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December 23, 2016
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June 11, 2013
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June 10, 1964
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030008-0 UNITED STA"TES GOVERNMENT bs'~`kO~iLE~Go I ~iL Memorandum To Chief, FBIS exoM Chief, Panama Bureau sua~ECT: Monthly Progress Report - May 1964 un7?e: 10 June 1964 idith Headquarters approval, a contract for modifications to the operations building was signed. Details were sub- mitted to Headquarters. II. OPERATIONS A. Monitorial 50X1 J~who had resigned. Monitor Trainee 50X1 ~~ made excellent progress. 50X1 (Iowa State BA in political science 50X1 reported for duty to replace monitor 2, To insure rapid coverage, Panama Bureau assumed responsibility for important speeches carried during hours West Coast Bureau is not staffed even when such speeches occur in axeas of primary l~7CB responsibility. teletypist for seven years with a 50X1 local telegraph office re orted for duty to replace teletype operator~~ who had resigned. 50X1 was designated Bureau Cruisin Officer. 50X1 50X1 1. Classified Personnel Report 2, Foreign Personnel Report 3. Operations Attachment 4. Technical Attachment r3. `'~'~~`pI.~..'.?R.2.., h1 ~~vagaarnB eaC F I'r~nla E?OaEF?ta ~. ~ -?-OeClassilimn~~ :I Net publishable wordage wirefiled to Headquarters during May by country of origin: Panama 68,200 Peru 37,080 Colombia 23,760 Argentina 17,320 Venezuela 17,990 Bolivia 15,470 Costa Rica 11,880 Chile 8,590 Ecuador 7,860 Brazil 6,580 Honduras 5,520 Nicaragua 1,540 Uruguay 1,230 E1 Salvador 1,040 Paraguay 830 Guatemala 60 - ,. ?.~' ~ 1, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030008-0 I. Reception: Strong atmospherics reduced overall reception below that of April. A. A teletype patch panel was constructed and installed. It provides for the word counter, line meters, and intercom system. B. Two model 28 printers were sent to the Army shop for a modification to the automatic linefeed on the carriage- return. " C. Excess teletype equipment and parts were transferred to the Army. D.. Antenna protects based on possible year-end funds were proposed to Headquarters. E. Monitoring booth partitions were designed and are being built by the Army. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030008-0