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November 9, 2016
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October 19, 1998
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May 9, 1955
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25X1A2g 25X1X 25X1A 2 PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE 9 May 1955 (Submit to HQ-OOIC in triplicate with process sheet attached) DI ST: ORIG- GRAPHICS; DUPL- CASE FILE; TRIPL - SOURCE FILE; QUAD- FO RECORD f- GIFT LOAN AREA Turkey SUBJECT Slides of Highways , Terrain and Villages NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still p hotographs, negatives, or slides) DATE OF EXPOSURE j-954 CHECK CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS W HEN SEPARATED FROM THIS FORM. (The classification need not be the same.) U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY i CIA OFFICIALS ONLY = SECRET CONFIDENTIAL ] RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED IS SOURCE APT TO MAKE ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL AVAILABLE? = Yes ? No MAY SOURCE'S NAME BE REVEALED TO GRAPHICS REGISTER, OCD, IF REQUIRED? = Yes ? No DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL ! 727 Elazig Village near Elazig from air 728 City of Elazig from air 1 729 Government Bacteriological Institute 7)42 't Lake near Elazig 713 it Lake near Elazig from air - right hand fork is origin of Tigris River 756 Elazig to Diyarbakir Highway through mountains 758 it Highway and railroad 759 tt Chrome mine and mill from highway 76o t' Highway crosses Tigris River 761+ Nearing Diyarbakir Flat wheat land with summer workers' shelters J 775 It ti Village from highway 777 f, 11 Some of the traffic 780 Near Diyarbakir Tigris Valley showing river and vegetable fields 782 Highway along Tigris Valley with walled city of Diyarbakir in background J 783 Diyarbakir Inside the city.wall showing gate to the city 88 't J Tigris Valley from edge of city 7 796 Diyarbakir to Elazig by air-Farm land and railroad a few minutes out of Dijarbakir f 797 it Same chrome mill as 759. Note absence of green forage except in bottoms of valleys 1.150 Kars Street with old fort in background 1145 Kars Old fort V 1153 Erzerum ridge over Aras River FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY c1 CASE NO. DATE FORWARDED TO GR BY GMP W I // 2v~" . GR CONTROL NO. RETURN DEADLINE (IF LOANI 3 E- I E S I CARRIER REGULATIONS FORM NO. FEB 195,3 57-27 PREVIOUS EDITIONS NOT TO BE USED. Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP83-00423 R001900590001-6 (Slides of Highways, Terrain, and Villages - Turkey) Page 2 1155 G?ziantef Valley and highway 1158 Trabazon Mountain village J 1159 Highway and old Roman bridge 25X1A2g /5 t7c-c.~ S/C/V~D UP P C~o_MPL TE - b' LJOLy' f455 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP83-00423 R001900590001-6