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- wawa fiaf_. ? tl 2380005005 Approved For Release 2003/10/2 j ;y Security Information Country - Cuba Subject - Notes on the Cuban Copper Market: Production/Scrap/stati Ac u d Dave q it e Date of Trfo Source - 25X1X Copper Production 25X1A 1. The business recession in Cuba, which started about the first of 1952 and hit its stride in July 1952, continued into the first quarter of 1953 with no indications of general improvement. The boom in mining has been the one exception. It has continued at an unusually high rate during the first quarter of 1953. Mining sources report great activity in copper exploration. 2. Minas de Matahambre in Pinar del Rio Province supplied almost the entire national output of copper ores and concentrates during the first quarter of 1953, as in previous years. 3. Several new companies have started copper exploration, but they are not expected to contribute more than three per cent to the total 1953 production. Only one or two show signs of becoming copper producers within the next nice to 12 months. (a) One is Cia. Occidental Minera Bosch, which has holdings next to Matahambre in Pinar del Rio Province. This concern has the backing of a wealthy and prominent industrialist not identified], If its production does get underway,it should not exceed 10,000 tons in 1953. (b) A remote possibility as a copper producer during 1953 is the old Christina Mine in Oriente Province. This mine has produced in the past. Two US citizens("not identifie7 promoting mining in Cuba are reported busy trying to get the mine back into production. Observers believe that the interest shown in this mine, and the search for capital to exploit it, indicate that a new 'vein has been uncovered. Average Annual Copper Production [year not indicete7: Ore: 284,907 long tons Concentrates: 54,414+ long tons Copper content: 39,589,971 lbs. 25X1A UZI- Secujrty,.formation R STUN M CIA Approved For Release 2003/10/22 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2 Approved For Release 20W2: . 1fQY 00423R0005V? -2- 6. The entire Cuban production of copper ores and concentrates was exported to the US during 1951 - early 1953. 8. Cuba produces no blister or electrolytic copper. In 1951 Cuba imported 7,000 tons of blister and electrolytic copper from the US. During 1952 Canada supplied all Cuba's imports of blister and electrolytic copper. 9. Cuba imports about 180,000 lbs of copper alloys per annum. 10. Cuban copper scrap exports are estimated. at 1,700,000 lbs per annum. Exports. of brass and bronze scrap are estimated at 400,000 lbs per annum. The US takes nearly 90% of Cuban scrap exports. The UK takes about 10%. Cuba imports no copper scrap because it has such a large surplus. About 300,000 lbs copper scrap are used for local needs. About 800,000 lbs brass and bronze scrap are used for local needs. 25X1A 10 E, T aid f~prrpation Approved For Rele 1' 2 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2 Approved For Release 2003/10/22 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2 CONFIDENTIAL/us OFFICIALS ONLY Security Information I Chile: Photographs of Chilean Naval Vessel, Presidente Pinto 19 May 53 May 53 US government agency. .he Office of Naval Intelligence furnished the following information to CIA for IAC dissemination in accordance with paragraph 3c of NSCID #7, This information was obtained by DIO-3ND and was forwarded as ONI report 101+-C-53,7 available for inspection and selection from Graphics Register are five photos of the Presidente Pinto (ex- USS Zenobia, AKA 52), a Chilean naval transport, This vessel arrived at the Port of New York on a routine midshipmen's training cruise on 9 Ma 1953 and departed on 16 May 1953_7 F-- I 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL/US OFFICIAL; ONLY Security Information 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/10/2? : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2 Approved For Release 2003/10/22 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/10/22 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000500560003-2