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November 9, 2016
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February 11, 1999
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September 10, 1954
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25X1X6 O423ROO1 25X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT SUBJECT Utilization of US Furnished Tactical Aircraft-T-33s PLACE ACQUIRED -_ - _ .,,, I- ._._ nIV is se"''i e, r s ie intfrest or DATE ACQUIRED roof Ansll q_ fit L6iS in fi lSsemi- nation By UU- F DATE (OF INFO.) Jun 5 OF THE UNITED STATES. ANING OF TITLE IS: SECTIQNS'.jD3 AND 794. OF THE U.S. CODE, AS AMEND NSMISSION OR#EVI;. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. Operational Data: During the month of June 1951, US T-33 aircraft at the Royal Hellenic Air Force [RHAF7 Base, Elevsis, Greece, were utilized in transition, instrument, night flying and battle tactical flying. There were no special missions flown during the month. G V' a. Flight time for the month was governed by a number of personnel factors: The second group of cadets from the Tatoi Air College started flying T-33s on 7 Jun 51j.. There are 36 students in this group of cadets. Another problem was that class 16, made up of 10 commissioned officers, finished jet training on 22 Jun 54 after starting training on 26 May 54. Another problem was that 13 pilots of the 335th Squadron and 348th Flight took the instrument training course during June (seven received their instrument cards). Six of these pilots will continue with the instrument course. In addition, three pilots who failed to pass primary jet training were given 10 additional hours of training. b. Because of the problems noted above, total flight time for the month was 870 hours with an in-commission rate of 91 per cent, five per cent out for maintenance, and four per cent out of commission for parts. There were no weather or refueling problems in June 1954. 2. Maintenance and Repair Data: Maintenance personnel problems have stabilized in the last three months and there is a fairly consistent rate of personnel turnover. This has resulted in a better routing of aircraft to the flight line. --Major inspections are now accomplished in a day and a half. The supply problem continues, with the fault lying mainly with the RHAF supply personnel. The main stumbling block is getting the initial requisition submitted. Once -end- s WE R C& i 5 U.S. Officials Only I DISTRIBUTION STATE Thi r t e Agencies indicated above. It is not to be transmitted overseas wjthou 00/C NO. ORR NO. DAS NO. NO. OF PAGES 25X1A9a .NO. OF ENCLS. 25X1X6 1. IaCA EP U It" originating office through the Assistant Director of the Office of Collection and Dissemination this is done, there is an inadequate follow-up procedure for these requisitions. 25X1A2g