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November 9, 2016
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October 14, 1998
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August 6, 1953
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PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE (S ubmit to HQ-00/C in triplicate fi process sheet attached) 6 August 1953 DIST: ORIG-GRAPHICS; DUPL-CASE FILE; TRIPL-SOURCE FILE; QUAD-FO RECORD AREA Chang-shu and Sou-chow, China SUBJECT Various views of this area. 0 GI FT LOAN Return by 30 Sep 53 NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) 34 still photographs DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL DATE OF EXPOSURE Unknown except as noted below 119 `16o2$~ 0 1 - View from hill west of Chang-shtz looking to the east. . 2. Ch' h 0 left is "Sage's Tome Scene on east side of hill at west side of ang-s u. On 3. h' hu Ag6aGy View of west side of hill on west side of Cang-s. C/ ,q o ~ i kgrr Looking to the northeast toward the west gate of Chang-shu. Canal in b I 5. wzz Bridge over canal at east side of Ch'ang-shu. This bridge is crossed on the 6 to Shanghai on the motor road. View taken from the mill at Chang-shu looking toward the du Shi Zake.,C /,9y1 . 7. View of the canal at Chang-shu looking eastward toward the city's west gate. 8,9,10. Scenes along typical country canals. U. View of canal with southwest corner of Chiang-shu wall in the background. 12. Looking to the northwest from the foot of the hill at west of Chang-shu. Building in the foreground is now torn down and the portion of the hill shown has been torn up by blasting for rock, and bunkers and. foxholds have been boil- there by the troops in training. C1 A 9Go2 Ga- 13. View of "Dry North Gate" from the west side. 14. View taken outside the northwest wall. 0-14 9Ga?~3 C. G C/A 17 6a t 15 1 . View of countryside from Ch'an~-shu hill looking northeas . 16. View of tea shops inside Chang-shu. Very old photograph (1920-25). 17 old cit wall on the left. Grand canal at Sou-chou with y 18,19,20. Scenes of various bridges along the grand canal at Sou-chow, CM `~6c'2 21,22. View of pagoda bridge along the canal at Sou-chou.c,' q~oo;7J 23. Canal at Sou-chow. 2+. Water gate into Sou-chou. Q 114 T ~ 7! 25. North side of Sou-chow with city wall in background. 26. Northeast corner of Sou-chou city tirall. 27. View along small canal outside Sou-thou city wall. 28. Scene along a Sou-thou canal. g FOR HEADQUAR TERS USE ONLY DATE FORWARDED TO U R BY GMP 25X1A9 RETURN DEADLINE (IF LOAN) 2 / f GR CONTROL NO. Go zal nd y 2 6S r -?ay FORM.NO* 57-27 1~3a . Approved For Releas RDP X320001-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : tIA-RDp$-3= R000900320001-6 29. Pre-1920 picture of the bridge at Sou-thou which carried the motor road to the railroad station. 30. View of canal bridge near railroad station at Sou-chou. e 119 `76 a 702 31. Vie7r of canal inside Sou-thou. 32. Ku-ling (near Lu-shan). Summer resort town where General Cheng-shi had. s eGZ 7 cottage. In 1951 Communist youth groups were organized for summer camps tfter~e. 33. Looking westward toward hill from the spice pagoda inside Ch' ang-shu. C!R F6a 67 34. View of church at Chang-shu. Shown here under construction, it was completed in 1949, just after the Communists took over. C !A q16 2.620 7 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R000900320001-6