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November 16, 2016
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January 11, 1999
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March 1, 1953
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Approved For Re e 5 CIDP83-004238000301 CONFIDENTIAL/SE TION - -l ,l i A & L Country: Chile Subject: Grouping of Political Parties Place Acquired: Date Acquired: Date of Information: Mar 53 25X1X6 25X1A6a 1. A. By and large the groupings of the political parties in Chile is as follows: 1. Rightists: Liberals, Conservatives, Traditionalist Con- servatives, Agrarians, and Democrats "of Chile". These are joined in some districts by the Phalanx party, while in others the Phalanx joined the radicals or other groups. 2. Left Center: Radicals, Socialists, National Democratic 3. "Official" Ibanists: Farm Labor, Democratic "of the People".. "Popular" Socialists, Doctrinaire Radicals, Progressive Feminine 4. National Federation of Ibanist Forces: National Ibanist Movement, Chilean Feminine, National Christian and Labor 5. Odd parties, including: National Union Movement, National Union of Independents, National Union of Pensioners, Popular Union, New Public Action and others. B. These groupings differ in some districts where local electoral pacts have been negotiated. For example, in the Talca district, the Radical candidates are on a common list with the Liberals, Traditionalist Conservatives and Agrarians, while in the San Fernando district Conservatives are allied to Socialists and National Union of the People, and are in opposition to Liberals and Traditionalist Conservatives* us__M sl ONLY CONFIDENTIAL/SECUR i11!s ~1111~r V{1 ~47.wi~ai? .: Th Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RD 25X1A2g Unly is Approved For Release 20 eRDP83-00423R00030 CONFIDENTIAL/SEC TI?N 25X1A2g C. The supporters of President Ibanez are divided into three main groups: "Anap", that is, the National Alliance of the People; "Fenafui", National Federation of Ibanist Forces; and "Monap", National Movement of the People, and the feeling between the first two of these groups is running very high, on the surface at least, higher than between each one and the different oppo- sition groups. 15X] Al Es~'1 ,, f~ Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA RDP83-0042 R WV 640003-0 Sing ae'?: S! s i-