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December 14, 2016
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November 16, 1998
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Approved For Release 200(f"'9t.fiM3-00423800120061 AGREEMENT t,Jtachment (3) In the city of Harbin, 24 Apr 34+, we the undersigned, Amerkanskoe Akts O-ve GA Bashkirov and Company in New York, USA, in the person of American citizen X Kostis Vizei, chief director of the firm in Manchuria, referred to in the agreement as "Bashkirov," party of the one part and citizen of the Polish Republic Teltoft, Yaroslav, referred to in this agreement as "Teltoft," party of the other part, have agreed as follows: 1. Teltoft was owed by Bashkirov as of 1 Jan 29 Yuan 57,5+6.14+ for salaries and commissions not taken by him plus the normal bank rate of interest. 2. To end this indebtedness, by common agreement, Bashkirov transfers to Teltoft the machine shops located in the building of the Sofia church on the corner of Vodoprov and Skvoznoi streets, rented by Bashkirov, as itemized in the attached list, together with the warehouses of materials and spare parts, in the quantities found there on this date. 3. Bashkirov and Teltoft consider that their accounts one with the other are closed by this agreement and that no further claims are indicated or will be made one against the other. 4+. This pertinent agreement has been executed in four copies, each copy having the full authority of an original. One copy is to be filed in the Consulate of the USA, one in the Consulate of the Polish Republic, and one copy each is to be retained with Bashkirov and Teltoft. Amerikanskoe Atka O-ve GA Bashkirov and Company Chief Director for Manchuria Signature of X Kostis Vizei I agree to the above terms Signature of Ya Teltoft The machine shop and warehouses referred to in par 2 of the above agreement are in proper order, according to the attached list. 28 Apr 34+ Signature of Ya Teltoft Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200610007-4