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November 9, 2016
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October 9, 1998
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May 20, 1955
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PRESENTATION FORM FOR GRAPHIC MATERIAL DATE 20 May 1955 (Submit to HQ-DO/Cin triplicate with process sheet attached) DI ST: ORIG- GRAPHICS; DUPL- CASE FILE; TRIPL - SOURCE FILE; QUAD- FO RECORD G I FT ? LO AN AREA Near East SUBJECT 35nm Color Transparencies NUMBER OF ITEMS AND CATEGORY (Still photographs, negatives, or slides) DATE OF EXPOSURE Fall of 1952 to Fall of 1953 CHECK CLASSIFICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHS WHEN SEPARATED FROM THIS FORM. (The classification need not be the same.) U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY CIA OFFICIALS ONLY fJ SECRET CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED 2 5X 1X6 IS SOURCE APT TO MAKE ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL AVAILABLE? IT Yes No MAY SOURCE'S NAME BE REVEALED TO GRAPHICS REGISTER, OCD, IF REQUIRED? ? Yes No DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL Armenian Knot - Near the junction of the Russian, Iranian and. Turkish borders Photos should show a mountain group with a complex pattern of ridge lines, hiSh rugged peaks (possibly snow capped), and narrow steep sided valleys. This should include Mount Ararat if possible. Photo B-4 - the village of Maku, near the Soviet-Iranian Border, showing extremely rough terrain and medium close view of bare rock mountain. Photo B-5 - plateau area in Iran near Soviet-Iranian-Turkish Border. Mountains in far background at Junction point. Photo K-8 - Mt. Ararat, taken from Iranian side. o )Photo K-9 - Mt. Ararat, showing the two peals referred to as "Major" and "Minor." Taken from Iranian side. Elburz Mountains - Northern Iran along. the Caspian Sea. Photos should show a range of mountains rising abruptly from either the Iranian plateau or the Caspian Coastal Lowland. They are characterized by narrow steep sided valleys, sharp ridges and high snow capped crests. This should include Mount Demavend if possible. Photo B-1 - Elburz Mountains showing main range (snow covered) in distance and bench range in front. Photo taken from roof top in Tehran. Photo K-1 - Elburz Mountains with Mount Demavend. Photo taken from Tehran. Photo B-6 - Elburz Mountains, Mt. Demavend in distance. Photo taken from lower mountain top in chain. 25X1A2g FOR HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY 00 CASE NO. DATE FORWARDED TO GR BY GMP 18233 .2 3 7~r -Jr GR CONTROL NO. 1 ~ ~ RETURN DEADLINE ( I F LOAN ) 7 J/5 V F S B S 1 I R GULATIONS FORM NO. 57-27 PREVIOUS EDITIONS NOT TO BE USED. FEB 1953 Ann P~cFi1+Pr~RMR1 G' Case 18233 224 CIRDP83-00423 R001900940002-6 20 May 1955 Central Plateau of Iran - Photo should show a large expanse of relatively level to rolling terrain. Preferably this should show a "Kavir" or salt waste. The photo may show either a level area or a "kavir" as long as it gives the impression of a large area of low relief. (Photo B-2 - Central Plateau east of Tehran Photo B-3 - Central Plateau just east of Tehran Karaj - Chalus Road - Central part of the Elburz M)untains in Northern Iran Photo K-2 --village in mountain canyon on road Photo K-3 - closeup of road and mountainous area Photo K-4.- distant shot of mountains and winding road Photo K-5 - distant shot of mountains and winding road Photo K-6 - distant shot of village in canyon along road Photo K-7 - medium distance shot of canyon in lower elevation mountains Dead Sea - Jordan-Israel Photo should be a view showing the Dead Sea and an escarpment on either side. A view across the Dead Sea showing either the Arabian Platform or the escarpment on the Israeli side would be acceptable oto S-2 and S-3 - Dead Sea with escarpment, , Taken near Sodom looking east. Ph t K o o -10 - Dead Sea, beach with escarpment in background Photo S-i - South end of Dead Sea. Sea just visible in upper right hand corner, looping northward. Photo S-4 - South end of Dead Sea area, showing road from Sodom to Tel Aviv Photo S-5 - Area just north of Dead Sea, taken in Jordan looking east x o Photo K-11 - Jordan River, 10 miles inland from Dead Sea I~-,~ rte at`F~ c~ 52~ -r' c~ a f) ' cU.&, Q`r ! \? --~-5~'~ c3 ) aC ~' ff67 F? At CIA -- lfd,7 S- 6 Ge dam, -5-16 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP83-00423 R001900940002-6