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August 21, 2013
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August 29, 1966
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Nr. Nsmi 29 August 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: Bureau Chiefs SUBJECT: Letter of Information GENERAL 1. African Bureau Situation: The 29 July army putsch, though deepening uncertainties about Niger's future and greatly increasing tengion,?did not seriously disrupt the African Bureau's operations.' The bureau's communications functioned much more effectively than during past crises, and except for 29 July, when Nigerian communications were totally disrupted, a curtailed but vital file was received in Headquarters each day. After several days of transmitting the bureau file via alternate emergency circuitry into London for relay to Washington, normal communications were restored 2 August. The monitoring mission continued despite a very real fear for their lives by Ibos and other non-Northerners employed in the North by FBIS and other U.S. missions. As a precaution, and to reassure the African Staff, the bureau thief arranged for a 24-hour police guard of the non-Staff housing area. The Warning Phase of the State Department's Emergency and Evacuation Plan for the North was imposed for approximately a week, as was a ban on American travelers entering Nigeria. Emergency plans were reviewed both in Kaduna and at FBIS Headquarters. During the height of the crisis, the East Coast Bureau backstopped coverage of Lagos and other West African transmitters as reception permitted, and provided useful information on Lagos radio behavior. (CONFIDENTIAL) 2. Saigon Situation:- July in Saigon was relatively calm with only minor incidents or-Viet Cong terrorism reported. However, there was concern' among Vietnamese and U.S. officials that terrorist activity would be stepped up during the election campaign which culminates 11 September. There were press reports of increased security measures around Saigon's perimeter and a minimum curfew from 2400-0400 was maintained. Meanwhile there was no improvement in the economic picture. General criticism of the recent 7.5- percent wage increase for local U.S. mission employees continued, as did rumors of an impending strike by the employees. (CONFIDENTIAL) 3. Mediterranean Bureau Developments: There was some increase of ? tension in Cyprus during July and early August, due mainly to several incidents- of armed confrontation between Greeks and Turks. Searches of Turks entering , and leaving Nicosia were intensified, leading to strong protests, and U.N. officials described the situation at roadblocks throughout the island as the Group I Excluded from automatic down- S-E-C-R-E-T grading and declassification Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Nemif SUBJECT: Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 worst since the summer of 1964. During discussions between the Chief and Deputy Chief and appropriate security officers it was unanimously agreed that the Marine Guard detachment at the bureau should be retained. (CONFIDENTIAL) 4. Caribbean Bureau Progress: During July landowner Manuel Sanchez and the U.S. Attorney in San Juan reached agreement on a purchase price for the Caribbean Bureau's 56-acre central site and the entrance road right-of- way. Negotiations are in progress for the purchase of some 275 acres of antenna field land on the east and south sides of the central site. After some delay caused by nonavailability of materials and lack of approved shop drawings, work on the foundation of the bureau's auxiliary building and on the basement of the operations building was resumed during the second week of August. The Navy-FBIS agreement on operation and maintenance of the bureau's microwave communications system was signed 19 August. On 15 August the monitoring operation was moved from the Transportable Monitoring Unit (TMU) to a specially equipped van without interrupting operations. (CONFIDENTIAL) 5. Services on Vietnam: Recent services on Vietnam included a review for the State Department of CPR statements in the past year on volunteers for Vietnam. USIA was supplied with Soviet reaction to Indian Prime Minister Gandhi's press conference statement with regard to a new Geneva conference and withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, as well as rundowns of Moscow's treatment of President Johnson's Omaha and Des Moines speeches, Under Secretary of State Ball's Congressional testimony, and the possible trial of captured U.S. pilots by the DRV. Upon request, a Hoc Tap article by Nguyen Chi Thanh, indicating serious dissension in mid-1965 within the Viet Cong and possibly between Hanoi and the Viet Gong over the U.S. troop buildup, was specially repunched and filed priority to Admiral Sharp, Commander in Chief Pacific. Though Saigon Bureau, upon local request, had filed the article to CINCPAC earlier, it nes decided to file the item again to insure personal receipt by the admiral. The DIA Human Resources Office recently was added as a wire recipient of all monitored material on U.S. POW's in Southeast Asia. The Saigon Bureau's expeditious processing of recent speeches by Prince Sihanouk,' .and particularly the Cambodian leader's remarks about relations with the Viet Gong, the DRV, and the South Vietnamese Government, prompted expressions of appreciation by consumers in Washington, including the State Department's Far Eastern desk. (SECRET) 6. Ssecial Services: The Wire Service, in response to a crash request from Presidential Press Secretary Bill Moyers, reran to the White House Situation Room for relay to President Johnson at his Texas ranch the text _of the CCP Central Committee plenum's 13 August communique. .In response to the intelligence community's continuing interest in the state of Cuban Premier - 2 - S-E-C-R-E-T Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Ns, Nfts, SUBJECT: Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 Fidel Castro's health, the Key West Bureau forwarded to an Agency component videotapes of Castro's 14 July speech and two earlier ones. The Mediterranean Bureau wirefiled to the U.S. Embassy, Cairo, a portion of President Nasir's 22 July speech which was missed by the embassy because of a recorder failure. Tapes of recorded statements of captured U.S. pilots Denton and Coffee, broadcast by Peking radio, were supplied by the West coast Bureau at Headquarters request. (CONFIDENTIAL) 7. Research and Analysis Services: Research requests from Agency components dealt, among other things, with demonstrations before the U.S. Embassy in Moscow; most recent usage by the Chinese of the term "socialist camp"; the number of participants in CPR rallies; Polish propaganda on the U.S. business community and its cooperation with the Agency; Soviet reports of trade delegations in Chile; and Peking reports on an International Union of Students meeting in Cairo. Information about Soviet propaganda on aspects of space and science was provided by RPD for consumers in the intelligence community: NASA was supplied with Soviet statements since January 1966 on the Soviet Union's leading role in space; another consumer was assisted in locating a Brezhnev claim, made in December 1964, that the Soviet lead in science and technology was definitive; and material on Soviet "orbital rocket's" was forwarded to the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis Center. An inquiry about the number of signatures to the Stockholm Appeal of August 1950 was answered for the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Other primary consumers were supplied with Moscow and Peking reaction to the 2 June French nuclear test, information on Soviet treatment of France's failure to sign the'July 1963 test ban treaty, and an item on Cuban assistance to medical installations in Africa. (SECRET) . 8. Lateral Services: The London Bureau is servicing the U.S. Embassy, Athens, with material from the clandestine Voice of Truth in Greek. During the latter half of July the London Bureau, upon request, filed three Nasir speeches to the U.S. Embassy in Athens. ? The value of CPR and DPRK broadcast material filed to Seoul by the Okinawa Bureau was stressed during a visit to the bureau by Maj. Gen. J. O. Butcher, USMC, the senior American representative on the Military Armistice Commission at Panmunjom. At the Okinawa Bureau's request, the Tokyo and West Coast Bureaus recently began filing to a local consumer in Okinawa all items of a political nature dealing with Japan. On 25 July the Okinawa Bureau began wirefiling CPR domestic material to the station in Hong Kong. An urgent request to the Okinawa Bureau from 7th and 13th Air Force units in Thailand for reports on downed aircraft and captured U.S. personnel said that such FBIS material would have a bearing on U.S. rescue operations, possibly leading to the - 3 - $-E-C-R-E7T Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Nee SUBJEM Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 cancellation of some missions and eliminating needless risk to both personnel and aircraft. During Secretary Rusk's 8-9 July stay in South Korea, the Okinawa Bureau wirefiled to the U.S. Embassy, Seoul, communiSt radio comment on the visit. During July the Saigon Bureau, upon request, supplied its Press and Kadio Highlights to a visiting Foreign Service inspection team headed by Ambassador Julius Holmes; forwarded to South Vietnam Foreign Minister Tran ?an Do, via the Embassy, a copy of Indian Prime Minister Gandhi's proposal to reconvene the Geneva Conference on Vietnam; and supplied a tape recording of Ho Chi Minh's mobilization appeal for use in JUSPAO's psychological warfare programing. (SECRET) 9. Use of FBIS Materials: Recent cables from the U.S. Embassy in Saigon cited FBIS-monitored material revealing the differing attitudes of the CPR and North Vietnam on the continued validity of the Geneva Agreements; the NFLSV Central Committee's condemnation of the forthcoming South Vietnam elections; and Hanoi radio's tribute to "comrade experts"--presumably Chinese--"who have sacrificed themselves on our soil." An FBIS-monitored item from Pyongyang radio alerted the U.S. Embassy in Seoul to the fact that the North Korean Foreign Ministry had sent a letter to U Thant requesting that its 21 July memorandum on unification of Korea be issued to member states as a U.N. document without delay. .The National Council of Churches in New York, which receives the unrestricted Daily Report and uses all relevant information for its publication "Religion in Communist Dominated Areas," was able to return the favor by supplying for FBIS' Radio Propaganda Division its translation of letters to USSR President Podgornyy from two Russian priests criticizing the Soviet government for religious suppression. Fourteen percent of the items appearing in the OCI Digest during July were based wholly or in part on FBIS-monitored items. (CONFIDENTIAL) 10. Briefings and Visits: Ten Agency Career Trainees recently heard. talks by Deputy DirectorL and the chiefs of the Editorial and Radio Propaganda Divisions on career prospects in FBIS. The CT's later were given a tour of FBIS Headquarters. Two staff members of the VOA newsroom's Latin America desk who have frequent contact with FBIS Wire editors visited the Wire Service to meet their counterparts. Recent visitors to Headquarters from DIA included several analysts from the Latin American Division and an Air Force colonel who had just returned from Moscow and was able to provide information on television monitoring there. Mr. Chalmers B. Wood, newly designated Country Director for Cyprus, visited the Mediterranean Bureau 21 July for a briefing. During a recent visit to the U.S. Embassy in Bonn, the chief of the German Bureau briefed - 4 - S-E-C-R-E-T 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Nibs ve, SUBJECT:. Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 Minister Martin J. Hillenbrand and Mr. Ray S. Cline, Chief Coordinator and Special Adviser (OCA), on German Bureau operations. Mr, Howard W. Talbot, station manager of Radio Liberty, Taipei, visited the Tokyo Bureau 27 July. (SECRET) 11. Hokkaido Bureau Relocation: The U.S. Army Japan on 25 July informed the Hokkaido Bureau that formal transfer of the land required by FBIS adjacent to Chitose III had been accomplished. Further production difficulties probably will delay the arrival of 10 housing units for the relocated bureau June or July of 1967. (CONFIDENTIAL) 12. Editorial Handbock: A revised edition of the FBIS Editorial Handbook was completed in late July after an extensive review of field bureau and Editorial Division procedures. The handbook went to the printers 9 August and distribution is scheduled for September. (UNCLASSIFIED) 13. Okinawa Red Cross Volunteers: Seven wives of Okinawa Bureau employees, including six foreign nationals, who are working as American Red Cross Volunteers at the Kadena Air Base dispensary and in the Vietnam Air Medical Evacuation Program, were "capped" in a 26 July ceremony held at the Kadena Air Base Chapel. (UNCLASSIFIED) FIELD OPERATIONS AND ENGINEERING 14. Broadcasting-Monitoring Statistics: In response to a high-level request, FOS recently compilerthe following up-to-date statistics on world ...)roadcast output, the monitoring task, and the resultant intelligence product: Number of foreign broadcasting stations (AM,FM,TV) 17,000 Words broadcast daily 750,000,000 Average words monitored daily by FBIS 6,000,000 Average words filed daily by field bureaus 240,000 Average words published daily in Daily Reports 125,000 (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) 15. Brazil Coverage: Partial responsibility for coverage of Brazil will be transferred to Caribbean Bureau at the beginning of September, when two monitors are transferred on PCS from the East Coast Bureau. A cruising check in Puerto Rico confirmed that present Brazilian coverage can be handled well with the temporary antenna system and that there are additional coverage possibilities. (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) - 5 - S-E-C-R-E-T Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Nee SUBJECT:. Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 16. Broadcasting Develoyments: On 28 July (Haiti time) Radio Moscow broadcast its first program in Haitian Creole as a part of its Latin American service. The special broadcast by Haitian expatriates was announced "to commemorate the American invasion of Haiti on July 28, 1915." There are indications that Moscow intends to inaugurate a regular service in Creole to Haiti. Panama Bureau, with recording aid from the West Coast Bureau; covered the first broadcast and will attempt future coverage. Peking initiated broadcasting in Urdu for India and Pakistan on 1 August, with two 30-minute programs daily displacing an English transmission for South Asia. The Okinawa Bureau has coverage responsibility. Since late April, when direct Moscow broadcasts in Czech and Slovak were resumed after being suspended in 1959, the number and frequency of transmissions of recorded, Moscow-prepared programs carried on Czechoslovak Domestic Servicetransmitters has slowly dwindled to only one weekly program in each language. Coverage by the BBC continues. (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) 17. IBM Equipment: All bureaus which received the new IBM recording and transcribing equipment have completed installation, and monitors' assessment of performance has been very favorable. FBIS domestic bureaus continue to use Dictaphone equipment. (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) ADMINISTRATION 18. Obsolete and Surplus Equipment: Field bureaus should regularly review equipment inventories with a7711R4 to disposing of obsolete or surplus stock. This is especially important because obsolete and surplus equipment is registered in the annual dollar reports at the same cost as new or "in use" property, thus presenting a false inventory value. Also, bureau retention of property not actually needed for current operations can result in excessive maintenance and storage burdens. (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) 19. Regulatory Issuances: The following regulatory issuance was disseminated: (UNCLASSIFIED) - 6 - S-E-C-R-E-T 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Ns, SUBJECT: Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 EDITORIAL' 1. Logs and Program Summaries: Bureaus submitting press agency logs and program summaries to headquarters on a regular basis for reference purposes are asked to insure that they accurately reflect the status of items selected for processing. Recently there have been a number of instances of fruitless searches in headquarters for items listed as "sent" that Wczein fact still being processed by the field bureau. Those items selected for processing but not actually filed at the time the log is sent to headquarters should be designated as being processed, texted, summarized, etc.;,:ai appropriate. "Sent" should denote items that actually have been sent. 2. New Employees ,3. Reassignments Assignmeni Technician, East Coast Bureau Editor, ME/AF/WE/LA Branch, Editorial Division From Chief L E R Staff Deputy Chief Okinawa Bureau Chief East Coast Bureau Editor East Coast Bureau Deputy Chief Editorial Division Chief Engineer Okinawa Bureau Teletype Supervisor Tokyo Bureau Operations Officer Field Operations Staff To Chief Saigon Bureau Chief East Coast Bureau Detailed to special project in Headquarters Editor, ME/AF/WE/LA Branch, ? Editorial Division Deputy Chief Okinawa Bureau Chief Engineer Mediterranean Bureau Teletype Supervisor, Wire Service Br., Editorial Div. Asst. Chief Engineer West Coast Bureau 50X1 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 :CIA-R-DP83-00586R000300260016-6 Aso Ner SUBJECT:. 3. Letter of Information, 29 August 1966 (Cont'd) Section Chief Senior Editor Editorial Division Tokyo Bureau Editor London Bureau Editor, USSR & EE Branch, Editorial Division 4. Separations From Mono-Wonitor, Key West 3ureau Analyst, Radio Propaganda Division S. Temporary Duty in Headquarters to ukinawa Bureau bureau - Orientation en route from Key West Bureau - Reorientation ROGER G. SEELY Director Foreign Broadcast Information Service - 8 - 50X1 50X1 50X1 50X1 50X1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/08/21 : CIA-RDP83-00586R000300260016-6