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November 9, 2016
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May 5, 1999
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July 21, 1954
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Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-~v ~ ~ / July 21, 1954 N0. 92 THE BOARD OF UNDERi~JRITERS OF NEW YORK REPORTS FROM CORRESFONDENTS PORT CONDITIONS The following is, a summary of details or importance features pertaining to Port Conditions; including Theft and Pilferage Claims, extracted from communications recently received by The Board Pram its Correspondents. TAMPICO, MEXICO "" CPYRGHT (Correspondent's report dated July 12, 1954.} "During the second quarter of 1954 three Theft and Pilferage claims were ref erred to ws. This amount represents a decrease of claims as compared with the previous quarter. Black Popper and Flashlights were the principal commodities affected. It is our opinion that the majority of theft and .pilferage occurred prior to discharge of the goods from the vessel. Delays in cus- toms are not usually responsible for theft and pilferage, Vde consider ghat pilferage in our port is conducted on a casual basis, Consignees generally take prompt delivery of the ix' goads, and no port congestion exists at the prese~it time. The Custom House as well as various Fort Authorities, are very vigilent and conscientious, and there is no laxity in port or terminal management because of this. Non-delivery claims occur very seldom.rr SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - ( Correspondents t reportCPYRGHT dated June 30, 1954?) "One Hundred Theft and Pilferage claims were referred to us during the second quarter of 1954 - (13 in Apri 1, 29 in May and 5 $ in June . ) In proportion to the entire amount of claims presented this amount represents an increase of 4% against the first quarter of the year. The principal commodities affected were auto parts, radio and TV parts and chemical and pharmaceutical products. Sn the opinion of our surveyors the theft and pilferage occurs Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-4 CPYRGHT main y a ter isc arge. e ays in us oms are responsible only in rare cases. The pilferage appears in most cases to be casual rather than being conducted by organized thieves. A few consignees are using piers as storage facilities, but generally con- signees are withdrawing their merchandise immediately following release by Customs. There wZS no port congestion during this uarter. Nan-delivery claims are increasing. ~10 claims for short discharge were presented to us durin~f the last three mcnths. This -rc~prEwsents a .70% of the entire delivery referred to us during this perioc:. The risk of pilferage is considered to be improving; due to fall in pri~c`es generally and the market satura- prevcn~ ~4~f~ra~;eadc~ition to measures taken to Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-4 .. 4 _ Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-4 BEIRUT (BEYROUTH) LEBANON - (Correspondents' report CPYRGHT dated July 3rd, 1954.) "Twenty-Seven Theft and Pilferage claims were referred to us during the second quarter of 195tH. This amount represents a slight increase over the preceding quarter, The principal commodities affected are food products packed in cartons. Although it cannot be accurately ascertained, it is the opinion of our surveyors that about half of the losses occur prior to vessel's discharge. Delays in customs are responsible, especially when the commodities involved are susceptible to pilfer~~:ge hazards, such as damaged and/ar torn packages received by port authorities and had already sustained partial pilferage prior ar during discharge. Any pilferage that occurs in our area is canducted an a casual basis. In general, prompt deliveries are taken by the consignees. Congestion in the part area -most frequently contributes to delays, improper checking and a chance for pilferage. The amount of non-delivery claims referred to us during this qua rter represents an increase." HONG KONG, CHIPvA ( Correspondent's report CPYRGHT dated July 2~ 1954.} "Nineteen Theft and Pilferage claims were referred to us during the second quarter of 1954. This represented a slight increase over the preceding quarter. Life Savers (candy} and fond products were the principal commodities affected. Most of the pilferage occurred prior to discharge of the goods from the vessel. Delays in customs were not re- sponsible. We have na definite infarmation to indicate that pilferage in our port is casual or is conducted by organized thic;ves. In most caws consignees take prompt delivery of their goods. No port congestion existed during this quarter. Non-delivery claims decreased during this periad. Nate: The original communications are on file at the Board's affice for inspectian by members at any time. Approved For Release 1999/09/10 :CIA-RDP83-004238001500620003-4 Approv or a ease. 3-00423R 1 I ROUTING AND CONTROL RECORD DO NOT DETACH FROI~1 ` ON LOAN ` DOCUhIENTS 30 July 195>~. DATE T0: L"RAISON DTVISIisT'~ OC1~ ATTN: BUILDING ROOM N0. TITLE E'LRT C[NDITIOIQS (Rreports from Correspondents) ,~92, 21 July 195t~ 25X1A2g REMARKS RETAIN 0 ON LOAN DOCUMENT(S) MUST BE RETURNED TO DOCUMENT IS I CONTACT DIVISION/00 FOR RETENSION BY lDEAOLINE7 BY ADDRESSEE 25X1A9a FROM: BRANCH CONTACT DIVISION] 00 C'-~T~P ST~.F'F BUILDING ROOM N0. South 2>2 257rj 20003-4 ApprpV~~c~~ R-~1PaeP 1AAA/A~/4L1,~L`~Id.RI~PR~-nna~~c~~r,~r~620003-4 ~'~RM N,O., 67_24 c2o-4o~ D1=G i9~1