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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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March 1, 1955
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Approved For Release 1.x999/09/24: CIA-RDP83-00423RO020001 J04-2 %Of SEE BOTTOM OF PAG ADDITIONAL SPECIAL CONTROLS, IF ANY C-O-N-F-I-D- P-A: L aterial contains information affecting the INFORMATJOUN REPORT Nation se of the United States within the 1. U a ,+ PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY COUNTRY Netherlands 25X1A6a Secs. 793 and 794, the scion or revelation of which in any manner to an jorized per- son Is n=l~ibjte~lasflaw. xx II//~~ REPORT 2. Philips Co Eindhoven was at the Fair in full glory. They had an attractive good-sized display of electrical and electronic products which actraated considerable attention. This is to be expected since Philips is the company in the field. There were two new items on display at the Philips exhibit, which were so marked and, which had elements of interest for you. First, a new Electronic Computer 25X1X based on the old Philips design but larger, faster and reportedly more efficient. Second, a phonograph in which the entire: amplifier is built into the pick-up arm. The amplifier appeared to be a four transistor cir;auit, one of the transistors being a power transistor. The amplifier works on a small battery. Amplification is fair. Perhaps the amplification is good enough for small sets for personal use. It is not good enough for a large room or for commercial use. Output seems to be low and there is increasing distortion with volume 25X1X6 increase. this circuit is unknown in the US. However its construction into the pick-up arm is perhaps novel. Thus 25X1 X6 far, no information whether Philips is seriously considering entering the coin-operated phonograph field. 25X1 X6 They do have their fingers in many pies and are big in Germany (Federal Republic). they control Telefunken and Braun Radio. signalling uses. it is applicable to a musical system directly but, with modifications, it may ham some indirect uses. The other item is a remote control device which controls the operation the same trunk simply eing rf it into any electr?calroupart of the room tlet which is or line as s the 10 equipinent to be controlled. There are no direct connections between 25X1 A2 `'- ? f:hi. ari;ivFL+nr and the eaui-oment. This may not be new either. 3. In addition, there were a number of smaller manufacturers of electronic equipment at the Fair. Two of these had new devices which they said they would come to see me about in my office. One of them has developed a wireless signalling device with the receiver of pocket size, Mallory Cell activated, which could be useful for hospitals to call doctors,` 25X1X6 and nurses, for cueing actors on the stage, and a variety of other - end - STATE Mar 55 s d within State and Defense, to the intelligence components, other LIMITED: aI D~li~OTl ~' C n N -VA R0QQQ.1 ni~ted to consultants, external projects offices producing NIS elements, an :g er ec a it s o or reserve personnel on short term ac (excepting individuals who are normally full-time employees of CIA. AEC, FBI. State or Defense) unless the written permission riginating office has been obtained through the Assistant Director for Collection and Dissemination, CIA, NOFORN NO DIS OAD