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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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June 1, 1955
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Approved For Rele s 1999/09/24 RDP83-00423R002QQ0120005-1 F- _,5-/0S"0 SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL SPECIAL CONTROLS, IF ANY INFORMATION REPORT rial contains information affecting the National of the United States within the meaning of the s Laws, Title 18, U. S. C. PREPARED AND DISSEMINATED BY Secs. 793 and 794, the tra 'on or revelation of which In any manner to an un ed per- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY son Is prohibited by law. 25X1A2g COUNTRY France REPORT SUBJECT `h I TED A/ ' Societe Technique d Appareillageo., NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. Electriqu L5X1 Aga One SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT # 25X1X9 DATE OF INFORMATION (Date or dates, on or between which, events or conditions described in report existed) Mar 55 1. In March 1955 I visited the S T.A R E L ociete Technique d'Appareillage Radio-E.1 ectriqu 7 at 110 Boulevard Saint Denis,.Courbevoie (Seine) France. Mr (fnu) Louse is General Manager and is 43 years old. The Commercial Director equivalent to Sales Manager) is Louis Loiseau. He is 51 years old and lives at 125 rue Michel--Ange, Paris. 2. The company is considered to be middle-sized. They employ five hundred persons and are engaged in the manufacture of variable condensers, reduction units and printed. dials. They sell in France land export to Italy, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Argentina such items as three-speed variable condensers for record players and radio reduction units. They import several items, mainly, (wever, piezo- electric cells. The sources of imports are Germany the Netherlands. S T A R E now is in the process of trying to develop itself as an exporter of three-speed record players assembled in France and is seeking also to establish itself as an importer of electronic measuring instruments. The plant today is modern and of fairly important value. 3. The firm was founded originally in the early thirties as a partnership under the name of Raoult Freres. It was reorganized from a partnership to a corporation in 1935 and assumed its present name. Today, S T A R E has activities beyond the electronic field. It owns a subsidiary which specializes in printing on glass, a technique known in France as "Novel". 4. The capital of the company first amounted to one hundred thousand: francs. It was later increased to one million francs. In December 1946, it was raised to three million; in November 1949 to 5.2:million; in December 1951 to seven million; and on 7 Sep 53 to 40 million francs through incorporation of reserve funds. The capital is divided into one thousand shares of 40 thousand francs each. 5. Before the war the firriz.'s funds were sometimes limited. The situation improved considerably during the war when the firm had rather good activity. Volume of business has been maintained and the present volume of the firm is considered quite satisfactory. They have Sufficient means to meet obligations promptly (medium range) and the officers of the company are in good standing in the business community. S T A R' E banks at Banque fcalbert, 40 rue de Clichy, Paris, France. ._ ., 25X1A E INFO-tfr-g I end 13 f- 3q- 21 .. I r DIS IBUTION STATE ARMY NAVY AIR FBI NOFORN NO DISSEM A LIMITED: DissemingLion? ,l.imit~eedr~~It fuI1-t/~-jme' Qemployees poff CIIA. AAEC an+dFBI- ann withiin~tState annpd Defense, tto tthhe intelligence components. other offices producing N1SYidfffcTl' ,~t}r~l~c,~hnigao~is ttlr'Krt i^4fdr~dl J tr P P. f 4 RP99909e: Qg-%1onsuitants, external projects or reserve personnel on short term active duty (excepting individuals who are norma full-time employees of CIA, AEC, FBI, State or Defense) unless the written permission of the originating office has been obtained through the Ass nt Director for Collection and Dissemination, CIA, g