel etructure 8030 metersiinder? construction a '2ransf rger station with four transformers c }ore 80x12 meters, in operation since late 1946 with one electric annealing furnace, six coal burning forginc places, 3 electric forping hammer, L,000 kg, three electric ferPinr hammers, 350 kg, an, four mobile electric crones, 15 to 20 tons Pom3r Plant, 40x12.1:6 netere. completed in 1949, Installation of the pneu,atie steam boilers and two ;,trl'ines -lanned, One (ehplist) turbine was fitted. Total capacitY 600 Revs accoreinp to a ecedet en- gineer. 11 CeolinF tower eecanica dePartent, 100x100 meters,- with Vim eorkshops; A completed in 1947 with 25 modern . chine 'tools, workshop L equiPPed with 60 modern -Schine-toole completed in late 1948. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ? The dePartrient had eiht -lane electric cranes ail to 15-tons capacity. A11 iis were withdrawn from here in 1947 13 Projected workshop, 100x60 meters, stai structure 14 ,i'lant entrance 15 3 - meter hirh slap stone vans 16 Apartment houses TIA1 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 COIIIMJELTIAL 121:2126, ri? A Cate:71 liar chassis L hotary ring C weight compensation iJ _lot or 2' Gear F Cab in G Arm H ,-4ho ye 1. I.1 T.1-,,',, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ',Md., Approved For Release.2002/0/1510A-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ):::4 IAL E, 0 Attesulmamorepoor Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 0 iizt.,_ 25X1 C Approvedc5Vtatimil(2110.2MM $4r& -oviet, ic_____A[P1::,nsij...vh of nu'rber__. ant in ''.-oronezh 83-00415R010900070007-6 wellossasims..? EVALUATION__ PATE OF CONTENT ATE OBTAINED.. REFERENCES_ REPORT NO. 25X1A PLACE OBTAINED.] PAGES_ELOSURES REMARKS 25X1A _DATE. PREPARED 20 tr Ii 1.950 (No. & TYPE) l lUenrint IIL????14.11 25X1A wao...????.......?.-roa.o????????4???.??????????? 1. Location: '2he newly .constructed annex of the rubber plant - in '4oronezh (39012/51028117)0 ''','oronezh Oblast, is in the southeastern part of town, about 300 meters ,east of the power plant, which is immediately adjacent to the river? 3.'Plant installations.t. a, The plant is an old installation., destroyed durin6 tnat neconstruction was started in 1944. 1-roduction was started in the old section of the plant in ..optember 1947, 25X1X h...unstruction of the plant annex was started in npril 194 and not completed at the end of the of observatiOn. c, ....'heoe --as a railroad connection_ ,.he plant covered a total area of atout loCOC x 500 raeti-?rs. lower was supplied by a power station 1.'lest of the Daunt, c]: The elacliinery for the new intallations whs plrt of the dismantled machinery' fro71 the tuna Plant in nchkopau, 6ori1any, The 71.achines wera Inst lied Ly Oviets, -fter they were set uno a wern not n)rlitted to enter plant instal- lations, e. .,on plant layout, 6eo ,nnex,The annex uner construction was senaratad frol the ok plant by a wooden fence were not allowed the. old section o7 the nlant. 3. :ork force: COG I.:s and 4C0 no\ lets worked on the construe- IH*--on of the plant annex.- '.;_he of the p3.ant is not 'known work force of the old section 25X1A 4. ..i.)rodu.ction_: - a. in the old plant: Latex ruint er . 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ? ?Re.. 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 - 2 - ,J7-i-)ration of ,epartr)ent 16, part of. the noI?..! section. of the rlant.7 Inas scI.ie-auled to start Ly the and ibf ?A3ntaitlar 19.03 (presunah17 a bfesic Tnnalet for Latex rutberi ubber 1ant "as rreviously. Taportd and. - mentioned i r-rort on othar installEtions in \--,ronezh. he locatioh--of tho_ruLber p1aylt'ae-riv4m here correspondE; rrevlous'inforation. on tho n?m s-,Dction of: the -plant oro renortod for th. first tiiej 1 ,nnex,- Lluaprint, ialbter Mint in Voronezh Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ills?211.6o _nnex: A ..ubber plant 1 Old plant section 25X1A Plant department 1(5, 30 x 20 x 23 netors., the machijiery war..; installed at the tirie of observation. production) wes.schedu3ad to start in .-ertelbor 1949. 3 Plant denartnent 22a, 20 x 12 x 3 meters,. purtr.statien for ni,asel", nine tanks, .a tenth asbeinr installed. -Amensions .of each 9 rrietere 1.r11 and 2S meters in diameter. 4 Plant departnent 15, new structurs, 40 x no x 25 naters, six furnaces, carbide production. 5 Plant denartvlent 22b, 20 x 12 x 7 'leter.4, runp station for "asol", tan tanks, sane under lo 3 above. 6 .2ransforner station, 1 x 10 x :meters. . 7 'Plant departnent 25a, 10 x 10 x 15 netors, pun station, for the purpose of pumpinr the 1.:L.,uid material to the . different plant sections, :as bin ::- installed. 8 i:lant,denartnent 26,.20 x .20 x 7 -Ictors, six tanks, partly still unCor construction at t:_e tine of obser- vation. departnent 25, 40 x 30 x 25 meters, aritntion Plant. 10 Plant department 28, 40 x 30 x 2 rleters, th-a rollers , for the nrocessin. of cru:le rubber were beim' installed. 11. throur:... 16 g7ixcavations, each 40 x 30 meters, for additional vorIcs'nons. 17 Uonstruction sits. Power plant, four large saokestacks C Lousinr project, still.inder construction Temporar7 br1dr3 ifestroysd brie, accordinr- to _.oviet stat int the bridco as to L roluilt ir _.eadow Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION 001 hi /I0 lel 41 ttl V Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000700074nnex to 1,1 rtubber plant VoroneAh HI ,00 I h ril 'I ?1 'el It! 4" Legeaa: See report 'V aboz, ?000 Ft Approved For 2)% ease 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007- .6741 ? 'k totscq/e .10 ?-----7-----A3176"VarriiifTere-ii-eltfppppiLC;d0W183-oo415Roio900070007-6 CLSt Fi CAT ? A COUNTRY NO. T_ '- 000 triff npr n OPIC Pnnzn 25X1A EVALI AT ION_ .,,,,,,_,,.1-12 5X 1 A _PLACE OBTAINED.. DATE OF CONTENT 25X1 C DATE osmtNED_ _DATE PREPARED 29 June 19 50 REFERENCES.,_:,_ PA6B____1 ENCLOSURES REMARKS (NO. & TYPE) 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A a train from Kazan to Pens-a (45000E/53011W vhen it stopped about 15 km from Penza. The railroad line pnssed through a woods at t4is roint. A large loading ramp was east of the line A fairly 1ar6e- camp with ?tents and wooden buildings was on both sides of the line. Eany in-line engines vore seen near the traek- and on the loadine; r1ltform. the aircraft engines were? standard V-tTpe in-line engipes, * * LQ 2w Report of the camp indicates - that it was a temporary installation probably dating back .to the var. A major supply depot of the Soviet air Force was located in. Penza - - during the 'Par. The local airfi-Ild seems to - have been improved. $ie COM IDENTLAL CLASSIFICATION ? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 1 A 25X1X 25X1A 117""4" tATRy-___Siet Union Approved Vialatereigii120016081_15J" ORC__ IVCT Glass 3J'actory IA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 7....1.11?????? EVALUATION 25X1A _PLACE OBTAINED DATE OF CONTENT_I DATE OBTAINED._ REFERENCES 25X1C _REPORT NO_ 25X1C _DATE PREPARED 9 February 1950 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A PAGES 1 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 2 Blueprints REMARKS, 25X1A 25X1X 1, 4.9.0ttglli In thc, town center of IVOT (34?10'B/53?41'N), Orel Oblast, about 1,5000 feet east of a 20 aga...2.115.1",,anAtl...9110.1. The factory is an old installation of the glass industry with its center in DYATKOVO. Wait damages were s owlv reconstructed0 kl vide modernization startel in April 1946, observed only the dismantling of the obsolete machinery. A 25X1A narrow-gauge railroad conmetion was ava11able0 The plant covered about 1,000x900 feA (for plant tayout see nex) ia=-EgrAft- Three hundred Soviet labcrers and 300 Ps working three shifts 4, ZEPANnI1211 Window glass, glass plates up to three inche thick and gias$ wool. This is the first informtion.on a previously unknown glw,s i'actory. 2 Annexes: 1? ) Glass factory in IVOT 2. ) CLASSIFICATION SECLT Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A CONT5 LLE, I STAWErGi&itor Release 2002/08/4541erA-13IDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Glas.a F4ctury irL DIM p. it 4 4 A A A ,t twilr.o.ict A- j A A I AN JA nil/ Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 A C0ivit(V&D DIE,TRiginprabd For Releaie* 2002/118115e7CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 1 Wooden tempo 2 Sawmill with two frames ' 3 Main' workshop, 450x150 feet - 4 Two mixing shops 150x45 feet Iron Emokestack1960 feet high Heating and Wood as generating plant 014 smo)L, estack Worl4shopt 2/3 of which are destroyed 9 ()full) 10 FOod store, about 360 -feet long Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ":,../# ? CLASSIFICATIG/ ??rAi38roved For Reiease 270`8"/T5- t Union 110PIC Op1;10,--1 131:-Irt 110 393 in ,i1I1OG0114E. : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 REPORT NO.. -25X1A x?grael*........?..am..sa**.mon?mamkesse. assousizersor.v.Qa..... EVALUATION__1_2_p5X1A LACE 0TAINED 25X1C TATE OF CONTENT__ DATE OBTAINED_ REFERENCES PAGES__]:1 REMARKS .E PREPARED 18 Jollur rY 1950 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 1 Blueprint 3.. 25X1X Locrtion: ee references 2. 141yo..:at: See sketch0 equipment after 1947; disErintled mchineS, etc., 4Ai83 firm, J-111: 30 .1.40.29Z4 3,000 Joviets, 5u0 German specialists, of the ,4eiss shif. 4. j'roduction: a, oril 0mers1 binoculnrs, microscopes, spectcble obserlmtion-slit, boxes for nrmored motor vehicles.. 'b, Other items were also produced there, utrt they uere. from the firm, ZEN1.; 1 glasses, 25X1A b. German professor read lectures to about 6C to 80 at the "Techaical HiGh ,Abool'. 25X1X 6. statements: ..4miet students mac the following independent a, 3oviet lbor, stated by Joviets: 10,000 persons. b, r2uo shifts c, r2he buildins, called. "jocret Factories snd II" were offi- g!.any termed 'work pnrt"35 and 50 rapectively0 fitter's shop and forge were observed on the ground floor, class rooms nmd draw- ing rooms were on the first floor. CLASSIFICATIONC,1.!T- 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ?5X1A Apnv?,d11or Reltraser=2/08t157-C11#RIDP83=00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Comment; -report on the 5..port,I..it optic,1 p1-nt-1c) 393, north of ucr the rorcr optien1 pl7nt :O 69, vas de (.4o,, referencos ? 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Acpor ,Jubje2t rcpor repor1;.1. ,orLinL -t full eTpncity, the nuber of -r:orch.?iii? the p.1H7n is c)itirted -bout 6v(,CC?to GC, L ert,' -:end to nnex; ? tor:Lc7,-nufotu-ile of 1(;nsesle:'rchil Jit on roof Thrkshop '.orkshop, serrchliht on roof 4 i'or-e hnd printer.'s shop (vnrnishin shop) 5 Iron store 6 . ioundry shop 7 ? atorc 8 Joiner's shop 9 pine? .for dismntled goods 10 Coal rnd pont depot, 11 Boiler house 12 L-rfc .depot- 13 - arzolino collar 14 Grsoline depot 15 dministrhtion -nd rf-?7os (motor vohic2o repir shop) 1* "Technicril hjh chool", now buildinG 17 Jciner's shop 18 tEiy,ir shop for otor vchicle not b1on;in to .pinnt 19 %,ecr3t fetor- serchliht on roof LC "oerct faotorT? I", vdth boile,r house Ll :&rintinz house. :.)te of infornrtion: Labor: MUVOI....winermeNi.M.01,11ZW.MMOON?WOM4 3 snft 7,CC(:;.nd 3 2 shifts with sno.1- 15,0 nnd ?1)7-0 :_71-r.n ? '3-Peek-lists plus 5(..0 1 02CC1 list;. Cptlel _1-nt O 393 in .._zZ.,...)LL01, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ADP83-00415R010900070007-6 to jcsle 4-000 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 - ? Approved'khieli02002/08/15 :-CIA- 83-00415R0109000 COUNTRY Sr , NO EVALUATION_ DATE OF CON1 12_52_(1A PLACE OBTAINED__I DATE OBTAINEi.___ REFERENCES__ 25X1C PAGES 1 ...-Ica:LOSURES (No. & TYP7) ???1...1.1ML(......61WAMMIAIRILOITM.11?61. , 2 5X 1X? 25X1A 25X1C DATE PREPARED__ 007-6 25X1A r FP, Loc. tign Southwest of the railroad b?totion of Kulebald Gorki Oblast, ? 2, ilant in stal lo tions The largest plant building is the foundry 90-x 36 eters, All buildings are of stone and about 10,5 meters high.; : seitm are ? covered with glass roofs. A mobile power station eight rail- rad cars) was ;Jerked in kle 4ant' area and stiplied the 1,(..mer, .3, 7.'ork torc Three- shifts with a total of 15,000 labOrers-, most of them 0)nvicts, 4, TProductior)..] Theela for locomotives and railroad cora, turbj.ne ?wheels , tabs with square cross section, 2,7 Meters lonc, the itralls- about I cm: thick 25X1A F---1-9 OMMG nt a. This report supplements previous infor!liation on the steel . ? 0.art in KuLebaki, Data on the . dimensions of the largest p lant build ing were confirmed by an e drl ler r ep or t * t. The plant location vais covered by an kari f;!1(1t1^nr-An ( seE, Annex of previous repo:-.t L, new. constructions or cw. large ments 0 It can the retch' e be assumed that the aerial. photograxih illustrates the present status of t. he I 1.ant CLASSIFICATION GOi.:& Dk.i?IT.I.A.L., 5X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ApprovedPi\d'iliaigei26.61/68/15.!LCIAR f.";',44e,tftt, :(Tr.; rn 4P83-00415R010900070007-6 1.1:2y,A.S,,,'LLIL.78 tOjjTf&L]=1n n ? RFPORI NI EVALUATiON 1---1 . 5)(1 A _ PLACE OBTAINED 1 DATE OF CONTEN 25X1C DATE OBTAINED__ REFERENCES__ PAGES REMARKS 1 25X1A -25X1A ?????=a1V, - DATE PREPARED r `. 1950 ENCLOSURES (NO, & TYPE) 1 iDlueorint 25X1A 1 LC 08 td in the. western _part of :Kai inin 359551E/56?51 ,N) Kalinin Oblast, on the ? northern bank of the Volga? - River 2, installations /The factory coy ers 1,100 x 1900, meters The nsta1la= tions seemed to be in good condition.The workshops are solid structures with tiack wooden roofs and are i)a int ed brick color. The plant has a si nele -track ruliroad onm,ction with several branches in the plant area Loc ati on and layout sketch see Annex), 5? 7::ork force: Th:7 ee shifts with 1 .0O0 soviets each Ino1udin 60 1.e cent women 4? Iroduction: iullmann coaches, LOIMPC., a This 1:,"; the first information with de taL`V d data on tile railroad car factory in Kalinin h. The attached sketch is very schematic and entirely firongas regards the course of the Volga River.: The location of the :plant and of the neighboring objects vo`fitS reproduced more correctly in a .pr evi ously received town sketch * CLASS FiCAT 0 C o NFT i TT ,1T1 COPY 6F ENCLOSIIRE 11 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 COhlaDELITI:.L Annex Lei-ond to Annexl A Railroad car factory 1 Assembly shop, brick buildinE, x 135 meters 2 Guardhbuse 3 awmi11, brick buildings, 36 x 54 meters with four frames 4 Fast exchance wooden shed, 36 x 135 meters 5 Brick assembly shop, 54 x 135 meters 6 Brick foundry, 36 x 108 meters, with two brick smokestacks, each 21 meters high, five furnaces 7 Assembly shop, same as 5 B Forced labor camp C Railroad bridge, two tracks DRod bridge, wooden structure resting on two stone piers E I-ower plant I, Peat dump of the power plant G Road bridge, similar to D li Cadet iithool. I :ND Leadcuarters K ar academy F.': Camp ho 73814 CO:171LENTI;i1 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 C ONE IL .1.11. 1 Annex Location and Layout Sketch of the Kalinin Railroad Car Factory C ON FIDEL T Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A - . Approved For'Refease 5R01 fl9flflfl7flflfl7- o.WI' r et NO. 17.0...wow7p, TOPIC- - =aroma'. .4. -aa.M.a.a. t IV:ill fk mem. aamau aa.a. ',EVALUATION__ 25X1A id :PM MI.* DATE OF COlfTN"-___I faia Wasaga.. PLACE OBTAINED 25X14 25X1A 25X1C DATE OBTAINED' REFERENCES__ 25X1C DATE PREPARED1Q ? PAGES,___L. __ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS___ 25X1A 25X1X 1. ins-%allationel. The war damaes of the plant were repaired Ty :797:07 The plant has one workshop, 150 x 70 feet, and three cthor buildings including- a five-story structure. 2. f:orce: A total of 1,200 Soviets inc1udin3 about 70 per- cen-; women? workincs three shifts. 3, Iroc.ucztion: IZalio sets, One large freijht ear was loade61 cvery two days in the Summer of 1947. 25X1C 25X1A 4r 25X1A the following stesments: t. Installations: C'ne workshop? 300 x 660 feet en smaller buildinzs, includint; ure newly constructed buildinz 65x65 feet one newly constructed building 200x65 feet, three stories one five-story brick building. 265x100 foot. 1. kiork force: 2,000 to 3?000 soviets; no details available on ;he number of shifts. Ljomment: Information on the aectrosiGnal 21ant in VO,0ITEZI1 was previously transmitted in a comprehensive report, * b. According to the present report the radio plant was still being expanded in late 1948. "Repair of war damaes by 1947" as mentioned in this -_?eport means only that on that date production was partly resumed a fap-; whizhv-as,c2v 1\istir A t4,.0 r?raIri i ylfry?Pyn eh n ULPSSW f10li, ?e) Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 etl, ' C LASS I FICATION_ Approved For Release 2002/08/ COUNTRY. __REPORT TOPIC r.,,,.... 4-h.,. 4-h-.11'zIurr. QT,vitAmrmn EVALUATION_ DATE OF CONTEN DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES......1 25X1A _PLACE OBTAINED 25X1C ILLEGIB PAGES __..J.. ENCLOSURES (NO, & TYPE) REMARKS 007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A DATE PREPARED 11 PAhrflArV 1P) 1. L )c at ion; See ref erencea. 2. 25X1X 25X1A that 35 Geman engineers, forMerly at Junkers, DIZSAU, were working iu tLe TSAGI Plant ]Ao 35. the MAGI plant is a turbojet fighter test and production plant. The construeti on of a settlement for the Genn engineers was unfier way near ha:KA, north of STAKHANOV?. The resence of German experts, includin. Junkers personnel, at the test lant near STAKHANOV?, was repeatedly reported and confirmed, as these eyperts supposedly have to use their proilous addresses, their names cc uld not yet be aseetained, r:LASSIFICATION sEcr:dr Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A ?tatakt AIFIasan' Appr P bsi d _ 1 2002108h : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 cou,emy S'xvie t Di on REPORT NO TOK; 11aLt Ne 360 in LOSCOW 25X1A 01?1111??? aalsammansmosiari EVALUATION 25X1A DATE OF CONTE \111._ 25X1A __PLACE OBTAINED_I DATE OBTAINED1 REFERENCES_ 25X1C PAGES 2 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)... REMARKS 11.1.??????1111?=19,111111- 25X1C ? DME PREPARED 19 December 1949 3 Blueprints 1. Location: See Annexes 1 and 2. Desiz7notio71: Accxrdin,; to Soviets, Plant No 300. 30 Plait aLA2Ey: According to Soviets, tho plant vas the former Czarist Mint, vhioh as rebuilt after 1941. Packed mac:Iinery was observed in the yard. 4. lork Force: About 1,2(0 Soviets in one shift. 5. Observations Lade at Faulu-e Missions: JCOMLA a. Maay machin too:!.s with various metal scraps were observed in the workshops. It was inferred that no quantity production was going on. (i:an aluminum, copper, brass, and steel chips we'll seen). 6? b. Jhaels of 126 eentimeter d1ameter, thought turbine parts, voye observed. C. The engine test stands ,Jere almost always in operation. It was pacticularly noted that each engine had to be started from 3 to 8 times before it began running. The running time did not exceed 5 to 10 minutes. The test stands were mostly enveloped in smo'ie. One time all 7Jorhero had to leave the buildings as speci,A experimJnts were made at the test stands. ?nly a deafening noise was heard, 25X1X to be 25X1A Rumors. * Sow.et,J statee, that the plant was a turbine test plant and that wind t,mnel WAh a diameter of 2 to 21 meters was available. 1? ;LIASSIFICATIOM T- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved F LC.: Y1-9fltrtf-d 57-avi -wran-wtri 15R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A a Plant No 300 had only been knowm before from repcat.i- and press reports of Novc.mber 1948 (Neue '.auericher Zeit1;11.L.). 25X1X b. d. Item all to :;athered data ii is inferred tiut Plant No 390 is loeute,a t:Je curve of imskva ivsr exten far-. test to t'ae southwest near the 'OROVI:VI GUY elevated aailroad tation. The tco brides (raiIrd ?.nd r bride) a.ce entered on tle tuan map as Bride Ne 506 and as 2runze 11 Bridce. rgi LAnnexes: 1) Plant -14) 3L,0 im.U6CW 2) InstalkAions oT PlanL 2o 3C0 in LIGA0:: 3) Loe..:tioa ot7 the CzariL3t iintI25X1C 25X1X 25X1A 25X1C 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A :JONO I .TIED D IS TRI3UTI ON Ann ex 1 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Plant o. 300 iL 1.0300',7 - - , L.- - ' ' E 1 ? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CONTE 01.12;D D ISTR I 3U T.E ON Annex 2 to ? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Installatioas of Plant N . 300 in LOSCOW 77/ 11/1111111111111111111)01,,Iiiilflill!iilltlf11111111(10111H11111(1111H/HHIMill liana A 4-- r 4 V ,sctWe ? e5o,006' M Lint A Cid plant btaildin; N Lev; building 13 Old bui1djn v:ith El flat roof 330 ft test stand F Factory building V Adfaini strIA ti On bui1din6 :Presw-rlably administrntion building Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 .01111401,,LED DV.-.3940011ttRor Release 2002/08/15 : WiiidielD053-00415R010900070007-6 Locuti on of the t'.1_nt e 20 000 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A , Li Approved For Y1 I on Release 2002108/15 : CIA-R9P83-0041-5140-149000-7-000-7-6- REPOFRI NO.. TOPIC re": i?r, di :las. c)0() in 25X1A A 25X1A EVALUATION_I ?PLACE OSTAINED_I DATE OF CONTENT?I DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPARED_ 'SO ove-a er 1949 REFERENCFS ENCLOSURE (NO. & V(PF) 25X1A t 25X1X 1. Location: (37?26V,55?501\1),, ie plwit VV813 bound north by tr Qhodnya k.:anal. And 9 roai hriie crosse the the northwest ? corner A hy6ro power &ttio ibout 500 feet west of the northwest corner of the pl. nt. 2. i'.W.:Lierictl. desi,,na Lion of olant: ,.C`o. 500 (aceordirk; to 5,? i..bout 2,600 x.1,650 feet (rouh es timote 4. 41:3.i irt:?.1d ti on: Qi.n-:;le-traciced idin 5. uii rick ctractures. The workshops were covered vitbJ;lass roofirks,tII Aministrative bui1.iin,e vith sh?z. metal roofs. :1'D new construe Lions. so?, force: a, time te ace orlin,...; A total of ten. t Alsand ,,vorisini three eiht-hour ifts. Percente,..;e of ssozaen: 3 er cent. .W.:af of th..: personnel were 20 to 30 years old. Th.-e .wericers were housed in the factory-owned eettt. nt et of the plt.mt and in tne town of 1,10J0011? CLASIFICATION Ct Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A j.aJa...;4 erman exerts: 1bout 70 to 30 ierun anzineers z,nd Lir failies arriv,31 in jeoember 1947/Janu3rv ? 1943.1 ilant in 1,L,a0Aa. thcv had come rol re UMT.Cre they were to soon move 7. iToduction: a. heavy aircraft radial en,:jnei. that- the enL;ines wcre taken from the test stand hall and pac:ted in boxea. he shippin box was 13 x 6 x 7 feet. .JTac shippin boxes did not occur rejularly. oome- tiaes one box was loaded in the, mornin?.;. and two boxes in the afternoon and then only afterhalf or a whole .ay'L-3 interval a new shipment waa due. to a about b. Austy enines were stored at a scrap dump. c. 2cat aLands were in oporation day and ni:sht. 25X1X 25X1A ,upply of semi-finished L'oods was not observed nor .E'rom the fact that Idetel borins (steel, copper dad brass borin,3s) wore collected in the plant area and bornt by 2Wo and that electro saeltinL; furnces were inatalled and small .-,2;ear wheels :aade at the plant, all ek;ine 25X1A ports were produced in ti s; plant. c. JJ-Jrodacts auch ab milk cans and cookia,-poto of aluminiuld were produced in a %Iorkshop near the northwest corner of the iHetory. rijuL;e" ,luantities of scrap oonaistin of enihes, fuse- leu and other aircraft porta ere stored over all the plant al.:2:a. - ?eatited 30 to 100 piles of alumniam bars of 20 to 0 bare each wore distri'buted tarouhout the factory area. 10* coal train of 13 to 20 care (GO tons each) for the boilraouse arrived every three or four days. U. iAeaanres: hi,a board fence Atli :atcateaers at -;he corhers; e,) dayt patrols outside and iaaide the .aat.)ry; armed civilian ,:;uards. 1.40 .;o air defenae e...t.,i;omeht or AAA emplace:aonts. Jactory-owaed vehicles .ere not at the lisposal of the ,lant. Jie faetory del,natl as :kircraft an,.;ine ilant 500 Is, no jot, Li.ehtical.Ath the former anine rlant 32 north of aJ'ohrj0 airfield. :211.1_, pla,nt W36 .ilso losi_nrrt,A e 500 in foror reports by plant nu.aber 82 b.c.Tie vacant after this .L-etory had oeen transferred to tae KtcaA:d Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A aircraft engine plant in the Fall of 1941, it is possible that a new plant nmnber, i.e Lc,. 500, was assijned to tho plant which Wau .stablished on the promises of the foraer.factory. 2. dieore the plant anti evacuated its ,ork force naabered about five thousand work.ers. The number was ladicated at about three thousand for the -.:icriod between 1945 ed the bodinnin of 1943. i12e reported nuaber of ten thousand ierfore, apdears overestimated. 3. EL:lit .4(). 500 is tho development and production plant for Diesel engines. 211 Diesel section of the Junkers plants, hecAcd by GIEL!,CH was transferred to this place. :there, belA.des other projects, the development of the jumo- 224/26 plant is bein dono. :Jost of ta,i foraer reports covorin the ,ciLic period of observation stated that 12? cylinder engines, liquid?cooled, were produced. Only in one report Lnention was lade of 14?cylinder radial onines. :;iowever, as the reported dimeasions of tae port boxes fur the 12?cy1inder in?line onines ,ire greatly exceeded by those stated for the radial enL,ines it can .be aszumed that thou,..Lh the diacnuions eoour overestim-,ted the engine in question may actually be a heavy type. radial. encine. A box 13 feet loh appears rather hidh even for a jet plant furnished with complte mounting jig o Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A nra4pproVe or e(aLe201)2/08/15 ) -CIA RDP83 00415R010900070007 6 d5f I-: Cu ITV SoViPt JEPORT NO. TOPIC_ Aircraft: r,'n.qtriq.,Y3.13111%,219...5.QQ.4_EPaQQ11--.21211.1111.1(1,..._ ??^ EVALUATION_ DATE OF CONTENT. DATE ?MINED._ REFERENCES PAGES REMARKS__ L25X_1A, __JULE OBTAINEDI L 25X1A ENCLOSURES (NO. & _25X1c. 25X1A atar.aar,-,Ica 25X1A 25X1X 1. Location: The aircraft engine plant is in oscovi-Tushino north of the military airfield, a, aout 120 German engineers and skilled worlfzers of Dessa nro wcrkng.in this factory, They were drfted for five year .contracts and live in houses near the rlant with their dependents. b. The factory produced in-line V engines to its Jiaximum capacity, c, The Russian .s seized the designs and blueprints of tm 4000 - HP- engine in Dessau but the designer fled to the Vestern Zone ard offered his services to the Americans. d, TAle factory is being converted to the production of this ergine9 but the conversion hnd not yet been successfully completed, 25X1X did not know the n'imes of the engineers. 'Jicrk5n,; time: Three eight-hour shifts. 25X1A ,PoPmPa'A Aircraft engine plant No 500 in floscou-Tushino (fermerly No 02) described in several previous reports. Gerlach wor7:ed in this plant with the Diesel Section of Jun:7ers,. Dessau on Diesel engine 224, uhlcE is designed for a perforEance of 40000 HP. In addition to the ccnstruction of nn experimental series of Juno 2241 German engine Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 SECELT 25X1A 25X1A were overhauled or stripped. The previously reported lint dietal smelting furnaces served this purrwse. The production of an engine, conversion to uhich IcA(:1 not been '3accessfully completed, probably means the JUT.TO b 224. vhich i3 to ? f? - ? - a ma3o-produced. Its actual production met .7ith 71cor,lin;?,; to available rerorts, 'Ins:]'ar of the Gerlach group to Kuibyohev in l94 may be an ind:.. i;ioi c)'' the f'Alure of this developmental project lAlt this Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approvefd F'Or:11FieraiiigW2'06/048/t5itAIRDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ..oyl:et Union COUNTRY__ EVALUATION PLACE OBTAINED__I DATE OF CONTENT . DATE OBTAINED_ _REPORT NO... 25X1 25X1A '25X1A L.DATE PREPARED 12 pril 1950 REFERENCES 25X1C PAGES_ __ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS____ 25X1A 25X1A ' 25X1A 25X1A ..enort is forwarded because It surnlie confirnatory evidence that the TushIne ilant as not converted to the production of jet nover niants in mid-1947? L? Location: 1.erth of the ...:oscow-:;ushino 2? ork .force: 2,500 .-oviets., ?Jorkirr7 three shifts; only one or two shtfts in sogle derartftents, , croup of 15. to. 20 encineers and sk!LI. vo:pkers of the Junkers lirm in ,)eS311U as erheloyed? 3. roduction; Larpe in-line enrines0 de,finitolv not r?-l1a1,1 _kix to eicht engines packed in boxes i,,7ere on a; loading ram every day for shipment by rail.-.,..imansions of the box vJe:7e 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 meters o details on outnut,I id::.craft ew7ine tust stands ueru in oneration day and night. CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A COUN ToloiNC t1rcr.:1ft Accessories P1:11.t r tov:.et Union -REPORT NO_ 219in MOSC071?BALA3IETEITA 25X1A .L.22t1A EVALUATION_L DATE OF CONTENT.- DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGE 1 ENCLOSURES (NO. & ME) RD/ARKS- PLACE OBTAINED 2 DATE PREPARED -..???????????, ?????????? 19 Deeemoel: 9X1)( 1. Loca.t. on: Necr he vill ,e of GORENKI (37054'10" 2, Name: P1 nt No 219 (Sovi...t statement). 3. Layout:: Plt.nt vas damaed or not yet finished. Construction work finished in Lay 1949. There is a foundry. Labor : Three thousand soviets vorkins in three shifts. 5. Production: a. Casins for E?motors, about 60 each day shift. Ei55?46e 6. 25X1A 25X1A b. Idotor blocks for aircraft enc;ines. 0. Component parts- (screws, bus!lins, etc.) do ialfuse of foundry, 30 to 40 percent. After 1 2obruary 1948 Pis were no-loncer admitted to workshops. CommentE It is inferred from previous reports that the reconstruction of the plant was practicallv completed. and the mantfucturiro: was started on that date. - ',LASS FICATION SE CRE Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A V1015* elk CC TOPIC EVALUATI0'4_1 25X1A DATE OF CONTENT-- DATE OBTAINEDi2r.11 . 24' Approved ror Ikelease 2602/08/1S - 1.541.,7 in1tcr i.ctorr. 25X1A _REPORT NO.J _ - ___PLACE OBTAINED. 25X1C REFERENCES__?___ PAGES?_?,1_.- -ENCLOSURES REMARKS 25X1A -6 'Mr 1.110110WeSatlinkrNMEW. 25X1A 21D ATE PREPARED-47 June_ 19 (NO. 84 TYPE) s;zetch on dito 25X1A The Podolsk Accumulator :Factory was directly op.posito ths main station of bdolsk (37?33 /5502791'1 ) oco.b1t, east of the railroad line? An Eurt,tunition was southeast, about 1, oast of th,..:1 rod to uJ reported the location as in tile southern town tion, east of the railroad station, op2osite a .i.arLe road line to L(..:OSC Olti The plant ni.id tnc :140 684 See rai I.- batteries for motor vehicles, tfAdio transmitters ;nd receiF- ers wore produced, CasiaL:.> made of p....astic similar to bakelite were delivered to tile plant, wnich produced 3.0 to 15x20x30 on lead plates, :nostly usiaL wasted accumulators. During the war the plAnt was tritasferred to Onui....eny and In 19/1,5 returned to Podoisk. It wa constaitl eniard?ed and had the followini.: departme.ito in 154e; shop, a men.ually operated and an A:r.erican revoivin, foundry:., chemical de,nartment, r,rossini. F31-1op for piates, an assei_b- ly shop, a test chargine stiop ania drying, chamber, .g.--A? CLASSIFICATION Co-raDE. T-1] Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Daw J'gnerican machines arrived up to the ;:dddie of The other 50 percent of he L.achinery ,wre dIsmantled German installations. hund.ron laborers includinL 60 ft'.s 'ere n 1J48, App:oximately 6,000 notor voticio batris (;Al,;) uere uced each wows.. ,Crte casings came h 'roiolL3,et . :aite plant? *-A. 1.9ftiThent.,,,. This is the first report oa *oonmuirtor r)loni', in iiodolsk which accordinL to ,locl,tion eho sketch, is the prevlous1y known 'Tin Ylant" f.hoto- 3-rroh taken on 17 January 12,43, loca- tion or ti,c, 1:)lants 1%o 1 througn 3 is Liven on itrincx, i;x- oept for the cable plant the installUions rei;roduced on t-,(7,; Aincx\lire also shoym by the arJ. pnoto6i-vh? A 1000- motive plant cn the aerial priotorai)h south o. tho aucumu- lator factory is not entered on attached s;rcei..;la. The VAVIOUV plant dimenuions reproduced on the rano.x. are in- correct, Comilent. Tnis is the only info ion nvailable on plant layout. 17-7 Co:Ili-I-Lent, A bake1.k, ractory is reported for t'r,e first 1 hanex: Sketch. _ Cf,Ad1DUETIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ILLEGIB Approveti Fur Relectbe 2002/08/15 . CIA-RDP83-00415R0110900070007-6 ,) - " 1-2.? s A>: ik. c -tu.L-4.1cZ3Y S. tey,?=7 t A , 3 '???,. , f? ?-?,?? ./4 , I ii I.' LI' /I bi A c cumul :Ca t y Cable iqach1ne f (.7".t or y kir Fcrc ba.rra Airfield (73 Area of ar.,, armun'itiJa plant a. .i.,abort21 TY09 .1. I.. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approvetfosgieleawon0210.8/151p1 P83-00415R010900070007-6 - COUNTRY TOPIC Trfornrtion o. Plant 1:o 455 in Kostino REPORT NO._ 25X1A 25X1A PLACE EVALUATION_.... L 25X1A OBTAINED.... 25X1A DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINEC 25X1C DATE PREPARED 12 December 1951 REFERENCES PAGES 1 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 1 - sketch on ditto REMARKS 25X1X MOW,. 1. Plant 1To 455 was located in 1;ostino (55?54'N/3705217)1 -osow Oblast. The plant coved an area of about 300 x 400 metr:rs. D?:ri., the war, aircraft tarts were manufactured there. In 1946, the :lant wns converted to leace-time production0 l'Esidents of Kosttnn said in the miCdlo of 1947 that the plant wolqd soon be reconverted to armament production in conjunction with Plant '10 E in roscow-1:aljningrad. * 25X1A * Comrent.'2or location sketch of Kostino, see annex. Although the cation ana7stimated size of the plant do not agree with referenced report, the same plant is probably indicated. In 1941, lant Lo 455 was temporarily transierred to Kusnetsk together with Plant No 472. in 1946 25X1A that aircraft parts were again manufactured there. See - In January 1947, Gorman en:ineers were allegedly seen there. It is believed that, since the sumner of 1947, Plant Do 455 las been a subsidiary plant for Plant T:o K1, Kaliningrad where V-2 missiles were beta manufactured. CLASSIFICATION Conr Dr:1'9 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0 C 1.' IA1 10900070007-6 Annox to Location Si:etch of Plant No 455 in rosti no ?. ? :otto scale Lc nd o c. -1:a lin in Tea ct., 2. F Tar t No BB . nanufa 'cure of V-2 niSSii.OS 5'. -A. Lel le Id ? Doi [...novo ff.', 11..road station b atno. ;.; . Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A . - _ c; P CCU N-TRY * a nea a ? av E PoRT NO TOPIC idrcraft 7ingine Plant 7,o 45 in aittypeak iromffseppia*Iii.e. 7Thscow ftes*04?40..ve*NeN?replammiwasnommaankt,e.I...erovesmelllerseinaes.,n1r.... -6 25X1A 'III 25X1A EVALUATION_ OBTAINED_ 1?__] DATE OF CONTENTJ 25X1A T.T. DATE OBTAINEDL--_____L-21.)_(-1?c?___DATE PREPARED 29? ovember 1951 REFERENCES_ -- PAGES____L_____ ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS 1 I s. ? efi C t% a S n R. p I I I I 4 e" ? ? ? OR I .af 9 MISP. ?? ? ? a a ? a We ? ? W. .4 I ? fa. 1.5 El ? I I a ? ? g ? 6. im ? 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A Aircnaft .-Incine Plant T:o 45 is located in oscow, Stalinskaya Quarter. In 1)45 and 1946, the production installations at the plant were repaired. Component par:.:-; for piston aircraft engines were manufactured, but there Inas no MaSS production of piston erwines. Trucks occasionally cnrried rparo parts away packed in boxes or individual aircraft enijnesstored in the plant ar-a. The test stands of the plant were in operation, but they mire probably used by other plants which Lad their engines trucked to and from the test stands. The first component parts of jet env,ines were seen in nid-1947. According to they were of a radial type., rrobabl7 the Rolls Royce Ilene type. 1:o mass production of jet engines was nor did statements by 3oviet laboners indicate such production. * 2. At the end of 19)47 or in the beginning of 1948, I/Atli the followin inscription in workshop 13, the experimental welding shop:" Laborers, technicians, engineers, the lied Army expects your cooperation in R7oject R.D. 45.,, Soviet laborers called this engine ureaktivni Dvigatel.? 25X1A * 25X1X 25X1A 25X1X Comment. The reported dates telioved to bo not quite correct. it must be assumed that Gernnn axial compressor jet engine for the manufacture of jet engines are ? the construction of a duplicate of the started in Plant to 45 in 1947. gee ? and . Eowever, it spears corfect that the Vene type en in was already manufactured in this plant in the summer of 1943, since this informaion was confirmed See . it is estimated that :ass production nnineb suarted in the snrini4 of 1949. Comment0 the presence e placards with incininE7nTans concerning the construction of jet engiros geo in th's connection, a TR-1 jet enrincs wns mentioned If this info-ration i recorded correctly it would indicate a chance-over of the pian n production to a Ilene version :lith the ::,cviet designation ft.D. 45. of ::no type CLASS I Fl CATION GO.: 'MI74111111 Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 00.7sia-Ht tss OL "if r MrsiEmr2002161345- -pr scr JNIRY U.S.n.R. IR:Ar Airframe Plant Ho 156 in roscow __REPORT NO. 6 25X1 25X1A EVALUATION__I L25X1A DATE OF CONTENT- DATE OBTAINED__ REFER ENCES ?PLACE OBTAINED.___I 25X1C 25X1K---7 DATE PREPARED 20 February 1952 PAGES ENCLOSURES REMARKS- (NO. & rilE) 6 - 5 sketches on ditta] 25X1A 25X1A 1. Plant oi6 in oscow was located on the western bank of the Yaussa River, ju3t Eouth of Krasnokassarmennaya Ulitsa. An air force general, Hero of the Soefiet Union, was plant director. The plant had an estimated work force of 23000 laborers working two 12-hour shifts and produced airframe models or development series of airframes. (1) 25X1A 2, saw assembled airframes but inferred from wing and fuselage parts that frames for a swept-back jet fighter and for aircraft with straight wings, plexiglass nose, and cockpit were constructed in the plant, Four fuselages and eight wings were simultaneously being worked on. They rere moved on mobile cradles from station 10 the skeleton construction department, to station 2, the planning department. About 30 men worked at each cradle. Faccept for the control brackets, no accessories more installed in the fuselages, Puselases and wings were disassembled and shipped by truck. The production was very irregular; therefore, the output was not determined? (2) 3. The wings were attached to the fuselage by our cap nuts. The swept-back jet fighter was fitted with tubular wing spars, 30 to 40 mm in diameter, each wing being provided with two spars, one upper and one lower. These spars extended about two thirds of the length of the uing. The outer third of the wing was assembled in rib construction. (3) The aircraft with straight wings was fitted with one double. T beam of canted aluminum. Frame members, ribs, and outer skin were connected by rivets. Rivets were treated with lisuid air and then dipped into a rubber. solution. The outer skin was spliced. (4) Blisters were seldom observed. The use of adhesive fillers was not obterved. During the assembly process the individual members were held by tersiol clamps and screw clamps. The type of work done and the individual production if structural members indicated that the airframes produced were experimental or development models. 40 A stability test was performed in 1947. The front section of the fuselage of the aircraft with straight wings was cut off aft of the cocks.it and sealed by a beikhead (lid). At first, a box was placed in the nose and filled with water. Dy neans of sticks and markings the bending of the nose was detorminech Then a water hose was connected to the nose, hermetically sealed, and water was forced into the fueelage section including the .cockpit. Defore any deformations were noticed, the bulkhead was turned loose and the tests were CLASSIFICATION ca.:riav ThL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A Approved-For--Rolease-2002/48/45-;-CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 a5X1A COLFIDENTIAL ANNEX 1 TO 25X1A Leeend. A Yaussa River B Kreenoeassarmenneya Ulitsa C Plant 'alo 156 1. Guardhouse. 2. Boiler house, 15 x 30 ma 3. Main workshop, construction department for wings and fuselages, brick building, 60 x 120 x 70 meters. a. Middle section with arched roof. The roof was a steel structure covered with wood and had no sky lights. The hall was equipped with jigs and fixtures for assembling wings and fuselages, and 50 to 60 metal processing machines including bending machines, boring machines, mifling machines, grinding machines, work benches, cutting machines etc. Production lines were not available. b. Two-story section with arched wooden roof. For breakdown see Annex 2. c. Tee-story section with arched wooden .roof. For breakdown see Annex 3. 4. Compressor station, old brick building, 4 x 8 meters, with flat concrete roof and large windows. There was one compressor. The station was equipped with a small workshop and a small store for spare parts. Transformer station, plastered brick building, 10 x 30 meters, with a flat roof. There were two large and eight small subsections on each side of the building. The installation was fenced in and guarded. Open- air lines were not seen. 6. Molding shop, foundry, drop forge, and cast polishing shop; old brick Ouilding? 10 x 30 meters, with flat roof. For details, see Annex 4. 7. Oil dump, old open-air installation, with semi underground tanks protected by a roof. An electric pump was located beside the roof. Oil arrived by tank trucks. An overground fuel line led to the drop forge. During ehe winter the dump was heated with steam. 8. Administration building and lathe shop, brick building, 120:c 50 meters, three stories. The ground floor housed a lathe shop with approximately 20 modern and old lathes, 20 milling wachines, four horizontal grinding machines and an autogeneous welding machine. Stores and offices were located on the ground floor also. The lathe shop did repair work and produced screws etc. The second floor housed a kitchen and mess hall, a aspensary? a department producing fuel tanks (according to Soviet ctatoments), and probably a plexiglass shop0 transports cf gummed cellulose, plastic material slabs, and bales of foam rubber about 5 mm thick. Bexes? which according to Soviet statements, contained fuel tanks were observed. However, tanks were not installed in fuselages and eines of the aircraft produced in the plant. The production of plexi- glasa was inferred from Observations of waste material from this depart- ment which was burned in the boiler house, and the shipment of plates, 5 mm thick to the magazine. The third floor housed a museum with aircraft models, the directorls office, and the construction department0 ruse= was Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A . Approved Frr Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDT-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL Atmrx 1 TO was thc designation used by the Soviet workers. 9. aaniges and stalovaya. * * no translation given. C'01171DrZITIAL - 3 - Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A (;01Z IDE:7 TIAL Annex 2 to Airframe ilant, tro, 156 irk Loscot, b of in orksho)s Legend: See next page. 1.45-17) 7-?Oir Acetrartin CONT:TDENTIAI V14191,v, ',0171111,11,14020,10.1,1,,, 40 sv) -SC-G46 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ?????????*a^ .S.110.0W. 25X1A 25X1A MApMprovel. ForRelcasc 2002/08/15 : CIA 1DP-11p010900070007-6 25X1A CODTKI VV0 - 2 - Legend: Ground Floor 1. Hall leading to middle section of the building. 2. Pattern making carpenter shop equipped with planing machines, band saws, glue presses etc for the production of moulds for the foundry and of models to form the skin for wings and fuselages. 3. Stcre !or materials and semi-finished products. 4. Paint ehop equipped with 10 to 12 paint sprayers, wooden parts were sprayed with a transparent varnish, moulds for the foundry were painted red or black, presumlbly to indicate the'use of different materials? 50 Office 6. Machine shop, about 15 x 20 meters, subdivided into sections by a wire fence. Lathe 4-lop? equipped with 25 to 30 old Soviet lathes for screws, nuts, bolts, and joint pieces for control brackets, The metal processing shop was equipped with 8 to 10 small and large milling machines, 5 shaping machines, 5 or 6 planing machines, 10 boring machines, one mobile and one stationary horizontal boring machines, 4 modern horizontal grinding machines, 4 cylindric grinding machines etc. The machines were old but in a good shape. The workshop was equipped with electric lorries for shipment of processed parts to the assembly and to the stores. The second floor housed dressing rooms, drafting off toes, mess hall, and a store for spare parts. CONFIDMTIAL, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 7nn7inms ? ci -RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Appripri For Rplpasp 25X1A Annex 3 to Ai rf ra'r liant 14 56 in -44osc93ection c cf:(0.in orkshm A (arotu td Floor) Leger de rie.xL paAe. CON? :MHZ: TIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ji (Second Floor) 0.4.?fel4 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 383k1 Approved For (30tIFIDFATI Larenth A Ground floor - - II I; 041,?actrOg(170007-6 1. aeltric wtrkshop and store. 2. Welding shop. with 18 to 20 cabins equipped with B electric zeldirw apparatus, and several connections for as welders. an unusual flame, different from carbide gas flames. The on ammunition boxes section worked 25X1A 25X1A 30 ;;:orkshop producing ribs and frare members, equipped with 12 straightening machines, about 4 automatic plate shears for sheets 1 to 1.8 mm thick. The section produced U and 2; shaped profiles. 4. 3a1iranizing shop, appeared Obsolete and was equipped with 9 or 10 bathes 1 x 2.5 meters. The electric switchboard was also in this department. IT16 section processed aluminum sheets, about 100 x 180 cm and 1 mm thick, Aich were to be taken for the outer skin of the zings. After being de? rensed the sheets were provided with a protective eoating which had a iari golden sheen. Aluminum sheets of the same length or width but 1 to 3 mm thick were provided with a protective coating of an ochre colour. Ithis material to be less resistant; food boxes, map cases etc were produced from it. Other aluminum sheets of the same size got a 2rotective coating similar to silver bronze. These sheets were finally dipped into a bath and provided with a black coating .1 I 25X1A 7;hal this material was used for bracings and concluded that it was very :'esistont. B First Fluor Roonl use of *Filch is unknowa. Eitchen. 7. !tore with welded parts. 80 Loom, use of which is unknown. CONFIDENTIA.LI Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A "307FIDBDTEAL 25X1A 25X1C discoltinued. (5) 25X1A c;11 Comments. (1) . pCreirrf5FaTion was confirmed by a previous report, See The street just north of the plant was the Radio Street and its extension scuthoast of the bridge over the Yaussa River was Krasnokassarmennaya Ulitsa. For plant layout, see Annex 1. The sketch does not correspond with an aerial photograph. For a better layout of plant, see . For a reproduction of the firm plate, see Annex 1,-5 Vero of tha Soviet Union, General Georgiev was previously reported to the plant director. See 0 (2) Foe layout -cf individual workshops, see Annex 2 to 40 The reported acti? vitiev seem to be credible and confirm Zavod 156 as an experimental plant. Plent 156 was known as a section of the Zagi Institute. (3) As there are four cap nuts and only teet spars reportedi: the description of the ming is not clear. Only two cap nuts mould be required to fasten twe s-ars, Furthermore, it is not understood what type of construction is referring to by rib construction, and why the spars should not exeend to the mine tips. (4)i (5) The exreriment vies probably the testing of a pressurised cabin. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A CON NitPrOX94 For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RD ijant )41;:54. i.1.4:razie Plant h.c,? _15,? i,000 tfri 83-00415R010900070007-6 t 25X1A ? 4 4 .ftsalks:. 40.1.0,14.11.1.....1CM*,.......-spniktaenms,ismrarea.+NeftwoMPM.bin Lend: 3 fle,.:t pa e Pr ......Morpersrmes ?4, 5 ??,........rtwortalu.worweasie....wlertips ? Approved Fol'itiiiiN7002 08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R01090 *seaso.?4 F 70007-6 25X1A 25X1A SI" Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A COILTIDEITTAL Annex 4 to furnaces Hydraulic hammers Legend: See next pace 0 ONFIDEN T Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 , 25X1A oop.Turrzrin Lrzx 4 TO - 2 - Logenth 25X1A Molding shop equipped with 2 pneumatic stamping machines, 1 mixer similar to a concrete mixer, 2 electric drying stoves which indicated a temperature of 1200 C2 and 1 mold sand dressing machine. The models. were made of wood and aluminum. The shop appeared outdated0 models for yokes and supports for rollers. Foundry equipped with 5 or 6 electric and 15 oil fueled casting furnaces with a capacity of 30 to 4o liters each. Aluminum bars and scrap were melted. Admixtures were not determined. Drop forge equipped with 4 oil fueled annealing furnaces, 1 trolley, 2 large hydraulic hammers, 2 snail hydraulic hammers, and an additional large hydraulic hammer which was not in operation. Raw material was shipped on truck. Aluminum bars, square and rectangular in section, were processed. No details ore available. h. Coat polishing ghop, equipped with pneumatic hammers and a riddle. .)r) Office. Storage for casting models. CCUFTDENTIn Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A (a F11) LT DU innox 5 to Trade Mark CONFIDENTIAL I e"N.' ? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A ApprOVEld'36diiialli.1.51edil-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 00i.PITRY Soviet Union 'iONC hayon Plant in lain . . 25X1A EVALUATION __PLACE OBTAINFD NO. DATE OF CONTENT/ DATE OBTAINED__ PAGES_!.. ENCLOSURES (No. et TYPE) REMARKS. 25X1C 25X1A -25X1A DATE PREPARED__Le 1 SkPtch op Ditto ?IANNIORNIVILIC.M.01,012?????14MON-01....25X,Mil warm.. rercsamnrrt,a. von-, .....ernaawtronalr Xac.2174.0.2 g On the. northvestorn edge of iain (36045E/56?31'N), noscow Oblast, betvecn the railroad line and the road to Lenlnzrad. The official 1esi3nation of the plant vas Textil-Savod No,, 507. The laborers - called it "Kapron", according to its products. Elag_laatalLatinng_: The plant covers about 3oo x 300 m. The nortkmest section of the plant existed before the var. It as r6bnstructed from 1945 to 1946 after having been partially destroyed duriw,: the var. The southeast section is still under construction. A plant-owned pover station and rail- road connection .re available. For plant layout see Lune:L.. 4. ';Joris_foraa About 11000 laborers working one shift. 5. EzAggIlna The plant resumed operation in early 1949and produced baled packages of white rayon. It was said thA the rayon vas to be used for para- chutes. Output unlulown. 25X1A SOLM9111. a, This report furnishes informaten on the latest status of the . textile plant in lain.. It is :mown from previous rerorts that parts Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A of the rlant are still under reconstrtin. The plant number reported for the first time. b. The rlant location is the sane as previoUsly reported,, Accorainz to ader records, the northern part of the plant is n former ammu- nition plant, whe:K:le the rayon plant vas transferred liter the var. P. The reproduction of the rlant layout on attached s!::etch is rather diagrammatic. 1From comparison with a previous sketch it can be assumed that the essential are correctly reported is to their location. "o details are available on the type of construction of the various bClaings. ETorted,the productio of rayon for parac Lces, 'observed the production but Only heard about fLt. lAnDaz : Rayon. Plant in Klin. to Annex 13=01 F. Unt...11.:L Eli Garn3e T1 workshop bu.ldings JiUling 200 x 120 m, vitti fibers from cellulose So-called paper depart'ent, fibers four workshops, manuftetrring of cellulose plates arc reduced to P?)vec TInnt, 100 x 40 m, with --to 'et freled boilers arid two trbines. Annex at the neTthvest side of the bu1dOin7? accordim7; to Swiet statements, t-o turbines are to be inst2llea Jier Founations 1711.c completed in. tLe Se. terbPr 6 0.d orkshor, partially destroyed, ,zsra as stor7e. Nerdy constructed vor!.:shop, 10: x 120 m, the northst sction in operation since :Ety 1949. The southeast sectirn vas alr:ost comrleted by September 1949. Y:achinery vas bring inst!Jlea. A3sulled to be E spinning mill. n o Anna to No. 77 foundations uniler construction in Soptouber 1949 ) C /V Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A -TROLLED DISTRIEWTION Legend:. See report Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007 S C 7. T ausallauLiallia 2 4/ tI A :N?? .. / //, .. ' :.'7.t.?,? i e - ii -6 Artnex to (Air) , Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R01090 p70007-6 25X1A ? - .Approved-ForReiease,2002/08/1-5-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 .25X1A CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY 6oviet Union.- . TO-MC "a yon Factory No. 507 in Klin aw,mmennataememaft.ean?-momarnap...e...rn REPORT NO T?01.1.61111r102.00..1001.12...00.. 25X1A EVALUATION.__ 25P_PLACE OBTAINED_ DATE OF CONTENT_ DATE OBTAINED__I 1.___1XATE PREPARED REFERENCES_ 25X1C PAGES ..t..._... ENCLOSURES & TYPE) 2 Sicetches on Ditto REMARKS 25X1C 25X1A 11 i"Jay 1950 %)* 25X1A . Itimatloa Northwestern town border of Klin (36?45E/56?211N), .dos- coy Oblast, beteen the town and the railroad line to Kalinih. 2. Elant_Ulatillatima The plant, Soviets said, was constructed in 1933 and was still oeing enlarged at the time of observation. For status of constructions in June 1949 see Annex 1. The plant-owned power source also supplied the town with elec- tricity e, railroad connection was available. ',:orILSQLQ2 Light hundzed men and 2,700 women vorkins; three s_hifts. PIS-A=2U jar-time production, parachute rayon (Soviet statement); present production rayon fibers and fabriCsi similar to - footless stockings 25 cm long, 6 cm in diameter; para- chutes for flares poxes with fibers daily left the plant, Bale packages of cellulose arrived from Finland and Germany; acid came from Germany. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ? 25X1A CONFIDEETIAL 25X1A 25X1A lggEMAIlt The plart location was prviousl:; clarifie& atached sketch seems to approach facts as it agrees with previous diagrammatic sketch * on the location of the msential plant butlrlings. The main production shop and ower plant are reproduced for the first tire c!? The production data are of special interest. Previous information, reporting a peace-time production of pa-fa- ,!hutes, seems incorrect. The above rerorted stockine-ltke !abrics are believed to be technical bandages for struts, mars etc, rather than parachutes for flares ;LADAlaizap: : Plant Layout of the ayon Plant no 50 in Klin. COnall'I.DEET I AL, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 _ ,CONFIDITTILL/ 11-air shop, bricl builf:1114,, 40 x 6 oeters, vitt c-,rpenter shop ;nu fittin shop 2 LaborlItory, four-story brici- building, 15 x 10 x 10 m,4t(,rs 3 Aninistr-tion bu;lNin,!, under conF,troction 0-el1ophane deplrtment un0er construction Large l'capron" fiber nucturing orkshop,.brick buildLng? 140 x 90 meters, (see also :1-Inex 2). Taring installation for celloluse, 90 x 10 x 3 meters a Thver, 25 meters high C,Dliulose stores Comical departent? five-story brick builiAng,.20 X 15 X. 15 metrs -0 Old ?garage and repair shop, 30 x 10 x 6 meters, two .stories' a Three-story- section, 15 -meters high ? 10 'aater touer, 15 meters high, ground diameter 10 meters,. t:pp diameter 7 meters 11 Y:J.terial stores, brick buil_Aing, nr x 10 x ,)?meters 12. Gl.ard house 13 T?Iree entrinces 14 arrveyed consYliction site 15 apron" fiber departmentlo. 2, iron structure, 140 A (30 x 15 meters a Five-story office ?tnnex Me machinery cane 'Ira; tie Hamel spinning ,11-11.1r Hirschberg. The workshop has been in operatin sftce November 1943. ? 1 16 Bare/structure of annex, iron structure? 144 x 60 15 ra.?ters Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A C NFIDLUTIAL, Annex .Garage, 50.x 40 x 10 meters? capaelty 60 motor_ ye Mcles IS Slag dubp 19 dater tove:2? 5 x 5 x 10 meters 20 rump station brick building, 25 x 10 x 3 metez's 21 -Lime mill 22 Power plant, brick building ..30 x 50 x 18 meters, six. ttories, zith four boilers and three turbines (see also Annex 2), . Peat and coal dump, "TrMIITIkL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ??? 25X1A 1 \''S? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CONFI re-^????-- p .01T?Ises.V01.1?NOM 25X1A 1 Legend: See report. 0 .16?14-15111211.,11 LA) - Approved For Releasit g0R2(98/15 :.CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 D _ C;`z, ILLEGIB Ap proved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA=R13P05=004-1-5R01-0900070007=8ir - C0NFIDENT orz-rm- csena,Pwarsi.siwres 25X1A C 0 Ii f.," D 'P Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 COUNTRY - Aplyiaberti(AVi4Weleisji4o6itioirtL. cm-RDRauatt5a0 10900070007-6 REPORT Na- Hydre -Power .lant under uonetraction near oorodete 25X1A EVALUATION_ DATE OF CONTENT_ DATE OBTAINEC__ REFERENCES PAGES 9 - ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 1A PLACE OBTAINEDJ REMARKS 25X1A 25X1P DATE PREPARED 3 Jul-Z....L-950 25X1A 1. A 'Lew dam for a larne hydro-power plant was under construction near Gorodets (432 /56?3N), Gorki Oblast, on the Volga River, about kilometers fros Balakhna. 6oviets etate)d that the plant will be larger than the haporozhe Power Plant. In mid-1949 the dam had reached such'a height that it was clearly visible frog. aalakhna. Th) bare structures of roofless buildings at the dam heads were also idantified from that distnce0 Convists and free Soviets did the construction work. About 3,000 laborers from balakhna arrived daily at the construction site by truck durinn mid-1949. Placard adver- ti3ementsi asked for vaunt- er./ laborers, Due to the strenuous labor, poor quarters, rood and saLary, only a few workers Were expected to volunteer for those jo-Ls. 2? The dam and the power plant will be thelargest of their kind in Lueope. Half of the project was to start operation in 1;50, and ? fuU operation was planned for 1952. No details were available on tho construction0 A railroad line under construction on the west- ern bank of the Volga River was observed from the 6alakhna rain-Ad station. The construction extended upstream, and 2 or 3 kilometers of the railroad-embankment were completed by October 14t. Special raelroad care that tipped, and wnich, according to their inscrip- tions, were manufactured in Koenigsberg, were to be used for the fuether construction of the railroad line. CLASSIFICATION -:01,IFIDIZIN4 Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CONFIDENTIAL, The cDnstruction project, abou.t :LE kilometers i.Iortt, ok iE.A.aktina? VtIES designated Volgastroi. it war,-; known Ito be a dun with hydro?power plant under cons Lruction, Gerna-i engineers working on this project JU Gem= engineers with their families were drafted frau the oviet one of G.:-rmany to work here it was said that if the now hydro?power plant was completed within the program of tle next eive?Year Plan, the bottleneck in the power -supply will be. overcome within this period. * 25X1A Comment. i:he new hydro?power plant under construction is repored for the first time. The corresioondLv statements of thu No details are avEilable on loco.? tion and, type of construction. OUNFIILNTI:W. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A TOPIC I se.,20.0V98/15 APPTY, t!,Firf-.91;" CI V jet VA.`,40. 1 -AA-KU-Poi-0041 01-001 IMUUU AMU 1.armaea.*.m? ????,..r.immemr??????=MumbeR EP ORT NO,. Yaemz :acchromotor (-6 251A 25X1A EVALLI=TION_ [..._25X1A__pLACE OBTAINED-1 DATE OF CONTEN1 DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES__ REMARKS 25X1C 25X1A DATE PREPARED 12 iv 1950 ENCLOSURES (NO. & 1 seten ,n ditto_ 114t inalfsw.m????????????1.2.-.1?21111.1111.11-.4.0011ari. 25X1A 1, Location: In the no thorn town section of Yaroslavl 09?527 57037%), ,ast of the automobile plant. 2. P:.ant insta1lations:1 Seventy percent of tne plant area (about 500 x 3,0 meters) isbuilt up, The war da,a,Ees were. cokactely re- ;laired, and the plant was ready for full opevatioa. There was a railroad connection, eor plant iaout, see Aalex, 3, .;ctrk force: AbolA 3,000 laborers, 60 percent women and 25 percent minors, working, three shifts; 140 1-.$ also worked one of these sUfts, 4 kroduction: -lectfic motors, Uth armature eleter varylac, from 15 to 110 crl., Llonthly output: 600 motors of various sizoss, 1,000 izons, 1,000 table ventilators and 40 to 45 boxes resc.oblint-, trans- formers per month. Iroduction data wen-3 ootained while packing and londin products fapod wire was tae only coL,2oneni, part not r.,nnuf,ctured at the plant. 109(210ent: a, Ine location of' the Yaeh,z (or Ya,e,az) Plant was known fraa other information, this report cives the latest information. Though merely diagrami,atic, the attached plant layout seems correct 1,,hen compared lath a previous e4etch, The type of bui.l.din6 con- struction is ro_ort d for the first time. b. DurinE the ,Aar, the plant was important to the air armament industry, it no;; seems to be producinz for civilian use iNo details arc available on the types of motors and impleLents produced. 1 Annex: klant layout of Yaemz lectric ,:otor Plant iN.o 655, /troslavl, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A Approved ForReleas-e-2002/08/157-CMWP83715R010900070007-6 v41nnox Le.iend to A : 4 ApprentiCeS, ounrterF, tone balcAinZ covered witn .rred roofin ;.a.-)er, 50 10 x 5 a,eters 2daulldry -ire arAliyi:I. stiopi brick ouiIdii covemu 1Lli ta.rea roofiu,: :Ivor, 40 x x 7 etera, ecuipd,ith five ,::r.ature lindia, .nd one lar, Ylire Lo 9 .peters Ion '. 6o_e of t.c 7-mm copper 1,ire is flat. so,e smcicireufar. eoundry, threc-storv brick bui-dini cov0rod with tarreu rooan._ ::?[,7g.,r, 65 x 40 x , meLors, rUijed tv,o coke- fue.Led furnaces, for z,ro,leys, ono lar_e _ncnine, 10 aLL, ;.anually-operatou xachinc, four :ALLisn_n;. arms, arid three amnaaliy-?perated miliin, machines. hie ri;oacl-wakin_ carpenter shop was on the secold 4n? Coke and iron de)ot, iron =nd brick buildin with cement sinb rof? b0 x 40 x 7 meters. 5 -o 747614f 6 .1"ark,vitn -unin monument 7 administration baildin, three-story brick buildihL-witn red brick royf, 50 x 15 x9 ;;eters ;)1al.1, x 100 x ..eters, iron aho brick stricture ;_tk Llazed shed roof; included fittin_ shbp, presu cattin sJo-, die ;-hakin shop, motor .anuf;:cturinc sho,., iron ahd ventiltaLor production shop, elecuric riair snor, rackin, slop, ana motor storerom,s. joilef house, 50 30 x 9 meters, odek bu,iIdii it::; rod roof and 40 to 45-meter brick smokestack. 10 icro ardeninL shop, brick buildin,: covered witn tnrrea roofin raper 30 x 5 metprs rick buildin? 60 x 30 x lO xieters, tnreo stories, ;it kitchen, ,::es2n:d.1, club :ind iotion picture th.eatc.. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A, 25X1A Approved For Release 20 CONTR.Oi D 1 ) IS Tiil T I ON wez.egesiclecegaliet.........tmoesamomag, .07 02/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-004 5R010900070007-6 25X1A Plan t_lilyouL_Pf the Yaemz 2-"lect r2Vot,51r...tlaIL.21.9.2.?.451 in Yaroslavl 66,4 ...esnagax,s.a.awaireeenna eXim 1?0,P /Eitelie,atk /;?-?:"' For legeni see report 'i Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 AppetMtPniNfrits511.2.1?9MMI. IA-RDP83-00415R01090007000 -6 COUNTRY** avaamems?? .w.swoown* REPORT NO_.._ Railnoad Car Factory and Repair Plant in Kanash TOPIC Ni???????ZM. EVALUATION 25X1ARACE OBTAINED 25X1C DATE OF COlvTEN7- DATE OBTAINED 25X:21 25X1A REFERENCES.. -- DATE PREPARED__J. 4 January 1952 _ch PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. &TYPE)___lsket on ditto REMARKS 25X1 X ....egmenampl..1010MaglI. ILLEGIB 10 The railroad car plant was about 3 km northwest of the outskirts of Kanash (55?30% )7?301E) Chuvash SSR. A spur track, entering from the vest and -branching into two maii tracks: led from the Kanash railroad station to the plant. There was also a hig:Tway between the town and the plant. * 2. The plznt covered an area of about 1:200 x 350 meters. Ihe plant comprised two wortsheps for railroad car repair and asseMbly and included a painting shop: a fousidry with a molding Shop, a forge: a machine shop and several aukiliary and secendcry instaltations. Power was supplied from a plant-owned coal-fired power station equipped with a boiler installation. The power station was used only to sup)ly the plant and the surrounding residential barracks buildings. ** In 1947, all kinds of freight cars, one third of them oil tank cars, were oves'hatled and repaired in the plant. In the sunder of 1947, a sporadic production of 20-ton flatcars was also starterl.. In 1947, a weekly average of 30 railraod cars was 'overhauled. The wheels and axles were supplied from the outside and were promsved and mounted in the machine shop, The remaining component parts were produced in the plant itself. No expansion of the plant was observed. *** 4. The supply of raw materials and semi-finished products was irregular. Incoming shinnerts comprised six to eight 20-ton freight cars per month, loaded with wheels and axles, round and polygonal iron, and sheet metal. Five to seven carloads of cps arrlve6 weekly. The coal consumption of the forge amounted to 40 to 50 tons weekly, n. In 1941, about 1,200 workers were employed in the plant. 7,ork was done- in two eight how, shifts. There was an occasional three-shift schedule in the forge. In 1947, the ni_mber of Ms employed in the plant was about 300. Corcient0 the plant was located 2 km nornh cf the outskirts of the town. Th e Kanash-Kazany (55 45tA/49 089E) railroad lino passed near the western edge of the plant. There are spur tracks running through the plant from east to west. At the eastern edge of the plant, the tracks cur-re in a southerly direction to the Kanash railroad station. This is not indicate, in nho Annex. A???-???.??????41611....... CLASSIFICATION COUFIDENTIALI Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A *-?1- 25X1A ist4 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A COTT ID2NT DU,/ ? 2 ? I_ Gam:tent.. For layout sketch of this plant 2 see Annex. This inforiaation geneI ally agrees with previous information although the dimensions of the second i assembly and painting shop are larger than previously. reported,. '-i=he information on the foundry has not been previously reported. oraL.aent? The Kanash 13.ailroad Car epair Plant was built between 1935 and 1957 =as scheduled to have an annual capacity for tho repair of 2,500 freir:ht, cars* The weJkly repair rate of 30 cars!: i.c? 12560 cars annually? -would indicate that the capacity of the 11..a it is not fully .itilized. aliTYIDENT IAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A, Approved Failigigrav6 Inglis ? CIA-R111DR1-ondlRoln90 8Icet oh of the Kartash Etaiiroad Oar Repair Plant sre..nniana ? roa* ?41;E/14?' Jee /7 /00,9- A ivive:r 25X1A )070007-6 FT: Approved For Release 2092ingns ? riA-PniDgn_nnaisPnin100070007-6 citv,-DENT IAA 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CONFIDENTIAL Annex to Legenu: 1. Ioundry- and molding shop, about 50 x 50 meters, equipped with two sraelting furnaces with a capacity of seven tons each. 2. Rough?processing department, about 53 x 25 meters, Production of this department included bufer plates and railroad car frames. 3. Forge: about 100)c 70 meters. It was equipped with 4 coal?fired annealing furnaces, about L. x 2 meters, each 2 meters high; 2 smaller furnaces; 2 large and 5 small steam healers, This forge produced buffers, hooks and parts of undercarriages. Iachine shop: about 109 x 50 neters. It was equipped with lathes for wheels and axles, a device for mounting wheels, and about 20 different machine tools. There was also a spare parts depot. Rust removing department, about 100 x 50 meters. This shop removed rust frcim wheels, axles and other parts. The department also had a small forge and a workshop for the production of springs.. 6. Repair and assembly shop, about 300 x 50 meters. Railroad cars were repaired and overhauled. There was space for 32 railroad cars with eight cars placed on each of the four tracks. 7* Assembly shop and railroad car painting shop, about 300 x 50 meters. Cars were assetbled and repaired., and completed cars painted. 8. Warehouse for storing and drying tiMber. 9. Sawmill, 10. Porer station. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 1711M TATI Approftid\EBriceeleati.206gall=e1A IT 9 3 R -COWITRY -RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 TOPIC "anen Plants No 535 and 536 in Tula REPORT NO.. 25X1A E-VALUATIoN___=_25X1?_pLACE OBTAINED___] 25X1C DATE OF CONTEN- DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES 25X1A DATE PREPARED 21 November 1951 2 PAGES _ ENCLOSU R ES Om a, TYPE) - sketch on ditto REMARKS 25X1X ?????????.,????????????????????????????? 25X1A 1. nbcpon Plants No 535 and 536 were on the western outskirts of Tula (37?371E/ 54c11q4). They were affiliated plants and had a narrow-gauge railway connection. Both plants were old installations which mere re-equipped, nainly with German machirury, after the mar0 bate in 1949 only a small amount of building work was be rig done in /lent No 536, while brisk building activity was observed in Plant No 535. The exact extent of the construction workwas not known. * 2. Prcducbs of the plant mere observed in storage places and during unloading. The preduction of Plant No 535 consisted of 85- or 100-mm AT guns, which the SoNiets called new guns; light AA guns estinated to be between 30 and 50 mm, anc: 12)-mmrurtars. The production of Plant No 536 consisted of machine nuns. pistold? submachine guns, light AT rifles, and hunting rifles.' 25r1A the weapons produced were models known from wartime. could not even estimate the production of Plant 535. Occasionally up to 100 AT and AA gurs were on stock. Every day at noontine the products manufactured in Plant No 536 were packed in boxes and loaded into two freight cars of the narrow-gauge railroad line. The total number of boxes was 90 to 100, each weighing about 100 kg, The baces were 150x60x50 cm, 120x60x50 cm, and 90x50x50 cm, Despite the differences in sizes, the weight of each box was about the same. Two 17There 25X1A required to carry one bax. The outgoing shipments of both plants were loaded in Plant Ao 535. Lost of the shipments went by rail and only rarely by truck. 30 Incoming shipments consisted only of raw materials such as metal bars, rods and strips, and lumber for boxes. Plant 536 supplied the Plant 535 with scrams, nuts, send_ finished materials for breechblocks, axles and base plates for mortars, and cut raw materials. ? 4. Power wee supelied by a hill-tension line, allegedly from a power plant in or near 25X1X Tula0 the number of employees of both plants totaled 15,000 to 16,000 usually working in two shifts althoueh in some departments three shifts 25X1X were worked0 in the end of 19490 there were 10,000 enployees in Plant No 536 and a considerably smaller number in Plant No 535. Thirty to fifty-percent of the workers were female. The lants were surrounded by a high wooden fence and armed guards. There were fire departments in both plants. CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 GOIT).DENTIAT9 ? 2 ? Gonviento For location and layout sketch;? BOO Annex.. The track ations as shaval in sketch are incorrect, rlhe railroad line crosses the Upa f,i_ver on the westernnost bridge. The wide?gauge spur track connection with ]?lart No 535 comes from the west, There is a narro',--gauge railroad line '.)etween Plant No 536 and Plant No G0470;.:NTIAL. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15:A RIDP83-00115R010900070007-6 CII CCRFIDENLIAL en4- 25X1A Annex to Tula town area B, ha River? C, Three bridges crossing the Ups Aiver. D, Branch of the Ulm Riven, E, aaapon Plant No 535: I. Laterial duns 2. Production worksho.;,),, Heating olanto - 4, Firing ranges Arca with 10 to 15 snail vorkshops P, g_lapon Plant No 536g 1, Material dumps,, 2, Production viorkshops There nay be 4 workshop build:1ms, instead only 2 as shown? 3, Heating plant 11,) Underground fuel depoto Jorkshops and administration bv.ildingc, 6, Transformor station, 11E1\ AI, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000700070,,,,A/e4 P; ;NT 2: AT_ Toati,:t11 aad Layout Skotch '!;5ap on an t, 6 .40 056 aud./lc 53' ,1 ,.........____,? ,,.....- ,_.---- - 8 . ......, .....,,,,--,...:...:,----..................7,....... ---.4.7?...,.., --_,..?.?...?. , ,........- z 1 ,--......- ...".*........_ ...... ......._ ....1 I-1-i --....; .4---- ,- c-- ,? i--- i -2-1 \ i , ..----,r- ..1 I 5 ' 1 i---:------1 , 1--- -;::-----.&------_....-:----_ ' -/ . ---,amr........eare....M...6...2?....L.,........,..........*...............?.....1::..,.......,....... ......*". \ .---- ....,..-.......................? ,,,..?,............,, 4 4-7 000 t.) 3 ? / 4 ///\ N \, 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15?:?Q1A-RIDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 COUNTRY 'T CLASSIFICATION? nnt7Tfl:TPTA T REPORT -25X1A ? TOPIC Tflpamnfivo pli.,417,1 '')anniv= Pl?,111- in Mal4leimm .2520/k ? .siroossacutaczuvisomoblitaa.? ...........saacurantemeimmexcasurzw.sMaffsnz. ALUATION --PLACE OBTAINED--I 25X1A EV I DATE OF CONTENT-1 12,51..(1A DATE OBTAINED ----- REFERENCES sleiraffancamossawam ??? DATE PREPARED-72; 0 PAGES? --ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE n7fcitnh REMARKS immaillearsze..1...Ersreartza.. .1.1104121r ..410.1?WINAMIG 25X1A ? If m.??{000 4??????????,.... 25X1X 1, The locemotive and railroad Car repair plant in Volikte Luki (56?20rN/3003PE) was eouth of the railroad stgtion in the southern part of the town. There were spur trecks to the main railroad line. The plant was built between 1906 and 1910. These dttes were seen inscribed on the locomotive repairshop. During -Orld ..;ar II the loctmotive repair department ,suffered only slight damage and resumed operations late in 1947.The railroad car department was severely damaged and reconstruction was etill under way late in 19)48. The reconstruction of this department followed the erielnal layout, except for minor extensions. The equipment included a large quannity of German machinery. The plant area wae 800 to 1.0000 meters long and about 200 meters wide. Details regarding the railroad car repair department were not avai:able. Power was supplied from the municipal power plant. * 2. Late in 1948, three to four locauotives were repaired monthly in the locomotive repatr department. The rate was scheduled to be increased as soon as the per sonnel had familiarized themselves with the new machinery. Railroad car repairs Were not observed. The small parts needed for the repairs were produced in the plant itself. 3,. The number of workers employed in the locomotive department was reported to be 200 in one shtft. The sawmill-had 30 employees. The number of employees of the railroad car department was not known. No information was available as to whether work was done in one shift or in several shifts. 25X1A =0:1riont,? :i!cx location sketch of the plant, see Annex 1. This sketch is basec on a map of 11ugust 1944 on a scale of 1:300,000, and on information from 1 For layout sketch of the plant, see Annex 2, based on information from This sketch L;ives only rather general information4 * 2 Anrexe3; Two sketches on ditto. CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved`A3A6Wire'?- 25X1A 0900070007-6 hnnex to 25X1A Location Sketch of the Locomotive and Railroad Car Plant ta-TEirETTT?ara Legend: 1. Velikiye Luki railroad station. 0 Locomotive and railroad car repair plant. 3. Railroads. +;0roRCP T 1,A CI V NI A .1,-/C7rIX; Le,7end: Annex 0 to Layoat Sketch of the Velikiyo Luki Locomotive and Railroad Car Repair Plant I 2_ I -1 ! ' [ f: I - r I 1 `'`''e /El Ainfititveift69-Release 2001/49)161/: 01.A1-RDP83-0041$R01090070S07-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-004M1A900070007-6 GC):1-'11 ?;: TTI_L; 122.2211 A, Loconotive repair depar!ment. 1?, Assembly shop. 25X1A Pmnex 2 to - 2 - TWD machine shops used for renairrrork and for manufacturing parts. The equipment included a 6 meter long c:71indor lathe, two vertical turning and boring mills and several small lathes. 3, Foundry,, 4. Forge and pressing shop, The equipment included a press for mounting the tires on the wheels, 5. Boilerhouse Parking shed for locomotives. Parking shed for locomotives, now structure,, 8, :lotor vehicle repairdapartmento I, Railroad car department, under construction,: 5awmill equipped with 2 francs of 6. to lolades each, and 15 woodworkillE:' machines,: The sawmill supplied laubcx to repair plant and to the huildinc projects in the town, Volikiye Luk 1 railroad station, Railroad and spur tracks,, COI11UflTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A _ Cs_t Cif AT frj 2 4 1' ApproVeltkIr Reinter-2002/08/15 CtA= DP83-00415R010900070007-6 COUNTRY? .REAORT NO. - EVALUATION._ DATE OF CONTENT-. DATE OBTAINED?L- REFERENCES ? PAGES 1 ENCLOSURES (NC. & WPE) REMARKS.. Al raft-. rr Pnirmn 4oh.,n,:irrAs tax,. wec 0.X.Eannr2RW,r1,:ra, 15X_LA__ PLACE OBTAINED.. 2X1 ---,DATE PREPARED moloas*u--creala. nmenvini3Orevelb,.. 9.55r.n CIP111?111.101PF. L?I?0????6?Mbal?IN?natIt.00.1*M1MIAWke,14.91, ? 4. _ovnioNclu4P St- 11/44\4- 25X1A 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A a-train from Kazan to Penza. (45000,E/53PliaW) when it stopped about 15 km from Penza? The railroad line.pasSed through a woods at this point. A large load1n3 ramp was east of he line,. A fairly 1?rge camp vith tents and wooden buildings was on both sides of the line, ilany in-line engines were Seen near the tra% and on the loading y-Atfory. 'the aircraft engines were Standard V-tTpe in-line engines, *" Conmot, Report of the camp indicatss a it was a temporary installation probably. .datin back to the war. A major supply depot, ? of the SoviArt Air Force was located in. Penza .durins_ the ';frar The locaLairfild seems td have been improved. See C SSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A - -COUNV t USS.FA1 ON Approved For Release 2002/08/1 TOriC :car osiatrl Automrile Plant EVALUATION_1 DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED. REFERENCES__ REPORT NO 007-6 25X1A 25X1A __PLACE OBTAINED 25X1A ATE PREPARED 9 !Inv 19ql PAGES ENCLOSURES (No. & rypE) 1 - Sketch on ditto 25X1A 25X1A The Avto-Zavod Automobile Plant is located in the northwest outskirts of Yaroslavl (57?35T/39050E), north of the railroad. The plant has Ipur tracks. Power is suppliei from Yaroslavl. (1) 2. The plant was still under construction in June 1949. A new workshop building had been completed and another building, allegedly a new boiler- ouse? was completed in rough brickwork. The new foundry was under con- struction and an additional new workshop building was planned to be com- -.21eted by the end of 1949. At the time of observationithe plant covered ln area of about 1,500 x 500 meters. -hen the building projects have ,been eompletcd the nlant area will be allegedly be increased to 500ex 5,000 meters, the plant comprised a foundry, a molding shop, several latheshops, a pressing shop, an annealing, shop, a punching -shop, a forge, assembly shops, a test stand, technical designing shops and. offices, warehouses, and fuel tanks. (2) 3, 1ar]v in 1949,the plant produced 70 to 80 two-axle trucks monthly, which were usee. y the 7:ed Army as prime gun movers. There was also a test production of individual -units of heavy trailers to be used for the transportation of tanks. 5ix to eight engine blocks, always of the same type, were cast per shift in the 2ourdry in addition to other castings. . 25X1X The total number of workers in the automobile plant was fourdry employed about 400 to 500 workers and about 500 more were employed recently completed workshop,(3uilding No. 2). Au-k was generally done one shift but there was a two-shift schedule in the foundry (4) b1.103-Eant.s. 25X1A The in in (1) The reported plant is obviously the iamous MAZ (Yaroslavlskiy Avto-Zavod) io the location of which has been identified by aerial photographs and city plans. "MsT CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 31.;CRT (2) For sketch of plant layout see annex. The information on the departments under construction corresponds with that given in However, the construction of the bollexhouse is new information. The underground roomoreviously reported to be under construction, appear to be sand bunkers according to this report. The sand bunkers serve for storage of molding sand, The indicated future plant area of 5,000 x 5,000 meters appear to be considerably overestimated0 construction activities are mainly confined to the old plant area, covering about 200,000 square meters. (3) The reported 1949 monthly production of 70 to 80 two-axle trucks is very law, According to Soviet publications, the automobile plant had an annual capacity of 2,500 trucks in 1937 A production goal of about 17,000 motor vehicleswas planned to be achieved in 1949 by plant expansion, and about 25,000 motor vehicles were to be produced in 1950. The main production was shifted from the two-axle 5-ton trucks to three-axle 7-ton trucks and 12-ton trucks as well as prime movers with a capacity of 45 tons. (4) It seems hardly credible that there was only a one-shift schedule in the automobile plant, It appears more probable that work was done in three shifts? I Annex; One sketch on ditto SEGRT Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 eorkshop building, 150 x 120 meters, 20 meters highs. a. Foundry and molding shop, equipped with two US-made electric furnaces (E), 2 to 2-L. meters high with an inside diameter of 2 meters; three coke furnaces (K), 1 to 1.5 meters high with an inside diameter of 1 meter; and five trolleys, b. Sand bunker .equipped with a heavy trolley. Administrative offices. 2. New workshop building., 220 x 180 meters, 10 to 12 meters high. Four-story section containing offices and technical designing rooms. b, Final assembly shop. c. Latheshop equipped with about 200 modern lathes, shaping machines, automatic machines and jointing planes, some of them of German make,, d, htoty room. Co Pressing shop equipped with two American pressed reaching as high as the roof of the workehop and probabl,, used in manu- facturing fenders. 25X1A f. Pressing shop equipped with smaller presses. 3 achire shop building, 180 x 100 meters, 10 to 12 meters high. This building housed an annedling shop, a dieshop and a latheshop equipped with vertical turning and boring machines, 3.5 meters high and 0.80 meter in diameter, as well as multiple drilling machines similar to vertical turning and boring mills, with a diameter of 0.80 meter. 4, eorkshop building, 120 x 30 Inters, 10 meters high. a. Chassis assemble shop. b. Eneine test stand. 5. New workshop buildinz, still partly under construction, 100 x 100 meters, a. New foundry under construction. P.illar bases and heating flues were being built. b. Four-story office building. Completed at the time of observation, S. Forge, 60 x 60 meters, 6 meters high 7. Punchine shoo, CO x 80 meters, 6 meters high. 3,, Filling station and .esoline warehouse, 4 x4 meters. 9. Two fuel tanks, 15 meters hieh and 10 meters in diameter, 10. dorshop beildiee under construction, 250 x 120 meters, 22 meters high, Future nee unknown- It was anticipated this building would probably ee ce,ipleted be- the end of 1949. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1P Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 SEC1Z.i!,T, Annex to Legpnd: L. aorkshop building, 150 x 120 meters, 20 meters high. a. Foundry and molding shop, equipped with two US-made electric furnaces (E), 2 to 2s meters high with an inside diameter of 2 meters; three coke furnaces (I:), 1 to 1.5 meters high with an inside diameter of I meter; and five trolleys, b. Sand bunker equipped with a heavy trolley. c. Administrative offices. 2. New workshop building 220 x 180 meters, 10 to 12 meters high. a. Four-story section containing offices and technical designing rooms? b. Final assembly shop. c. Latheshop equipped with about 200 modern lathes, shaping machines, automatic machines and jointing planes, some of them of Clerman make. do Empty room. e. Pressing shop equipped with two American pressed reaching as high as the roof of the workshop and probably used in manu- facturing fenders. f. Pressing shop equipped with smaller presses. 25X1A 3. Lachine shop building, 180 x 100 meters, 10 to 12 meters high. This building housed an annedling shop, a dieshop and a latheshop equipped with vertical turning and boring machines, 3.5 meters high and 0.80 meter in diameter, as well as multiple drilling machines similar to vertical turning and borf7..ng mills, with a diameter of 0.80 meter. 4, eorkshoo building, 120 x 80 meters, 10 meters high. a. Chassis assembly shop, b. Enine test stand. 5. New workshop building, still partly under construction, 100 x 100 meters- New foundry under construction. Pillar bases and heating flues were being butlt. b. Four-story office building. Completed at the time of observation. 5.0 Forge, 60 x 60 meters, 6 Deters high. 7. Punching shop, CO x CO meters, 6 meters high. 3. Filling station and 'asoline warehouse, 4 x 4 meters. 9. Tao fuel tanks, 15 meters high and 10 meters in diameter, 10 dorkshop bai1din7 under construction, 250 x 120 meters, 22 meters hieh. Future use in bum, It was Anticipated this buildinc would nroUably be empletd 1.1,y the end of 1949. IT, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Legend conttd: g 25X1A Annex to _ 3 11. Rough brickwork structure, 70 x 60 meters, allegedly a new boiler? house. 12. Open terrain. 11, Double?track main railroad line, 14. SLngle?track spur lino. SECRET, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved Fa r Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP 83-00411,?R*0900070007-6 1 25X1A SECRET) Legend see next page Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP88-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ' "AT N Approved For'kelease-2"002/08T157 CFA- DP83-00415R010900070007-6 '4sOUNT-r-6 Soviet Vfnion v-z REPORT NO. - Vehicle Plant in Yaroslavl EVALUATION,1125X1A ....2ukCE OBTAINED] DATE OF CONTE.N1_,1 I 252c1c DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES....... PAGES 2 REMARKS__ 25X1A 25X1A 25)c1c.t)ATE PREPARED 2 YhaY 195( _ENCLOSURES (No. & PPE)._ Blueprint 1, Location : In tae northern section of Yaroslavl (39?52W57037N)1 Yaroslavl Oblast., west of the Volga River and the electric motor plant, and norta of the large railroad line. `) 25X1X Plant installations been The '21 ant is an old installation which has/considerably enlarged by many now constructions since 145. Power is supplied by a parer plant near the Volga River, east of the plant raiIro,ld connection is avqiiable. For plant layout see Annex, ork forca Thre:? shifts wlth an estimated 2,000 laborers each, 40 percent women This number does not includa the Ps and Soviet convicts working on the :,1.onstruction, . P..codictioU Lain production 7-ton trucks, two-axle7 uith plant manufactured Diesal en7,ines. Ten-con trucks, three axles, with the same type of Diesel engines Short 10-ton trucks, with three axles, enuipped uith rope winches and notor fire engine mounted behind the cabin. Dienal engines, The production of 5-ton trucks stopped in 1947 CLASSIFICATIoN CONFIDENT I AL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X11k 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 COITETDEITTia, 25X1A 25X1A staterents on the foundry (item on skatch): The bare ..tructure of t;,e loil:;in?;, about 100 x 45 m, -- was c.amplete t*_e .nter or 1"?4?/1949, Lxcavatons wore dill ins id the h11 durin the ,r,rin.7, of 1?49, a fore vas to be installed, Cglimont : a, Tho raport contains adtion::11 details on previously reported enlar2;emants in. the automobile rlant of Yaroslavl. The str,ents seem cr-21.ible. It is re,orted for the first tine that the T-roduc- tier of 5-ton trucs storped in 1947 an.. that only the manufacture of heavy trucks w,z.s continued. b c..roavations wore mar_, in a Jor:::Tsnop iol -Lae intended construction of a fore .1 rrorted a new.? foundry under construction. It still remains nnclarified whether_, the exca7ations are for the ist-al-tion of heavy machine tools or? for ton-ecr4-.'t air raid shelters l_Lnnox 1 "YA:L" :otor Vehicle Ylant in Yaroslavl, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Laaale. to 41nex 00E 1,11.D== 25X1A Yaroslavl Annex 1 ''orkshop with thr,e sections : a Foie, about 15G x 6o m Hardenin shop, 30 x 60 m c Gear department, about 200; x ,0 my also manufctur- of valve se,tings 2 assertly and mchine shop, total. dimensions about 200 x 130 feet a .assembly shop b Seven machine shors o New pressing shop, New hardening shop, aew administration with seven stories 3 Foundries, tot-11 dimensions about 150 x 150 m a Jld foundry with to furnace- and an office b ;ow foundry lilt:: sev-ral el,ctric furnaces Thrse storao sheds with iron 5 17ail ';ate 6 Two adTinistration buildin;s, each 35 x 15 m 7 lfirn department 0 Die3e1 department, about 120 x 100 my consists of four worshops -iti six test stn's for engines a 'ive-story wing for adrinistratien Boiler house, 0 x :6 m a Old soction b Hey section with t...( no boilorr of -Joryzn c (orireted coal yr:rd 10 Frame fittin: depart!-0,:t an0. w rLnT or:e, about 11 I:ew buL1din,3:, 130 x 130 m Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A mr- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-004 gP010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A a Administration, ,11,..ee stories, .)1most completed b Proj ected new .F'ore, .oundations for larl7e steam hammer fomrleted tho r.rtially completed (16 m) .:;orkshop, foundations and walls completed as on Eo, b d Several worshops with founO.stiens 1 Socono sate 13 r,uiling under construction with two lonitudinal secti ns, each 200 x 5, x 24 m, and a middle section, 5c, x 35 x 15 m, partially conrleted 14 Three sectional buticling under construction, 30 r 00 x 10 m, almost cemploted 15 Now boiler house, about :0 3C, in 16 Cmal under construction to 1;110 Vola branch located 4 kr from hcro, about 1 km completed, 2C m -ide, 3 m deep B .?ovict }rid labor camp Genc?:rt Ilixing shop under construction D Lnc:ireers de-ct, with rontoons arv, other This derot will be cleared out, make more space for the motor voli2Lo riant. en;gineer euipnent to 25X1A Lechanical Factory of the Yaroslavl Constrl:ction Trusteeship, with construction office, forge and destgning office. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A %LW IgSTRIBUTICSI "Annex to , Approved For'Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415M0)(6cf00070007-6 ? 3 Rotor hd441 ?Iva 4.21 majoaxan r r--i t=z3 r t=1 _ - ff 131 ???????????.... 114.1.?10..+ ????I?14. -l0 3 ?C't Le ond4 See report 9 60 =;) .111111111?11111P Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 -n t f-o scate ApprovrIlqa-ma'gez002/08 ,...?...KPORT Plant undnr Cu.rtronti nonr :-)nr:Inrinrinvn Pr,Anl c;:e 25X1A 25X1A EVALUATION --- --I OBTAINED 25X1 25X1A YLACE DATE OF CONTa 25X1C DATE OBTAINED.. -DATE PREPARED 47 Jutte REFERENCES_...4., PAGES_.2... ENOLOSURES REMARKS (NO. & TYPE) 1 ? ? c: 11 di 1. Tho 131ant is about b to 7 Ica east of Domodeeuvo (370/42vi,/ 55029q:) :',Dscolx ()blast (about 20 .1tz east of i.odolsk)? 2? The construction Uhl Cil was sIzAlrvisect bj a Lt.,Colonel of the ooviet Army, starUnA in .9L5 with a uood morkin deoart- m(4...t. op.,;rating for construction requirements of tile 21ant and other installations? * The bare structures of two metal proce.sang workshops were completed and c,,artiafly irisaliud - with machinely in October 19470 Jisaiantleci Lien.,an metal process:troy, ilacnines? including precision workini,,, machines arrived in 1946 and .G:rachines which wore not insta:.Ied were sLorA in boxes out-doors ii the plant arca., Tno pre- cision tancnInes included ball tcarin, iaanuracturinc machines such as are in operation at ttc lachtel and ,.)actis itim.? A foundry was being installed in one of tho two workshops. The plant; area covered 400x250 meters and had narrow-i;adie plant raiireid in addition to a slAndard-auc,c railroad connection to L;le itmodedovo station,. 30 About 600 to 1000 inmates of ea:a) atiO 1iC soviets worked on the construction rilorw, with a varyia7, number of 4:)oviet engineers, laborers rind convicts. ** 4. i'roduetiom The paacidnery indicated that 1,iLe plant ii1 be able to produce all types of fuses, CI_ASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A4' 25X1A 1 CONF.-I:17,n I. 25X1A 25X1A Oommentt Although the period or cbservation dAttes hack to 1947 tie r-iport is forwarded as otner info;-atior, mentioned the ailei:edly planned constrt.ction of V-weapons plants in the l'oaolsk area. It cannot be deterained and is doubted that the plant undor conFtruction near Domodedovo is to produce V-weapons. Only tne Soviet it. Oolonel in harec of the supervision mid-t pe a sli.nr, indication IF o sued a plaqi pur,)ec,e. It 1* assu%ed tlat Irt aluminum and ri,f iron foundry south of Jorwdedevo reported in and 1.-,ne above renorted piwit ar identical_ For plant location and layout t:ee Comment it the Camp No 006 aLhr Domodoiovo nc repored the loc;ton of the plant under construction and other netnil:i seem cr4dible. Annex: Skritch, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A dONEENTIAL, 11.1111CX 25X1A e.7,erl,1 to _Annex 1. Fenced in area of 4Vcampro 6306 2 Circulal. saws 3 Autometicai wood processin shop 4 Garpentr shop 5 inished products storaLe 6 Dryinj chamber 7 Doilei? house lAith three boilers 8 Thirty meter hih smokestack 9 and 10. ?aw frames 11 Transformer station, twice enlarged ourini:. ie of obset,vati:..)n 12 OCTLLlOu -white staff (labor :anacnent 13 60-called red staff (disciplinary. authorities) 14 ":ater tower 15 L)pare prts depot 16 .1.kshop, 130 x 30 x 7 G.eters, with etored 17 -orkshop, x 30 x 7 ir,eters (see s:ocial 3:?:1tof a Moldin shop Foundry, presumably for alumintu r,.nd pig iron o Uectric welding shop d Lathes o oriri machine or1di1 illaChLie3 including rLdin machines 6hapC ? Lork benches. FUMAIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A C-00, J Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA7RDp83-4R41R010900070007-6 At padex? rear Yet Z. ra._ r?. -400 ee eve, -ceelee 25X1A 25X1A . ---.--.? seaneaue ...NM rat RTI r` D..... Phe, ? eeeeeee e ceeloz., e-eeeetee.,414ewei itegece.lee: teeelearef "Pee aeigliteCteirrAgmexemeacceee 2`1.1 el 47 CO _t,..... VINC.CraraCati VICIM.V11,4. I 7 acr./Ai.; Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A C0.0140?6 oviot Union Approv-AW41-Me-20.13Y0t65.- CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 REPORT NO? TOPIC._ C::.vs....;a2. Plant in Dyatkovo 25X1A EVALUATION_ =5X1A 25KIA _PLACE OBTAINED_I DATE OF CONTENT.___I DAT1. OBTAINEDI REFERENCES 25X1C 25X1C __DATE PREPARED 21 February 1950 KGES 1 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 2 .t,Das .Muufftr-mftm4wdtm0m.rhlliWmommawa.m.....a.4dw,..rwoeMOAWs,W&r,4WWAIMC 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 1. Location ?????? ?????tad??????? The plant is south of the market square of Dyatkovo (34?20'1V 530371:6), -rel Oblast, For location see Annex 10 Plant Installations The -plant covered an area of about 600 x 450 meters, -It suf- fered only minor war damages and was the center of the class Industry in the Bryansk area. Three buildings in the lant canter were not reconstructed., Power supply came from a Dower plant outside the factory area A narrow-gauge railroad conrection was available. ..or plant layout see Annex 2. 3. -,;?ork I:orce __-------- About- 2,000 laborers, including 100 FiiS p .lork was clone in three salvos. 4. 1 rod ction Gla2s ware for civilian use. t 'This is the first information on the crystal plant in Dyatkovo. a town map (Annex 1) which is of special in= 1: containing only few industrial installations, other reports available on the airfield in the section of the town which is under construction, terost even There are no outheastern f;A nexes: 10) 2, ) Crystal Plant in Dyatkovo SLASSIFICATION k3ECRET-CONTROL/U6 0 EFIC IAI. ONLY Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1X 25X1-A" - Approved F SECitti.V2 / 4-innex Jrinex_,1 1 PS Carip Lc) 326/4 2 Class store ? Carrison el Office building 5 rood store 6 itbspital 7 6 liailroad station ztation of narrow-cauge railroad lt Underpass 11. rAvo party buildings ? Fire department ? Lospital 11=. Post office it hank 1E. ,1arket square ? L';tate owned warehouse 1E 4arehouse ic Grystal plant 2() hazaar ? Bare structure ? Sarehouse a, Lenin square 2e, c.echnical school 25 71Prned airfield 0ECRLT. 415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A - CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION Annex 1 ? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Clryptal Plank DYATKOVO ..?? seviAtork\ \\ Legends See report no/ to Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000700 ' *X 2- pitOved'FOr Release '2404/08/1510A'ADP5300415R0109000700077.6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Alroved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 JEPOR1 NC 25X1A . _PLACE OBTAINED f 25X1C DATE OF COi'.4TESNI I DATE OBTAINED_ REFERENCES?,....._ PAGES . ? ? ENCLOSURES 1 (NO & TYPE)._ 25X1A ILLEGIB 25X1A ? 21_2,14' II. PREPARED_ ? ? 1 i.1ueurint 25X1A I. Lc c ti. on 1.n the western aart of Kalinin ( 35Q55/E/56?51 f.N) rb st , on the northern bank of the Volga.. River Ins tal la ti ons 8, /The factory covers 1100 x(*,)00 meters,The Instal la- ti ons seemed to be in pc.) od condition, The workshops a.re solid structures with t:::lack wooden roofs and are painted brick color b?. The _plant has a si r, pie -track r ui lroad connection with several branches i t the plant ares., a on and layout sketch see Annex) ? Th::?ee s1k if ts with 1 000 3oviets each, incl,ud. cent WQmen C 011111Ki nt 1 a. 1 mann coaches Th is :is the f'?ii st- nforma ti on with detaie d -da ta on .e re lroae.5. car f ac tory in Kai inin b., The a t tached s etci is ver-:schematic and ehtir ely ITOI1 &2 reEards the course of the Volpe Ejver The loc ation of tne ant and of the ne,:tchbor ing objects v.:as ceiroduced- more correctly in a previously recei:kred town :sketch - CLASS PLAT] 0 IA F 1 10 :TriL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 d to Anne x A Railroad car f tic tor y 1 2-1ssombly shop? brick build inE.,5i. x 135 meters GUH rdhous a Sav,Tmill; brick bundings, 36 x 54 meters, with four E rees 4 :c'ost exchanEe? wooden shed, 36 x 135 meters brick assembly sho.;., 54. x15 meters 6 Brick foundry? 36 K 108 meters? with two brick smok'estacks? each 21 laeters high, five furnaces 7 Assembly shop, sarra as 5 Forced labor camp C hailroad bridge? two tracks L Road brie wooden structure restinp on two stone E :Lower lent .k" l'eat dump of the kov,,er j/lant G Road bridge, similar to I) 11 Cadet rithool 21D lieudcivlarteys Rar academy L 17 Camp .No 7384 CO Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 C O' LJr EJ -4 1Annex Location and Layout Sketch of the Kalinin Railroad Car Factory.., - Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A r? CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0M2SOg70007-6 Location and Lay:Akt Sketch of the Kalinin aailroad Car Factors. to Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 not to sn=v/e0 prov4Fia'efiaTsOnn7inFins ? ciA-RnpFri-nn415Rn1n9nnn7n(n7 6 COUNTIN,.-;,..et Union REPORT TOPIC 1-;Licr nA5V14.q.kl?fl EVALUATION 25X1A DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINEC REFERENCES_ REMARKS 41.11??????????.?Or .PLACE OBTAINED_I 25X1A 25X ILLEGIB )ATE PREPARED A. rii 21.53 .e ?ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) , sketches ofiilitto 1, Location: About km c1 of tne tolxn renter o X4,11u8'h (6? 1E"/54?30'), Tula OblAst, and about 1-'7, km east of a valiey with a A?Ibuta/7 or UkeCka River. j:he .:;:..Iiroad line to :'.osco pastes fbout r,),9 kra nortn of tie 3. a, i.eor.1,1.n;-, to Joviet sthtements toe oLnstructioh of the plant starteu in Ihe bare structures of 10 won.snops were cutivletou beforu wu'r., After the sar otner workshops and the -.(3ro- plant weve constructed The vo:ksnops are of oed brick and nave flat. roofs. Iney are afA. of Lhe VIXO tpe of construction. and -ev,sure about x 7.5 A y.f. meters, oioce tho di:itanees betweerith .eorkshops arc onuai, the road net in Lie plant io rcotanular, )ow,, plant and the ackalnistr;:tion builuin r.re he thrll the other :ian L1.Ld1LjSF.nd thus vary from Lne ty.,,e of construction of Lie bulidins toich are numbei:.ed from I to b. J'aiiroad coolleetfc.Ln. taa in 1947. c, installed in 1..11 workshops after u,%rry 1;4E, ritn thQ co,)pton of tnc; four vhchnt buildin, J__ochted mostly in the south Tie production whe to star',. in 1.0. Construction work on rods and rhi_ro.at tracks in the plant kTe;,, and interior work on the wor,sho2s proo-eSeed slowly for 1Pok of NaterlPis and machines. no 1-E-theter barbed-wire fenee ..cound the plant area WR2 re iced a 4Jill of the F,ame locotin :.nd plant ::,rout see !nne,., force: ro'Lt:,oneand ooviet .:,aborers, of whom 1,.00 were waneh, and ,,000 German doing construction work Froducti.T. 25X1X he pl::nned producton was not known wisumed, fro. 25X1X Lhe t:.h..c of machinery observed, tnat the droductio.: of tne pfaht siby to s:.1111 mach:Enes, olec!trio apparatus, oiec'.,rotecnilichI 21,Le;:is arid nOwlion? CLASSIFICATION c. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A Approved,fgri 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0 10900:57)4007-6 25X1A cnt5; cc), t();).i.F. vilt.:CiS1,1,1 .4ecnAnic, olec robi-;c:.nil ':43 X*C and ,ic!-surirt,.. insLtu:aeAsi. 7:31.ant, Lo bc a _,,Lrful.4-; 2= er7,.. an, a 7.er ;.1,i for L. rcruiv:?LentE 01: -LoSt;01^% ent !int ? al a ',.)revio:,s1: reorLed plant ATO -ost idenLicfd. 1) Inc location vP.c; confirmed by. .correct. cc&ueru c. d:hEr44:1.C,C .1.h;;CYt OL ci,ferent nt.1-ain4::.: is a.?.1, od to *.)e fct.hcc_a_o 1;',yok,t cou?A oo ierivcct 2 Alnees: iglctory vith lowor Plant under L:wstruttioa in t.i_Lif:a sKotches on one ditto) Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A ? Approved For Reigas91002/01415 : CIA-RDP83-00415R0109000 0007-6 1/Anuex LC?:01-Al tO lAinexes: 31 etch 'co a. Yi.!Int under cohstructi.n B Tr:els:Ann PIr,dt 0 -ood3 S-Xeten ;..o ft 3g3Ea I Aaniaistmtion buiidinE, 21 c er wu niLher tnAki ti u :?Irc.r.:1Lo size Oui.Leins 1. L,16 pd_atit. 2 .inc';ben vort;d..ps u t. SF.iC size, 27 x x 7.5 md br4,ck stru,7ture eadcmLe floorr, uOOl5 Qi stlsneets ;Ite furtherest to tne south am Vacant. 3 so-e:aleu motor 7.1.ant, .nui ?ad viLh ncrous see- :cot procos.7dh, J:mchincs 4 Pave. 3u x -3.5 x otovt., foul.-story i.o-ereLe strucLure, dot.- ' in kk,7 .7. in o..erPtion ibu uccwi fi-xr ho,st.;s 1,,hu turhinus fLic, 7..dc I.Juith floor r.:iu ,ui_eir;to?.s. _de boilers -re:uolad vi Li co:. dust. ,,o11. s Pkro in LLe ,,..rt,un- the rowe:- Goer_itz A-nu Dresde.l. 5 Cato ! Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A Z? i ! ; Approved For Release 2004/08/15 : CIA-RDP8341174I5RITITMUU7170UT:6- 1$ 4 $)if C 4'17 If. fi 4,ratLatiamos.--; i 1 ,. , ? t t. I, 1 .7 ? .6 3 MM./11M. ) e r 1---; ,.:4\ i : li 11 Ii 1 I. i 1 I ..; I ' 1 ! 1/1M/MIMMIMIIM MMMMIMIM/MMMIM*I Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 1 I 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 z -- ApprOVed-FoRk6feja-S4A2-06 11:0UN nion, -r?VilOATtOr+1 0.ATE 081AENE1.7' At W MARKS -- ; I ! I F. ! I . F. 1 1111 t! 25X1A 25X1A 07-6 _ END., OSUNC,--.; ? . ? 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 0(.14il i;?:6 '11.e tan . Lotoh a II OtUU 'V .ci On ILOr by Li ri t. .113 iota c e Len c?;,, t 01#$ Loh t?7; ??., :7 7 t,t:Ittj y Ith "k'd 0 ,c 1,1; s c.) out ioo d r?e?-, . L 1, ;?, 0 Y.. bo s Sis Cr o\\ Qcti r ea 1 n e e ieS we c.; c ; f",` ? ,e3:1 . 114 C 17 di t. ? ft' t Uft. 0 0 ta tin e,:j 11; v Lct e L; tne r ri.,J ? rec.:;ent, date a ,r t.; . y 9,-, 9 ) * ? r a1 tis ctr .31, I On ? '94 ;1 t cvni?::, t 1 iCS en ne s 1 tiut 6.1 ti re,.!ort it es to be tr.. Isn't a If...v.) _Wee s at le as t on r CL e r iTk line en El S ; the r or tede e , r?l ASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A ILLEGIB 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A h, The i:ork force indicated as about 3?500 to 2)000 11er ;lift agrees with fanner reports, 0. Thc numerical designation 1.() 156 was ,.:Ientioned for the iirst tile in connection itL tl is 1ant The folmer Lo,16 of the VORONEZH plant is re-assigned to the new KAZAN r - craft engine ,,lant after the plant wan transferred in Dece,nber 1941, rei:orted 156 as being assicned to the giAGX exi.erimen 1 ?lant nest of the :0800 aircraft enK,ne 1entk,o, 45 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A riginki L' AprrOVe a 'Far Keriene-200"2/0874-5-7.-C P83-00, 15R010900070007-6 c.4..AA1TRy 20v ie t lin i on TOP4`t3 Observation qA , tAIR , (lc:n(1v, ?MI cz 1,1 4 rl n Ai 1--.^1.,..1-P+ -ip.,..,ei ",. -,14-0,4,...4, 25X1A 25X _ 1.......2J2_P LAC E OBTAINED?I *1.01,??????????????7.044., REPORT NO. 25X1A EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED_ REFERENCES_ PAGES-2 __ENCLOSURES REMARKS 25X1C (NO. & TYPE) DATE PREPARED 17 4: ril "c11-0 lornimmielft*.? fie.* 25X1X 1, Location: On the northeastern border of Tushino, about 1 km due north of the Tushino railroad station The northern front of the plant borders on a branch canal of the Volga-Loskva Canal, The lent covered a site about 400 meters scuare, The IAant area was surrounded by a board fence and watth ttmers and was Eumrded by civilian cuards Encino test stem-, a. The construction of fE,n engine test stand on the north-. ?vastern side of the ,,lant outside the lant area was ber:un in October 1948 anu completed in Larch. 1.9Y9. The test stands were iLstalled by the soviets .,:ithout the hell) .-of b, employed in the plant said they had seen jel; fighter enrines taken to the test stand- c The test stand was a three-story brick building fiie Teters square. It V,b ,put into oi)uration in June 19.,9; the roar. of running cnEince as constantly heard, -,olk force: lestinated the number of wopkere assigned to one shift at 400 to 500, 40 ercent women, -::ork done in three shi fts CLASSIFICATION C0L IL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A COFILENTIAL/ 4, Electrieelp= suvj 'rower was supplied by high tension lines leading to the northern corner of the plant from a lock about 100 meters west of the bridge over the ranch canal, For this reason power was -11r0.- duced there, The lock was guarded by the navy, Th's difference of the )eater level at the lock was about 1 meter, In the northern corner of the plant a site about 80 meters square was fenced in; about 20 power transmission line masts were on this site German technical eersonnel a. About 120 engineers and skilled workers of the former Junkers Aircraft Ilant in Dessau and their dependents lived in Tushino; 30 to 40 of them worked in one group in the aircraft engine plant. A chief encineer from "::uerttemberg was particularly remembered. b. Germans, All of them had teen 1948. The entire. German group Kuibyshev in Seetember 1949 , 6, Yr oduction: deeendents of these25X1X ueeortea to Tushino in was transferred to Jet fighter power plants, according to had personally- seen the jet engines, Other engines were presumably also manufacTe?ired. Comment? who tyees of Information is note- worthy, The observation of the newly built test lant outside the plant area is in agroement with previous inf orma t ion . b, The observations made in the e len t acided weight to the assumption that )art of the plant Is being converted to the production of jet engines,* observation of such enEines at the test stand cannot be ignored, c, The reported transfer of Gerlach ad his group to Kuibyshev is confirmed. On the basis of available information it is assumed that the development by Gerlach of a Diesel engine Jumo-224 did not lead to the expected WIC:COSS, The transfer of this group might possibly be in some connection with the conversion of the Tushino ilart to the production of jet engines, C012IDE:e.TIAL, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A Approved F.orqelease,2052,1005i,;.CLIAADP83-00415R010900070007-6 ULko,,ii' %JP, ? CRY NC) 25X1A TOPIC 25X1A 25X1A EVALUATION_F-L __PLACE OBTAINED_ DATE OF CONTENT__ DATE OBTAINED, REFERENCES__ ? 25X1C L____ 25X1A -CATE PREPARED_ PAGES - iNDLOSORES (ND. TYPE) REMARK. , ? ? OW. 1110.11?Mm.. 25X1X 1.. Location: -------- Inedtately sOuth of KOSTINO :37052'EM55054INI, Moscow Oblast. KOSTINO is situated about thrts to six miles north of the out- skirts of MOSCO% and one to tzo miles south of the subway sta- tion, BOLSHEVO. 2, Plant history: Cmparatively new factory, No iluilding operations, except the installation of new machine:, partly of derman work was stopped during the var. 3, Layout: Size about 3,300 x 2O00 feet, 13 buildings, including pro- duction shops. a. One workshop 330 x 200 feet b. One workshop 650 x 250 feet Eive one-story workshops, each ..bout 180 x 90 feet 4. r,abor forc: About 2,000 to 3,000, presumably worInq three shifts. 5 production: a. 'V*In?7s with landlnR flaps and ailerAns (see Annex, No 1) rpart-vof tail unit. Telescopic struts (see Annex, No 2) i4rp1ane instruments. and instrument :oenels (1. Throe-bladed air screws, about 10 feet in diameter, CLASSIFICATION C ONF ID EN TIJ:1:LA Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CONioIDENTIKL maximum blade thickness about 10 inches e? tanks 25X1A . 25X1A f, Other component parts: Steering dolumns, steering ropee., reverse segjnents etc. 6. Compenent2vyts: ? . a. 5ct. A finished iastrument panel,upper range frore loft-to right vas seen0 gasoline pressure maage, oil preseure gauge, two altioeters; underneath t clock, arti- fcial horizon, speedometer. At right-hand side between the ewo rows there ere the landing gear control and compass. b,. Ile 5 Of rubber, 32 x 26 x 16 inches, filling sleeve weth bayonet closure. 7. Prodctien: Biehe to ten railroad carloads daily Boilorshop and railroad sidines were available. 1====== LP OMMO nt: 25X1X I this is the may report an the KOSTSNO accessories factory, unknown until now.'erom the detailed description of the production of this plant it can be concluded that tricycle landine, gears wth nose wheels are manufacture here, the min-wheels of which retract into the leines toward the outside. It is not known for what type of aircraft these parts were manufactured. Planes equipped with this type of landin gear were repeated- ly observed on various rfields, but the type of aircraft wee not identified. 1 e.nnex: Airceaft Accessories Plant in KOSTINO COVkIDENTIAL- Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1X 25X1A " ednttoLLED.rasmxirIoN Annex ,)cy Approved For 'Release 2002/ 8/15 : CIA-RDP83-0041rOinbild70007 6 i frem below; Wing of light Ble (IMMO tzr. ruling -flap argn Op through _ .hg a light metals, partially -also of plywood 2 b Coneonents of landing gear Teles civic struts Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ApproeefiTaine4112114i 20:02/i813t-? DP83-00415R010900070007-6 TOPIC Kircv ,teel eorks in iimlabeki 1.1,141.4 25X1A EVALUATION__=_. OBTAINED_ DATE OF CONTENT_ DATE OBTAINED._ _I L _DATE PREPARED. 11 .trril 1950 25X1C NO. .25KIAL 25X1A REFERENCES 25X1C PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & 1YPE) REMARKS______________ ppialkylan - 1 Uuenrint. 1 photo -75713r- 25X1X 1. Location: The .Kulebaki (42?32'1/55025'D) steelworks, Gorki Oblast, is in the eastern part of the town. 2, .lant layout: this plant is an old establishment rroducing open-hearth teel and armor plates. The five-story reain-adminietration buildings were on both sides of the main entrance gat.e. They wore ray brick buildincs. A bitunenized .treat, 9 mters wide started there crossinc the plant area end ending on the eastern side. e. The open-hearth department was equipped with six outmoded'61.e- nans ,:eIrtinefurnaces, two or three of which were always under repair, and six new open-hearth furnaces sat up in 1945 and 1946. 1-s were not employed at the adjoininr rolling plant. . to iernor plates up to a thickness of 4 cm.nere manufactured In eeveral neihtoring shops, the so-celled armored shops. Lathe shop producing circular tracks for armored cars had also been established there. Co he furnaces were fired by gas supplied by -lant Jepartment 12 a wood-gas generating station. There was also a factory-owned Lrick yard. .0,ectricity was generated in an ;Imerican power train of seven e'eUroad cars. 3, ork force: Thrqe shifts were worked by ,, or than 10.000 civil workers aff, CLASSIFICATION L i .., i 'M J zl, IL 200 1'.'s. 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 251A Approved For_Release X70007-6 - 2 - . Production: Inter alia armor plates ane. circular tracks. 5. The hulebaki steelworks torder on the railroad station so closely that the tracks of the ryilroad station are in the plant area. 6. .,crk departhent 1 prodaced wood pas. (The buildin(7 was about x 27 meters). Jerk department 2 was the foundry. It consisted of a workshop about cJ x 31* meters with a plate-covered arched rcof. The installati)n had six cyen-hearth furnaces, 7i 7, x r&Zi meters, walled up. rk department 5 was the hammerinp department Piodtcing wheels fey locomotives and railroad cars. 7. 'Electricity was genorated in' an ,,nerican power train of several rcilroad cars. 8. Fc,r partial plalt 3ketch and hr.riz(intal plan of the foundry see Comment: a "Jnly pa yt of the Wlebaki m4tallurgic plant is cove by the aLove repcpt. .1Yrom a compariscv with the aerial photocraph at- tached as :Innex 2 it is concluLed that the reported plant buildings are preelTiably in th3 souther' part of the area. The largest buil(i.in there extolding fron northwest to southeast may be the founLry: with the arJhed roof -25X1A d5.d nc4 furnish an informatict, on observed new buildings and the P:,,an7 did not suff_q, war dama(cs$ it is inferred that the aerial piLot,wraph taken Ju 1942 approAmately corresponds with the pre- state of tile plant. 2ronthe aerial photocraph it is evident tIst the track syste-1 of the rilroad station actually. overlaps V.e plant area. robably most ;f* these tracks are spur tracks of Ife'plant joininc the tracks Cl the mailroad station on the easte n 3.de of the plan;. 25X1A b, Iwhthr the numiJer of the open,- hearth furnaces as actually alubled. L.; case the quantity of the furnaces had ben increased so inch, the capacity of the plant wou10, essentialty have been ra.:1;ed. The ;yaw steel capacity of the open-hearth furnaces amound to about 250,000 tons in 1943) when seven iartLn furnaces were in.operation. Lesides rqy steel, the plant produad rolled steel, steel girders, sheet metals armo:7ed, Plates, wheel tires, irons Y,rid as pipes in 1943. kiftoen thousand. workers were ,i3ployed in'aroh 1943. c, Power pencrattni7 by a powerlJain of seven cars had not beym stared at te plant before thocad of the war. The required elec- tric:Ay had ben supplied by th im.lakhna power plant until late in 1943. ...aIlexes: 1. .1..uworint, ,Autherrz-prt of the .1aLt "Kirov'l 2. l'hot'.), larow. I,olmad to il.nnex 1: I .lint Jepartent 1, 45 x 27 let(s, wood as genera':inc, station 2 iieatinr station, 36:i x 18 metert, with two brick smok,2stacks cn several sheet meal smokestacks Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6- 25X1A - 3 - 25X1A 3 IlaAt _fepartment 2, foundry, 90 x 371- meters, tith arched plate roof 4 i'oro;e, 4 x. 27 Eleters 5 ollinc mill, 73 x 45 meters 6 laaAt .jepartnent 5, hartner department, 73 x 45 meters Layout of foundry: a 61x open-hearth furnaces b Ywo traveling cranes Ohafthg Metfairu4ideB o Yraireling crane for the distribution of castincs Lar7ow-cauge track G Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A trariOLUOPRitnEllighitirse 2002/08/15 : CIA-R 1 DP83-00415R010900070007-6to Annex Southern itiv-t of the Pifent acci/e,??=vhout 1.4,000 ? Legends See report sccpie /.2,000 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 26011.694.&i461610..R3 oviet Union COUNTRY (14s - FrIrm zeuipment-,,,ianufacturine Plant Le 722 in Lyi?hPrtsi. 25X1A P83-00415R010900070007-6 PORT NO.. 111?AVAIMMA.,luaryr EVALUATION DATE OF CON1EN1_I - ? 1 v ,?- __PLACE OBTAINED 25X1 DATE OBTAINE).____I REFERENCES__ 25X1C DATE PREPARED 3pri11930 PAGES_L__ENCLOSURES (NO.& TYPE) 1 111Pnri REMARKS____ 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A 1, IocEtion: The ii'arm quiDient,lanufacturing Plant 14.o 722 is on th:-; town bouna:t of Lyubertsi (39?40.V54?40'E), oscow Oblast,, about 20 km southeas? of oscow, directly southwest of the railroad mainline to Kolomna. Eirfield is south of the plant and directly south of the highway to ,,:oscoin. 2. llant '-he plant, coverinr an area of about 820 x 450 meters, is an old installation. The buildin,-s are in a mediocre condition. railroad ? conrection is available. Power and steam are supplied by a plant- cwned power station0 for nlant layout see ,i.nnex. 3. ..,ork force: 1.1 tctal of 7,500 civilian workers and 050 Ti,s working three shifts. 4. Troduction: The plant manufactured shells duriwr: the war. Juring 1945 and 1946 the plant was converted to peacetime production: Grass cutters, grain binders, hemp binders and transraissions for combines. ? a, r.lhis renort furnishes information on the latest status of the quipment .anufauturinc Plant .(3 722. The location and the pia, t layout as renorted conflr previous recorts. b. Ilecordinc to a report in the oviot newspaner Isvest:;`,_a.,:dated 2 august 194, this plant produces an autoriatic crass cutter equipp, With a blade 10 rioters Jon,- and a cuttinc- capacity of 6.55 hectares per hour. 1 .,-Lnnex: .blueprint, Farm Equipment -ianufacturinr Plant La,. 722 in CLASSIFICATIOR)01..D.IJETli?.1] Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release-2042108/45-;-CIA-RCIP-83-0041.5R0-10900370007-6 GUui'i laits1 LLIE2nd to n.nnex: 1 ,lain gate and guard 2 Plant department io 26, to-story brick. buildis-47, 54 x neters, model ninkin locksrlith and carpenter shops, quarters for apprentices I ark 4a 2est1n47 department and laboratory, material testing 4* Locksnith renair shop (4a ard 4b one brick tuildin, 54 x 22 K 13:: meters) Iron structure with brick masonry, b4 x 22* x 13. meters 25X1A a ;Japartnent ',c) 6, p/ant repair de7artment and mochanical de- partent Dopartnent 1.() 23, construction office mpressor station, three compressors 6 Iron structure with 1)ick masonry, 54 x 221 x 13 meters, a .rechanical shop for assembly and tostin of new constructions i)epartqcnt o 14, foundry with two larva cunoln furnaces, moldin shop v processinr shop and sheet netal s.lokestack, 30 meters hiph 3 1.1re department 7 ,;rick buildinr, 54 x 22 x 7z meters, housirp: a aibulance .Uactrical rorair shon C owr plant, steel structure with Aasonry, 4 x 30 x 10 motors, 'prick sr} stack, 713 meters high rower and steam supply for the nLmt 9 storare 10 =itarars, bri-k structare, 36 x l3 x 4 meters 11 1?umbor drying shop, x 18 x 4 neters, brick structure 12 ,nrIber and coal storare 13 .:an and iron storn 14 Iron structure with msonry? 'o4 x 27 x c), meters, housing: ;)o*)nrtment 'Lc/ 1, ..N)rge and pres cuttirr shop j 6rin0,inc shop with six electric hardening furnaces; blades for the renpin!' :rnehines are produced here Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved ForRelea4e 20.0.EQ1115-WRI5Pa3=0041-5R01-""""" 25X1A -6 25X1A 15 :ron structure with brick mnsonry, 63 x 45 x 16? meters, housing, ..echanicl shops and asselLly dernrtments, production of 1,yheels, shafts, axles, bolts and screws etc. b sselbly of crass cutters Crirpenter shop and rlechanical sectiolt, voodworkint; shop for farm euirment machinery d lire tower, 36- -leters high used by the nearby fire fi-7htin unit 16 j'ark 17 Iron structure with. [rick -lasonry, housing: (63 x 22 x 10 meters.; a Jepartment LO 13, foundry for heavy major machine parts,two large cupola furnaces, rioldinc and cleninc denortmont Transforler sttio 18 Axon structure -jth brick masonry, housing: 1 Co.rn -o 7859 and reristration office ..Jepartm-Ler3t la) 1C, croand floor: torace for finished crass cutters and snare na.%ts,shippin; doPartment tnd paint shor; second floor: bepartlent c) 30, production of transnissions for cross cutters and co'ibines. erartnt 14C, 30 was set-up between July 1946 and -ebruary 1949. .roduction was started in -,arcl 1949. Third floor: lath for spare ports rourtll floor: ,,uarters for plant orkers 19 Oil storage, several 100 barrels of oil are stored there, each barrel containing 200 litors 20 rillin- statior. 21 Gore naking derartaent, brick structure, 18 x 0 x 91;; leters Iron structure with brick. moscury, woodeil roof, housint!: a...)epartmont 9, founary foi sall -arts with two cwol-: furi:,aces, moldinc section ani polilihinY shop b I.arr? onnealinr furnace, a convayer b 1t goes throuch he ? furnace. ',jhain links, snare Tlarts, co:v:heels etc. are 'acked into a lietal box, this box la thr, out on the conveyer )alt and slowly runs throurl tha furnace. ihe rarts ore later cooled and. thei. co to the rearectiVe nlant JonartrieLts. Gnte Lo 2 G Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A AlL C Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900010007-6 -0 A?40.5Colv .f rcaCK 0 I , c , I -1 ' i I- , r r 7 b r"--T-1 , V= At x 3 r---; a I h 1,5 1 . 1- c. L I__I 1 , . 1 , 0i ._L-___ : ic-l'j t______i______ i c i a i___ _ e? A A L__J ? . A A /6 A ,, / I /5 ( ! . 0 /3 T1 -H i a 7 A- A / /t. A A- A 10ndz See report Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 not to scele Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : um-Kuvoi-uu415R010900070007-6 NO EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT?I DATE OBTAINED__ REFERENCES 4. PAGES Plant in LIWIDOVO 25X1A _PLACE OBTAINED_J 25X1 C 25X1A --DATE PREPARED__18 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 1 B1ueps_14 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A LI) 2oundry lastllintion: ,.everol steel furnrces Low-tion of the Plr.nt and Traffic Facilities: Oa both banks of the Lepolod diver, the outlet of this river fceom Lyudinovskoyo Lake. The plrnt is bordered by the torn of LfUBILOVO (6:P52? 17/34025/ ) on the vest, south and east. SYULITXVO is located rt the 13.2tilLi-LIacv rnilron.d line. wist of tai s line is, a brnnch line from 4itY.L, traversing the plant to l'.o north (see i(inex) 2.1.nnt flistory a. The pl=t? is snid to be very old. The :Zed _rmy blasted the pi-nt during- its retret in 1941. -1most all buildib4s were raconstructed, rooquipped :lad in operation by October 1947. 011y tho storno dam with turbines, the power stntion nnd some workshops zero still under constructionl Recon- 25X1A struction 'VMS completed in June 1940 b, :est of the rrchines were of aermrn make and were in good Dndition cc, T 34 tnnks nnd shells were allegedly produced in the plant daring the mr d. ' ccording to lnrge ornnkshnft benches, parallel pinninc machines 'nd simil-r farchines were installed in the plant la 1947. believes this mnchinery to be nn indication of . ps:sojected tank production. -ccording to 'ammunition 25X1A will be produced when the plant is completed. - 3, plrnt Installations:. 17-2he Ta=ric enumerntions correspond to the numbers of the sketch. .The plant installations wore determined according to the 3ketches I CLASSiFICATION 41, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 5X1A 15X1A ?5X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ApprOVA*diZelease 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-004115R010900070007-6 25X1A 5n31,c---:ted t1.79 fnrnar!es I throe or four onst fuetin cos '..rad I [six open-ber.rth furnces).- p..,.*-1-,0]r Hertinc pipes nnd rt.diators (a. inches in thick- I :Theol sets, connectin roCs 'J,.--? .,6 ..i..')r locoL,obilos ohells nIA .:.'';H ?I''' ',:Tr: ;:-licedly 2anufactu,7ed?durini:; the urr Clrrcw i Imre still stored in front of work- . vr.-??:. :. :-..... Jn.exf) in June 194E* 25X1A cne lurnace, one pneumntic hr mor frodw;tion.: ,;tcam boilers for loconobilas. 1'ho front boiler 1teA .JeT'c treated in a press InstaA.-tion our .ore a,lres -nrimes 1 three steam ? :Produltion: Jin,la parts such bolts fw screwi. ssel%Ibly departaienti Irwtn. I t Ion ti;:ns d:vvided lengthviso into subsectiov1 One ht1:1? Df the buildinz was n tuo-story structure intnilation on the second floor: 1Jlt to teL vertical turn- Pad borin machines , five bench plao:, six drill1n3 machines -with swincsinc arm (vortical i4rpe, eight drill heads), eir:ht hydraulic presses (inc/udin one Ger- Throebenche (fully autortic o rr s aRooition push- xAT. p.ess of several tons prcssin capacity) butto:i switch, feed f,TAad lendectow) ]-? Produotion: The locomobiles wezo Pssembled in this deprrtmont the measurin instruaents installed. The enines were prAn- tet pnd their Dressure rosistncochecked on boiler test stands 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A (5) .)tore Imsunder 25X1A Th E (1 m ( with turolao ti).QCOPUAX.t, tO con stlx.ction duria,:. the t5.c of observti n. (6) st7tioni hydro-pover station0 an. additioncl four or five canton :lent bui112,ins. The station ms under construction The poer station MS scheduled to oo in onerr:tion by J.Janur)ry 195C. Voed cawle :Cron the lnke to to turbines wore excavated -nd concreted In ;rune 1S4E A.o locks uere built between the p=er stet Ion rnd tie 1ie Tho water v:as detoured in a 1CC-foot vide c.ln.7J, pased under the pover sttion end xtZurnod in Side cnras to the river bed. The difference in elowtj beteen the 11ke 1.1d the pover etation ts r.but LO feet I I The buildiuc .11f7a (7) a ;7 nd crpontry 25X1A . Instt711,7tion of the saumil ams Install!,tiou of the cc,:rpontry: Planers boriwz and mn- , chiles, totr,1 of 2C n.chinos ms in this shop 25X1A 1 1 Preauction; 'ori: in these shone uns done for pint requirements. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A -- ( Approyesl,Fmfetuage-20-02/08tt8-7CtA=RDP83=00415R010900070007-6 d:I.Anistrntion :cyr-sho77) building; 25X1A ?Ltn ifuxiliary vorkshop of thc fere butrI.JJH 17as ceqaoicted bv October li47, but the nnchinery 'taut bu13Cia.,7 under construction uc,,s destroyed durini the wor. T34 tF.Inks were - c,Acted In this vorkGhoD when tbo vr wiz almost 'Ykr(q7 . _torn. ,f.: co.:.,-?. L.4.ye iron .T.tj ,7nd !.;%.ochines -cere oiso indicted . so.o ;::;orces (crude iron, 71.11uches -oltes, sheet iron tubes rocsacco-T.-C, to 'tubes, two electric iron . -flc.i o;:l.e tub oni mn instrllrtion, nocordincr, to I I iirmet I 6.17!1.e 0-.4.1 dur.o uncr constructions . 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 1 L0 & inUicrte-d Lcch;licn1'-,-..,Irkshop fcy -.nufacturin:.: sill:lo prrts. Tho lrst ,r,entioned is prc.,bf'bly thc Thr:7,e (act: los 11 on -nnex) i)cdu(tion% nnd a eleflent depnrtmont .. self-propuision, to 26C) r;r11)ns aconebilesi fithout '3:cr station-:Ty our ton Boiler cot ont :U0 25X1A 2irins: ood, con rl or strnwl . 25X1A '.:1-1; r.lentniy schedule of 6P units v7ns constntly zxcoeded accOr- 25X1A (Aiu to/ indicted drUly outpW; of 25X1A tjaree ov louv units. _ccordin to tesa indications the 1V43 output c:n be ostiated r:t rsoul; 1,COU locollobiles. (Atcaents such ns those mpde by (10 units dilly 25X1A 25X1A in EMS) ,--nd by (6 units dr.ily in 1947) presubly veS:cr only to indiy1du,n1 tays but not to the monthly averge). 4. :ork f'nd -orking Tine: uerk force numbered 3.00 men j This 25X1A Viurc probr-bly f7]so includes the buildinc vorkmeh, -:;ork %tlae, done in the production deprrtNents reconEtruction of the power shift,5: of eiftt hours onch in one strtion nd of 6-hour shift, in the the force in to 25X1A 5. G nna Pouer 25X1A ko\ orvre supplid by the plr'nt-ovined power stotion0 io dotnils re kron 3,errdin7 rnw cirterirls. -,eciritil 1- Val At. ,74 Tho plrnt nrer is surrounded b-cr r I':00(Pn 'PeNnce f.nd secured by %T.7,tchtenera Approved For For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 .tec17.431D Dismitairo Approve? rori Kelease 2002/08/15 : CIA-M3WOOt95R010900070007-6 ;,eamfdpgstnis Plat in 14ppitimQ wooden fence 0 REM Legends 1 Foundry 2 Boiler forge 3 Forge 4 DAssembly department 5 em 6 Power station 7 Sawmill and carpentry d idministration 9 Workshop building 10 Workshop building under construction not to sco4e ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 .1 - Approv'ecridr ea4)tta-20132/08tt5 . ts' CC.) .?REPORT NO. .44,11?10ftelltly.r.M. EVALUATION_I _PLACE OBTAINED_ 25X1A 25X1A DATE OF CONTENT.] 25X1 C DATE OBTANED.. DATE PREPARED 9A logr REFERENCES_____- PAGES REMARKS,1Ntleir _ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 25X1X 1 T-4141.-i- ? ? . Location: South of Lyudinovo is a lake, about 1,000 x 1,500 meters, at the northeast corner of the plant. The outlet of the lake runs through. the plant. 2, Traffic facilities IWO 31.0 The plant is connected by tracks with the Soviet-gauge Vyasma- Bryansk railroad line and with the narrow-gauge railroad line, running to the east., 3, Szee About 1,000 10000 meters (a walk along the edge of the plant takes 15 minutes). a, Boller forget About 100 x 100 meters, ecuipped with several seem hammers, forging places and lathes The boilers were formerly riveted, Since the coreeitment of German FINs they were electrically welded- b. Large foundry and mouldry About 100 x 100 meters, a hegh building with glass roof, equipped With four steel furnaces which are charged with iron and steel ingots as well 83 with scrap, coke, and limestone. the proportion of the mixture and the capacity of the fur- naces, Fly wheels, gear wheels, connecting rods etc, were cest, C., Small nonferrou.) metal foundry: About 100 x 30 meters, (eluipped with two liquid tar-fueled furnaces with blowees. anali parts as bearings, taps, screws, threads and other T CLASSIFICATION 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ? '9.-P 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 31T,CR::;T/ 25X1A 25X1A nonferrous metal nroducts were manufactured, d, ltechanical workshop, Nbout 100 x 100 metes. .equipned with 100 modern lathes of all kinds, including revolving lathes, some of them, up to PO meters long ttime of inotallation: 1947), Cnly 10 of these lathes: were in. onsration The narts cast in section h, were flnished here e Srlall mechanical workshop: .About 80 to 6o meters enuipped with severni modern German nachines of which ? only some were usedn RusEiun civilians were trained on these machines by Gerna.n harts cast in sections B and C were finished here, f. nnsembly slop: About 100 x 100 locomobiles v.nich were shipped from there via the Soviet- nauge railroad line, meters, Assembly of 4-7, ndminintration building and power nlnnt. About0 x 40 meters, The i:nwsr lArt 1 t-1111 fueled? 25X1X 25X1X h, Garage About 60 x 20 meters for about PO motor vehicles of the plant, in Dam: The la)m is dammed in its southwestern corner by a dam about .5C meters long and 20 meters wide which was comnleted in 1947 to build a- hraro-power nlanto plant had not started in 1947, roduction Locomobiles for agriculture are manufactured in the lant, About 90 to 100 locomobiles left the ,lant every monttt, it is planned construction of this quantity also agrees with the numner of in the foundry From the followitv facts of tanks was to start in October 19472 At several nlaces ;arts of T34 tanks (scrap) were still yin g around, b? The manufactured tanks before and during the war, __I The reported unit s manufactured 25X1X that the production 25X1A c, in the course of 19n7 modern machines were installed in sveral sections which arn not used for the construction of locoriobiles, SECHiLT, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A A .Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ShOILT, 25X1A Several Russion Workers), trained on the new machines, stated that the machines are destined for the ,roduction of tanks, All W.erEJ removed from ti,e ,lant in October 19141, ::,ectaltmeasures: The Dint VMS Guarded by `,117D units. The entire ,int \ices surrounded by a wooden fence reinforced by barbed likire. Every 100 meters a watch tower had been erected. 1 Locomoblle Factory in Lyudinovo, (Iodation and layout, sketch/ 0E.CHLT Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 1-^ t coftRoij.F.D STED?UTIPprp A oved For Relea e 2002/08/15 :-GIA:R P83-40415R01c!r007 1 7-6 endi fflarge .?Ire ?e.ounc;), '..mouldry m&aLL foundry echanleal *orkshop mall A.Ocihanical wojk- 8op - Assembly shop Aciraivlstrati on buij4tng, power plaht, ?*. caraw. Dam A.,!amp Approved For Releas 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDk3-00415R010900070007-6 1 TOPIC prToyed,F . g c ff dikikag;21) 02.10I 8r RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ILD tor Orl :-over Plant WORT NO.__ ....10./.1011A*1.? 11??????????10.........11?VIIMativ.V? EVALUAT!00 __PLACE OBTAINED_ 1.25X1A_ DATE OF CONTENT 25X1A 25XIA DATE OBTAINED_I 125X1C DATE PREPARED PAGES_ 2 _ENCLOSURES (NOV e, TYPE) 1 B...limarl_h_t 18 April 25X1X 25X1X Lccatiu hbout V.F km raorthwest of the Orel (6?05'E/52?53'N), Orel Oblast, M]tin Station, between the railroad line to oscow and the Oka River, and about 730 m,..ters north of the former tank plant Zavod No. 9, A 36 meter wide gorge is between the power plant and Zavod Nod, 9 Pla 11.5j-,A115310,ns The power plant is comprised of the following two secttns : Plant Fo, :L. completed in 1945, equipped with one boilr and one turbine and Plant No. 23 compl-ted in November 1943, equpped with two boi- lers and one turbine. The tworlants are adjoinLng a. that the construction of'an addi- t'Ional plant (Io . 3) was puiueu to start in January 1950 This new Tower plant was to be attached to Plant No, 2. A railroad con- nectLon was available.- For plant layout see Annex. 3, 'or'41._ Stnce the completion of plant No. 2 three sYlfts, eanh.ith about 25 laborers and an aCOitional 10 employees,.1;,uv'Eing in the admini.- stration. It. 1, Plant No. 1 : 2,000 Kws Plant No. 2 : 6,000 " 'Scheduled capacity of plant No 3 : 6,000 Kws. CLASSIFICATIoN CONFIDEETIP, Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Since there are 25X1A Orel, ? Approved For Release 2002/08%15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 1----12mmark, CONFIDEZTIAL) no other records Ann:: Power Plant of Orel, available on the po,7cr -lant of 25X1A boalml to_k_niqvc ? Po72er plant 1 Unloading platform with coal bunker 7. Scale house 3 Slanting? elevator 4 Power plant No. 1, 350 x 23 x 13.?,- met rs, brick structure 'A_th flat roof covered with concrete slabs a. boiler7 J 4-1- x 2)- x 1 meters ,b. Turbine, Elliot make, 2,000 kws, 3,000 rpn c. Switching station r,7ith automatic switching installations of US origin, General Llectric nalce d.t OlAnistratjon PolJer plant No 2, 650 z 13 x 13i meters, brick structl7re -ith flat roof covered with concret-,, slabs a. Two boilers, type ailleystoker, each 31 x x meters b. Turbine in horizontal position, Taliot make, 3,000 rpm e? Generator 6,000 kws a. fou1/41enser e. Switching station rith bur automatic swjtchinc,. installa- tions from General Electric Dist-z-nutor :lecsrical pumping station, 9 x 7: metor for clean w-ter dump a., narrow-gauge railroad 9 Cooling nl-nt with three separated concreted basins each 135 )f 45 x 2 meters equipped with spryirg installation ? %,avod 'To. 9 0, r:ood workinj; factory Varou(2, storage sheds E. laigineer barracks ',00den bridge G. Lai:_road bridge ? 1.13 (:amp No 7263/1. COTTvITET-TI Approved For Release 20 Z/015/10 : UA-KUI-115.3-00410KU1OUUOURJ 07-6 25X1A C OFTROLLLD DI STE I BUT I ON Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6nn.ex to Power Plant 91 ()ELL Approvse 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6, Approved-For-Rete-as-e-2002/08/15-1-CIA=RD-P83=00415R0-1-0900070007=6------ CLASSIFICAIION,.LsiLa_i.!.........11: COUNTRY?., TOPIC rel REPORT NO._ 25X1A EVALUATIONL__I .2.p_LACE OBTAINED_ DATE OF CONTENT. DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES 25X1C PAGES____ P__--:NCLOSURT REMARKS 25X1X------- 25X1X 25X1A 25X1A 1._.?DATE PREPARED (NO, ea TYPE) 10?*?*??????????..... 25211A 7. ligratiPri Cn the northwestern out;Aiits of .Orel (005'E/52?53?N), Orel Cblast, about 250 m pest of tie railroad line to Moscow, and OO m eat of the Oka River, he Savod No. 9 Plant is farther to the south. 2. ElagLinatalatima The plant, a new -installatica, was constructed in to sections. The smaller plant was comphted?ind started operation, in 2.945, The construction_ of the larfer plant started immediately. aftc.x6 - yards and vas completed' by :.943. The small plant is equipped with one boiler and a turbine. Te large plant had tyo boiler instal- lations of US make, 7Ath ti.? large section in operation, the small.. section operated only tempwarily.a a,substitute. Vater for the boilers came from the Oka. /dyer anvas first pumpedthrough a purifying installation in :he. large jant section. It was learned that; the construction of a third plant was planned to start il January 1950.1 observed the -arrival of large loxes,-prsumably vt0?1 machine parts, vihich were stored in the plant, comection bet7een the boxes aril the plant construction. 25X1A Work rual, Po details ava4loble. 4. gapaaitx 3 Small power plant, 2,000 kris. CLASSIFICATION ? COVFI1WTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15: CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 C KFIDKTIAi, Larga roer rinnt, 6,000 a The .Dower. was dir-cted to the town, the industrial installtions and 'r,o the railroad. LaUMPt The Orel power plant has .been isported twice recently. This report confirms the previous statements. Location and plant lyout are thus clarified and can be considered facts . good sl..etch of the location 9.nd rlant layout was furnished CarrIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approve&Viiii31616,416.033 "CC1N'\...-Jni t?Era. OD? Pouer.Plaa EVALU,k1ION_ ,In.reradaruoarf?Sra PLACE OBTAINED] -00415R010900070007-6 _REPORT NO.. 25X-1N ? 2,52cJA DATE OF CONTENT?I 25X1C_ DATE OBTAINED DATE PREPARED____:a.' FEFERENCES._ REMARKS__ 25X1X 25X1C _ENCLOSURES (NO. a, TYPE) 25X1A Location 500 m northwest of the Orel railroad station (36005W5205N), Orel Oblast, 1.n the northern 'town section, 500 in from the Oka River,, it installations : Excavations for the construction of the po7er plVflt started in Febru- ary 1945. AS1l power plant- was first constructed, the bare struc- ture of which was completed in early l947 The construction of a larger power plant, .t of the small one was planned a short time later. The completion of the new rower plant was scheduled for 1950. A railroad connection is aVailable. y:ort XoKza 350 Ps and 50 Soviet working on the construction. 4, 2ALla1tY Eo etails available. 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A _3Pmiteat The report is forwarded las it is .a- The statement of the l pow t er plant was const Is coneirmed. although valuable the time of observation is back to supplement to previous information, 'according to which a large of the previously known power plant, CLASSIFICATION vest CONFIDIEKT IL 25X1A S Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 I stated that the cc was )1eted by Novembor 1943. t notion. of the new 25X1A )ower plant ? CONFIDEITT,Ial Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A . ",,,,,,,Amt"., , i ,,' 1 ? . 1 , ) . : ; IL:1 -' I , .: APProVeC4'6?Refe4ggek002-fdiVt5'-'' COUNTRY Na0710t Union 4 6 mr a4lon cs;hollica. -ril!.,-0 in_Dzer441nsiszklaranpvc),, ------------------25X44,---- 2,5X16 REPORT NO.__ EVALUATION__I DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED_J REFERENCES__-______ 25X1A PLACE OBTAINED_J L. PAGES_ ENCLOSURES REMARKS 25X1X 25X1C 25X1A DATE PREPARED 3 roril 1950 (NOV & TypE)___LalueDrints 1. Lecation: ???RW. ???.?00' ....WY. 7crtheast of igutinovo (43?38? :V56?147 N), Gorki Oblast, ateut 30 lem west of Gorki, north of railroad line and road- G-.04ki-Loseowo 2. plant __Installations: EiThe Ulla-deal Plant is com)rized of two sections, the east- ern cle of which existed before 1939 and produces plexiglass, b. the construction of the western section started in Jeptem- ber 3947. Boilers from the Leuna plent in .ersoburg were instal- led here. The essential parts of this section were completed by tle middle of 1949. Pater the first scheduled deedline on 1 nay 1949 was not met for unknown reasons, operation was planned for late 1949. 25X1A c. The total length of the pleat is sbout 3L kmw ottgen details on the eastern section. 1 railroad connection is al-al:eta?. Power was supplied through underground transmission lJnee by the power plant, located on the other side of the rail" rod line, For plant layout see .0.1nex. Zap -,:Ork Force: 6c.0 to 800 P's ,ana several hundred .eoviet laborers working on the ccnstruction. Labor for the production had not arrived in July 1949 only a few presumably forpflen, were appointed to their future jebs 4,.. i!rodt,ction4 44)0 any 25X1A eastern plant section produces p1exi3lass. t'ketails on the -intended production of the western section which 'lASSJCATJONCO;ifij) T4 ,OPY OF ENCLOSURE IN LIBRARY Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 2 aS unuc,r construction, ..ccerdinL to Comaontl: 25X1A it 25X1X .The oibixed cheralc1. pLnts in DzerzhLisl: are knen'Treh pzEr3ar times, .They aro ost of to Ii, on iJotli -Eides of the rail- .Yo?1 line to Uorki. The 1Ltb of tL.e individual pInts mot definitely detmaned. GA, the _end of the war, Indicate the_ loc:vtion, the sketch suTplied by 25X1A ? is transmitted as .4nnex 2, reported on the25x1A pov'qr plant :111(1 also furnAthed a presumatIly correct diaGramatIo mir-rey 6f the arrangement of the individual installations, Both sketches. agree on the lOcation of the aulon?plant, b. The fact that, in recent Yeory, the plant was modernized by Lhe installation of machinery from the Geran Lena Plants, vas Imoun. liev: constructions are roperted for. the ftrst time, 1 fac which mkes reporrticularly valuale, , C: .The ,;o1d7f pl-nt section' 25X1A reproduced on a eran aerial photo6rph, cited July 1.942. thilt ti;lw the plant was desinated I.Je 148, 15X1A e. er.p.vcip issue of the Uu,x,cr of. 1249- attin thy.t the plant? airay produced bulletproof safety 1t_zs for the air nJTsnt, indeotry con;:lrz,is tic reported production of the old factor7. 2 kr:Ilexes; (1) aulon_ (4.1cin:.1 Plant in Dzorzhinsk-lgumov,,) ChDmic-A Cozibine Dzerrzhinsk, Approved For Reliabat,12002MIM! 25X1A 25X1A CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A . Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 CO.I.TPITIA:1T11,L ,.0.;nd to 'nnex ;11ulon t.4-1.1c! 6_)art?,;1t Zo 106, 60x2.7 25X1A 2 112, 54x16 iiistributcr for tic ste!?.r1 pinelihe roi. to. pmier plant ? Doo 10 54x16 . st t ina ? tr.!},asforJars, co:a..)ressors st-itchbof,irds.? square bsihs, .L?;.sul..ted 1:Ith asbestos ? t.,nd peat 31::bs. 7 C Tjertent..eo 104, ,36x13 30 utr hi smoke-staek,,prob,bly?boilcr houan; thre furnaces were constmeted here D0-rt1;ent No 102, 54x18x3C ;Tzt_rL;, e,-ui.)ped four steel boilers in vertic. 1 posltinn, purpose unkno-,m De-.rrtnent 140 101, ri2x36x371 iTisters? six stories., The ral(Adle section is not roored, the ,:.orkshop i,s equfiped Ith various kinds o2 boilers punpinc; station, connectel to deprirtraeht o 101 ,and the ?;)nilers no-th of the purriry: strj.i.on by above IT-round .ciour outdoor boi1r. 4L riletu, fletezs. in hoilcrs. are brick1aa, 13 iti o11r;:.; ,rateIv feLced in nd su2rouLidc-d by..otor Qsrthe-rt? wall - ? TI:onty nuApinf:. points in a . trick8 throu.th. Ii7enty additiontal ii 11 '710 in t L3? '..r-t1 ? - on both sides of an.oth,_.r clutdoor2, 7:th spur troLs end shortly bevond the ?unpin2:, points pUrpo3e unknown .11 Fou: boilcrs in vertior 1 )osiicn:? hic;h, .J to. 21:,2, Lioters ? in d of: fivo ?Jfi - - thick s:acet insuled I:1th ::]s o J 61.1. stout concrete fou)dtions, 7.1.7ea H.yj earth wall, 1.6 .3.etcrs 1 ? undQr,-:A7ound pipelines led. to..ilo 13- 12 .puriapi.nc; station s?evc,ra..1 e1ectr1c- .:anto7s., '.)resu.n:? . ably pumpin,: station of NO 9 -above 13 :out 15 boilers each 3t1 neters hi,:h and .51 - meter The '3".req was surrounded by a vii feet high earth wall. 25X1A nktors in dia -? Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ,Innex 14 DepartLlent ro 1.03 9nx27x36 meters, rive storl, n All stories hosze various boilers 25X1A 15 Dopartuent iO 106, 54st18 meters equip7ed with three large boilers, 13L. meters 11.gh and 6 meters In aia- moter 1 1 A 25X1X fate pipeline leat.s rron here to No 17. 16 Departnent :c) 118, 3Cx13.5 meters, puziping station .4:01. cloliac; water, equipped vAth sever 1 rotary punps cad on either side of the staticn one concreted basin, each 13x4L,x41'i to 5 milt,ors 17 Depar);,ent 1,c, 119, cooling tover. a?lout 36 idel,crs IU 131. metc?rs in diemeti_r Yith pip)/ine connection to doparLient ,o 105 (iteia o de),v2.t,eut Ivo :106 NO 15) ,.Ind depar7,neat -Jo 116 zo 16). plant dcp-rttionts are interconnected by undercround lines, 3 to 131 nm in d'anet,,r The ab ,2/e ground PiDelluos rest on iron pillars .,11.a are recorded on sketch (sm fu 18 of tho -old plant /9 . pA Ca :Jo-7117/37 -power plant ynva Gbemical plant CONFIX121,11,,, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 e,c,ead to A.Enex 1/ laex .2 KaiiLlin chaitical ,4troi Cho...A:cal Plant Oka. Che.?leal ,P1.: at :pat?.-er plant 4tal3i1cst !AIM6 bly iecthzinic1 department of -the pevJer plant) 3? lava chemien1 Plant 7 Aulon Chealer:1 Piont and p7 camp 3 ,ik5r scrapers DELTe baker;, 10 3.): camp. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved-For Release 2002/081,18,.,, Unf.on er _9rvanww}ti-dp-9f144110M-711f107=1" Tom__ir c5'37 t of Precions Stones - ? -??, Evi't DATE OF CO: Th NL E 09TAIP REFERENCES REMARKS._ ? 25X 1X 25X1A -= (NO. Vt4 25X1C 25X1A , . e DATE fDRFEARED January 1950 Lcea.lon: ? . Aliottt nort!a of UGLIO. .(3.6020'E./577?31'45n)on oide? of Vie road to anvIraf_ There 7las a uood north ? pnt and a. factory atcut mile to the 0,, bx.0 )6 miles ? - the eslt of the kminiStration- nullfect721:e: 320x100 feet four stories, boilerhouse? c,urao, modern installation orinatinr; from S.If.tizerland, , u_s boryl The. ?lant was constructed lletveen 1939 an 1948,, :21? ?due V..21.1, s'iarted in July 1946,, Me?: T 9 -21;at 837 (from Sovi3to), Uana:,,ement: VIKOIOV Chief 1:::AEI1C,er, Labo c "5,0C.) :',')ovlets? in 2 shifts,? Va1u7lb1e je7Jois 7Jero shaped, which Were used for J.-rads p::ecision instrusentsv?compa.;s and watches and/or chrono- meters? For hish-.7rade instrtments corundum was usea, for less sensitive .instrum.ents, Ete stone b, Rubles and sapphires sy-1:,thetic)were supplied by ? land up to November 1947 tut since then came from BII1TE;ZITELD cordinG to Sovicts The dec;ree of hardness .was B to 9, T. cs,t...AC;,r13!FICATION SL C Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A , Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 , aato 3t:ne? io a natural tic Munc:. in; the 'Ural ond thel. -Caucasus, The&;( 3 tlr wcre round, oval, t::Aan:ular, rectan,---,ulax in sic 'win spiky :?icles, ? TheHstones .Av..zi)k an mchins of vcry o d tee?i-.. and pols'Lin. ma- ?tQrial c c2y iamona; :n.d tripoli. jitamond for to(Lanicl pur)oses -also monft.:wtaTed in t:2e, .17)1 Lore dot;Aie,3. info?otioL was not aNniltle The :.,t1t 07rn dro,wilL;. mill thc,,thin 7ire requAred tLe proceos va,'3 mafle, d, round tLi.0 used.JC LiZnde -H(Lotu2,7, (meac',122e1A instramentst (c 17 watcheo chrenome.r:e), hud ataters: 1;1.20.-.(!;100 and?0,2 mm? They we:re C.47 to 1?5 . L:he of thc boTe of ther:e . -,3toh6-s .,-;as from 0,08 to 0.65 tom,: The s?-?.;Onos, requireJ for. ? uotehmaLin 1-.1o'3Vly intend 20.1 ex2crt to thc and i Or1UId ie nonthlzr pro:Luction of the .!.,t19, ? section, Iwa2.1 Inet 750,(J00 stoYiss mon.thly, prouction -? oiat was aboilt 3 million stoucs, YAL;.nt va.z, located in liXUINGUa J.57.E.,1- ? :311rr(lit vas 3u)plid by thc..:, pover 10, raiload c nneier pin. o th.)110 by truchfl, 'Comentl ? pl7eseLt eport forer VePortJ disntlin: of ',Taartz Zeltinc.; it tranefer to 1.).:Ciji,:z.f3 :leported a3 ..7Fel1,aci the : of quatz cruoile1e2-- from the re-erected ...21ont Zox tae manu.- ? facurc of. ejnthetie .97recion;_l ston-, to BITT.T. :Cae t:13t.the aemnd for .,:t,L:Le Zw? Vae in6aistry can. onlj iem,:t 'ey, imports, espG6011.y from the uvit?o, accouirt.fe..c tTne 1)ux- .chfies of precious 3tbne in 21,3itza:lan o etcrio.nde., whiC1 be rize poiblo by expon shated 2o2 - Tacc by ts.: 7:atc.in,2 industry, Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1X 25X1X 25X1A TC 44. EVALUAli0r4,_A DATE ot: DATE OfrANED_ REFERENCES ?.? Approved OarReleatel 0 ovLe-::. Union /08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 P2f.lcbine_ Factory. Uzlovava 25X1A OBTAiNED 25X1C PO R.7 NO_ 221C. DATE PREPARE D7 y:iale ch 50 D ILLEGIB 2 Blueprintq PAGES ..__ENCLOSURES (No. &TYPO REMARKS I.2qaL?cPA Tne Ussmu Plant for mining machinery is in the south- east port of Uzlovaya (38009E/51056'N). Moscow n1ast9 about 45'C Tne,ters southeast of the Tula. Salingorsk .A.)ad, about 0.6 km south of the railroad Pjan'LiDgall.atij,P0-1 The plant covered an area of about 450 x 6co meters. The construction started in 1947, was, by. September 1949, not completed for most of the installatlons. The large workshops are iron strUctures.,JAth concrete lining The smaller. buildings were brick structures, zome of them plastered. Electric current came via an ope-air power trans- Mission line from the direction or?Stalinogork, Railroad connect: on oas available. For FOC' location se Anne ant layout see Annex .2? 25X1X Ijk.t.5)Pqg Seal hundred PWs doing construction work, la, details wre available. on the number of. laborers in the product:ion_ - CIASSWICATION Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 SLCK',T, ',J,Drk vas done in three 3-hour shifts. ProtIction ' Production started in the Summer of 194. Elevator towers, conveyor belts, shaking chutes lnd other unidentified, machines. The Uzlovaya Plant for m.JAling ehniompnt has been mknow n Wore AADeqq11.,. 1. Kachine Factory in Uzlovaya Machine Factory in Uzlovaya. Lupt_1&,:o f.,,nnex 2 ( 1 Assembly ;ho 225 225 x 103 x 13 meters; iron structure vith concrete lining ? Administration; 45 x 1G meters) four-stou plaster brick. bLilding 3 Fire 6epartment, 27x 13 meters; bre brick structure "tutith tower Eni;rance and two sirall guard houses 6ta1in monument 6 3i1er house; 54 x 36 1.05 meters, bare brick .stmcture. smokestck; 30 meters high V;orkahop under construction? 225 x 103 meters, iron strroture with ?concy!ete lining, cslled workshop 1o.4 Uoli.shop Yc4 5 under construction; 160 x 90 metors, Iron structure jlth c:oncrte nl ? 9 Construction. office 36 x 2205 meters; three-story pl.Istered brick buTIO.ing 10 Fovndry-der construction; 225 x 108 meters,iron structura A.th concrete linim; Yihich so far only contained three concrtod .rits; 267 mete71's deep, together as long as the hall 31 ?1:lorkshop No. 2 under construction, 225 x i0 ietrs, iron strlActure pith concrete 12 Annex to asseFbly .hor under construction) 72 x 27 meters, iron strucure .with concr,ste SDMLT, Approved For Release 2002/06/15 : CIA-RIDP6.3-004151-(010 00070007-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A CONTkOLLED DISIOWYNINir Release 2002/01MOZIARDP83-00415R010900070007-6 El 129...Za ozyj.n IJLOVa A tie to sew/e Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ILLEGIB v.( CONTRO1 WD DI S I MAI C}1? Annex 2 ti Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 Ark ,., Apprpvgi4 Fpr,Relpagj 2oog 08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 t Union -1 IL LEG B , TOPC? ? ? ] - chine, Tools Plant ip 0 T 0171A EVA;.'..;ATION .DATE OF CON-I DATE REFERENCES PAGES 25X1A_ PLACE OBTAINED__ ?25X1A Ur__ 26X1C PREP/4WD_ 17 -oreraber 25X1C _ ENCLOSURES (NOV & TYPE) nue,- 1;n REMARKS 25X1A ri. 1949 25X1X T,ocon The plant, designated Salrod Terek 1o. 7 is located ..25X1A about .1,.8 miles south of the tam. center of KOLOITTA I.7oscow Oblast, On the northenn bank of the Oka :iiver (see linnex),, 2, r ar t L.sy.outi, The old plant area is 2,000 feet square. During the 0,Tar, th rf act inery rras transferred to the 'Ural ounta lAs and as not reti.xned, The former machinery as TOy thousands of nactines rlism,ntled in the, .so-viet .:one of Gernany, some of rAhich are still staeed In 'coxes in the plant area.. Trs were eiaoyed for the construction of settlerient housee In March 1945 ? Two months later. they 'dad to do excavation -ork in connectien with tie expansion )f the rarant? The 2.1s; t u:)ding:,-) ext end. r/e;St7m.t.r d over. 3/5 rail s cccndIni t; 0 0"til -Let S the evenimal expansion In this direction Is to be 5 Idles., The fabrication shops to be erected there, -/ere reported dis- mantled at. the western Oerraan "Schiess and de 'Tries" Fi X.T1 Pro ditctio n 171 the eastern plant section s Garted in I 948 plart has a spur track (sec Annex)? 3, ork force -bout 4,000 workers workinc; in three sifts in addiYion 7to about 1400 Ir's and sone zSoviet foremen errployed for con- struction work, 4 Production 2:achine tools, CLASS!FICATION ECThT Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A 7%. 111%1Poirt Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A ?P 25X1A Con:me:at:- FrOca the data on the loc,ation of this previo-osly knorrh plant it is assumed to be the former Voroshilov Curl Factory in 10L0:711., and an aerial photocraph tal:en in 1042s attacf.--ed . a former report. ? -b, ,..The report confirms ti e -restl,!ard plfArrt?oxpansbon. The neationed photograph 41.orms that such an expansion is rosib1e. .The desicnation "Savod Torek 7 as mentiored for the fir'st time. Thri attached- sketch is f't.n trrcement rdth available infermation as to the distribution and purpose of the lndi- - -rilual ihTertrehts located 'in tte'eastern section of the niait - T.saentidlisr ne,!J details are reported relative to the -,estern plant section. Tno refort confirmed previcus-iufbrmation that macliine tools are no being produced in the plart. This assumption is also confirmed by the transfer of -ork-. ? hops of terrestern (.c.rman Schloss and de Vries Firm., -thich mtrufactured machine tools? Accordinc to available information, sections of this firm have been allocated to the '.3oviets as rc9arations. C. Tae reort..is considered credible. tion i. in operation. lection 13, buildinr: site. 25X1A Garace 1.; lergoncy geporator ?r atranAo and admInistration building Transformer station n roller 1ouse 15Cx90 feet, -ith 1ring, 5 boilers 6 Forge, 30Cx9C fect v, Construction bureau and technical department in charge of rroterpIpes and heetinr, Ilsttllations, 300xX) feet steel and slug atone structure E Four-storT buildiac, 300m90 feet,. Electric motor repair shop loundry and moulding shop r7ith tiro cupola furnaces set ul in the suMmer of :048 10 :'acAine slbop and class ronn called *rfekhnikum?' in additlor to offices, 360x270 feet )1 Asseubly hall and mechanical -,orl:shop, 3603C0 fest, a. etal--rorking machines and b, Issembly hall 7.2 Pattern shop and carpentry for packf.ng naterial 13 qlug stone and cg,ncrete store factory Foundry for large machine prrts -,ith three ft maces 15 pr Oanp 'o. 7889 If) Building sitoe 1,80Cx360 feet. The steel 'skeleton fremes -21Ad the fourdatiois fox the girders are connleted. The -alls,'Iere being added and fourdablons for numerous large nachinet -Tere under construction. The -orksho,J is to have thr?e larre eld one snail demrt lent and is to It aboit IX) foot hirh. T,2e roof is to be nrovidt:d rlass-indor"s. ???????? rt ? 7) 1, fri ? CJ Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A .7111pisi 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 17 (2o f our star y a dmi. nis t rat i on bu i 1 dins about ;&007:30 feet, still ,,ithout roof ;-.3, Tar4Tet, date for the completion of the buildings is ;rune 1949 10 "orkshop similar to item 16 above, The steel frame - - ? r'as being set up From the observation that mculds -ore being unloaded there! I this -25X1A shop 'I as perhaps to be a tourary 19 Large coal dump, a?..logedly a fi;,?To-year 20 -"Axe stone and concrete stone factory 21 .13o5ler house 22 Locksmith9s shop 23 Carpentry 24 arkmill 25 ateria1s dum 26 Excavatioork for a. pLnned boiler hou,s:e six boile:?s? 1 An.next 1.1E1c:dine Plant in KOLTIONI4, 'TEt".;R"RT- . Approved For Release 2002/08/1$ : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 25X1A Approved For R6Iease 2002/Q8/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6 ?to ROZAW Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R010900070007-6