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December 14, 2016
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May 21, 2001
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August 21, 1950
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haciiiSleStf (Media far121LIEWS-infliADF1AV446426643igg6.3 intim : SECRET PRIORITY: TO : Department of State ' AIR POUCH 460.509/8-2150 FROM Oslo 287, August 21, 1950 REF: IS TELEGRAM 238 TO DEPARTMENT, July 131. .REPEATED TO 051.0 AS 2 SUBJECT : MORBDENUM AND FERROMANGANESE 1 _ 23 For Dept. use only. AUG 25 A T? E 0 FR F ? DOR O EuR ,.// COM The Norwegian delegate to the Consultative Group has-1414----CA been instructed by the Foreign Office to support the in. 13364 SlUaion of molybdenum on International List I, on the condi- tion that this action be reviewed at the end of the year. 25X1 Mr. Kristen Faye KLAVENESS of the Foreign Office he in. rated an Embassy officer that the reservation with respect subs, uent review is likely to have no practical signifi- cee Uncertainty cont wedieh owners of N s sole mol or not full-scal perationa will be res when current dri ling operations are ached lilted* Moreover, the Foreign Office is du ikelihood of Ru aia requesting molybdenum veil on the part of the mine as to whether d in September ed to be come- us as to the Norway at .a last January Finally, the , has recent' s? the likelihoo ay and Russia be some future date firmly to press f Russian Trade Commi jected4 in converast of any formal tr4de a reached in the fOreseeab n view of the Russian fa deliveries of this ore toner at Oslo, PETRO a with Mr. have ement between future. A Sc Despite the absence o e agreement, trade between y and Russia is conti on the basis of individual Commodity and sales ions. Th, most recent of these ----- volved the offer this week _b/ Russia, of rerromanganest Ore tons) sufficient to meet the_requiiiAAntA cirrwa two roceasorli-f(ii?thi-Fiainder of this :years_ plias AMOY ops for 1 31. One of these processors is-EIectric Furnace Products Co. Ltd. of Sauda, 95 percent of whose stock is Union Carbide and Carbon. Mr. Petrov, in commenting er which has been acceptea-hy Norway-, termed_it a IviAZT:Will". Mr. Petrov remark-id to Mr. Klaveness wad Mare of the stra1i-11W iffifortance of ferrO- or which iiaidn-It had -durTrilia-Saiients to the 13 as. He added tbat he was aware tat Sauda Was reased the hope that Norway would 8/74/50 " State Dep\t. deciassiffiseoromial FweitiemillaiWatilimajarRixt.404445 R012900116003-3 SECRET Retain in office files or &only in accordance with ser"rity regulations. Remoduction of this message is not authorized. SE40111 : proved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-03435&012914i110003-3 jTnjjIjj of commodities to Russia,. Payment for the ferromanganese purchases will be made by Mormq by crediting Russia in kroner in the special Norwegian. Rusiien clearing account. Although this account is subject to; claims by the creditor for settlement in gold or dol. i , Ors, the Foreign Office now regards the acquisition of this ate lc item against a contingent dollar claim as a vier,' able trade. Earlier in the year (see Oslo 5218 April 30 Norway was forced to authorise imports er manganese ore Chile against dollar payment. - I Harry bcnov.r Second Secretary of Embassy iss to: Aa.mbasey, Paris. Amembassy0 Moscow. Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R012900110003-