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November 9, 2016
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November 23, 1998
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November 2, 1953
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01200010006 PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE (Submit to HQ-OO/C in triplicate with process sheet attached) 2 November 1953 `'IST' ORIG-GRAPHICS,* DUPL-CASE FILE; TRIPL-SOURCE FILE; QUAD-FO RECORD AREA __ .Ir3~t} ,jIrao/F ance S is French Morocco S UB SUBJECT Forty photographs - -- b] GIFT LOAN NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) Forty photographs DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL D E OF EXPOSURE umbers on the face of the negatives should be ignored as some are uplicated. Use pencil figures on back. 25X1X6 COUNTRY NUMBER DESCRIPTION Iran 12 Aug - 2 Sept 53 1 The Baghdad - Tehran road near the Iraq-Iran border, on the Iraqui side. c1A- 1a47B~i- 2 The Baghdad-Tehran road near the Iraq-Iran, border on the Iranian side. ~`A'1O`"zs 3 The Baghdad-Tehran road - west of Hamadan. tea-~6 The Baghdad-Tehran road - east of -e 5 The Baghdad-Tehran road - east of Hamadan.~%a-+~ 14 6 The Baghdad-Tehran road near Tehran.C%A-t,-r o 7. Overloaded truck on the Baghdad-Tehran road - near Hamadan. A cause of the broken surface. Ethiopia 26 June - 17 July 1953 8 Heavy Lancia truck-trailer on the Addis Ababa - Assab road about 60 miles from Addis Ababa. Note the poor condition of the road at this point. cA-co~i.V 1.- FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY 00- DATE FORWARD 0 TO GR BY GMP . It 2 5 $ CAS RETURN DEADLINE (IF LOAN) nr GR CONTROL NO. 25X1A9a NITRATE FILM EXPLOSIVE-SHIP BY EXPRESS UNDER SPECIAL CARRIER i 1FS Sanitized - Approve~i?F,q CIA-RDP83-00423RO01200010001-6 COUNTRY NUMBER DESCRIPTION Ethiopia (Cont'd) 9 The Addid Ababa-Assab road about 70 miles from Addis Ababa. There is about 50 miles of this badly broken surface . C' A -'o%} X03 10 Mussolini Pass along the Addis Ababa-Assab road. This shows the quick drop in elevation that the road must soon descend. e'Q- 11 This is the turn at the top of the Pass about 100 miles from Addis Ababa on the Assab road. Elevation about 11,000 feet. C%i4- 1-5* 12 The Addis Ababa-Assab road about 100 miles from Addis Ababa. This shows the descent from the Pass, a drop of about 8,000 feet in about 12 miles>e~e-~wt--~l~ 13 The Addis Ababa-Gimma road about midway between the cities, Note the unbelievably bad condition of the surface. ~~- 14 The Addis Ababa-Ginmia road about midway between the cities. Note-the unbelievably bad condition of the surf ace. CIA- -'-?' ?' 15 Taken from the bridge over the only river of consequence on the Addis Ababa. Gimma road. eta-te'4 tGo 16 A typical street scene in Addis Ababa leading away from the main square (Picture 17). Shops occupy the first floor and apartments above. 17 Main square in Addis Ababa. Iraq 4 - 10 August 1953 18 A part of the 100 new A.E.C. buses use for public transport in Baghdad. t~ ka-v t? 19tkA-10,'AigI Caterpillar at work on the Wadi Tharthar project. 20 eta,- ~o tc% 1 Caterpillar at work on the Wadi Tharthar project. 21 Thirty-ton Euclid dump truck on the Wadi Tharthar project. 24 March - 8 April 1953 .~ ? /22 Strasbourg-Colmar road - near Colmar. r' 9'3 Di inn - Langres rnaA ID 24 Avenue Foch - Parish (Tourist stuff) I1~ / 25 Main road through Coulommiers / 26 Berliet semi-trailer for transport of heavy chemicals in Marseilles. / 27 Berliet truck-trailer in Marseilles. 21 July - 4 August 1953 28 Tripoli - Latakia highway. 29 c(-A-e,6%14L++ Trucks lined up for cargo at the Latakia water front, 30~ A 30-ton pay load A.E.C. at Homs. Property of Iraq Petroleum Co. Ctra-oo4,-19Z Sanitized - Approved For fr cease CIA=RDP83-00423R001200010001 f Syria (Cont'd) NUMBER DESCRIPTION 31 A 4O-ton pay load Antar truck at Homs. Property of Iraq Petroleum Co. ~- 32 Front view of vehicle in #31. e,, b - k French Morocco 26 May - 16 June 1953 33 Road from Marrakech southward. Extends about 75 miles into the Atlas mountains. No towns on the road, `~ - "? w`1 34, Typical native living quarters along the road in #33. ~~.z-%- tab. 35. Typical native living quarters along the road in #33.e.%A-k-c' ~O\ 36 Meknes - Port Luautey road. Z% A - t `E-ISC-1 37 Fes - Azron road.elo-Io`-CL 38 Mid-town Meknes. c\, "- \,~, (4-A -s C 39 Zeludja mines - general view. FO Zeludja mines - general view. era ~o ~k`1`1 s Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200010001-6 Sanitized - Appr -RDP83-00423R001200010001-6 anitizea - Approvea i-or Keiease : Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP83-00423RO01200010001-6