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December 23, 2016
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June 11, 2013
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May 7, 1964
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n r. i .UNITED STA'T'ES GOVERNMENT ~~`{ 11~emorandum A. Estimates and details on building modifications were submitted to Headquarters. B. The unique plight of two staff employees who receive less in allowances yet have higher expenses than any Organization employee in the area was the subject of correspondence with Headquarters. The problem re- mains unresolved. C. Four different systems of administrative support were examined; Embassy support proved the only feasible one and steps were taken to initiate the new system at the start of Fiscal '65. OPERATIONS A. Monitorial repor s or u y early in May. 1. The Bureau agreed to help process lengthy Cuban items. East Coast Bureau advises when assistance is desired. B. Editorial 2. A series of Style Memorandums vaas inaugurated to help standardize style and translations. 3. USSOCOM and USARSO voluntarily withdrew their~in- formal request for a daily Latin American roundup. 1. L teral consumers showed extensive interest in the publication giving information on Panamarlan stations. Nb~~~IBYIk~ 6 ~~'~ 6A0UP 1 FiclUded kan automatic downgratling and tleclesalfication Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 ~: CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 V Viola GY YiY Y..o. u?~~ ~ 2. The Bureau was requested to alert'USSOCOM of current developments through the new Current Indications and Intelligence Center (CITC) rather than through J-2. A Standards of performance for cruising monitors, and regular career development interviews for local personnel, were established (see attachments). 1. Classified Personnel Report 2. Foreign Personnel Report 3. Operations Attachment 4. Technical Attachment 5. Panama Bureau Regulations. l8 & lg ~8d~~~~~~~ B ~T%~. GROUP 1 fikblatletl from autamaUc .;~; :powngraeing and tlaclaultleatlan Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83--005868000300030009-9 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 .r PANAMA BUREAU - Operations Attachment - April 1864 April: Panama 47;150 Peru 45,680 Brazil 30,240 Argentina 23,360 Colombia 16,590 Costa Rica 14,180 Venezuela 13,380 Bolivia 7,850 Ecuador 5,770 Uruguay 3,70 Nicaragua 3, 20 Honduras 3 350 Chile 2,170 Paraguay 1,160 El Salvador 1,100 Guatemala 80 Total 217,310 II. The Bureau operated special shifts to cover Brazilian developments during the overthrow of President Goulart. III. With Panama's resumption of diplomatic relations with the United States, the Bureau discontinued Sunday operations. IV. Coverage of Lima AFP and Buenos Aires ANSA, was coordinated with West Coast Bureau, vaith Panama covering to 2300 GMT weekdays and up to 1930 GMT on Saturdays. WCB covers the remaining hours. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 PANAMA BUREAU - Technical Attachment - April 1864 I. Reception: There was some improvement after troches were bulldozed around antenna terminals. II. Projects: A. A daily log for Radio Control operations was ini- tiated. B. The special cruising project on Latin American stations continued in progress. C. The parking area black top surface was repaired. III. Outages: A. Power: 1 hr. 15 min. x. B. Teletype: Send circuit--3 hr. 30 min. Receive circuit--28 hr. 30 min. Difficulties in'"Relay. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 v ,~~ ~ t~Fd>~a~,~T~i~ ~~~ Car-eer Dove].o~nen~ Tnt~e~rAe~s O~.ce ewah ro32c mon~ha the CPs~e~, &3~~o~3at $eCti9.a3n, e~ hfa c3e7.ega~Q, a4ad the Ch~.Gf, %~~3~e?~Rng secs:~or~, reaie~: . wf8h eweh mos33.~tax~ o~ canaS.~?,~ mcu-~irto,n/4cee~nS.o~teaa 9.A ~~e 3at3$S?,~i h~.s ~t-~'f o~ta?~e? ~.zt 2x3as p~e~e3st (~sade arty $Yte a~^&~s f~.kil'L-' '~!epY't14giG~k2~ S.s SeC.`gQSt38~g hLf'cs~p p~fl~~fe%1 $CS the-' ue~ h~ghe~ padre csxx 'De cona~dee mesh po9~t4: s'e~ ~'os~'~h f4~ ~~ tau gra~ee An the ~'~raadsle~s oP P. eriQxrs~aa~ee x e~~xL~a`cSa~ Y~ ~v~e~ ca3.~h each pe:~:~ttone `L`he ?b~ee~Srre 9.t3 ~o e~.ear].~ ~e~,iu~ea~e &Y'~E13 og B~aaoq~;h ataQ >~aIcxxess, ~.xx ?k'C~0?' $ca heap r~aAogroes grn~pa~e Eat aolrv~,t~ee~ mE"ei7'e o rte ~ees~e$s'~ s~mf~acls the ~t~o see~Yon eE~4a~:~ rr~.eas ~t~ch i.~te~rkeMS a7f?a @uea ~bhE `ufbF3 tR3~.@~.'8 S1b1Jla~~. a ~.('~ k'@~DQeS: Q12 'G21E fTaS;EB=V`i.~?k*3 Sn 1~9.YS.~ig f,0 te~ie tau Chi~S ~?~ Yne~tus~~.ora Sxs ptsr?ao~ateR ?9.las e Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 f _~.: i Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 b?IQ181~}~3A. ~RF~t~i REC~L+Ark'~QR3 '].$ 3b ~~ ?~ da of ~e~,_, rfo~mance C~uAsS.n~ T~en~.tos~/'~ecY~n2csS.~, 'fYtis x~egula$Yan dsser3.bes. e~?iab 3.s es~ec$e@ Psrom c~ais2ng mor~~.4;o~/~eehn3.efans aic va>~.tovs g~a@a .aevels. h~o?ma1~.~ L-P~r~:e 1AOF2'ChE e].ay~se bsfore m maxaY$or 3s consY@e~e@ fog pzroao$Yon from ?~3m6 ~o &~-`~, s~-@ one yeas bes6rreen bra@ea iv~t~*7, 8, mod, 9. ~liez~ may be ascca$$Yons vrhe~, because of a ca~u3.sYng mon4,bo~0~s ab3lYtcy, $he pe-~?Yo@ Ys shorbor. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 r ~. ~+ ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/11 :CIA-RDP83-005868000300030009-9 W F~3-~8 Q~ov.~reegnaan Cz?uAsing P~o~ai~ar~~erEu~icien) Ab413~ cn q~ init5.a~ive speedi3~ ~S s~snge c~~~8ge eak' e~ikiea'~. mess ~~AL+g ~~geney sifua~iona ?1Eei~ as cc~:a~s, civi3 un2.~s~o Abi3b~~ ~n etan 3nA~islyive 'c?t ais,9.n~stn cvza~e.~a.~ Y~crtn~dcss4:~ schemes fA~ taa;?irtg ~n.c~:su e~utigtmen~o l~smilis~i~y e?S~ x?a~i? st;a~leans and ~~eas trests~?ss.c.- in T~$in ~rR$s F~IY4~ >~l~h ~iax'e8uas rece~icn ~~t;eaa4;ir~ in al.~.:3e$seanso ~?9 (ssrni?s~ (~isirig I~cD~nik~~/1'eeYu11e2an~ FmeA~e~sra].~ra c~e~taans~s~aa~efl by' giEfdS,xag~ checkinge axxct fs~a.Yri.? ing ?~hers in tho aec~icno AblI11~~ fc? cax~ganiz? elate su~aeavise cgaa.:s?.~g ~~~~~se ' 4Tie1a~!'i.~y Lffi$kt ii8~.liy~a~e$zgD. tyecPq}nS.ce3y:. e~u4rP~menf-p in4?~u&? 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