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November 9, 2016
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December 3, 1998
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December 7, 1953
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Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200920001-6 ,U >al i;C`i' Film k'usti ral at Sao Paulo PLP CE!' Acc" 'D ('_Z soji car) 25X1A6a D.i`Vfi AC v.UI ED DAT", (CL I-L' F ) 1 Le c 25X1A2g Responsive to: 25X1A2g This ULTWALtTr^._i' 1) INFORIviTIt~r', is s~;;, l.iect or. the possible interest of ~;~~~a na ::'u It dor s not warrant dissemination. oy R.:4eGLJ}.Its IW1S OF THE FI+ t '1 l1 h'L iYlr r~'1 ~)1, k S VAT, OF . 31"'' J 1.? r _ - t3a e 1 c. .a.'t .. ~, 7 c,;i01,-0;,~ The IY1C,C'1'at7.0nc J_ a? ' 0, t1 Ut . ik' 2.'lJ. ?.C2 d 4. the Zeptl0 f.7 C of Brazil, c nd will have as its Honorary .ire.sitie.nts the kj .C iesidei1'G of that; Repu1blic, the Hinister of i du t won a.lndx. Culture and the Governor of th state' o.L' 3) a0, and as its actin; faesit ent he Ih` niter of Foreign Affairs. P riinF I ternational Film Festi< a1_ of Brazil, to be held in the city of Sa{. Paulo i)1?Y ly ore of t?; h:i.'t?ti 1.Y?ti 1 a of e Lr on v; ' I. 1. {3~lJ_C;1, }?77 Y ...'i. the or technical roL ' " ' Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200920001-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200920001-6 Art.. 3 - The Festival will last from February 12 to February 26, 1951k The participants will then be invited to attend official festivities planned for them in Rio de Janeiro, until March 3, 1954. Art.The Festival will comprise the following activities: A. Exhibition of feature films and short subjects of any kind; B. Exhibition of scientific and educational films; C. A retrospective show of Brazilian movies; D, A retrospective show of international movies; E. An international exhibit of books, magazines, newspapers, posters and photographs related. to the motion picture world; F. Lectures and other artistic and cultural activities. Paragraph 1 - Considering the exceptional nature of their presentation the films sent to the Festival will be excluded from the usual censorship established by competent Brazil- ian authorities. Art, 5 - The number of films which each country will be allowed to present shall be determined by the Executive Committee considering the importance of each country's film .production during the 12 months previous to the Festival. However this number will be limited to a maximum of 4 feature films and 5 short subjects. Paragraph 1 - To each country is given the choice of the films intended for the Festival ,according to their artistic and technical quality, provided that these films respect the feelings and national institutions of all other countries. Paragraph 2 - Relative to the above paragraph, the Executive Committee, either directly or through a specially appointed Sub-Committee, will preview the films sent to the Festival. Their work will be strictly confidential, and no judgment, opinion, or reference pertinent to the subject will be made public. Paragraph 3 - Films chosen for the Festival must not have been released outside their own countries. However, when justified by their high artistic or technical quality, permission may be granted to films not yet released in Brazil. Art, 6 - All films must b e presented in their original version, that is, in the language of their country of origin, and must have subtitles in Portuguese. Paragraph 1 - If this is not feasible, subtitles in Spanish may be accepted.. Only in exceptional cases, as judged by the Executive Committee, will a country be allowed to submit pictures with no subtitles, but these films must be accompanied by a synopsis of their contents in Portuguese, or in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Art. 7 - During the Festival the participating countries are given the possibility, in accordance with the Executive Committee, to organize, during the Festival, presentations of films not officially inscribed in the Festival, grouped in National Propaganda Days. These films are nevertheless subject to the same rules as the official films (art. 1, paragraphs 1 and 2). If a nation wishes to include an officially inscribed film in its Propaganda Days, its presentation can only follow the official one. Art. 8 - There are no official prizes for the films exhibited during the Festival. There- fore, the Executive Committee will not be responsible for any steps taken in this direc- tion by unofficial parties, The participants are also required not to accept any prizes or rewards, of either material or symbolic value. All participants will be given a com- memorative medal, and an official diploma will be 'conferred on each as a token of their participation. Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200920001-6 wni. ft ._c-w onoo' ne~~onn Approved For Rel---- n n ln e 1200920001-6 VA LL'Ji-i1.1 VtV Art. 9 - Applications for registration for the Festival must be in the hands of the Executive Committee on November 30, 1953. Those received after that date may be taken into consideration by the Committee if the reason for the delay is fully justified. No applications whatsoever will be received after December 15, 1953. Art. 10 The participating countries must send a list of the films officially selected, as well as a list of the films designated for the National Days, to the Executive Com- mittee before December 31, 1953. These lists must be accompanied by a detailed des- cription of each film and for this purpose technical questionnaires will be mailed in due time. Art. 11 - Films reaching the Executive Committee after January 15, 1954, will be denied the right to be included in the Festival. Art. 12 - The official sessions will be held twice a day at a time scheduled by the Executive Committee. Paragraph 1 - Only authorities especially invited, the participants of the Festival, the Executive Committee and duly authorized representatives of the press will be freely admitted to the official sessions, but all must present their invitations, passes or special tickets. Art. 13 - The Executive Committee reserves the right to schedule extraordinary sessions in Sao Paulo during the Festival, in which films belonging to the Festival can be shown after their official exhibition. Art. 14 - In the official and in the extraordinary sessions shorts will be shown (docu- mentaries, art films and cartoons) in accordance with the requirements for the elabora- tion of a well-balanced program. Art. 15 - During the Festival, the Executive Committee will sponsor public sessions in an auditorium of adequate capacity, to which all delegations of the Festival will be invited. Paragraph 1 - This show will include numbers of Brazilian music and dance, and will close with the introduction of the guest artists who wish to take part in it. Art. 16 - The producers will assume responsibility for expenses of transportation and insurance of the films from the time they leave their country of origin until they arrive in Sao Paulo, and vice-versa. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the expenses incurred by insurance against fire and consequent damage or destruction of the films while they remain on Brazilian territory. Art. 17 - Each country enrolled will appoint among its members a delegate, who will receive his credentials through diplomatic channels, and who will be in charge of all problems related to his particular delegation. Art. 18 - All participants of the International Film Festival of Brazil, 1954, are implicitly subject to abide bA7 the present Regulations. Art. 19 - The Executive Committee will decide without appeal on all cases omitted in these Regulations. Art. 20 - All communications must be addressed to: Comissao Executiva 1 Festival International do Cinema do Brasil, 195+ Rua Guaianazes, n. 1.058 Sao Paulo - Estado de Sao Paulo BRAZIL Post Office Box 1778 Telegrams: "FESTIBRAS" Approved For Release 1999/09/10 : CIA-RDP83-00423R001200920001-6 II' OHTANT NOTES ABOUT SOME OF THE ARTICLES OF THE REGULATIONS Art. .5 -? The Executive Committee has determined as follows the number of films each country may officially inscribe: I:- Feature films For a yearly production of less than 30 films ?.,+,,r.$.< ? ..,~F,,,, 1 film For one of 31 to 80 films ...,y