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November 9, 2016
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December 9, 1998
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November 17, 1953
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D /rc 4' 01200290001-6 COUNTRY: Philippines DATE _L2 ,}? SUBJECT: New Truck Assembly Plant for Manila, P.I. 25X1A2g _ This unevaluated informatia~s ~~ Vateriest of PLACE ACQUIRED: - only is supplied for the pe anal sts. It does not warrant MOW DATE ACQUIRED: Oct 1953 nation b DATE OF INFORMATION: Sept 1953 25X1X6 25X1A2g 25X1X6 p to assembly operation. However, it is the intention obtain truck units completely disassembled and to put them together, thus establishing, in terms of the Philippine Government, a new factory operation. This procedure will permit greater allowable imports and likewise a considerable saving in the price of the assembled units. All bodies or cabs for the trucks will be fabricated in the new assembly plant. The anticipated production figures are 10 to 20 truck units per day. loor Plan of proposed assembly plant available on loan from CIA Library 3. The building indicated as 'Long term lease" on drawing of present and b ed us h 25 in the Philippines, located in Manila, has obtained exchange permits from the Philippine Government for the purchase of necessary equipment to establish a truck assembly plant in Manila. The building to be used is already constructed and located in the Port area of Manila. It is about 467 ft in length and 156 ft in width. At resent this buildinq- is used for, what might be termed, y is located two blocks from the Piers of the Manila Harbor and roug three blocks from the Manila Hotel, as indicated by Enclosure "A". -end- LAvailable on loan from CIA Library - Floor Plan of the Proposed Assembly Plant dated 28 July 1953 and seven photographs showing interior and exterior of building for proposed new assembly plant. Also rough pencil sketch of South Harbor Port Area in which 1roperty is located San i ? 0120029000'-6 as een future installations LAvailable on loan from CIA Library as a second-hand car salesroom and storage. The building on the corner of Railroad Street and 21st Street houses the main office and display room plus customer servicing facilities. Incidentally, the offices are completely air-conditioned. The building on the corner of Railroad Street and 20th Street housed new units completely assembled and ready for delivery, plus the final adjustent and assembly of passenger cars. The building now proposed for the assembly plant is located on Railroad Street between 18th and l9th Streets. Our distributor's installation hl