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January 11, 1963
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, 4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Assistant Director for Operations 11 :Iptlaprf Chief, FBID FBID Progress Report for December 1964 GENERAL 1. Mediterranean Bureau Situation: Five Russian and two Arab monitors returned to Cyprus during December from the London and Austrian Bureaus, raising the Mediterranean Bureau monitorial staff to thirteen, including Chief Monitor One more Arab monitor is scheduled to return 50X1 under present plans for partial reconstitution of the bureau. The Mediterranean Bureau complement now comprises 9 Americans* 13 foreign nationals, and 24 local nonprofessional employees. There are 32 American and foreign national dependents on the island. To provide for expanded monitoring, four monitoring positions were reactivated with equipment on hand and three more were scheduled for reactivation with equipment components being shipped from other FBIS bureaus. With reconstitution of the bureau under way, 18 lift vans of household effects of foreign nationals packed for shipment to Genoa were held in storage at the The long-suspended the American Embassy on personnel on the island hard line of the Cyprus seemed to be moderating official FBIS equipment household effects. The negotiations between the Government of Cyprus and the future status of American and foreign national were reopened in December. The initial, unacceptable Government regarding all but diplomatic personnel toward the end of the month to permit free entry of and supplies and duty-free first entry of employees' loss of various other privileges, including duty- free entry of private vehicles, appeared to be inevitable, however. 2. Saigo ?S tuation: The instability of the South Vietnamese Government, the General K U. . Sc ism, the threat of stepped-up Buddhist opposition to the [bong Co rnment, and increased Viet Cong terrorist activities in Saigon are creating increasing concern over the South Vietnamese situation. Despite greater caution in congregating, additional checks of personnel entering buildings, and numerous security shakedowns of buildings and vehicles, the problem of providing protection for all U.S. personnel and installations remained acute, as exemplified by the disastrous bombing of the well-protected Brink Hotel BOO on Christmas Eve. It is felt that there may have to be a reevaluation of the policy on American dependents in Saigon if the Viet Cong continues to be able to carry out its announced intentions, as heard in broadcasts monitored by the Saigon Bureau, of killing Americans. The bureau chief reports that FBIS morale remains high. - 1ena i . maue:.: :7: - yt?atiz d=7-r'In7 d ett--: li i ? , Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 50X1 SECRET - - - - - - Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 WinWin. I SUBJECT: FBID Progress Report for December 1964 3. West Coast Floods: Severe flooding in the Santa Rosa area seriously threatened West doast Bureau operations just before Christciasf. By 22 December the last access road to the bureau was 10 feet undeijwater. Plans were made for other bureaus to assume the West Coast Bureau coverage, but this became unnecessary when the Army assigned two "ducks" and two trucks to switch personnel at the station and deliver food supplies. By 26 December the flood waters had receded enough to allow normal road access to the bureau. 4. Latin American Coverage Switch: The West Coast Bureau's need to make personnel eicOusteents in line with the recent reduction in bureau positions resulted in significant Latin American coverage switches in early December. Two West Coast Bureau English monitors became editors* necessitating the assignment of Spanish monitors to high-priority Far East English coverage. To cover the resulting Spanish-language gaps, the Panama Bureau assumed immediate responsibility for voice and press coverage of Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. Panama was authorized to recruit two Panamanian monitors to meet this commitment, the positions coming from an unfilled Kurdish slot at the Mediterranean Bureau and an unfilled Spanish/Portuguese slot at the African Bureau. The West Coast Bureau retained voice and press coverage of Brazil, coverage of Moscow in Spanish, and coverage of Peking in Spanish and Portuguese. The East Coast Bureau will assume coverage of Lima AFP on Sunday only to relieve the Panama Bureau of the need to maintain uneconomic and unproductive Sunday operations. S. 'Operations Review: The "Operations Research" team which had been doing a preliminary study of FBIS operations to determine possibilities for revamping monitoring techniques, communications, editorial processes, and reproduction and dissemination procedures issued its report in early December. The team concluded that "modern computer and printing composition technology can be applied to FBIS Headquarters processing and a technically feasible system designed." Further study was recommended to determine possible systems, their benefits, and cost through a joint effort of the Office of Computer Services, FBIS, the Office of Communications, and the Printing Services Division. It was noted that such a study by a three-man team would require three months. 6. World Reaction Report: In response to a request from the Director, a report of world reaction to President Johnson's 18 December announcement concerning the Panama Canal was published on 22 December. 5. Special Requests: Exemplary action by PBXS field bureaus permitted the Wire Service to carry extensive significant comment on President Johnson's 3 December speech at Georgetwon University before S p.m. Washington time the same day as had-beenflioquested by the DD/I. The following day the "Pink Sheet" was devoted exclusively to reaction to the President's speech. The Havana version of Che Guevara's 11 December - 2 - SctirICT . Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RbP83-00586R000300250001-3 SUBJECTi MID Progress Report for December 1964 speech before the u,n. General Assembly was filed directly to the OCI Watch Office without Headquarters editing to meet the needs of the Director and the Department of State. Other activity included a request from the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for initial comment by the clandestine Voice of Liberation on the bombing of the U.S.-occupied Hotel Brink in Saigon; a Pentagon request for urgent confirmation that unusual ,material coming over the Moscow-Washington "Hot Line" had been originated by TASS; and an FBI request for confirmation that Robert Williams had been heard on the North Vietnam rad&?..1j The Department of State requested tape recordings of a speech by Che Guevara in Santiago on SO November and the DDP requested a recording of a sample program of Peking's new Mongolian service. Requests from the Department of State, CIA and USIA for a fix on the location of the communist clandestine trahspitter "Voice of the People of Thailand" wore satisfied with bearings taken some time ago placing the transmitter within SO miles of Hanoi, An Office of flint (OBL) representative visited FBIS to restate OEL requirements covering communist world stations, equipment, frequencies* schedules, and communication facilities pertaining to VHF/UHF transmitters. A special run of relevant portions of ?BIS IBM files is-being arranged withODCR. 8. RPB_Snppqrt Services: Support services provided by the Radio Propaganda Branch inCluded a record of the activities of U.S. expatriate Robert Williams in Communist Chinn as treated in Havana media* for USIA; a chock on Havana references to Cubanyresident Dorticos, for DOP; exemplification of the Chinese Communist propaganda position on the impossibility-6f disarmament while capitalism exists, for the State Department; information on communist propaganda treatment of Congolese developments, for the State Department and OCI; and background of the SOtiet and Chinese Communist positions on a world party conference preparatory mooting, for OCI. An article in the FBIS Survey on the issue of a Vietnam political settlement elicited special interest and a request for copies of the article from the National Security Council. RPB's research .and reference files were made available to researchers from DD/S8T concerned with Soviet statements on space flights; from USIA concerned with Korean War Materials; and from OCI concerned with Soviet statements on German problems. 9. Use of FBIS Materials: During December 19 percent of the items y appearing in the OC1 Digest were based wholly or in part on material supplied by MIS. A survey of Far East analysts showed that the Chinese Jyet regional press reviews supplied by the Okinawa Bureau were put to good use but were required only on a weekly rather than a daily basis. DDP, DDI, ile and State Department consumers all replied affirmatively when asked whether - 3 - Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 ' Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 SEUZT SUBJECT: FBID Progress Report for December 1964 texts of Hair speeches were required even at the expense temporarily of other Arab World coverage. ID. Lateral Services: At the request of the OD?, bureaus addressed all filed comment on the New Delhi conference on Laos to the U.S. spokesman at this conference, Ambassador Bonsai.. The Saigon Bureau began sending the U.S. 2d Air Division all information on downed USAF aircraft or 'missing Air Force personnel in the Southeast Asia theater of operations. 11. New Subscribers: Now subscribers to the Daily Report White Book included Senator Jacob Javits and the Chief of the DD/I Research Staff, 50X1 12. Radio Propaganda. Reports: Report No. 19 in the Cuba series, "Havana's Propaganda Treatment of British Guiana," reviewed the Castro regime's attitude toward Choddi Jagan and his political opponents over the past two years in anticipation of the 7 December British Guiana elections. ,RS.74, "The Deterioration of Relations Between the Soviet and Japanese Communist Parties,." reconstructed the course of the propaganda exchanges* meetings, and correspondence between the CPSU and the pro- Peking Japanese communists from February 1963 until December 1964, when the rift culminated in the formation of a splinter pro-Soviet wing of the Japanese party. 13. Daily Report Supplements: Materials from the seventh SED Central Committee plenum were compiled in a 65-page Daily Report supplement published 9 December. Two supplements published 14 and 17 December and totaling 141 pages dealt with reports delivered at the eighth congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia. 14. ConFo Coverage: Following the resumption of control of Stanleyville radio by the Congolese Central Government, F1315 on 7 December lifted the requirement, in concurrence with the Department of State, for special Stanleyville coverage. The BBC withdrew its temporary monitor from Nairobi and dropped Congo coverage to normal level on 11 December, IS, Broadcasting Developments: Radio Peking inaugurated on 1 December twenty-one hours weekly of broadcasts in Mongolian and on 18 December two half-hour broadcasts weekly in Esperanto. Both these languages are new to Peking's International Service. The Tokyo Bureau is covering the Mongolian. Radio Moscow began broadcasting twice weekly in Quechua, a South American Indian language, to Bolivia, Ecuador. and Peru. PBIS has no capability for monitoring this language, but consideration is being given to requesting some sample program translations through Capt. Guillermo "SECRET Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-R?DP83-00586R000300250001-3 SEM SUBJECT: FBID Progress Report for December 1964 de las Cases* the Director of Peruvian Naval-Intelligence, who was thoroughly -briefed in FBIS Headquarters and at the East Coast Bureau in November. A new clandestine transmission in the Persian language was intercepted at the end of December. Called "Voice of the Iranian Nation," it apparently is a resumption of the "Free Voice of Iran*" the Cairo-based transmission that broadcast from February 1962 until April 1964. This new entisShah program uses the same announcers as did the "Free Voice of Iran." The London Bureau is covering. Since 1 Decemberuno transmissions of the Indonesia-based clandestine ."Kalimantan Utara" have been heard. However, there was some evidence at year's end that this anti-Malaysian broadcaster may have changed its name. A MW,clandestine station tailing itself Radio Radjawali ("Tho Eagle"), broadcasting a program similar to that of Kalimantan Mara* was intercepted on a nearby frequency. It is being covered by the Okinawa Bureau. 16. Briefings and Visits: The DAD/0 and the Chief and Deputy Chief of 'MIS met with U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Henry Labouisse. and Messrs, Thomas Hector and James Spain of the Department of State on 17 December to discuss the Cyprus situation and the possibilities of sending an FBIS reception survey team to Greece to select Mediterranean Bureau relocation sites if necessary. The Ambassador expressed willingness to explore the question with the Greek Government when required, but said that he needed to know What the overall proposal for possible moves of U.S. Government installatiomfrom Cyprus to Greece might be. Visitors to FBIS installations included the Director of the Voice of America. Mr. Henry Loomis, and the chief of the USIA Miami office, Mr. Charles Manley, to Key West Bureau. During this visit, Mr. Loomis cited the FBIS Wire Service as the "most important single source of information available to VOA." The Bureau also briefed a number of U.S. Navy officers from Key West and from the Sixth Naval District headquarters at Charleston, South Carolina. The Panama Bureau was visited by a number of intelligence officers from U.S. Southern Command components and by the Director of the Panama Canal Company Internal Security Office, Mr. Robert Walker; the chief of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy, Mr. Henry Taylor; and USIS Chief, Mr. Carl Davis. Mr. Charles Venable of the National indications Center and Mr. Henry Jarvis, program director for Radio Liberty in Taipeitvisited the Okinawa Bureau. The African Bureau was visited by Mr. Eric Young, first secretary of the British High Commission Office in Kaduna, and Mr. Eliot Watrous, heed of the BBC's African Service. Mr. Watrous expressed appreciation for the bureau's support. Mr. John Day, Political Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, visited the Mediterranean Bureau. SECE7 , Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 OictifiL I SUBJSCT: FOID Progress Report for December 1964 FACILITIES 17. Pacific Communications Difficulties: Serious outages in Far East- Washington communications continued with no remedial action in sight other than the leasing of a DCA Telpak duplex cable between Tokyo and Washington. Although such a cable would also be vulnerable to preemption, it would materially improve FBIS Pacific communications. Presently no Telpak channels are available, but DCA plans to lease another Telpak if enough user commitments are obtained. 18* Atlantic Communications: A series of planned communications improvements alecting European bureaus have been delayed by failure to Secure conversion of the London-Washington "B" circuit to 100 wpm. DCA reported that British communications authorities ware blocking conversion of the circuit and the problem was referred to the London Bureau for investigation. 19. Seim Communications Delays: There was some improvement in Saigon commnnications compared' with the abysmal conditions which have been prevalent for some time. Communications aro still very poor, however. The Department of State is being consulted on the possibility of its sharing the Cost of leasing a DCS Telpak cable channel to Washington utilizing the new Saigon-Manila-Guam cable link. 20. Key West Construction: Planning of the new Key West Bureau operations building has been completed. The construction contract is expected to be awarded by the Navy in late January. 21. Relay Equipment Removal: A microwave tower, formerly used as a relay point by the Office of Communications, and the chain link fence surrounding it, were removed from East Coast Bureau premises. ADMINISTRATION 22. Personnel: In December one employee entered on duty, one employee transferred out of FBIS, and three employees were separated. Tho on duty strength as of 31 December we. Six professionals and five clericals 50X1 were in process during the no 23. payments to Cyprus Evacuees: Per diem payments not to exceed housing costs for personnel and their dependents evacuated from Cyprus were extended until 1 July 1965. 24. Non-Staff Table of Organization: The le of Organization was increased by one postilion, from effective 23 December 1964. This increase brings the T/0 n 1 no with the coiling established in April 1964. Revised Non-Staff Table of Organizations wore sent to all overseas field bureaus. Attachments 6 'WILLI Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 1 50X1 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 0 0 2. Personnel Entering ou Duty Name, Title, Grade Assignment East Coast Bureau Tbleg Typwr Opr, GS-5 3. era:motions Old Title, Grade Name Assignment Chauffeur, CS-4 West Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdest), GS-7 East Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst), Gs.g Okinawa Bureau Info Sp(For fittest), GS-7 Editorial Branch Info Sp(For Bdcst), GS-9 London Bureau Cruising Monitor, GS-10 Okinawa Bureau Brdest Mon(Mono), 65-9 East Coast Bureau Teleg Typwr Opr? GS-4 West Coast Bureau New Title, Grade Assignment Chauffeur, GS-5 West Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst), CS-B East Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst), 65-10 Okinawa Bureau Info Sp(For Bdest), 65-8 Editorial Branch Info Sp(For Bdcst), GS-10 London Bureau Cruising Monitor, GS-11 Okinawa Bureau littlest Mon(Multi), GS-10 East Coast Bureau Tbleg Typwr Opr, GS-5 West Coast Bureau Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Date 13 December 1964 50X1 Date 22 November 1964 50X1 6 December 1964 20 December 1964 6 December 1964 20 December 1964 4 December 1964 20 December 1964 22 November 1964 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 11 1) 4, Reassignaents 14.tae Old Title, Grade Assignment Mn Officer, GS-11 Mediterranean Bureau Adm Officer, GS-11 London Bureau Brdcst Mon(Mono), GS-8 West Coast Bureau Brdcst Mon(Mono)? West Coast Bureau Now Title, Grade Assignment Budget Officer, GS-11 Administrative Staff Adm Officer, CS-11 Administrative Staff Info Sp(For &lest), GS-8 West Coast Bureau GS-7 Infoirdp(For Bdcst), GS-7 West Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst), 65.9 Editorial Branch Info Of(Chief), 65-3A Saigon Bureau Electron Spec, GS-11 West Coast Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst)(DC), GS.,13 East Coast Bureau Clerk, 65-6 Okinawa Bureau Clerk Typist, 65-4 Editorial Branch Brdcst Non (Mono), GS-8 Nest Coast Bureau In!. Sp(For Bdcst), 65.9 Mediterranean Bureau Info Of(Dep Chief), 65-14 London Bureau Electron Spec, GS-11 Key Nest Bureau Info Sp(For Bdcst) (DC), GS-13 Panama Bureau Adm Assistant, 65-6 Administrative Staff Clerk Typist, GS-4 Radio Propaganda Branch Info Sp(For Bdcst), GS-8 Editorial Branch Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 Date 3 December 1964 50X1 6 DeceNber 1964 10 December 1964 10 December 1964 20 December 1964 6 December 1964 6 December 1964 6 December 1964 21 December 1964 16 December 1964 6 December 1964 ' 4 r Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 0 Reassignments (Continued) S. Tref Mame 6? Separations Name Electron Eng(Radio)? GS-12 Info Sp(For Bdcst)(DC), GS-I2 21 December 1964 50X1 Vest Coast Bureau Field Operations Staff Title, Grade, Assignment Teleg Typwr Opt, GS-5 East Coast Bureau Rcee g Component OCR Date 20 December 1954 50X1 Title, Grade, Assignment Date Secretary (Steno), GS-6 18 December 1964 50X1 Editorial Branch Info Sp(For West), GS-11 21 December 1964 West Coast Bureau Electron Spec, GS-11 (Retired) 30 December 1964 East Coast Bureau 7, 00 Career Service Program r? mployoes have been accepted for Career Staff Membership. flit I Declassified in Part: Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 50X1 Declassified in B. Part - Sanitized Copy Approved Poreip Travel for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 , Name Destination Duration FBID Key Nest and Panama Bureaus 27 November - 8 December 1964 50X1 FBID Mediterranean Bureau and Tel Aviv. 2 December 1964 . Nay 1965 Israel to 0 ? 9. Average T/0 Grade: 9.906 Average On Duty Grade: 9.7 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 ?AC% Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/-07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 b.. 1. Daily Average of Field Bureau Production December 1964 ECONOMIC WORDAGE WORDAGE ABSTRACTS FIELD BUREAU MINITORED FILED DISSEMINATED** (No. Items) Voice Press Africa 22.5 9,100 6,520 0 Austria 17.5 20,610* 16,300* 20 East Coast 23.2 233.0 14,066 8,198 0 Getman 16.3 23,360**** 22.442**** 2 Hokkaido 18.0 6.880 6,514 65. Key West ? P.O 5.177 30029 0 London 21.9 29.0 4,773 4,035 0 Mediterranean 2615+ 5,90044 4,620 5 Okinawa 65.5 65.9 30.900 20,254 26 Panama 24.6 18.2 9,502 6.680 0 Saigon 26.0 14.5 7,900* 70344* 0 Tokyo 39.3 7,900 6,620 0 West Coast 44.1 27.4 21,380 17,974 4 Total RAS 354.4 388.0 167,538 130,530 122 BBC: Caversham 146.2 133.5 70,133 62,261 40 Nairobi 10.0 4,396 3,540 0 Stockholm/Teheran 11.0 *** *** Total BBC nTrig. TO" 167.1 TSIN 650881 Grand TOTAL (FBIS-BBC) 521.6 521.5 Z42067 196,231 162 A daily average of 126,172 words were filed to BBC. Includes Press Scrutiny. Includes DAILY REPORT., Wire Service, and miscellaneous publications. Included in Caversham file. Includes 4,200 words for "Weekly Report on East German Press". Includes 8 hours Voice covered at temporary Post. Includes 2,260 words filed at temporary Post. -- EV* 1 W1E1 inm vturnM IIINFIEWNTEM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-Rt.r83-00586R000300250001-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 0 DAILY REPORT BOOK DAILY flYGRD WOS1OE FOR DECEMBER 1964 WAGE TOTAL West Europe and Middle East 574,520 26,115 (22 publication days) Latin America 261,820 11,901 (22 publication days) USSWER 996,930 45,315 (22 publication days) For East 824,660 37,485 (22 publication days) World Reaction Report 5,300 moo (1 issue) TOTAL WOMAGE ALL SECTIONS: 2,65T,950 TOTAL DAILY AVERAGE; 120,816 TOTAL WIRE SERVICE WORDAGE: 629,342 WIRE'SENTICE DAILY AVEPAGE: 20,301 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 SECRET . Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/6.7 : olk-RDPA3-00586R000300250001-3 SPEC IAL REQUIREMENTS CONTROL ? CONTROL NO. REOUEST I NG OFF ICE DATE RECEIVED ACT ION DESK DESCRIPTION DATE COMPLETED u4 /stamina., 4.na REMARKS 8.23544 est 1 Dec Loam Original Unita on Mars Probe 2 Dec Materia forwarded 8e,256-C4 State/Mdt 2 Dec Maur Speech by Oita of Nall 4 One Negative response _ 1457144 ODI 3 Dec Field Routine to Presider:Vs Ceorgatout speech Sete Entire "Pink Sheet" devoted. it f08-04 State 3 Dec lord Che Coevers speech 4 Dec Supplied avid forwarded R.249.64 00P/CO 4 012c 1$13 CPA treasmitter count 4 Dec Estimateforwarde4 1L.240.64 State 4 lksc Oki 8 Ayub,glan speeds 7 Dec Delivered to State R.241?64 07n le Nov LER .CIA 'analysts 4 Dec Briefed, taken on tidqn. tour by Chief, LER . 0.242-64 OTR 10 Vow Field Several topes of Laroigu language Drouilecists ... First tapes forwarded for traitieg parpostm 11.24S44 USIA 7 Dec Car Latin American discards 2S Dec ?Forwarded 'for two-seek period i1e244-64 F1/0/00 7 Dec Field Feting Mongolian broadcasts Available in Leers.. forwarded U Atm to OCI 2S New Field Menai Nimes" broadcasts in Eugliih- Seward from Saigon And WM forwarded by LER4S-64 11-245,64 USIA IS Doc 11R4 *Material On :Robert Billions' travels S Dec CoMpiot random) supplied g,247444 Cana CC 8 Dec LonSur Verreteuler of Bee Bella speech 8 Doc Supplied by pbooe 144844 ON ... LIR Briefing for clandestine mint course 9 Dec Done by Chief, lEit 0449-64 USIA ID Dec PCG Information on broadcasting lu ,nt. Several phone calls visit by BIS conuectiou VOAv=4Oct ? .0102.$0s FORM 531 SECRETI Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R00030oafl 0250001-3 HS/ SECRET . Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/6 : dIA:Rb083-00586R000300250001 3 , SPEC IAL REQUIREMENTS CONTROL CONTROL NO. REQUESTING OFFICE DATE RECEIVED ACTION DESK DESCRIPTION DATE COMPLETED REMARKS am23C.6.4 State IO'llae Laaliae Cbeeye apnea in Kinsale I Doe Poor vslity belts proved useless 11-E1.64 OCI 10 Dec L44 Discarded version of Cairo talk 10 Vat. Vetrioved,ted forwarded it43244 DOP/OU It bet 4P5, Information on Uortieenohermihants II Dec Files checked. date-forwarded 441144 ODI II Dec Uddr - Venetian to South Vietnams? Ewer's 11 Dec negetive report () intorviem . .:14.5444 MINE 11 Dm Vield Reaction to U.S.-CeAbodian talks in new Deihl 1$ Doe Filed laterally to Km Delhi 84.55.64 State 14 Om ECO Original Spanish Pei' 'LANKA, voice items 17 Dee _ Ibraxdc .. 445644 DDR/Gn nid-Nev Key4 U.S. trausrittns broadcasting to IS Dec Tapes forwarded for evaluation Cube t457-64 'DCI Key U Che Go a ti.n. speech U Dec filo4 to OCT 'Tata Office ECO _ 44511-64 ' IS Doc Oki 11 Peking Thal broadcasts, cltdesdna 20 Dec Prora , s forwarded Voice of That I. 4:)S9.64, C431741 . . 17'Ccc T1U Paraguayan dtplozatio list . ?---,, 17 Dec Forwarded by KKK 4460-64 PENIU1S 21 Dec EIS Info on OAR broadcasting 21 Dec natcrial SuPplied 4-261-64 Stat 12 c R28 Chinese ideological &Mow= It Dot Ream:acid, forwarded # g.242.64 Defuse ? 19 Doc idfor IdentificationofVASS lieu 10 Dec Identified es tarried on not 14cct. 26344 State 22 Dec Loaur Text 'of hair comb 2; Dee -SUppliode tarried on Niro . . , -A ..r.:1't - , :On 531 SECRET ifs, Grp I tic I Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R063300-250001-3 SECRET . Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/080 : CIA:RIDP83-00586R000300250001-3 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS CONTROL CONTROL REQUESTING OFF ICE DATE RECEIVED ACTIONDATE DESK . DESCRIPTION . COMPLETED REMARKS U.264.64 State 22 Doc Rey 14 Tt.pc of Myatt 18 Booed= talk au 23 Dec Forwarded to consuagr Venevdcla R.265-64 DCI 21 Dec Field Reaction to Fre o r canal 23 Doc World reaction report :spoucb R-266.64 Jo , TO MC L4!1 TWO 11=01 IWO WU imtel b00b114 23 Dec: Wira viatica has 476,64 DDPAIDIC 26 Dec S1S Caamimist broadcasts to "tribes" BIS publications fermata, zebstrkptiaas begun of ..- - R.266-64 SAM ... els EGUICOW1W3Oin broadcast sereduies 29 Dec Airnalled directly Saigon 69-64 DSC. 29 Dec RFS Copies of Survey 29 `Dec Forwarded bynesse:am. R.274-64 U0S4T ? 30 Dec -D/S Worldvido FS, TV., ?MP data --. Sill duplicate cagy SIS files R.271.64 Stew fl Doc Langur U.S. atonic scientist's statesent on 1 Jan Supplied by fields pUblisbad Budapest radio , (:) k .. :ORA: 53 I SECRET lEm GRF;PalIt.2.1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 ( I 3) Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3 WAX, I 3.EW CONSUMERS FOR ERIS PUBLICM'XONS DECEMBER 1964 PUBLICATIONS CONSUMER TITLE OR ORGANIZATION White Book DR CIA 50X1 Jacob Javits Member of Congress Uri: 'I--- Exclr!:!: In: zArtil; SEINE clown3; 1; zrld- deciani:katlan -----'-' I Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP83-00586R000300250001-3