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November 9, 2016
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October 26, 1998
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August 14, 1953
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- Approved 0 N 11111V1 ROUTING AND CONTROL k RECORD DO NOT DETACH FROM 'ON LOAN' DOCUMENTS 14 I uguzt 1953 DATE TO: CI! LEER...PRY ATTN: BUILDING ROOM NO. 1425 TITLE 25X1A2g PTTPCIED Is Speeuh "Three Years of Communist China" REMARKS Vake".4 RETAIN I I ON LOAN DOCUMENT(S) FOR RETENSION BY ADDRESSEE DOCUMENT(S) MUST BE RETURNED TO CONTACT DIVISION/00 BY (DEADLINE) FROM: CONTACT DIVISION/ 00 BRANCH BUILDING IROOM South NO. 332-.. I EXTENSION 2211 ciorefilmppprfflppiwi FOM4 NO. ac 195i 57-29 (20-401 25X1A2g Attachment for dated 3 Aug 3 "Three Years of Communist China" Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 The subject that tuff bait assig?d to nst Afak.fitimo inottooloaro, GoniuturiPt .CPYRGHT: in vihich a goverrWirtt cones 14tio peter has a great deal. 141 do ? w:104 t wy n taiThh t sty e ita power, hoveVer agreyvnt: tangs asy look vu the turf-cita. e; ver:,,qi4t? look at the limy i1td the s+ et to Lie poeltiop in 3hiolt VleY are Igao?toe?t-uyig, hav ;Ter epic1t or tho su:ujeot. lzmediately arto aohievisig ,:,t3r1:41.1t'St of 1-,11E-1 nainir.nd plYi ed vory famous pgeoage that th!..4.-- zotad h2ve Jeen i.:1p001511,1e L it h1 not ff,yr the ehAngos in t-,?..= deto ?dui apano for , extusge vrae absol-etely vital ardVie ia-:akeming of tile ,:--).?,mr of the rartIPCCIrt prictreil thft &sat stanco that t,ttt the .1c1--tri lie 333 qite explittit'about this and '- Intersst onsl s tuat.ion) Lu theassist,anoe of ti thatatoie* Oourie settromely impartast At tat' 5*.iriC3tt thtnige:Ncere iS3340327t, tO6 te 4*itC tj'xioxtt. The tOtattitty ItOralkint Siditvows to pgrxer iiimoUgh -,Reilitair fo41016 * Approved For Release 1999/09/10 CIA.,RDP83-00423R00090020,006218 Approyectror Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-451383-00423R00090020000278 e, net hemmed, tatah to itcieTiimate the.infinanocef o overronausual4 speaki of, the rola of ideaeand neglect the irrifYistiae of. 3:11.1.1tary force. The o;a4ate ctop,ot rely upon Iti.;,..21tary_ rely upon ideaa.they rely- upon both and they uaa th lar.wany n as..1.1fu.1 manner/ ' The' iuswisimd i arty tea-IPA. taw oomurista rieve.oped th %kins.tcas also vtUil...16MpOrtoi.nOes au an th&P1 vrgwactually It into lap& and, tx, the :Lowent possible 0.-.4ganimorks of the people-0ln army that inoludGd ?Tact-rill/tat who opera.ted in a Irnrr ennit(4 territor3ri inelucked L'aerrilln mats aich re!,toro ould be uo'd around CPYRGHT ft* 40v4.4pip .provipae iod 1,1111t6 w1.1.1h oarr,ebpond to t,11* r.:-?rroiar *rrly trpOting. 54tic,; atalr,e a groAt cl:ary hiat4rys un theirl.okkg-k4stor,y onl,7 t?sii. by thft kranuhws. that in otturplotely. coosue$:(.6.* "1"1- 1.? -The7 have preduciad- son* o'r the. ,.1..eatifilit present Marine Corps orgattisatkon,-- atO 1,4300, upon that of the CMinesellotarraia woe*. am; crie ut* in till. lo tit'4 ao,O. Pltifthitt veal not gi) Treat surpriae?bscause for nom, reapona Itrhieh Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 proved For eleasd 1999/09/10 : CIA- , -CPYRGHT 304-2sFop0900200ppg8;;, 0-10-axiot low:,s of or;,arl.1.!4,at-5.67:1 octal _lizrio iv a anal ,itho ila:tters t4et:_ciart t1; ar, a '71--ktor..,..iit in -1.11-ic,, arts - . ?rksat davalcinr..ertt*,*.17 -.;Aoveneallto t4rita..rd- ft? '14 4;* ' thelweapons the techr4,...a. o!41.s,:k.k...T.eaport rrvisn br the c; dtnrelopect.a ?kind * pt,:rws h,in1?- `t p,.ovf? Oere. ,,crecir,zi timing point theortunet'''' ? mr.,I;kie - _ , , ? 0e4set,-99Wog/10,:CIA7RpP83-00123:k090,10:0200002-8'' Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA4RDP83-00613 .lit,W19200002-8 was tuft t the lecture ' .00. of 19/42,..1)4,3 tn Co, Arast hi . vith hii fattelled and gmllen -park" went -ZihnoNai irting,ita weeding' out the lL'rLjt indoctrinating tow utto needed it Id uirl leadership .14 in a ii1 -.1.ecesgrAl1 faaiirti13 acecOiiiilis:alent meal* that at th4. end f?th 1)45 he hod at hie control a largs, welaw-iailoetrinated? highli-traineds Nve- -diriciplim,d (and too T-to. ideaa on diseipline are as rigid 36 thw,!, in aag aunist book) parv which *as 4,15 to V. had to iic one, Of courpst :yaw of imto have thinos Lut Wet 616.61 t al-ws tala, the trouble get then. He iid to hate- tit party if he imore ot te ho(! bausi he had to hare nen he etroie, send over 'Ian; areas, Ktert he could trust, twaitibodid i& have to ISIT6 explietto detail aretz;t1te3 day in day ohto nen rlio 0144 be out-- rado eonnuniontion orcr; of evtrvAni.{.1ation for wealce on aid* %Ileae were the'oort oi"" -.:Nan 'Jo had to ha -vteek Lin Mao, the wtal.t-itotn. eastounist guneral, was acsit to fioncow In 12)9 Id th lot) iito he trained In Ailltary sel*ools there. he bauk Tiith thea and taes ford the 4 cadres i,ic' ie uosiOlo the throv.ri.r. toter oi a ??7_7reat coKreimist ? arsy inAetrielluria after the w, In othertioze.7, CUL ti pr Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 ationti teere Approved For ReleaSe,1999/09/10 : CIA.41P83-04ftifit0600200002-8 wediad6in4' Ca& I I% afraid "17 1:fitA- llie:C21tLY and ver.- Ett1 ?3y, sO tbAt At We end of the war there vold be a Veri largo, discipliued ?pert' lorhich unifteretootil what it ?rid to do ana, Iras vert well indoetrinakd anri loial to A40 Tse.tung: 'Apart from this we all kndw of tle tact:!oal meeenrea ta!tan Iv the Ganese Comihniats.wwthe uoe of the aaisn bituaticr. Niwiwo know that the adteve it1 iv used th.e awrariea aitl.atiot not Ntes33rtlY rote the lot, of thi.. peasant hat as a click, e P1104 41Ad tl.,t7 only ' method?of zecurizw, iimediate political thlipport Apd a tesis for military *our. The a:Teal,of eours,; was no to c.oefouna olmershfp but to private proportf, it appealed to the instinct to own 1.77..nd aad tale -was eacueeeful bitt thia vra.-: not all that *;ere wiis to it. The aecret or the Land reform by the dotis hot lie in the distribation of land, , ft lies'ih the redistribution of classes ilithin A viJ.iae. Yap, in Is tamow report eh given in 1.926-270 goes out of his ww,i to Bay revolaiot is zIdt dinaer party. it. 'is cMt he ht; the old Cotin;loian d810.-4A; is not comet:a:4i "i1,71CII 41i:11 4t;T6 si cerely wad so on. It is Idalz?rcction,, R oe ou ta ysomethin;-: Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIAARDP83-004Ragagib121)0002-8 vohich it e Ltortant, awl that .13 thi.63 tt4t, t i&i necessarY to have n the village a c;ortain mount of laeoelettinthert must Le terror. In othtfr r;ords, the colsauclisto do loro 'se to 7.,o rt village and rtiientaitMell &alit 1iL13 the rw ymr? land i illidiStrib4ted Vie are SoinE; to take U-4.1x swecr. from you .i.nd tave it to y.>a?Thadi bias no cooperation Prom the vi_Ukm. comise ioi1d b< al-Moat anictde. iyocciel the valves to Oa it 'Loon:levee. They get the pealants to pitchfork the land- 19rds; they get thea to help hang the landlords; . they get the as c?pU4ces in the crime. is the secret o far as the inrarecnists aro concerned. As far as the: peasant iS 40 This Movement, tllen,? salve into power for ai ver, ionpileated kffnir. And i in :1 elmenta af 06044404. The comanniets L:o oat of th.sir way to rerjt rto nd it is rell -worth tU tLe time thwpit into it because they reorrlte it riftth view to t doctrine, of dootrLno that whatever pod ass planned, adte.tever cofses about was forseen tvv.1 thvt, the: OCOMITri.81.73 urn a ttrys4e3. in ?,iarxts,4-T,Ltairii whii!!.11 cloabloz the.,a to 1/4-_,.(1.stito4 what vain shell o a,,nd to get i:ten t, flQI:fhat't4cy_w11.8ht114r, t. do. :171.10 rewrItinz; Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 CPYRGHT Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA.RIDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Qt biatior,/ tonal to help i reatilv, this fiction ol infaliiHaity and there ,ate my ptioplei even incladin4; the moat hitter encales of communism, vho hakre acoected this Infallibility hook, lino an: si.n.kur, mho look ;von aceipaniSte as peoplc ae people who al:174;p to the ri_42t thing at the rdight tit:in the right IRV and upon oavseives as hopelece and hieas viatton of a $uperior ahreadoesr, and euanin;14. This is of oourse is foractay 'it they want jou to think, If I had time I could toll you the irLaLorvoI - China 4_, the last thirty years and a.-Aor 7,,u the coloaaalo blo mistakes that Stalin vado s who haa p1 for thr-m and -what impact the evt, ts have had upon doctetr,a docl.nt Oi c4-ents. ITasz.-Ire yriz that these . , ? gartielaea are even. re trwz 3r4d thrttA* are hecauee they hagAn with iVer.?' .itupid idea, t:rars theettu into :over v.:no alsa made poesihle by t co-ndition of the ac,'?Ional ,,,avorrtix-..zt at the end l'CV011.1'404.1 in Mina , . ? represented alrthc rFkal rt.,x) arc hAti? on. Formosa by rrti .Y.;la for ex-a:Tie who he.a been Yrith u thiti wait, re-f)lution vas a eap2istOn? t2 IS the only mall 12.3.7., had. apet Ln rhinese adelety for -4allort mazy year. It Wa.3 a speci.P,1 ic.ind o.f oallitallet revolution, how,srorro Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 CPYRGHT Approvedk For Release 1999/09/10 : Cl1tikIDP83-00423R000900200002-8 (Wm' isportaat +j 1t lkiter on To it t apariese invasion anck e14' *ail n i:3Z,:. 1idOsitt. 17 to *145.1.71 thee *bog= up 4oppily oduestod 3t Wt it* end evhoolo thw wood ,o'sar the cOsIttryOrltheat ,extreasly littleknowleage orT.Thina, a crust-di propaganda"v*..4 ).:1..ttle. else (ther4 were ?unsay 'books oven that they ,Ocaad read), Ule io thiTigst thu eoUae in * claat osableol -frith the old atGnee of th.ta enorotsue intellectual proletertat of p4ple who had not roally ha ile ciplucatiOtt they silott.14 have pOsAble for the oommasts to ph poltt into a blikak anti oblige mitaa- tion text point .up '4he et!:.,renee--thc Ittldat hAd tAPhit**,a,det tht eapd t faitti t revulutionHwas deStrayed as much b7 the .Japanese 41z, branytody ,Ase. The aptness are ao rosperrsiLle(a ar4ytod io the ,avottitgic possible the atrugao ror ivvie i::ot into poser the Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-ADP83-000109200002-8 Oe *the oareaunista was to conaolidai"e that p the peOple not to turn heir attenti to atv nocial refore? aa Mao nae?tunis has pot it hilasolf (and 7' 'would read it to you if f could t,ind the quotation., 'Which* eannot) the first tak is to set 3 thci party dietatorallip (of the . Oosent partA.ehichL, net -Iran* leadIng for their OW71 bOriertt /in other g2oupe in the cou.ntry?to elitenatigs to put. t `vet briefly, the collator elite, to (Ai xuate all those 11-ho mi ht possibly d11ik4 the -rogme and have thio oapacity and Abili,ty 4o fli;hit agatnat it, rile teak they eawirked upon imaedititely and, r ?road et there ieevery incLiePtion that this much hos 'oe.en done with a very ?enc. axrnt of euoceaa. The stagy -rib? otared 1,..lehinassualaxv rThineoe intellect-15as atid lezders who st4ge3 "oehin 10 see Ninit the oceeennintx would look like ar who -were thou tied 10 their hatred OX the KnOitintang end partionlarly q 1.ang `,Zai.shek and referred anything rather than to L:,13 iiA 1,zany of tie :len have noi either been shot or have.. tiiire4n :the risk adr encapirig trO4 onOtOrig In BoaticongitJ ther are up to tato million refugeosorbo tooled. 4.41! sa-4toitry` end the party Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-MDP83-00423R0009002:0VMHT h comma-1 th oic 13, cLid, by their ot figure:alth. oalltniets have elinthated )eople and tittly could possibly lead rebellion aca.i.nst thcir., Thi irst -arpe that any. letsdernhip *volt on d hate lie soon tro* neolaiatlers rather than trcn o/ athflt pikrt3 ot the world are Mowingt1&, hoot grown and developed 147 oolamuiti.` ais to coltaete the lsold that lime! przetlaally ilnisheds it ha tl vi1114.1 areas **evield b th,,43.'*ntuests. to OA aottal The completion of thc., land reforsa *Eittoga4shad in the Viat les the eszexitial part *f t11/4 relati.onehip httween ociesses of peeple n e 11,-lange mther than in the k tts1t ens/0, although opposltion mati itiet kifirre and there part ono. Yob Oantoni aituatfad in ate ee?uth. eart tip tile reason tp ntippCkSli that t L#td ecrorsa i nOt ta,zat intelts purses pta,4loa.1.15? 13e4314,te. DAS mans,. ciao ? 'Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :,,CIA7RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Approved For Release 19991O9110: CIAZIDP83-00423RalgefKITIANPV02,8 isTt M11 ndnid4 **rot tor oft' Shthf , Ti143 itiwrz-,7erft ha dat myod in tivirda deatmr1374--one of tha adorit einies in C.;.et 101.-ocitoparl :the panttn,the art,th liter-Am po?f pol.5.4,,tos., the An4. con37Q0 Approved For Release 1999/09/10,: CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIAT2DP83-0042gROWEg000i8 VociulOY,1001,1 aware of the role 4bat Nith-atided,qoa. not se Iluch t c idea that peeitmis are important a.s 14r,anteiroK iet inunaeri twitting ttmtr,potentiaI fury t v-sotitioi# ener 4 - It-eeepired, 'I think, 40166h deep ungierstandinte,im g,00d tieol of Imukfa the Chinos* roleas like Ail Urk4tre nmtthert-,.. or tha *Sy 3,42 ":711.1eCh gaVe2itent4 in the cotrmid rn be organised and the impOASiios af boldirigup in,* ;-1.1tIon trttgi. a1th military fames. 4te. morvemont back ttt mayn't the hich'swin.ciplo sod. int.ernyt sould. io caohined...: Thai! i.,T? tr.14411411 0 trine4-1VG o. VS prOlEtriat 71AZ e leadiug perky 13 the ,revelatior oallel now be roe thertct in. indestrialiiation and vtxpne;then- --Nglia/41.1443414Weng trile social heals of Ulst reSolution.cautd be pireued. 1. Ate plovoreelt to 44: itier%)thiih, hd4te &sager's. These arc had been jivita in the so try rtn. 141:4! u_nos rtoplo .0410 meri -Pt the esontratitLat t1ct ii in:, stories' *beat the irtqrji tweennist Belittlers behaved whoi trric to to",.n Aodem .3allylono haw they ,unaerstefiod little about the indern covIontera,72 of he- ioost city Firtd r es) 1104.. The-4.)ries'lzwo that ga.-2t aJtImin4 ring about tw tnat th le prowiar Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 ? t. Approved For Release 1999/09/10 ClaiRlaP83-00423130:11414W1102-8 etdriee bad aboUtlhe Ja9an e saips 1$1.,Sell al 14ac0,44011?th op*WrIpio, atel fell inthe windr.walesor're rifit rear4 Yen( fir % The " 004004111411 Vara aotta1.13 takiez over z3bar.4.110,1 r-nd th !set that aeme tr `man. bad raw emelt running itater tePim Ina not, really, very eignifieant. Thr he4 seen' n4,112/1ng 11100d* the. VIOvinitrit the eiti. st tho its &eve* to tho party elite* -41ities a atteacting 'fbc Kuonflatantf?,,- that booelatte it ?wad '24angit: raterestid st-Aden?:41 iAroris Alaeariea out or the 44.4tt no' The mutiat,.s bad ti tae ii thai they t lei an had ti 1.4iorgo't t viUt:'i.. t vactlike.ttitzg Naas ,i4rgs.r.Ot w tbit thorn ei4? oYe r aowe of tivii al,t ra-of away r the tudet thei b-a4tetilitte? Beittause bleteariall in the ity is ucially' t:011314ereid a fie impertant perVoilm-0. not iuch in Chiba az in kAattla but, to so dagrces an important - the race', vent baci;. to t4e t soambined tith a movtament to build up .4,11 olatariat, so-tAlled, aind 1:41 brin?. down t4e coeial AW) preetlge of what Vao mins the '1,04. ;ootale. Mitt bms been -done Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 4 himpla til.0 ?. ? - a1 * id eatto, and Stri4:14 01. do -04-40r4here e4lArliSt C4Idlifr*.are.carz7thg 'Ott getiO4Atrac.tion* Approva,d!!eor Release 1999/09/10.: 61A-RDP83-00423R00090020000-8 ? 14' CPyRGHT Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : ClAtADP83-00423R000900200002-8 e icatra1 #61iiia tkiP NYIK I'm, Ito tolu: .0-cilati4riat and rieTe PilZiiC TiifAry thadx i plasa a6nettiouontia to. tha prz)latariat; a .014. l'aea SAO bo uru i4he 3harghai and you e 77t ta4e taing ti by :arInsidersatoit you don't , bo feund arid the 44-taw taa '11 t thAl. VS -Fttrlosa in ?Cd,c,,i caw:: ;pru. f?JU bq 1.011.4...shod. - Yon J'av Art veraitt. i a five story 1164.14Ys ao tle.T, a laTtain osolderate It ',,taa? 1.%)ortarrt? t za4other iirlrape ar.t aecti the popeation i that io the i And to:: 41-t thoe Ipeprp:Aonts.!.?the Otoziplet ton a :vnt 1i th ilia 08 avid the-renerttg Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900200002-8 Vrrl r-- ac, Oka ..4proyegfor Release 1999/09110 : GlitAIDP83-00423R000900200002-8 CPYRGHT 'elm int;:t talana-opitntre gole a ia..-Nve viaor. le popa 1,4,1akthingt..* Thls is Ueti aza..1.rxt thoar.. intx3amtfasia o are still. in hi-? position 14.w, atthe goY 1weltfr for one .reasoiti amtheri still nee? 'h?A it is 11.01, Qaaray to 1.4q3e. physicelly. Thet rnmit very attest adantiata,r cetrraez ber.1a1V-0 the 'co?....-ilaclivta - t rich in 801631 4iatof! ? limy a 1.-x:,Q 1/4, re evit' cf,;111-4-QrvI14its Thi had tki-tie pitrit ttattinameriOall c-ocipolgi beXa a ay../ e r 0 f diArcrettl3ting the )01411 cic d the trunartvtl.o to*radttical and the- Imalatutione of the 104:Wm ? )i11. atio:i4ortoant s,300.4,40art,7 Ti."7 "3 127 caleaMOra knowa.-PaYttaaJtAltin ?elate- 431temeni,ibegen were taken lhael to LOt1061,, SONO df '06 Qt:tilkalsi;ona in ona femen:1-we thir tit CO11 ireur4t erwsgp). eteneiho its a relativa to ons 2i?$a4 ;-1-40 itttoxttlier Conteseim Tie% ilia '311tVii t;eta, ? ? 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