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January 27, 1999
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December 7, 1953
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~? y Approvr Releasqj= '41COUNNTRY: UkrainianSSR SUBJECT: Location of Heavy Industry PLACE ACQUIRED: 25X1A6a DATE ACQUIRED: DATE OF INFORMATION: 1942 and prior SOURCE: 25X1X6 309 4 6 25X1X6 25X1A2g DATE-7) f 3 1. Kharkov, Ukraine was the location of over twenty (20) industrial enterprises with employment of over 10,000 persons each. They were as follows: 1. The Kharkov Locomotive Works 2. Kharkov Aveo Factory 3. Machine Building Industry 4. Agricultural Machinery Enterprise 5. The Kharkov Tractor Works 6. Auto Parts Factory 7. The Turbine Factory 8. Metal Fabricating Plant 9. Four (4) large Sugar Refineries 10. Wire Factory 11. Several Benzene Refineries 12. Several Chemical Factories 2. Other cities in the Ukraine and their industries were as follows: 1. Chuguiv (on the Don River) - Several armament plants and storage bases, the largest, "Slav'yansk-Galicia Enterprise" 2. Kramotorovka - large machine building factory (25,000 persons employed) 3. Druzhkovka - large steel plant and chemical factory 4. Konstantynovka - glass factory and pharmaceutical plant on the Torek River, also the Torek'tskyy Chemical Enterprise, produced many synthetic and plastic products from phenols and coal from neighboring chemical refineries and mines. ApTT l release 1999/09/10: CIA-RDP83-0 00119 ,'', Mi "'1i1099'? 3"'il ~'~ RETURN TO CIA your an ysis. It toes not warrant missami, Approved For Relgmo 1999/09/10 :, CIA-RDP83-00423RO01200800001-9 vsnr - - / -2- Torlovka II - several coal mines and large chemical plants Torlovka VIII - chemical and synthetic factories Enakivko - steel plant and chemical works. Makeyevka - two large steel plants and several chemical factories Stalino - very large steel factory and several large chemical factories, also many coal mines Mariopol - steel and steel parts factory, largest called "Azov'Steel", also chemical factory Kerch - source of iron ore and the Kerch steel works and chemical factory Krivo-rog - location of large deposits of iron ore and iron ore preparation facilities Ekaterynoslav - large hydroelectric facilities, also the Kalynskaya Steel Enterprise, on the Dnepr River, 40 to 60 kilometers from Ekaterynoslav Alchevsk - steel factory and coal mines Lisichansk - chemical works Sulin - steel factory Taganrog - steel factory and tannery Shahkty - airplane motors factory and several coal mines Pykolayev -Gavan - several large ship construction yards. -end- This %,'n for LS Officials only is Sp. lied for t ti _ llo mto cst of your analysts. It does not warrant dissemir nation b 25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423 R001200800001-9