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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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May 17, 1955
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Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP83-00423R002000050002-2 CPYRGHT CLEVELAND N MAY 17. 5 PLAI DEALE lChinese Expert Hails U. S. TAIWAN 1955 LEE, WILLIAM W. (AKA WAN LEE). OFFICIAL USE ONLY CIA-P-62946 first half. this year, Monroe r ported, was $9,209,129.88, whi included $5,096,236.80 on tang - bles. On the tangible ledger, $80 618.48 was entered for deli quent payments, an incr $275,137, and $4,291,618.2 current deposits, a decrease Telepho~arch Herd' A higher standard of living and research were cited as the main differences between com- muniction advancement in the United States and Nationalist China by the head of Chiang Kai-shek's telephone and tele- graph system. William W. Lee, chief of traf- fic and commercial department of Chiang's ministry of commu- nications'yesterday lauded the ;American telephone and tele- graph industry. The praise came fter an inspection of the Ohio ell Telephone Co. facilities h n?a its country on a nine- tour of communications, nted to the great amount arch done as a reason for a's leadership in com- tions. Such research, he out, is fostered by a standard of living. also noted that while the industry here is free of govern- ,ment control, the communica- tions in his country are govern- ment-owned. "But," he hastened to add, "it would beim impossible now to have Ala D+e~ QK(Xie threat 25X1A9a munication advancement in hi own country. Now, we have a stable econo my, he said, 4nd it is reflecte in the 50,000 phones in us among the 9,000,000 persons li ing on Formosa, the island hea quarters of the Nationalists. Comparing the type of equi ment ? in use, Lee said it wa much the same as in this cou try. Most of the telephones'andl accessories are made in Japan where United States experts act as advisers, he said. Leery who has been associated with Chinese government com- munications for 25 years, is in this country under the auspices of the Federal Communications Commission. Prior to coing to Cleveland, he surveyed telephone facilities in southern Ohio and telegraph op- erations in New York. He will return to New York and later go to Stanford University for a course in communications. $2,245,376.41 Approve Approved For Release 1999/09T ? - 042R00200vOOR TED *r!`arT t~IT~2~e a 199 ~'Db83~00423R002000050002R2 T ROUTING AND CONTROL RECORD D.0 NOT DETACH FROM 'ON LOAN' DOCUMENTS 2 June 1955 DATE TO: CIA. Library ATTN: BUILDING ROOM NO. TITLE Newspaper clipping REMARKS 25X1A2g Attached to RETAIN II ON LOAN DOCUMENT(S) MUST BE RETURNED TO DOCUMENT(S) CONTACT DIVISION/00 FOR RETENSION BY (DEADLINE) 25X1A9a BY ADDRESSEE FROM. CONTACT DIVISION/ 00 'AR Alp ntifi BUILDING Quarters Eye ROOM NO. 1926 2491