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December 14, 2016
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October 29, 1998
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April 19, 1955
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.% 4 -,-, "LL PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE (Submit to HQ-00/C in triplicate with process sheet attached) 19 April 1955 DI ST: ORIG- GRAPHICS; WPL- CASE FILE; TRIPL- SOURCE FILE; QUAD- FO RECORD GIFT O LOAN AREA USSR/US SUBJECT Pictures of Ignitron Sets NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) DATE OF EXPOSURE Prior to IC)4-9 CHECK CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS WHEN SEPARATED FROM THIS FORM. (The classification need not be the same.) "o. of i ri~T~.eFr pYpflrY ~~ CIA OFFICIALS ONLY = SECRET CON FI DIAL ,Va& RESTRICTED = UNCLASSIFIED BRIEF S2591DRIP I N 1z" - IS SOURCE APT TO MAKE ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL AVAILABLE? = Yes LJ NO MAY SOURCE'S NAME BE REVEALED TO GRAPHICS REGISTER, OCD, IF REQUIRED? ? Yes No DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL #1 - Two front views of 6000 ampere ignitron consisting of 12 tubes of 500 amperes each, built by Westinghouse Electric Corp. for the USSR during World War II. #2 Two e r views of Pictures #1. #3 - - This is a front view of a Westinghouse ~gn cron se t built for Aluminum Company of America. v ?. They will be seen in operation on inside cover of Westinghouse publication B-3024-A. The ones built for the USSR were not a special type and are the same as they would build for a US customer today 11-9 Apr 559 Th epamphlet is for background and is a gift. R HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY CA DATE FORWARDED TO GR BY GMP GR CONTROL NO. RETURN DEAL NE I I F LOAN) NIT A E FIL Maly d2~MjV5MnM~tMn*qVLATZONS FEB 1959 01-ci rrctvlUUS LUITIONS NOT TO BE USED. (47)