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November 9, 2016
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December 22, 1998
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July 8, 1953
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423RO 4 &001-3 PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE 0 (Submit to HQ-OO/C in triplicate with process sheet attached) i July 1953 DIST. ORIG-GRAPHICS; DUPL-CASE FILE; TRIPL-SOURCE FILE; QUAD-FO RECORD AREA Detroit, Mich. SUBJECT "Play Boy" car GIFT LOAN NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (St! hotographs, negatives, or slides) 2 Still photographs 8 x l0 4O/VC .yore'..,DWrr . . afo of c i rr ' eof 4 CA/f riVrr S7 of ccVA,a r ~q~-s-ro~ i.~'rri+P v~~cwt,D . ~oAi r >r iy,~Tc,,,0q ra^/ s f /R,r7. '0"Il a s rW &WA"l/,,el~~'iQ CJ Fic e - 9 1721a S3 C. VVr -e!r." DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL /3 DATE OF EXPOSURE Unknown One view showing car with top up 17 It It top down - Both side views Proposed arrangement for investment in production of automobiles in Japan... Estimated annual sales three or four million dollars-The engineering company which furnished these stills, manufactures tools., jigs and special machinery for indus- trial firms but they do not maintain an automobile mfg plant. They did supply cer- tain machinery equipment for a company in Buffalo,NY, which made the "Play Boy". The dies, jigs$ etc, which are in their possession, were actually items intended for use by the "Play Boy" company, which was located in Buffalo, NY; due to finan- cial difficulties, however, payment could not be made for this equipment. Our source was left holding the equipment and thereupon sent a representative to Japan with the idea of unloading it on one of the Japanese automotive companies, as that country is in a position to use small automobiles, such as "Play Boy". As of the above date it appears that results will be nil because, while all our source wished to do was tol7sell the die and fixture equipment, it seems that the Japanese wish to borrow the complete blueprints of the whole car as well as have our source draw up complete working plans: for the tooling of the plant in Japan for the man- ufacture of the car in Japan and likewise finance this necessary equipment, which would be reimbursable out of earned income... Source has rejected this proposal bolt have initiated negotiations with another firm in Japan..Some specifications of the Playboy are: length bumper to bumper: 13 ft; height 54 in; width 58 Imo; seat width 51 in;weight 1900 lbs; speed ph?Gaso-,,ponsumption:35 miles to US gallon O i ne p ece all steel body. Four whee t ~cc rakes. 4 Security information 25X1A2g FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY 25X1A9a 00-A N DATE FORWARDED TO GR BY GMP,/ ! ~/Lv~' 7 / ,5 J CASE NO. RETURN DEADLINE (IF LOAN) ~.a GR CONTROL NO. _g 0,'MS - 1tE A FORM NO. 57-27 DEC 1952 Sanitizdd - 3ApproveUor ReIea drfVa