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Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 0 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Next 4 Page(s) In Document Denied Approved For Release 2007/11/21 : CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 I IT F0 MST C' 'A 'T M E I D T'ORCES A R Ii Y 1. - 0r^anization and Location of Units a). Ixt', TT;nit stationed in ibasan a training march. The 8 field Arty guns are similar to the Soviet 122 ;.m. (short) ,=,s type 1.1-1910/30 illustrated in book " Guns and ecui-rient in the hands of the enemy" The A/T Suns are similar to the Soviet A/T .,n caliber ^5 rn , I:.-1945, rhi ch is 25X1 also illustrated in the a/n book. The field Arty Stuns trero towed by Americat G.1I.C. truc'__s. The A/T h is were towed by Soviet S.T.S. trt,-c'_s. Tile a/n grans belonged to the Arty Unit zirhi ch is stationed in Masan. 2. - ecruitin; Service h). Tour of Service It is i-6dely sp read that the tour of service for the men of the infantry; Will be reduced to 18 months; for the 1 3oi.er Guards and the I;avy will bo decreased to 2 years. Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 b). T' no S en tit of fife 111]c1~-i an Arrnec1 i'Orco c 1C SJCc,-,_rLt',r For cos 11a^ been decrea- 550(:. Seven thousanc: officers and ITCOs of the Army and the Security forces, as we]-a. as nri vates of the Police service.. T:rore discher--ed from the service early in I?ay 1956. Motive of the a/m disnilssal of -~ersor_r:el is the relief* of the national econo Ty and the increase of uor':i n : hands. The 1/rn r cdaction in force has nothing to do Frith a similar action ifnic'- tool- place in n~revi ous date. --hen 9000 Tien were di rnissod. c). Aecruitin offices, and areas where the-,, have juisdicticn The capital of each prefecture is also the seat of a rocru&ing office, having the entire area of the prefecture under its jurisdiction. -Lill Iaxch 1956 Albania had 11 lec_^ iti Cffi ces( one for each ,~refectu o). ter the new achhlinistrative diiviv on,uh-ich tech place in iIarch,"mmd since the cruntrlr ha-1 divided in 4 prefectures only( -IT'C_ :ST , iI.il: L, Aan 1 the niTi'iber of ]Zecrv_ti ng offices was decreased a ccordi11gly. ;Cept the . ecruiting offices of the nrefoctuxes,there are such of-"ices in the canit^1. of each eth (sub--prefecture). The recruiting office o!= the Rreth, called Z a Ushtarale (I:ilitary Cf-'ico), is rather a bunch of the eCr ,sting Cffice of the '1re_"ecture, rCS~O11Sible for t11C 17 J_1tary ni'olJ~_CSP_S of the $ Bx W area un_'er the jurisdiction of the slip-ire-ectt~re. 25X1 Xa Jshtara o of the 13xeth is subordinate to the ec:_ ,iiting of ^ice OMMi ? of the prefecture. the Z,,a Ushta- a'.e of `ail sht had 2 o-?~ icers and 2 'TCOs, chile that of C U, K had a strengtl of 2 officers only. 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 c~ prT4 ORN d). Pecruitinf: Procedure ;,'hen their turn to join the Airy conies, the ~. CA- draftees are notified as follows: Four - six months && M to the date of their enlistment the Recruiting Office of the prefecture notif,rs the Z a Ushtaraii.e of the sub-lprefecture. The latter informs the 7Jecutivo Coriiittee of the sub-pre- cture. Then the Corittee through the Police stations and the People's notify Council of he villages the draftees that CW-'it is their turn to report to the Selection Committee of the P.ecruiting E: MA&: Service. were dispatched until 1956, && Selection Cormittees 25X1 to the Zvra Ushtarrahe of the sub-prefectures. 54 - Y Since 1956, the said committees do not go to the ZT Ushtarake, but the draftees were instructed to report to the Selection Con iittee,stationed r_th the .ocruiting office in the capital of the prefecture. Previously, the draftees of the area of C^IZI17, used to report to the Selection Co;mitee stationed with the Trra Ush~arake of Cerriic; early in 1,7 ,Tr 1^56, the draftees who are exaected to join the Arrr,, inauturm 1956, 25X1 reported to the Selection Co=.. * ttee t?ni bh is strtionod,trri t'h the itecruitint Of_ice,Zn 1 aasan. Each draftee, after his e.mmination by the a/m committee, receives two 25X1 documents(Ar y ibrms); one of then,ft signed by the doctor of the cormlittee shows the name of the bearer, the date of issue, and whether ok not is able to join the Army. The second, Signed by the Chairman of the Co n-.ittce, irarns the ?& bearer about his resposibi lity to inform the Z-~ra Ushtar,-I 4- A 7 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 'F IP i "nruRu' 3. one 25X1 nds on the place where once from tie place of his resi- dence longer than 21+ hours. The same fora includes instructions refering to what a draftee should have with him when reporting for enlistmont. About three week prior to the date of enlistment the draftees are simnnoned to the 7 Ushtarake, or to the leuuiting office to get a hair-cute and with this occasion they are reminded again to bring with then the following items: A clean suit of clothes, and food for three days. 'alien this proced-pre is over,the draftees are instructed to go back at home, but from that moment they are obliged to be in their house every night(they cannot spend a night to any other place). The final elate of enlistment is notified to the draftees as it has been described above. The recruits are gathered to the 3.ocruliting office of the prefecture., and the representatives of the units take then to the unit for which they have been selected. During the period of the selection as well as when they report for enlistment the draftees are accompanied by the Chairman of the Peoplots council or the a). secretary of he :'eonleta Council of their village. Iii11tar7j Equipment V e h i c 1 e s (Transportation) the Arty Unit which is stationed in Illbasan is using two tyres of the vehicles for the to,,rW of the Arty muss. For the Field Arty guns were used American G.II.C. trucks, while the 85im A/T guns were towec'. by Soviet Z.I.S. trucks. 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 AIR FORCE 5? - Zq'ipment cFPnFT NtFORN =fields a).Adrfield of Derat Location: The giro-fence sumo-LU'Oi n~ the _cla ber;_ns )out ^"10- '10 .1? ems. of the hri d e T-T~v 11 r ? "'e air f ielC. c located of tho rotor-road lo,-din,' fro--,. the bridge of r'? S'L", J to herat., and S.". of the road. leading from the cote bridge to 11COVE (M-0818). About 1000 ri. `rorn the bride!--e and 300 n. fror.: be road f3rid~;e - : ucove there is a concrete shed 100 n. long, 200 ra. ir.'r_c1e, 5 n. hi ,-,h, covered i,>ith a concrete ro6f about 0jCO m. this'>. ' on Dec. 1953 till Jon. 1954, !-nien informant uor:_ed on the said airfield., the shed. and the lnnCi strip as ,rell, ?Tere still a der ccnstriiction. '0110 landing strin had a. tri.dt'_ of about 40 in. and i ias parallel to t'i e road lead.in from lJerat to the i 'i(9e of ?AS.:fL" fl rJ; i:?.for-.iant cannot remember the di sta?nce fro:: the l ncling strl") to t' e a/;"1 road. 'hirtherrlore he does not 1mota the total length of the lane?i a , strip because i-ken he .:or1_ed there it had not been finished Jet. The on!-,.- thin'. he '_mo,.,s about the Ending strip is that it iar s navocl cenent(concrete) and be md(~ TheJ # _ interrogator does not say .rh t '0033,1S). 25X1 y Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 25X1 The vi17_~.ges located in the area of the airfield have been destroyed(eva.ccu.e.ted) and the neartr ' little river(affluent) was filled. Ii orma.nt does not 12-101-T the date that the construction of this airfield be=. As he heard from Sono on ~ineer; ,rho worked there, the airfield in question was completed late in 1955( (he does not 17now exact date). As long as informant worked there, other buildings, e?:cept the aim shed and the landing; strip, had not beer- contracted. During the sane po- riod there were 1000 nisoners from the Prisons of Durres and Iorce, 15 Albanian tech icians, and 4 Soviet Air Force engineers, tpri:ing to the airfield. IT A V Y 7. - P o r t s a). Fuel storal-e tanks in the port of DdLrres The fuel tanks of Durres are located 1000 m. from the end of the town, between the rail road and the beach, at the point where the ~:mter-breal of the port begins. There are 14. circular-shaped tanks.In_for-l ant does not lrnow their capacity. The fuels flow Wt': from the tanks to the entrance of the port through a systen of mipes installd under the floor of the a/m wa.ter-break. The ships get theirfuel> supplies from a pier located near the entrance of the port, itom;rards the internal side of the t,nter-break. The fuels through the a/n pipes artive to the end of the pier. The tanks are built around a coart-,,ard; the wall surrounding the area of the tanks is 5 m. high. Source does not 1mow any further details. SFCCT'D CIL .PT HL r1._.Il C. C_L IZATICITS ~r T , 7 2, .U-C,CES OF 1 I' TMICT~ ILI LAI3CR Ai1,t?..i 1, - Or~Pnization and Location of Labor A.r;Qy snits Labor Battalion stationed in basan a). cation: on the first of August till late in Oct. 1952, when informant Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 rc Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 (cf!WT OMPRI 25X1 served `rith the said ba 2, 1 on u to act of technicians, the labor battall_on iris stationed in 'lbasan. Armament The nen of this battalion were not armed because they ijere considerera the reason they had been assigned to that unit was their unloyalty to the regime. Tort at ion luiiment The a/ri battalion had no transportation facilities. Vehicles were sent to the battalion from other Arr. r_ units whenever required. Strennth the labor battalion had a strength of 300 nen. 25X1 lii ;soon The said battalion t?ra^.s engaged i?ri.t;h the construction of 5 building ,$x^-W_ for the faxi*lies of the officers serving in basan. O=3G? TIZr~ ICI' The labor battalion had a staff office( Com-.iand.er, a WtELA6 civilian as a ca- girls,-typi st s, and a man of the S~m-rimi in civilian clothes), shier, two and a nwiber of componi e s; infomant does not lono . how many, because he was ,j-hays absent during the battalion&ts rool-call. Commander: l;ajor l yslim =A., from Tirana. SECTJ1 IT Y FORCES 'D SPECIAL L'TT1S 2. - State Police a). Police Service and Sitrimi office in Cerri The Police Post of Cerrii_: had a strength of 3 officers and 30 men. In the same building with the police was housed the office of the Siruuririi which has a strength of 2 officers. b). Police Post of the CI i1' } Oil 'i.ef .ne Till the 10 of ida,y 1956, the oil refinery of Cerril was guarded by a police toot Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 25X1 Host of 15 men under a '.^xr?ri -ol _ eo the 10t?i of 1:a ,,r the Police was abolished and the security of the oil refinery has been tal-on over by the ',order Guard Servicee c). Abolition of branches of the Police Service From the end of April till early in ILay 1956, when the 7.000 non were released, all the branches of the Peoples Police, except tho Traffic Po- 25X1 lice and the rare Service, were abolished. The res-,onsibill ties of the Police have been trans_?ered to the Border Guard Service. ilcet of the Police officers have been discharged, and a fewr of tha_h were transfered to the Tordor Gard the police -post of the C U' C& TL&bM oil refinery was abolished, and it was replaced b r a post 25X1 of the porder Guard Service. 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 25X1 Nu- !tI Iiururn MT., 1P L POLITI CAL CITUi TICi' STAT ..,D .ADZ Z:'IST_l"^I0iT -- Su reme Achinigtr_.tion of the Country a) .A t-ninistrt'.tive Division end Cry;~Tiization of the Couiitr:*. Till late in r_*~ril 1956, ..'.lbania was divided in 10 prefectures or C?ark as they the o ficiol paper of the cover)llent dated 30 April 1956, published the new ac?,"i_nistrative c?ivi_sion of t'?io Cpuntry considerec necessary due to economic rep,,-,o.-.s? t i the new ac'niin. dry_Vision Albania, prey"ectvres: 25X1 I ZTkIlL, i:citc3, JI~3A^ iT, GJII'O AST and 3IuICDu . Accor(in`- to the sa o paper, i?li th the new aCC:i n. changes hevo been s-,-,rod 2.500 worhi nC hands , because a ;Teat nixiber of civil-serv^nts have been tranoferod from the admin. of-icea of the pre-foctvres to more productive iror'_:s. The a/m nunber of 7.500 c ec r ` ~6- serve its has nothing to do with the 9000 is ct_vi ded in ,he folloiri_n four (3 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 ULUIILI IIUI U11I1 and 7000 men dimnissed from the . led Forces. J u s t i c e in every canit%T of nref ec ture there is a Departernental Peonlets Court of justice encd a Court-martial. In every villa -,e and in each Center of 'yyorl_ there 25X1 is a 1 eo-olet s Judge, re-olaced every ;roar t'tle -eerson to ta'_c over this ;post is indicated IZ the Corr7a ist Cry-' isatJ&n (Ord^ninatc_ Dane) of the V; 1_1_- e. 25X1 :TC ' ~,l:es the '`rel ,~ine.I ,r incl?iries for serious cases .Thich are bound to cone 25X1 before the Peonlet s Court of Justce, end trrrs to reconcile minor cases* L Furthermore in each vilaze ?neL in the elterN of "..or!: there is -no her 25X1 t-me of court calld G3 Q, a~0 Q70 t ( Social Court) , engaged with the settle- dent of U11imi70r t?nt violations, Chiefly o:i economic natures anO, it consists of the following 6 members: The Poople t s Judge, ep ointed evevy year T )y the 'People t s Council of the villa- Cep as it has been mentioned above, tie president, the t.ice-nre siclent., the secreta y, and two members. The other members are appointed by the Communist Org,a,ntzation and the People? s Council of the village for one session only. Infornent has no idea if the capitals of the sub-prefectures have a People t s Court of Justice, or e. ty e of court similar to thet iii the Villa-gel and the centers of work. "education `The education in ?:lbrnia is divided in elenertary educations middle education and hi_listl education; but he does not lmcw if there is any. The elementary education inibludes the kindergartens, elementary schools, and the unil:e. The children arc obliged to attend kindergarten and elementary school. Pupils livi.ng? in a village where there is a uni'.:e, or when this school is no more than 2 houdC^f~PQF:1 there villa"e, are obliged to attend it. I4 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21 : CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 The middle education includes the ^y s . s, the lyceums, 'Pedagogic Academies, the medium technical school, and the medium school of ~: Y ic.zltt~re. i?lodimTecl-mical School of Tirana: Three years of studies are required in order to graduate any branch of this school,ercent the branch of nurses where two ,,,cars onihr are required. In this school are accented graduates of the Uni?ko after e-~axiina- tions. The technical school of Tirana includes the following branches. Economics, Nurses, ?asst- griculturists, Geometers, building engineers, ens neers for 25X1 5X1 dies and roads, etc. Ir_ the geometerst branch were taught the following lessons: First and econd year: Bridge construction, building construction, e7.ectrolonj, geography, history, physics, drat ing(61-etches), m.^t1?ematicS (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry), an. ~ Comnosition. Third year: The a./n lessons 'plus engineering. 1. - Social ilelfare a). System of Social Security The affairs of social security in Albania& are Dandled by the Albanian Professional Union ( KOEET,TI I LAS 1 11? 1:3 P:-'.CI SICI;AL). In every regional c,---)it ^3- (prefecture) there is a cornittee of the Professional U_ ion fo-:meci by the president, the vice-president, the secretary, the a itator, the cashier, and the iliI ICICI'; the latter is en.gaged with statistics, concerning the amount of work turned, by each among laborer, and with the creation of competition 5&W-W- the laborers. The a/rn functionnaires receive salary and are elected by the syndicates of Ce prefecture. In each center of work there is a committee of the Professional Union organized as W A&&- the a/n committee of the prefecture, with theonly difference that the Zem'bers of this committee are not paid, and are elected by the laborers of the center of i.xork for one year only. The Professional o:-.T- ttee of the center of work anoints a committee of members which takes care of the needs and the complains of the labororgr 411p pgr,Sq gel of the centers of work are obliged to be 1)- 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 ArAdCa4 tinrnaal Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 25X1 :r!iciibers of the Labor Union. The farmers independent as well as those ik o be- long; to a cooperative) and all Izinds of craftnen ~.ror'cinS )rivately are not _ union. ,-an rierlber of the union is wed to day of me"?bers of the said_ his incor:es(sa?_ary) as dues to the union. Tl'_e dues are collected ',T7 "-ho c'a.shierts office of the center of ?Ar:. and are sent to t''e Cor`"rittee of the Iofes.si onal union seating in the cr"ital of the nre=ecture. The Professional Union provides free medical treatment to the rie:lbers and their foi:iily. 'furthermore it nays the fo1.7_oi:rin - cor.-inensation for each cla;r of abs enti- Wai flrori vrox0l: dun to sic!-mess: xerlbers who have completed 5 yoars o -f mel'rbershi ) receive a conpensn.tion or-ju 1 to t'.el_r reo -Tcr salary. half salary is given to the rlc iDers U.tho have cor nletecl ne :1' ershi n of 4 years and belThw it. A). iAI'.TY ACTS`TTTI Cy nni zztien of the Co'-.rlinist Party Crr^111 ^,tion in C7 'ZII; ecutiye Co.- littoe Cerri'_ is the seat of an T-ecutive Conaaittee sectiohs: -C)_Tfico of the President. -Cf"ice of the ?ce- ` es -Secroto.rir te. -Section of hducat ion and fib _' c i:ea?_th. -Section of t?.c Trade, -Fox-ni nt' Section. -Section Or the Taxat1C1'.t y, -Labor' Office. -Recrt>_ting Offi cep and Civil- A_"_'nirs 0=ice. T:.i c? includes the fol'.o7. *tnL'' I4 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 ti-Kr i mnrunn i", s~ ' o t of the C o '' _ t t 'J.,ie_L of ?- .'-:.e r'o ri-ci nT(t:- r'o) Section: ?X'.'ITAS ? ; 1h:0~: tCi ? - ~ ~ ~_u. - C.P. Co-rrittoe ~rig t n r f.oP.`"i 116t ?~2CT,! ^.:T iU...~~~-e:.' Cle?u: __._ ? i0;:1! ?t ' ~t ~;1 ~.i~rL tionLC1'". ___^r.t`? ~r.3e)o`t `n Cer Qi] "F'^J.ner ~aecre oy r: I et/ '_tii2. ii Lo'_nmt1VTVIl`TCAi I. ::U- ~LI. 11 0 SAL E G - flog .1_e o the ='eo bo The feed in of the Albanian ?_'eo-nle totxds Greece -1r1Jr 1x)56, ti_e s _:{ notion nictre theaters of Tir~n?_ moire c- a Soviet ~e_'S~ hl^1 :'_tle?S i; C11?C.th the Soviet ssa- dor). Due to the fact included scenes from Greece the theaters Were unusually cro x& t^ was i~l;iossi'ole to iind ?25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 seat. The cost of ti c':e , iron _ -- ei: went u, to 25-3n lel:. Source lelol?.rs this because he harnened to be in Tirana those days. r_7=-V_ S. CIT3.ITY Security lieasures a). ianigl-meat of Ponulation .f bout 60 Creek: fc ili es are worlt_ng? in the fern of Cerri':; they com-~C) from the area of Delvi ne none of thf,".'.1 sneaks :Albn,nian. The a/_1 fLmmil.ios were confined in the the said faxiilies were not allowed to return to t'el.r villages butea& were iff3t internment cane of Cerri'_: till l?52. 'hen the said ceslp ? as abolished(19 settled to the fa.i of Cerrik. 25X1 because the Cormm nist Beene could not trust thhso -?eonlo t?rho lived in vil?.a- des located near the border. v. - nrisonp and Canis a)I bo :i_tion of the cm-in of Cerrih The Forced-labor carp of Cerril: abolished in 195. Some of the p isoners were set free and some others have been trans-eyed to other cr=.lps. The 60 creel: f .lies were settled to the fern of Cerr:u.:. .. K7 G11 0116T, TIZIIIG 12:SSIOI7S (IIOn Ialit t). a). Soviet ilission to the Cer-=il: oil refinery.' 1gineer-fitter:) A1IZIl: (fnu). 2it Terec i erKSt_ CLCF. There were 4 electricians and 3 o ygen-wo!Jers too. The rest of the soviet technical personnel wore helpers of the above engineers. in he a/n oil refiner-, there wore 30 Soviet ong_noors. 25X1 \Chief-: peer: TASILIi:CVSIa /r Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 ECOTTOL:IC SI 'u TICIT. E C 0ITCI'Y 1.-Perming The fern of Corril: produced 1:n:Lthat and tobacco.Cn"orn-nt does not I:.ow the total production per gear. The farm Uas equipped ir_tth, tractors and threshing n c1iines. 2. - Food Sun-i3es a).Salaries and ?WM Da,r is Wa es of the laborers 'he salaries of the enploy ees wori:ing in the Section of Constructions of the Cerril: oil refinery are as follows: Local e ployees(Albani^ns): Mon Techmi cad -orsonel fra:.l 3 - 5.000 lek r onthly. Technical --)ersonnel: " 5-10000 Soviet Persoirnel: The salaries of the Soviet technicians were from 30 - 35.000 let. L~:oorers: 60 - l 0 lek daily. I ITDU S T RY 3. - I 'oduction of row nata ia? s (minerals) a). Oil Oil _'1ef inerie aarly in 1952 begun the construction of an oil refiner;, During the ;rears 1952 and 1953, besides the indo'meident laborers, local and Soviet tochnici^ns, ~,for'_:oc1 6 brigades of volunteers giving a total strength of 3.000 laborers. From 1953 and one iror'_:ed salaried indbpendent laborers, civil-servant, and Soviet technicians. Till the 2-'nd of 1 _'Tr 1956 1.200 independent laborers and tecluzicians(locals) and 30 Soviet engineers. The construction of oil refinery is e-;nected to finish in J1.t1y 1956. TT e 30th of July has been fixed as Cie ''f '?' ~6h~zu ation. 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 a...,r ^inrARhf Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 j7 C 1'21.10 T"'' CC 21TIC:TICIIS 1. - Telephone nets "" he viI1a;;e of Cerri?: aih d telezre..ph. Part of the oil rcf7_nerr only is e.;~cctoC' to ho roef: in July . The Lrhole worl: is o: octed to finish late in 1957. All the necessary nach"ihol7r and other neco.linical omi,*pment cones from the Soviet Union. nitch, ;rem see and di_"i erne t,,-,)es of lulu. oils. about the caoacity of the oil refinery; the discussion of such NL1ih j ects, Is strictly ')rehioited. The rofiner-?r u!7-1 iiroc-ice o.sol__i_ne., I:erosei:e and fuel oily S1XTI MT !1:177 $rei "IG" PC- ICY cogs nim..i_c-tos ;*'_ti, ?;lise.n by tole phone C ':' aG: 2C-- ICY 8orei z Tis itoro Clhinoese floor sho'~r visited the Cerril: Oil Iofiner arly e. 7_ here~. noun of Clh _neose actors v, sites' the Corril: oil. refinery. r,h^ir ncrforna_ihce 1n.stod j0 minutes and it ?rrs free for tale nor:io:mel of the oil refinery. Their ~~ro Tex included a d:i.sl-)lay of a rope dancer si%'-Ic i-rhoel byci_c~_e, rn.isic and sing _nT. Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8 Next 8 Page(s) In Document Denied Iq Approved For Release 2007/11/21: CIA-RDP83-00418R006200570002-8