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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1999
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March 1, 1954
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COUNTRY aUBaCT 0 Rumania A Rumanian-Armenian's Commenta on Current Conditions 25X1A6a 25X1A2g d, y an unau horized _reproduction of 1VIL42=11.14Leniaaatila___ UNITVAWATLD rOFORMATION is supplied for It does not warrant dissemination by Source: 1. sa -ere on try at the end of their the Ian of interest of your ana who: with Very luckily enabled them troubles and 25X1X6 oily, in and eve dships. at told that his aged father had bccn a Storekeeper in the good old dam when the to to over Rumania he was virtually forced out of business. The Rent Contrel Commission increased his iipop rent severalfold; the income tax went sky-aiga and finally his source* of supply became non- existent. Things did not end there: however. 3.One fine morning a-meow knocked at the door. It was an officialof the Row Allocation Committee: who ruled that they should vacate the resi- dence the following day as it was allocated to another family. When asked where they would move to, the official shrugged and said that they would be given an adeleate residence in exchange. The next +ley it rained very heav- ily, and no one called to ask them to vacate the prelims, but the following day & team of porters accomeanied the stern-looking Committee official: and despite every noisy form of protest: their household effects vere nurriedly hauled to a waiting lorry. They eure told that they had been given the op tion of choosing one but of three houses offered to them; on the way the lorry driver who knew the locations informed them in confidence that none of the three places were suitable for habitation; the first one was a two- room place with no doers and water closet; the second one was composed of one ler roOm and a water closet in an Old isolated area very far allay from the teen; the third was an attic where rat holes were in great evidence. Iventually they sought and found temporary shelter in a relative's; house. 4. "Two months later ehealbeir protest-petition was brought to the attention or the Chairman of the 0Use Allocations CommIttoo it waa olaimad that 10CQ mistake had been made and. therefore the matter would be reviewed. /t was still under review when fur young man and his family left the satellite paradise of Rumania for Beirut: Lebanon. finly IS milkalligimailwa"..""or your afiairas. nation by interest of 50't warrant dissent, ? 25X1A2g U8A of CIA and the Intelligence cojonenta of offisg ic of Co issemiaatioa, CIA. Sanitized - Approved For Releatio.4440,83-00423R0044814,40tift7 Sanitized -,Approved For DP83-00423R001401140003-7 - 2 - cultural institutes were alloved to operate in the country. btle and cuaniag move on the part of the new rulers and the It simply meant that they would be entitled to get reciprocalfa- --facilities, Which vould in the course of time be used as centers doings such as spying, sabotage and subversive propaganda. ot possible1 1owever, to stop the people from frequenting the for- tural institutes once they were established with the Apparent ap- of the authorities. Ocee method bed to be devised in the aim= d one of tbe first victims was a young Armenian girl. The person identity must hot be disclosed for obvious reasons, was a tote where 'approved' foreign langpaaft books were in the wae thought thnt since the institutes were allowed to op- 'blessings' of the rulers, and many joined as webers. wa returning base after Laving borrowed two books froa a plainclothes man accosted her and Asked for her ioned that the identity card was at her home and companying her to the house if he !gated to have tion was going on, the icomradOnaTned by one hauled the young lady into a taxi to take her cc which eventually turned out to be a police station of sorts. "Ihus the young lady vanished. Sir bewildered parents searched all the pos- sible and impossible places including the morgue; the police and allied au- thorities professed complete ignorance but suggested that she might have run alley with 4 lover. One rainy morning, three maths later, she turned up; she was aehedew of her former self, the one time vivacious girl had become sul- len and uncommunicative. All that her parents get out of her was that she bad been given the third degree over and over, and accused of spying for foram powers. She had been kept of foreign cultural within the starvation tr pri . The pr 41 as a direct result If you had savings in gold? you money at the beak; the rate of e 10. 0n the black market geld was kin things far beyond ordinary *spec it. If your luck ran out, it was years in prison. It Was often possible to betray h for it was in progres gold coin* tucked avey at hardship and persecution metal. al girl la, the food veil many died. re directed to exchange them with pa hangs was of course very adverse one. you could buy thing*, go placas. and do ions. .provided you vets not caaght with net too bad for it meant a spell of five some d co in effect etssion $ and their henchmen were out hunting, it was time f to takeoever; in such circwtances, gold coins vere often sins idlers ?worship dhims and counterclaims could not were the unfortunate cases where lea of timely earn vhourgeisielbeeopeautd, you were a marked man. the contrary you had. always to go backward. You had. to re , of your father, fie might be a modest and. hard.-working merchan r; he might own a small building in Which to house his family and or two; be might even own SONO laud for fertilises or poultry raising, he was an ememy of the new order, and all his family was likevtee_ 11. I, 1,1 MAIET Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP83-00423R001401140003-7 , -Sanitized - Approv A-RDP88w49423R001401140003-7 d for the* to if 7ou tried to dodge eaugnt in no time, for Sanitized -Approved IA-RDP83-00423R001401140003-7